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Abby: Our boy never ceases to amaze me. I mean, that look that he gets in his eye and then he busts out laughing, it’s like the most adorable laugh ever. It gets me every time.

Devon: It gets me the same too.

Abby: Well, you seem preoccupied. What is that? Work?

Devon: Uh, yeah, it is. I’m sorry. I’ve just been playing catch up with lily out of town visiting charlie in new york, so I’ve had more work on my plate, but it’s all good.

Abby: Oh. Well, I love that you’re excited to go back to chancellor-winters. I think it’s a blessing the way everything worked out.

Devon: What do you mean by that?

Abby: Well, you know, I know tucker’s on his best behavior right now, but I think it’s good that you didn’t buy his company and get wrapped up in him and mccall.

Devon: Yeah, I agree with you. I’m very happy that tucker’s company is someone else’s problem.

Nate: I dug up a little background on mccall’s subsidiaries. There are a lot of vulnerable, weak spots. We should be able to find something we could take advantage of.

Victoria: Well, I’m really impressed. I love a business partner who is proactive and takes initiative.

Nate: Well, thank you. But you deserve all the credit. You have a way of inspiring the best in me.

Nick: Sorry to interrupt. I need to speak with my sister, if that’s all right.

Audra: Tucker mccall.

Tucker: Audra freaking charles. How do you do?

[ Both laughing ]

Audra: Still in genoa city I see.

Tucker: Yeah. Surprised?

Audra: Well, you know, I heard you were sticking around despite your declaration that you were running off to greener pastures.

Tucker: As– as you said, genoa city does have its appeal.

Audra: I doubt it’s the town’s charm that kept you here. And I double doubt you decided to spend your newly rudderless, company-less existence playing pickleball.

Tucker: Don’t be so sure. I have a pretty good backhand.

Audra: Well, I can only assume the reason you’re here is because you’re still pining for the love of your life, ashley. And yet, um, where is she?

[ Tucker laughing ]

Tucker: You’re so funny. I can’t tell if you’re trying to convince me you’re not jealous and you’re actually are. Or you’re not jealous in the least, but you’d like to give me the impression that you’re covering intense jealousy.

Billy: So this textile company that victor signed over to marchetti is performing very well. Definitely helping out the bottom line. Kyle did a fantastic job getting that under the umbrella. Next would be the new line, jabot men’s grooming collection. It’s finally in production and pre-sales have been very promising. And, uh, I am talking to myself, aren’t I? Seem to be. Jack?

Jack: I’m sorry, what? What’d you say?

Billy: I said what’s the point in having coffee and talking about business when the only thought you have is on diane? Don’t tell me this is a permanent condition.

Jack: I apologize. I have been distracted lately, but we’re working on something that’s going to really help her case.

Billy: Help how?

Jack: I can’t get into the details right now, but suffice to say I am more hopeful than ever that we can clear diane’s name.

Billy: That is good news. I’m happy to hear that.

Jack: Which means I can officially get focused again on jabot. So, what can I take off your plate? What, uh, what’s the most important thing I need to know before I jump back in? Ashley might be planning a coup. Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

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Abby: You don’t have any regrets about turning down tucker’s offer, do you?

Devon: No, I don’t at all actually. The only regret I have is not having enough time to spend with you this morning before I go to work.

Abby: I know. And dominic, we have a very busy morning together and then I have to go to society, and you just said that you have to cover for lily at work, so.

Devon: I know. I do.

Abby: Okay. You cannot keep looking at me like that.

Devon: What’s gonna happen?

Abby: We’re not gonna get anything productive done today.

Devon: Well, we could actually be very productive, but it seems like you’re kicking me out. I guess the honeymoon phase is over, huh?

Abby: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Devon: No?

Abby: No. The honeymoon phase has just begun. Hm. That’s why I don’t feel bad about kicking you out ’cause we have so much time to make lots and lots and lots of love. But right now you gotta go.

Devon: I gotta go?

Abby: Yeah, you gotta go.

Devon: I’ll go. Bye.

Abby: Goodbye.

Devon: I love you.

Abby: I love you.

Devon: Love you more. Whoa. What’s with all these boxes in the hallway?

Abby: I have no idea.

Devon: Looks like nate and elena are moving.

Victoria: I think you should increase your marketing budget on those podcasts to maximize awareness and drive more audience interests.

Nate: Right. Sounds good. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I will get that in the works.

