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Johnny is sitting at a table at the bar when Leo walks in and asks if the seat is taken. Johnny informs him that he is waiting for his date. Leo decides to sit down since his date isn’t there yet and asks if Johnny wants to fill him in on his latest family drama. Johnny questions what he’s talking about. Leo informs Johnny that his aunt Kristen was released from prison which shocks Johnny, who asks if she got another pardon. Leo reveals that she got immunity and now he is way more interested in his other aunt, Megan Hathaway.

Megan steps forward and announces she thinks it’s time that she take the family name as she is now claiming to be a DiMera completely and entirely. EJ then toasts to Megan DiMera. Tony thanks them for their kind words on behalf of the family, but now there is something he’d like to say to EJ, causing Anna to worry as she thinks back to asking Tony not to tell a soul about Nicole’s secret. Anna then speaks up and tells Tony that she can’t let him do this.

At the hospital, Nicole then opens the swab kit, but Eric arrives and questions what is going on here. Sloan greets Eric, who says he knew she’d be at the hospital all day with Colin so he decided to come see if she needed anything. Sloan thanks him but says they are fine. Eric says that’s good and then questions what Sloan and Nicole are up to. Nicole asks what he means. Eric points out that he saw them with their heads together and seemed really interested in that box, so he asks what’s in it. Sloan admits it’s a medical test kit, so Eric questions what the test is for. Nicole claims it’s for a virus because there was an outbreak on the 10th floor and to protect all patients, all visitors have to test before being let in. Nicole says she was going to share a test with Sloan since the hospital is low on supplies so that Sloan would be able to see her brother. Sloan says that as generous as Nicole’s offer is, she really thinks Eric should have the test. Eric questions why. Sloan points out that Abe is a family friend, so she’s sure he would like to visit him. Nicole agrees that it makes sense and suggests Eric take the test right now, so she can take it straight to the lab.

EJ questions what is wrong with Anna. Gabi remarks that Anna must have had too much wine but Anna assures that she is sober. Anna argues that Tony must have had one too many at the Bistro. Kristen points out that Tony seems sober to her. Tony says that he is but Anna disagrees. Anna remarks that when Tony gets like this, he makes unwise decisions, so she wouldn’t want him to say anything that he will regret later. Megan says they are all family here, so they should feel free to say whatever they want to each other and tells Tony that he has the floor.

Leo asks Johnny about Megan as he heard everyone thought she died in a hot tub incident back in the 80s. Johnny responds that he’s asking the wrong guy because he’s never even met Megan. Wendy then arrives and apologizes for being late as she joins Johnny. Leo is surprised to learn that Wendy is Johnny’s date because he assumed it was going to be Chanel. Johnny tells Leo there is nothing going on between he and Chanel and that’s history. Leo remarks that history has a way of repeating itself and asks if the engagement is off. Johnny insists it was never on and he’s dating Wendy. Leo apologizes and says it’s hard to keep track of things around here, commenting that people change partners like they change underwear. Leo then asks Wendy if she really believed Johnny’s high on biscuits story. Wendy assures that she did because Johnny wouldn’t lie to her. Leo asks if she believes that he only has eyes for her then. Johnny assures that is true. Leo remarks that it’s too bad Wendy doesn’t feel the same way since his sources tell him that Wendy ran off to Seattle to be with Tripp. Leo then asks that since Wendy is back here with Johnny, if that means she dumped Tripp. Wendy says no, so Leo comments that it’s double her pleasure, double her fun.

EJ asks what Tony wanted to tell him. Tony claims that he thought EJ deserves a toast in his honor too. Gabi mocks that and suggests a roast instead. Tony talks about EJ doing a tremendous job as CEO over the last several months. Stefan points out that’s co-CEO. Tony says he’s talking about before Stefan’s promotion, as EJ was doing very nicely on his own and under his leadership, DiMera Enterprises has attained tremendous heights. Gabi then agrees with Anna that Tony is completely wasted. Tony acknowledges Megan not being around over the years but assures her that EJ is best for the job, so it would be wise of her to support him and tells Kristen the same. Megan and Kristen call it quite an endorsement. Kristen suggests skipping the toast since Tony made his point. Anna asks for a word with Tony in private and takes him out of the living room. Megan remarks that she sees Anna is still quite the drama queen.

