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Chloe: I have been manifesting good things all the way over. So tell me that we are popping a bottle of their finest sparkling cider because we are going to celebrate our–

Sally: Rejection. Sorry.

Chloe: Really?

Sally: Yeah.

Chloe: But we’re so good.

Sally: I know. I know.

Chloe: I mean, I got all beautiful for this.

Sally: Hey, a busy woman is a beautiful woman and that is the face that we have to put out to the world.

Chloe: Fake it ’til you make it.

Sally: Yes, employed or not, we have to stay in circulation and be seen by the people who are making things happen. Keep them wondering what we’re up to.

Chloe: Right. Yeah. I saw that hot design team out at the athletic club the other night.

Sally: Yeah, they must be celebrating getting a new client.

Chloe: Right, so we’re just practicing for success.

Sally: Yes, exactly. It is only a matter of time. In fact, you know what? Sparkling cider is on me.

Chloe: Smile.

Lily: Hello, ladies.

Devon: Hey.

Chloe: Lily, devon, hi.

Devon: It’s good to see you two.

Lily: Yeah, I’m so sad. We’re not gonna benefit from your design services in the near future.

Sally: I know. Not as sad as we are though.

Chloe: Past tense. Yeah, we are– we are really busy with other clients, like so busy. Just insanely busy.

Devon: That’s great.

Lily: Yeah, that’s amazing. Congrats. Okay, well, enjoy your evening.

Sally: You too. Bye.

Lily: Bye.

Devon: See you guys.

Chloe: Toodles.

Sally: Chloe?

Chloe: I panicked.

Sally: Oh, my god. What if they think we’re too busy to be working with chancellor-winters?

Chloe: Okay. Well, then we’ll just generously, you know, offer to fit them in. I’m manifesting.

Sally: Oh, my god. I hope so.

Chance: Hey.

Sharon: Hi. Are you still working? It’s late.

Chance: Yeah. Well, after a cup of your coffee, I’ll be ready to rock.

Sharon: Okay.

Chance: You keep them coming.

Sharon: I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but…

Chance: Oh? What about? Me?

Sharon: If you don’t mind.

Chance: Go for it.

Sharon: New evidence and you’re on the verge of making a very promising breakthrough. Am I right?

Chance: Give the lady a cigar.

Sharon: Well, here’s to taking chances. Helps you get closer to solving the case. Puts a little pep in your step and it reminds you why you became a detective in the first place.

Chance: Yeah, I tell you, all I need is a little time and the right test results and I could be on the road to solving this thing.

Nick: Christine. You’re working late.

Christine: Hey, nick. Yeah, phyllis has been taking up most of my time these days. I suppose you’ve been keeping up on the latest developments?

Nick: I, uh, only know what my daughter tells me. When I think about what happened to her mom…

Christine: You mean the murder?

Nick: I mean, she was one of a kind. It’s gonna be a long time before we get over losing her.

Summer: You must feel better now that you’ve had some food.

Phyllis: Yeah, I do. What would I do without you?

Summer: Let’s not even go there.

Phyllis: I mean it, summer. It’s like you’re my own personal emergency kit, and you’re on it. Seriously, you know how I feel and you can turn on a dime and you’re one step ahead of anyone who tries to best us.

Summer: Got lucky, I guess.

Phyllis: Well, I don’t know if I’m lucky, but you are my secret weapon, so that’s– that’s luck. Look at you, you’re a C.E.O. And a mom, a wife. Oh, and you are stronger and more fierce than you ever were, aren’t you?

Summer: Turns out helping your dead mother stay one step ahead of the police counts as cardio.

Phyllis: Okay. You’ve been through a lot the last few months.

Summer: Ever since italy, it feels like I’ve been to hell and back.

Phyllis: I’m sorry, I hate this. This is my fault. Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-C…

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Summer: I’m not pointing a finger at you.

Phyllis: I get it.

Summer: Do you, mom? Because I mean, you just disappeared from our lives without any warning. I mean, no chance to say goodbye. Daniel and I, we felt so guilty for the way that we treated you. I mean, all the things that we said to each other? My god, the things that I have said to diane, I– I thought that you were gone forever. I– I thought that you were dead in this horrific way. I–

Phyllis: I know, I’m sorry. You– you didn’t even get a chance to sort of work it out and move on, did you? And here I come back with this whole new mess. Oh, I should’ve stayed away. This was wrong.

