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Kyle: It looks like I’ve interrupted something. What are you two talking about?

Summer: Kyle, chance was just here. He told us the news that, um, he found proof that our mom is alive.

Daniel: No more doubts. No more questions. It’s undeniable. Chance is absolutely sure.

Summer: That means that the charges against diane are gonna be dropped. You believed that your mom was innocent this whole time. You were right. I’m sorry that I blamed her for a murder that didn’t even happen.

Kyle: You were racked with grief. I know how hard it is to face a pain like that.

Summer: And you know exactly what it feels like to find out that it was all lie.

Kyle: Of course, I do.

Summer: I’m so sorry. I hope that you can forgive me.

Kyle: Of course, I can. You were in pain and needed answers. All the clues pointed to my mom because that’s what stark wanted. I’m just glad he can never hurt anyone ever again.

Summer: So hasst that happened yet? Has she been formally released?

Kyle: It’s true. My mom is free.

Lucy: Thanks for letting me hang out at your offices today.

Lily: Of course.

Lucy: Those coders were so cool. I mean, it’s a totally different crore than my mom’s office friends.

Lily: Yeah. I know. Well, of course. And they have amazing fashion sense. They definitely keep our offices on trend.

Lucy: I didn’t see a single blue suit, which is basically my mom’s entire office uniform.

Lily: Well, I mean, lawyers are really cool too, in their own way.

Lucy: Um… lily…

Lily: Yeah? Lucy, whatever it is, I promise you can ask me.

Lucy: Is it true that you and my dad were married when you guys were basically kids?

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally panting ]

Sally: What is going on? Oh, did you feel that too?

Faith: Mariah, you don’t have to stay to help clean up. I’ve got this.

Mariah: Oh, no, you– you just got home. You can go unpack or hang out with dorm cat.

Faith: His name is borgnine, as you know. And he’s probably still sleeping. So, I’m on cleanup duty. And you know just how much I love washing dirty dishes.

Mariah: I know that. So, I’m gonna let you wash and I will dry.

Faith: Thanks. How kind of you.

Mariah: Well, I gave you a chance to escape, but you sort of blew it, so.

Nick: I mean, will you look at these pictures? The greatest collection of women who’ve ever been assembled. The photographer’s obviously very talented. He crushed it.

Faith: Poor dad. You can’t actually take credit for all of our fabulousness. All you did was take the picture.

Nick: That’s a skill, faith. I mean, you can’t just aim and shoot, all right? The framing, the lighting, it’s all perfect. I mean, ask your mom. She’s impressed.

Faith: Mom?

Sharon: Huh? Yeah. Uh, you’re all wonderful and– and talented.

Mariah: Uh, sort of out of nowhere, but I will take it.

Faith: What’s going on? What’s got you so distracted? Ma ma ma ma

[Clears throut]

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Mariah: Is it all the mom and grandma overload? It’s too much joy all at once?

Sharon: Yes. That’s exactly what I was thinking about, our family and how lucky I am to have all of you. But it is time for you two to go. There’s no reason for you to hang out. Nick can help me clean up.

Faith: We don’t mind. Really.

Sharon: No, no. Faith, you just got home. Why don’t you go and visit your friends or visit family. I know that victor and nikki are dying to see you.

Faith: I did promise granddad I’d be by to lose at chess.

Mariah: Wow. That’s the fighting spirit.

Faith: Guess the dirty dishes are on you, dad.

Nick: It is my welcome home gift to you, kiddo.

Sharon: Have fun.

Faith: Bye. Maybe we can go to the tack house first so I can video chat moses and show him the new baby.

Mariah: Perfect. I mean, if she’s asleep, she will not be for long. Trust me. Bye, guys.

Nick: Bye.

Sharon: Bye.

Nick: You did a great job covering. What was in the box that was delivered?

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: This is the motel where cameron attacked you. The son of a bitch has a twisted sense of humor.

Sharon: Makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. But, he’s in prison, right?

Nick: I mean, he certainly should be. There’s no way this lunatic should be out in the streets ever again.

Sharon: Cameron is up to something. Sending me all of these little packages and gifts. What can he possibly want? What message is he trying to send?

[ Door knocking ]

Chance: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Chance: I got news about kirsten. It’s not great.

Cameron: Miss? Hey, I– I don’t mean to bother you, but, um, are you okay?

