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Jack: Have you seen your mother?

Kyle: No, but I’m sure she’s around here somewhere. House arrest humor.

Jack: Not funny. And don’t let your mother hear you joking like that.

Kyle: Have you seen summer this morning by chance?

Jack: No. Have you tried texting her?

Kyle: I was hoping I wouldn’t have to. Last night, it felt like we were reconnecting. She apologized for being distant and pulling away, but she’s left without a word to me. Again, I wish it didn’t get to me, but it does.

Jack: Well, we’re all under a pressure cooker. There’s no telling how anyone’s going to react.

Diane: Oh, the conquering hero has returned.

Jack: Well, I don’t know about hero, but I got a book.

Diane: Yes, from a bookstore. So, you spoke to people. Thank you.

Jack: When you are a free woman, I will take you anywhere you want to go.

[ Diane exhaling ]

Diane: You know what? Let’s just go now, okay? Come with me, jack. Let’s just get out of here.

Michael: There she is, my favorite district attorney. Beautiful morning, isn’t it? I assume, since you picked the restaurant, I’m gonna pay.

Christine: Always a pleasure, michael.

Michael: Oh, oh, and you’re gonna offer, um, an insulting plea bargain, I’m gonna let you know right now that my client will most assuredly decline it, in the light of the fact that her supposed victim is, um, wait for it, still alive. Boom.

Christine: No deal.

Michael: And if I’m not paying, then why are you wasting my time?

Christine: There’s been a development.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Getting coffee?

Daniel: No. I’m picking up something for lucy.

Summer: Let me guess, cinnamon bun?

Daniel: How do you know that?

Summer: We’re a family of cinnamon lovers.

Daniel: Must’ve skipped me.

Summer: Like so many other traits.

Daniel: Hm?

Summer: Let’s just skip it.

Daniel: Good idea. How are you doing?

Summer: I don’t know. My mom is in exile, jack and kyle just want to drag her back so she can be arrested and diane is dying to be my bestie, so I’m pretty much living a nightmare.

Daniel: Well, I know one thing that can make all your worries just disappear.

Summer: Magic?

Daniel: Mom comes home. No matter the consequences. Just like that.

Summer: Just like that? I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Daniel: You know, when I talked this through with lily earlier, she made a lot of good points about accepting responsibility and earning forgiveness.

Summer: You told lily? All of it? Wow. Daniel, are you seriously incapable in keeping a secret? What’s wrong with you?

Daniel: I’m sorry, because I want our mother to come home? Yes, how dare I?

Summer: She’s not home if she’s in a prison cell. That part doesn’t seem to bother you at all, does it? But, there’s still time. Our special guest hasn’t arrived yet.

Nick: I’m gonna stop by later. I’m, uh, really calling about cameron. Have you talked to chance? Does he know anything about cameron’s location?

Sharon: Not yet. But on the bright side, I haven’t received anymore creepy postcards or bloody souvenirs.

Nick: Well, let’s hope it stays that way.

Sharon: You know, maybe this is all a misunderstanding and cameron’s still in prison. The twisted gifts are the last desperate acts of a man who’s locked away from society.

Nick: But why reach out now? You know, after all this time?

Sharon: I’m trying to set this aside for today.

Nick: Yeah, I hear you, sharon, but until we hear from chance though, we have to err on the side of caution. If cameron has been released, you have to protect yourself and you can’t do that until you know for sure.

Nikki: Nicholas?

Nick: I gotta run. Call me if you learn anything, okay?

Sharon: I will. Bye.

[ Footsteps ] Hello?

[ Door opening ]

Faith: That’s how you welcome your daughter? What are you doing?

Sharon: Um, I’m cleaning up. Come in. You’re here. You’re home. You made it.

Faith: Oh, mom. It’s so good to see you.

Sharon: Let me look at you, my sweet girl.

Faith: Wait. I brought someone home from school. He didn’t have anywhere to go. I really hope you don’t mind.

Nick: We should be ready to close that deal once we get the paperwork back from legal.

Nikki: To hell with the paperwork. Cameron’s been released? Where is that monster now?

