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Victoria: I stood my ground with my family and I told them that nick is dealing with too much to focus on work right now. Between sally’s pregnancy and the situation with cameron, I mean there’s no way that he can give his job the attention that it needs. And they said–

Nate: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me stop you right there. Are you sure you should share what they said with me?

Victoria: I am in charge of what happens at newman enterprises. And besides, this directly involves you, since you’re the one that I hope to lean on.

Billy: Can I grab an earl grey to go, and one of those brownies, please? Thank you.

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey. I’m sorry to call so late. Is this a bad time?

Adam: I’m with sally and she’s sleeping, finally. What’s going on?

Chelsea: I’m not sure. Um, there’s nothing we can do about it tonight, but tomorrow I think we should find someone professional for connor to talk to.

Adam: I thought that he’d improved.

Chelsea: Well, so did I, but lately, I don’t know, he’s been so moody and distant and I’m worried about him. I’d feel a lot better if we could get him some outside help.

Adam: Absolutely. I’ll call you in the morning and we’ll get him the best child psychologist in the state.

Chelsea: Great. Thank you. And I hope everything’s okay with sally.

Adam: Me too.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Billy: Some earl grey for you and a little something for connor.

Chelsea: You’re the best. But you know, you can take off. There’s no reason for connor to ignore both of us. I can face this rejection on my own.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Sally: Was that nick?

Adam: No, it was chelsea, calling about connor.

Sally: Is something wrong?

Adam: It’s– it’s nothing for you to worry about. Did I wake you? I was– I was trying to keep my voice down.

Sally: No, no, it’s not you. I’m just too freaked out about nick. I can’t sleep. I– I– I have to get out of this room.

Adam: You’re not going anywhere. get in here?

Cameron: I knew nick would have the whole place surrounded with daddy’s security, so I found a workaround.

Sharon: I was on my way to meet you at the motel like you’d asked.

Cameron: I saved you a trip.

Sharon: Where is faith?

Cameron: You know, this is the first time we’ve been alone in a very long time. I mean without your ex-husband barging in. You’re as beautiful as the day we met. Time hasn’t touched you. Me, on the other hand, I might be a little harder to recognize. I’m– I’m going for recently incarcerated, but still ruggedly handsome.

Sharon: I would recognize you anywhere.

Cameron: Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ve thought about you more than you can imagine. You actually became a part of me. Always with me, here. Just like I’m a part of you.

Sharon: Tell me where faith is.

Cameron: She’s fine, for now. What happens next… that’s up to you. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter.

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Sally: Okay, you can’t keep me here. I’m starving and I need something to eat.

Adam: Okay, well it’s late. What are you in the mood for? And don’t say a burger and fries with hot sauce, okay, because that can’t be doctor recommended. I’ll run out. I’ll get you something healthy. Or you know what, better yet, I’m gonna order you something. I’m gonna have it delivered.

Sally: Look, I’m tired of room service, okay? I’m not on bed rest. The doctor just said I need to take it easy. I can still go out and eat something.

Adam: Okay, be honest. This isn’t about just being hungry.

Sally: I know nick told you something about whatever this guy cameron is trying to pull. That is why you’re watching me like a hawk. Admit it.

Adam: Yes, he asked me to look out for you, but I already do that. So, I’m glad to get his stamp of approval so he won’t barge in here and accuse me of anything.

Sally: Okay, you’re dodging the cameron question, which is making me even more nervous.

Adam: Look, nick, told us that cameron was causing trouble. And he did, he got nick arrested for assault and battery. He already called and told us this. This isn’t news.

Sally: Okay, but this is not what I’m talking about. Something else happened, I know it. That is why nick asked to talk to you. He would not have asked if it wasn’t bad.

Adam: Sally, he was just worried about you, okay? We’re still brothers and we’re both concerned about you and the baby. And if he was to call me again, I would give him my honest opinion: You’re hangry. So, you better tell me what you want to eat or order it yourself because it can’t be healthy to get riled up like this.

Sally: Okay, you know what?

Adam: I’m supposed to be keeping you calm, sally.