Nick: We need to talk about some budget issues with some of our newest acquisitions.

Victoria: Oh, really? Is that what you’re so anxious to discuss with me? The budget issues?

Nick: Yes, vic. Actually, that is why I’m here.

Victoria: Because I get the feeling that you actually want to turn this into another lecture.

Nick: Why? Because I just happen to walk in on you and nate yet again?

Victoria: Walk in? On what? Some chemistry? Oh, how dare we.

Nick: I didn’t say that.

Victoria: No, no, you don’t have to say much. You just glare at me and grit your teeth. You know, I’m actually impressed you were able to hold back for so long. You obviously didn’t hold your opinion back from dad. He was more than happy to interrogate me after you riled him all up.

Nick: Well, it’s not like mom wasn’t gonna tell him about it anyway. And what’s the deal? Is your new hot relationship with nate a big secret? Well, elena knows about it and she’s certainly not keeping it to herself.

Victoria: It’s not a secret. But I would’ve appreciated the opportunity to share the news myself instead of being blindsided by dad.

Nick: Okay. You have a point. Maybe I did speak out of turn, but my concern is for the company right now.

Victoria: Really? Well, then please explain to me again how it was perfectly fine for you to see sally while she was working here, but me seeing nate is somehow a recipe for disaster?

Nick: You just love bringing up sally, don’t you? Trying to compare what was happening with us and what is going on with you and nate. But you refuse to acknowledge one big difference.

Victoria: Oh, yeah? And what exactly is that?

Nick: Sally was never gunning for my job.

Audra: Are you suggesting that I’m jealous of what your puppy adoration of a woman who clearly doesn’t feel the same way about you?

Tucker: I’m afraid you’re not up to speed on current events, in that case. I’ve made quite a bit of progress in that department since you and I last spoke.

Audra: Have you now?

Tucker: Yes, I have. I live in the abbott house.

Audra: Uh…

Tucker: Yes. What you got to say now?

Audra: What’s rent like?

Tucker: Rent free, baby.

Audra: Oh.

Tucker: Yeah. Ashley said, “come in. Live with me.”

Audra: Wow.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Unrequited co-habitation. Good for you, tucker.

Tucker: Speaking of unrequited, how are things going with nate? You still banging your head against that wall?

Audra: Actually, uh, things are going surprisingly well. You know, I’d hope for a bit more, um, entertainment, but that was at first. Now, the situation as it stands, could work out better than I planned.

Tucker: That’s a fantastic way to look at it. I’m surprised though because I know how much you like to be entertained. And you’re at your most productive when you’re mixing quite a bit of pleasure with your business.

Audra: Nope. I am keeping things strictly business. You know, nate is hungry, smart, decisive. He’s exactly the kind of partner that I need and want at this stage of my career. He’s the right ticket to get me where I wanna be.

Tucker: [Indistinct], Baby.

Audra: Hm. You know, as opposed to a man who’s only occasionally useful, mildly charming, but indecisive and weak willed and then lost everything he has in an embarrassing fashion.

Tucker: Maybe you’ve forgotten who you’re talking to here. And what kind of milk?

Jack: A coup. I cannot believe ashley is planning on making this move. It’s not possible.

Billy: I said might be planning a coup. And coup is my word, not hers. But I know she floated the idea of convening the board in order to take a certain action against you.

Jack: I know she’s upset about diane. I just never thought she would go so far as to make this move.

Billy: Jack, she’s concerned about the way diane has wormed her way back into your life in record time, despite a very checkered past. She’s concerned about the undue influence that your fiancée seems to have over you.

Jack: I– I thought her threats were just, you know, something she’d blurted out in the heat of the moment, an intimidating tactic she had no intention of following through.

Billy: I don’t know if she’s done anything yet. But I have heard rumblings that she is gathering the troops in order to vote against you.

Jack: How is she justifying this? On what grounds?

Billy: Your unwavering devotion to diane, jack. She sees it as a sign of weakness. You’re too invested. You’re too concerned about a woman who could potentially end up in jail for a very long time.

Jack: Okay. Why are you telling me this now? You have a position on this. You agree with ashley? You also think I should step down as jabot?

Audra: Perhaps I misspoke. Our past collaborations have proved to be beneficial for both of us. We both got something out of it, in and out of the bedroom. That’s why there’s no need for insults. And besides, I doubt you would’ve even put out with me if you didn’t see something in my capabilities and respect my ambition.

