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 I miss you so much, mommy. I’m praying that you can come home soon. I love you, Rachel. I love you too, sweetheart. Another miss from your daughter? No, no. It’s the same one that you delivered. I am just gonna keep reading it over and over until I hold my daughter in my arms again. Oh, Kristen, I do understand being separated from one’s child is very difficult on a mother.

In fact, I do hope to be hearing from my child’s son. Right. Your son, my nephew, Dimitri. He is such a wonderful young man. Yeah. Well, you still haven’t explained how your wonderful young man is going to get us outta here when he is locked up in an ala Manian prison. No. Dimitri is not still in Amania. He’s currently in police custody, which is only temporary.

Mm. Is his magic peacock going to set him free? My darling, Dimitri has no need of magic. He’s brilliant, he’s charming, and he’s incredibly persuasive, much like his grandfather. In fact, he’s negotiating our release as we speak.

Well, what do you want? We need to have a chat, Dimitri. Huh? I have nothing to say to either one of you. I have agreed to remain in the custody of the Greek police follow await word that the ISA have conceded to my demands. So, Off you go. A man of your integrity may not be aware of this, but the police around here have been known to take a bribe.

Yeah. And I just gave the officer in charge a little incentive to take a walk so we can have some privacy. We missed your day bag. We hardly got enough time to spend with you back on your boat, and we have so much to catch up on.

So why don’t you kick things off

by telling us where Andrew Donovan is.

Hey. Good to see you, Ken. Me too.

What are you, uh, what are you doing here? Well, I know that you were worried about Andrew. I thought I’d just, uh, come on out. Yeah. Well, you wouldn’t have flown halfway across the country if you didn’t have something to tell me. Something you didn’t wanna say over the phone.

Angie’s in trouble. You got that right kid. Andrew’s been kidnapped.

What’s what’s.

How are you? Where am I? You don’t remember how you got here, do you?

I need your help. Turns out Kay Roberts is alive and we need to find her. Okay. Well, but why would you ask me for help? Hmm. For starters, you are a highly decorated Navy seal. Yeah. Who’s done irreparable damage to your family? So again, why would you want my help? How would you like a shot of redemption?

Yeah, yeah. I’ll take it. I’ll do whatever I can to make up for what I did to hope in your family. Yes.

Good evening.

This is Donovan Isa. Agent Andrew Donovan, who wants to know. The person who has Paul Nita tied to a chair with a knife to his throat, and in case that mental image isn’t clear enough, I’ll send you a picture as soon as we hang up, you have my attention. Good, good. Well, if you ever wanna see your handsome boyfriend again, you’ll tell no one about this call.

You’ll go immediately to the nearest airport and await my instructions.

Is there a problem? Oh, uh, just another case I have to deal with. Um, unfortunately I can’t wait. I wanted to smooth things over with Chad and my uncle Steve. Let them know you’re on that team. Yeah, I, I can handle and do what you gotta do. Thanks, commander. I’ll check in on the search, see how you guys are doing.

Good luck. Yeah, you too. But we both know luck has nothing to do with it.

Paul. Paul. Paul. Oh my God,

these pictures of Paul were fake. Yeah.

He tracked his phone just as we knew you would. You got your fast agent. Donovan must really like this Paul fellow a lot. Sorry to say you’ve been here for a while. Slide suggests you have a seat.

Yes, I remember exactly how I got here.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So Dimitri got someone to keep his prison bunk warm while he was out living his best life. I did that once myself, but unfortunately my doppelganger is no longer available. The idiots who run this place probably wouldn’t notice if I tucked a mop under my blanket and ducked outta here, but, To pull off a swap in a maximum security amania prison is nearly impossible.

And yet my Dimitri managed it with ease. Hmm. Did he, Megan? What’s that first mean? Well, I take great pride in knowing everything about the DIR family and, uh, I never once heard that you have a son, nor did you know I was alive. You doubted me. Oh, no, I was just wondering, um, if this is some sort of a ploy, really.

Mm-hmm. To what end? Dimitri Vo Leischner is my flesh and blood. That is a fact. I gave birth to him. I nurtured him, and I raised him to be the magnificent young man that he is.

