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I brought you some painkillers. Oh, thanks. I’m fine.

How’s Mayor Carver? He’s still in the hospital. He’s recovering from surgery and it looks like he’ll be okay. Thank God. Please, Colin will be charged with murder. Now

you bitch, you’re doing. I beg your pardon? I’m sorry. I, I know you’re pulling a price

and I thought. Waiting for the doctors to finish. Operating was bad. Sitting here seeing you like this.

Come on, Abraham. You’ve been outta surgery for hours now. Biggest time that you opened those big, beautiful eyes and came back to us. Can you do that for my love? Please

wake up. Well, you heard what Taylor said, mama. He suffered a serious head trauma and then there was a long surgery. His body needs time to recover. He should come around soon. Oh damn. Colored Bedford. Whacking my sweetheart in the head like that. Oh, that son of a bitch is pure evil. Yeah. Told you too. She played a big part in this.

Oh. Oh, you don Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna, I’m gonna go have to find, okay. I’ll stay here with you. Okay. Thanks baby.

Nicole. Hey, why haven’t you called me? You said you got the swab right? That’s in my hand as we speak. Can you meet me at the park in an hour? That, um, little area near the rec center. I’ll be there. And Sloan, I, I’m. I am really grateful that you got the sample from Eric. Yeah, well, like I said, I have a vested interest.

I’m just hoping to hell. His DNA is not a match for that baby you’re carrying.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Nicole, Anna. Hi. So how did it go last night? Were you able to get a, a DNA sample from each a. Unfortunately, no. No, but that sleeping pill should have knocked him out like a light. I, I’m sure it would’ve if he had taken it, but he got called away on business before he could. Oh no. Darn it. Well, when do you expect him back?

I don’t know, but, uh, it doesn’t matter. What are you talking about? How will you get a sample now? I don’t have to. Sloane did she got one from Eric last night.

Oh, that was fast. Helps when you know the owner, I got us an egg sandwich with cheese and a black coffee for you. Ah, that’s so sweet of you. Yeah. Do you mind if I just take it to go though? I kind of wanna get to the hospital and check on Colin. Yeah. Well, you need to take a test first, right? Test. Yeah. The virus outbreak that you and Nicole went on and on about, on the 10th floor.

Remember you even said you had to prove it to the hospital that you weren’t carrying the virus before they let you visit. Oh, right. Actually, I just called the hospital. They said apparently, I don’t know, they contained the virus. So I don’t have to take the test today. Great. Truth is you never had to take a test, did you?

So you think I’m pulling a price? Huh? What? Do all black women look alike to you? No. No, no. I just, I only seen you from the back and a little on edge, as you can imagine. Yeah. On edge and nasty and rude here. This is some medicine to ease your pain. Although you don’t really deserve it, do you for all the pain that you caused our beloved mayor, no full story.

All right. Uh, maybe I should just ask to assign another nurse. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Mr. Bedford, I am your nurse whether you like it or not, and I will do my professional best to heal your body, but you are gonna have to heal your own soul. You hear me? Young man, it’s gonna take prayer and, and humility and repenting for your sins and.

If you believe this with your whole heart, maybe the good Lord will see fit to allow you entry into the kingdom of heaven.

You’re seriously worried about that monster at a time like this. Have you forgotten where you are and what you did to aid? And I bet that son of a bitch, the only person that you need to worry about right now is Talia. Look, okay. I know this is bad, okay? But I mean, this is my first defense. They can’t go that hard on me.

Right? Wrong. I just had a visit with Da Trask and she intends to throw the fuck at you. Wait, what? You can’t be surprised. She was one of your victims. She ended up in the hospital thanks to your poisoned biscuits. She could have died, although as as tragic as I would’ve been. I mean, that would’ve been better for you because now you have a pissed off.

A very pissed off district attorney who is gunning for you. Love you. Why Talia? What the hell were you thinking?