Sally: Stop treating me like a child, okay? I’m going out, with or without you.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: You can’t stop me!

Adam: Fine, but you might want to put your shoes on.

Sally: Please. Just tell me if there’s something that I need to know about nick because I cannot stand not knowing and it is making me think the worst.

Sharon: What do you want, cameron? You have my daughter. You’ve sent chance and nick and victor’s security team all over town. Clearly, that was to get me alone. So, here we are. What are you really after?

Cameron: I want the same thing I’ve always wanted, you.

Sharon: Well, here I am. You have my full attention. Let’s talk.

Cameron: Ah, I kinda want a little more than a conversation, sharon.

Sharon: Tell me what it will take then to get faith back.

Cameron: It’s simple. Leave with me tonight, agree to spend the rest of your life with me and faith comes home.

Sharon: You remember the last time that you insisted that we run off together? That didn’t end well.

Cameron: A little worse for me than it did for you, but don’t worry, I don’t blame you for that. I know it wasn’t your fault. Nah, I blame nick. I blame nick, 100%. He just had to stick his nose into our business. But, thankfully, he’s not here tonight. It’s just us. And I know you’ll make the right choice this time. And I know you’ll mean it.

Sharon: You seem so confident. What makes you think that I would do that?

Cameron: Because I wouldn’t feel this connection unless something in you felt it too.

Sharon: Okay, let’s say that that’s true, that we are feeling each other’s feelings, then you would know that you have put me in an impossible situation. You have my daughter. That picture you sent me, you would know that that terrifies me. I can’t be free to think about us unless I know that she’s okay.

Cameron: You need to trust me. I would never hurt your daughter unless I had to.

Sharon: As much as I want to trust you, I cannot consider your request unless I see for myself that faith is all right.

Cameron: You know what? Stop it. I know what you’re doing. I know you’re a therapist now. So, you’re gonna try to get inside my head, you’re gonna try to figure out what I’m thinking and then you’re gonna try to manipulate those thoughts. First of all, good luck with that. Secondly, you wanna know what I’m thinking? Don’t look here, look here. Look into my heart.

Sharon: Why don’t you look into my heart? And you will see that it is full of love and concern for my daughter. It is too full to focus on you.

Cameron: You know what? That’s a load of crap. I may not have a fancy degree, but I know you better than you know yourself. So, how about I tell you what I see when I look into your heart? I see a woman who has resigned herself to being alone. Because every man she has ever known has let her down. Nick, jack, adam, rey. They all let you down and none of them ever loved you the way that I do. Even after you rejected me, landed me in jail, I still wanted you more than anything that I’ve ever wanted in my life. And 20 years in prison didn’t change that. That’s how pure my love is. I tried to let you go, but no other woman was you.

Sharon: I heard about one of those women. You beat her, didn’t you? Just like you beat me. Abuse isn’t love. Hitting someone isn’t love.

Cameron: I don’t know. Maybe… I think I feel things more deeply than other people do and then I act accordingly.

Sharon: How can kidnapping my daughter be love?

Cameron: It was a wake-up call, sharon! Taking faith is the only way I knew to get your attention. To make you realize that deep down you inside, you feel our connection too. And you know what? No amount of shrink talk is ever gonna make me think that we don’t belong together. Because this, this is real and this is unstoppable.

Nate: I’m honored that you’d want to lean on me.

Victoria: Why do you sound surprised?

Nate: Well, you do have nikki and victor is clearly never out of the picture.

Victoria: But it’s you that I want. We’ve been working so well together. You just have this fresh energy and this passion.

Nate: I’m glad you think so. So, is nick definitely taking a leave of absence? Because your parents sounded like they were against it.

Victoria: No, they understand that nick has too much on his plate right now. That he needs to step back while this crisis is dealt with. They just don’t want to call it an official leave of absence, but that’s what it will be. And my mom and I are gonna have to take over nick’s responsibilities, so I’m gonna need you to back me up. Unless… if you’re not up for it, then–

Nate: Of course I am. I’m here to support you however you need.

