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Johnny comes home to the DiMera Mansion as Gabi stumbles down the stairs with a bottle of champagne in her hand. Gabi remarks that maybe she had too much to drink. Johnny notices the champagne and asks if she’s celebrating. Gabi shows him her ring and announces that she and Stefan are engaged again. Johnny asks if this means that Li is officially in the past. Gabi confirms that she has the divorce papers in hand, so it’s finally over.

Sloan and Eric walk through the town square. Sloan tells Eric that she gets that if she keeps any more secrets from him, they are done. Sloan then gets a phone call from Li, who says he needs to know if Gabi signed the divorce papers yet. Sloan says they just sent them over this afternoon and she knows he’s anxious but this isn’t a good time yet.

Rafe calls from the hospital that he wants more units out on the west side and for the APB on Colin Bedford to be expanded to state wide as he wants him found now. Kayla comes over and asks if she heard correctly that Abe is in surgery with a head injury. Rafe confirms that he is and when he got here, he had some sort of seizure. Kayla asks what happened. Rafe reveals that he found him on the floor at the bakery and that whoever did it took Paulina while now they can’t find Paulina or Chanel anywhere.

Jada screams for Colin to drop the gun. Chanel drops to the ground with Paulina as Talia then rushes Colin and begins fighting with Colin over the gun. Jada screams for Talia to take cover and let her do this. Jada and Chanel scream while Talia and Colin continue to struggle. Talia and Colin then both end up falling over the ledge and off the roof of the building!

Sloan asks Li why it matters when he knows she’s going to sign them. Colin then falls from the rooftop, bleeding, and lands in the town square. Sloan rushes to his side to check on him.

Jada, Chanel, and Paulina look over the edge of the roof and scream for Talia. Jada says she will call for help as she rushes down to get to Talia. Paulina worries about getting to Abe.

Kayla finishes a call and informs Rafe that the surgery is ongoing so they won’t have a status report for awhile. Rafe swears to kill Colin if Abe doesn’t pull through. Rafe argues that Sloan could have stopped all of this. Rafe gets a call from Jada and asks if she got him and questions being told about the Salem Inn.

Sloan tells Colin not to move as he will make it worse and asks what happened. Colin tells Sloan that “she did this” which Sloan questions. Jada comes rushing out of the Salem Inn looking for Talia. Eric helps her move the rubble to find Talia underneath.

Paulina informs Chanel that Colin attacked Abe at the bakery and wouldn’t let her call for an ambulance. Chanel encourages that it will be okay and says she’s calling the police but she gets a call first from Rafe. Rafe tells Chanel that he’s been calling for an hour and is trying to find her mother. Chanel informs him that Paulina is with her and cries that it was awful. Rafe asks what happened and if she is alright. Chanel says they are on the roof of the Salem Inn but worries about Abe being hurt. Rafe confirms that Abe is in surgery at the hospital and says he’ll send a unit for them. Chanel tells Rafe that there is more and informs him that Colin got them all to the roof and he was going to push her off but Talia and Colin both went over the edge of the roof. Chanel worries for Jada.

Jada questions why Talia did that as she cries. Eric encourages that help is coming. Sloan tells Colin not to worry and to stay strong as help is coming.

Johnny asks Gabi if Wendy was in the office today. Gabi says she wasn’t and asks what the problem is. Johnny says if she wasn’t there, that means she’s still in Seattle with Tripp.

Wendy comes home to the apartment where Li asks what happened to her. Wendy asks what didn’t happen since she was supposed to be back yesterday and was on her flight until a drunk man started fighting with the flight attendant so they got diverted to South Dakota to get him off the plane and by the time they did that, the crew had logged too many hours so they were stuck there for the night. Li jokes with her. Wendy tells him not to joke because today was almost just as bad as they made an unexpected stop in Boise. Li says she should’ve called. Wendy asks why since he can’t send the DiMera jet since he doesn’t work there anymore. Wendy complains of her bad mood. Li says he’s afraid that he’s not the person to cheer her up tonight. Wendy asks what’s wrong. Li responds that his mood matches her’s since he signed the divorce papers today. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry. Li admits he knew it was coming and he keeps telling himself that it will provide closure. Li asks if Wendy is going to let Johnny know that she’s back. Wendy responds that she’s not sure. Li asks if Johnny didn’t convince her that he only proposed to Chanel because of the drugged biscuits. Wendy assures that he did convince her, so Li questions what the hesitation is. Wendy responds that she may be interested in someone else.