[ Cameron sighing ]

Cameron: Ah.

[ Cameron sighing ] Oh. Oh.

[ Cameron sighing ] Oh, hey there, you handsome devil. And since no one’s told you yet, welcome back to genoa city. It is been way too long. Febreze!

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Nick: We don’t know if cameron’s been released. It’s just speculation at this point.

Nikki: Well, how did this issue even come up?

Nick: It’s just curiosity. Nothing more.

Nikki: Because if he has been released–

Nick: Mom, we will be all over it. I promise you, if anything changes, I will tell you.

Nikki: Please do. Because we can’t have a repeat of that situation. How’s everything else?

Nick: Well, I’m glad you asked. We need to talk.

Nikki: Okay, if it’s about the abu dhabi deal–

Nick: It’s not. It’s about vic and nate. What’s your opinion about that? Actually, let me give you mine first. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Summer: Do you even… do you even know what loyalty is? Or– or how to keep a secret?

Daniel: Yeah, you might be used to this level of chaos and deception. I am not.

Summer: Right. Your life is perfect and righteous. I forgot.

Daniel: Yeah, I needed one person to talk to. Someone who wasn’t going to condemn me. Someone who could maybe see my side of things. That person happened to be lily and you just can’t accept it. You gotta turn it into this huge betrayal.

Summer: Fine. Have a friend, but you better hope that she is better at keeping a secret than you are. I’m so stupid. Like, why did I even tell you any of this?

Daniel: It doesn’t matter. Mom called me too. She may not have spoken on the phone, but I knew it was her. So, I would’ve figured it out eventually.

Summer: You know what, daniel? You need to be careful. Because if other people start finding out about this. I don’t know, people who… own media companies, then you are putting our mom in serious danger.

Daniel: You seem to be the one with all the knowledge. So, what do you suggest we do?

Summer: She stays hidden. Until we can prove that the situation she was in was kill or be killed. I don’t know, maybe we– we try to find the emt. Stark must’ve paid him off to do what he did.

Daniel: That’s a good point.

Summer: So, we find him, we get him to corroborate mom’s story–

Daniel: We can’t put all our trust in one guy though. Especially when his whereabouts are unknown.

Summer: Well, what else are we gonna do? We can’t just do nothing.

Daniel: What about kyle?

Summer: What about kyle?

Daniel: You know that this is upsetting him. You know he doesn’t like seeing his mother suffer like this.

Summer: Yeah, living in the lap of luxury, surrounded by her family. Poor diane.

Daniel: Mom started this. She’s the one who chose this path.

Summer: People make mistakes, daniel. Chance. Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Daniel: What’s up, man?

Chance: A lot, actually. I have some news.

Summer: How bad is it?

Chance: Depends on how you look at it.

Kyle: Uh, can I get you anything?

Diane: Yeah, yeah. A night at the movies. A day at the park. Feeding the ducks at the pond with harrison.

Jack: We will have all of that if we just show patience and a little bit of faith.

Diane: I’m trying.

Jack: I know.

Kyle: I was worried you were gonna bolt. Set off the alarm bells.

Diane: No. I’m not running anywhere. I have too much to stay for. But phyllis, on the other hand, she’s probably off on some island, sunning herself.

Jack: I know it’s frustrating, but we’re not giving up, are we?

Kyle: Someone will find her, the charges will be dropped, and we’ll all go back to our normal lives.

Diane: But time is running out.

Jack: Wait, why do you say that?

Diane: Because the longer it takes to find her, the farther away she can get. She can change her name. She can meet all the right people who will help her do all the wrong things. Trust me, trust me. I know how easy it is for a motivated person to disappear.

Kyle: They are going to find her.

Diane: I don’t know. By then, I may be rotting away in some prison cell. I think– I think we all just need to come to terms with it. It is what it is.

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Kyle: Hi. Um, come in.

Christine: Sorry to barge in like this.

Michael: But this is one of those times where you, um, don’t wanna kill the messenger.

Jack: Has something happened?

Michael: I wanna see the look on diane’s face when she gets the news.