Victoria: That’s why I know you’re gonna do great. Because you’re ambitious. I know you’re gonna put in the hard work and you’re gonna reap the benefits. You’re exactly what newman needs. What I need.

Nate: That’s all true, but you forgot to mention that I would support you because I respect and admire you. And I care about you. My attraction to you is as mental and emotional as it is physical. I hope you know that.

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Victoria: Of course, you know, stepping in for nicholas means that newman media is gonna get a lot less of your attention.

Nate: I’m confident audra can cover me there.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I have no doubt. I think you and I both know she would take your job in a second if she could.

[ Nate chuckling ]

Nate: Does that bother you?

Victoria: No, not at all. I know exactly who audra is and what she wants. She’s not very subtle about it.

Nate: She’s made her ambitions very clear.

Victoria: Well, as long as that keeps her working hard, I have no professional issue with her whatsoever.

Nate: Professional issue?

Victoria: Well, let’s just say, it’s unlikely that audra and I are gonna become best friends any time soon. I’m fine with that. She needs to have her full focus on newman media, especially because adam has delusions of coming after his old company using mccall.

Nate: I’ve been thinking about that. I think we should be proactive.

Victoria: I couldn’t agree with you more.

Nate: Instead of waiting to play defense against a mccall attack…

Victoria: We make sure that mccall never gets strong enough for adam to make that move in the first place.

Adam: Are you trying to blackmail me into taking you out?

Sally: I am not above it.

Adam: Look, I swear I have nothing to tell you about nick.

Sally: Look, the whole reason that nick asked for you to watch out for me is so that I do not get stressed out, but keeping me cooped up in here is totally stressing me out.

Adam: I am doing what’s best for you and the baby. You’re not going to win this argument.

Sally: Please. Okay, nick is out there protecting sharon and faith from some psycho and you are the one who told me that he has a bad temper and he reacts with his fists. So, if you really want me to relax, you will let me out of here so I don’t have to think about that. I will sleep for ten hours if you do.

Adam: You– you– you’re impossible.

Sally: You’re not gonna win this.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Twelve hours and you don’t leave my sight.

Sally: Eleven. And you’re buying dinner. Excuse me.

Adam: Where do you think you’re going?

Sally: Now what?

Adam: I don’t care what you say. You’re not going out without these.

Chelsea: Connor, what are you doing here?

Connor: I wanted to see you.

Chelsea: Oh, well we just came down to grab some tea.

Billy: Got you a little something special in there too.

Chelsea: Why didn’t you text me? I would have come back up.

Connor: I’m not a helpless little kid.

Chelsea: I know. I know that. I just, um… are you okay?

[ Connor sighing ]

Connor: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get angry like that. I just wanted to say, I hope you’re not mad at me for shutting myself in my room.

Chelsea: I’m not mad. I’m glad you came to find me. Come here.

Cameron: I will give you everything you’ve ever wanted. I still have more than enough money stashed away for us to live the rest of our lives in luxury. You– you– you want a tropical island? A ranch in montana? The south of france? You name it.

Sharon: I have everything I want, right here. This– this is my home.

Cameron: Oh, please. You expect me to believe that you’re satisfied slinging coffee and pastries for genoa city’s brain dead elite? Having to listen to their never-ending problems?

Sharon: Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. It’s true.

Cameron: You’re better than that. You know it and I know it. You come with me, you will never have to make another mocha latte or listen to some sad sack drone on about their– their unresolved trauma.

Sharon: I’m listening to you right now, aren’t I? Trying to figure out what brought you to this point? Why you think we have a future?

Cameron: You brought me here. Our connection brought me here. Why can’t you accept that? Sharon, my sole purpose in life right now is to make you happy and I will never ever let you down the way that nick has over and over again.

Sharon: Nick has nothing to do with this.

Cameron: Ah, come on. I– I– I think the therapist might need a little bit of therapy. Now, I know it’s hard for you to trust a man after you’ve been let down so many times, but honey, nick is the problem. He’s the reason for your unhappiness.

Sharon: If you really care about me, then prove to me that faith is okay!