Tucker: That’s true. On both counts.

Audra: Mm.

Tucker: Wow. I guess this is a parting of the ways for you and me. I wish you well, really. Newman media and all else.

Audra: And I wish you well with ashley, I guess.

Tucker: Oh, uh, do you mind if I give you a friendly word of warning for old time sake?

Audra: Yeah, sure. Warn away, old friend.

Tucker: Don’t get too cocky. Your new partner and the former dr. Hastings has proven on more than one occasion he’s not above turning on those he’s closest to. He can be ruthless if he feels you’re no longer useful. I wouldn’t get in his way.

Devon: Sharon, how are you?

Sharon: I can’t complain.

Devon: Good.

Sharon: You want your usual?

Devon: Yes, please.

Sharon: Got it.

Devon: Thanks. Sharon, I’ll be right back.

Sharon: Oh, take your time.

Devon: Thanks. Hey, you. It’s good to see you.

Elena: Good to see you too.

Devon: I saw all these boxes outside your apartment. You and nate moving and not letting me know?

Elena: No, those were my boxes, devon. Not nate’S.

Devon: Ah, what did he do?

Elena: I found out that nate’s been sleeping with victoria.

Victoria: So let me get this straight. You think that nate is after your job and that’s what you’re so worried about?

Nick: I didn’t say he was going to succeed, but he might try. It’s been my concern ever since what he tried to pull at chancellor-winters. What makes you think he’s not gonna try and do the same thing here?

Victoria: And you’re so damn sure that nate is up to no good with– without any proof of your suspicions and your accusations?

Nick: What about his track record of deceit and lies?

Victoria: At his former company on our behalf. That’s no reason to hold a grudge.

Nick: I’ll tell you what, let’s bring elena in here and ask her what she thinks about what nate did and just for fun, we could also bring devon and lily too.

Victoria: This situation is very different.

Nick: How about the fact that he’s always in here having these little meetings with you? Don’t you think he should be getting stuff done in his own office?

Victoria: Oh, please. He reports to me. Why wouldn’t we be meeting?

Nick: He’s been making himself very familiar with every division of newman enterprises. It seems to me he should be focusing on his own division first and foremost.

Victoria: So now you wanna penalize the man for smart thinking and broadening his knowledge of our company. You know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking for more synergy under the newman umbrella. In my book, he should be commended.

Nick: I cannot believe you cannot see this giant red flag waving right in your face. Vic, we have been here before.

Victoria: I already told our father that there would be no repeat of the ashland locke affair. So just drop it, nick. I’m in control. Just move on. Or the only person who’s gonna have a problem here is you. One prilosec otc each morning blocks

Devon: Nate and victoria are sleeping together. That’s something I didn’t see coming.

Elena: Well, I did. And I warned him that I was suspicious of her motives and he just kept repeatedly denying it.

Devon: I’m sorry. You certainly don’t deserve that. Are you okay?

Elena: I mean, it’s been rough, but it’s also been a long time coming. I just thought that he was gonna go back to being the man that I loved. I really believed he would change.

Devon: I mean, I always thought that if anyone could get nate to do the right thing, it was you.

Elena: Yeah. I gave him a chance to turn his life around and try to be the man that I thought he was and instead, he just threw that trust back in my face.

Devon: I don’t know what he was thinking.

Elena: He wasn’T.

Devon: He was obviously caught up in something.

Elena: Yeah. And her name is victoria.

[ Elena laughing ] I wasted a lot of time trying to think if he was mesmerized by the power or the sex. And then it occurred to me that it was probably all of it rolled into one. Power, money, success and a woman who has the same priorities.

Devon: I mean, whatever the case is, she’s clearly changed over the last year. And I know that I don’t have any room to judge anyone really, but I hope that you know that you are a whole lot better than him and this.

Elena: Thank you. I do know that. Honestly, I’m just relieved to finally be done with nate. He is swimming with sharks now. And believe me, he better be careful because the minute victoria smells blood in the water, she’s gonna eat him alive.

[ Nick sighing ]

Sharon: Nick, what’s up? I can tell you’re all wound up about something.

Nick: Yeah, but I don’t wanna talk about it.

Sharon: Okay. Well, I have something–

Nick: Thank you.

Sharon: I can talk about that might just put a smile on your face. I got to babysit little aria last night. She is such an adorable sweetheart. And we had fun just hanging out.