If you gentlemen are trying to intimidate me, I say it’s working. If either of you so much has laid a finger on me, Andrew Donovan will pay a very steep price and I don’t think his daddy would be too happy about that. You really want to go up against the director of the isa, it’s not gonna end well for you, Dimitri.

So one more time. Where’s Andrew? Donovan? So one more time. You will have that information. Once my demands have been met and the clock is ticking, always Megan Hathaway’s gonna call me here on my phone within the hour and if I cannot tell her that I’ve gotten what I have asked for. No. You want immunity for yourself?

We get that? Yeah. Why do you also want immunity for Megan? Oh, I know she’s not your favorite person. She’s a sadistic freak who brainwashed both of us Be that as it may for some reason I have a soft spot for the woman. Say, what’s going on here? She messed with your head too? No. Oh no. No. She hasn’t brainwashed me.

Uh, I didn’t need to be brainwashed to wanna help Megan. What? Is she your girlfriend or something?

Oh, hardly no, no, no, no, no. You see Megan Hathaway, she’s my mother.

I know you’re not very comfortable, but don’t worry. As soon as our boss gets what he wants, we’ll let you go. Who’s your boss? I’ll be back with your dinner soon. You sit here like a good little boy.

That’s not,

are you sure this photo isn’t, isn’t a fake. His best lab tech authenticated it. I mean, I was worried when, I hadn’t heard from from Andrew in a while when no one had heard from him. I mean, obviously I was concerned, but, but now I, I never thought that, of course not. Why would you? And you reached out to his father?

Yeah, I talked to Shane. He’s, um, Let’s do an million can to get his son back and he’s doing everything right. So where do we start, John? Is it true that you and Paul.

Oh no. Oh, so glad to see you. You too marlen. Gosh. Oh my gosh. Is it true? Is it true that Kate’s, all right, well, why don’t you see for yourself?

Well, not too bad for someone who’s been doing nothing but dodging death, right?


Okay. I’m glad you’re alive. Oh my God. I, I’m just glad we’re all Okay. Well, I wish I could say that about AIDS though. Yeah, we just came to the hospital. Uh, he’s stable, but not out of the woods yet. Yes, I, I spoke to Kayla. Have you been able to see him yet? Pauline is the only one allowed in for now. Yeah, I just can’t believe it.

I mean, what happened? A mad man attacked him in the, in the bakery On the square or what? Yeah, he’s been arrested and he’ll pay. But right now my only concern is that eight pulls through. Well, your friend is a fighter and when he sees you, he’s going to be so thrilled. Same as I am. When Kayla and I heard that gunshot.

Yeah. Well thank God my brothers didn’t go through with it. Yeah. When Bo told me to run, I mean I grabbed that little boat and I couldn’t wait to get off that God forsaken island. Then I was taken against my will and on another boat. Yeah. Chad Steven Harris. Michael’s rescuer from Dimitri. Mm-hmm. Can you believe that creep had me cutting the heads off Fish.

Talk about Deja Lou. Well, you’re not the only one. He took hostage. What do you mean? He has Andrew Donovan. What? That’s terrible. Yeah. Well, I think I’ll be okay because John, he’s on the case. Okay, come on there. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow it down, kid. Like I said, the ISA is all over. In fact, the person who took Andrew has already made contact with Shane.

Who is it? Dimitri Van Luner. What? I, I, I thought that guy was in prison for trying to decimate the plaintiff. Yeah, he was, but he escaped, but that was short lived. Now he’s in police custody in Greece, so they caught him. Steve Chad Harris tracked him down to a bill in the agency and they brought him in.

Now, in exchange for safe release of Andrew, he is demanding blanket immunity, not only for himself, but for one of the, Person who? His mother, Megan Hathaway.

So the way I heard it, you have been obsessed with Boe Brady since high school. I don’t like that word. Okay, fine, fine, fine. You only had eyes for you and that hasn’t changed. My heart will always belong to bald. Oh, you offered your other body of parts to someone else and had a kid. Don’t be crude. After my death, I was put into a cryogenic sleep.

