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Sharon: Well, we should head back to my place for the rest of our date while your mommies are out on their date.

Adam: Cute, aw.

Sharon: Oh, hey. Have you seen aria since she first came home? You won’t believe how big she’s gotten. And I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s even gotten cuter too.

Adam: Look at her. Hi, cutie. Oh, how am I going to do this?

Sharon: Do what?

Adam: Uh, you’ve raised boys and girls. I’ve only raised a son. I don’t know how to be a girl dad.

Nick: Hey.

Victor: Son, join me.

Nick: Um, yeah, I was just coming by to pick up some food to, uh, have a little guys night with christian.

Victor: That age, they’re quite a handful. That’s not gonna stop soon. But I applaud your parenting skills, son.

Nick: Let’s, uh, let’s talk about your parenting skills.

Victor: What does that mean?

Nick: Referring to another one of your children.

Nate: If this deal goes through, it will be a game changer.

Victoria: Yes. What– are you having doubts? I mean, we completely killed that pitch in L.A. I have no doubt in my mind that this is happening.

[ Nate laughing ]

Nate: We were persuasive. I just wanna make sure we’re paying attention to the deal points. Not let any of the details get lost in our excitement over the acquisition.

Victoria: I would never let that happen, nor would my legal team. I haven’t gotten where I am right now because I lose sight of the end game, which is why I generally get what I want.

Nate: It is your superpower.

[ Phone chiming ]

[ Clearing throat ] So, uh, we let legal handle it from here.

Victoria: That was a complete 180.

Nate: That was elena, uh, letting me know what storage facility I should send her things to.

Tucker: I like the vibe of this place.

Ashley: I do too. Everything from the decor to the music. The drinks are great. It’s a perfect place to just forget about what’s going on in the outside world and just relax.

Devon: It really is. And we should cheers abby for that because she had a lot to do with it.

Abby: Oh, well, I may have contributed a little bit.

Tucker: If you’re your mother’s daughter, then you did more than contribute. You controlled every step.

[ Ashley laughing ]

Abby: Busted.

[ Abby laughing ] So how is everything at the house?

Ashley: We’re having so much fun. Let’s not talk about that minefield, please.

Abby: Ooh.

Ashley: You know.

Tucker: Ugh. Abby, may I have this dance?

Abby: Hmm. Me? Uh, don’t you wanna dance with my mom?

Ashley: Go dance. Go, go, go, go. I’m gonna catch up with devon here. Go ahead. Have fun.

Devon: Go for it.

Tucker: I’ll try not to step on your feet.

Abby: You better not.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Summer: Chance, is everything okay?

Chance: Yeah. I was looking for jack.

Summer: Uh, I just got here. I– I don’t know where he is. Can I help you? Has there been news?

Chance: Well, I was hoping he could answer that for me. Yeah. I got a cryptic call from him. He said he found a new development in the search to find phyllis alive. You know anything about that? Oh

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Summer: Jack said he found evidence that my mom is alive? Did he say what it was?

Chance: He didn’t say exactly what. Something about dna.

Summer: Wow. That would be definitive proof, right?

Chance: Well, christine thinks it’s just a bluff. Some way to support michael’s defense strategy. I mean, we’re dubious at best.

Summer: Sounds like you still think that my brother is lying about seeing our mom.

Chance: I’m trying to keep an open mind. But like I said, if this is a ploy, this is extremely unfair for you and I would hate for somebody to get your hopes up for no reason.

Summer: You don’t have to worry about protecting my feelings about this anymore.

Chance: Why’s that?

Summer: Because it’s true.

[ Summer sighing ] My mom is definitely alive and out there.

Chance: And when exactly did you decide that?

Sharon: Babies are babies. Boy or girl, really makes no difference. I mean, beyond the basics. Feeding them, rocking them to sleep and changing their diaper, they just want you to smile at them and talk to them and sing to them and love them. And you know how to do that. And the rest of it, you just figure out as they grow up.

