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Li Shin returns home from Hong Kong and goes over how all he comes back to are bills and his divorce papers. Megan then shows up at his door. Li acknowledges her as the person who stole that crystal from him. Megan argues that it was never really his to begin with. Li tries to shut the door on her but Megan says not so fast as they have important business to discuss.

Gabi joins Stefan in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Gabi announces that her divorce from Li is final so she is a single woman. Stefan says not for long as he hears wedding bells in their future. Gabi can’t wait to be his wife again as they kiss. Gabi comments on them as Salem’s power couple. EJ walks in and says he wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Eric runs in to Nicole in the town square. Eric asks if there’s any news on Abe. Nicole says no as Sloan’s brother continues to deny any involvement in Abe’s disappearance. Eric points out that Sloan believes him and so does Rafe. Nicole states that she will keep praying that they find Abe soon. Nicole starts to walk away but Eric stops her and asks how everything is going. Nicole assumes he’s talking about the pregnancy. Nicole mentions that her and EJ have a meeting tomorrow with a specialist for high risk pregnancies. Eric hopes everything works out.

At the Spectator, Chloe complains that Leo doesn’t know what he’s talking about because Xander and Sarah are over for good and there is no reason to think that would change.

Bonnie tells herself that she can keep Sarah’s pregnancy a secret easily but she’ll just have to stay away from Xander. Xander then enters the room and asks if he heard his name, startling Bonnie. Bonnie claims that she just heard him coming and asks him to stay the hell away from her. Xander tells her not to freak out, then says he knows exactly why this is happening. Bonnie questions who told him. Xander guesses she’s still afraid of him because he held her captive a killer clown. Bonnie claims that is why she freaked out when she saw him. Xander guesses she probably had flashbacks. Bonnie says that is so far in the past and she’s forgiven him, understanding that he was only driven to do that because he wanted to provide for Sarah. Bonnie talks about Xander and Sarah being divorced and that Sarah is gone, never coming back, and they are never getting back together. Bonnie claims she meant well which Xander questions her doing by reminding him how much Sarah hates him. Bonnie argues that Sarah doesn’t hate him, then claims she wouldn’t know, but encourages that it could change. Bonnie tries to leave but Xander stops her and questions why she ran away when he walked in if she’s not afraid of him anymore and has forgiven him.

Nicole tells Eric that there are no guarantees but a lot has changed since she had Holly including the treatment of high risk pregnancies like hers. Eric hopes she gets really good news tomorrow because after everything she’s been through, she really deserves this. Nicole is unsure but is happy that she gets to be a mom again. Nicole tells Eric to take care of himself and walks away.

EJ pours a drink while Stefan comments on it being early and questions him not heading to the office. EJ says he’d like to unwind first after an intense morning. EJ talks about doing a lot of research to find a specialist for Nicole and he’s flying one in tomorrow, who will hopefully tell them that Nicole will be able to carry their child to term. Stefan and Gabi say they hope it works out for them. Gabi then remarks that by the time the baby is born, EJ should be free to be a stay at home dad. EJ argues that his days will be anything but free because he will be making sure that his son or daughter inherits the legacy of his father’s company, so he will be doing everything possible to stop them from leaving it in ruins. Stefan argues that he doesn’t have the votes to stop them. EJ points out that they don’t have the votes to stop him. Gabi points out that they have each other and Kristen. EJ knows they believe they have secured Kristen’s support, but she tends to turn on a dime. EJ adds that he’s secured their other sister’s support, so while they may have Kristen for the time being, he has Megan’s.

Megan assumes that Li still has eyes and ears at DiMera, which he confirms. Megan acknowledges that he must be aware of the power struggle brewing then. Li calls it hard to miss and assumes she is here representing EJ’s interest. Megan responds that she is here representing her own interest. Megan comments that EJ is a sweet boy but when it comes to being ruthless and cut throat, he doesn’t bat in her league. Li reminds her that he’s out at DiMera. Megan notes that he still has a vote. Li informs her that he promised it to Gabi. Megan points out that Gabi has pledged her love to another man, so she questions why Li would allow someone who used and betrayed him to keep him from getting what he wants.