Nick: It is very hard for me to imagine you as someone’s grandma. You seem more like a cool aunt to me.

Sharon: Well, they can call me whatever they want. I was just so happy to have that little angel in my arms. And her real aunt faith can’t wait to come home and meet her in person.

Nick: Yeah, I talked to her. I hope she finishes up her work with her professor as fast as she can so she can come home for some much needed family time.

Sharon: Well, you won’t have to wait much longer. Our little girl will be here before you know it.

Nick: I hope so. Hey, what’s up with the, uh, the champagne? Are you turning this place into a bar? Because if so, pour me a drink. Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough.

Audra: Girl, I was just thinking about you.

Elena: Yeah. Why?

Audra: I can’t believe your ex.

Elena: Devon? He was just here.

Audra: No, no. The latest one. Okay. He’s just sitting there acting like nothing’s changed and it’s driving me crazy.

Elena: Well, what did you expect? That he was gonna walk in shouting from the rooftops that he’s sleeping with his boss?

Audra: I guess not. Besides, he and victoria still haven’t gone public and I’m keeping my mouth shut. For your sake, of course.

Elena: For my sake? Thank you, but… you don’t need to worry about me.

Audra: You know, I just thought you didn’t want people to know how badly nate treated you. You know, I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before nate and victoria get careless and everyone figures out what’s going on with them. Look, I’m sorry, but this is just not a way to run a business.

Elena: I really don’t need to hear the gory details.

Audra: Of course, you don’T. Look, I’m sorry for going on like that when you’re probably more interested in, you know, thinking about payback. Or do you plan to just walk away and let them suffer no consequences?

Nate: Hey, man.

Devon: Hey.

Nate: Just wanted to say, uh, thanks again for including me in the celebration for neil. It was really something special.

Devon: Yeah, it was. It was. I wish elena could have been there. I just found out earlier why she wasn’T.

Nate: I was gonna tell you.

Devon: Oh, yeah? What were you gonna tell me? That you couldn’t help ruining the only good thing you had left going on in your life?

Nate: Believe me, I am not happy about our relationship ending either.

Devon: You’re not happy? What, did somebody force you to have sex with your boss?

[ Nate laughing ]

Nate: I hope you’re not about to lecture me from the glasshouse you live in. Because if I can recall correctly, amanda caught you cheating, right? Literally with your pants down.

Devon: Right. Do you recall correctly how you got elena? Neither one of us can judge each other, nate. It’s just– it’s clear that you’ve lost your way in life.

Nate: Uh-huh. And I guess your life is right on track.

Devon: A little more than yours. You’re obviously not the man you were a year ago. Or hell, maybe this is you. Maybe the real nate has finally been unleashed. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. The last thing I want is you ousted from our family company. You have steered this company through some very troubled waters in the past and you always bring us out the other side.

Jack: I’d like to think so.

Billy: You’ve done a fantastic job. And I think our dad would be proud. Me personally, I am honored that I am here right now and able to take some of that pressure off you in a time like this. So no, I am not planning a coup of my own.

Jack: Thank you. That means a lot.

Billy: I think it’s important you know where our sister’s head is at. She is genuinely worried that if diane gets off and she is free, she’s going to want a piece of the jabot pie. And when you two get married, she believes that diane is gonna force you to give her a leadership position in our family company, jack.

Jack: Ashley is completely irrational where diane is concerned. And it’s absurd that she thinks that jabot is in jeopardy.

Billy: Damn straight. This company’s in good, strong hands. There’s no doubt about that.

Jack: Yeah, no small thanks to you. You’ve stepped up. You came through at a time we really needed you and I personally thank you and I want you to know I respect your leadership as well.

Billy: Thank you. That means a lot. And to be honest, I debated whether I should bring this ashley thing up or not.

Jack: You actually considered the possibility of letting ashley ambush me.

Billy: No, it’s not that, but I was worried that this was gonna turn into a shoot-the-messenger type situation. Because jack, you know, no offense here, but you’ve been a little over the top where diane is concerned and I’m wondering if you’re aware how this looks to the outside world.

Jack: And what do you mean by that?

Billy: Well, let’s talk about it. You professed your love and got engaged in a very public manner to a woman who was almost immediately charged with the murder of your ex-wife. It’s not hard to think how the rest of the world could look at that, especially where jabot is concerned.

