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you know, something in here has gotta lead us. Abraham partner, he just didn’t disappear off the face of the earth. Don’t worry, man. We’re gonna find him. Won’t stop until we do.

Paulina, I thought you were still in the hospital. No, I was released upon my insistence that my blood pressure would improve as soon as I was outta that damn bed and helping with the search for my husband. Any news? Well, Paulina, we just. Started Combin through all this evidence Salem P just sent us. Oh.

Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Yeah, I know. If you want the case done right, you need black patch on the job. Damn. Abe is always singing your praises. What do we got?

Nothing. You got nothing.

I am honored. And humbly accept this position as your mayor. Woo.

How can this be true

of Salem? Alina said, I said I run an ice cream shop.

What the hell’s going on here? AJ made a mistake. Office ass. Hey, we tried and under the heading of the Pride Goeth before the fall, you and I aren’t the only ones eating who needs to worry about taking him down. He’d be a fool to not know that. You know, I don’t trust any of my siblings, but Megan, there’s something exceptionally deranged about her.

No arguments here. I mean, EJ and Kristen. They have their limits. Right. But Megan, I don’t think there’s any line she won’t cross in order to get what she wants.

What we talked about, taken Stepan down by any means necessary. Yes, I’m in Wise decision, Mr. Shin, that I’m sure that with your help. My brother is not long for this world. Is that so? So what’s the next step? How soon we’re gonna put this plan in motion?

I’ve gotta go ej, I didn’t see there. Obviously not. Or I doubt you would’ve been standing here in my living room plotting my demise,

like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Well, Paulina, I wouldn’t exactly say we have nothing. We’re running down every possible lead and none has panned out. Trust me, if it’s in here, we’re gonna find it. Okay. How can I help? What can I do? Well, listen, rave told us that the last person to see Abe in the hospital was a nurse named Whitley King.

That’s right. Uh, that’s right. And I, I talked to her. She said she. She didn’t know anything. Yeah. You feel sure about that? Believe me, I got everything out of Nurse Whitley that I could. She said she saw Abe in his room before he disappeared, and she had no idea what happened to him after that. I am honored and humbly accept this position as your mayor.


What the hell? Just doesn’t make any sense.

I guess I, I won’t get any answers until Paulina comes home.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program, body and Soul. All right. Tell me, Cassandra, what is this so-called a, you have up your designer knockoff sleeve. I know the truth. Charlamagne,

what truth is that? That it was you. Who held re’s twin brother thrust against his will?

You know much as I think you’re perfect for me anyway. Sometimes I find myself wishing why I thought I was born into a nice, normal family. How’d you guess? Well, I wish for the same thing, but. Nice and normal. Doesn’t get you mansions all around the world servants. Billions of dollars in assets, all of which I do appreciate.

Mm, so I’ve noticed too bad a constant war with your siblings comes as part of the package. You know what? I don’t want it to be part of the package. So to hell with all the demer shenanigans, the power struggles, the backstabbing me. Overall Demara insanity. I’m done worrying about what my brothers and sisters are planning.

Are you really? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Well, for tonight. Okay. Well, tonight is a start. Okay, so how would you like to pass the time then? How would I, I, I would like to pass the time by focusing on my beautiful fiance. I like the sound of that.

Lee do when I didn’t hear you come in. Well, I did not expect you to be back so soon, so. How was your visit with father? Oh yeah. You know, it was, um, fine. Fine, huh? Not demoralizing and or infuriating. He sends his love. Mm. And also unsolicited advice about how I need to pick Johnny Demara over Dr. Tri then start settling down and producing grandchildren.

Am I right? He may have said those things. I wasn’t religious thing. Which is always an excellent way to go when it comes. Tohin a k a dear old dad, but enough about him. What was this plan you were talking about? Plan. I heard you on the phone when I walked in. You were asking about some next steps and a big plan, so why don’t you tell me what you’re up to, bro.

