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I hope that you’re okay with me picking you up a little bit early from daycare at the invader. Yeah, i know. You probably miss your mom, but today’s her first day on the job, and she has to stay a little bit late. You understand? You get this. I think what’s most important for you to remember, though, is that this is your home and as long as i need to remind you that our guests will be arriving soon. Yeah. Oh for uncle victor’s will. Reading? Yes. Well, i guess that means that we should probably put ace down, huh? We should. I think that you don’t need to hear anything about uncle victor being abducted and then dragged on to the haunted stars. Enough to last you a lifetime. I think so, too. Fortunately you’re not going to remember any of that, right. How oh.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Okay. What do you think? More cayenne? Oh, my goodness. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Mmm! Where’d you learn to make gumbo that good? Mmm! Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. See, that’s one of the benefits of being a musician in new orleans. Now, the locals say, you go on and give them the blues, they gonna give you cooking lessons. Okay.

[ Both laugh ] Mmm. Hey. Hey. Hmm? Man. That was a happy day, wasn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] It was until it wasn’T. Aww. I’m still waiting for my happy ending. Hey.

[ Door opens, keys jingle ]

[ Door closes ] Carly, it’s me. I, um… I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and I wish I could be with you right now. But I know the best thing for me to do is to stick to our plan to find some way to pressure ned to get the government to drop the charges against us. I know that. I’m on it.

[ Sighs ] I’ll check in with you soon, okay? And please let me know if there’s any updates on willow. Okay. Bye.

[ Sam chuckles ] Dad!

[ Chuckling ] Hi! Oh, man. Hi. Sam: You know your daughter. Once I told her there was a sleepover at daddy’s, there was no stopping her. Mm. Are you sure it’s a good night? Of course it is. Right, dad? Every night that I’m with you is a good night, and I will never take one for granted. Never. Yeah. Diane. I was just thinking about you. Really? So, you think that the feds have been monitoring you and those close to you and saw carly mess up and pointed the sec in her direction in order to try and pressure her to flip on you? Find out how and why the feds got involved. Sonny — anything you can come up with, just let me — I have pretty much exhausted all of my sources. What about the D.A.? I was just thinking about you, as well. That’s not fair. The feds can’t use carly against her own husband. Ex-husband. Th-that’s even worse. She’s not protected by spousal privilege now. I am sure that the feds think that carly’s got all sorts of incriminating information about sonny. And — and they would be right, by the way.

[ Sighs ] There’s got to be a way to keep sonny from taking the fall. Oh, olivia. I hope you’re right. Michael, how’s willow doing? Uh, she just started the procedure. The bone marrow transplant’s going to work. And willow’s gonna be with us for a very long time. We were outside her room a few minutes ago, and she was being really brave. You know, willow’s gonna need a lot of support. And I think we should put everything aside and — and stick together for willow’s sake. Can we all agree on that? If only we were still this happy. I need a consultation, dr. Robinson. Oh, come on. Okay what do you think? Okay. Oh my goodness. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Mhm. Where did you learn to make gumbo that good? Hm mhm. Mm hm. See, that’s one of the benefits of being a musician in new orleans is now the locals say you only give them the blues. They going to give you cooking

Of course we can put everything aside. ‘Cause what matters right now is willow. Speaking of which, I don’t think I can just stand here. I’m gonna go see how the procedure is progressing.

[ Sighs ] So, any word on willow is gonna happen soon, you think?