Adam: Oh, I hope that is true.

Sharon: You sound doubtful.

Adam: Well, having a girl, I have been thinking a lot about my mom. And I want my daughter to inherit some of hope’s intelligence and strength along with sally’s incredible soul.

Sharon: Well, what about you?

Adam: Well, with any luck, nothing.

Sharon: Oh, come on. You must have some good qualities.

Adam: Maybe my chin and my impeccable sense of timing.

Sharon: All right. Where’s this coming from? You are always a good dad to connor.

Adam: Yep. It’s easier. He’s a boy. You know, I start with the obvious, just don’t be like me or my father.

Sharon: I think you’re selling yourself short. You’ll be just as good of a dad to a baby girl.

Sally: I agree. Oh, I haven’t seen this little nugget since mariah and tessa first brought her home.

Sharon: That’s right. You two were here that day. Well, I get the pleasure of babysitting her tonight while her moms are out on their first official date.

Adam: Hm. Oh, well, as hard as it is to resist aria’s siren call, I have some mccall business that I have to take care of.

Sharon: He’s not very good at fake texting.

Sally: It’s me. I’m afraid I have made things awkward between us.

Sharon: Oh, I’m sure it’s not all you and– and you too will just figure out the co-parenting puzzle.

Sally: Man, he’s really right about her magnetism. I can’t take my eyes off her. She’s adorable.

Sharon: Isn’t she?

Nick: I take it mom hasn’t told you that vic and nate are now involved?

Victor: Okay.

Nick: That’s it? You don’t sound surprised or overly concerned.

Victor: Are you?

Nick: Yes, I am. It’s wrong on many different levels. I mean, this guy went from chief of surgery to now running newman media in how much time? He tried and failed to take over his own family’s company and now he’s here. He’s got this thing with vic. It’s not right. It’s not safe for her, dad, or newman enterprises.

Victoria: So how do you feel about elena moving out and moving on?

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: Like I said, it was inevitable. We had grown in different directions, had different priorities.

Victoria: That doesn’t make it easy.

Nate: I’m not gonna say I don’t feel responsible for what happened because I do. Sometimes, the guilt is intense.

Victoria: You know, we’ve talked about this before. Sometimes when relationships fail, it’s not usually just one person’s fault.

Nate: It’s true. We drifted apart once I left my job at the hospital. Once we didn’t have that in common, it was tough. That bond was a big part of our relationship.

Victoria: Yes, exactly. People change, they grow in different directions. You can’t blame yourself for that.

Nate: But I gotta own that I cheated on her. And I feel awful for the pain that I caused her. And now that people are starting to find out about us breaking up, that wound is gonna keep getting reopened. There are gonna be questions about why.

Victoria: Oh, yes. And when people find out that I am the why, does that mean you’re gonna change your mind about us?

Nate: Absolutely not. My mind’s made up. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Victoria: So, anyone who questions why you and elena broke up, that’s gonna be your response?

Nate: Well, these lips can be persuasive.

Victoria: Very.

Nate: Look, I’m not proud of how things went down with elena, but that’s for me to work out. I don’t want you to think I hold you responsible.

Victoria: Mm. I’m a little– little bit responsible.

Nate: For being irresistible.

Victoria: Do you wanna get outta here? Let’s go get a drink.

Nate mm-hmm. Excellent idea.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nate: Yeah.

Victoria: All right.

Devon: Gosh, I never imagined in a million years I’d see them on a dance floor together. I’ll tell you this.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] I know.

Abby: I am surprised that you’re out so late and dancing nonetheless.

Tucker: Are you insinuating that I’m old?

Abby: No, I’m just saying, I don’t know. I mean, you were at dominic’s music class. I thought maybe you’d be exhausted.

Tucker: Mm. It’s true that spending time with my grandson is a new experience for me. But, uh, all that kid energy really invigorated me.

Abby: Well, spend a week with dominic banging on one of those little drums and we’ll see how you feel about it.

