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Chanel brings Paulina to Abe’s room and tells her not to worry as she’s sure when Abe sees her, it will all come back. They then discover that Abe is gone so Paulina questions where the hell her husband is. Paulina begins to panic while Chanel encourages her that he must have just been taken for tests and she goes to check.

The nurse pretending to be Paulina wheels Abe through the hospital and tells him not to worry because she’s going to get him out of here now as they wait on the elevator. She claims to Abe that she is Paulina and promises to get him out of the hospital and far away from anyone who wants to hurt him.

Sloan goes to Colin’s hospital room and finds the cop handcuffed to the bed. She questions who the hell he is and where her brother is. He informs her that the suspect got away which shocks Sloan.

Colin escapes the hospital dressed as a cop. He walks through the park where Leo rushes up and says he needs the officer’s help.

Marlena finds Kayla at the Brady Pub. Kayla says she was checking on Roman and Kate. Marlena mentions that she was going to do the same thing. Kayla informs her that Will called Kate so they are on a video chat. Kayla and Marlena decide to have coffee. Marlena asks Kayla about the viral outbreak at the hospital but Kayla doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Marlena explains that Eric called her about seeing Abe and wanted to know about the viral outbreak on the 10th floor. Kayla says she would be the first to know, so where ever Eric got his information, they were misinformed. Marlena informs Kayla that it came from Nicole, so either she is misinformed or she lied about it and she can’t think of why Nicole would do that.

Nicole prepares to leave the DiMera Mansion and opens the door right as Eric arrives. Nicole questions what he’s doing there. Eric says they need to talk but Nicole says it’s not a good time as she was on her way out. Eric reveals that he knows she was going to meet Sloan and that he knows she’s pregnant. Eric and Nicole head in to the living room. Nicole questions what he’s talking about and why he would say she’s pregnant. Eric asks her to stop lying to his face and explains that he confronted Sloan until she told him what the swab was for. Nicole complains that she knew Sloan couldn’t keep the secret.

Sloan argues with the cop that he had one simple job and screwed it up. Rafe enters, so Sloan asks if they found Colin but Rafe says not yet. Rafe sends the cop to go get dressed so they can go try and find the prisoner that he let get away. Sloan questions Rafe as to how he could let this happen. Sloan remarks that she knew the Salem PD was inept. Rafe argues that her psycho brother turned the gun on one of his officers and that Sloan could’ve stopped this a long time ago. Rafe asks if Colin has contacted Sloan. She says no but Rafe points out that she said that last time when she was lying to protect him. Rafe warns that Colin is out there alone and desperate with every cop in Salem hunting him down, so he is going to need some help and there’s only two people that he would contact. Rafe says one of them is being arraigned for her part and the other is Sloan. Sloan insists that Colin won’t contact her because he knows she would turn him in immediately. Sloan declares that the last thing she wants is her brother running around Salem loose.

Colin asks Leo what the problem is. Leo says that someone stole his phone. Colin says he doesn’t have time for this. Leo argues that his phone is his life and he has his contacts, his anonymous sources, and photos. Colin says he’s kind of in a rush and tries to leave but Leo stops him and says he just realized who he is and calls him a very naughty boy. Colin flashes back to knocking out Abe at the Bakery.

Abe asks the nurse where they are going. She responds that the man who attacked him is nearby, so they have to get him out of here. She then wheels Abe onto the elevator. Chanel comes around the corner, wondering where the hell Abe is.

Paulina remains in Abe’s hospital room, telling herself not to cry because Abe needs her to be strong. Chanel comes back and informs Paulina that Abe was not scheduled for any tests, so he should be here. Paulina complains that obviously he’s not and wonders where he is.

Marlena tells Kayla that a viral outbreak is a strange thing to lie about, explaining that Eric ran in to Nicole at the hospital while she had a rapid test kit. Kayla recalls telling Nicole that she would need a cheek swab for her paternity test. Kayla assures Marlena that she would be the first to know about a viral outbreak. Marlena wonders why Nicole would make up such a crazy story.