Outside the room, Anna questions what Tony was thinking since she asked him not to tell EJ about Nicole’s secret, but he was about to blab the news to everyone. Tony argues that he wasn’t going to. Anna says she’s glad that she got him to back down and he came up with a cover story. Tony insists that he said what he intended to in the first place because he just wanted to make it clear that he supports EJ. Anna questions Tony not planning to expose Nicole’s secret. Tony assures that he wasn’t, but Anna almost did on her own.

Eric tells Nicole that it wouldn’t be right, so he’d rather Sloan have the test. Sloan insists and says she was with her brother earlier, so she can wait to see him. Eric feels that she shouldn’t have to and says as much as he’d like to see Abe, it’s more important for Sloan to be with her family. Sloan agrees if he insists. Eric tells her that he will just meet her back at her place. Eric says he’ll see them later and exits the hospital. Nicole tells Sloan that it was a good idea even though it failed miserably and now they are back to the same problem. Sloan argues that it’s not a problem, but an impossibility to get a cheek swab from someone without explaining why. Nicole tells Sloan that she doesn’t have to help her and can still back out. Sloan argues that she has a vested interest in this too since her boyfriend could be her baby daddy, but she prays that he’s not.

Anna apologizes for doubting Tony which he calls nothing new. Anna argues that at the Bistro, he seemed on the fence about it and she promised Nicole that she wouldn’t tell a soul. Tony still doesn’t feel right about it and admits he is still on the fence because EJ has a right to know. EJ then comes out from the living room and asks what he has a right to know.

Johnny tells Leo that he’s making Wendy very uncomfortable. Leo argues that he’s just having fun with her while Wendy feels that he’s making fun of her. Leo encourages that everybody loves a good love triangle. Wendy asks Johnny to make Leo go away. Wendy threatens to hack in to all of Leo’s accounts and make his life Hell if he prints anything about her in his column. Leo tells her that there’s no need to get testy as he is on her side. Wendy questions how the hell he is on her side. Leo says he sympathizes with her conundrum as he understands why she’s torn between Johnny and Tripp. Leo remarks that Tripp has the advantage of being a doctor while Johnny has the DiMera money but is out of work. Johnny then has enough and forces Leo out. As Johnny is escorting Leo out, Leo calls out to Wendy that he heard about Gabi and Li’s divorce, telling her to give Li his number, and asking if it’s true that Gabi and Stefan are already engaged.

Gabi says she wouldn’t trust a word Tony said as he’s completely biased towards EJ. Megan points out that they are brothers while Stefan argues that they aren’t blood. Gabi brings up that Tony was once married to Kristen which Megan questions. Kristen explains that it was more of an arranged marriage set up by Stefano and the man she married turned out to be Andre. Gabi points out that she eventually did marry Tony while pretending to be Nicole and used that to seize control of DiMera. Gabi decides that’s all in the past and talks about how they would love to work with Kristen and Megan to ensure the family and company’s very bright future, but they need to have Stefan solely in charge to do that because he’s more in tune with today’s modern world than his brothers. Gabi declares that if they want DiMera to thrive for decades to come, they need to back Stefan.

EJ questions Anna and Tony about what he has a right to know. Tony claims that Anna thought his speech was somewhat impotent and stirring the flames of his rivalry with Stefan. EJ says that ship has sailed as Stefan has had his sights set on ousting him since the moment he came back to life. Tony assures EJ that he is firmly in his corner which EJ says he sincerely appreciates. EJ comments that in a family full of liars and vultures, it’s good to know that Tony has always had his back as he hugs him.

Megan states that she is all for what is best for the company, but she does have to ask what Gabi and Stefan can do for her. Stefan says they will welcome her back in to the family where she belongs with open arms and make her feel at home. Gabi argues that she won’t get that from EJ as he only cares about himself and won’t make any sacrifices for her like they will. EJ walks back in and says that is simply not true. EJ is sure Megan sees through Gabi’s vicious spin on his relationship with his family and the company. EJ adds that he will do whatever it takes to make Megan feel valued. EJ declares that he’s willing to turn over his master suite to Megan, feeling that after being in prison, she deserves the biggest room in the house. Kristen argues that she was locked up in prison too. EJ points out that Megan has seniority, otherwise he would have offered Kristen the room. Kristen tells EJ that she wouldn’t accept it anyway after he stabbed her in the back.

Tony tells Anna that he hated lying to EJ just now. Anna says that’s because he’s a kind and decent man which is what she loves about him. Anna says despite that, they have to be careful and just keep this between them which means they can’t chat about this unless they know they are alone with no one around. Anna comments on if someone heard them talking about Nicole’s pregnancy like EJ almost did, right as Nicole comes home and asks Anna what the hell.

