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Xander cooks egg sandwiches for he and Chloe. Xander encourages her to try it and she admits it’s really good. Xander says it pairs nicely with the champagne. Xander talks about Scottish people inventing things which Chloe jokes with him about. Xander then kisses Chloe. Chloe responds by slapping him.

At the police station, Rafe is on the phone saying he wants all hands on deck and this to be his top priority. Rafe hangs up as Talia comes in with Belle. Rafe asks how the arraignment went. Talia responds that she made bail. Rafe states that Jada will be relieved. Belle notes that it helps that Talia showed great remorse and agreed to testify against Colin. Rafe points out that will all be moot if they can’t find Colin. Talia questions what he means. Rafe reveals to them that Colin has escaped.

Leo argues that Jada can’t put him in jail when he’s an innocent civilian who hasn’t done anything wrong. Jada responds that he had contact with a known fugitive and didn’t tell the police. Leo admits he was scared and shows Jada what Colin did to his phone, saying he was afraid he would do the same thing to him if he ratted him out. Jada asks if Leo’s sure he didn’t want to just write about it in his column. Leo insists and pleads with her not to put him in jail. Jada responds that it won’t come to that as long as he tells her every detail about his run in with Colin. Leo agrees to do that but asks if she can keep his name out of it because he does not need another target on his back. Jada questions him saying another target. Leo responds that Colin is not the only evil European out to get him because a couple summers ago, he may have incurred the wrath of one of Salem’s newest bad boys in Dimitri Von Leuschner.

Kristen tells Megan that she has to agree with Dimitri as she is preparing for a custody fight and showing up with her nephew on her arm won’t win her brownie points with the judge. Megan calls them pathetic. Dimitri says there are plenty of fish in the sea. Megan feels most of them are not suitable for him to marry. Megan declares that if they are not keeping it in the family, they have to find someone very special for him to marry. Gwen then walks in and says she’s looking for Dimitri. Dimitri introduces himself as Gwen mentions being the editor in chief of the Spectator. Dimitri takes it that she’s a reporter. Kristen calls Gwen her friend but guesses she’s here on business. Gwen admits she’s here for the scoop on Dimitri as he’s causing quite the stir and she’s sure her readers would love to know more about him. Megan remarks that it seems she has come to the right place. Megan asks Kristen to introduce her to Gwen, so she does. Megan asks how they know each other. Kristen asks if Gwen wants to tell her. Gwen jokes that Kristen blackmailed her into escaping police custody. Kristen responds that she returned the favor by helping Gwen out of a jam or two, including getting her a pardon when they were in prison together. Dimitri asks what brought Gwen to prison. Gwen explains that her sister Abigail was being a bit of trouble and she perceived her to be quite a threat, so she sort of shipped her off to a deserted island but she was eventually rescued and found out that Gwen was responsible. Dimitri guesses that was a trying time for her. Gwen says she will always regret doing that to Abigail but says that’s enough about her. Gwen then asks about Dimitri, saying she’s been following his story and finds it fascinating so she would love to get an interview with him. Dimitri responds that he’s sorry but he’s not interested in doing press but Megan encourages him not to be so hasty.

Jada asks Leo what happened after Colin broke his phone. Leo says he just walked away and he didn’t follow him since he had a gun. Jada asks if there is anything else she should know. Leo swears that’s everything. Jada thanks him for his time. Leo stops her and says he answered all of her questions, so he thinks it’s only fair that she answers some of his questions about her sister, Talia Hunter.

Talia questions Colin taking Abe hostage. Rafe clarifies that they don’t know for sure but it’s a hell of a coincidence. Talia worries that Paulina and Chanel must be freaking out and asks if there are any leads. Rafe responds that Jada is interviewing a potential witness as they speak.

Xander can’t believe Chloe slapped him again. Chloe can’t believe Xander kissed her again and points out that Gwen’s not here to witness so it wasn’t for her benefit. Xander explains that he felt a vibe between them and thought maybe she felt it too but asks if he was wrong. Chloe admits that he was not completely off base. Xander asks if she felt a spark too then. Chloe says maybe and then admits that she did feel it and not just tonight, but ever since they moved in together there has been something between them. Xander is happy that he’s not going mad but asks why Chloe doesn’t seem thrilled since she said she’s moving on from Brady. Chloe acknowledges that she and Brady don’t have a future together, but she hates that she is attracted to Xander.