You don’t deserve to be lying in this bed. You wouldn’t be If I hadn’t gotten involved in Nathan Bedford all those years ago. Everyone keeps saying that it, it isn’t my fault that he was in a position of power and he, he took advantage of me, but I can’t help feeling responsible for what happened to you.

Colin wanted Mama and me to pay, and now you’re stuck suffering the consequences. And for that I am so, so sorry.

Oh my God.

Oh, oh, I got you. You’re awake. I I wait until I’m gonna get back. Actually, I’m gonna, I’m gonna text her. I’m gonna text her right now. Where,

where am I? Oh, um, you’re, you’re in the hospital. Do you remember what happened?

Well, um, you were attacked, you were hit over the head and then you had to get brain surgery, but now you’re awake and you’re gonna be okay. Thank God. Thank God.

Who are you?

Colin Bedford. I’m Commissioner Hernandez. As you know, you’re under arrest. I just wanted you to know that you’re gonna be facing a long list of charges. Attempted murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment. Is that it? Well, I’ve probably forgotten about a few, but, uh, well, there’s plenty of time for that. In fact, your doctors tell me that you’re all enough to be discharged.

So I got a detail on its way down here to take you to the station. Well, you’ll be booked, officially charged, and then, uh, taken to a holding cell. What about Talia? What about Talia? Anyone should be charged with attempted murder.

Help me understand this. Okay. You graduated at the top of your med school class. You had your pick of residencies all across the country. You were on track to star what was sure to be an amazing career. But instead you, you threw that all away. To what? To come to Salem. To what? To terrorize two people that you didn’t even know.

I didn’t terrorize them then, what would you call it, Talia, you trash polling in’s office. You, you tried to ruin Chanel’s business by poisoning half the town. People were seriously hurt because of you. Okay. I get it. Okay. I feel bad enough as it is. I get it.

Oh, I don’t think that you do, and I wasn’t kidding earlier. You are incredibly lucky that no one suffered permanent damage or worse. Why Talia? Why in God’s name would you wanna hurt so many people that you don’t even know? I mean, especially Paul and Chanel. I did it for Colin, but that’s what I don’t understand.

What kinda spell did the sick bastard have you under? Why would you do it? What would make you do this?

Sloan got a DNA sample from Eric. You mean that woman that Eric has been seeing? Yes, she found out that I was pregnant through an unhappy accident, although maybe not so unhappy because she agreed to help me get the samples for the paternity test, and she got a swab from Eric last night. Okay. Well that’s good, but don’t you need to get a swab from EJ as well?

Well, only if this was a legal case and hopefully it will never go there. But Kayla said she only needs one sample for comparison. And if she does have a swab from Eric and the d n A doesn’t match, then, then the baby must be ejs.

Listen, I, I have to go, I’m, I’m meeting Sloan at the park and she’s gonna give me the swab. Okay. Okay. But Nicole, there is one thing I’ve been meaning to ask you. Okay. What is it, Anna? Well, I know I did ask you before if, if you wanted this baby to be Eric’s and you didn’t answer me, so, um, maybe if I ask you a different question, if you find out that this baby is Eric’s, what does that mean for you and ej?

Honestly, I, I’ve been so stressed out about who this baby belongs to. I, I haven’t even thought about it. Well, I can only assume he will be fairly upset. Yeah. Especially since he just told me he loves me. He did right after he proposed,

Eric, what are you talking about? Why wouldn’t I have to take a test? I talked to my mother. I was checking on Abe to see how he was doing or if I could visit him today. Or if the hospital still had restrictions on visitors because of the virus. She had no idea what I was talking about. Okay. Well, maybe she just wasn’t aware.

I mean, Eric, your mother’s been slow. Stop. I know you were lying. You lied to me yesterday. You and Nicole didn’t have to take some test for some non-existent virus. What was that test for?

You’re clearly keeping something from me. I want to know what you gonna call are up to, and you’re gonna tell me right now.