Tucker: Is that a challenge from you? I’m game. I would not take a second of it for granted.

Abby: We’ll see.

Tucker: Abby, I know you’re not too keen on me spending any time with your boy or your mother for that matter.

Abby: Can you blame me?

Tucker: No. It’s nice you’re so protective. It’s also nice that you’re willing to tolerate me for the people you love. Even just having a dance with me.

Abby: You’re flattery is transparent.

Tucker: I wish there was some way to convince you, like I’m trying to do with your mother, but I have changed.

Abby: Look, I am out here and I am dancing with you. That’s a big step. So don’t get greedy.

Tucker: Well, I’m a man who does not give up easily when he wants something.

Abby: Something or in this case, someone, my mother.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Who I love.

Abby: Okay. I think I’m not ready to hear declarations like that, um.

Tucker: I guess, uh, she didn’t tell you that I proposed to her either then.

Tessa: Bellinis and caviar. How decadent.

Mariah: And also very filling.

Tessa: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Do you think that maybe that was enough?

Mariah: Uh, I was wondering if we even really needed an entree or dessert?

Tessa: Yeah. I mean, you know, we could just, um, head home early and relieve sharon.

Mariah: No, absolutely not. This is our date night. The whole point is to remind us that we are grownups with a life outside of bottles and diapers. Everybody has told us to remember to take care of ourselves.

Tessa: Right. It’ll make us better moms to aria. Will you remind me how to do that?

Mariah: We’re gonna start by slowing down, okay? We’re gonna relax. Sip our drinks. Let the evening wash over us. And remember that the only reason that we have our beautiful daughter back at home is because we were two people who fell madly in love and wanted to build a family. And we prayed and we cried and we waited and then aria was in our arms and it all started because of love.

Tessa: I am gonna take care of a few things.

Mariah: I’ll pay the check.

Tessa: Are we really doing this?

Mariah: No question. We are absolutely doing this.

Sally: Do you think she knows? I– I mean– what I mean is do you think the baby senses the conflict around her?

Sharon: Only if you let it get to you. The baby takes her cues from her mother. It’s not like you have to be happy all the time. You know, sadness and confusion, that’s a normal part of any pregnancy.

Sally: Yeah. Well, I’ve definitely had my fair share of stress given the strangeness of our situation.

Sharon: You know, it’s important to try to set aside some of those fears and concerns and enjoy this time. Pregnancy is the one time where it is just you and the baby. You’re her everything. And that’s as intense as that connection gets. Once she’s out in the world, that is gone. You know, I just remembered I– I have to take care of something in the back room before we head out. Would you mind just looking after her for a minute?

Sally: Um, nope. Of– of course. Hi.

Adam: I hate that you feel uncomfortable around me all over again.

Sometimes, the lows

of bipolar depression

Sally: Look, I’m not uncomfortable around you, adam.

Adam: Sally, I know you. And sharon’s right. You deserve to experience and enjoy this time with a life growing inside of you.

Sally: It’s easier said than done.

Adam: I get it. And I hate that I’m a part of what’s making it hard. I know that you care about nick and you truly deserve to have that affection and support. Truly.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: But you can’t deny the fact that this baby bonds us. We’re becoming that little girl’s parents. We’re the only people in the world who can understand what that’s like, is us. We’re in this. Together. And not just raising her after she’s born. We should be able to enjoy moments like this. Seeing a super cute baby without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. I want that for you. But I’m being honest, I want that for myself too.

Chance: You know, when I saw you earlier, you weren’t nearly ready to accept the fact that your mother was alive and now you’re just fully on board.

Summer: Yeah, now I am. Before I– I wasn’t able to wrap my head around it. I mean, kyle had just told me, I was still in shock, but… I’ve had some time to think. And I had another conversation with daniel.

Chance: And what did he say?

Summer: It’s just I know my brother. You know, he wouldn’t lie. Not about something like this.

Chance: Yeah. That doesn’t really make sense for him to put you through that.