Several years later, my father had me thawed out. Ah, I saw the mayor of him. I immediately wanted to return to Salem and fight for Beau, but Stefano felt that that would be unwise. So you took up needle point. Instead, my father wanted me to lie low for a while and spend some time in Europe, which I did, and that’s why I at Dmitri’s father, obviously you two it it off.

I wanted a child and I got one. Naturally, I turned my focus to raising little Dmitri, but after a few years, his father decided that my influence of little Dmitri was perhaps a bit too psychotic. Absolute.

Of course I was at a nonsense, but nevertheless, my boy was sent away to a boarding school. Fortunately, that didn’t prevent us from staying close. You know what they say? A boy’s best friend is his mother. Hello. My mother and I haven’t always been in physical proximity. We remain deeply bonded to this day.

Are you buying this that Megan’s his mother? No, actually I am. I mean, look at him. He’s a demer. Through and through. Ruthless, soulless. Oh. UPS can insult my lineage all you want, but it’s Director Donovan Spawn whose head is on the chopping block. So are you two gonna do whatever it is you need to do to set me and my mother free or are you gonna let poor little Anne for.

Yes. I’ll have to fetch another pale of water to wake you back up.

Looking for this.

I was never in love with Dimitri’s father. It was a beautiful arrangement. He was a means to an end, whereas Bo is everything to me now. Bow is in a coma, so maybe you should just move it on. Never. I have waited this long. I will wait forever if I have to. What’s your plan when you get out? Are you just gonna sit visual by Bo’s bedside, change his bed pan?

No, I will allow hope, the privilege of that. I’ll monitor his condition closely so that I can be there when he wake up, so you’re not going straight back to Greece. As I’ve said, as soon as it looks as if BOE will wake up, I will be there in flash in the meantime. I have my own destiny to fulfill, and the next phase involves a long overdue return to Salem.

That is the one thing that we have in common. Similar destinies to fulfill show. Let me remind you of your promise. You said that, uh, when you got released that. You are going to take me with you. That’s still happening, right?

Yeah. I don’t know how you did it, Shane. You got multiple countries to drop all the charges and grant immunity to Megan Hathaway and her degenerate son. You must have called in every favor you were owed. Oh man. I would’ve done the same for Trip or Joe. All right. I’ll get these guys to release Dimitri and then, uh, Make sure someone with a proper authority calls Statesville and gets Megan released, and then you, my friend, will have your son back.

Shane must be Lord sick. I hope Andrew was okay. He will be the IA like that. Don’t make sure of it. Well, I have to say being a guest of Dmitri is not a picnic. Yes, I remember. That’s right. You were held by gunpoint, by him, weren’t you? I mean, that was at what, the Hian Museum, right? Yes. It was that whole peacock business.

John dragged him to safety and, and then he and Sebastian took the pastor down. Okay. You just hang in there, brother. This will be over soon. Yeah.

Steve Johnson. Yeah. Who are you? Well, Sebastian a name’s familiar, something I can help you with. I’ve just been informed that Dimitri Von Ner is going to be released any minute now. I’m terribly sorry to burst your bubble here, chap. But, uh, Mr. Donner is coming with me. What are you talking about? I’m here to take that scandal back to Amania where he will rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life.

You don’t really think you’re getting outta here, do you? I’m certain of it, and I look forward to all the future holds for me.

Can you say the same? Excuse me. Well, we’ve already discussed how your, your gallon rescue of Kate Roberts was, but a desperate attempt at redemption. And I think we both know that well, you’re not one of the good guys, right? I mean, not anymore. How about you shut your mouth? All I’m saying is that a hero, like you deserves the utmost respect.

And I see the way that Steve Johnson, the people of his camp, betrays you. And it is not with respect. They don’t respect you. They don’t, they don’t trust you. And they certainly don’t accept you, and that must be so hard to face that, that you will never be good enough for the John Blacks or the hope Bradys of this world that I’m not like them.

I’m different commander. I, I have a, a deep appreciation for your vast array of skills, as does my mother. And as soon as we’re free from here, we’re gonna need a man just like you. So when you say, what do you say to you, you tell Steve and Company that they can shove their judgment and you come work for us.

