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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds USS Enterprise From Star Trek 8/11/23

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As Star Wars Stagnates, Star Trek Is Flourishing 8/10/23

Paramount sells off Star Trek book publisher Simon & Schuster 8/9/23

Strange New Worlds Season Finale Clip Released

“Star Trek: Prodigy” and other shows canceled and will be removed from Paramount+ Many fans on social media are upset – not only because the show is being canceled, and because season 2’s second half has not aired yet (and will be somewhere else), but because Paramount+ has bragged for years that it’s the “home of all Star Trek.” Now that is not true. It appears they’re only doing this for a tax write-off, and not caring what the fans think.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 210: “Hegemony” – Thursday, August 10
When the U.S.S. Enterprise investigates an attack on a colony at the edge of Federation space, Captain Pike and his crew face the return of a formidable enemy.
Written by Henry Alonso Myers Directed by Maja Vrvilo

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 209: “Subspace Rhapsody” – Thursday, August 3
An accident with an experimental quantum probability field causes everyone on the U.S.S. Enterprise to break uncontrollably into song, but the real danger is that the field is expanding and beginning to impact other ships—allies and enemies alike.
Written by Dana Horgan & Bill Wolkoff Directed by Dermott Downs

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 208: “Under the Cloak of War” – Thursday, July 27
Captain Pike and his crew welcome a Klingon defector aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but his presence triggers the revelation of some shocking secrets.
Written by Davy Perez Directed by Jeff Byrd

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 207: “Those Old Scientists” – Saturday, July 22
An accident while investigating a time portal sends Ensign Brad Boimler through time from the twenty-fourth century, and Captain Pike and his crew must get him back where he belongs before he can somehow alter the timeline.
Written by Kathryn Lyn & Bill Wolkoff Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 206: “Lost In Translation” – Thursday, July 20
Uhura seems to be the only one who can hear a strange sound. When the noise triggers terrifying hallucinations, she enlists an unlikely assistant to help her track down the source.
Written by Onitra Johnson & David Reed Directed by Dan Liu

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 205: “Charades” – Thursday, July 13
A shuttle accident leads to Spock’s Vulcan DNA being removed by aliens, making him fully human and completely unprepared to face T’Pring’s family during an important ceremonial dinner.
Written by Kathryn Lyn & Henry Alonso Myers Directed by Jordan Canning

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 204: “Among the Lotus Eaters” – Thursday, July 6
Returning to a planet that dredges up tragic memories, Captain Pike and his landing party find themselves forgetting everything, including their own identities as he confronts a ghost from his past.
Written by Kirsten Beyer & Davy Perez Directed by Eduardo Sanchez

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”
La’an travels back in time to the 21st century Earth to prevent a attack which will alter humanity’s future history.
Episode Info Number: Season 2, Episode 3
Airdate: Thursday Jun 29, 2023
Writer: David Reed Director: Amanda Row

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds “Ad Astra Per Aspera”
Commander Una faces court-martial along with possible imprisonment and dishonorable dismissal from Starfleet, and her defense is in the hands of a lawyer who’s also a childhood friend with whom she had a terrible falling out.
Episode Info
Number: Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate: Thursday Jun 22, 2023
Runtime: 57 minutes
Writer: Dana Horgan
Director: Valerie Weiss

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds “The Broken Circle”
A distress call from Lt. Noonien-Singh compels Spock to disobey orders and take the U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew into disputed space, risking renewed hostilities with the Klingons in a bid to aid their shipmate.
Episode Info
Number: Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate: Thursday Jun 15, 2023
Runtime: 52 minutes
Writer: Henry Alonso Myers Akiva Goldsman
Director: Chris Fisher

New “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Trailer!

Stars of ‘Star Trek: Strange new Worlds’ were ‘beamed in’ as holograms for fan chat 5/30/23

‘Star Trek’, ‘The Sopranos’ And Other Classic TV Sets, Props, Costumes Set For Auction 5/27/23

The Writers’ Strike’s Star Trek Picket Showed Solidarity Across Generations 5/26/23

Star Trek: Disruptors, Explained 5/26/23

Star Trek: Where Science Meets Imagination 5/25/23

Star Trek Actor Explains Why The Next Generation’s ‘Code Of Honor’ Should Remain In Rotation, Despite Offensive Content 5/25/23

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Showrunner Confirms WGA Strike Has Delayed Season 3 Production Start 5/25/23

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2: Release Date, Trailers, Crossover, and What to Expect 5/25/23

How Many Episodes Are In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2? 5/25/23

Strange New Worlds Sets Up Kirk’s Wrath Of Khan Philosophy 5/25/23

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2: UK release date, trailer and cast with Anson Mount and Tawny Newsome 5/25/23

Why You Should Buy ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ on 4K 5/25/23

James Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New World’s second season could be fun 5/25/23

Star Trek 4 & Star Trek: Legacy Have The Same Problem 5/25/23

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Will Show Another TOS Canon First 5/25/23


8 Questions We Need Answered by STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS Season 2 5/25/23

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Will Tackle Big Original Series Canon Questions 5/25/23

Strange New Worlds Looks to Address Captain Kirk’s Worst Quality 5/24/23

Season 2 of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ premieres June 15 exclusively on Paramount+ 5/24/23

Will Carol Marcus Appear In Strange New Worlds 5/24/23

Akiva Goldsman Has Hope For More ‘Star Trek’ Crossovers 5/24/23

Check out live-action Boimler and Mariner in Strange New Worlds S2 trailer 5/24/23

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals First Look At ‘Lower Decks’ Crossover 5/24/23

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds — The Scorpius Run Announced 5/23/23

Star Trek: Jonathan Frakes Teases ‘Very, Very Funny’ Lower Decks And Strange New Worlds Crossover 5/23/23

Janeway, Riker Or Picard: Who Should Be Star Trek: Legacy’s Admiral? 5/23/23

IDW Launching New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Mini-Series In August 5/22/23

‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Petition Exceeds ‘Strange New Worlds’ Effort 5/22/23

William Shatner shares honest opinion on Strange New Worlds Kirk actor 5/22/23

Strange New Worlds’ 10 Episode Seasons Aren’t Enough, Says Showrunner 5/20/23

What to Remember About STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS Before Season 2 Starts 5/18/23

Star Trek is thriving thanks to Strange New Worlds, Prodigy and Picard 5/18/23

10 Star Trek Voyager Characters Can Make Prodigy A True Sequel 5/17/23

Kirk In Strange New Worlds Has Canon Love Interest, Confirms Showrunner 5/17/23

Captain Kirk’s Possible Resurrection Through CGI Addressed By Strange New Worlds Showrunner 5/17/23

Star Trek: How is T’Pring Different In Strange New Worlds? 5/15/23

Every ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode Ranked 5/11/23

‘Star Trek’ Fans Can Now Virtually Tour Every Starship Enterprise Bridge 5/2/23

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Picard Opened Door for Shatner Return 5/8/23

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Dives into The Klingon Controversy 5/7/23

Harry Kim In Prodigy? What This Means For Voyager’s Star Trek Future 5/14/23

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’s’ Showrunners On Giving Fans What Live-Action Trek Shows Haven’t 5/6/23

Strange New Worlds’ Captain Pike Just Became Star Trek’s New Janeway 5/3/23

What Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Tie-In Comic Revealed Ahead Of Season 2 That Fans Should Know 5/3/23

Strange New Worlds’ Trailer Ignores Season 1’s Cliffhangers For The Better 4/30/23

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