Kayla finishes call with an EMT, saying to bring in the two patients to the trauma unit. Rafe guesses it’s Colin and Talia. Kayla doesn’t know but says they are in pretty bad shape so she’s going there now. Chanel brings Paulina in a wheelchair over to them. Paulina asks Rafe where Abe is and says she has to see him. Rafe responds that he’s still in surgery. Rafe asks if they are okay as he’s been looking everywhere for them. Chanel says they are fine but Paulina says they are not. Paulina asks about Abe’s surgery and what that animal did to him. Chanel encourages her to stay calm while Rafe says he will tell her everything he knows. Rafe explains that Abe was brought in for head trauma. Paulina worries about how long Abe was laying on the floor since Colin wouldn’t let her call an ambulance. Rafe assures that everyone loves Abe and no one will let anything happen to him. Sloan and Eric arrive at the hospital. Paulina screams not her while Chanel asks Rafe to get Sloan out of here. Sloan tells Rafe that she needs to see his brother. Rafe informs her that he’s in the trauma center. Rafe tells Sloan to go and stay the hell away from Paulina and Chanel. After Sloan hurries to the trauma center, Eric tells Rafe that he didn’t have to talk to her like that. Rafe tells Eric to look at Paulina and Chanel as he declares that Sloan and Colin are responsible for that. Eric starts to argue but decides it doesn’t matter. Eric goes over to Paulina and apologizes. Paulina questions Eric thinking he can just say he’s sorry after what Sloan and Colin did to Abe. Eric doesn’t understand and asks what happened to Abe. Chanel informs him that Colin bashed Abe’s head in with a rolling pin at the bakery. Eric asks where Abe is. Chanel says he’s in surgery and they don’t know if he’s going to make it or if Talia is either. Eric informs them that Talia was brought here. Chanel is surprised that Talia is alive while Paulina declares that she hopes Colin is dead.

Sloan visits Colin in the trauma center, where the doctor informs her that it’s a miracle that Colin is still alive. Sloan asks how he is. The doctor says there’s no obvious breaks but he’s ordered x-rays and painkillers. He leaves the room to allow Sloan to talk to Colin as he wakes up and asks what happened. Colin tells Sloan that he did what he had to do. Sloan questions him taking Chanel and Paulina captive when he was supposed to go away as he promised her that he would leave them alone. Colin admits that he lied and says he was so close to making them pay. Colin declares that he would’ve if it wasn’t for Talia.

Jada sits with Talia in her hospital room. Jada informs her that the awning saved her life and cries about seeing her go over the edge of the roof. Kayla enters the room. Jada hugs her and says she’s so glad that she will be treating her sister. Jada introduces Talia to Kayla as a good friend of their father. Kayla asks Talia how she’s feeling. Talia admits she’s scared and angry at herself. Kayla understands she’s been through a lot. Kayla says the paramedics did a good job bandaging her. Kayla checks her and says she might have a broken arm but they will know more with an x-ray. Kayla says that Talia is very lucky and she will get her painkilllers. Kayla then exits the room to give them a moment. Talia asks Jada how Chanel is.

Eric decides to take Paulina to the chapel to pray. Chanel calls that weird as she didn’t think anyone could calm Paulina down, let alone Eric. Rafe calls Paulina a strong woman and says Chanel takes after her. Chanel isn’t sure about that. Rafe asks if she’s ready to talk about it. Chanel says she is so she sits with Rafe. Rafe tells her to take her time. Chanel starts by saying that tonight Talia told her that Sloan’s brother ran the whole show and she was his girlfriend who had been working the whole time with him against them. Chanel says she tried to call Paulina to warn her but when she called, Colin answered and told her to meet him on the roof of the Salem Inn. Chanel adds that when she got there, he had a gun and said he was going to make Paulina jump so she would die like his mother died but when she wouldn’t, he turned the gun on her. Chanel says that was when Talia and Jada showed up and things got even crazier. Chanel thought Colin was going to start shooting everyone but that’s when Talia jumped in and tried to grab the gun but Colin started fighting her off and then they both went over the edge. Rafe takes that as what Chanel is saying is that Talia saved her life. Chanel disagrees and argues that if it wasn’t for Talia, she wouldn’t have been on the roof, Paulina wouldn’t have been in danger, and Colin couldn’t have done any of this. Rafe knows that Talia has been lying to them but asks if she was really in that deep and knew what Colin was doing. Chanel reveals that Talia admitted everything and that she loves that creep so she would do anything that he told her to do which is why she spiked the biscuits, stole Paulina’s keys, and was willing to sleep with her. Chanel tells Rafe not to let Talia get away with this. Chanel notes that Talia tried telling her that she felt bad about it all, but she still did it and needs to pay.