Are you seriously trying to lu me to the dark side? Ah, between light and dark. There are many, many shades of gray. A shot of land, if you will, and that is where we’ll do our work. Maybe you will, but not me.

I heard many reports that Boe Brady was headed there at lightning speed before he got shot. Apparently, he was very determined to shed his old, I thought, told you to shut up. BOE Brady spent a lifetime, a lifetime playing the part of a very certain type of man, a good guy as it were. But apparently along with this awakening came the realization that if he ever wanted to become truly realized to, uh, to thrive as he was always meant to and become his, his truest self, he would have to discard of his old identity, the one that no longer served him or fulfilled him in any way, and an adventure into the shadows.

And he did Bo. Bo did that without fear, Bo embraced it. Now, if he can do it, tell me why can’t you?

So you want me to come work for you and mommy dearest?

You’ll have to brainwash me again.

Well, I will certainly take it under advice.

As soon as I heard the Greek police had that re in custody, I came to personally seat to his extradition. As you might imagine, his escape from Hall Romania’s most secure facility was quite an embarrassment. Yeah, but listen, this is an order from the highest court in Greece. It affirms our country’s right to have Vaughn Luner remanded to our custody.

Believe me, I understand why you want Dimitri to pay for what he did. He and his Nutjob mother tried to use me and my best friend to take over the world. The man is a no good son of a bitch. Not that I concur, but here’s the deal. If you take Dimitri back to Amania and lock him up, a good man will lose his life.

The Andrews life is on the line, and we’re supposed to just sit around here and wait. Yep. And I thought it might be a little easier to do just that with a little company. You know, I appreciate you being here, dad. It’s just seeing that picture. My head is going inside darkness. I, I hear you. But you gotta remember, Andrew is well trained specifically for something just like this.

Exactly. So how does something like this happen?

Did, did Shane give you any other details? Apparently Andrew was in Greece, helping Chad and Steve find Kate Roberts Will’s grandmother. I thought she was dead. Yeah. Well, you and everybody else turns out we were wrong. Initially, we thought she was lost in sea. Andrew wanted to recruit Harris to help with the search.

He’s in the middle of that conversation with Harris and he gets his phone call. He tells Michaels another mission. This one’s urgent. I gotta go. So he takes off, he leaves Greece, falls right off the crit. So whoever made that call alert Andrew to a trap. Andrew’s a smart guy. They couldn’t pull him easily, so whatever they used to pull him off that search had to be damn significant.

What if they used me? Why would you say that? My phone, it was stolen outta my locker last week at the gym. Now I replaced it, but what if during that time Andrew tried to reach out to me? Why didn’t they call the phone? It was stolen. Yeah, and then they answered and they told Andrew that I needed help or, or that I was in some sort of trouble, or they called Andrew and that was urgent call that he received when he was talking to Michaels.

I mean, either way. Damnit dad if he got hurt or worse because he was trying to help me. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. We’re gonna find him. We’re gonna find him. We’re gonna get him back. Kid

time tight this time. Double check it.

I assume whatever deal Demetri is making right now that. That I’m included, you’re my sister, you know, I wanna help you. Mm-hmm. You will help me. Yeah. You said last night that I would have my freedom once things got sorted out and organized. And it sounds, uh, like everything is in order now. Yes. But you have to understand this is an incredibly delicate.

Negotiation. Dimitri is trying to negotiate the release of two extremely high profile prisoners. Adding a third into the mix now could upend everything. So if the ISA is considering giving you two blanket immunity after everything you’ve done, oh well, you must have something huge to offer them. That’s true, but you can only push so far before they’re gonna walk away.

Yeah. See, that is not my problem.

I get my mouse shut about Bob being alive and in exchange you promised. You promised that once you got out that you two take me with you and I haven’t forgotten that. Well, maybe you did forget. The only reason that I am in this hell hold is that I was held responsible for the deaths of Marlena. Kayla and Kate, despite my sincere effort to return that orchid that could cure them, and if you hadn’t ordered bow to take that stupid flower from the mansion, I would be off the hook.

So actually, Megan, this is all your damn fault that I am here in the first place.

Oh God, Wilson.

I consider myself an authority on the Demer family. So if you are planning to make a claim on your birthright, once you are outta here, you are gonna want me on your side. After all, I know how our brothers operate a lot better than you do.