Johnny returns to Wendy after getting rid of Leo and apologizes about everything Leo said as he was just trying to stir up drama as usual. Johnny assures that nothing has changed and he is just friends with Chanel. Wendy insists that she totally believes him. Wendy adds that she knows Leo was wrong about them, but not exactly wrong about her and Tripp which Johnny says he knows. Wendy says she will understand if it’s ever too weird or uncomfortable. Johnny responds that he’s not afraid of a little competition. Johnny holds her hand and declares that he’s not giving up on her without a fight.

Megan wondered when they would get to all the DiMera drama that she sorely missed. Megan then asks Kristen how EJ stabbed her in the back. EJ doesn’t want to go there. Kristen talks about how they were once very close and she saved his life after he was shot. Kristen says she put her life on hold to help with his rehabilitation, then a few years later when she had legal trouble, he refused to represent her. EJ argues that was for good reason. Megan remarks that it doesn’t sound very brotherly. EJ explains that as CEO, he regrettably had to distance himself from Kristen because it was what was best for business at the time. Kristen adds that EJ shunned her again and it was even more hurtful when he barred her from attending the funeral of her dear friend Susan. EJ argues that Kristen tortured Susan mercilessly. Stefan intervenes to state that EJ does have a knack for backstabbing, especially when it comes to his siblings including himself and Chad. Gabi asks how they can be sure EJ won’t do the same to them. Kristen declares that EJ is not loyal to the family, so Megan might want to think twice about taking his so called offer.

Anna explains to Nicole that she didn’t mean to tell Tony and swears it was an accident. Nicole questions if it was an accident that EJ almost overheard. Anna assures that EJ is still in the dark and Tony managed to cover, so they are all good. Tony repeats that he still doesn’t feel good about this as he thinks EJ has a right to know if she might be carrying his child. Nicole tells them that she is having a paternity test and when she finds out, she will share the news, but until then, she needs them to keep this under wraps. Anna and Tony promise to do that so Nicole thanks them. Nicole then asks if they can help her speed things up and give her advice. Nicole explains that in order to do the paternity test, she needs a cheek swab from EJ. Anna declares that she has the perfect solution and presents Nicole with a bottle of sleeping pills, assuring that it will knock EJ out and he will sleep deeply for hours.

Sloan comes home where Eric is folding towels from the dryer, saying he knows she has a lot going on so he wanted to do whatever he could to help. Eric asks what she’s doing home as he thought she was going to be with her brother. Sloan claims the hospital cancelled visiting hours because of the virus to be safe. Sloan thanks Eric for being so understanding about all of it, especially considering that he probably thinks her brother is a monster and she doesn’t blame him one bit, but she can’t turn her back on him as he’s in serious trouble. Sloan adds that she should probably let him know that she agreed to defend Colin in court. Eric admits that he overheard her telling him yesterday. Sloan asks if he’s okay with it. Eric says he’s appalled by what Colin did and he knows Sloan is too. Eric relates to his sister Sami doing a lot of terrible things over the years but standing by her as much as he could. Sloan tells Eric that it means so much to her because with everything going on, she couldn’t stand to lose him. Eric assures that he’s here for her and not going anywhere.

Johnny tells Wendy that he hates to admit it, but Leo was right about one thing when he pointed out that he is out of work. Johnny states that he needs to hurry up and jumpstart his film career. Wendy notes that he sounds like he has a lot of family drama to take from, so maybe he could do a documentary on them. Johnny calls that not a bad idea but points out that it didn’t go so well the last time he tried to tell his family story. Johnny suggests maybe he could tell Wendy’s instead. Wendy doubts that would be very interesting. Johnny talks about her life as a movie and everything she’s been through since coming to Salem. Johnny says in the movie, Wendy finds herself briefly torn between two guys but in the end, there’s only one guy for her. Wendy asks which guy that is, but Johnny says she’d have to buy a ticket to find out.

EJ assures Megan that he is offering her his room as a sincere gesture of good will and not looking for anything in return. Megan says except for her to vote her shares in his favor. EJ says in that regard, he’s no different than Stefan. Megan decides that she wants to avoid choosing sides this early, so she will pick a different bedroom as she’s sure there are plenty to choose from. Gabi encourages her to check the East wing. Kristen decides they will take a look at all the wings and find a place to crash. Kristen adds that it will give her a chance to give Megan a tour of the family home. Kristen and Megan exit the room to see Nicole with Anna and Tony. Nicole is shocked that Kristen is out of prison again. Kristen informs her that Megan got her immunity. Kristen then introduces Megan to Nicole. Kristen says they need to find their bedrooms. Nicole is shocked to learn they will be living there. Megan responds that they are DiMeras, so where else would they live. Kristen and Megan then head upstairs.