Jada tells Talia that Chanel and Paulina are okay. Talia tells Jada that she’s never seen Colin like that before. Talia knows he wanted to teach them a lesson. Jada says it’s obvious that he wanted to kill them from the beginning. Talia argues that it just got out of hand. Jada brings up the things Talia did and the lies she told her. Jada says that’s not her. Talia argues that Colin lost both of his parents and it wrecked him. Jada says that a lot of people have been through worse than Colin and don’t try to kill people. Jada adds that Talia knew it was wrong which is why she called her. Jada points out that she is trained to handle situations like this and asks why she didn’t just let her handle it. Talia says she knows but she just wanted to stop Colin from hurting Chanel and she never meant for him to go off the side of the roof. Jada questions why she gives a damn about him.

Colin tells Sloan that he had those two bitches right where he wanted them but then Talia showed up with Jada and everything went to hell. Colin argues that Talia was supposed to be on his side and she pushed him. Sloan questions why he was up there in the first place. Colin says it had to be on the roof. Sloan asks why he did any of it and why he didn’t leave. Sloan reminds him that she told him she would go to the police if he didn’t back off. Sloan says she misses their parents as much as he does but there are limits and he can’t kill. Colin complains that Sloan gave up and asks what kind of life she could live if she had to see the people that did this to them being free and alive. Sloan guesses she just did what she had to. Colin says that he did too. Colin states that they are different as he can’t forget what happened and how everything was torn apart because he’ll never forget.

Wendy tells Li that she was in Seattle, helping Tripp with Joey and she was pretty angry with Johnny when she left, so she guesses that made her want to see if there was still something with Tripp. Li asks if there was. Wendy admits that Tripp is still interested, she does like him, and they ended up going out one night which felt good. Li feels she doesn’t sound that over the moon about it. Wendy says she just doesn’t like not knowing how she’s feeling. She mentions getting so angry with Johnny, but she likes him, while Tripp is so easy to be with and she knows she has to choose but she doesn’t know how to do it. Li asks why she has to choose. Wendy admits she doesn’t know why. Li tells her that she doesn’t have to choose and says in business, the worst thing you can do is make a decision before having all the data. Wendy jokes that it scares her that she’s talking to him about her personal life and it terrifies her that he’s actually making sense. Li says he has his moments. Wendy notes that she told Johnny that she wouldn’t be gone long, so she wonders if he thinks she was lying to him about how she feels about Tripp. Li feels Johnny will take what he can get based on the last time he saw him. Li encourages that Wendy has the upper hand and can take her time to decide what she wants because they will both wait since she is worth waiting for. Li jokes that they’re a real pair since he has no one and she has more guys than she knows what to do with.

Johnny tells Gabi that Wendy was vague but he thought she’d be home by now. Gabi thought Wendy believed him about being drugged. Johnny says she said that she did but Tripp was there and he was here, so it’s kind of hard to compete when you’re not in the stadium. Gabi encourages that he doesn’t know for sure and suggests that he call Wendy and ask her. Johnny worries about coming off needy. Gabi urges him not to give up. Gabi points out that Stefan was dead and now they are getting married. Gabi declares that hope and love is what makes the world go round as she then heads back upstairs. Johnny decides to call Wendy but she shows up at his door. Johnny says he missed her very much and leans in to kiss her but she backs away and says she wants to say something. Wendy is glad they got the proposal stuff behind them because she likes him and being with him, but she likes Tripp too.

Gabi shows up at Li’s door and says she wanted to tell him something in person. Gabi informs him that after she got the divorce papers, Stefan proposed and she accepted. Li says she could have texted him that news and questions why she’s here instead of celebrating with Stefan. Gabi states that they have celebrated and she was going to grab a second bottle of champagne but Stefan was already asleep which gave her the chance to do this. Gabi then hands Li the divorce papers and informs him that she signed them too.

Jada questions Talia as to why she cares about what happens to Colin and if she still has feelings for him after everything he did. Talia admits she doesn’t know, pointing out that she could have died but he could have too and she would’ve been the one who killed him. Jada points out that she didn’t and he survived. Jada urges Talia to forget about Colin and be glad that it’s over. Talia asks Jada if she can just see that Colin is okay. Kayla returns to the room with pain medicine. Kayla tells Jada that Talia will need to get some sleep. Jada declares there is something she needs to do and exits the room.