Cameron: Okay, you know what? I am tired of talking about other people. First, it was nick, then it’s faith. There’s only two people here that I want to talk about and that’s you and me. And if those other people are too distracting, then trust me, I will remove the distraction. – You like that bone?

Nate: So, you want to hear my thoughts on mccall?

Victoria: Right now, that’s all I want.

Nate: Well, I’ve been looking at the company and I think we should go after their biggest weaknesses first. I’ve made a list of the divisions I think we can take a run at.

Victoria: Yeah, that all looks great. I think we should put audra on that. It will give her a set of targets to keep her hungry mind busy. But uh, you missed their biggest achilles heel.

Nate: Really? I thought my analysis was thorough.

Victoria: Of the divisions, sure, but adam is their weakest link.

Nate: Right, right, adam. And I’m sure you have the inside track on getting the upper hand there.

Sally: I want every dish on here, but all I can hear is my doctor warning me about my blood pressure or nick reminding me about heartburn.

Adam: Well, I’m sure we can find something acceptable. I mean, how about a caesar salad with chicken?

Sally: I can’t have the dressing, raw eggs.

Adam: Really? I did not know that. Then, a house salad.

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: That sounds boring, so it’s probably fine.

Adam: No texts or calls from nick?

Sally: No, and I’m dying to call him, but I know that I can’t bother him on whatever secret mission he’s on, so I guess tonight is all me about wanting things that I can’t have. Do you know how much that stinks?

Adam: I have some idea, yes. Look, I’m sure that we can find something appetizing for both you and the baby. So, let’s figure it out. What is she craving?

Sally: Anything with hot sauce.

Adam: Well, what does that say about her? Other than the fact she’s like her mother.

Sally: This little girl is spicy and we should be terrified of her.

Adam: Well, I’m not easily scared. But as long as she has the best of you and my mother, she will be perfect.

Sally: I wish you would stop doing that.

Adam: Doing what?

Sally: Implying that she becomes nothing like you. Look, I want her to inherit the best of her entire family tree and that includes you and me, and hope and my great aunt sally and my gramps and coco and nick and victoria and maybe even victor.

Adam: Nah.

Sally: No.

Adam: No.

Sharon: Threatening my daughter’s life, how is that love? You prove to me that you care about me. Take me to faith.

Cameron: That is enough! Sharon, I am telling you. You just stop– just stop pushing me. How dare you? How dare you treat me like this when I’m standing in front of you opening a vein!

Sharon: Nick and chance will be here any minute. Victor’s security team is crawling all over this property. There’s no way out for you.

Cameron: Nick’s not coming. I called him from upstairs just after he left. I told him he had 20 minutes to get to where faith was if he wanted to save her. So, I wouldn’t expect him to show up any time soon to rescue you. I think he understood the urgency.

Sharon: What if he doesn’t get there in time?

Cameron: Well, let’s hope he doesn’t let you down again. Now, as for your other threats, I think we both know they’re empty. Right now, chance is going through that garage, and half of victor’s team is probably on their way to stake out the motel and the other half is with nick.

Sharon: And that suitcase? You left that in your hotel room for us to find then? You knew that we would and we’d find the deed to that abandoned garage and we would assume that faith was there.

Cameron: I was worried it was a little too obvious, but anyway, obvious or not, chance would have to follow that lead, so it was a win-win strategy.

Sharon: And the message for me to meet you in the motel room?

Cameron: I knew that chance or nick would insist on going with you with the backup. So, they’d have to leave early to get it all set up.

Sharon: Leaving me alone in the house. You’ve had this in the works for a long time.

Cameron: Months. So, you said I was trapped, but the truth is, there’s no way out of this for you.

Sharon: I’ll do whatever you want, cameron. I’ll do whatever you want. Just please let faith go. Let faith go. That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. And we’re done.

Elena: Well, isn’t this cozy?

Nate: Hello, elena.

Elena: I guess at least you’re not keeping it a secret anymore.

Nate: I hope you don’t plan on making a scene like you did in L.A.

Elena: Right. Because it was my fault things turned ugly.

