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Chanel makes breakfast for Abe and Paulina. Paulina talks about still having what she made yesterday and before. Chanel complains that she needs a new hobby and admits it’s crazy to be making all this stuff for just them now that she’s unemployed. Paulina talks about the time it’s taking to find evidence against Sloan but encourages that Abe is pulling every string he can to get the health department off her back so that she can reopen Sweet Bits Bakery. Abe knows the process isn’t going as fast as they would like, but they have to go through the proper channels. Paulina complains about wanting the police to do their job. Paulina calls it unfair that Chanel is punished when she’s a victim too and remarks that it’s not like anyone at Sweet Bits tampered with the biscuits. Chanel agrees and states that she can’t believe Jada suspected her own sister of being involved.

Jada returns to Colin’s motel room but finds Rafe there instead, who says he’s there doing the same thing that she is.

Colin and Talia lay in bed together. Colin talks about wanting to stay like this forever and how the bed is way better than the awful motel. Talia knows no one saw them check in late last night since it was after midnight, but he’s staying in the middle of town which makes her worry. Colin gets a call from Sloan but ignores it. Colin tells Talia that this is the only option and says it’s not just because her sister showed up asking questions, but because his did too.

Sloan leaves a message for Colin, saying she needs to make sure he left town. Sloan knows he had other plans but assures this is for the best. Sloan says to call her when she gets this and that she loves him as she hangs up. Eric comes out of the shower and says he couldn’t help but overhear her conversation so he asks who she was talking to and what that was all about.

Anna joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Anna asks how she’s feeling and if she has any morning sickness yet. Nicole says no but just a little panic stricken. Anna knows she has entrusted her secret with her and she’s very honored that she has earned her confidence, but she has a confession to make. Anna says it was an accident and that she didn’t mean to do it so she asks Nicole not to be upset with her. Nicole worries that Anna told EJ that she is pregnant. Anna assures that she didn’t tell EJ or anyone else that she’s pregnant but reveals that the chain broke on the necklace that she lent her. Nicole tells her not to worry about it. Anna assures that she will get it fixed and get it back to her. Anna remembers how upset she was when Susan broke her crystal heart. Anna then asks if Nicole is keeping this secret forever and points out that she’s going to be showing soon. Nicole doesn’t know and asks if it matters if she tells anyone if she can’t carry the baby to term but if she can, then it matters and that’s why she’s panicking. Nicole adds that she made an appointment with Kayla for a paternity test but that’s not for a couple of weeks. Anna knows she asked who Nicole hoped the father is and she said she didn’t care as long as the baby is healthy. Anna then guesses that Nicole hopes the baby is Eric’s.

Sloan tells Eric that she can explain. Eric says he didn’t mean to pry but he heard her say I love you. Sloan admits she was leaving a message for her brother. Eric notes that she hasn’t mentioned him in a long time and asks if everything is okay.

Talia questions Colin about his sister knowing he’s in town. Colin explains that Sloan overheard Jada talking to Rafe about some British guy at the motel and Sloan figured everything out. Colin adds that Sloan was pretty upset about being the prime suspect in all of the crimes against Chanel and Paulina. Colin tells her that Sloan’s boyfriend ate one of the biscuits and slept with another woman while under the influence. Colin states that Sloan was so upset that she told him that he didn’t get out of town and call the whole thing off, she would go to the police and tell them about his involvement. Talia realizes that is why Colin was packing last night. Colin admits he was going to cut his losses and take off, but then Talia came back and told him how hard Chanel had fallen for her and he realized he can’t leave now. Talia asks why not, arguing that Chanel’s bakery is shut down and he scared the hell out of Paulina with those threats. Talia feels it’s the perfect time to get out before they get caught.

Chanel says she’s so relieved that Talia has been cleared even though it made no sense for the police to suspect her in the first place. Abe notes that Talia had reasonable explanations for all of Jada’s questions. Paulina feels Talia was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, so Chanel doesn’t need to worry about her as she will be fine. Chanel is glad as she has plenty of other things to worry about. Melinda Trask then shows up at the door and says she’s here to see Abe. Abe questions the district attorney making house calls. Melinda says she has some rather delicate matters to discuss with him outside of City Hall. Melinda adds that it concerns Paulina and Chanel as well. Chanel asks what’s going on. Melinda thinks they will be on the same page for once. Melinda then announces that she needs Abe to fire Rafe Hernandez.