Christine: We’re dropping the charges.

Diane: What?

Kyle: Yes! I knew it.

Jack: Some prayers are answered. Wow.

Diane: Wait. It– it’s true? This is real? It’s over?

Christine: It’s really over.

Diane: Oh, god. Kayaking is my thing.

Sharon: You– you brought a friend home?

Faith: I hope it’s not a big deal. I told him it wouldn’t be.

Sharon: Well, it’s not moses, is it?

Faith: No, but moses loves him too. I’ll be right back.

Sharon: You know, if you’d told me that you were bringing someone, I would’ve straightened up the guest room.

Faith: He can fall asleep anywhere. You’ll love him. Everybody does. Mom, borgnine. Borgnine, mom. He’s a cat.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, welcome borgnine. As long as you’re here, you’re family.

Faith: Speaking of family, when do I get to meet my new niece? I can’t wait to cuddle something that doesn’t shed on me.

Tessa: Did we hear someone asking about a niece?

Sharon: Hey! Come on in. Come in. Ah, I love having a full house. Everybody please, take a seat.

Mariah: What is going on here?

Sharon: Um, this is a cat.

Mariah: Oh.

Sharon: Who is staying in faith’s room, right now. Just a sec.

Mariah: Wow.

Faith: Is this our bundle of love?

Mariah: Oh, yes. Aria, I’m so glad you’re awake because you are about to meet somebody very important.

Tessa: See, this beautiful young woman is your aunt faith.

Faith: Hello, aria. I’m so happy to finally meet you. I have waited for this moment for such a long time. Normally, I would tell you that I’ll be the one to take you for your first tattoo or concert, but since your moms came pre-loaded with that stuff, I’m pretty sure it won’t be a problem.

Tessa: Well, that will be a long way off.

Mariah: Thank you.

[ Mariah and faith laughing ]

[ Faith sighing ]

Faith: She’s so beautiful. I love her already. Welcome to the family, aria.

Nikki: Well, it’s a shame that elena had to be hurt in this. She’s a lovely young woman. But victoria seems very happy.

Nick: Oh yeah, she was real happy about ashton too. And we know how that turned out.

Nikki: Yes. But, there was no way she could have known that he was the monster he turned out to be and anyway, we all welcomed him into the family.

Nick: No, not all of us.

Nikki: All right. The thing is, victoria does not need a chaperone.

Nick: We’ll agree to disagree on that.

Nikki: What do you have against nate? I mean, we’ve known him forever.

Nick: He was different then. Now, I don’t know. It’s like he can’t operate, so now he’s just stabbing everybody in the back. This isn’t gonna end well. Not for any of us.

Nate: Latte delivery.

Audra: You’re a mind reader. Thanks. Come in. Tell me everything I need to know.

Nate: What? About the streaming deal?

Audra: You said that you had some updated numbers that we can plug in.

Nate: Ah, yes. I meant to bring that printout, but I got distracted by something else.

Audra: Something… important?

Nate: Breakfast with victor.

Audra: What did he want? And how bad did it get?

Nate: Oh, it was going great. And then, we started talking about his daughter. And my future.

Diane: No murder charge? No– no trial? It’s all just wiped away?

Christine: The lead detective found evidence that phyllis was alive at the time of her memorial.

Michael: No body, no murder, no crime.

Diane: This is unbelievable.

Kyle: But how?

Christine: Well, chance followed up on the strand of hair that you found at the motel, which led him to finding a program from phyllis’ memorial.

Michael: Yeah. The lab examined the evidence, they found phyllis’ fingerprints as well as her dna, which proved that she was very much alive after she was declared dead.

Jack: There it is. What did I tell you? The proof we’ve been hoping for.

Kyle: You made it, mom. You’re free.

Christine: So, on behalf of the prosecutor’s office, and myself, I just, want to apologize. These were extraordinary circumstances.

Diane: So, what happens now? Now that you know that phyllis is alive? What happens to phyllis?

Chance: So, the lab ran some tests on evidence I found and they just called me back with the results.

Daniel: Is it a match to our mom?