Eric tells Nicole that in Sloan’s defense, he found out about her bogus story from Marlena when he called her to ask if he needed a test to visit Abe because of the viral outbreak but she had no idea what he was talking about, so he confronted Sloan. Nicole bets Sloan couldn’t wait to spill the beans. Eric says he had to pull it out of her and she said that Nicole begged her not to tell him. Nicole complains that Sloan never should’ve known and it was a total fluke that she found out. Eric talks about Nicole making up stories for weeks and realizes what test he heard her talking to Kayla on the phone about when she told him that she was in early menopause. Nicole says she thought she was, so she took a blood test and found out she was pregnant which was shocking and overwhelming. Eric questions why she didn’t just tell him when he promised she could trust him, but she lied right to his face. Nicole says if it makes him feel any better, she lied to EJ too and he doesn’t know that she’s pregnant or that she doesn’t know which one of them is the father.

Colin tells Leo that they don’t know each other so he may have mixed up with someone else. Leo assures that he never forgets a face and he knows exactly who he is.

Rafe calls for the entire hospital staff to work with his officers to have the hospital on lockdown and to be advised that Colin stole an officer’s uniform and is armed and dangerous. Sloan warns about one of the cops getting trigger happy with her brother. Rafe tells Sloan not to threaten him because Colin could’ve cooperated but instead, chose to do this and made things much worse. Paulina and Chanel come over. Paulina says they need to talk to Rafe. Rafe says it will have to wait but Paulina refuses and informs him that Abe is missing.

The nurse brings Abe to her home.

Kayla suggests Marlena talk to Nicole. Marlena wonders if it has anything to do with Nicole’s secret as she was in the nurses station the other day and Nicole was talking to Sloan of all people. Marlena adds that when Sloan walked away, Nicole said she couldn’t stand her but she overheard Sloan say she would keep Nicole’s secret.

Nicole complains that she should’ve known Sloan would tell Eric or that the secret would come out another way because that’s what secrets do and no one knows that better than her. Nicole thought if she could control it, she could minimize the damage because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Eric says he’s sorry if he upset her. Nicole questions why he’s apologizing and says he has every right to be angry, so he doesn’t need to be nice to her. Nicole cries that she’s not upset about what he said, but because once again her life is a giant hot mess. Eric gives her a water while Nicole repeats that he does not need to be nice to her. Nicole states that they slept together once while drugged out of their minds and they agreed that it was a mistake. Nicole asks why she would tell him that she’s pregnant. Eric says he might be the father but Nicole says he might not be, so she didn’t see the point in telling him or EJ until she was sure and she doesn’t need them hovering over her or trying to kill each other. Nicole cries that she knows how much Eric wants to be a father and that having a child of his own has been a dream of his. Nicole brings up how devastated Eric was with Sarah and Jada, so she didn’t want to put him through that again or get his hopes up only to find out he’s not the father. Nicole says she does not want to break his heart but the truth is, she still might. Eric asks what she means. Nicole points out that the chances of her carrying the baby to term are practically zero, so if Eric is the father and she miscarries again, she will be making him experience the agony of yet another loss. Eric argues that a miscarriage would not be her fault and he would never blame her for it. Eric encourages that there have been medical advances to help her eliminate the risk and that Kayla could recommend a fertility doctor to help map out whatever she needs to do. Nicole says she just can’t think about planning the pregnancy until she knows who got her pregnant. Nicole cries that she’s sorry she’s such a wreck. Eric tells her not to apologize and that they are friends. Eric then asks her what is next. Nicole responds that she needed to be 7 weeks along to have the paternity test which she is today, but she couldn’t get a swab from EJ. Eric points out that she has his. Nicole says if she can use it, Kayla will take her blood and compare his DNA to the baby’s, so they will know if it’s EJ’s or his.

Abe questions this being where they live which the nurse allows him to believe. Abe looks around and sees the room is surrounded by stuffed animal cats as well as pictures and statues of cats as he questions what’s with all the cats. The nurse questions him not remembering and says that she’s allergic to cats so she’s a crazy stuffed cat lady. Abe says that definitely does not ring a bell. She introduces Abe to the stuffed cats which she names Tasha, Masha, and Sasha and another that she claims Abe named as Cheesecake but Abe does not remember. She has Abe hold the stuffed animal but it causes Abe to sneeze. Abe blames the dust while the nurse claims she has been by Abe’s side since he was attacked so she didn’t have time to come home and clean. She mentions a house keeper named Whitley, so Abe questions who that is.

