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Kristen is in the prison waiting room with an old photo of her, Brady, and Rachel. Megan Hathaway comes by from working in the mail room. Megan talks about how it keeps her connected to the outside world. Kristen doubts that there is anything for her but Megan reveals a letter that she says looks like it is from Rachel. Kristen demands the letter and grabs it from her. Kristen opens the letter. Megan asks what her niece has to say. Kristen reads the letter, saying she has the most amazing news that Brady and Chloe are definitely not getting back together and she knows for sure because she heard Brady tell John and Marlena that Chloe just moved in with Xander which excites Kristen.

Chloe and Xander rush in to the living room of their apartment after hearing glass break and believe someone is breaking in, but it turns out that a poster just fell off of the wall and broke.

John brings strawberries and cream to Marlena at home and they kiss.

In Athens, Greece, Kate tells Roman how much she missed him. Roman says no more looking back as they are here now together which he calls a miracle. Kate agrees and says even when she got away from Megan, she didn’t think she would make it out alive and back to Roman, but here she is, no thanks to Dimitri.

Harris questions Dimitri saying he’s holding another hostage. Harris argues that they searched every inch of the ship and only found him, Kate, and his henchmen so there’s nobody else here. Dimitri then asks who said anything about his hostage being on the ship. Harris argues that it doesn’t make any sense since Kate is all the leverage he needed and he could’ve ransomed her for a fortune. Dimitri remarks that it’s not always about money but he wouldn’t expect him to understand that. Dimitri says he was holding on to Kate until he had his ducks in a row and then right before they interrupted, he received the phone call that he was expecting. Harris asks who the mystery hostage is. Dimitri says all in due time, but for now he should be more worried about what he wants in exchange. Harris guesses he wants full immunity. Dimitri says that’s for starters, but he’s not stopping there.

Roman hopes Dimitri didn’t hurt Kate. Kate says it wasn’t pleasant being his guest, but it’s in the past and the more time he is in her mind, the more he wins. Kate asks about Bo since Steve said he’s in a coma. Roman confirms they are not sure when or if he will come out of it. Kate says she’s so sorry. Roman adds that Hope is moving Bo to a long term care facility. Kate asks how the family is handling that. Roman says they are doing their best and mentions that Kayla is back home in Salem while Ciara is on her way back home to Ben and their baby. Roman adds that he saw Shawn and he’s still a wreck because he blames himself. Roman notes that they all thought Bo was dangerous and there was a time that they thought Bo had shot and killed Kate. Roman asks how Kate got through to him. Kate says she reminded him of his family and Hope, but jokes that he didn’t snap out of it until she called him Megan’s lapdog. Roman acknowledges that Bo hated taking orders from anyone.

Kristen continues reading Rachel’s letter as she says that she hates seeing Brady so sad now that he broke up with Chloe because he’s really lonely, but she’s also glad that he’s not with Chloe anymore because she hates her which makes Kristen laugh.

John and Marlena kiss until Brady comes in. They tell him it’s okay as it’s his home too but Brady says not for much longer as he feels he and Rachel have imposed on them. Marlena insists that they love having them here. Brady says it will be a little longer since he hasn’t found a place yet but he has some leads. Marlena understands he feels he needs to do that but says they will miss having him around. Brady assures he won’t be far and notes that he actually thought he’d be across the street but Xander beat him to the perfect apartment and then he found out that Chloe is moving in with him, which shocks John and Marlena. Marlena tells Brady that she’s so sorry. John argues that Brady has pulled all the stops to try and fix things with Chloe, so he suggests that he try to forgive himself and move on. Brady responds that they are both trying, but he really hates the idea of Chloe moving in with Xander.

Xander questions why the poster would suddenly fall. Chloe blames Xander for not hanging it right. Xander argues that it was perfectly secure but then another picture falls off the wall. Chloe jokes about the irony but Xander says he’s not finding it funny and he’s starting to think the place might be haunted.

Brady tells John and Marlena that he can’t think of someone worse than Xander for Chloe to end up with. Marlena argues that it doesn’t mean she’s going to fall for him but Brady says it doesn’t mean she won’t either since not long ago, she couldn’t stand to look at Xander and now suddenly she is moving in with him. Brady adds that he can’t say Chloe is too smart to fall for him since Sarah did too. Brady remarks that Xander is not only a loser, but he’s dangerous too. John remembers Xander shooting Brady and Marlena. Brady doesn’t think Xander should get a pass just because they survived and points out that not everyone was as lucky.

Chloe questions Xander thinking the place is haunted or believing in ghosts. Xander says he’s from Scotland which he calls haunted as well. Chloe asks who he thinks is haunting him. Xander worries that it’s Susan Banks.