Look, Kristen, I do want to help you and I will, but to stick my nose into these negotiations. At this point you are asking me to take. An extreme risk. No, Megan, I’m asking you to make a choice now. Either you include me in my nephews deal and you’ll secure yourself a valuable ally. Or if you leave me in here, you’ll gain a sworn enemy.

And don’t think for a second that my reach doesn’t extend beyond these prison bars. Kristin, listen to me. No more talking. It is decision time. But be advised, if you turn your back on me, you’ll to regret it,


okay. Well, we’re gonna head back home to the pub if you’d like to have breakfast with us. Oh, thanks. I think you two need some time to catch up. Well, let’s do it soon though. Okay. Perhaps, uh, when Andrew’s back home and safe, definitely. Okay. Okay. I just can’t quite believe. We survived everything that Megan put us through.

Oh, I couldn’t believe it because you, me and Kayla, we are badasses baby. Here’s Roar.

Quite fond of Billy Reid, aren’t you? Agent Reid and I, we, uh, we went all separate ways. Oh, sorry to hear that. But she was instrumental in securing that peacock and returning it to your family, as was her boss, Shane Donovan. And for that, we are very grateful. Well, now it’s time to show that gratitude Shane is trying to get back something more precious than a statue.

At this very moment, we’re negotiating for the safe return of his son. Lord Jma. Andrew Donovan’s life is in your hands. Will you do the right thing and help us save him?

So did you get his Lord shipped to back down? I couldn’t help but hear his insufferable drone through the walls when you’re set free. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Amania if I were you. And definitely steer clear of Salem.

Oh look, it’s mommy call. Give that talk about pathetic. Give me my damn phone.

Hello mother. Yes, I have excellent news. You now will be free soon. Oh, that’s wonderful. I’m so proud of you, son. I knew you’d come through. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate. Mm, me too sweetheart. Dimitri darling, you have done such a magnificent job with these negotiations, and I don’t wanna ruffle any feathers, but I just have one little thing to add to our deal.

Last time you were here, you urged me not to give up on Andrew. Not to let logistics get in the way of being with someone who could make me really happy. Yeah, I remember that Well, shortly after you left, Andrew showed up and I took your advice and I committed to trying to make it work. We both did, and so things between us have gotten really, really serious.

Yeah. Andrew was in Salem not too long ago, and he told me that the two of you have reconnected.

I love him, dad. I really do. And now, and now the ISA is pouring everything they have into getting him released. Right. And I, uh, I just have that faith that they’re gonna succeed, that they’re gonna bring him back to us. To me,

if I father did his best to secure your release. And did he succeed?

What the hell? Megan demanded that Christer immunity too. The idea of those twisted sisters getting released at the same time when the deal was done, they were gonna let Andrew go, but now, now the whole damn thing could fall apart. You think they can say that? I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.

Hmm. So you haven’t heard anything about what’s going on in Greece? No, I haven’t. I haven’t heard a word from John either. I just hope that Andrew’s all right and that those criminals aren’t gonna come back and make our life miserable anymore.

Kayla, I’ll, I’ll call you back. I’ve got somebody at the door. Yeah. Okay.

Hey, thank God.

Okay. I know you liked the eggs, but I could have whipped up something a little more exciting for you. Are you kidding me? After a steady diet of lukewarm gr, this is heavenly. If I told you how happy I am at your home repeatedly, but it never gets old. Okay? Listen, this is your first full day back in sale, okay?

So whatever you want to do, we’re doing it. I can make you an appointment for a massage. We can take a walk in the park. Peacock and chill. The choice is yours. It all sounds really good. But honestly after I, after I finish this, I’d really like it if you could drive him out to stay still Katie. I know, I know, but I, I wanna see Lucas.

I do. And he needs to see that his mom is alive and well. I wanna see how he’s doing. Well yeah. You are right about, uh, will be in relief and uh, yes, he will be true. Well, I don’t know how thrilled he can be in under those circumstances, but I also wanna pay her visit to that bitch Megan Hathaway. Give her a piece of my mind.

Looks like I saved you the trouble.

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