Nate: Look, if you want to talk to me, in private–

Elena: I don’T. But that scene in L.A. That you were talking about, that was back when I was naive enough to love you, trust you and even respect you. I guess I learned that lesson the hard way. You know, I always thought you were intelligent, but here you are falling for two users in a row. First, ashland, and now his best man.

Victoria: I don’t see the similarity.

Elena: Yeah, I guess that is your blind spot. But I can see it clearly. They are both happy to be with you as long as they get what they want, but once they don’t, you better watch out.

Connor: I know that I’ve been a jerk to you too. And johnny. I’m sorry.

Billy: Connor, you don’t have to worry about that, okay? I understand and johnny understands. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed and we get a short fuse. It happens to the best of us.

Chelsea: No one is angry with you. We’re just worried. Do you understand the difference?

Connor: Yeah.

Chelsea: Okay. So can you talk to us? Can you tell us what’s going on?

Billy: Does this mood have anything to do with the baby? Yeah.

Connor: I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting, but you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m getting used to the idea that dad and sally are having a baby, that I’ll have a sister.

Chelsea: Well honey, it’s a lot to deal with. I mean, these are some grownup feelings you’re having. But the good thing is you don’t have to go through it alone.

Connor: I know, I’ve got you.

Chelsea: Of course you do, but not just me. You know, there might be times that you might want to vent about me or vent about your dad and that’s okay. You’re allowed to do that. So, your dad and I are thinking, maybe it’s time for you to talk to a therapist like I do. So we can find you somebody tomorrow, a professional to talk to.

Connor: No. I don’t need to talk to anyone else. I just need you.

Chelsea: Oh.

[ Chelsea exhaling ] Sweetheart.

Adam: Hey, I wanted to ask you, have you given any more thought to baby names?

Sally: Yeah, only every waking minute.

Adam: Well, not to overstep, but I was wondering if you might consider the name hope.

Sally: That would mean a lot to you, wouldn’t it?

Adam: It would. But no pressure. And you know, not a first name. Maybe a middle name?

Sally: It’s beautiful. And I think we should absolutely add it to the list. But I don’t really wanna choose just yet. I don’t know, call it superstition, but would you mind if maybe we waited to have this discussion closer to the due date?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Sure. But it’s going to sneak up on us faster than we know.

Sally: I know and I… I’m terrified.

Adam: What– what part?

Sally: All of it.

Adam: You know, I really wish that I could convince you that you are going to be a wonderful mother. This kid is blessed. Even with nick in the picture.

Sally: Very funny.

[ Sally grunting ]

Adam: What– what is it? What is it?

Sally: Oh, I don’t know.

[ Sally panting ]

Cameron: I’ll let faith go as soon as we’re far away from genoa city.

Sharon: Okay, you win, cameron. I’ll go with you. Because I need my daughter to be safe. But you– you have to promise me that she will be okay.

Cameron: And you have to trust me. I would never hurt your child.

Sharon: All right then. Where are we going?

Cameron: It’s a surprise.

Sharon: How about a hint so that I know what to pack?

Cameron: And ruin the fun? You don’t have to pack anything. We’re starting over. I’ll buy you all new things.

Nick: She’s not going anywhere with you. You get your hands off her!

Sharon: Nick!

[ Nick grunting ] Nick! Nick!

[ Punches thudding ] Even when I was with the people I love,

Sharon: Nick, stop! Stop it! He’s not worth it! I’ll just do what he says. Just get off of him.

Nick: Just go and get help.

[ Cameron shouting ]

Cameron: Get up. Get up.

[ Both grunting ]

Sharon: Help! Security! We need help! Help! Nick.

Cameron: We need to go.

Sharon: You go to hell.

Cameron: I warned you. I have your child. I have your child, sharon!

Sharon: Nick! Oh, my gosh, nick. Are you okay? Are you okay? Come, wake up.

Nick: We get him?

Sharon: Cameron got away, he said he has faith.

Nick: What?

Sharon: He’s got, faith. He says he’s got faith.

Nick: Where– where’d he go?

Sharon: He’s upstairs.

Nick: Okay.