Sally: Yeah, I’m– I’m fine. I just– I had a little double vision. It’s just making me dizzy.

Cameron: Yeah. Well, look in– in your condition that’s– that’s nothing to mess around with, uh. Can I– can I call somebody for you?

Daniel: Well, you must be relieved, kyle. Your mom’s been vindicated. What our mother put you and the rest of your family through was brutal. Still can’t believe she would do such a thing.

Summer: But it wasn’t mom’s fault. You know, it was stark. He was the one that lured her in, manipulated her, threatened to kill her when she didn’t do what he wanted. I mean, that’s what she told you, right?

Daniel: Right. And, you know, I’m sure stark didn’t expect to wind up dead.

Summer: If stark had it his way, then mom would be the one that was dead right now. Both mom and diane are stark’s victim.

Daniel: Exactly. Just let your mom know how happy I am that this part of the nightmare is over for her and I’m sorry that I couldn’t do something to clear her sooner.

Kyle: I’ll certainly pass along your message. And we’ll always owe you a debt of gratitude for coming forward after hearing about phyllis.

Daniel: It was the only right thing to do.

Kyle: Even so, you could have kept phyllis’s secret. I know you wanted to protect her at all costs, but you didn’T. You came forward and set my mom free.

Daniel: Well, I can never stay quiet when someone’s entire future is at stake. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself otherwise.

Kyle: I– I realize the emotions are complicated for both of you, but the good news is your mother is alive. It’s like a miracle you secretly hope for, but never out loud. I get it. And when phyllis comes forward and explains why she did what she did, christine, the police, they’ll listen. They’ll try to be fair. I know you’re worried about the repercussions, but phyllis is tough as hell. She’ll get through it.

Summer: There shouldn’t be any repercussions. Anything criminal my mom did was in self-defense. She’s not a murderer. She’s just not. The D.A. Is gonna see that. She has to. (Vo) nature valley is committed to protecting our national parks.

Lily: Um, who told you that your dad and I were married?

Lucy: So, it’s true.

Lily: Well, it was a very long time ago.

Lucy: Wow. That’s a yes.

Lily: Okay. Have you talked to your dad about this?

Lucy: No, not– not yet. But– but I can if you’re not comfortable talking about it. I mean, dad will tell me the truth no matter what, even if it’s that awful.

Lily: Well, no, no, no, no. It– it wasn’t awful. I mean, that’s definitely an overstatement.

Lucy: How old were you guys?

Lily: Uh, we were not old enough to be married, that’s for sure.

Lucy: This is crazy. I mean, you’re literally my dad’s ex-wife and you guys just act like your old friends.

Lily: Okay, listen. I do not condone what we did at such a young age. I do not.

Lucy: Okay. Okay. I get it. I won’t run off and marry some kid from homeroom. Tell me everything.

Lily: Oh, gosh. Um…

[ Laughs ] Well, we were married for almost a year, but you know, we were just way too young and, you know, couldn’t handle the responsibility that came our way.

Lucy: I mean, you guys said vows and there– there must have been a marriage license and then a divorce? I mean, just think about all the teasing I can get off of my dad. And wait, doesn’t that make you guys each other’s first loves? Wow. How romantic is that? Now you guys are together again. I mean, that’s a book I’d totally read.

Lily: Okay, hold on.

Lucy: Wait. And if my dad ever tells me that I’m too young to know what love is, I can just point at you guys. I mean, star crossed lovers destined to finally be together.

Lily: Okay, listen.

[ Lily laughing ] We were way too young to handle what was coming our way, okay? The only thing we were destined for was failure. That’s it.

Lucy: Weren’t you guys in love?

Lily: Of course. Yeah, we were very much in love and–

Lucy: Good. Then, you can–

Lily: Hello?

Daniel: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: These two little rays of sunshine. What did I miss?

Lucy and lily: Nothing.

[ Lily laughing ]

Sharon: I’m sick to my stomach already.

Nick: What’d you find out?

Chance: So, cameron kirsten was released after serving his original sentence.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Chance: And then he relocated to los angeles.

Sharon: Is he still in L.A.?

Chance: Well, he was arrested there for assaulting his girlfriend.

Nick: That’s his thing. This coward, he goes after women.

Sharon: Same thing he did to me.

Chance: Look at this.

Sharon: That’s his girlfriend?

Chance: Yeah. She looks just like you. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

Nick: Well, do you know where he is now?

