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Tripp comes out from his bedroom and greets Wendy, who tells him that coffee is ready. Tripp asks if she ever heard from Johnny. Wendy confirms that she did not last night or today. Tripp calls it strange and goes over how Johnny said he was on his way with takeout but then calls and says he’s with Chanel. Tripp wonders if Johnny is still with Chanel.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square. Johnny comments that he’s had six cups of coffee and still feels like the walking dead. Chanel apologizes and can’t believe the police kept them all night to give their statements. Chanel adds that Johnny didn’t even see what happened with Colin since he was downstairs the whole time. Johnny recalls seeing Colin hauled out and having to repeat it 600 times. Chanel feels they should’ve let him go home and get some sleep. Johnny didn’t want her to go through all that by herself and assures that it was no big deal. Johnny adds that he’s willing to do anything he can to make sure that psycho gets put away for a very long time.

Talia wakes up from a nightmare about Colin coming after her.

Colin is handcuffed to the table in the interrogation room as Paulina storms in and asks where her husband is. Rafe follows her in and questions what she’s doing as he thought she was still at the hospital. Paulina tells Rafe that he should be questioning Colin instead of her. Paulina demands that Colin tell her where her husband is right now.

Nurse Whitley listens to her voicemail from Rafe as Abe sleeps. Abe has a dream about Paulina and then wakes up in a panic as Whitley greets him.

Wendy tells Tripp that she hasn’t heard from Johnny but there could be a million reasons why he didn’t call. Tripp questions Johnny spending the entire night with his ex wife and having a million reasons that he couldn’t text her. Wendy says she’s not happy about it and he better have a good explanation, but she jumped to conclusions about the whole crazy biscuits deal and she was wrong, so this time she is giving Johnny the benefit of the doubt. Tripp says he understands, but it’s not a good look for him to keep ghosting her. Wendy remarks that trashing Johnny just to score points isn’t such a good look for Tripp either.

Johnny asks if Chanel is okay because her hands are shaking. Chanel blames the coffee. Johnny acknowledges that she had a really close call last night and hasn’t had time to process it until just now. Johnny tells her that he’s really sorry. Chanel says it’s not his fault. Johnny feels he never should’ve let her go up to Talia’s room by herself because she could’ve been hurt or worse. Chanel argues that he didn’t know Colin was up there. Chanel can’t believe that Talia had the nerve to defend Colin to her. Johnny points out that she then gave her the badge and basically turned Colin in. Johnny guesses that Talia was terrified to say anything bad about Colin because she knew he was right there. Chanel argues that Talia loved Colin and did everything he told her to do. Johnny acknowledges that included Talia giving up her job as a doctor, moving to a town she didn’t know, and terrorizing people that she never even met. Johnny states that he must have had some hold over her. Chanel questions if he’s defending Talia. Johnny points out that Talia did just go off on a building to protect Paulina, so she must feel terrible about what she did. Chanel argues that it doesn’t change the fact that Talia betrayed her in the worst possible way. Chanel declares that she will never forgive Talia.

Jada joins Talia in her room. Jada hoped she would sleep in but Talia tells her about the nightmare she had that Colin came back for her. Jada says she’s sorry but Colin is locked up now, so he can’t hurt her or anyone else. Jada adds that she won’t let Colin lay another finger on her again. Jada encourages Talia to rest as she’s been up all night. Talia points out that Jada has too. Talia doesn’t want to close her eyes again. Talia asks if Colin is still refusing to talk. Jada says it seems so. Talia asks if she really thinks Colin kidnapped Abe since he didn’t say anything to her. Talia notes that Colin escaped from the hospital at the exact same time that Abe disappeared. Talia doesn’t know who else it could be if not Colin.

Whitley tells Abe that he was tossing and turning all night, so she asks if everything is alright. Abe tells her that he had a strange dream about Paulina, but she didn’t look like her.

Paulina yells at Colin to stop staring at her and say something. Rafe explains that Colin has been exercising his fifth amendment rights since he got here and asks Paulina to step out. Paulina argues that she knows Rafe has to go by due process but she can just strangle the truth out of him. Sloan walks in and questions what the hell is going on here as no one should be talking to her client without his lawyer present. Paulina calls Colin a murderous kidnapping psychopath. Sloan responds that Colin has nothing to do with Abe’s disappearance. Colin then speaks up and claims that he does know where Abe is and if they let him out, he will take them to him.