Nicole goes to see Chloe at the Spectator. Chloe hugs her and says she’s missed her as they’ve barely spoken since she left Basic Black. Nicole blames herself for not being better at keeping in touch. Chloe asks how she is and how it’s been teaming up with EJ. Nicole responds that life in general has been pretty eventful. Chloe asks what’s been going on with her. Nicole reveals that she’s pregnant which shocks Chloe.

Eric sits alone in the Brady Pub with a drink until Sloan joins him. Eric asks about her meeting with Melinda. Sloan informs him that it was a disaster as Colin is refusing to plead guilty and Melinda is out for blood. Sloan adds that Colin is facing a lot of time in prison because of what he did to Paulina on the rooftop and there’s nothing she can really do to help him. Sloan knows what Colin did was unspeakable to Abe, Paulina, and Chanel, but he’s still her family and the only family she has left. Eric encourages that she has him and he’s here for her as he hugs her.

Bonnie continues to explain herself to Xander and claims it’s because she was getting sick and didn’t want to get him sick. Xander says he was actually looking for Maggie and asks if she’s around. Bonnie thinks she’s upstairs. Xander then gets a news alert on his phone and says “wow, she’s pregnant”. Bonnie is confused and questions her telling him that she’s pregnant. Xander explains that he just got a news alert on his phone, then stops and questions who she thought was pregnant.

Sloan tells Eric that she wishes she could’ve helped Colin if she had known what was going on. Eric points out that she’s here now and he’s damn lucky to have her in his corner. Sloan responds that she’s lucky to have Eric in her corner and kisses him. They hug as Sloan thinks back to using her own cheek swab instead of Eric’s to fake the paternity test.

Xander asks Bonnie again who she thought he meant was pregnant. Bonnie claims it was the same person he’s talking about. Xander questions how she knew Nicole was pregnant when Leo’s column just posted. Bonnie claims to be a premium subscriber to Leo’s Lady Whistleblower column, so she gets the hot gossip before the general public. Xander tells her it was great catching up but he should go find Maggie. Bonnie asks what he has to talk to Maggie about. Xander says it’s nothing juicy, just that Maggie offered him Alex’s position at Titan, but he’s going to turn it down. Bonnie is surprised as she bets that job pays big bucks. Xander confirms that it does and as much as he loves Maggie, being his own boss at the Spectator means so much to him and he doesn’t want to sabotage what’s happening between he and Chloe. Bonnie can’t believe Xander and Chloe are an item. Xander responds that they are somewhat involved. Bonnie angrily questions what that means and exactly how involved they are, leaving Xander confused.

Chloe questions Nicole cheating on EJ with Eric. Nicole explains that it was a one night stand while they were under the influence of the hallucinogenic biscuits, so she didn’t know who the father was but she had a paternity test done and found out that EJ is the father. Nicole calls it a relief, but now her biggest concern is if she can carry the baby to term. Chloe tells Nicole that she’s there if she needs her again. Nicole thanks her but says there have been a lot of advancements and treatments in high risk pregnancies, so they are going to see a specialist tomorrow to see if she can carry the baby herself. Chloe prays that she gets good news. Chloe asks if EJ is happy. Nicole confirms that he’s over the moon. Chloe then asks if Nicole is in love with EJ. Nicole responds that EJ has been so good to her. Chloe points out that does not answer her question. Nicole states that’s the best answer she has right now. Chloe knows Nicole said she was relieved that EJ is the father since they are dating and Eric is now dating Sloan. Nicole stops her and insists that she does not wish that Eric was the father. Chloe comments on her protesting too much.

Sloan tells Eric that when she walked in, it looked like he had something weighing on him. Sloan says he has been there for her, so she wants to be there for him too since they are partners. Eric informs her that he ran in to Nicole in the town square. Eric says maybe they shouldn’t talk about it, but Sloan says it’s okay and he doesn’t have to hide his feelings from her as she knows how disappointed he is and that he wishes he was the father of Nicole’s baby.

Stefan tells EJ that he wouldn’t put much stock in Megan and calls her a homicidal maniac. EJ questions not seeing Kristen the same way. Gabi interrupts and points out that they’ve seen Megan and Kristen with their heads together and they worked together to get out of prison, so she questions thinking that they are going to vote separately. Stefan admits she has a point and suggests maybe he and EJ should bury the hatchet. EJ questions Stefan suggesting they form an alliance. Stefan suggests doing so before their sisters take both of them down.