Paulina doesn’t care what else Rafe has going on and says he needs to find her husband. Rafe asks her to calm down and says if Abe is not in his room, they probably pulled him out for tests. Chanel informs him that she already talked to the nurses and they said he’s not scheduled for any tests. Paulina complains that Abe is missing and declares she’s going to look for him, so Rafe better do the same. Paulina tells Sloan to get out of her way, but Sloan says she needs to talk with Rafe about her brother. Rafe informs Paulina that there’s something he needs to tell her about Colin. Paulina says she was there when Rafe sent the cop to his room, so she assumes they have him locked up in a cage now but Rafe reveals they don’t which Paulina questions. Rafe explains that they had him in custody, but then he escaped.

Leo tells Colin that he definitely recognizes him and why he doesn’t want him to. Leo believes that Colin is an adult entertainer, but he says he has no idea what he’s talking about. Leo claims he saw him at his friend’s bachelorette party a few weeks ago and he thought it was a cop costume, but now sees it’s real. Colin insists that it wasn’t him. Leo says maybe not but he definitely knows him from somewhere. Leo then asks if he was in the gym at the Salem Inn, working out without a towel, but Colin says he’s wrong again. Leo decides maybe he does forget a face. Colin says they are done here but Leo stops him. Colin warns him to get his hands off of him. Leo questions Colin’s accent, but then realizes who he is.

The nurse tells Abe about Whitley, who they have come clean once a month. Abe says he doesn’t remember her either. The nurse says he’s just been through so much and says that she will get him in bed so he can rest, but Abe says he doesn’t want to rest as he has to figure out what’s happening. She tells him that she is his wife and a nurse, so he should listen to her when she tells him to rest. Abe suggests calling Chanel first which she questions.

Paulina questions Rafe letting Colin get away. Rafe says they are checking security cameras and they are going to find him. Chanel asks about Abe. Paulina argues that it can’t be a coincidence that Abe and Colin both went missing from the same place at the same time and questions if that evil man took her husband. Rafe admits that is possible. Paulina warns Sloan about having anything to do with this. Sloan swears that she didn’t and she just wants to help the police find her brother. Paulina says they don’t need her help. Rafe points out that if Colin does have Abe, they can’t be far. Paulina declares that Colin is a homicidal maniac and anyone who is with him is in terrible danger.

Leo realizes Colin is Sloan’s brother and says he’s late for an appointment so he tries to run but Colin stops him and questions if he’s going to tell the police that he ran in to him. Leo says he wouldn’t say a word. Leo mentions being a reporter but never paying attention to the real news. Leo talks about Gwen talking about him. Leo calls Colin a fascinating man and says now he has a chance to tell his side of the story. Leo encourages that Colin can give him an exclusive interview and say all the things he’s wanted to say for years about Chanel and Paulina. Leo promises people will listen and asks what he says.

Eric starts talking about if the baby is his but Nicole says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Nicole states that she is with EJ now, Eric is with Sloan, and they have moved on, so there is no reason to talk about this until they know that there is anything to talk about. Eric asks her to tell him as soon as she gets the results which she agrees to do. Nicole thanks him for the cheek swab. Eric then exits the mansion as Nicole holds back tears.

Marlena guesses she shouldn’t fret about it since regardless how she feels about Sloan, Eric wants to see where the relationship goes and she is going to support him. Kayla gets a call from Nicole, who informs her that she has the sample needed for the paternity test. Kayla says she will meet her at the hospital and will see her soon as they hang up.

The nurse questions Abe saying Chanel. Abe says he’s the one with memory problems and says he’s talking about her daughter. The nurse questions why he wants to talk to her now. Abe says that Chanel was with her when he woke up and he didn’t recognize them, which he knows upset her, so he’d like to reassure her since they left the hospital before he had the chance. The nurse claims she will call Chanel now. She pretends to call Chanel.