Chance: You were right to believe your brother. Phyllis is alive. And you did see her, like you said.

Summer: So everything daniel said is true.

Daniel: I would imagine that this means D.A. Will drop the charges against diane.

Chance: Yeah. They’re telling her right now.

Summer: Oh, she must be thrilled. I’m sure you are too, right? Is this what you hoped? Diane is free. But what about my mom? What’s gonna happen to her?

Chance: Look, it’s out of my hands at this point. All I know is that when we find phyllis, she will be facing charges.

Summer: If you find her.

Chance: Oh, we’ll find her. Christine is not gonna let her get away with this. I guarantee, she’ll call a press conference and have a perp walk when we find her.

Summer: Christine has always had a grudge against my mom.

Chance: Well, after the money, the man hours, and the embarrassment, phyllis is now the poster girl for what happens to the rich and powerful when they bend the law. Christine wants her to pay.

[ Summer exhaling ] I won’t let me moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

Faith: Is it possible that aria’s even cuter when she’s asleep?

Tessa: No, that’s what I’ve been saying.

Faith: You can wake her up and do a comparison.

Tessa: Don’t you dare.

Mariah: I will kill you.

Faith: I’m kidding. I would never.

Mariah: We have house rules.

Tessa: You wake her up, you put her back.

[ Faith laughing ]

Faith: I want to know everything. Every time that mom calls, she’s always too busy to asking me about myself to tell me what I’m missing.

Sharon: Well, some things you need to hear about in person.

Mariah: I mean, you know about the gala. And phyllis.

Faith: It’s awful. Poor summer. I’ve called and texted but she never answers.

Sharon: Don’t take that personally. She needs time.

Faith: How’s dad?

Sharon: You will see for yourself soon.

Faith: And how about new motherhood to the world’s cutest baby?

Tessa: It’s the hardest job we’ll ever love.

Faith: I love that. Anything else I’m missing?

Sharon: Um, I’m just happy to have all my ladies here with me. Other than that, um, nothing unusual.

Cameron: Money doesn’t have much of a conscience.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, what about you, mr. Kirsten?

Cameron: Well, my conscience is, um, is kind of like my lawyer, my accountant. I can consult it, but, uh I don’t always follow its advice.

Sharon: If you ever, ever, mention to my husband having met me before, I will make sure that the whole world knows what a sicko you are.

Cameron: Don’t threaten me. Because you know what? I got nothing to hide. Now you, on the other hand, you seem to feel you have quite a bit to lose.

Sharon: My children are young, okay? They need me. Now, what possible pleasure could you get out of harming them? Well, that was a stupid question, wasn’t it?

Cameron: Not at all. I like that you came looking for me. So, we can discuss this privately.

Sharon: Please tell nicholas that you can’t make this dinner.

Cameron: Let me ask you something. Do I get a, uh, a little something in return?

[ Cameron sighing ]

Christine: At the very least, phyllis is guilty of fraud and obstruction of justice. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the murder of jeremy stark.

Michael: Which was reportedly self-defense.

Diane: Yeah.

Christine: Once they can track down how the ambulance crash was staged and how the bodies were switched out, that list is gonna get longer and longer.

Jack: It finally happened. Kyle, what do you think?

Kyle: It’s great. I mean, we can pick back up where we left off, wherever that was.

[ Laughing ] I need to find summer. She has to hear this from me.

Daniel: I’m just glad that diane can be back with her family, for good. We both are.

Summer: Right. Yeah. Of course.

Daniel: I just wish we could do the same for mom.

Chance: Well, look. Everything’s up in the air until we get a statement. I gotta run, but I’ll be in touch with any updates.

Summer: Wait, chance. That can’t be it. You must’ve found something else in the motel. Evidence to prove that it was self-defense?

Chance: The room wasn’t even preserved a crime scene. I was lucky to find what I did. Any sign of struggle, it was long gone somewhere.

Summer: Well, how am I supposed to help my mom?

Chance: You know I can’t advise you on that.

Summer: But she is innocent until proven guilty, right? All I’m asking for is that she’s able to come home without an extended prison stay. Look, any guidance that you can give me.