Belle encourages Talia that Colin’s escape has no bearing on her situation as her bail has been granted so she’s free to go and just needs to be very careful. Talia can’t believe all of this is happening and asks what Colin was thinking. Belle hopes that the police will find him and Abe will come back safe and sound. Talia prays that she’s right and thanks Belle for all of her help. Belle tells Talia not to hesitate to call if she needs anything. Belle then exits the station. Talia asks Rafe if there’s any word but he says not yet. Rafe asks if Talia has any idea where Colin might be going. Talia says no and suggests he could go back to New York but he doesn’t have any friends there to speak of. Rafe tells Talia to think about it and let him know if she comes up with anything. Talia then stops Rafe and says she owes him an apology.

Jada asks what questions Leo has about her sister. Leo asks how things are looking for her since she was arrested for being Colin’s partner in crime. Jada argues that she wasn’t his partner in crime and didn’t kill anyone. Leo points out that Talia did trash Paulina’s office and drug the biscuits so he wouldn’t say her hands are clean in all of this. Jada blames Colin being extremely manipulative. Leo argues that it’s not like Talia didn’t have a choice as Colin didn’t have a gun to her head. Jada responds that it’s easy to say when you’re not being abused. Leo questions if Jada is saying that Talia was trapped in an abusive relationship and if he can quote her on that.

Dimitri says he’s suffering from jet lag so this is the last thing he needs. Megan argues that DiMeras don’t do jet lag and says this isn’t just any reporter since Gwen is a friend of Kristen’s, so she sure she has no agenda. Gwen insists that she just wants to get Dimitri’s story out there as there are already some rumors out there so she’d like to give him a chance to put a stop to them. Dimitri responds that he doesn’t give a damn what people think so they can let the rumor mill churn. Gwen asks if he’s sure that’s wise and he wouldn’t like to think about it. Dimitri thanks Gwen for the opportunity but repeats that his answer is no. Megan asks for a private word with Dimitri, so they step out of the room together. Megan tells Dimitri that he does not want to miss this golden opportunity as it’s not about PR, but about making Gwen the future Mrs. Von Leuschner.

Gwen congratulates Kristen on her immunity deal and calls it very impressive how she keeps pulling rabbits out of her hat. Kristen responds that it’s all thanks to Megan this time. Gwen asks if Kristen has made an ally then. Kristen says maybe. Gwen asks if she doesn’t trust Megan. Kristen says of course not because she’s a DiMera. Gwen remarks that her son is too and he seems a bit feisty. Gwen notes that she’s quite feisty herself too and she’s very determined to get that interview, so she’s going to do everything in her power to make that happen.

Dimitri argues that Megan can’t be serious about wanting him to marry Gwen. Megan points out that he rejected her other idea. Dimitri questions just marrying the first stranger to walk in off the street. Megan feels Gwen is hardly a stranger since she and Kristen were prison mates. Dimitri calls it even worse that she’s a felon. Megan argues that Gwen’s crimes are child’s play compared to what they have done. Dimitri says the point is he should be in love with the person he’s going to marry. Megan says that’s a luxury they don’t have time for, reminding him that if he wants the Von Leuschner fortune then he has to be married by the time he turns 40 which is fast approaching. Megan orders Dimitri to forget about love and to go convince Gwen to marry him as soon as possible.

Jada tells Leo this interview is over. Leo asks if she doesn’t want her sister’s side of the story to be told, especially since she was being abused. Jada says she shouldn’t have told him that. Leo relates it to his father being physically abusive. Jada notes this was more like emotional abuse. Leo says he can relate to that too as his mother was the queen of all sorts of emotional abuse and blackmail. Jada appreciates his empathy, but says she can’t continue this conversation as she needs to focus on finding Abe and Colin. Leo says it’s his journalistic responsibility to print what she has already given him. Jada understands she can’t stop him from printing what he’s going to print, but as someone who has been abused, she would hope he would have some understanding of what Talia is going through. Jada hopes Leo has a heart and keeps her sister’s name out of his column. Jada then exits.

Rafe questions why Talia feels she owes him an apology. Talia reminds him that he went to the hospital because of her and he spent so much time and energy looking for the person responsible. Talia says that if she came forward sooner, things might not have gotten so bad, so she’s really sorry. Rafe appreciates her apology and respects her taking responsibility for her actions. Rafe wishes he could say the same about Colin. Talia says that all this time, she thought Colin was the victim because of what happened to his parents and that’s how she kept rationalizing what he was asking her to do for him. Talia swears that she never thought Colin was this dangerous or that he would hurt anybody. Rafe believes that Colin hid it pretty well. Talia feels really bad that she dragged her sister in to all of this. Talia knows it’s really bad for Jada that she’s caught up in this huge scandal. Rafe encourages that Jada cares about her and loves her which is why she hired the best damn lawyer she could find. Rafe advises Talia to do whatever the hell Belle tells her to do to make it up to Jada.

