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Summer: I do know that, it’s the only way that I’m gonna get through any of this.

Sharon: Good. It’s important to remember. What can I get you?

Summer: Um, two large coffees and like a bag full of carbs, please.
[Summer sighing] What is it?

Sharon: Just the way you said a bag of carbs just now reminded me of Phyllis. And that’s– it’s a good thing. You know, it may not seem like it yet, but eventually you’ll get to the place where you’re very grateful for all the ways that you’ve learned how to keep her memory alive.

Summer: Yeah, I know my mom isn’t fading away any time soon.


Lucy: So, Lily gave me the lowdown on the way here, but I feel like I only got half the story.

Johnny: Okay. Well, um, so Connor and I are brothers but our mom’s only raising him.

Lucy: And that’s Chelsea?

Johnny: And I have a different mom who was married to Billy, my dad, but then they got divorced. And now I live with her and my sister, Katie.

Connor: His dad and lily were a couple, but now he’s dating my mom. Plus, I’m getting a new baby sister. My dad, Adam, and his ex-girlfriend, sally, who’s now a couple with my uncle nick, which is messed up, but after a while, it’s like whatever.

Lucy: Most families I know are like this, all blended and mixed up. It’s kind of the way things are now.

Johnny: Facts.

Lucy: My bio mom was pretty messed up, so dad didn’t stay with her for too long, thank god. So, dad and heather raised me, but then they broke up and she and I live in Portugal. So, I don’t get to see my dad all too often. See, we’re all kind of in this weird messed-up club.

Connor: That’s cool. So can you speak Portuguese?

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