Jack: Yeah, that does look strange. Um, thank you for your honesty. I hadn’t looked at it that way. But don’t worry, I will handle everything from here.

Elena: Are you asking if I want revenge on nate and victoria?

Audra: Uh, payback isn’t unheard of.

Elena: I mean, of course, I’ve thought about it.

Audra: Does that mean you’re thinking about bringing jt to town or do you have a brand new idea?

Elena: Oh, I have considered everything including sabotaging nate and victoria. But I don’t wanna waste my energy on something like that. The two of them will probably blow themselves up.

Audra: Hm.

Elena: They will hurt each other more than I ever could.

Audra: There you go. Let them have at it. Just sit back and have the last laugh. You know, if victoria wants nate she can have him, right? I mean, you did tell her off when you found them together in L.A., Didn’t you?

Elena: No, not really. She actually got outta there pretty quickly.

Audra: Coward.

Elena: But I did get a chance to throw a drink on nate.

Audra: Really?

Elena: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I’ve always wanted to do that. That must must have been so satisfying.

Elena: I don’t know. I don’t remember how I felt. It was all a blur. But I didn’t wanna make a scene in a busy restaurant. It’s not really my style.

Audra: I see. You were probably glad when victoria left so quickly, so.

Elena: Maybe, but I still have a lot to say to her.

Audra: Oh, well, you know, she’s probably in her office right now. Not a lot of people there.

Elena: Hm.

Nate: Think what you want to, devon, but deep down, I’m the same man I’ve always been. But you probably haven’t had the chance to know this since with you, it’s always been about you, your relationships, your inheritance, your company, your family, while I was always somewhere off on the sidelines. A convenient cousin. Someone to turn to when you needed medical advice. Someone you never accept or respect at chancellor-winters.

Devon: Hey, you went behind your family’s back to try and sell out our company to your new girlfriend. You’re still trying to make it about me?

Nate: I think you can shoulder some of that blame, don’t you?

Devon: I don’t at all. And I hope you enjoy climbing the corporate ladder ’cause it’s all you seem to care about these days. And I hope it keeps you warm at night, all right?

Nate: You know what, devon?

Devon: What?

Nate: I just had an epiphany. You never really knew me at all.

Nick: What’s up with the champagne? Are you celebrating something?

Sharon: Um, I wasn’t planning to. It just was delivered to me without a sender’s name. And then I forgot all about it because of my evening with aria. That just grabbed all of my attention. But I do know that the champagne is not from any of the kids or adam because I asked.

Nick: How about chance? I know you two are getting closer since he and abby broke up.

Sharon: Mm, I don’t think it was chance because he would’ve signed it instead of including the rather cryptic note that came with it.

Nick: What’d it say?

Sharon: “Memories are what life is made of.” I don’t think that sounds like chance.

Nick: Yeah, me either. I mean, it’s a serious gift. Really nice vintage. Is this like a smudge of paint or something?

Sharon: Um, I’m sure it came like that.

Nick: I hate to say it, but it kinda looks like blood. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Nate: I see you’re alone.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, not anymore. Lucky me.

Nate: I think I’m the lucky one.

Victoria: I guess we both are.

Nate: Uh, what’s going on with nick? He seems tense around me. Increasingly so.

Victoria: No, he’s fine. I, you know, it– somehow, he’s gotten it into his head that you’re gunning for his job.

Nate: What? Wow. That’s quite a leap.

Victoria: Well.

Nate: Where in the world did he get an idea like that?

Victoria: Often, uh, my brother has a hard time getting past other people’s transgressions, even though he has had a few of his own.

Nate: I mean, haven’t we all? I’d like to think that our past mistakes wouldn’t be misunderstood or held against uS. But to be honest, uh, nick isn’t completely wrong. I can’t say that I hate the idea of rising to the top here someday. I can think of much worse things than working side by side with you.

[ Knock on the door ]

Victoria: Come in.

Elena: Would you look at this? The two of you together and you have clothes on. Special occasion? Sorry to crash the party, but this just couldn’t wait.

Sharon: You really think that’s blood?

Nick: I mean, probably not, but what do I know? I’m not a forensics expert.

Sharon: Well, what is it then?

Nick: Probably just like a red wine stain from the store it came from.

Sharon: Hm. Nope. I doubt it. The color is off for it to be a wine stain. Who sends a brand new expensive, but damaged, bottle as a gift and then doesn’t include a signature?