Summer: And now jack is saying that he has proof and he’s confident enough to share it with you?

Chance: A lot is happening very suddenly.

Summer: Chance, I don’t think that you would’ve come here to hear jack out if you didn’t think that there was something to it. Admit it. You think my mom is alive too.

Chance: Summer, I will be honest with you, if you are honest with me.

Devon: I gotta tell you, ashley, I was very surprised when I heard that you and tucker were moving in together. Just ’cause I know that we both had our ups and downs with him over the years.

Ashley: Yes, we have. Haven’t we?

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: He continues to surprise me, but lately it’s been in good ways, so.

Devon: That’s good.

Abby: Is it true? Did tucker propose? Please tell me you haven’t said yes.

Tucker: I didn’t know it was supposed to be a secret.

[ Laughs ] I love you and wanna marry you. You’d make me the happiest man in the world if you said yes.


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Nick: Nate nearly sabotaged chancellor-winters while he was there. I mean, if he could turn on devon and lily so easily, what makes you think he’s not gonna turn on us? Vic has never had the best judgment when it comes to the men in her life who are gonna betray her.

Victor: First of all, nate is not ashland locke, not billy boy abbott and not jt. And victoria has eyes wide open. To be honest with you, I find it ironic that you would question your sister’s relationships, whereas you lash out at anyone who looks and scans at your relationship with sally spectra. And by the way, for whatever it is worth, I think both dalliances will end soon.

Nick: Well, you are wrong.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nick: Yes. Sally and I are solid. I’m not walking away from her. As far as vic is concerned when it comes to nate, if this guy turns out to have no agenda and they’re able to build a healthy relationship that’s built on love and mutual respect, then so be it. But I know that’s not gonna happen.

Summer: You think I don’t wanna get to the truth of what happened to my mom?

Chance: Of course you do. But summer, none of this adds up. I think you’re hiding something from me.

Summer: Chance, I’m telling you, I– I listened to my gut and what my brother is saying, it’s the only thing that makes any sense. My mom is alive. She’s afraid of what’s gonna happen to her when she comes back. The question is, what can we do to help her?

Chance: Did you say we?

Summer: Yes. I mean, jack and kyle, they wanna bring her back so that they can absolve diane. And I get that because they love diane, but I love my mom and I need somebody on my team that’s gonna help me protect her. Please. There’s gotta be a way that she can come back and we can convince everybody that what my brother said that she told him is true. That stark is the one that coerced her into making this move against diane.

Chance: I mean, if I can confirm all the facts, I will do what I can.

Summer: I can’t lose her to prison.

Chance: Who knows? Maybe this new evidence jack found will change everything.

Sally: You’re right. We both need to be here for our baby. And it’s not fair for me to rob you of the joy of becoming a father again.

Adam: Last thing that I want is to be a source of anxiety.

Sally: Look, I’m really sorry that I made things awkward by saying you needed to keep your distance.

Adam: I get it. What you said really hit home. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it because it’s true. I haven’t let go of loving you and I never will.

Sally: Just because I apologized does not mean that you can keep saying that.

Adam: Okay. Will– will you let me finish? Being around you is hard for me and that’s not fair for you. It’s just– you don’t need the extra stress. And like sharon said, the baby can pick up on that.

Sally: Okay. So how– how do we work through this? Because before we know it, this baby is gonna be here.

Adam: Well, we have to find a way to get through this together for the baby’s sake and for the future of our family, however non-traditional that may be.

Sally: But the question is, can we do that? I mean, do you really think that you can honor this baby and still respect my boundaries?

Adam: You don’t think that I can do that, do you?

Trelegy for copd.

[ Nate groaning ]

Nate: That was, uh–

Victoria: No, let’s– let’s not analyze it.

[ Nate laughing ] Or name it.

Nate: Mm-hmm. Now, where were we?

Victoria: Where were we?