Jada asks if Rafe came to talk Colin away from her sister. Rafe says that and to warn him to leave town as he figured a stern talking to from the police commissioner might convince him to do the right thing, but he was gone when he got there and had checked out late last night. Jada notes that was right after she started asking questions. Rafe notes that he checked out using his same alias of Colin Firth and paid in cash. Jada calls him scum for how he treated her sister. Jada feels like it sounds like there must be something more to this. Rafe feels it could be something criminal.

Abe questions why the hell he would fire Rafe. Melinda argues that the Sweet Bits debacle is far from Rafe’s first abject failure. Melinda believes she speaks for the people of Salem when she says enough is enough. Abe reminds her that Rafe was also poisoned by the biscuits and has every incentive to solve this case which he has worked very hard to do. Abe adds that Sloan might be their lead suspect but there is not a shred of evidence, so they may never be able to prosecute this case. Melinda argues that she could with the proper support from the police department. Melinda says she needs someone in this job who will get things done and isn’t afraid to bend the rules to do so. Abe supposes she has someone in mind. Melinda reveals she wants Paulina to take over.

Talia tells Colin that they can go back to New York where she can start working as a doctor again and they can get their lives back. Colin says when this is all over, they will do that but they can’t pull the plug now. Colin adds that Sloan doesn’t know anything about Talia with Chanel, so they don’t have to abandon that part of the plan, especially when Talia is so close to breaking Chanel’s heart. Talia says she really hates to disappoint him or let him down, but she can’t take this anymore as she doesn’t want to do this.

Sloan tells Eric that everything is fine with her brother and she just likes to check in on him every so often since he’s had it kind of rough. Eric notes that she mentioned that before but didn’t go in to details. Sloan talks about not knowing much of his childhood because of the age difference and then when she went to high school, he moved away to London with their parents when her dad became a professor there. Sloan tells Eric that after their parents died, she thinks it was even worse for him as it really changed him. Sloan says she was totally derailed by it but his grief and anger completely took him over to the extent that he could barely even function. Sloan asks what Eric is thinking. Eric hates to even say it but asks if it’s possible that her brother could be the one going after Paulina and Chanel.

Nicole asks how Anna could say that she hopes the father is Eric when she’s trying not to go there. Nicole doesn’t want to fixate on whose baby she is carrying or who she wants it to be and that’s why she is panicking because she doesn’t know what to do, think, or expect. Nicole cries that her stupid drugged one night stand with Eric has really messed up her life. Nicole adds that what’s making her panic more is that she’s likely to miscarry because the odds of her are carrying a baby to term are practically zero. Anna brings up Holly but Nicole reveals that Chloe was her surrogate which Anna had no idea of. Nicole explains that she and Daniel had froze her embryos because she had already had two miscarriages. Nicole talks about how she didn’t want anything to do with EJ in the second one and both times, he was livid with her. Nicole thought she put all that pain behind her but now being pregnant has brought back all the possibility and fear. Anna encourages that medicine has come a long way in the last few years. Anna declares that what was impossible back then might not be impossible now and maybe she can have a successful, healthy pregnancy after all. Nicole says she’s read articles about advanced medicine and she knows even with high risk pregnancy, that there is a likelihood of a positive outcome more than a few years ago but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up or Eric’s. Anna asks why she’d be worried about getting Eric’s hopes up. Nicole explains that Eric always wanted to be a dad and first he lost McKenzie, then Jada was pregnant but got an abortion, and the only reason they aren’t together is because he blames her. Anna argues that was Jada’s choice. Nicole says if Eric is the father and she does have a miscarriage, she will feel like she’s taking yet another child away from him.

Sloan questions why Eric would even ask her that when he knows nothing about her brother. Eric points out that she just told him that he was more traumatized than she was by what happened and that his anger took over him completely in the aftermath of their deaths. Sloan admits maybe he has motive, but insists that he has nothing to do with those crimes since he’s nowhere near Salem.