Sloan tells Colin not to talk like that because the place is crawling with cops. Jada then storms in and questions what Sloan is doing there. Jada says it won’t take long and handcuffs Colin to the bed. She says he’s under arrest but she won’t read him his rights because he already has counsel in Sloan. Jada then storms back out of the room.

Rafe tells Chanel that he can’t say anything until he speaks to the district attorney. Chanel declares that one way or another, Talia Hunter is not getting away with this. Jada comes out and Rafe excitedly greets her, asking how she’s holding up. Jada says she’s okay and informs him that she just arrested Colin. Chanel asks what about Talia. Jada responds that she thinks she’s going to be okay. Chanel angrily says that she wasn’t inquiring about her health as Talia is just as guilty as Colin which she already knows. Chanel points out that Jada arrested Colin and asks what about Talia. Chanel then decides she’s going to check on Paulina because she’s worried that Abe might die because he got in Colin and Talia’s way. Chanel warns Jada that if Talia is not arrested tonight, she will be calling the district attorney tonight and alerting the media. Chanel then storms off. Rafe tells Jada that Chanel told him about everything that Talia had confessed to her, so he has no choice but to hold her. Rafe suggests Jada go home and rest but Jada says she’s still on duty and she has an arrest to make as she walks away.

Li tells Gabi that it must feel nice to finally be free. Gabi admits that it does but says she’s not here to gloat, pointing out that Li is free too to put himself out there. Gabi knows there will be somebody waiting that will be very lucky to find him. Li argues that after everything he put her through, she can’t seriously think someone would be lucky to find him. Gabi says she doesn’t forget the things that she’s done to get what she wants, so she can’t take the moral high ground here. Gabi suggests they just move on and forget the past. Li apologizes for hurting her and admits he got crazy because losing her is the worst thing that ever happened to him. Gabi says she looks back and calls it inevitable. Gabi admits they’re a lot like so it felt like something that could last, but even if Stefan never came back, Li said himself that it was all a game. Gabi kisses Li on the cheek and says he will realize that when he meets the right woman and she hopes he does soon. Gabi then exits the apartment.

Wendy tells Johnny that she’s sorry if she was abrupt, but she thought he needed to know where they stood. Johnny questions her not shutting him down just then. Johnny asks if she likes them both and wants to see where it goes. Wendy doesn’t want to make it sound like a competition but says she likes different things about both of them. Johnny suggests calling it a competition since that means he’s still in the game as they then kiss. Johnny then states that he likes his chances.

Rafe finishes a call. Kayla comes over and asks where Paulina is because she has good news. Rafe says she’s in the chapel. Eric and Chanel then return with Paulina to ask about the good news. Kayla announces that Abe has just been brought to recovery which Paulina is relieved to hear. Kayla adds that the doctor is cautiously optimistic that the surgery was a success. Paulina asks to see Abe which Kayla says she can allow that briefly so she takes her to his room. Eric asks Rafe if Talia is okay. Rafe says it looks that way. Eric insists that Sloan had no idea that Colin would do this and she would’ve stopped him if she had. Rafe tells Eric not to worry as Sloan isn’t facing any charges. Eric remarks that Rafe could’ve just apologized for harassing Sloan earlier. Rafe tells Eric that visiting hours are over so he should take Sloan home so she doesn’t run in to Paulina again.

Sloan tells Colin that he had to know this would happen. Colin asks if she really would have gone to the police. Sloan asks what difference it makes now. Colin argues that she’s all he has left, so he asks if she is for him or against him. Sloan states that he is her brother and nothing changes that. Colin responds that he doesn’t need a sister right now, he needs a lawyer and she has to get him out of this. Sloan reminds him that he assaulted the mayor and put the mayor’s wife and stepdaughter at gunpoint. Colin asks if he can count on her. Sloan repeats that he is her brother no matter what, so of course she’s going to help him, right as Eric looks in to the room.

Chanel returns to Rafe and asks what’s happening with Talia. Rafe informs her that she’s in the process of being arrested. Chanel says that’s what she was hoping for.

Jada returns to Talia’s hospital room as she wakes up. Talia asks if she saw Colin and what happened to him. Jada informs her that he’s not going to die and she arrested him. Jada declares that now she has to do the same with her. Jada reads Talia her rights while holding back tears.

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