Summer: No, mom. Don’t– don’t– don’t say that. Don’t– don’t think like that. I– I’m so happy that you’re here.

Phyllis: Yeah, I, yes I can see that.

Summer: Mom, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to act. I mean, yes, you’re alive, but I’ve got to keep it a secret. You can’t even leave this hotel room without being caught and prosecuted. There’s so many people out there that are still mourning your loss. I mean, you’ve turned our whole lives upside down.

Phyllis: I know, that’s what I do. I kind of turn lives upside down, don’t I? Listen, my heart goes out to every single person who I have affected by this. Mainly you and your brother. Please believe me when I say that I’m gonna spend every single day to try to make it up to you, but I came back because I saw how much pain you were in at that celebration of life and which wasn’t actually much of a celebration at all, was it?

Summer: You did what?

Phyllis: I was there. I mean, to hear yourself eulogized… oh, wow. It really puts things in perspective.

Sally: Lily and devon aren’t responsible for jill’s decision to put a pause on our plans with chancellor-winters. And she got word from victor not to give us that job the first time around.

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, your little bundle of joy’s good old granddad, he’s always sticking his nose in everyone else’s business. Better get used to that.

Sally: Okay. Focus with me on our future.

Chloe: Mm, do we have one?

Sally: Okay. We might not be on anyone’s top ten list yet, but we keep pitching ideas and putting ourselves out there, right?

Chloe: Yeah, out there, is right. We’ve been pitching to some pretty weird places, you’ve got to admit.

Sally: Okay. Well, that’s how we make a name for ourselves. Going where other designers fear to tread.

Chloe: Right. Beautifying one space at a time. I mean, even the unconventional.

Sally: Hey, especially those. What we could have done to that car repair waiting room, transformative.

Chloe: And don’t tell me our plans for the dental practice wasn’t next level.

Sally: Hey, a boutique clientele deserves high-end style.

Chloe: Yeah, but that’s the problem. No one can afford us.

Sally: I am not lowering my standards just to–

Chloe: What? Make a client happy or get our foot in the door so we can get this job going?

Sally: Are you saying I’m rigid?

Chloe: Would it have killed you to just accept nick’s offer to back our business?

[ Sally sighing ]

Nick: It doesn’t matter how old you are when you lose a parent, it changes you forever. When I look at what daniel and summer are going through, I just can’t help but wish they had more time with their mom.

Christine: Well, you’re a good dad, nick. I’m sure summer knows that you’re there for her.

Nick: I sure hope so.

Christine: Um, you know, I see a chance. I have to talk to him.

Nick: Oh, yeah. No worries.

Christine: If I can just leave you with one thing, I… just know, justice will be served.

Nick: I believe you. It’s good seeing you.

Christine: Yeah, take care.

Nick: What’s up, man?

Chance: Nick.

Sharon: How you doing?

Nick: Hanging in. How about you?

Sharon: Good. Well, better. I know you felt guilty about bringing up that wine stain on that bottle of champagne that showed up out of nowhere.

Nick: Yeah. Saying that it looked like blood, sorry.

Sharon: Yeah, it’s okay. We both know that was silly.

Nick: Well, I’m just glad you got rid of it.

Sharon: Yeah, I can buy my own champagne.

Nick: Of course, you can.

Christine: The message you left about finding new evidence.

Chance: It could be proof that phyllis is alive.

Christine: What kind of evidence are we talking about? Partial response: the first one to sit down hereighting with you like that.

Lily: What do you think dad would say if he were here right now?

Devon: Oh, he would say, “what took you so long? Let’s celebrate.”

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: I hope you know, I really hated fighting with you like that.

Devon: Oh, yeah, I hated fighting with you too. We got through it though. And I know neil would be the first one to sit down here and say that he was the reason we got through it too.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: Oh, my god, he so would. And now look at us, we can do this. After the dinner I survived.

Devon: Um, who did you have dinner with?

Lily: Hm. Uh, daniel, lucy, chelsea, billy, johnny, connor.

Devon: Oh, that sounds fun. Dinner with your ex and his date and their kids.

Lily: Yep.

Devon: And daniel.

Lily: Yep.

Devon: How are you? What’s– what’s going on with the two of you these days? Is there anything I should know about?

Lily: No, no, no, not now. I mean, we could have maybe had something, but I think the timing is off.

Devon: I’m sure. I mean, losing a parent throws your whole world off.

Lily: And she was a powerhouse.

Devon: Yeah, I still can’t believe she’s gone.