[ Cellphone chimes ] I don’t know. Probably not. Uh, mom, trina just texted me. She’s downstairs. Okay. Go, go. I’ll text you if anything happens. Okay. Okay. They could not get away from me soon enough. Diane: It’s very ironic that you and i run into each other. If the, uh, rumors are true and it’s sonny that the government really wants, then carly is just the means to that end. Now I feel terrible for arguing with carly about this. I mean, if we hadn’t, we maybe could have put our heads together and figured a way out of this whole insider trading mess. Yeah. I-it must be painful knowing that your friend and ex-business partner thinks you’re fooling yourself about your husband. Yeah, well, maybe I overshared with you a little bit about that. Carly understands that my loyalty is to ned. She just — she can’t figure it out. She’s — she’s convinced that he’s the one that blew the whistle on her and drew. Well, carly’s always convinced of carly’s point of view, as if there’s never a possibility for another. I’m sorry. I don’T… I know that you guys are friends, and I respect that. I do. I do. And I agree with you, despite their divorce. And despite that rock on your finger. Yeah. Carly is a proud woman. She cares about her kids. She — she does. She cares about sonny. She’s never gonna send him to prison. But on the other hand, I do believe that someone’s gonna go down for this. And if it’s not sonny — it won’t be sonny. So, that means it’s either carly or drew, and you’re really, really good friends with both of them. Do you think that there’s a chance that one of them will turn against the other to save themselves? Alright. What do you got there? It’s my workbook from school. Ooh. Oh, I think that’s her subtle way of saying, “I hope daddy helps me with my homework.”

[ Chuckles ] Can you believe there’s only a few weeks left before summer vacation? By the way, I heard the metro court pool is opening soon, so we can get in there and we can start working on your swimming strokes, okay? “Working on –” no, no, no. She already swims like a seal. And I think she gets it from you. Hmm. I’m a mermaid, not a seal. I’m so sorry. That’s right. Yeah. Don’t — don’t forget.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. And on that note, mermaids love music, right? This was… this was your brother oscar’S. Wow. Oscar sure did love music, didn’t he? Yeah. And, scout… I think that oscar would have loved for you to have that. What do you think about that, scout? I love you, daddy. Aww. I love you, too. I’m gonna take this upstairs. Oh, could you put it in the guest room, please? You’re right on time, curtis. To celebrate your homecoming, I-I whipped up my world-famous gumbo ya-ya.

[ Chuckles ] I love it, dad. When do we eat? Oh, not we — you. I’m just the cook. This a meal for two. Welcome home. Hey. Any news? Any news? They just started the transplant. It’s a lot like a blood transfusion, so willow is gonna get dr. Obrecht’s bone marrow, and that takes as long as it takes. We just have to wait and pray that the new marrow starts producing healthy cells. I’m sorry. My little problem hardly seems to matter when willow’s life is at stake. Oh, stop it. Of course it matters. I mean, your life could change with these dna results. I’m not gonna let it. Marcus is always gonna be my dad, and curtis is always gonna be curtis, a man that I’ve grown to love and respect. And what about your mom? My mom is always gonna be my mom, even if I never trust her the same way again. I thought you guys patched things up.

[ Sighs ] Have you ever tried to fix a flat tire with a patch? It’s not a permanent fix. Yeah. And, uh, when’s the last time you changed a tire? Okay. Never. Mm-hmm. I’ve never had to change a tire. But I could if I had to. I’m sure you could. After everything you did in greenland with spencer, you guys can do anything. You can, too. Which is why we make the best roommates. I know, I know, but we only have two more days in the dorm, remember? I know. But now I need a place to stay for the summer. Any suggestions? You don’t want to move back home? How’s trina? Grandmother, were you eavesdropping on me? I didn’t have to. I could tell by the smile on your face who it was. That could have been, uh, molly or alexis. You know, I smile when other people call me, too. Not the same smile.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Ava, alexis, please come in. Hi. Thanks. Hi, laura. Thank you. I’ve been dreading this ordeal since I got my invitation. Hello, nephew. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Expecting to inherit something, ava? No, no, no. I don’t care about any bequests. It’s just that, after the hell that that man put me through, I can’t hear often enough that victor cassadine is truly and most sincerely dead.