Tripp apologizes to Wendy for what he said about Johnny and admits he was being a jerk. Tripp says he just doesn’t like seeing Wendy hurt, but if she’s not upset about it then he has no right to be. Wendy clarifies that she didn’t say she wasn’t upset, just that she hopes Johnny has a good explanation. Tripp remarks that he’s a fool if he doesn’t. Tripp points out that Wendy had three guys fighting over her, so if he was Johnny, he wouldn’t take her patience for granted. Wendy decides she should get to work. Tripp points out that she didn’t have breakfast but Wendy says she’s not hungry. Tripp encourages her to sit down and have breakfast. Wendy jokes that he doesn’t have to keep cooking for her because he feels sorry for her. Tripp says he doesn’t and if there’s anyone he feels sorry for, it’s Johnny if he doesn’t step up his game. Tripp then decides he won’t be a jerk about it and will give Johnny the benefit of the doubt like Wendy is.

Johnny decides that if Chanel is sure she’s alright, he should probably go find Wendy and explain why he disappeared last night as he didn’t text her since his phone died. Chanel agrees that Wendy is probably worried and encourages him to go now. Johnny says he’s on his way and tells Chanel to take care as he’ll see her around. Johnny starts to leave but Chanel gets a call from Julie, who tells her that Paulina went missing from the hospital.

Rafe questions Colin knowing where Abe is but he can’t tell them and he has to take them to him. Colin claims that they won’t find him without him. Sloan tells Colin not to say another word and then tells Rafe and Paulina that she needs a moment with her client. Paulina argues to let him finish because her husband’s life is at stake. Rafe reminds Paulina that they have to follow the law. Rafe orders Paulina to leave so they don’t get the case thrown out. Rafe then exits with Paulina. Sloan shuts the door and questions what the hell Colin is doing since he told her last night that he didn’t know anything about Abe’s disappearance. Sloan questions why he would confess to the cops if he did have something to do with it. Colin responds that he didn’t confess, he just said that he knew where Abe was. Sloan asks Colin one more time for the truth as to if he knows where Abe is.

Whitley asks what Abe means that she didn’t look like herself. Abe explains that in his dream, it was her but it wasn’t. She asks what he thinks that means. Abe says she looked different and wasn’t dressed like a nurse. Whitley blows it off as just a dream and says she will go make him sausage and eggs for breakfast. Abe stops her and shouts that he hates sausage. Whitley tries to argue that he’s just forgotten but Abe insists that he has not forgotten hating sausage.

Wendy and Tripp eat breakfast. Wendy guesses she was hungry. Wendy brings up Tripp saying earlier that she had three guys fighting over her and says she’s totally not used to that. Wendy brings up that her father used to tell her that she would never get married if she didn’t wear makeup or stop dressing in comfortable clothes. Tripp encourages that she is beautiful just the way she is. Wendy calls Tripp such a good guy and says she feels kind of guilty that she’s indecisive. Wendy hopes he knows that she’s totally cool with him seeing other people too. Tripp responds that he doesn’t want to see other people. Wendy goes over that Tripp is handsome, smart, and nice, calling him a total catch that could have anyone he wants. Tripp says he won’t test that theory because the only person he wants is her as they kiss.

Chanel thanks Julie and says she’ll be in touch as she hangs up. Johnny sits back down and questions Paulina missing. Chanel explains that Julie said Paulina left the hospital against doctor’s orders and Julie thought she went back to her apartment but she wasn’t there. Chanel worries about where she could be. Johnny encourages her to breathe and decides he’s going to help her find Paulina. Chanel reminds him that Wendy is waiting for him but Johnny states that this is more important. Chanel doesn’t even know where to start looking. Johnny responds that he has an idea.

Paulina complains that it’s been long enough and she wants to go back in to the interrogation room. Rafe reminds her that they have to follow the law and they don’t even know if Colin is telling the truth. Paulina argues that he is their number one suspect, questioning who else would take Abe. Paulina says she has lots of enemies, but Abe doesn’t. Rafe gets a call from Chanel, who tells him about Paulina going missing from the hospital this morning and she’s really worried about her. Rafe informs Chanel that Paulina is right here at the police station as she came to confront Colin, but she didn’t tell him that she left the hospital against medical advice. Rafe then asks Chanel to come take her back to the hospital, so Chanel says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Rafe informs Paulina that Chanel is on her way, but Paulina refuses to go anywhere until she finds out what Colin knows about where Abe is.