Colin mocks Talia for saying she doesn’t want to do this anymore. Colin complains that she was on board with their plan when they came to Salem. Talia argues that it’s different now and that Chanel and Paulina are nice to her. Talia complains that she’s the one that has to look in Chanel’s eyes and kiss her and shower her with compliments and it just feels wrong. Colin asks how she thinks he felt when he found out his mother jumped to her death from a roof or when he found out that she was pushed by the same person who seduced his dad or when Paulina paid to have everything covered up so Chanel wouldn’t have to face the consequences. Colin argues that now the mayor is on her side trying to open up the Bakery again which means she’s going to get away with it again if Talia doesn’t help him. Colin thought she understood how important this was to him and why he has to do this to honor his parent’s memory and get justice for them. Colin declares that if he doesn’t, he won’t be able to live with himself. Colin thought Talia was on his side but remarks that obviously he was wrong.

Paulina questions Melinda wanting her to be the police commissioner. Melinda assumes Paulina is willing to do whatever it takes to put Sloan behind bars. Abe argues that Paulina cannot and will not go after that position. Abe adds that there would be blatant nepotism and he believes in her capabilities but he appointed Rafe as commissioner because he believes in him and that hasn’t changed. Melinda calls that a shame and predicts that him being soft on crime will get Abe creamed in the next election. Melinda then exits as Paulina remarks so much for her shiny new badge.

Jada tells Rafe that maybe Colin is gone or maybe he’s not, but she doesn’t want to take any chances of him finding his way back in to Talia’s life since the whole thing with the drugged up biscuits. Jada knows Talia gave all the right answers to their questions even if there were red flags. Jada says they kept questioning what her motive would be to sabotage the Bakery. Rafe asks if she’s thinking Colin is involved in this. Jada doesn’t know but she hopes not. Rafe bets he has a record and suggests checking the room for fingerprints as he has his kit in the car. Jada comments that it looks like the room has been cleaned. Rafe disagrees as he points to a desk in the room. Rafe notes that they haven’t even emptied the trash. Jada says in that case, they will not only pick up Colin’s prints but Talia’s as well and anyone else that has been in and out of the place. Rafe stops and finds a razor in the trash, betting they will get his prints off of that.

Talia tells Colin that she is on his side and he knows this. Talia adds that she hates how he had to suffer his mother’s murder and his dad dying, so she understands why he wants to get justice for them. Talia asks him not to be mad at her. Colin knows how difficult this has been for her to have to seduce someone she despises and she’s not even attracted to women while only having eyes for him. Colin calls her the best thing in his life and asks if she understands how much he needs her to do this for him. Talia says she does. Colin knows how much he has asked of her and says she’s been so supportive and understanding. Colin encourages that they are almost at the finish line at the end.

Abe jokes to Paulina that her current job pays a hell of a lot more than police commissioner. Paulina admits she admires his loyalty to Rafe. Abe says he’s loyal to him because he’s good at his job and complains about Melinda. Abe decides they won’t talk any more about Melinda as he’s going to put her out of his mind and go to the office. Paulina decides she will do the same. Chanel wishes she could do the same. Paulina knows how hard it is and how she wishes she could just go work at the Bakery. Abe encourages her that they want her to get back to running her wonderful business. Paulina assures that she will soon. Paulina suggests Chanel go shower and get ready for her day because they always feel better when dressed for success. Paulina promises the world will seem a lot brighter. Chanel reluctantly agrees to do so. Paulina knows how bleak it seems but says you never know what the day might bring.

Eric apologizes to Sloan if he upset her by suggesting that her brother could have something to do with the crimes against Paulina and Chanel. Sloan repeats that it doesn’t make sense since he’s not in Salem and nowhere close. Sloan then asks if Eric is going to get dressed today. Eric guesses that would be a good idea but Sloan says that’s not the answer she was hoping for. Sloan asks if he was a little jealous at first when he heard her say I love you on the phone. Eric claims he doesn’t get jealous but then admits maybe he was a bit as they start kissing and Eric drops his towel.

Nicole cries to Anna that she feels so alone which is ironic since she’s with child, so she’s not really alone at all. Anna encourages that she has her too. Nicole says she’s very thankful but complains that what is supposed to make her happy and be a blessing and a miracle is just making her sad, confused, and sleepy. Anna calls that very normal in the first trimester. Nicole wants coffee but Anna says she has to start taking care of herself and the baby which means no caffeine or alcohol and she has to start taking pre-natal vitamins as soon as possible. Anna instructs Nicole to call Kayla and get a prescription for those vitamins which she agrees to do. Anna knows it’s difficult for her but encourages that EJ is crazy about her, so if the baby is his, he will take care of them both 100%. Anna adds that Eric has always wanted to be a dad, so no matter what the complications are, he’ll be thrilled and also be there for them every step of the way. Anna declares that no matter what, this baby is going to bring a whole lot of joy to whomever as they hug. Nicole jokes that she’s sugarcoating that but she’s grateful as Anna definitely lifted her spirits as only she can. Anna promises that things are going to look up.