Chance: No. He was released six months ago and his whereabouts are unknown.

Nick: Doesn’t he have like a parole officer keeping tabs on him or something?

Chance: I read the report and I’ll admit, it’s kinda sketchy. So, what’s the deal with this guy? I mean, clearly he’s dangerous and outta control. Why don’t you fill me in on what cameron kirsten is capable of?

Cameron: Look, miss, I– I– I don’t wanna crowd you or disturb you or anything like that, but I don’t feel right just leaving you here like this. Are you sure you don’t need medical attention?

Sally: Yeah, I’m– I’m okay. Really. There’s someone else I can call.

[ Sally sighing ]

Adam: Sally?

Sally: Adam, I– I really hate to do this, but can you come get me?

Adam: Um, a– absolutely. What– what’s wrong?

Sally: I– I think I should go see my ob.

Adam: Okay. Um, I’m on my way. Where are you?

Sally: I’m in the park.

Adam: Okay. I– I’ll be there soon and we can get you both looked at, okay? Sally?

Sally: Yeah.

Adam: It’s gonna be okay.

Sally: Right. Yeah. Yeah. It’s– it’s probably nothing.

Adam: Just sit tight.

Cameron: Well, sounds like your hero’s on the way. (Wheezing) deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. And now please welcome ana montoya.

Sharon: I met cameron when I was in denver and I made a terrible mistake. Nick and I were together at the time, but our marriage was in trouble. I tried to drown my troubles in alcohol, and cameron took advantage of that. I trusted him and he became violent.

Chance: He assaulted you.

Sharon: I didn’t want nick to find out what cameron had done to me. I was just going through so much at the time. So, I kept quiet and I never went to the police. I just hid out in denver and waited for my wounds to heal. It was a really hard time in my life. I just wanted to forget that it had ever happened, but I didn’t have a choice when cameron showed up in genoa city. You have to realize that when you saw me in denver, I was a different person.

Cameron: Oh, oh yeah? When– when exactly was that? When you were sitting on that bar stool pretty as a picture slamming tequila shots?

Sharon: I was in a very down, a very down time. I was running away from my own life.

Cameron: But now you’re back.

Sharon: And, um, in a way, you– you did me a favor. Beating me to a pulp like that I realized that I needed my family back.

Cameron: I never beat you. We had a lovely time together.

Sharon: All right. You– you– you believe whatever you wanna believe. I know what my face looked like after you were finished with it.

Nick: If I had known what that bastard had done to you.

Sharon: I was too ashamed. I didn’t want you to know. And cameron exploited that. He blackmailed me into meeting him one night. Made my skin crawl every moment that I was with him. But I just, I still kept telling myself that I can handle this myself. I can handle him. Cameron, I’m begging you. Okay? I’m married. I– I have children. Will you please, please just leave me alone.

Cameron: You were married and you had children when I met you in denver, and you still slept with me.

Sharon: No, no. I– I told you why that happened. Look, I– I was drunk. I– I was horribly depressed and my life was a total disaster.

Cameron: You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever been with.

Sharon: I was out of my mind, damn it! Do you honestly think that if I had known what I was doing, if I had known what kind of man you are, I would let you take me back to that hotel room?

Cameron: You think I’m a monster? Am I a monster? Look, I don’t know why it happened that way in denver, but I know this. It doesn’t have to be that way this time.

Sharon: Oh, meaning this time you won’t beat me up. Now, there’s an offer I can’t refuse.

Cameron: Don’t– don’t– don’t you do that. Don’t get smart with me.

Sharon: Why are you doing this?

Cameron: I want you like I haven’t wanted a woman in a very, very long time.

Sharon: Too bad.

Cameron: Come on, sharon. I can be anything you want me to be. I can be anything you want me to be. I can be gentle. I can be tender. I can be a little rough if that’s what you want. You tell me.

Sharon: You just don’t get it. I want you out of my life.

Cameron: Yeah? Guess what honey? We don’t always get what we want. Where are you going? You’re not going anywhere. Not yet.

Sharon: Get– get– get off of me!

Cameron: I don’t think so. I have waited too long for this.

[ Cameron shushing ] I promise you. I promise you, you’ll like this.

[ Sharon grunting ] Sit down! You wanna play it this way, huh? Huh? Take off your dress. Get that dress off. Do it. Take it off. Take off that dress now! Don’t make me ask you again.