Nate: Elena, please–

Victoria: Nate, uh, I can handle this. Look, I don’t want to argue, I really don’T. You’re saying hurtful things because you’ve been hurt, but trust me, in time, the pain will fade and then maybe you won’t feel the need to verbally assault people in public.

[ Elena chuckling ]

Elena: Whoa. I think you’ve been a newman princess for far too long if you think that was an assault. Those were just facts.

Nate: Don’t do this.

Elena: Good for you, nate. Finally protecting something. You know, I’m glad the two of you are together because I can already see the future. You are gonna use each other up and then burn each other down to the ground. It’s gonna really be fun to watch. Enjoy your evening.

Connor: Thanks for the brownie.

Billy: You are very welcome.

Chelsea: The way he devoured that, you’d think I didn’t feed this kid dinner.

Connor: I’m ready to go to bed now.

Billy: Bed? Geez, I should’ve gotten you something with a little less sugar.

Connor: It won’t keep me up.

Chelsea: That’s true actually. I saw him eat a whole bag of halloween candy once and he went straight to bed. Okay, come on. I’ll go up with you.

Connor: I can go myself. And yes, I’ll brush and floss.

Billy: Impressive. Do me a favor. Talk to johnny about that oral hygiene thing. He just fights me on it every night.

Connor: Sure. If you want, but I doubt hell listen to me. Goodnight. Love you.

Chelsea: I love you. Why am I more worried now than ever?

Adam: Let’s get you to the hospital, okay? Do you think that you can walk?

Sally: Oh, I don’t know.

Adam: Come, come, come.

[ Sally panting ]

Sally: What? Oh, what’s happening?

Adam: It’s okay, all right. We’ve got this. We’re gonna get help and everything is gonna be okay. I promise. Come on.

Sally: Okay.

[ Sally grunting ]

Adam: Come on. It’s okay.

Trelegy for copd.

Nick: Cameron got away.

Sharon: What? How is that possible? He ran upstairs. I’ve been down here the whole time. He didn’t get past me.

Nick: It’s crazy, it’s like he disappeared, but then I figured it out. The bastard made a hole in the closet of noah’s old room.

Sharon: What?

Nick: It’s how he got in, sharon. He came in through the walls.

Sharon: He was covered in dirt when he got here. Oh, my god.

Nick: He must have tunneled under the house. That’s how he evaded ranch security. It’s how he came in and poisoned the cat and placed the bug and got you alone.

Sharon: And now he got away. Oh, my gosh, he could be anywhere right now.

Nick: I know. We’re gonna find him.

Sharon: You didn’t see the look on his face. He knows that I despise him. He knows that his perfect plan didn’t work and he said that he has faith. He’s headed to her right now. We have got to stop him!

Nate: I’m sorry for elena’s behavior. It was out of line and frankly, not like her.

Victoria: Don’t apologize, okay? I– I meant what I said. I get it, elena’s hurt.

Nate: It doesn’t mean she has to treat you like that. It’s me she hates.

Victoria: I don’t take it personally, I don’T. I mean, she thought that the two of you had something real and now she knows that that’s not true. I’ve been through that. It’s– it’s like a punch in the gut.

Nate: It’s my fault. I should’ve broken things off earlier.

Victoria: Well, just think of it this way. Now, she’s free to find the right person.

Nate: I hope so. I do wish that for her. Because I know what that feels like now. I’m exactly where I want to be.

Adam: Elena! Thank god. Can you uh– can you help us?

Elena: Hey. What’s going on?

Adam: Uh, we were at society when her pain came on. It was sudden.

Elena: Okay, sally what are your symptoms?

Sally: I just have a headache and this pain in my right side.

Elena: Okay, have you ever felt that before?

Sally: No, just my headaches.

Adam: And her– her O.B. Said that she was at risk for preeclampsia and ordered her to rest.

Elena: Okay. Let’s get you to have a seat and we’re gonna get you admitted okay?

Sally: Oh, god! Oh, what is happening? I’m afraid it’s my– oh, it’s my baby. Please help me.

Elena: Okay, I’m gonna go get a triage nurse. Excuse me.

[ Sally panting ]

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