Okay, fine. We are keeping something from you

close pregnant.

Pregnant? Yes.

When were you gonna tell me? She begged me not to.

She’s not sure. She doesn’t even know when she conceived. She doesn’t know if it was. With EJ or the night the two of you got high on those biscuits,

that explains the swab.


I just don’t understand. How did you get involved in this?

I found out Nicole was pregnant because she dropped her prenatal vitamins in front of me, and then I just happened to run into her again after Kayla had given her a paternity test kit. Yeah, she didn’t know how she was gonna get the DNA n a samples from you or EJ without one of you knowing. So I told her I could get one from you, which I did.

BJ proposed. When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me? Well, because I turned him down. I, I didn’t feel like it was a sincere proposal. Not sincere. Let’s just say EJ started caving to peer pressure. We found out that Stephan. Proposed to Gabby. So EJ started to get worried and soon they would be a couple and it would look like that Stefan had the advantage and you know, more people in the rinks, so to speak.

So EJ thought if he proposed to me, there would be another dememer on his side. At least that’s how I saw it. And you told him that’s how you saw it? Oh yes. I was very blunt. Yeah. Well, I can’t imagine that he reacted well to that.

Actually, that’s when he told me he loved me. Oh, I almost forgot that part. That very important part. So how did you react to that? Do you love ej? Nicole? Look, I told you why I did it. Colin convinced me of how awful Paulina and Chante were and that justified C committed crimes against them because that sick bastard decided that they needed to be punished.

Look, it’s not like I said yes right away. I was against it at first.

But then I saw how much it meant to him, and he said If I truly loved him, then I would do whatever he wanted. Dear God, look, I was afraid of losing him, so you did whatever this guy said because you were afraid that he would leave you. I was in love, Gina. Okay, and when you’re in love, I don’t know. You, you do things that make that person happy, not illegal.

Criminal cruel things. Talia, you’re smarter than that. You are a better person than that. Yeah. Well, apparently not. Jayna. I tried, I I tried to talk him out of it. I swear I did, I promise. But every single time I tried to convince him that what we were doing were wrong and that Paulina and Chanel were actually cut decent people.

I don’t know. He, he would just get mad and I would, I would just drop him. What do you mean? He would get mad. He had a temper and he would accuse me of not caring enough of being a coward. Did he ever get violent with you? Talia? Did he ever hurt you? Answer me, Talia.

That double crossing bitch pushed me off the very Oh, that’s lovely. Double crossing, bitch. That’s how you describe your girlfriend. Huh? I would, just so you know, she’s also been arrested for her. Pardon? Your crimes? My crimes. She’s the one who Tres pointing his office. Who poisoned the biz? Yeah. Well, from what I understand, you’re the one who put her up to all of it.

Is that what she said? I swear I never held a gun to her head. She’s a grown woman and she can make her own decisions. I. Never ever forced her to do a damn thing that she didn’t want to do. Uhhuh. Right. Well, I guess that’s something that two of you can discuss with your lawyers, but uh, right now you got a date with the jail cell.

So, uh, few. Excuse me. I’m gonna see what’s keeping your transfer.

Hey, it’s me, Chanel.

Yeah. Yeah. I I’m your stepdaughter. Uh, you married my mom last year. Paulina Paulina Price. She’s your wife. Look, look, I’ll show you a picture

here. The ceremony was last Juneteenth. It was in the park, and it was such a wonderful ceremony and so full of love surrounded with family and friends. See, there’s mama. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? You remember her now, don’t you?

That woman.

You don’t recognize my mother, your wife. Sorry, I, I, I don’t, and you don’t recognize me either.

Okay. You know what? I am gonna go grab the doctors and I’m gonna tell them you’re awake cuz this might just be effects from the anesthesia. Are gonna leave me alone, Chantel. Chanel and I will be right back.