Christine: So, nick newman is completely unaware that some of phyllis’s nearest and dearest are claiming that she’s still alive.

Chance: That’s interesting.

Christine: I mean, isn’t that information you tell your father? That phyllis still walks among us?

Chance: They got some complicated family dynamics at play right now. And after trauma like that, there is no normal, not for a while anyways.

Christine: So, what’s the latest?

Chance: So, I went to stark’s last known residence, a motel room where he was using an alias.

Christine: Oh, wait, please say that he left something in that room that we can use in court.

Chance: Nothing. I couldn’t get confirmation that the shower curtain was missing. A lot of the cleaning crew turn over there, but the shower curtains they have are the same type, same brand that stark’s body was wrapped in.

Christine: So really nothing.

Chance: Not exactly. I did find a program from phyllis’s memorial outside the room.

Christine: And that would interest me why?

Chance: This one was stained with what appears to be mascara-tinted tears.

Summer: You did what? You were– you were there. You– you saw what losing you did to us.

Phyllis: I needed to know.

Summer: You needed to know what? That your plan to make us suffer was a success?

Phyllis: No. No, I needed to see how my children felt about me. I needed to know that, summer. And I saw how much pain you were in. But I knew you had something up your sleeve because you had it at the jazz lounge. So, I knew you were working something and you were fierce. You were amazing. And you had diane on a hook and you kept on pushing and you didn’t let her go. And you pushed her to the breaking point.

Summer: Yeah. Well, I thought that she’d killed you.

Phyllis: Yeah. And finally, I won. But I lost my kids and I saw how much you guys were suffering. So, did I really win? You know, you needed your mother.

Summer: Of course we did.

Phyllis: So, I didn’t win, did I? And I was so vindictive and I was wrong. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did to our family. I’m so sorry.

Sally: I could have accepted nick’s offer.

Chloe: We’d be in business right now.

Sally: But I wanted to do this on our own.

Chloe: It’s just seed money. A few thousand to sprinkle around, help us grow. Branch out. Money is opportunity and protection. It’s a shield.

Sally: Yeah, you’re right. All across the board. And– and I would have loved to have taken the hand out.

Chloe: Okay, great. Well, then all you have to do is pick up the phone.

Sally: Okay, chloe, look at me. And please just try and see me like a newman would. All trust was gone after summer went to milan. And they choose to forget that I designed the most amazing wedding dress ever created for victoria. And then, I had the nerve to attempt a relationship with adam. And even though I put newman media on the path to success, now that I am pregnant with the newest newman, they’ve probably decided that I’m just going to use her as my meal ticket.

Chloe: Yeah, but it’s not like he’s going to invest in the company and then go tell his family that he did. I mean, they would never know.

Sally: But I would.

Chloe: He wants to give you this money because you’re good and because he believes in you.

Sally: I just don’t want to take advantage of my relationship with nick.

Chloe: Because of the baby?

Sally: Well, yes. Yeah. Yeah, because of the baby, but also because nick has a case of the l word.

Chloe: Love?

Sally: Nick told me that he is in love with me.

Chloe: Oh, that is so sweet and romantic and annoying because this explains the business decision. Um, well, congratulations. Really.

Nick: I’m just saying, the learning curve for somebody like sally is gonna be a lot steeper. She doesn’t have any family in town. I mean, she’s got chloe, but chloe’s got her own kids and is raising her own family. I don’t know. Who’s gonna teach her all the baby stuff? Sharon? What’s wrong? With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

Chloe: I can’t believe you didn’t lead with this. I mean, this is the good stuff. This is the stuff that we should be celebrating.

Sally: He turned my suite into a romantic oasis.

Chloe: Ah, no.

Sally: Candlelight, flowers and it was just the most amazing surprise.

Chloe: What a guy. You know, you should do something equally unexpected. You know, something that he’ll love as much as you loved your special evening.

Sally: What could I possibly do to top that?

Chloe: Take the money.

Sally: Oh, my god.

Chloe: I’m kidding. I mean, well kind of, I am. I look, I am so happy that one of you geniuses finally figured it out and spoke up the truth.

Sally: Oh, has it just been awful?

Chloe: Yeah, it’s been brutal. I mean, I’ve just been, like sitting there quietly just rooting for you guys. I mean, the amount of hours that I have spent talking to kevin about you and how I could just make love happen.

Sally: You’re a very dedicated partner and a loyal friend. So there’s only one way that I can pay you back.