Chance: I’ll do what I can. Within the bounds of the law, okay?

Summer: Of course. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Chance: First of all, phyllis needs to come home and she needs to make a statement. We all need to hear this from her lips. (Wheezing)

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Audra: You went toe-to-toe with victor newman himself and lived to talk about it.

Nate: It wasn’t toe-to-toe. It was a friendly conversation.

Audra: Does victor do friendly? He was trying to get a read on you, which basically determines your entire future. So, tell me all the details.

Nate: Well first, we started talking about my past as a physician. All the while, I’m trying to figure out what this meeting was about. Then, he brought up victoria.

Audra: Nothing like a little fatherly interference.

Nate: That’s when I knew that the only way out was being totally honest.

Audra: And that’s when you lost your job.

Nate: Will you please let me finish the story? He mentioned a time I did him a favor, that almost led to me losing my job. I was his personal physician for a while, and it almost cost me my medical license. Boy, was I furious, for a while. But, I understand him and his family better now.

Audra: I mean, it sounds like he trusts you. That’s worth a lot to men like him. You impressed an actual legend. That’s pretty huge. And now you’re seeing his daughter, and it sounds like you have his blessing.

Nate: But there’s this one problem.

Audra: Name it.

Nate: Nick.

[ Girls laughing ]

Mariah: Hey.

Nick: There she is.

Faith: Hello.

Nick: Look at that. We sent away a little girl, they sent back a scholar.

Faith: Oh, it’s so good to be home.

Nick: Hey, don’t stay away so long next time. I mean, noah got tired of waiting and he just took off.

Faith: Untrue.

Nick: Okay, that’s probably right.

Faith: It is so not my fault. He opened up a glam club in the uk.

Sharon: He’s back in his old stomping grounds.

Mariah: And it’s safe to travel there now because his ex lives here.

Faith: And allie’s learning the ropes at the jabot lab in paris?

Sharon: Oh, did he tell you? It is the sweetest thing. Each weekend, one of them takes the train to visit the other. Or, they both spend a few days in some other country in europe.

Faith: Poor kids. Their lives are so empty.

Nick: Yeah, their passports are probably junked up with a bunch of stamps from exotic locations.

Tessa: Yeah. Like, why couldn’t they just do something romantic instead?

Mariah: Like come babysit.

Tessa: Yeah.

Faith: As gorgeous and time consuming as aria is, it’s no excuse to put your music on hold, tessa. Next on my road to building my business portfolio? I think I should start guiding your music career.

Tessa: Can we bring the baby on tour?

Mariah: I mean, I can work remotely for jabot.

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Nick: Are you expecting anyone else?

Diane: Right now, I am thinking about the one person who can give me what I want.

Michael: Don’t look at me, I’ve done all the tricks I know.

Christine: Oh, I think I know who she’s looking for. Oh.

Michael: Ah.

Christine: Right on cue.

Chance: Morning.

Diane: Good morning.

Christine: And on that note, my work is done here.

Jack: Christine. Thank you.

Diane: Yes, thank you so much.

Christine: All right, she’s all yours.

Chance: All right.

Diane: And I cannot wait another second.

Chance: It’ll be quick. I promise.

Kyle: Chance, we owe you our thanks, and probably a few apologies.

Jack: Absolutely. I wasn’t always my best self in all of this and I know that.

Chance: Well, work usually starts with the worst day of someone’s life, so I get it. No apologies needed. All right. You are free to go. Or stay here because you live here.

Diane: I am free to come and go.

Kyle: You can live your life again. How do you feel?

Diane: I feel fantastic. Thank you. Thank all of you for everything. You’ve– you’ve given me my life back.

Daniel: I just hope that wherever mom is, she is staying safe.

Summer: You’re the one that put her in danger. Now, you’re worried about her? That’s really rich.

Daniel: I know, it’s all my fault. You did nothing wrong. She did nothing wrong.

Summer: Daniel, I told you that she was alive in confidence. And look at what you’ve done?

Daniel: God, I am so sorry that I have a conscience.