[ Victoria laughing ]

Ashley: I didn’t tell you about the proposal because it’s not real. It’s just something that tucker came up with. You know, he wanted to steal jack and diane’s thunder. That’s all.

Abby: That sounds like an elaborate scheme.

Ashley: Well, you know, for a second I thought it would be fun to kinda mess with jack and diane. But you know, it’s something I barely considered.

Abby: Barely?

Ashley: I didn’t accept his proposal, so.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s right. She turned me down. Everything she said is right, except for one part, the proposal was genuine. I was just hoping that the fake engagement would turn into the real thing and– and we’d get married for the right reasons this time.

Ashley: Well, it’s a moot point because there is no engagement. Real, fake or otherwise.

Abby: Well, that’s a relief.

Devon: Yeah. It’d be a little fast.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] No, we’re not exactly strangers and we’ve been there before. Right? Listen, if I had my way, I would blow her mind with the most spectacular proposal ever where she couldn’t say no. Well, don’t worry, it’s not gonna happen tonight. They’re gonna be no giant engagement rings descending from the ceiling or a choir of rock stars singing “at last.” Not that I would like that.

Devon: Well, yeah, that’s good though. It’s not happening.

Tucker: Should we?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: We’re gonna let you guys have your night.

Ashley: Nice seeing you.

Devon: Sure. It’s good to see you guys, too.

Ashley: Cheers.

Ashley: Congratulations.

Tucker: Cheers. Good night.

Devon: Good night. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Abby: Uh, I know exactly how I feel. It’s so weird.

Tessa: Oh, how lucky are we?

Mariah: The luckiest. We are in love.

Tessa: We have a beautiful baby at home.

Mariah: Who is being safely taken care of by my mother.

Tessa: With a village to help us so that we get to enjoy this amazing experience.

Mariah: Motherhood.

Tessa: Oh, uh, I meant booking a room and having sex in this spur of the moment just to remind us how hot we are.

[ Tessa laughing ]

Mariah: Oh, right, that too.

Tessa: I wanna do this again. Book a room on our date night. Neither of us were raised by parents who loved us or each other. And I just, um, really want that for our daughter.

Mariah: She’s gonna have it. She is gonna know what a romantic and loving equal partnership looks like. And we are gonna raise a wonderful little girl who is gonna mature into an amazing woman.

Tessa: Just like her mother.

[ Both laughing ]

Chance: Now I have been honest with you, summer. Why don’t you return the favor?

Summer: What do you mean?

Chance: What have you and daniel been arguing about? Every time I see you, the tension is just really thick.

Summer: I mean, we thought that our mom was dead and that my mother-in-law murdered her. It’s a pretty tense situation, you know? And then I found out that he saw our mom and didn’t immediately tell me. It’s not just one thing. It’s a lot. And I guess, sometimes, you take it out on the people that you’re closest to, right?

Chance: Or you two have known about phyllis for longer than you’ve led on.

Summer: Why would you think that?

Chance: I saw you two arguing at crimson lights. And daniel was just as evasive as you just were when I asked him if everything was okay.

Summer: Honestly, chance, I haven’t wanted to get into it with well-meaning people. And I imagine maybe he’s feeling the same way.

Chance: Yeah, maybe. He sidestep my concern with a lot of pointed questions about diane and the case. I mean, I just felt like he was pulling for information.

Summer: That would make sense, right? Because we thought that our mom had been murdered and you’re a detective.

Chance: Sure. And at the time, I thought he was concerned about diane getting off somehow, right? You know, your mother’s murderer wouldn’t be punished. But now I’m thinking, it makes a lot more sense if at that time, he knew phyllis was alive. He was concerned about diane going to jail over a crime she didn’t commit.

Summer: So maybe he did know then.

Chance: And you know what, all your little hypothetical questions seem a lot less hypothetical if you already believed that she was alive.

Summer: What’s your point, chance?

Chance: Were you two trying to figure out how to handle this? How to deal with the fact that your mother framed diane and murdered stark?

Summer: That is quite a theory.