Megan tells Kristen to enjoy her night and continues on with the mail. Kristen continues reading the letter as Rachel says she would give more details but Brady changed the subject and they all started talking about Bo Brady instead. Megan then rushes back and asks what about Bo. Kristen thought she wasn’t interested but Megan demands to know what she said about Bo. Kristen reads that Rachel said everyone is upset because Hope had broken through to Bo and right when it looked like he was going to be his old self, Shawn shot him. Megan begins to panic.

Dimitri tells Harris that some people pray to the Lord to get what they want, but he hasn’t had much luck in that regard so he prefers to always be prepared. Dimitri informs Harris that he’s not the only one being persecuted by the powers to be, so he is not seeking one but two immunity grants, and warns that if he does not get them, his second hostage will soon have an appointment at the pearly gates.

Roman brings Kate back to their hotel room and says everyone was glad to see her. Kate jokes that Maggie might have been disappointed but Roman assures Maggie would never wish harm on anyone. Kate jokes about sleeping in a room that doesn’t smell like fish or make her sea sick. Roman acknowledges that she’s been to Hell and back, so she has a lot of pampering ahead of her and he’s not sure where to start. Roman suggests a bubble bath or a spa treatment. Kate says that Dimitri wanted to wine and dine her so he let her take a break and eat. Roman jokes that he’s running out of ideas if she doesn’t need to eat or the spa. Kate responds that she does have something important to ask of him. Kate then asks Roman to put her ring back on her finger.

Chloe asks Xander if he’s joking or if he actually thinks Susan Banks is haunting him. Xander reveals that he’s been expecting it for a while since he was responsible for Susan’s death. Chloe relates to feeling responsible for someone losing their life and never getting over it. Xander says she should get over it since El Fideo was a monster but Susan was sweet and died a horrible death that’s on him. Chloe says she’s not defending what he did but says at some point he has to move on with his life and learn from it. Xander says he’s been trying so hard to learn from his mistakes and not repeat them, but somehow, trouble always seems to find him or he finds it. Xander says he gets desperate for money and an opportunity arises, then he’s deep in something illegal that spirals out of control until something very bad happens like Susan Banks’ fiery death in the car crash. Chloe reminds him that Ava Vitali was behind the wheel. Xander complains that Susan wouldn’t have been in the car if he hadn’t kidnapped her or been weak and given in to Ava’s money. Xander adds that Susan would still be alive and he’d still be married to Sarah. Xander decides maybe the apartment isn’t haunted, but he is.

Marlena tells Brady that she would never condone Xander’s actions but points out that he wasn’t responsible for Susan’s death as it was Ava that drove her off the cliff. Brady argues that Xander started the whole series of events by kidnapping Susan in the first place. Brady calls that just the latest in his long list of crimes, bringing up how Xander switched Rachel at birth and complains that he never takes responsibility for these things. John remarks that Xander has that in common with his uncle Victor. Brady says he keeps thinking about Chloe being under the same roof as Xander and worries about when his next scheme is going to be and how he’s going to drag Chloe in to it. Brady complains that it’s all Xander does and declares that he belongs in prison.

Megan cries that this is an evil twist of fate as she’s in prison and asks how Bo is. Kristen informs her that Bo is in a coma and tries to encourage that it’s good news. Kristen talks about how she’s recovered from comas. Megan talks about everything she went through to save Bo and keeping him alive for all those years. Megan breaks down crying as Kristen tries to tell her it’s okay. Megan cries that Bo would have loved her again and she was so close. Kristen points out that all they have is a second hand account from a child eavesdropping and the mail takes forever, so maybe Bo is alright now. Megan argues that Bo is the whole reason that she came up with a plan to get herself out of here in the first place. Kristen asks if she means get them out then asks where they stand.

Harris tells Dimitri that he’s had enough of the games and questions who he’s trying to help with this co-immunity deal. Dimitri questions Harris not figuring it out after all the clues and says he certainly knows her well. Dimitri reveals that it’s Megan Hathaway.

Brady apologizes to Marlena and John for interrupting their romantic moment and then putting all his baggage on them. John assures they are always here to listen. Brady says he’s done and he’s going to think about the good things he has in his life. Brady says they are at the top of his list. Marlena says they love him. Brady thanks them for always being there for him. They say goodnight as Brady heads to his room. John tells Marlena that when it comes to love, Brady has had nothing but bad luck. Marlena hopes that Kristen doesn’t find out that Chloe is out of the picture or else she’ll break out of jail and be right back in Brady’s orbit.

Megan complains that the love of her life is in a coma and Kristen can only think about herself. Kristen points out that Megan is the one who brought up her mystery plan. Megan says it’s not a mystery to her. Kristen asks what the plan is then, reminding her that she kept up her end of not telling anyone about Bo. Megan asks who cares since she ended up blabbing it herself to Andrew Donovan anyway. Kristen shouts that’s not her problem and complains that Megan promised her freedom. Megan assures that she will have it as her plan is very much in the works and they simply needed to get things organized and sorted out. Kristen questions who is getting things organized and sorted out. Kristen demands to know right now who she has on the outside. Megan asks why that matters. Kristen says she needs to know that it’s real. Megan reveals that it’s Dimitri Von Leuschner. Kristen recalls him as the guy who tried to blow up the world with the Alamanian Peacock.