Chloe: A raise?

Sally: Your freedom.

Chloe: Pardon me?

Sally: I’m letting you off the hook.

Chloe: I’m on a hook?

Sally: Look, you have been so good to me and you’ve held on through the ups and the downs and the sideways and any time that I wanted to give up, you were there to–

Chloe: Yeah, there to kick you in the derriere, which is what I’m about to do right now. Are you breaking up with me?

Sally: Look, I love you too much to just keep disappointing you.

Chloe: Wait– wait, are you saying this because we’ve been let down yet again? I mean, come on, I’m not just gonna scurry off because of that. I’m sorry, but I am made of much sterner stuff than that my friend.

Sally: So you’re still in?

Chloe: We’re a team.

Sally: Even though I won’t take nick’s offer.

Chloe: We don’t need it. We have something way more valuable than nick newman’s money.

Sally: Well, I’m dying to hear what this is.

Chloe: We have talent, tenacity, and a brilliant business plan. Jill loved it. I mean, that was before her budget came up and bit her on the bottom line.

Sally: So, our mission is to find someone who is visionary enough to hire us even though we have no track record?

Chloe: Fall in love with us, sight unseen.

Sally: Or we give an old option something new to see.

Lily: Hm. I have something in my car for you for my favorite nephew.

Devon: Oh, my gosh. Stop buying him stuff. You’re spoiling him.

Lily: What are you talking– you did the same thing with maddie and charlie. Oh, how’s the co-parenting thing going, by the way, with chance?

Devon: Uh, I’m assuming it’s going well because we have the nanny take care of the drop-offs and the pickups.

Lily: Oh, it must be nice to be rich.

Devon: You know what?

Lily: Must be nice.

Devon: You know what?

Lily: What?

Devon: You… you have no idea how much I missed you.

Lily: Oh, my god, I missed you too.

Devon: Mm-hmm. Kinda.

Chloe: Hi.

Sally: Hello.

Devon: Hey, you two. How are you doing?

Lily: Hello.

Chloe: You know, we were just saying how much we love this space, neil’s lounge.

Sally: Yeah. And how happy we are that you two could mend your business relationship.

Devon: Thanks.

Lily: Thank you. Yeah, we are too. Although, you didn’t have to come all the way over here to say that. What’s going on?

Sally: I’m glad you asked.

Chance: So, the single strand of red hair that jack and kyle find, we both know a judge could easily discount that. Hair travels. The wind, animals, clothing, you name it. We don’t know when it got there, how it got there, or how long it was there before jack and kyle found it. But how the hell could tears from the deceased show up on a program that was printed after her death?

Christine: We still don’t know that those tears are phyllis’S.

Chance: Testing for dna and checking for prints as we speak.

Christine: How soon ’til we get those results?

Chance: I called in a few favors.

Christine: I owe you.

Chance: Yeah, you do. So, what do you think?

Christine: Oh, god. Going to her own memorial? It’s exactly the kind of outlandish thing phyllis would do.

Nick: “Where heaven’s a little closer.”

Sharon: It’s the same handwriting that was on the note that came with the champagne bottle.

Nick: Are you sure about that?

Sharon: This is just another instrument of torture, don’t you see? Denver, colorado, where we met? The champagne bottle that I used when I hit him? The blood?

Nick: What are you saying?

Sharon: I didn’t want to speak the words out loud, but now…

Nick: You don’t think it could be…

Sharon: It has to be. This is from cameron kirsten. Trelegy for copd.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Sally: So, we are aware that chancellor-winters has run into some challenges recently.

Chloe: Some have been more difficult than others, but that’s how we grow. So, we have a new proposal.

Sally: It is time for reinvention.

Chloe: Reimagine, revamp.

Sally: Revitalize and renew. Your new gaming platform, omegasphere, is gaining a lot of your attention and you are going to have billions of eyes on you.

Chloe: Video games that are going to revolutionize the industry. And that demands offices that show the world, “this is where new and exciting things happen.” Because chancellor-winters, you are cutting edge. You are not afraid to make things happen.

Sally: It’s time to show the world the new chancellor-winters. New color schemes, fragrances.

Devon: Fragrances like perfumes?

Sally: Aromatherapy to help elevate the space. There’s nothing more powerful than sense memory. When you think chancellor-winters, you think chill, sexy, unforgettable aromas that make your employees feel like they’re enveloped and taken care of.