Plot in your demise. That’s ridiculous. Who are you talking to? That’s not what you think. Oh, it’s exactly what I think, and I should call the police right now. And tell them what, that you’re violating the terms of your release that you’re intending to commit frat side and should be back behind bars where you belong.

But as you know us to mirrors, we prefer to settle our own scores. And what does that mean? It means, dear sister, that you have greatly underestimated me. If you think that I’m going to be an easy target, you are sadly mistaken, which is why you are finished here, finished pack up your things. I want you out of this house immediately.

You can’t kick me out of this house. Oh, I just did. I have as much right to be here as any of Stefano’s children. Wrong. You have no rights at all where this house is concerned. That’s a lie. It belonged to father. It used to belong to father, but since he’s passing it has changed hands many times. Stefan was in possession of the D before his untimely death, upon which his widow Gabby inherited it.

But once I returned to Salem, I convinced the bank to transfer the mortgage back into my name, meaning I decide whose eyes under this roof. No, that can’t be true. Oh, it’s true. And it’s happening. So instead of darkening my doorstep, why don’t you go and stay with whomever you were conspiring with on that phone,

Molly? Out with it. Let’s hear about this plan of yours. It’s none of your concern, Jing Ween and just because we live together doesn’t give you an all access pass to my personal life. Oh, so it’s a personal plan, not business. Well, now I’m really curious. Just let it go Jinen. Why should I? We both know, I’m gonna find out eventually, especially since I’m just gonna keep hounding you and hounding you, and generally making your life miserable until one day you finally can’t take more, okay?

Okay. Okay, fine. I’ll tell you. Yeah, I knew I’d get you to crack. So what is it? What’s this big plan?

I’ve hired a matchmaker.

No worries. You’re so mad. I’m yours.

Yeah, Roman. Thanks for the update. Keep us posted. What did he say? Well, he is retracing the officer steps thinking maybe they missed something. But so far no luck. But don’t worry, he’s still working on it. Oh, well it does make me feel better knowing that all the Abe’s best friends are on the case. Listen, it’s just a matter of time before we catch a break.

Oh, I just, I just hate waiting. Ah, I feel so helpless. That is not something that I’m used to. We kinda know better than most what it’s like to worry about someone that you love. Of course you do. If anybody knows what I’m dealing with, this, uh, you two and Roman, you, you thought that your wives are lost to you forever.

Yeah, but they weren’t. And Abe isn’t lost to you either. Paulina, your husband’s coming home to you.

When is she going to be back? Need answers answer me, Charlamagne. How long did you really think that you could keep it a secret? Keep What a secret. Oh, don’t play dumb. I know that you held thrust against his will while the entire town was searching for him. Admit it.

Well answer her Charlamagne.

Hey Bob, did you miss me? Helena? Oh, look at you. I see you watching my show. I knew you were gonna get into Body and Soul.

Oh, you didn’t have to stop it on my account. It’s just getting to the good part. Besides, I have to put away all the groceries before the frozen fish sticks start to haw. Those fish just can wait. You and I need to talk. Oh, that sounds serious. What’s this about? Go for starters. Why the hell didn’t you tell me that?

I was mayor of this town. Mayor, yes. Mayor of Salem. Now, what the hell else are you lying to me about?

I know I’m not the first person dealing with a missing loved one. Oh, dear God. Not knowing where Abraham is, seeing him in my mind’s eyes suffering, terrified, wondering why the hell he hasn’t been rescued yet, Paul? Oh, I guarantee you that wherever it is, he knows for a fact and you, all of us, we’re searching high and low for him, but we’re not gonna give up.

He knows that. And don’t forget, Abe is a very recognizable figure in this town. If he’s lost here in Salem, someone’s gonna recognize him and run him right home, but no one has. So what, what, what are you saying? I mean, if Colin Bedford doesn’t have Abe stashed away somewhere, he hasn’t wandered off, where else could he be?

You got your memory back. No. I was watching your soap opera when they cut in to a press conference of me making an acceptance speech for Salem’s mail race. Press conference now. What the hell’s going on here? You told me that I owned an ice cream shop. You did own an ice cream shop baby, that the, these tapes are 15 years old and you admit I was elected mayor.