Dimitri reminds Harris that he was doing Megan’s bidding while Harris argues that he was brainwashed. Dimitri calls that a convenient excuse for killing people in pursuit of the prisms. Harris says he’s ashamed of what he did. Dimitri brings up Harris hesitating when he had Hope in his crosshairs or if true love reared it’s head. Harris calls that a sore subject. Dimitri remarks that Harris has terrible taste in women. Harris states that Megan is in prison and that’s where she is staying. Dimitri asks if he’s so sure about that. Dimitri warns that he might not have Kate to get what he wants, but he still has another ace up his sleeve.

Roman questions Kate taking her rings off. Kate explains that she was desperate and made a deal with one of Dimitri’s henchmen to give her rings for a phone call to Roman, but the call didn’t go through. Kate adds that when Chad and the others rescued her, she was not leaving the boat without her rings. Roman is surprised she carried the rings around the whole time. Kate says she was going to put them back on but she stopped because Roman put them on first, so she wanted him to do it again for the last time. Roman says it would be his honor. Roman puts the rings on her finger and kisses her.

Chloe brings Xander tea and hopes it will help him get back to sleep. Xander thanks her and apologizes if he freaked her out earlier. Xander decides Chloe was right that he just didn’t hang the pictures right and he nor the apartment are being haunted by the ghost of Susan Banks. Chloe is glad he’s calmed down but she’s sorry that he’s so tortured by what happened to Susan. Xander thanks her and hopes she doesn’t regret sharing the place with him. Chloe jokes that she can relate to him. They get close but Chloe says they shouldn’t make a habit of ending up like this in the middle of the night together. They each say they need to get to their beds but they end up leaning in close.

Kate tells Roman that she has a suggestion of what they can do in the hotel room as she then kisses him.

John and Marlena kiss until John’s phone rings with a call from his son Paul. John wonders why he’s calling so late as he answers the call.

Kristen tells Megan that she met Dimitri once in Amsterdam and he was under another name while fooling Billie. Megan brings up Kristen losing a sapphire necklace and tells her that Dimitri told her everything. Kristen questions what exactly her connection is to Dimitri. Kristen asks if Dimitri filled in when Megan couldn’t get Bo to love her. Megan remarks that she has no idea what she’s talking about and calls her so judgmental. Megan then reveals that Dimitri is Kristen’s nephew!

Harris tells Dimitri that he’s going to need a whole deck of aces if he wants immunity for he and Megan and that still might not be enough. Harris brings up Dimitri threatening the world in Zurick and calls it a deranged plan. Harris adds that Megan is the only person that he knows that’s more deranged than he is, so the ISA will never let either of them walk out. Dimitri assures that the ISA won’t stand in his way as they will insist that he is granted his freedom.

Chloe and Xander almost kiss but back away. Chloe hopes the tea helped and Xander thanks her for that. Xander apologizes for the nonsense about the pictures falling. They tell each other to have a good night and they head to their rooms.

Roman and Kate lay in bed together. Roman comments that he assumed he would never see her rings again as he assumed they were in the urn with her ashes. Kate asks what he did with the urn of ashes. Roman explains that he had it on the end of the bar at the Pub because it made him feel close to her. Kate compares it to Anna DiMera. Roman says he wasn’t carrying it all around town. Kate asks if he was talking to the ashes. Roman says the weird part is, Kate talked to him too and says he heard her voice, asking him to help her. Roman asks if she thinks he’s crazy. Kate admits it sounds weird, but it seems somewhat familiar as if she was reaching out to him while Megan had them on the deep freeze. Kate wonders if that’s possible. Roman says he will never deny their connection and all that matters is that she’s here in his arms for real. Kate says it doesn’t seem real and seems like a dream. Roman says if it is a dream, he never wants to wake up as they continue kissing.

Harris tells Dimitri to keep dreaming and questions why the ISA would want him to be free. Dimitri says because Shane Donovan runs the organization and assures that Shane will be very eager to give him what he wants. Dimitri declares that Shane will personally see to it that he and Megan are both set free.

Kristen doesn’t understand calling Dimitri her nephew. Megan then reveals that Dimitri is her son.

John thanks Paul for calling and says he’s on top of it and will keep him posted as they hang up. Marlena asks what’s going on as he sounds worried. John informs her that Paul wants him to reach out to Shane because Andrew Donovan is missing and apparently no one has heard from him for quite some time…

Harris questions why the hell Shane Donovan would give Dimitri what he wants. Dimitri responds that he won’t have a choice if he ever wants to see his offspring again. Harris then realizes that Dimitri’s mystery hostage is Shane’s son, Andrew.

Andrew is tied up and blindfolded somewhere in a dark room.

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