Sharon: I would rather die.

Cameron: You little whore.

[ Both grunting ]

[ Grunting ] Ah, you bitch!

Sharon: I thought he was dead. I thought that I killed him. I hid his body. I tried to just move on with my life. I thought that the nightmare was over, but it was only just the beginning.

Adam: Here you are. I’m glad that you called me.

Sally: Oh, thank you for coming.

Adam: Of course. Of course. You can call me anytime. Always. Um, do you think that you’re okay to walk? The car’s just right over there.

Sally: I’m– I’m so sorry for interrupting your day. Really. I feel so silly. I just, I had double vision and it passed after I sat down for a little bit, so.

Adam: Well, that’s good, but I still think that we should go to the doctor anyway. I don’t think it would hurt to get you checked out, okay?

Sally: Yeah, no, you’re probably right.

[ Sally panting ]

Adam: What is it? Did you forget something?

Sally: No. There was a guy that was really helpful and he wouldn’t leave until I was okay. I don’t know. I was gonna thank him, but I guess he’s gone.

Adam: Well, I’m glad that somebody was here for you, but come on. I really wanna get you outta here and I wanna get you to the doctor.

Lucy: Dad, your tech team is on fire. The things they were creating were– were amazing. I mean, I just can’t wait to see the animation when it’s all finished.

Daniel: I’m glad you were so impressed.

Lucy: Princess louisa is gonna slay.

Lily: [ Laughing ] I mean, she was so enthralled she didn’t wanna leave.

Daniel: Oh, sounds like we have a hit in the making.

Lucy: And to think, I inspired it all.

Daniel: Best muse ever. Hey, uh, listen. Best muse ever, why don’t you head over to the bar and order some of that pie that you’re so obsessed with.

Lucy: At the bar?

Daniel: Yes, at the bar.

Lucy: And then I assume I’m supposed to eat it there too, so that you two can talk?

[ Lily laughing ]

Daniel: Well, that’s a great idea.

Lucy: Subtle. Seriously.

Daniel: Thank you. I try.

Lily and daniel: I have news.

Lily: Okay.

Kyle: Well, my parents aren’t upstairs.

Summer: They’re not out back or in the kitchen either.

Kyle: Guess mom couldn’t wait to get back out in the world. So much of rushing home to celebrate. I guess they were in a hurry too.

Summer: Who can blame them? You know, they must be over the moon. Nobody thought that it would happen this quickly. You too. I’m really happy for you.

Kyle: Yeah. Well, the relief is intense and I imagine it will only get better. But to be honest, I was terrified in certain moments, just like I know you are with phyllis right now, but I promise you, summer, we will find her and we will bring her home.

Summer: You’re so loving thinking about me and my worries right now.

Kyle: Hey, what else would I be thinking about? You know, we’re a team. I love you, summer. You’ve gotta know that.

Summer: I love you too. I gotta go.

Kyle: What? Where?

Summer: I, um, I’ve got an errand that I need to run and since nobody’s here to celebrate anyway–

Kyle: You’re leaving now? Just like that? Looking for a smarter way to mop?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.


Daniel: You go first.

Lily: No, you go first.

Daniel: Okay. Um, well, it’s huge. I mean, chance found proof that mom’s still alive and the charges against diane are being dropped.

Lily: That’s great. That’s amazing. See, wasn’t it worth it coming forward with the news about your mom? You did the right thing and it paid off.

Daniel: It does feel like a big weight’s been lifted.

Lily: So what’s gonna happen to phyllis?

Daniel: I have no idea how things are gonna turn out for her. And I highly doubt that she’s gonna suddenly come out of hiding and face the consequences for what she did.

Lily: Why do you think that?

Daniel: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ’cause of who she is and what she’s done so far. Honestly, I’m not really sure of anything anymore. Except one thing.

Lily: What?

Daniel: Summer definitely knows where mom is, but she’s not gonna tell me. It’s driving me crazy. You know, thinking that she could be close by somewhere and I can’t see her. I can’t talk to her. I would give anything just to be able to hug her and just tell her that I love her and tell her how much I miss her.

Lily: I’m sorry. I know that’s really hard knowing that she’s close by and you can’t reach her. But listen, no matter what, you set something very important in motion and that’s diane’s freedom. So no matter what happens with your sister, you did the right thing.