Well, yes. Yes. But your time in office was short-lived, and after that you soured on politics and then you opened your ice cream shop, which was very well run, by the way. Well, why was I mayor for only a short time? Well, you know, things happen. What happened? Oh, aim Now answer me, dammit. What happened? Well see.

Once you were elected, your political rival had you impeached for no good reason what it was. My rival, a horrible, horrible man named EJ de.

You don’t have to do this, ej I I. You have it all wrong. I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I’m done with this discussion. I can have Harold pack your bags and put them in the car. I can have them simply thrown on the street. You decide I am not leaving this house. Oh, you won’t go quietly. Fine. I’ll just have security remove you.

Life force. You don’t want to do that. Oh, just when I think you’ve joined us in the modern age. What a matchmaker. Really, what do you think I should do? Uh, have you ever heard of dating apps? They work for everyone else living in this century. I’m sure they do, but the idea of finding love through swiping doesn’t really appeal to me.

Mm. So you decided to hire an old, busy body to find you a girlfriend, someone who understands me and what I’m looking for. Yes. Father talked to you into this, didn’t he? I made my own decisions. Jing, when. And why wait, considering what came in the mail today?

Your final divorce papers? My marriage to Gabby is officially dead. Thanks to the man who killed it.

Oh my God.

I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes. So French, call it the little dad. Oh, not a bad way to go. No. Come here. I just can’t believe we’re here again in this house, in this bed. I’m sorry. It’s not the mess. We, we will reclaim that soon enough. I don’t care what bedroom we’re in, as long as we’re together, out in the open and happy.

Oh, very happy. Very, very happy. And soon we’re gonna be husband and.

What is it? What’s wrong? I dunno. I dunno. I guess I just afraid to let myself be this happy again. The last time we were married, you were taken from me. Happy. Don’t think about that. It’s all in the past. I can’t. I just let it go. I. I cannot not. How do I just not remember that? I, I thought you’d been killed.

I thought that I’d lost you forever. I thought my own life was over. I’m sorry. That like I

we’re here together.

Whatcha thinking?

Stephan, how do you know that something awful isn’t waiting for us around the corner again, because it’s not Gabby, we were given a second chance and we would be fools not to take it. History’s not gonna repeat itself. I promise. I promise when everything I hold dear, nothing or no one will take me away from you again.

Let go of my hand, not until you listen to me. All right, then gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t have you thrown out on your lying murderous as with the rest of the rubbish. Because it is not you. I’m planning to kill you, idiot. It’s.

Hm, A few more of those little deaths. I might experience the real thing. Would you stop? What? Don’t joke like that. I’m serious. We don’t know how strong Jake’s heart is. Don’t stop it. Don’t say that too dark. Isn’t that what you love about me? One of the things, one of the many things. Oh, I love you too. You ready for round three?

All ready? I was gone. For too many years and we have some serious making up to do. Okay, well, how about we move this bucket to the shower, then I like where your head’s at. Tell you what. Why don’t you go into the bathroom, make sure the water’s nice and hot. All cut down in the kitchen, have cook. Fix us a nice romantic dinner on the terrace while we’re done.

Girl could get used to that. That’s the plan. All right. Go.

I’m sorry, Lee. It’s not like I wasn’t expecting it. Still, I’m staying hitting black and white. Can’t be easy. You okay? I live. You win some, you lose some, right?

You know what I gotta say? This feels like progress. My divorce. You accepting your divorce? I mean, you aren’t tearing the room apart. You aren’t blotting some desperate scheme to try and hold onto. Gabby, I’m really proud of you, Lee, for finally moving on.

You want to kill Stephan? What has that brother ever done to you? Well, it’s nothing personal, really nothing personal. Said the Cobra as has swallowed the gerbil. Let’s just say, I wanna shake the table a bit. What the hell does that mean? It means that with Stephan outta the way, Gabby will be vulnerable, freeing up power in the family and the company.