Whitley asks Abe what he would like instead for breakfast. Abe suggests toast and tea. Whitley asks about his headache. Abe says it’s dropping a bit and asks her to turn on the TV but Whitley says the news is too upsetting and screen time should be limited while he recovers. Abe questions if she is his mother or his wife. Whitley blames his concussion. Abe grabs the remote and turns the TV on himself.

Jada checks on Talia and asks if she needs any meds. Talia asks her to stop worrying about her as she’s caused Jada enough trouble already. Talia is surprised Jada even let her stay here. Jada says she’s her sister and she loves her. Jada questions what Colin did to her to make her feel so bad about herself. Talia responds that Colin did nothing but Jada argues that he messed with her mind. Talia says that’s because she let him. Jada points out that Talia turned him in and should be proud of herself as even the newspaper is calling her a hero which she thinks will help her case. Talia cries that she’s not a hero. Talia admits she was scared of Colin as he was furious with her. Talia says for a second, she thought maybe he would forgive her for turning on him and she felt so relieved. Talia reveals that she almost really went away with him and asks what is wrong with her. Jada says there’s nothing wrong with her. Talia knows she did the right thing by giving Chanel the badge, but she constantly hears Colin’s voice in her head. Talia breaks down crying that she betrayed him.

Colin admits to Sloan that he doesn’t know where Abe is, but argues that the cops don’t need to know that because if he can get them to agree to let him take them to Abe, then he’s sure he can escape. Sloan questions making things worse for himself and worries that if he tries to escape again, he could end up dead. Sloan calls Colin selfish, pointing out that he’s the only family she has left. Sloan says if Colin pleads guilty, she can at least try for a plea deal. Sloan adds that there will be prison time. Colin blames Talia but Sloan says he might not have trashed Paulina’s office or drugged the biscuits, but she can’t get him off for what he did on the roof and assaulting a cop. Sloan is relieved that Colin didn’t actually kidnap the mayor, but says he has to admit to everything he’s done. Colin doesn’t want to go to prison, but Sloan says there is no choice so she asks what it will be.

Tripp and Wendy continue kissing until there’s a knock at the door. Wendy answers to see Johnny with breakfast. Wendy informs him that she already ate. Johnny comes in and sees that Tripp is back. Wendy informs Johnny that Tripp flew in last night and made her breakfast as well as tacos for dinner last night since Johnny never showed up because he was too busy with Chanel. Johnny says he can explain. Wendy questions if he can explain why he didn’t even call. Johnny says he couldn’t because he was stuck at the police station all night. Tripp doubts there was no cell signal at the police station and points out that they also have landlines. Johnny asks to talk to Wendy alone for a second. Tripp agrees to go take a shower but Wendy says no, arguing that Tripp lives here so Johnny can’t tell him what to do or where to go. Tripp tells Wendy not to worry and that it’s fine as he heads to his room. Johnny pleads with Wendy to let him explain this. Wendy tells him to explain what he was doing at the police station.

Jada argues that Talia didn’t betray anyone. Talia brings up that Colin never hurt her physically. Jada argues that emotionally abusive relationships turn physical almost all the time and she sees it almost every day. Jada thinks Talia should see a therapist and help figure out what happened and why. Jada mentions that Marlena is apparently the best. Talia questions why it would matter to work through her feelings if she’s going to prison anyway. Jada asks why she’s giving up so easily and encourages her to be the strong woman she knows. Talia argues that it was all just an act. Talia talks about putting a lot of pressure on herself because she didn’t think she would measure up and that’s the only reason that she succeeded at anything. Jada argues that Talia is bright, hard working, and not someone who gives up. Jada apologizes for not knowing that she was hurting and suffering. Jada asks what it would hurt to talk to Marlena. Jada asks Talia to do it for her, so she agrees to as they hug.

Whitley unplugs the cable so that Abe can’t watch TV, then claims the cable must be out because she didn’t pay the bill. Whitley talks about not making enough, so Abe asks if he doesn’t have a job and she tells him that he’s retired. Whitley makes up a story that Abe owned an ice cream shop which he calls a vague memory. Whitley says she will go pick up a shift at work and mentions that Chanel is busy at her bakery. Whitley encourages that even though the cable is out, he can watch her recordings of 15 years of Body & Soul.