Summer: There’s a full-blown manhunt for our mom.

Daniel: I know.

Summer: All she wanted was to get her ducks in a row. Was that really too much to ask?

Daniel: Diane might disagree.

Summer: Yeah, well diane has her own family that is worried about her. Mom is supposed to be our family. I mean, you heard chance. Christine is out for blood.

Daniel: Do you wanna keep going off on me? Or do you wanna actually try and maybe work together and figure out a way that we can help mom.

[ Summer exhaling ] Okay, look, have you left anymore messages for her on that number that she called you from?

Summer: No.

Daniel: Maybe we need to change tactics. Maybe, I should call her, I leave her a message, tell her that the police are looking for her, beg her to come home.

Summer: Absolutely not. You do that and she’s gonna run and she’s never gonna look back. Not for her own sake, but for us. All she cares about right now is protecting us.

Daniel: Why does it sound like you have inside information? Like you know what’s going on inside mom’s head?

Summer: Because we think alike.

Daniel: Have you been in touch? Have you seen her again? Summer, do you know where she is? We’re done.

Audra: How is nick a problem for you?

Nate: He’s had it out for me at least since victoria gave me sally spectra’s job. And now, he sees I have the chops for this job he didn’t think I deserved. I’ve watched him over the years.

Audra: What’s your read?

Nate: Tenacious. And that’s when he doesn’t even give a damn. But this is about me and his sister. He didn’t trust ashland and he was right to do so, but now he thinks he’s victoria’s noble protector. And he’s not giving up.

Audra: What will you do?

Nate: Handle the problem.

Audra: Well, he’s a newman. Handling him is going to be a delicate operation.

Nate: And that’s where you come in.

Nick: Did that wake up the baby?

Tessa: No, I don’t think so.

Nick: I thought I heard her fussing a little.

Faith: I didn’t hear anything.

Nick: Well, that’s because you don’t have supersonic parent hearing like we do, faith. I mean, even while she’s asleep, she’s adorable.

Tessa: I just could not agree more.

Mariah: I mean, sometimes we’ll just look at her at home for hours and hours. It’s very, very hypnotizing.

Nick: What about you, faith? Are you hypnotized by your niece?

Faith: She’s great. But when will she start doing… stuff?

Mariah: Well faith, that is a very good question. You know the child development books say that around six months, she starts doing stuff.

Faith: I didn’t mean it like that.

Mariah: Is my child boring to you? She’s boring you.

Faith: No. I love her. I could just use some feedback.

Mariah: Oh, I’ll give you some feedback, college girl.

Faith: Oh, what’s in the box?

Mariah: I wish it was pizza.

Tessa: In the morning?

Mariah: What? I’m hungry.

Faith: I thought it might be cat food for borgnine. I placed an order before I came home.

Nick: What? You have a cat?

Faith: Yeah.

Nick: A live one?

Faith: Yeah.

Tessa: Cute.

Nick: Where is it?

Mariah: It’s in her room.

Tessa: When do we get to see him?

Faith: I know. I have to show you.

Jack: It feels like christmas.

Diane: We have so much celebrating to do.

Jack: Kyle said this day would come.

Kyle: Yeah, I just wish summer was here.

Jack: You know this isn’t gonna be easy for her. Great that phyllis is alive, but–

Kyle: She’s gotta wonder where she is, worry about what’s next for her legally. Not to mention all the guilt. Knowing her mother was so hell-bent on revenge, she was willing to go to–

Diane: Nothing from summer yet?

Kyle: She’s not answering my texts.

Diane: Oh, I saw her this morning. She was taking a big bag of things to the clothing drive at the women’s center.

Kyle: She didn’t mention anything about that to me. I’ll see if I can catch up with her. Let you two get reacquainted.

Diane: But before you go. Kyle I– I don’t know what I would’ve done without your love and your faith in me.

Jack: Hey, he wasn’t alone.

[ Diane laughing ]

Diane: Okay. Both of you. No, seriously, I will never forget what you did for me and um, I will spend the rest of forever showing you how much you mean to me.

Jack: Get over here.

Kyle: Aw.