Daniel: Summer would disagree, but it was a good thing. It was the right thing. I needed to be reminded of that. What was it you wanted to say?

Lily: Oh, uh, lucy knows that we used to be married.

Daniel: Who told her that?

Lily: I don’t know.

Daniel: Okay. How’d she take the news?

Lily: She was thrilled because she now feels like we’re star-crossed lovers who were destined to be together again.

Nick: If kirsten has a nerve to show his face in this town again after what he did, thinking he could weasel his way back into sharon’s life again–

Sharon: We don’t know that’s the case.

Nick: But he was obsessed with you, sharon, and he clearly still is. He’s deranged. The things he did to you, sharon thought he was dead and gone.

Chance: Meaning what?

Sharon: He made every moment a loving hell for me. He started all of that by haunting me outside of a window, somewhere in the shadows, so I could never get a moment away from my crime or my shame. It’s just all pain. Hold me tight. I was on edge, I was unraveling. And then one day, cameron showed up. He was alive and well. He said that he had been away on some island or something. He was acting as if nothing had ever happened. But this time he didn’t want me, just me. He wanted revenge. He wanted me to suffer.

Nick: He framed sharon for murder, then took her hostage.

Sharon: If it weren’t for nick, I wouldn’t be here right now telling you this. Nick, be careful. You’re gonna kill him.

Cameron: We’re both dead already.

Nick: Just like frank barrett, huh? I got the whole thing on tape. You’re going down, bitch. And this is for frank.

Pilot: Mr. Kirsten, everything all right back there?

Sharon: Nick, we are gonna parachute out of the airplane?

Nick: Babe, this may be our last chance to get out of this alive.

Sharon: God! Have you ever done this before?

Nick: Yeah. A couple times. It’s no sweat. Now listen to me. You jump out of the plane. You count to three, you pull this, all right?

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Count to three. Pull that.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: And we’re taking him with us.

Sharon: Nick, I’m so scared.

Nick: Don’t be. We’re gonna be fine. Now, come on. You’re gonna be fine. Count to three and pull. Let’s go. Get down there. Babe, when I open this door, you gotta hang on.

Sharon: Okay.

[ Door opening ]

Nick: I don’t care if you do it or not, but in three seconds, you might wanna pull that cord. Come on, babe. You turn. Come on. You can do this. You can do this. I love you. In three seconds, pull it.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Three seconds, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Cameron: You are so sure that you’ve won.

Nick: We have won. Look at you. You’re pathetic and you’re gonna wish you were dead when all this is over.

Cameron: Then, you better kill me now, slick, ’cause if I walk outta here, you are dead.

Sharon: It was supposed to be over then. He was arrested, convicted.

Nick: He still needs to be in a cell.

Chance: Well, unfortunately that’s not the case.

Nick: But you understand what we’re dealing with.

Sharon: He’s relentless, vicious, and I will never let him terrorize me like that again.

Summer: I’m sorry, kyle. I– I’ll be back soon and we’ll all toast to your mom and her freedom. I– I promise you. It’s just– I– I have some things that I need to check on at the office.

Kyle: Now? Can’t you make a few calls and handle it from here?

Summer: I won’t be long. Please understand, okay? I’m not gonna be long. Ladies…

[ Sally sighing ]

Adam: Oh, false alarm. Just like we hoped. You and the baby are gonna be just fine.

Sally: It’s not that simple.

Adam: No, I know. You’re right. But your new medication is gonna be delivered soon. The doc is taking care of things. You’re gonna take the meds, you’re gonna ease up on stress and anxiety. And like she said, smaller, more frequent meals, okay? This is very doable. We got this. Look, everything is going to be alright.

Sally: You can’t be sure of that. I’ve been so careful. I have done everything that the doctor said. I’ve been eating well, I’ve been getting sleep, I’ve been taking my vitamins. How can I be at risk for preeclampsia when I’ve been doing all the right things?

Adam: I don’t know. It’s– it’s one of life’s mysteries. But now we know, so we’re gonna follow the doctor’s orders.

Sally: Yeah, but it’s not we. It’s me.

[ Voice breaks ] And I did something wrong.

Adam: No, you did something very right. That is why you called your ob exactly when you needed to.

[ Sally sniffling ]

Sally: Chloe and i really need to dive in to this assignment for chancellor-winters. Taking it easy is not on the agenda right now.