Chloe: We are ready to revolutionize and astonish.

Sally: Think vibrant.

Chloe: And sleek.

Sally: Comfortable, yet carefully curated.

Chloe: The more you give, the more you get.

Sally: And– and people are going to tell you, it’s not the right time. That you should wait and maybe it’s too expensive. But this is your opportunity to show the world that you’ve taken the lead and good luck catching uP.

Chloe: And we can start small. I mean, if you call redesigning genoa city’s headquarters a small feat, but that’s okay because we’ll just amaze you and then we’ll take over the world.

Sally: So, what do you think?

Summer: Daniel and I tried to help you. We– we didn’t know how.

Phyllis: I know. I know you didn’t know how, I understand. And then other people tried to help me, but I just saw all of their help as judgmental and that they were trying to correct me and– and I didn’t know what to do, you know. So, I just felt– I felt like everyone abandoned me and no one was helping me, for sure. And they– and they certainly weren’t gonna stop diane.

Summer: That’s when stark stepped in.

Phyllis: Yeah. And he saw how vulnerable I was and he weaponized me. I was alone and he understood and he seemed to care and he pushed my buttons. He knew exactly what to say to me. He came up with a plan and how could I say no?

Summer: He convinced you to fake your own death and frame diane.

Phyllis: So finally, everybody would see how dangerous diane is. But I brought this hellishness into our family.

Summer: I can’t let you do this. I can’t let you take all the blame.

Christine: So, let me know the minute those results come in.

Chance: I’m on it

Christine: And chance, thank you. Really, for all your hard work. This is my first case back as D.A. All eyes are gonna be on us.

Chance: I want this case resolved just as much as you do. Hey, we both want to get this one right.

Nick: No freaking way. There’s no signature, no return address.

Sharon: That’s his game. He is toying with me. He’s having his twisted brand of fun before he moves in for the kill.

For your most brilliant smile,

Devon: There must be some magic in dad’s room here because it’s happening again.

Lily: Agreeing?

Devon: Mm-hmm. It feels good too.

Lily: I mean, look at the terror in their eyes. I feel bad.

Devon: Maybe we should put them out of their misery.

Lily: Don’t say it that way.

Chloe: Okay. They’re waving us iN. They’re deciding our future right now. What do we do?

Sally: Just keep smiling and yeah, stay positive.

Chloe: Okay. Sometimes, I wonder how you work. Let’s just get this over with.

Lily: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Sally: No problem.

Chloe: Yeah, listen, if– if you want to talk some more later, we can come by bring you some new designs.

Devon: That’s not necessary at all because we’ve made a decision.

Sally: Or perhaps some other–

Lily: Well, look, we know that you’re busy with other clients.

Sally: Well, not super busy.

Chloe: Yeah, we could get rid of them. It’s really not a problem.

Lily: So… when can you start?

Chloe: Is– is that a yes?

Devon: It is, yeah.

Sally: It’s a yes.

Chloe: Okay, okay, this is the best decision you’ve made all day. You won’t regret it.

Lily: Well.

[ Sally laughing ]

Summer: There is more than enough blame to go around. You know, you needed my love and support. You needed somebody in your corner that was gonna say, “you know what? Diane is not trustworthy.” And she’s never gonna be my favorite person and she’s not even gonna ever be a decent mom.

Phyllis: Not a decent mom like me?

Summer: No, she could never be like you. I pushed you away when I should have kept you close, mom. You’d already lost so much. And I just– I couldn’t see it at the time and I’m just, I’m sorry.

Phyllis: No, it’s not your job to take care of me.

Summer: Yes, it is.

Phyllis: No, it’s not.

Summer: Yes, it is. We’re family. We’re a team, right? You’ve always had my back. I didn’t have your back and I mean, look at what happened, look at this mess. I– I should have done more.

Phyllis: Hey, I’m glad I have you now, okay?

Summer: Mom, you never lost me.

Phyllis: Yeah, but I’ll never be the kind of mom that I was before, you know, I was forced to…

Summer: Mom, you did what you had to do to stay alive.

Phyllis: I killed jeremy.

Summer: He was trying to kill you. It was self-defense.

Phyllis: It doesn’t matter. I killed him and by the way, the authorities, they won’t see it like that. They’ll think that I tried to cover it up after I faked my own death.

Summer: Shady, maybe, but I don’t know how illegal that is. I mean, look, you– you faked your death at his urging, right? With his assistance.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Look what I’m doing to you. I’m putting you in the position where you’re aiding and abetting. No, I can’t do this. Oh, my gosh, I can’t do this.