So this is about you wanting more of father’s fortune. You are reel that heartless. You would do that to your own flesh and blood. Spare me the melodramatic soliloquy on Demira family loyalty.

Father wasn’t above eating his young, metaphorically speaking. At least I hope. If you think father would want Stefan’s own sister to kill him, then you didn’t know him at all. And you did Elvis. You think his legacy belongs to you? The little boy who he sied with a buck tooth IMB via Turkey baster. Don’t you dare speak about my mother again.

Oh, get over yourself, junior. Your self righteousness is beginning to bore me. E. Besides what do you care what happens to Stephan? Because he’s my brother and he’s a decent human being. Oh, come on. You two have been fighting for months now. You can’t think he’s that decent. Look the way I see it, Stephan’s untimely death could be good for both of us.

It would help us both. Think about it, EJ with one less Tamara in the picture. There’d be a much bigger slice of lip pie for you and I, right? Father,

we believe that someone other than Bedford is holding you Captain. But who and why? Well, we don’t know yet, but Abe is a very powerful and influential man with an equally formidable wife with a serious bank account. Well, but if this is about money, why haven’t they contacted me for ransom? Because we’re not sure.

It’s money they’re after. Well then what the hell are you sure about? I’m, because it feels like you’re guessing and my husband’s life is at stake. Oh, whoa, Paul. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s okay. I didn’t, I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just, I, I’m so frustrated. More than frustrated.

I’m losing my mind here. Listen, we understand. Believe me. I know. I know, I know. I know. You’re doing your best. And I know you love Abe too. Well, that’s a fact. We do. It’s just, you know, so hard I going to the worst case scenario. I mean, oh, we know baby. He could, could be. He could be. No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay.

No, no. Okay. I’m not going there. We’ll not go there. I will not. Okay, good. And we won’t either. Now listen, Abe is one of the toughest dudes I know. He is a survivor and wherever he is, he’s gonna survive this too.

You keep calling me a good and honest man. Oh, you are baby. You are a honest day. That’s what they always call you. You know, my memory may not be much, but I know that. Honest. A is someone else. Okay. But you are a great man too. And why was I impeached? Uh, that’s not really something that you usually like to talk about.

I want to talk about it now. Okay. Okay. Well, it was all sparked by your rival EJ Demara. When he, uh, accused you of cheating, and somehow he was able to prove it, so I did cheat. Oh, it, it isn’t that simple. You wanted to win because you wanted to serve the great citizens of Salem. You knew that you were the best man for the job.

I cheated to when? No, no. It was your shady campaign manager who put you up to it? Jennifer Horton. Jennifer Horton. Does that name sound familiar? Vaguely. I, uh, who is she? To me? Just nobody. Nobody that you need to know. Just not a good person. And this, uh, well, my opponent, uh, ej, this character ej, uh, what happened to him?

Well, uh, ej uh, unfortunately is, uh, still the mayor of Salem. In fact, for many, many years, he’s the most popular mayor that we’ve ever had. Even more so than Doug Williams.

This doesn’t feel right. Just doesn’t feel right. Well, why do you say that, baby? Well, I mean every, everything you. You’re telling me about my life. Every bone in my, my body

is telling me it’s different.

Are you okay? Pooky? I, I hate to see you so upset. It just, It’s just jarring seeing yourself on video like that. It, it’s, it, it, I ever try my hand in politics again. I mean, after, after the impeachment. I’m afraid not. It was all so painful that you want to leave that messy world behind you and stick to what you know best.

Ice cream making people happy, right? Oh, you know, maybe losing your memory is not such a bad thing. How do you figure? Well, most people are bogged down by memories of the past and the baggage that they have to carry of all the mistakes that they’ve made and all the pain that they’ve endured. But, but not you, you, you have a clean slate.

You get to start fresh. You have a live in the present. Right, right. Memories. The memories are what we are. Paulina. I mean, I, I don’t even know what kind of man I am without a memory. I. Do you understand? You know what, it is getting late. I better start that dinner. You must be so hungry. Yes, I, I got fish sticks coming up hot soon.