What? No, Colin never hit me. Well, you just said that he would get mad at you. And, and that’s why you would do the things that he asked of you. Yes. That, that’s true. Colin has a temper. I mean, he’ll even tell you that, but you have to know it’s because his parents died in the most awful way possible. Okay.

And he’s, he’s never recovered from that. So yes, he gets upset when things don’t go his way, and when he did get mad at me, it’s like he was sorry. Almost immediately. He would literally go out of his way to make it up to me, to show me how much he loved me. Like he’d, he’d go get me little presents. He would tell me how beautiful I was to him and how special I was to him.

My God. Snap outta it. Talia, can you please not be mad at me too? Oh God, I’m sorry. Okay. I’m sorry I’m not, I’m not mad at you. I am mad at this situation. I’m mad that I was oblivious to any of this going on. I’m, I’m sad heartbroken. Really? How could I have not known that you have been in an abusive relationship?

Wait, no. I, I literally just told you, Colin never hit me. Like not even once, Talia, you and I both know that there are other kinds of abuse.

Bedford’s discharge papers have been processed and he’s ready to be taken to the station. Oh, Ray Frank. Well, I’m glad you’re here. Yeah. The prisoners in room 10 14. I’ll be there in a few minutes. Yeah. What’s up, Paulina? Wait, is Abe okay? No, then that’s the problem and he, he still hasn’t woken up from his surgery and I, I can’t find Kayla anywhere.

Okay, well, hold on. I’m sure that Kayla is with the patient. Someone here can probably help you find her. Well, even if I do find her, you, uh, I’m almost too scared to even ask about Abe’s condition, you know, almost lost 10 months before, and now with them taking so long to come back to me. Well, I’m just a You don’t, worried I don’t, I’m, I don’t, I don’t.

Paulina. Hi, Paulina. Breathe. Okay. Okay. There you go. Hey. Hey. Keep breathing. All right, Uhhuh. Okay. Better help’s helping. Okay. Good. Okay. Is this help? Oh, yeah, that does. It does. It helps. It does help. Oh, I’m sorry. This happening here too. No, I love that man. I hate that this has happened to him. Listen, no, listen.

The best way that we can help babe. It’s by helping ourselves. Okay. But take care of yourself. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes, yes, you’re right. I, I do know that. Okay, good. You know, good. And I know the best way that I can help Abe is by finding the bastard that did this to him and making him pay. Yes. All right. So he’s, find someone who can tell you what Kayla is and I’m gonna go do my job.

Okay. All right. Okay. Good. All. Hey, hey. And remember you help babe by taking care of yourself, okay? Yes. All right, babe. Forbes sake.

Hello, you. You are awake. How are you feeling,

Pauline? Excuse me. I know. I don’t know who you are. You’re my wife.

You took a swab of my DNA without me knowing.


what do you think? Come on. You know, you sleep like a rock


Supposed to go deliver this to Nicole? No, don’t. Don’t you have a brother to go see?

But what about Nicole? I can take it from here.

Oh, come on Nicole. Do you love ej? Or am I just being too nosy as usual? No, no. Anna, you are not being nosy. I know you’re only asking because, you know, you’re concerned for me and, and for ej, but it, it’s just, it’s, it’s complicated. Mm-hmm. EJ and I haven’t been back together that long and, and, and like I said, I.

I do care for him and we do have a long history and it obviously, I loved him enough at one time to, to marry him not long ago. And

I’m just, I’m just confused. That’s Holland. I really, I really need to know who this baby’s father is because if, if it is ejs, And Eric’s no longer in the picture then, oh, come on, honey. Honey, why don’t I put the question in another way and maybe it’ll be easier for you to answer. Hmm. Is it Eric that you love?

Oh, sweetie. I’m not trying to put you on the spot, and I hope you know that no matter what I am on your side. I do, I do know that, Anna, but please, can you, can you stop? Asking me questions and, and giving me advice because I just can’t deal with it right now. Oh, I understand. I understand. I, I, I really do need to be going.