Rafe reminds Paulina that she was hospitalized for hypertension. Paulina claims she’s fine now. Rafe questions why she left the hospital. Paulina explains that Chanel went to get her dinner, but then she texted her that something came up and then she saw on the news that Chanel was involved in the arrest of Colin and no one even told her. Rafe assures that Chanel was never in danger and they still have not established a definite connection between Abe’s disappearance and Colin. Paulina argues that he just admitted it. Rafe repeats that they don’t know if he’s telling the truth yet. Sloan comes out of the interrogation room and announces that Colin was mistaken and doesn’t know anything about Abe’s disappearance. Rafe takes it that Colin was lying then. Paulina suggests he could be lying now and this could be one of Sloan’s tactics. Sloan insists that she was very clear that Colin had to be straight with her so she could use any information to his advantage, so she’s certain that he doesn’t know where Abe is. Sloan calls that the God’s honest truth.

Johnny tells Wendy that he’s really sorry because the last thing he meant to do was let her down. Johnny questions her not saying anything. Wendy responds that she understands he witnessed a crime and had to make a statement, but she doesn’t understand why he didn’t let her know. Johnny admits that he should have, but they were questioning him for quite awhile and by the time he had a chance, his phone had died. Wendy questions Johnny not asking to use someone else’s phone. Johnny wishes he would have, but admits he was a little distracted by all the drama. Johnny says he feels terrible and he knows no apology will make up for how he stood her up. Johnny asks if there’s any other way he can make it up to her and offers to take her out to dinner, anywhere she wants to go.

Chanel gets Paulina back in her hospital bed. Paulina complains that she’s scared since she doesn’t know where or how Abe is. Chanel encourages her to rest and says it has to be okay.

Jada joins Rafe at the police station where Rafe informs her that Colin said he knew where Abe was but then recanted it. Rafe feels if Colin knew where Abe was, he’d give him up. Rafe adds that Nurse Whitley is their only potential witness left but they don’t even know if she saw anything and she still hasn’t returned his call. Rafe hoped that Jada could follow up with her and says he knows they were going to go together, but now he has to deal with charging Colin. Jada says if he doesn’t mind, she has a personal interest in seeing this Colin case through, so she asks if they can switch. Rafe agrees and says he will follow up with Nurse Whitley.

Whitley tells Abe about her collection of 15 years of Body & Soul recordings. She tells him that she’s going to work and will lock the door. She brings up the man who attacked him still being out there and that he was impersonating a cop, so it’s very important that Abe not answer the door, especially if the cops show up. Whitley says she’ll see him soon, kisses him on the cheek, and then exits.

Talia arrives at the hospital and comes across Chanel.

Tripp comes out of the shower as Wendy agrees to dinner at the Bistro with Johnny. Johnny says it’s a date and then questions if Tripp walks around the apartment in just a towel. Tripp reminds him that he lives here. Tripp then says that if Johnny can’t make it tonight or has another emergency with Chanel, he’s making stir fry which he knows is Wendy’s favorite. Tripp then heads back to his room.

Chanel tries to walk away but Talia stops her and asks if they’ve found Abe. Chanel says no, because first Colin said he knew where Abe was and then said he didn’t. Talia states that Colin is not her boyfriend anymore. Chanel tells her to just stay the hell away from her and Paulina. Chanel questions what Talia is even doing there. Talia explains that she came to make an appointment with Marlena because Jada thought it would be a good idea to talk about why she did the things she did for Colin. Talia tells Chanel that she’s sorry about everything but she doesn’t know what else to say anymore as she then walks away.

Jada finishes a call and tells Sloan that Melinda is on her way. Jada questions if Sloan couldn’t convince Colin to plead guilty. Sloan admits she tried but he’s not having it. Jada says that’s too bad as Melinda is going to throw the book at him, especially for all the transgressions after the initial crime. Jada brings up that Colin escaped police custody, tried to kidnap her sister, and lied while being interrogated. Sloan is well aware of the charges against her brother but he’s her brother and she loves him. Sloan remarks that she imagines Jada feels the same about her sister. Jada argues that Colin manipulated her while Sloan argues that they were in a consensual relationship and that Talia was a willing participant. Jada responds that Talia takes responsibility for what she did. Sloan says that Colin does too and that he hasn’t been quite the same since their parents died. Jada warns her about trying the insanity defense while Sloan tells her not to dare try to tell her how to defend her client. Sloan adds that Jada should stop worrying so much about Colin and start finding Abe as he seems to have been displaced on her watch.

Abe watches Body & Soul until Rafe knocks on the door.

Paulina talks on the phone to Julie, assuring that she’s back in her hospital bed and she doesn’t need to come as she is fine, or she will be when they find out who really took Abe and where he is. Nurse Whitley then enters Paulina’s room.

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