Belle goes home where she is surprised to see Shawn has returned home. They hug as Belle questions why he didn’t tell her that he was coming home. Shawn says things just sort of happened. Belle questions if Shawn has been drinking. Shawn admits he has but says not nearly enough as he takes another drink of a beer. Belle asks what’s going on and if something happened with his dad. Shawn responds that Bo is still in a coma and nothing has changed. Belle questions why he’s guzzling all of this beer then. Shawn says it’s because he shot his dad and put him in a coma. Belle repeats that it was an accident and everyone knows that, encouraging Shawn to stop torturing himself. Shawn argues that accident or not, Bo is holding on by a thread and Hope is a wreck, doing everything she can to stay positive. Shawn talks about having to see Hope suffering every day, knowing that he can’t help her. Shawn feels he just made things worse and that’s why he came home. Belle insists that Hope doesn’t blame him for what happened. Shawn says maybe not consciously. Shawn adds that after they got Bo situated, he felt it was best to make himself scarce and that’s why he came home. Belle encourages that Bo has a team of world class doctors and maybe they will find a way to bring him back to them. Shawn hopes Megan doesn’t find out where Bo is at because Hope has enough on her plate as it is. Belle then reveals that Megan is actually back in Salem and staying at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn is shocked and declares he’s going to give that bitch a piece of his mind.

Dimitri tells Megan that he knows there’s a time crunch but he’s not turning 40 tomorrow, so he’d like to explore his options. Megan questions what options since he isn’t seeing anyone and his last romantic encounter with Billie Reed was all an act. Dimitri questions Megan not seeing how crazy this is. Megan insists that the inheritance money is rightfully his. Megan adds that she has big plans that require significant funding, so he needs to put a ring on Gwen’s finger. Dimitri questions why Gwen when he’s known her for two minutes. Megan points out that Gwen is successful, smart, and beautiful, asking what more he needs to know. Dimitri mocks the idea of getting married, pointing out that he doesn’t even know if Gwen is single. Megan notes that she didn’t see a ring, so as far as she’s concerned, she’s fair game. Megan then orders Dimitri to get back in there and sweep Gwen off her feet.

Kristen comments on Gwen taking her reporter job very seriously. Gwen feels she has a knack for it and that she got it from her dad. Kristen remarks that it’s too bad she couldn’t bond with Jack over it, considering she did steal the paper from him and Jennifer. Gwen argues that Jack and Jennifer have another paper in Boston and they’re just fine. Kristen asks Gwen how it is working with her ex. Gwen calls that the least enjoyable part, especially considering the fact that he’s insisted on bringing in Chloe. Kristen calls Chloe a third rate singer and notes that her daughter calls Chloe the evil one. Kristen mentions that her daughter told her that Chloe and Xander were playing house together and then she saw them cozying up together yesterday. Gwen says that Xander said nothing romantic is going on between them, but she thinks it’s just a matter of time before they have a romp in the hay. Kristen is relieved that Chloe has finally detached herself from Brady. Kristen says she does feel bad for Gwen, but offers to give her some pro tips if she wants to get back at Chloe, if she wants to get back with Xander. Gwen responds that she appreciates it but that’s literally the last thing she wants. Gwen declares that she’s decided it’s time to hop off the Xander merry go round since it’s not serving her anymore, given his very fickle nature. Gwen states that she needs to put that behind her, move on with her life, and maybe find someone new as Dimitri and Megan return to the room.

Xander doesn’t understand why Chloe would be upset about having feelings for him. Chloe responds that it’s because he’s him. Chloe brings up Xander leaving her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord, shooting Brady, locking Nicole in a shark cage, and being the clown who kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. Xander asks why Chloe has feelings for him if he’s so bloody awful. Chloe admits that she’s seen another side of him as a human being. Chloe says she could tell he meant it when he expressed his remorse over Susan’s death. Chloe guesses he does have a heart, acknowledging that he went to bat for her with Gwen, got her a job, and has been really kind to her including making dinner. Xander asks if Chloe is saying she might actually like him after all. Xander suggests she stop fighting her feelings and just give in to what her heart desires. Chloe calls it a really bad idea, noting that they live together and they work together so it could get really complicated really fast. Xander argues that they don’t have to commit to anything and just take it day by day to see where it goes, especially since she’s still getting over Brady. Chloe asks if Xander is really over Sarah. Xander assures that he is, noting that he still has feelings for her but he knows that ship has sailed. Chloe realizes she’s been involved with half of Xander’s relatives; Brady, Philip, Deimos, and Daniel, joking that she should swear off all Kiriakis men since it never seems to work out. Xander says he’s the best of the bunch and she’s never been with him. Xander encourages Chloe and suggest they kiss again to see how she feels. Chloe asks if he wants to risk getting slapped again. Xander says he’s willing to take his chance as they kiss.