Adam: I’m sure that chloe would love the chance to shine. I mean, this could be her chance to show everybody how brilliantly talented she is. Why not ease up on the work and let her do more of it? I know that she could dazzle chancellor-winters. She could knock their socks off if she had the chance.

Sally: You really think so?

Adam: As a friend and a colleague, let her show what she’s got. Just– just delegate. That’ll give you more time to rest.

Sally: Since when did you become so calm and reasonable?

Kyle: Summer.

Summer: Kyle. What are you doing here? Did you follow me?

Kyle: Actually, I did. But only because you left the house without your tablet. I figured you would need it since you were going to the office, but I was surprised when you didn’t go to marchetti. What are you doing here?

Chance: I’m sorry to make you go through all that again. This guy is clearly a dirt bag. I appreciate you sharing that with me.

Nick: What good is it gonna do? You can’t do anything until this guy crosses the line and he knows that. He’s smart. He hasn’t made his way to genoa city, but I’m sure it’s on the agenda.

Chance: Look, I– I get it’s frustrating, but know the guy’s on my radar now, all right? He is a known perp contacting a former victim. That’s a dangerous combination. So, here’s what I think we do. If you guys get any more mysterious messages, keep sending them to me. I’m gonna see if I can find out where he’s been since he got outta L.A.

Nick: I do not want this guy anywhere near sharon or the girls.

Chance: I understand that. One step at a time, brother, okay?

Sharon: Thank you, chance. Just find out where cameron is and what he’s up to. We’ll decide what to do from there. (Bridget) with thyroid eye disease

Summer: I– I just came here to pick up a spa gift certificate for diane.

Kyle: That’s thoughtful of you, but you could have told me about it.

Summer: I know. I know. It’s just, you know, I’m feeling my way here ’cause things have been so ugly and difficult.

Kyle: Yeah, it has been for everyone. And I appreciate you doing everything you can to try to get past what’s happened. Well, I guess I better get back to the house in case my parents have gone back. Um, don’t forget your tablet for the office.

Summer: Kyle, wait. Hey, we can both go home together.

Kyle: You sure? What about the gift card and the office?

Summer: Well, I can get the gift card online and the office, it can wait ’til tomorrow. I would much rather be with you right now.

Kyle: Well, I’d much rather be with you too.

Summer: Hey, why don’t we pick up some bubbly on the way home so we can celebrate with your folks. And some balloons. Think that harrison might like that?

Kyle: Oh, champagne for the grownups, a balloon for the boy. Now, it’s a party. Come on.

Daniel: Yeah. I really wish you didn’t have to leave so soon.

Lucy: Yeah, I know. I’m meeting mom back in savannah. We have a few parties and some friends we’re meeting up with. I’ve missed them a lot.

Lily: Aw, I’m sure they miss you too. So, back to europe?

Lucy: Yeah. Mom’s got work to go back to. The blue suit gang.

Lily: Ah, the blue suit gang.

[ Lily and lucy laughing ]

Daniel: I’m sorry, the who?

Lucy: Inside joke.

Lily: Yeah, we have those now.

Adam: Me? Calm and reasonable? Hm.

Sally: It’s pretty shocking, huh?

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: Uh, well if I’m acting that way, it’s only ’cause I’m– I’m putting you and the baby first. And in order to do that, I have to be calm and reasonable, no matter how much it goes against my nature

Sally: And boy, does it ever. But just so you know, I– I really appreciate it.

Adam: Can I tell you something?

Sally: Sure.

Adam: I’m just glad that– that you called me instead of nick. Oh, you– you– you did call nick, didn’t you? You– you– you called him first. Okay. I mean that makes sense. I get it. Um, I’m fine with that.

Sally: Really?

Adam: Really. Really. Uh, but you need to get your rest, so, um, I can, uh, I can stay or I can go. It’s your call.

Sally: Um, actually I would really appreciate it if you stayed. Maybe just for a little longer.

Sharon: Chance will have an update on cameron’s whereabouts as soon as he can.

Nick: Not if cameron doesn’t wanna be found.

Sharon: He’s screaming for attention. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent me the champagne and the postcard and the cigar box. Maybe that’s all it will be. Some creepy deliveries. He’s already been in prison twice before. Is he really gonna risk a third?

Nick: Who knows what he’s gonna do? He’s incapable of rational thought. Seriously, what is to stop him from making his way back to genoa city again?

Faith: Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.

Cameron: No problem at all.

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