Chance: You said you want my help, summer. Having all of the facts, especially with a case this complicated, would go a long way if you’re helping me help you. And I think there’s a lot more to this story that I haven’t heard yet.

Tucker: They seem to be having a nice time.

Ashley: Yes. And I’m very happy for them. But I’m not happy that you told abby about your proposal.

Tucker: Ah, it’s all in clean fun.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Coming up with fake engagements to torture jack and diane because we’re so mature.

Tucker: No, I consider it uh, finding unique ways to earn your love and respect. I know you. I know how to make you smile. I can use your help on one thing though.

Ashley: Well, how novel. You’re asking my opinion before you take action.

Tucker: What kind of proposal would you like?.

Ashley: Whoa. Whoa. Slow things down, buddy. I mean, you haven’t even moved your socks into my room yet.

Tucker: I’m– I’m not talking about tomorrow. I just, you know, I like to plan ahead. And I can see where this is going.

Ashley: Danger. Seriously. To have that kind of confidence. Dangerous.

Tucker: Okay. Let’s say there was a man and this man wanted to marry you and he were to propose to you. What would you prefer?

Ashley: I don’t want your marriage–

Tucker: Humor me.

Ashley: Shh. Well, I can tell you what I don’t want.

Tucker: All right, let’s start there.

Ashley: Okay. I don’t want anything flashy or extravagant.

Tucker: Fantastic. That eliminates most of the items on my list.

Ashley: Yeah, I figured. But you know, I like surprises, so that might be nice. I think it would have to be something intimate, meaningful to the relationship that I share with this imaginary man. That’s all I would need.

Summer: I don’t know why you’re interrogating me. Chance, if you don’t wanna help me, then just don’t, okay?

Chance: Summer, I do wanna help, but none of this is adding up. Do you know what would convince me that all this is true? If someone other than daniel could confirm this story. If there was someone else who saw or spoke with phyllis. You know, I haven’t been completely sold on this whole phyllis being alive thing because there’s one part of the story that doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s hard for me to believe that she would reach out to daniel and not you. I mean, if anything, I think she’d reach out to you first.

Summer: You don’t think that that stings? My mom and I were fighting.

Chance: I understand you were on the outs. I get that, but your connection was always so strong. And the idea of her letting you believe that she was dead. You saw her too, didn’t you? And you kept that from your husband. You were prepared to let his mother go on trial for a murder you knew she didn’t commit.

Adam: I know that I need to deal with my feelings and let go of the fantasy that there’s a future for us romantically. That part’s obvious. And I’m gonna be an adult. I’m gonna do the hard emotional work because nothing is more important than caring for this baby.

Sally: Thank you. If you really mean it.

Adam: I do.

Sally: Okay. Then, we’ll figure out the rest.

Sharon: Well, that took a little bit longer than I thought, but thank you for looking after her.

Sally: Yeah, of course. She was an angel. I hope our daughter has a similar temperament. Anyway, I should get going. Bye.

Sharon: Everything okay?

Adam: Uh, not yet, but we’ll get there. You celebrating something important?

Sharon: Uh, yeah. Actually, I thought the bottle was from you. There was no name on the card.

Adam: Oh, well, in that case, it’s from me.

Sharon: Yeah. Liar.

Adam: Well, I wish I thought of it because I owe you for our friendship, especially through all of this. I know that you didn’t just go in the back to get some work done. I know you were just giving us some space. It’s a really good vintage, sharon. You should enjoy it.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. The vendor just sounds so familiar to me and yet I can’t place it.

Adam: Well, what did the card say?

Sharon: It said, “memories are what life is made of.”

Adam: Sounds like a secret admirer from the past, hm?

Nick: Next week on the young and the restless…

Elena: Would you look at this? The two of you together and you have clothes on.

Billy: Ashley might be planning a coup.

Nick: Is this like a smudge of paint or something?

Sharon: I’m sure it came like that.

Nick: I hate to say it, but it kinda looks like blood.

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