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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan reminded Dimitri about his lunch with Gwen. He said he wasn’t going. He was looking at the will. He said she left out a few details about marrying for his inheritance. He said he had to be married for a year and if it was proven that it was under false pretenses, he wouldn’t get anything. She said he didn’t have to be upset about it. She said he could charm and romance Gwen. He said he was hoping he would have fun when he got out of prison. He said that would be hard if he was playing a devoted husband. Roman told Kate that there were no leads on Abe. He said he was going to help John and Steve look for him. Harris showed up and said he was there to keep an eye on Megan. He thought Roman would want him to stay away. Paulina was on the phone when Whitley came in the hospital room. When Whitley was about to leave, Paulina stopped her. She thanked Whitley for taking care of Abe. She said she didn’t know how they would have done it without her. Whitley said it was a joy to take care of him. She said it was terrible that Colin kidnapped him. Paulina said Colin wasn’t the kidnapper. She said she didn’t know if she would ever see Abe again. Whitley comforted her.

At Whitley’s house, Abe was watching TV. Rafe knocked on the door. Abe paused the show. Rafe yelled out that he was the police and wanted to talk to Whitley. Abe recognized the voice. He thought about Whitley telling him not to open the door to the police. He didn’t answer the door. Rafe ended up leaving. Roman told Harris that he hated what happened between him, Bo and Hope, but he stuck his neck out for Kate. Roman said he owed him. When Roman left, Kate talked to Harris. He said he needed to find a job. She said she would pay him to get rid of Megan. Megan told Dimitri that pretending to be married was worth the fortune he would get. She said they had to share the DiMera fortune but the Von Leuschner fortune was all theirs. He told her about saying it was theirs. She reminded him of the things she has done for him. She said he could pay her back by charming Gwen so they could get the money. When he left, Kristen showed up and wondered what they were going to do with the money. Rafe went to Paulina’s room at the hospital to talk to Whitley. Whitley told Rafe that Abe was confused. She said she told his doctor about his situation and hadn’t seen him since. She said she wished there was more she could do. Kristen asked Megan about her plans. Before Megan could answer her, Dimitri showed up. He said he didn’t know how he was going to convince Gwen to marry him. Megan said Gwen was desperate for a man in her life. Kristen told him to play on her pain over Xander using and abusing her. Megan gave him a dossier of Gwen. Harris told Kate that he only killed because he was brainwashed. She said she knew he still had it in him. She said she had a lot of money which he needed. He said he could never be a hitman no matter what Megan did to him. He said she had to find someone else. She told him to give it some thought. While Abe was watching TV, a report came on about him running for mayor. He realized it was him.

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