[ Clears throat ] Oh, dear. I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there. Please come in. I don’t think that we’ve met. I’m laura collins. That’s mayor laura collins. And you are? Jb brown, esquire. Brown, brown, & whitlow. Victor cassadine’s attorney and executor of his estate. You may have seen my letterhead on the invitation we sent regarding this will reading. So, you can go ahead and go, and I’ll — I’ll just stay here until I get word about willow. I can stay.

[ Sighs ] Have you heard from the sec? Not so far. Haven’t heard from the justice department, either. I think you’re gonna hear from them real soon.

Thanks, spencer. Uh, mr. Brown, thank you so much for being willing to do the reading here at my apartment. It saved all of us a trip to your office. Happy to accommodate. The late mr. Cassadine didn’t stipulate where he wanted his will read, only the parties he wanted in attendance. Mm.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me. Mm. I know, I know. Hey, martin! Forgive me, baby sister. I’m sorry I’m late. It’s fine. Had a minor crisis at the… well, look at this.

[ Chuckles ] Jb. I should have known you’d be here. Huh. You two know each other? Know him? This man is a legend in his own time. Graduate of princeton, oxford,

and yale law school. That’s victor’s lawyer, alright. Only the very best for the absolute worst. Martin. Hello. What are you doing here? Well, seeing as how my client, valentin cassadine, couldn’t make it, he’s asked me to stand proxy in his stead. Are you anna’s proxy, too? No. No. Anna’s on her way. She may be running late. I’m afraid my schedule’s rather tight. I don’t have time to wait for ms. Devane’s late arrival. Uh, well, I can certainly fill anna in. Everyone, why don’t we make ourselves comfortable so that we can get started? Well? Shall we begin?

[ Locks disengage ]

[ Sighs ] I’m just so comfortable living in the dorms. I don’t know why we can’t live there in the summer. Really? Come on. Would it be that bad to move back in with your mom? I don’t know. Things are a little better with my mom, and I don’t know if I’m ready to be part of a family, especially with the dna results hanging over our heads. Well, if you don’t want to go home, I have another option. How’s trina? Good. S-she’s good. I mean, the spring semester is ending soon, and so far, she hasn’t made any plans to come home, but, um… well, maybe when the dna results come in. Yeah. I don’t know about that.

[ Sighs ] Depending on the results, it might be harder for trina to think of this as her home. Well, um… I came home, didn’t I? I guess you heard the news. Of course. Um, I’m sorry you got it secondhand. I wanted to be the one to give it to you in person. I don’t understand. Why was it up to you to tell me? Well, my complicated life just became a little less complicated. Um… w-what are you talking about? Holly’s left town. Uh…what are you talking about? Um… no, I-I don’t believe that carly and drew would ever turn on each other. I mean, d-drew just risked everything to go bring your aunt liesl back to save willow’s life, and the whole time he was gone, carly could not stand the suspense of knowing if he was safe or not. No, no. Those two are completely in love. Yeah, but if the rumors are true — and maybe the rumors are just that — they’re rumors. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Diane: I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do this time.

[ Sighs ] We can’t be sure that the feds are gonna take my case from the sec and offer me a deal if I give evidence against you. Not that I would take it if they did. Well, I appreciate that, but like I told you before, I’m not gonna let donna grow up with a mother behind bars. I think we’re worrying about nothing. Like I said, no one from the justice department has approached me. Yet. They haven’t approached you yet. Alright, look, I, uh — I had diane work robert scorpio. He has contacts in D.C., And it’s pretty well known he hates my guts. So, if the feds are gonna make an offer, he’s gonna know about it. That puts diane in an awkward position. You know what? For what I pay diane, she can be in an awkward position, especially when it comes to you. You’re way too important. Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you for what?