Summer: Mom, I want to help you.

Phyllis: I know– I know you want to help me. See, I know that. This is how you’re gonna help. You’re gonna leave here, you’re gonna go home and you’re gonna take care of your family, all right? I don’t want to get you involved.

Summer: It’s a little late for that.

Phyllis: Okay, what do you want me to do? You want me to hide out in the room and run from the police and just so you can maybe visit me in jail? Or you get charged for aiding and abetting and they’re– we’re in the same prison, maybe and–

Summer: Okay, please stop talking like this, please.

Phyllis: If you want to help, go home and take care of your family. Take care of daniel, please. And I will keep watching you from afar. And I will never stop loving you and your brother, ever. But I have to stay away. I have to, I have to, summer.

Summer: No, mom. I’m sorry, but you don’t get to tell me how to handle this. Walking away now, it’s not an option.

Nick: If this psycho is contacting you–

Sharon: Well, we don’t really know that it’s from him.

Nick: Sharon, you just said–

Sharon: I know. I said that both items came from cameron, but that was just a knee-jerk response. You know, a traumatic experience like that, it never really goes away, so some of the old fears cropped up again for a second. But who knows? This could just be some sort of coincidence.

Nick: I trust your instincts and you should too. If something about this feels off, then it probably is.

Sharon: You’re right. But we need more to go on than just gut instinct. We need facts.

Nick: I think it’s time we bring chance in on this.

Sharon: Yes. Good.

Nick: Hey, uh, when you get a minute.

Chance: Yeah, absolutely. I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Sally: I can’t tell you how excited we are to be working with chancellor-winters on this project. And I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Lily: I know, we expect nothing less than your best.

Sally: Well, count on us to deliver.

Lily: And speaking of deliveries, where are we in terms of completion?

Sally: Well, I haven’t had a chance to look at our calendars yet, but rest assured, this baby will not delay us.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: Oh, you’re being serious?

Sally: Yeah, I’ve always been a hard worker, committed and focused.

Lily: And no baby is gonna change that, right? Look, I’m not– I’m not trying to scare you. I mean, the changes are amazing and it is so worth it. But, you know, it’s– it’s a lot.

Sally: Yeah, I’ve– I’ve just been so focused on being pregnant, I guess I haven’t really gotten into how to be a mom yet.

Lily: I know. Well, everyone’s gonna tell you that it’s magical and it’s intense, which is true. It is. Right, ’cause all of a sudden you have this human that you’re responsible for. To keep them happy and healthy, but you will also experience a love that you couldn’t imagine. And all you want to do is just protect them from the world because you know what it’s like out there. But then you have to trust that you brought them up to be strong and you have to let them go, and you do.

Sally: You miss them, don’t you?

Lily: Yeah, of course, I do. They’re a part of me. You know, when they have joy, I have joy, when they hurt…

Sally: You hurt.

Lily: Yes. But it is worth it, every second.

Sally: And what about your work? Your career?

Lily: You’ll be fine. You’ll figure it out. There’s a balance, right? You– you’ll know what to do. But also, you have to ask for help. You do. Yes, you do. So repeat after me, I will ask–

Sally: Ask for help whenever I need it.

Lily: Yes, you’re gonna do great. Don’t let me down.

Sally: I will not.

Lily: Okay.

[ Sally sighing ]

Summer: Look, I– I know that I haven’t always been there for you, but I am here now, okay? For us.

Phyllis: This is us now.

Summer: Yes. Whatever happens to you, it happens to me. I think I forgot that for a second. But mom, whatever you need from me, support, evidence, unconditional love, snacks, whatever it is, I am here for you and I am not going anywhere.

Chance: What’s going on? Is everything okay?

Sharon: You don’t need to know all the awful details, but years ago, a man went to prison for some things that he did to me and some others.

Chance: Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Sharon: Well, I’ve got the feeling that he might be trying to get back in touch.

Chance: Would you like me to look into it?

Sharon: Please.

Nick: Anything you can find.

Chance: Just give me a name.

Receptionist: Your key card, mr. Kirsten.

Cameron: Please, call me cameron.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Nate: Is this a meeting about newman media or is this a barbecue and I’m what’s on the grill?

Chance: I got news about kirsten. It’s not great.

Cameron: Are you faith newman?

Faith: I am. Do I know you?

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