Jada and Rafe go to the police station to wait on the fingerprints from the motel. Rafe gets the results in on his laptop but finds out Colin doesn’t have a record after all.

Talia gets dressed and Colin tells her that she looks gorgeous as always. Talia asks what he will be doing while she’s with Chanel. Colin says he will stay here and keep the bed warm, waiting to celebrate her success. Talia questions that being it since he said that breaking Chanel’s heart wouldn’t be enough and would only be the beginning of him getting justice. Colin declares that their sisters kind of blew that plan to Hell. Colin adds that he told Sloan that he was done and would drop the plan and he’s a man of his word. Colin kisses Talia and wishes her luck. Colin tells her that he loves her. Talia says she loves him too and then exits.

Paulina tells Abe that she doesn’t know how much more of this Chanel can take. Abe then gets a call. Abe says that’s great and he’ll be right there. Abe thanks them and hangs up. Abe announces pressure from the mayor’s office has finally paid with results as the health inspector has agreed to meet him at the Bakery right now for a new inspection and if everything goes as expected, he will consider reopening on a conditional basis. Paulina excitedly calls that wonderful and says Chanel will be thrilled. Abe adds that he wants Paulina too as the owner of the building. Paulina thinks Chanel should be there too but then decides that she doesn’t want to get her hopes up, so they should wait until they’re sure it’s good news to tell her. Abe and Paulina then exit together.

Eric and Sloan lay in bed after having sex. Sloan’s alarm goes off to remind her to take her birth control pill. Sloan takes it and comments that she will have to get it refilled. Sloan then tells Eric that she can’t help but wonder if he and Nicole used protection on the night that they were together. Eric tells her that she doesn’t have to worry because there’s no way Nicole is pregnant. Eric then informs Sloan that Nicole just found out she’s going through early menopause which relieves Sloan as she calls her that poor old thing.

Anna asks Nicole if she should stay with her. Nicole assures that she’s fine and that Anna has cheered her up. Anna hopes so because she has a knack for putting her foot in it sometimes as she did a few times here by trying to pressure her in to telling her who she hopes the father of the baby is which is not what she needs to worry about right now. Nicole knows she was trying to help her figure things out. Anna jokes that she was just being nosey. Nicole understands she was just interested. Anna thanks her for being kind and understanding. Anna asks if she’s sure it’s okay for her to leave her which she assures. Anna says she is praying for her and the baby. Anna adds that she has seen what a wonderful mother she is to Holly, so she knows the baby is going to be very lucky no matter what. Nicole thanks her as Anna then exits.

Talia goes to see Chanel and asks if it’s a bad time since she didn’t call first. Chanel says she has nothing but time and Abe and Paulina just left for the office, so she is all by herself but not anymore as she invites Talia in. Chanel brings up Paulina telling her that she never knows what the day might bring and she’s glad she listened, because it brought Talia.

Jada doesn’t know whether to be relieved that Colin is clean or disappointed that they hit a dead end. Rafe says he was sure that Colin would come back with a list of priors and notes that he doesn’t know of any previous jurisdiction. Jada notes that they’d be there all year if they ran them through every one. Jada adds that they don’t even know if there’s been a crime here. Rafe then remembers that Colin is British and says it looks like they have a match.

Paulina and Abe go to the Bakery. Paulina talks about how cheerful the place used to be and now she hates to see it so empty. Abe hopes it won’t be for long. The “health inspector” that arrives turns out to be Colin pretending to be from the health department.

Anna runs in to Eric outside of the Brady Pub and says it’s nice to see him again. Anna mentions just buying wine from the liquor store and rambles on about it. Eric notes that she seems a bit nervous. Anna claims she’s very calm and tells him to have a wonderful day as she hurries on.

Nicole goes to the hospital and bumps in to Sloan. Sloan picks up what Nicole dropped and sees they are pre-natal vitamins.

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