Willow? The transplant’s still in progress, but so far, so good. Okay. But again, what were you thanking sonny for? Um… come on. You have so much on your plate right now. You don’t have to worry about your parents. So, in other words, there is something to worry about? Look, there’s something that I want to talk to you about. And I-I wanted you to hear it in person so you don’t hear it from anybody else. Hear what? Nina and I just got engaged to be married. You and robert are friends, right? Yeah, but I would never — impose on that friendship. Yeah, I totally get it. Totally. But robert is the D.A., And if anyone knows what the U.S. Attorney is doing, it’s — it’s robert. But why would he tell me? Because, olivia, your — your husband’s reputation, not to mention your marriage, are suffering because of these rumors of backdoor deals swirling around. You know, no one knows what’s really true. I think you would be doing everyone a service if you would… go over there, find out what’s going on. Clear the air. Never mind what I was talking about. Why on earth would holly leave town? Her son’s in trouble, so she’s gone to the rescue. Oh. Well, good for her. I’m assuming when all that’s over, she will come back to port charles. Yeah, but I don’t think I’m a factor in that decision. I’m sorry, robert. Don’t be. Ah, good. You two are, uh, talking shop. So you won’t mind telling me if it’s true. If what’s true, liv? Um, I can take a little powder room break if you guys want to talk in private — not necessary. Diane, I believe you are already involved in this. Involved in what? The deal that would make carly give up sonny.

[ Harmonica playing ]

[ Chuckles ] Aww. That is so good. Good. Right? You know, honey, it’s such a nice day out. Why don’t you go practice for the birds? Do you think they’ll sing along with me? I think there’s only one way to find out. Aww.

[ Birds chirping ] You know, I think she’s probably gonna sleep with that harmonica under her pillow. Mm. Well, it’s her harmonica now, so that’s — that’s up to her. It’s funny, isn’t it, how precious the little things can be? You’re not gonna lose her. I don’t know. I mean, if those insider trading charges stick, then… then what? I mean, isn’t there any way to fix this? Well, that depends on the whistleblower. I mean, ned’s got the clout. Ned’s got the contacts to make this whole thing go away. But he’s not gonna do that. The less you know, the better. Are you — are you kidding me? If you want to dig up leverage on ned, that’s what I do. It’s in my wheelhouse. All you have to do is ask. You did come back home.

[ Chuckles ] And I’m beyond grateful. I just hope that you’re back for good. The ashford/robinson party, right this way, please.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, my goodness. You don’t think that… maybe trina thinks of this as her home after all. I know! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. You can move in with me. There’s plenty of room. Shouldn’t we ask your mom first? Why? She’ll love the idea. Are you sure, joss? What about spencer? What about him? I was thinking maybe the worst is over and I have nothing to worry about with this will reading, and then I remembered what a monster victor was. Well, go ahead and worry. I’m going to enjoy this. Mm. Everyone, it’s time to let my client speak for himself.

[ Computer beeps ]

Hello, everyone. And welcome to the reading of my will.

If you’re watching this video, congratulations. You survived. And sadly, my attempt to make the world a better place has failed. His warped view of the world. The shame is that you’re going to have to carry on for the rest of your lives in an overpopulated, under-resourced planet. But hopefully my bequests will help provide a little comfort to you as civilization continues to crumble all around you. Ava, my dear, until my nephew nikolas returns — if ever — to rekindle your romance, I bequeath to you a rendering of your first true love.

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Light laughter ]

Ava: Oh! Eh. Maybe I can donate it and get a tax write-off. [ Laughs ]

[ Computer beeps ]

Alexis, my dear niece, I’ll never forget the kindness that you extended to me, inviting me into your home for that thanksgiving. This matryoshka doll dates back to the romanovs. Inside are ever-smaller versions of itself, each one representing your daughters. This is actually nice. And to one daughter in particular, samantha, I bequeath this deck of very rare tarot cards. Who knows? Maybe one day she’ll use them to make herself lucky in love [Chuckles] For once. And there it is. Victor the monster. I know you and spencer aren’t as close as you used to be. Hey, he is always welcome to come by and see you. He can even bring ace, just as long as esme is not a part of the equation. And what about dex? What about him? Oh, come on, joss. Dex and spencer hate each other, and you know it. Surprise!

