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Faith: Mariah, you don’t have to stay to help clean up. I’ve got this.

Mariah: Oh, no, you– you just got home. You can go unpack or hang out with dorm cat.

Faith: His name is Borgnine, as you know. And he’s probably still sleeping. So, I’m on cleanup duty. And you know just how much I love washing dirty dishes.

Mariah: I know that. So, I’m gonna let you wash and I will dry.

Faith: Thanks. How kind of you.

Mariah: Well, I gave you a chance to escape, but you sort of blew it, so.


Sharon: No, no. Faith, you just got home. Why don’t you go and visit your friends or visit family. I know that Victor and Nikki are dying to see you.

Faith: I did promise granddad I’d be by to lose at chess.

Mariah: Wow. That’s the fighting spirit: Guess the dirty dishes are on you, dad.

Nick: It is my welcome home gift to you, kiddo.

Sharon: Have fun.

Faith: Bye. Maybe we can go to the tack house first so I can video chat Moses and show him the new baby.

Mariah: Perfect. I mean, if she’s asleep, she will not be for long. Trust me. Bye, guys.

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