Summer: I know what mom’s thinking because I know how she thinks.

Daniel: If you know where she is and you’re not telling me–

Summer: Then I’d have a very good reason, wouldn’t I?

Daniel: Oh, come on, summer. Is she okay? Will you at least tell me that? I mean, I deserve to know that. Is there something that I can do to help?

Summer: Our mom is a survivor. She can take care of herself.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right, summer. You and mom, you are just two of a kind. But you know, as tough as you are, sometimes you need some help. You can’t just fix this on your own.

Summer: You’ve done enough already. So thanks, but no thanks.

Daniel: If you wanna blame me, fine, blame me, but at least give me the chance to help turn things around and help with this. We need each other right now whether you want to admit it or not. Mom knows that too.

Summer: I know where she is.

Daniel: How is she?

Summer: She is not turning herself in, I know that much. Not until we can be sure that she can get her life back.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, so what’s the plan? What do we do?

Summer: There’s no we, daniel. I told you that she’s safe. That’s all that you need to know. I’m handling this on my own, without your special brand of help. People call it the biggest smalltown festival in minnesota. Hi, my name is tony cooper. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All these plans include a healthy options allowance. Depending on the plans available in your area, you could get up to $3300 a year to help pay for essentials like eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care and over-the-counter items. Like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. Other benefits on these plans may include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You could pay nothing for covered prescriptions all year long. Most plans have dental coverage, which includes 2 free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more. They also have vision coverage, including eye exams and eyeglasses. And hearing coverage, which includes hearing tests and hearing aids. You could also get many no-cost vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be a part of our large humana network. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. You may be able to enroll in one of our plans several times throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love benefits like up to $3300 a year to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care, and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Better care begins with listening. Humana. A more human way to healthcare. (Buzz) are you guys telling secrets?

Jack: I haven’t seen that gorgeous smile in, oh, what seems like a lifetime.

Diane: I’m free.

Jack: So what do you wanna do first?

Diane: Oh, I know exactly what I wanna do.

Jack: Name it.

Diane: I have been dreaming about it for weeks.

Jack: Name it, it’s yours.

Diane: I wanna go out. I wanna go over the threshold and down the street.

Jack: And that’s it?

Diane: No, of course not. And then, I wanna put on a really nice dress, one that shows off my ankles that are monitor-free.

[ Diane laughing ]

Jack: Then what?

Diane: I wanna go out on the town.

Jack: Yeah? Any place in particular?

Diane: Oh, I wanna go to every place in particular. And then, maybe we can talk about our wedding?

Jack: Oh, I like that.

Daniel: You can’t do this on your own.

Summer: Watch me.

Daniel: Is this like a loyalty test? Did mom put you up to this?

Summer: It’s my choice.

Daniel: I can help.

Summer: Not if I can’t trust you.

Daniel: Summer, this is a mistake. This is too big. It is too risky for you to do on your own. You need to let me in.

Summer: I can’t do that. Not with mom’s freedom at stake.

Daniel: So you’re just gonna cut me out? Just like that? Even though I can help.

Summer: You know what you can do to help? You can back off. I’m the one that’s helping her. And I swear to you, daniel, if you tell anyone else about this.

Daniel: Hey, kyle.

Kyle: Yeah, what’s this? It looked intense. What are you two talking about?

Chance: Detective chancellor. Yeah, yeah, I was the one who left that message. Did you get that information I was asking you about? That’s right, the name is cameron kirsten. You don’t say.

[ Cameron clearing his throat ]

Faith: If I had to sum up borgnine, I’d say he’s complex.

Nick: Well, I just can’t shake the feeling that this cat is gonna be nothing but trouble.

Faith: He is just a little kitty, how much trouble could he be?

Nick: Famous last words.

Faith: You’re gonna love him. I mean it.

Nick: Faith, your roommates stuck you with a cat for the summer. They clearly know who the sucker is.

Faith: It just means I have a big heart.

Nick: Well, now you are back where you belong. You and borgnine.

[ Girls laughing ]

Tessa: We missed you so much.

Faith: It’s so good to be home.

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