Of course, of course. Honey, you are going to be strong. Because you know, no matter what happens, you’re gonna take care of things because you have to, right For the baby.

Thank you. What are you gonna do with that?

My guy said I’ll handle it. You have enough to worry about with your brother?

Yeah. So how to get to the hospital then,

Eric? Yeah. If this child does turn out to be yours,

I really hope it doesn’t change anything between us.

Talia. You know very well that emotional abuse is a real thing, and it sounds to me like that’s how Colin was abusing you.

Based on what? Based on what, how could you ask that this guy had you committing crimes for him and you told me that he had a temper? Uh, I’m not naive. Okay. Like, yes, I know that Colin has done some terrible things, but I mean, he didn’t just do them for no reason. Say that he had a hard life. You know, I believe we had a conversation about this sometime before Natalia, and I believe that I pointed out that a lot of people have had a hard life and they don’t resort to trying to murder people.

In fact, I know a lot of people who have had a hard life, and you know what? It’s made them stronger because they had to fight. They had to be resilient. I mean, Talia, how can you just sit here and be okay and give this man a pass because he had a hard life. So you’re telling me that anything Colin Bedford does is justified?

No, of course not. He could have killed Mayor Carver. He could have killed Paulina and Chanel. Hell, he could have killed me. Look, I know that. Okay. Why do you think that I pushed him off the roof. That is why I was trying to save you. I was trying to save Chanel. I was trying to save Paulina, and I know that I’ve made a lot of excuses for Colin before.

When I saw him point that gun at Chanel Jay, I know she knew I had to do something. I couldn’t just let him shoot her. I could not let her. Mama. Oh, what? Oh, sweetheart, I thought you were staying with Abe. Abe was awake. What? He woke up a few minutes ago. Oh, thank the Lord. Oh, oh, oh. I have to go see him. Okay.

Wait, wait, wait. Before you do, there’s something you need to know. Oh, okay. What is it? Uh, well, when he woke up, he didn’t recognize me. What? Oh, no, honey. Oh, please. Now I’m sure he, he, he’s just confused now. Come on now, let. Here. Let’s go see him together. He didn’t recognize you either. I, I, I showed him your picture and he said he’d never seen you before in his life.

What? No, no, no, no. I’m sure that’s just the drugs talking. Come on, you take me to him right now. Okay.

You’re asking if I’m your wife. Yes.

Now I, I, I’m. I’m not sure. I, I’m sorry. I, I just, oh, I just can’t seem to remember anything.

I, uh, except, except that there was a,

there is a young woman. And, uh, she said, uh, she said that she was your daughter, Chanel. Mm-hmm. Chanel. She, she, she was just in here, just in here,

and she showed me a. She showed me a picture of our wedding. She said we were married a year ago and, and, but she didn’t, she didn’t mention you were a nurse. Oh.

So you don’t remember anything at all? No, not much. Not much. Anyway, I. But your daughter Chanel,

she said I was attacked. Yes, yes, yes, that is correct. You were attacked by a horrible and despicable man, and I don’t see how anyone could hurt anyone As Sweden and kind as you are. Gentle. And the worst part of all is that you’re still in danger. Danger. Why? Because that horrible man is in this hospital right now as we speak.

Oh my darling. Sweet, sweet, Abraham, you are not safe.


Listen, let’s just forget about calling Bedford for now. Huh? We need to get you arraign. I hired Bere to represent you. Wait, you got me a lawyer? Of course. What’d you think? I’d abandon you?

You’re my sister. I love you.

I love you too, Jada. And I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry about everything.

Shaw. What the hell happened? I went to unlock the guy and got the better of me. What? So, so pet got away. Oh my god.

Don’t worry, mama. I’m, I’m sure as soon as eight sees you, it all come rushing back. Oh, oh my God. Where is he? Where’s my husband? Where is he?

Don’t you worry my sweet Abraham, you are. Safe with me now.

Okay, little one. It’s time to find out who your father is.

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