Rafe and Chanel lay Paulina in a hospital bed and encourage her to breathe. Paulina questions how she can just lie in a bed while her husband could be in the clutches of a mad man. Paulina asks why she’s in this bed anyway. Chanel explains that her blood pressure and heart rate were up, so they wanted to admit her to make sure she is okay. Rafe reminds Paulina that they don’t even know for sure that Colin has Abe and that Abe is tough and will fight. Paulina questions how Abe is supposed to fight when he just had brain surgery. Chanel assures that Abe loves her so much and that will make him strong enough to do whatever it takes to get back to her. Paulina hopes she’s right but warns that this is the second head injury Abe has had in the past year, so she’s not even sure he knows who he is. Rafe asks why she would say that. Chanel explains that when Abe woke up, he didn’t recognize her or Paulina, where he was, and didn’t even remember that he had been attacked. Paulina worries that it’s possible that Abe doesn’t even know he’s in danger…

The nurse pretends to be telling Chanel on the phone that Abe is home with her and everything is fine. She then tells Abe that Chanel is not angry and is glad that she called. She says they were all just worried that Colin was going to hurt him again.

Leo tells Colin that he will just grab his notebook to write everything down. Leo reaches in to his bag and then finds his phone, realizing it wasn’t stolen after all. Leo then begins recording his interview with Colin by asking how he responds to allegations that he’s an unhinged psychopath. Colin then grabs Leo’s phone, slams it down, and steps on it. Colin says he can confirm that and pushes past Leo as he walks away.

Eric walks past the Brady Pub and gets a call from Sloan. Eric says he was about to call her as he just got an alert that Colin broke out of the hospital. Sloan says she just came from there. Eric asks what happened. Sloan explains that he overpowered the cop assigned to his transfer and now he’s gone. Eric guesses he couldn’t have gone far. Sloan says she doesn’t know but she hopes they catch him before anyone else gets hurt. Sloan then asks what Eric did with the cheek swab. Eric informs her that he gave it to Nicole and she’s bringing to Kayla, then they will all know.

Nicole arrives at the hospital and thanks Kayla for meeting her. Kayla knows how anxious she is for answers. Nicole gives Kayla the cheek swab and says she never thought she’d be in this position at this stage of her life, pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Nicole asks if this will take awhile. Kayla says it shouldn’t as she should take her blood, compare it with the DNA sample and get back to her as soon as possible. Nicole declares the waiting will finally be over as they walk off together.

Sloan walks past Leo, who asks her for a comment on her brother’s escape. Sloan asks if he got the news alert on his phone. Leo explains that he got it in his face as Colin was just there, dressed like a cop. Sloan questions where he went. Leo asks how he should know and says he’s just glad he’s gone because Colin is seriously scary and he was lucky to escape with his life. As Sloan walks away, Leo shouts for her to tell her brother that he owes him a phone.

Kayla finds Rafe at the hospital and questions him about the hospital being on lockdown. Rafe explains that Colin escaped and Abe has gone missing. Kayla asks if he thinks Colin kidnapped Abe. Rafe says they don’t know for sure, but it’s possible. Kayla worries about Abe being so vulnerable and asks how she can help. Rafe says to just be ready when they find him.

Paulina encourages having positive thoughts. Chanel assures that she’s there for her and Abe will be there too, very soon.

The nurse continues showing Abe the stuffed animal cats as he’s left confused.

Paulina tells Chanel that she always makes things better and encourages her to be strong, brave, and optimistic that Abe is okay.

Abe tells the nurse that he wishes he could say any of this looks familiar, but it doesn’t. She encourages that everything will come back in time but until then, she will take good care of him.

Eric enters the Brady Pub and greets Marlena, who says she just checked on Roman and Kate who are making up for lost time. Eric asks if she has a minute to talk as he has some news that might be big. Eric reveals to Marlena that he just found out Nicole is pregnant and it could be his.

Nicole joins EJ in his bedroom. They kiss and say they missed each other. EJ says he just got back awhile ago and he looked all over for her but he couldn’t find her, so he questions where she has been.

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