Megan tells Li that she knows what it’s like to be slighted, rejected, and to lose the love of your life to someone unworthy which makes it all the more painful. Li questions her considering her brother unworthy. Megan calls him her half brother from the loathsome Vivian Alamain, who she calls a total psycho. Li asks if she’s assuming that him losing Gabi to Stefan and his animosity towards them would motivate him to become entangled in her taking over the company. Li tells her it’s not going to happen because when it comes to being ruthless and cut throat, he doesn’t bat in her league either. Megan tells him not to be so modest as Kristen did fill her in on his machinations to take over DiMera Enterprises and how he seduced Gabi, brainwashed Stefan, and would’ve pulled the plug on Stefan if Kristen hadn’t stopped him. Megan suggests perhaps the next time that Stefan is on death’s door, he won’t be quite so lucky. Li questions if she is seriously considering killing her own brother. Megan responds that Stefano was a master chess player. Li says that doesn’t answer his question. Megan tells Li that she sees both of her brothers as kings, slow moving pieces who can only move one step in every direction while she sees herself as a queen, free to move around the board in any direction she chooses. Li points out that there’s another queen on the board. Megan says she has been watching Gabi’s moves very closely and she’s an emotional queen that is hot headed and high strung, who might be easily knocked off her pins by the elimination of her king. Megan says that is why she came to him. Megan brings up that the thought of Hope with the man that she loves leads her to homicidal impulses. Megan points out that Li sits here in his sister’s modest apartment with no job and no love. Megan asks if she can assume that he might be feeling burned, humiliated, and aching for retribution.

EJ reminds Stefan and Gabi that Kristen is obsessed with Brady, so he doubts they are in any position to make any major moves. Gabi argues that women are excellent multi-taskers. EJ responds that the only woman he’s concerned about is Gabi. EJ feels if he was foolish enough to trust Stefan again, he knows it would only be a matter of time before he throws him over to secure Gabi his share of power. Stefan admits that they have made no secret of their aspirations, but maybe it’s time the three of them think about their life balance. Gabi brings up that she and Stefan are getting married while Stefan points out that EJ has a new baby on the way. Stefan suggests there is more than enough money and power to go around DiMera, so if the three of them can co-exist against their mutual enemies, then maybe they can start the next chapter of their lives with a modicum of harmony. Stefan asks what EJ says.

Eric tells Sloan that it’s not about Nicole, but he really wanted to be a father. Eric says between Jada’s pregnancy termination and now this, maybe fate is just trying to tell him it’s not in the cards for him. Sloan doesn’t believe in fate or destiny. Sloan asks why it isn’t in the cards for him to have a kid. Sloan feels it just hasn’t happened but it doesn’t mean it can’t. Sloan then asks why doesn’t Eric have a baby with her.

Nicole tells Chloe that she’s protesting because it’s insensitive to think she would rather have Eric be the father. Nicole asks what good it would do to wish otherwise. Chloe agrees and apologizes. Nicole says she’s sorry too as she knows Chloe didn’t mean to upset her. Chloe admits she was being insensitive and not thinking. Nicole states that Eric and Sloan are together, while she and EJ are together. Nicole says she’s so grateful that EJ is the father of her baby, adding that he’s been so sweet to her and patient. Nicole declares that they are committed to each other and the baby. Chloe says she’s happy for both of them and praying that everything works out. Nicole thanks her and asks what about Chloe as she never imagined her working at the Spectator. Chloe explains that Xander offered her the job and doesn’t really take no for an answer. Nicole questions Chloe and Xander working together and living together. Nicole hopes there’s not something going on between them.

Bonnie demands an answer from Xander on how involved he and Chloe are. Xander questions why she cares. Bonnie claims she’s just curious. Xander responds that he’s not the type to kiss and tell. Bonnie questions them kissing and tells him to spill since the cat’s out of the bag. Xander admits that he and Chloe kissed two or three times, but only once where he didn’t get slapped. Bonnie continues to question him but Xander says he’s already shared too much. Xander doesn’t understand why Bonnie is so interested in how many times he’s kissed Chloe or any other woman. Xander asks Bonnie what’s going on. Bonnie tells Xander that he’s making a huge mistake and needs to stop kissing Chloe immediately, because of Sarah. Xander reminds her that he and Sarah are divorced. Bonnie says that’s beside the point and warns that if he gets serious with Chloe, it will hurt Sarah’s feelings. Xander insists that Sarah doesn’t give a damn what he does as she’s too busy with Rex. Bonnie says that’s what she thought too until she saw Sarah and her condition in Chicago when she went to visit Mimi. Xander questions Bonnie saying her condition. Bonnie tries to cover and claims that Sarah is looking very slim and hasn’t let herself go. Xander says it’s always a treat catching up with Bonnie but he really should go find Maggie. Xander adds that his relationship with Chloe is none of her concern and Sarah is in the past, so there is no reason for either of them to give a damn what the other is doing. Xander then exits the room. Bonnie remarks that he may think that now, but after Sarah has the baby, they both are going to feel very differently.