Sloan tells Eric that she is impressed with him because he could have cut and run a long time ago but he stood by her and defended her when the whole town thought she was a stalker. Sloan tells Eric how much that means to her. Eric says not to give him too much credit since he did have his share of doubts, but ultimately he got to know the person she is and he knows she’s not capable of the crimes that her brother was. Sloan still can’t believe Colin terrorized Paulina and Chanel and tried to kill them. Sloan says she was angry too but wishes she knew. Eric says Colin was obviously good at hiding things. Sloan feels she should’ve been there for him, but instead she moved to Salem for her own revenge and set a bad example for him. Sloan declares that she will fight like hell for Colin, but the truth is that he’s probably going to prison for a very long time. Sloan starts to cry about both her parents being gone. Eric encourages that she won’t be alone as she has him. Sloan responds that for so long, she was scared of opening her heart to anybody and letting them in, but she’s so glad she did with him. Sloan then tells Eric that she loves him and says he doesn’t have to feel obligated to say it back. Eric responds that the truth is, he loves her too as they kiss. Eric then picks her up and carries her to bed.

EJ has a drink in his room. Nicole walks in and guesses this is about his sisters. Nicole questions why he’s letting them move in. EJ points out that Kristen is a shareholder and Megan will soon be too. Nicole realizes that he will need them on his side. EJ complains that so far, he’s doing a miserable job and feels like his head is about to explode. Nicole then asks if EJ thinks he’ll be able to sleep. EJ doesn’t think so and says he’s too wound up. Nicole takes the opportunity to suggest he try a sleeping pill, claiming that she takes them when she feels like he does and says it will help him sleep through the night. Nicole says then when he wakes up, he can form a plan of attack with a clear head. EJ agrees that it sounds like a plan.

Johnny brings Wendy home. Wendy says in spite of Leo, she had a really nice time tonight. Johnny asks if that means he’s winning. Wendy doesn’t want to put it like that because it’s not a contest, just her being conflicted and indecisive. Johnny tells her it’s okay and says he thinks she’s great. Johnny agrees that it’s not a contest but a choice that she has to make. Johnny hopes to help her decide as he kisses her. Wendy jokes that will definitely go in his plus column as they say goodnight and she heads inside.

Gabi asks Stefan if they should go back to keep working on Megan and Kristen but Stefan says it’s best not to overplay their hand. Gabi says it’s good that they stopped EJ from making any in roads with Megan. Stefan adds that Kristen seems to be on their side. Gabi declares that if they keep it up, they will be in control in no time. Stefan says he never would’ve guessed that his sisters getting out of prison would be such a major win for them. Gabi calls it an answer to their prayers.

Kristen and Megan sit together in the living room, talking about their brothers trying to win them over. Megan comments on them thinking the only option is for one of them to run the company. Kristen remarks that the boys had their turn on top, so perhaps it’s time for the girls to take charge. Megan says she catches on fast as Kristen toasts to the girls.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s not one to take sleeping pills but he is so wound up. Nicole encourages that he needs to sleep and one pill won’t hurt him. EJ then gets a call from Wei Shin and answers. EJ thought he said it was a done deal, then says he will take care of it. EJ tells Nicole that a potential investor is getting cold feet, so he needs to take the jet to Chicago to talk him off the ledge and it’s too important to let wait, especially with Stefan looking for the upper hand. EJ declares that he unfortunately needs to depart and he will see her tomorrow. EJ kisses Nicole and she wishes him luck as he exits, thwarting Nicole’s plan.

Sloan sits in bed next to Eric as he sleeps. Sloan then sneaks out of bed to retrieve the cheek swab from her purse and goes to use it on Eric. Sloan then calls Nicole and asks how things are going with EJ. Nicole says it’s a total bust as he just left for a business trip, so it’s all up to her now. Sloan reveals that’s why she called because she accomplished the mission and has Eric’s sample in hand which relieves Nicole. Sloan says she’ll be in touch as they hang up.

Nicole declares that it won’t be long now and they will soon know if her baby’s daddy is EJ or Eric.

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