Nick: Did you call the store it came from? Maybe they have some information on the anonymous sender.

Sharon: There was no information about a store or a return address. No postage or shipping information either.

Nick: No mailing label?

Sharon: I mean, there was the delivery guy, but I didn’t even think to ask him anything.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know, sharon. I mean, if I were you, I wouldn’t drink it, just to be sure.

Sharon: This is kinda weird, hasn’t it?

Abby: Billy, hi.

Billy: Hi.

Abby: It’s been so long.

Billy: I know. I’m a terrible uncle. Even worse great-uncle. How are you? How is that beautiful boy, dom?

Abby: Me and the little man are doing great. How are you?

Billy: Pretty good, you know? Right now, I’m just happy I’m not living at the abbott family house. I mean, a lot of drama, a lot of tension going on there.

Abby: I can only imagine. All of those people, with all of their own agendas living under the same roof.

Billy: Yeah. I’m actually worried about summer. It’s gotta be a lot for her.

Abby: Yeah, my heart breaks for her. Um, you know, actually there’s something I’m a little bit more worried about with that whole living situation.

Billy: What’s that?

Abby: I’m afraid that tucker is on his way to completely winning my mom back.

Jack: Ashley, get down here now. Where is ashley? Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Nate: Elena, um, what’s going on? Is there something I can do for you?

Elena: As a matter of fact, there is.

Nate: Okay. Uh, let’s go somewhere else and talk.

Victoria: Oh, let elena say what she came here to say.

Nate: All right. Um, floor is yours. You have our full attention.

Elena: Wow. You two are so in sync now. And you, the great victoria newman, ceo of one of the world’s largest corporations. You really didn’t think people would realize what’s been going on in this office? Or notice that you two shared a room in L.A.? No. Because it’s your dirty little secret and that’s what makes it exciting, right? Although, it’s pretty careless. Even your brother knows what’s up. And he is not the only one. Everyone is catching onto it. So this is the image you’re portraying to your staff and the rest of the world. How professional. You’re ruining your reputation for a tawdry, little affair.

Nate: Okay. Okay. Elena, that is enough. If that’s all you have to say–

Elena: Not by a long shot, nate. I came here to tell you that I am quitting the podcast. The contract I signed, you’ll be letting me out of it with no questions asked. And that non-compete, I don’t wanna hear any nonsense about that. Even though it probably won’t matter because I will be putting my full focus back on practicing medicine. You know, a career that actually changes lives, saves lives and doesn’t destroy them. A career that actually helps people and doesn’t just care about bank accounts. You know, I should have known you were a lost cause nate when you left medicine. You just couldn’t handle not being the rockstar surgeon, could ya? And you think your job, your position, your office, you think they really mean something? It just means that you’re pathetic. The both of you are so damned pathetic.

[ Door slamming ]

[ Nate exhaling ]

Tucker: You know, I always figured the manners in this place would be more gentile. Sometimes, it’s like a truck stop on a friday night around here.

Jack: I have zero tolerance for your snide remarks right now. Where the hell is my sister?

Tucker: I don’t know. And even if I did, I don’t think I’d tell you.

Jack: Oh, why is that?

Tucker: ‘Cause you seem quite upset. And I don’t know want you going after her.

Jack: Oh, so you’re her protector now?

Tucker: That’s right. Do you remember your warning to me, jack? Don’t hurt ashley. Well, that warning goes double for you. You understand?

Jack: Who the hell are you to give me orders in my house about my sister?

Tucker: Have you forgotten what I’m capable of, jack? You’re gonna back off ashley. You do not wanna make me your enemy.

Nick: Sharon, it’s not kind of weird. It’s definitely weird. Who sends an expensive bottle of champagne like that anonymously?

Sharon: Well, I’d be a shame to waste it.

Nick: I mean, most wine stores would have some kind of label or address. Maybe it fell off in transit or maybe somebody at the store just forgot to slap the sticker on it. I mean, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if I were you, I would err on the side of caution.

Sharon: It was kinda cute when I first got it and now, something seems weird about it.

Nick: Could it possibly be the bloodstain?

Sharon: You said it was wine!

Nick: It is. It is. Or it’s paint. I don’t know. Just go with your gut. The thing is, if it really bothers you, just get rid of it. Good luck. I gotta go. Thanks for the coffee.

Sharon: All right. See ya.

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