Nicole questions Chloe kissing Xander. Chloe says it happened three times and the first two times, she slapped him. Nicole can’t believe this. Chloe knows Xander has a history. Nicole reminds her of Xander leaving her in the arms of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel. Nicole brings up Xander locking her in a shark cage and ruining her relationship and marriage with Eric. Nicole thought if anyone hated Xander as much as she does, it’s Chloe. Chloe insists that people can change and the more time she’s spent with him, she’s discovered that he has his charms.

Eric tells Sloan that he doesn’t know what to say. Sloan guesses it was bit audacious of her to suggest they have a child together when they haven’t even been together that long, but they do love each other and are committed. Sloan asks why she can’t be the one to give him the child he always wanted. Eric says it’s not something they just decide in the wake of what happened with Nicole. Sloan says this has nothing to do with Nicole and is about them. Sloan brings up that she’s lost her parents and her brother is about to go away for a very long tiem. Sloan knows family is important to Eric and says it is to her too. Sloan talks about letting things get twisted for the wrong reasons but she’s done with all the anger and hatred because of Eric’s kindness, patience, and love. Sloan wants to give Eric something that he always wanted and asks him to let her do that for him. Eric doesn’t know because it feels so sudden. Sloan says it was sudden for EJ too but he’s over the moon about it. Sloan thinks Eric deserves everything in the world including his own baby on the way. Sloan asks if EJ gets to be a father, why shouldn’t Eric?

EJ tells Stefan that he’s not interested in his alliance, but says he and Gabi can turn in their letters of resignation if they want to go work on their lives. EJ then declares may the best DiMera win as he exits the room.

Li tells Megan that Gabi did love him once. Megan points out that if something terrible happened to Stefan then Gabi could turn to him for comfort. Li responds that he moved on from Gabi as he had to. Megan questions if he would turn down the opportunity to get Gabi back and get back at Stefan at the same time. Megan tells Li to think about it because the next move in her little game could very possibly be his.

Bonnie calls Justin and tells him that she almost totally blew it. Bonnie says she talked her way out of it by pretending to be sick, but then starts sneezing and worries that she really is getting sick. Bonnie declares that God is punishing her for lying.

Nicole questions Chloe saying that Xander has his charms and what the hell that means. Chloe responds that Xander is kind, makes her laugh, and is a really good cook. Nicole argues that Xander is the lowest of lows. Chloe says not anymore. Nicole feels she isn’t thinking straight. Nicole calls Xander a horrible human being on the rotten side. Xander then arrives and comments on Nicole saying how she really feels. Xander tells Chloe not to listen to Nicole because she’s just full of sour grapes since she had a shot with him and blew it. Nicole yells at him for being full of stupid arrogance. Xander kisses Chloe and remarks that Nicole’s loss is her gain. Nicole tells Chloe that if she’s not going to slap Xander again, to allow her..

Sloan asks Eric if they should start trying. Eric responds that he loves her but this isn’t something they need to rush in to because of the timing. Sloan understands he’s still getting over a big disappointment. Sloan says whenever he is ready to become a father, he knows where to find her. Eric says he’ll keep that in mind and she will definitely be the first to know as they hug.

Stefan and Gabi go to their room. Gabi complains that EJ made a huge mistake and calls him a pompous ass. Stefan says they tried, but they aren’t the only ones that EJ needs to worry about taking him down.

Megan returns to the DiMera Mansion and gets a call from Li, who declares that he’s in on taking Stefan down by any means necessary. Megan calls that a wise decision and remarks that with his help, she’s sure that her brother is not long for this world, which EJ overhears behind her as he comes back to the room.


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