[ Chuckles ] I take it tj didn’t let anyone know I was back in town. Tj does work extremely long hours at G.H., So — I-I know. I… and I know he has a lot on his mind now, so… I took it upon myself to — oh. Is this a bad time? Really, I’m — okay. I’ll just text, and I’ll contact you guys later. Stella, stella, you’re not going anywhere. Is she, curtis? Aunt stella’s always welcome. Am I really? I wouldn’t blame either of you if — curtis is absolutely right, stella. You are always welcome here. Then why are we standing around like strangers? Stella, girl, you look great! Come on here and give me a hug. Come on, now.

[ Laughs ] I’m glad to see you two are together, in spite of me. Olivia, where did you hear that there is a deal on the table regarding carly? I heard that carly can get out of these insider trading charges if she gives up sonny. Is there any truth to that, district attorney? Now, look, you two are not playing by the rules here. I care because, “a,” sonny is dante’s father, “b,” carly is my best friend, and, “c,” my husband is suspected of being the one that blew the whistle on drew and carly. And, “d,” diane is sonny’s attorney, so I assume that she is very interested in this, too. So, why don’t you stop stalling and just answer the question? Okay. Let me make it easy for you. If you stay silent, that’s all the confirmation we will need. What I can say is, um…

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] You got your answer? Michael: It’s no surprise that you and nina would eventually take the next step. But our agreement still applies. It’s always gonna be willow’s decision whether she wants nina in her life or your children’s life. The — my engagement doesn’t change that. Glad to hear it. Alright, well, I got to go. I got to make a call. Um… look after your mother. Always do. You knew? I-I did. I happened to be at the metro court last night when nina couldn’t wait to, uh, announce that they were toasting their engagement. And then sonny stopped by the house today so he could tell donna. And that’s why you were thanking him for being so up-front about it? Or, um, is it something else?

victor: And now to other family members. To my darling granddaughter charlotte, I bequeath this necklace and pendant engraved with the cassadine crest in the hopes that it will remind you of who you are and who you will one day become. As for your father, the rotten apple of my eye, valentin cassadine, to you, my son, and to all of those who have betrayed me, I make this bequest. In this satchel, you will find a rare piece of antiquity. It was unearthed on cassadine island in greece. It’s the last surviving piece of a once-majestic statue of the sun god, apollo.

[ Laughter ]

Whenever you look at it, I do hope you remember me.

[ Light laughter ] Hey, sonny. Uh, hi. How is she? The transplant is still in progress. Everything seems to be going well.

How are you holding up? Well, um, I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m not worried ’cause obviously I am. I’m just trying to stay positive and believe everything is gonna get better. Hey, sailor. Buy a girl a drink? Hey, the drinks are on you.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Well, I deserve that. Just so you know, though, I was only doing my job. Corinthos still paying your retainer? He is entitled to legal representation, as well. Or — or have they totally dropped the sixth amendment? Come on. Why do you always got to be so right? Because I am always right. Actually, I’m not. Take that back. For instance, I thought you and holly were meant for each other. So did I. Come on, trina. When we move out of the dorms, move in with me, at least just short term.

[ Sighs ] And what about the fact that our boyfriends can’t stand each other? Let’s not worry about them. So, dex didn’t tell you? Tell me what? At the gym the other day, spencer took a swing at dex. What?! I saw dex that day. He was fine. You saw him, too. Because dex blocked the punch and landed one of his own. Spencer’s lip is cut. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] You don’t seem overcome with concern. Okay. To be fair, spencer punched dex first, remember? In kelly’s right before christmas? And dex didn’t even fight back. Spencer probably thought that he wouldn’t or couldn’t, but dex knows how to defend himself, and it’s about time spencer realized that. I would love to think that spencer learned his lesson, but most likely, he’ll keep antagonizing dex. He just can’t seem to help himself. Okay, well, trust me, dex has a lot more to worry about than getting along with spencer. What does that mean? I — you know, he’s really busy. And working for sonny isn’t exactly a low-pressure job. Uh, I have to get back to my family. Okay. I love you. And I-I hope you get those test results soon. And I hope that willow comes through with flying colors. Thank you. Me too. See ya.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It was a beautiful wedding, wasn’t it? It was. Yeah. It absolutely was. And, um, laura — she did a phenomenal job filling in for you, stella. I’m sure she did. I…only wish… you’re not the only one who wished things had been done differently. Yeah. Hey, what kind of homecoming is this, huh? What kind of — you know what I’m gonna do? Forget the table for two. I’m setting two more plates. There’s plenty of gumbo to go around.