I really am proud of you, Lee. So you keep saying no. Hey, bear is repeating. I mean, when I think of all the crazy things you did to try and keep Gabby around, having stuff brainwashed, uh, using your Demer shares to try and bribe her into staying with you. Okay. Do we have to go down the whole painful list?

Okay. I’m just saying I hated seeing you like that. So obsessed. I wouldn’t say I was obsessed. You wouldn’t really, I mean, Again, you brainwashed a dude. I loved Gabby, and I believe that when you love someone, you fight for them, right? But there’s fighting and then there’s lying, kidnapping, blackmail. Let’s be real here, Lee.

Okay, you, you morphed into this Lovesick maniac that I didn’t even recognize. You lost all perspective where Gabby and Stephan were concerned. You’re exaggerating. Am I? Lee, you are out of control. Hey. It really worried me, which is why I am so relieved that you’re finally over Gabby and you put all of this behind you before you could do something that you couldn’t take back.

So did you make any special requests for our special dinner tonight? Mm, I made all sorts of special requests, but. I’m not telling you what they were. Oh, come on. I know it’s a surprise. You’re such a tease. I know I am. But you love it. I promise. You’re not gonna be disappointed, but you have to wait till we get downstairs to see for yourself.

Take a moment. Ej. Imagine the possibilities. Chad is no longer interested in Demara Enterprises. Tony semi-retired. Happy to globe trot around the world with that vapid wife of his, with Stephan out of the way. Father’s legacy is ours for the taking. Aren’t you forgetting someone? Am I Kristen, you are co-conspirator.

That was her on the phone earlier. Wasn’t it enough with the 20 questions? Are you gonna keep my plans for Stephan to yourself or not? Sorry Megan. I may have done some despicable things in my life, but I’m not going to conspire to kill my own brother. Where are you going to warn Gabby and Stephan?

Oh, look at what you’ve made me do.

I’ve taken up enough of your time. I should leave so you two can concentrate on finding my husband, Paul. Listen, we know how brutal it can be to wait these things out. And you know what? You’re welcome to stay in our guest room if you like. No, no, no, no. Chanel will be waiting for me at home. Make me a promise.

Oh yeah. What’s that? That you will not rest until you find my Abraham. We’re gonna bring him home, Paulina, whatever it takes. And that’s a fact.

Oh, you’ve gotten mad Cassandra. I didn’t have to hold thrust against his will. He was with me because he wanted to be with me the hell he was. How else would have gotten him to stay away from his family for so long? Oh, I’ll tell you how. Because just like his brother, Rhett, he had amnesia.

Well thrust and red hat amnesia. What are the odds of that? You know what? That’s enough of the stories for one date. Why don’t we play a fun game of checkers?

Okay, that is enough. Talk about Gabby for one night. Tell me about this matchmaker. What do you wanna know? Everything. When is she gonna start hooking you up with Salem’s most eligible woman? Well, I just signed up today and like you heard when you walked in, we still need to iron out a plan of action.

Right. And, uh, we know for sure that this matchmaker is solid. How did you find her or him? I just searched matchmakers and the one I chose was well. She has tons of great reviews as in the business, apparently. So then tell me what was said about her and the reviews. I mean, Hmm, let’s see. Well, the one that stood out to me was when it comes to giving her clients their heart’s desire, she’s known for having quite the killer instinct.

Oh, thank God for these secret passageway. Hey, ej, can’t very well carry you through the front door, so what am I gonna find out? What’s being served? Cook said he’s going to. On the Paris when I heard somebody in there,

it’s weird. I, I could have sworn I heard a voice. Maybe it was you now who, what the hell happened here? You know, these cleaning ladies need to be a little more careful. Spaces worth of fortune. Well, I’m sure EJ has it. Heavily insured. Probably gonna end up making a fortune. Remind me to ask him about that.

Are we gonna stay here crying about broken pottery? Are we gonna go outside to check out that delicious dinner? You plan after you?

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