Leo works on typing up his article about Colin and Talia, saying the readers may think they know everything about their tale of revenge but he has uncovered their latest and juiciest details yet. Leo types up Talia being a victim of emotional abuse at the hands of Colin and calls it a twisted relationship. Leo then decides he hates having a conscience and deletes what he typed.

Jada goes to the police station and tells Talia that she’s so happy that she made bail. Talia mentions hearing about Colin and asks if Leo was any help. Jada says not really and informs Rafe that when Leo ran in to Colin, he was still wearing the cop uniform and there was no sign of Abe. Rafe guesses they are back to square one. Talia tells them that she’s so sorry. Jada tells her not to worry as they won’t stop until they find them. Talia asks if there is anything she can do to help. Rafe advises her to go lock her door and let the police handle this. Jada agrees, noting that Colin is probably very upset about Talia turning on him, so she needs to be very careful. Rafe decides that he will have an officer give her a ride home, so she thanks him. Jada instructs Talia to call her right away if she hears anything from Colin as she hugs her.

Megan apologizes for the delay and announces that Dimitri has decided to do Gwen’s interview, which he confirms. Dimitri repeats that he is worn out from his travels, so he wants to schedule it for another time which Gwen agrees to. Megan suggests they chat over dinner tomorrow. Gwen asks to do it over lunch as she’s anxious to get the story out. Megan says they will get her contact information from Kristen and settle on the details. Gwen says she looks forward to hearing Dimitri’s story. Megan is so glad this worked out and says something tells her this lunch will be an exciting opportunity for both of them.

Belle stops Shawn and demands he give her his keys because he’s in no condition to drive and confronting Megan won’t change anything. Shawn argues that his dad is fighting for his life because of that bitch since she messed with his head and she deserves to have to answer for that. Belle says there is nothing they can do right now, so Shawn reluctantly hands over his keys. Shawn supposes as much as he would like to, he can’t place the blame squarely on Megan’s shoulders because he’s the one that pulled the trigger. Belle asks Shawn to stop drinking and come to bed. Shawn points out that he has two beers left. Belle thinks he would feel better if he got some sleep but Shawn refuses and asks her to leave him the hell alone.

After kissing, Chloe tells Xander that it was nice. Xander jokes that he hoped for more but Chloe says he’ll have to settle for nice for now. Xander says at least he didn’t get slapped this time, so that’s progress. Chloe tells him not to push it, so Xander says he won’t kiss her again even though he really wants to. Xander asks Chloe what they should do now. Chloe suggests getting back to their dinner.

Shawn apologizes to Belle for snapping at her, but says he just wants to be left alone. Belle argues that he’s drunk and not thinking straight, so the last thing he needs is to be alone. Shawn insists that he’s fine and she’s got his keys so he’s not going anywhere. Shawn tells Belle to just go to bed. Belle says she will wait up for him and that she loves him as she then heads to the bedroom.

Megan asks Kristen for any ideas on where Dimitri and Gwen can meet for lunch tomorrow. Kristen senses Megan believes that she found Dimitri a wife. Megan confirms that she believes Gwen will be a suitable means to an end. Kristen mocks that being romantic. Megan declares that what’s most important to them is that Dimitri inherits what is rightfully his and if it turns out to be a love match, so much the better.

Gwen returns home to the Salem Inn where Leo asks how it went with Dimitri. Gwen responds that he offered to give her an exclusive interview at lunch tomorrow. Leo asks how she managed to score such a hot story. Gwen guesses it was her magic. Leo laments that he’s got nothing for his column, pointing out that he had something great but someone had to go and guilt him out of it.

Jada asks Rafe why she would say anything to Leo, much less that Talia is in an abusive relationship. Rafe understands Leo is relentless and Jada was obviously upset. Jada worries that Leo is going to print every word that she said. Rafe encourages that if it ends up in his column, they will deal with it. Jada thanks him. Rafe says if she wants to go be with her sister, he will understand. Jada says she will go later but right now, the best way to help Talia is to find Colin, otherwise Talia could go down for everything that Colin made her do. Rafe promises that is not going to happen.

Talia returns home to her room and locks the door. Talia comments that she could use a long, hot shower. Talia then finds the police badge from the uniform that Colin stole, on the floor of her room. Talia then tries to run but is grabbed from behind.

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