[ Chuckles ] Well, aunt stella, might as well settle in. When he sets his mind, you got two choices — either give up or give in. I did not come all this way just to give up. And neither should the two of you. Like I said to tj, love is always worth fighting for. I don’t want to add to your worries today of all days. Let’s just wait and make sure that the bone marrow transplant worked successfully — h-hold on a second. Y-you’re actually worrying me more trying to dodge. Just tell me — why are you so grateful to sonny? Okay, hold on. You came in at the tail end of that conversation. So fill me in on the rest. There’s a rumor that the justice department is gonna offer me a deal. They will forget about the insider trading charges if I give them evidence against your father.

Oh, darn. I have to go. Crisis. Too bad. Here. Enjoy. Good luck, everyone. See ya. I think I’ve done my part for my client… bye-bye, alexis. …So, uh, I’ve had enough. Unless, of course, my sister needs me to stay. Oh, no, not at all. I am just fine. I’ll walk you out. Well, all that’s left is you, kid. Mr. Brown: Mayor collins?

[ Door closes ] Yes, yes. Please.

[ Computer beeps ] Victor: As for you, spencer, oh, we’ve had many discussions about safeguarding your family. I may not be there in person to explain this to you, but I trust you’ll know what to do with my bequest. Dinner is ready.

[ Cellphone rings ] Mm-hmm. Y’all better come on. Hello, trina. Curtis. I hope I’m not interrupting if you’re at the club. No, no, no. I’m at home here with your mom. Is everything okay? Okay. Bye. Curtis? What is it?

[ Chuckles ] It’s trina. She’s at the hospital. What? W-what do you mean? Is — is she okay? What happened? She’s fine. She’s fine. The dna results are in. What ultimately happened with holly? Life happened. What was it you said to her? You said, um… if we couldn’t make it work for all those years, why do we think we can make it work now? I’m sorry, robert. I really am. Next time you want to pump me for information, have your office call my office and let’s put it on the books. Drew: I just wanted to thank you for offering to dig up dirt on ned. That means a lot, but… I’m gonna really need you to stay out of this one. Because… what? …If I do go to prison, if I do, scout is gonna need one of us to stick around.

[ Chuckling ] Hey! Look who was giving a concert out in the garden. There she is. Hi. Baby, I’m gonna leave. I love you, sweet dreams, and have so much fun. I’ll see you in the morning, okay? See you in the morning. Okay. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Bye. See ya. You know what? I think that there is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen with your name on it! Oh, man! What do you think? There she goes. Look at that. Hey, I thought you had a meeting. I did. Lucky for you. Because that little girl is gonna need her daddy. Sam and I were just talking about that. Yeah, well, if you want to stick around for scout, I got some information you need. Did you tell michael about our engagement? Yeah. Um… he wasn’t thrilled, but he wasn’t hostile. And now that it looks like there’s a future for both of us, maybe we can have hope that willow will recover and find room in her heart for you. At this point, it’s only a rumor. Sonny has diane looking into it to see if there’s any truth to it. Well, if there is… will you take it? You know better. Mom, I — [ Sighs ] I’ve watched you protect sonny my whole life. Now maybe — maybe you should think about protecting yourself instead. Michael — if — if this government deal is legit and all you have to do is give them sonny and you’ll go free, then… what — what are you waiting for? Mom, take the deal.

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