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Oh, hi. What a nice surprise. Well, I know that your schedule is really, really jammed today, but I just wanted to see if you needed anything, like if you’re hungry or something, you know, I can go get you some takeout. Very sweet of you, but Ashley, I’m, I’m just about to leave. Really? No more appointments.

Well, um, no, uh, actually my last patient just left and guess he had a, a business meeting he had to get to. Hmm. Pretty important one. Sound like.

And your flight was okay? Yes, yes, it was fine. It was long. Victor is in with, uh, VO now. Any change in his condition? Not yet. I’m sorry to hear that auntie, but rest assured I have everything under control here. You’re meeting with Yuri Kaison off tonight, right? Yes, I am at the BRE waiting for him as we speak, and by the time the check gets delivered, he and his tech company will officially be in business with Titan.

Alex, remember what I said before I left. The deal is all laid out. You don’t have to do anything except close it. Get Yuri to sign the dotted line. That is my one and only job tonight. I even recruited somebody to help keep me focused on getting it done.

How’d it go with the Coast Guard? They found a small motor book. We suspected someone can’t used to escape from Megan’s compound. It was washed up near a small island, mostly rocks, uninhabited. Okay, so what about Kate? Well, they searched everywhere within a hundred mile radius using the most advanced technology, and unfortunately, there were no signs of life.

What does that mean? The Coast Guard says they don’t think Kate could have survived.

Oh, well it’s enough time. Where’s my dinner? The captain wants to see you. Why no questions.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Well, I don’t, I don’t care what the Coast Guard says. We’re not gonna give up, right? We’re not giving, no, we’re not giving up. Chad. We promised Roman we would find his wife and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. There was no report of a body found. So as far as I’m concerned, Kate is out there alive. All right.

That’s what’s our next move? Well, we’re thinking, uh, Kate could have been picked up by a passing ship. So now that we have the location of her boat, we can check that against the sea lanes in the area and we’ll try to figure out who picked her up. Makes sense. Except if Kate did board a ship, wouldn’t you have tried to reach out to us?

Okay. What do you want with me, Kyle, please call me Dimitri Vanner Powell Graham was just the alias. I used to, uh, fool Your clueless daughter. Oh, clueless. Really clueless enough to take you down. So what about the ransom? Did you call my husband? Not yet. Well, why the hell did you summon me then? Ah, you’ve been working so hard.

I thought you could use a break. Okay. Please don’t ask to tango with me. Oh, no, no, no. You’ve made it perfectly clear that you’re not interested in being my dance partner, so I thought instead I would invite you to join me for a late supper. That is a really lovely invitation, but you can shove it up your ass.

Thank you for coming. Of course. How are you feeling? Nervous. I just got off the phone with Auntie Mag and I played it. Cool. But yeah, Steph, I don’t know. You’ll be fine. We’ve gone over everything. You’re totally prepared. Yeah. I’ve just never closed the deal this big before, and Maggie made it very clear to me that this is my last chance to prove myself to her and that I belong at Titan.

I can’t mess this up. Well, that’s why I’m here. Keep you on track. Hey, look at me. You got this.

Hi. Okay, look, I got a job, bro. All right. I’ll ping you later. Okay. Bye. Hey. Hi. Hey, Alex. K? Yes I am. You must be, Mr. Ksn. Good to meet you, but please do call me Yuri. You got it. Huri, this is Stephanie Johnson, head of our public relations team. Very nice to meet you. Same. Um, I wasn’t aware that you were coming.

Uh, is there an image problem that I’m not aware of? No. No, not at all. Please sit down. This is just a very important deal for us and we want to make sure that we have all hands on deck. Okay. So where’s Max? Max, yeah. Oh, auntie Mag. Yeah. You didn’t get my email. There was just a family emergency. Didn’t must have gone to my spam.

Um, maybe we should reschedule. No, not necessary at all. I’m completely up to speed. With all due respect, I’m used to dealing only with the top dog, of course. And since you and Mags did agree on the terms of the contract, she felt that you might be comfortable with me carrying the ball across the goal line, so to speak.

Oh, is that tough? Yes. So here is your deal. Ready to sign when you are. Um, actually, I’d like to speak with you about a few things.

You know, doc, if everything you’ve been through, I still can’t believe you’re back to work already and you’re still taking on new patients. Mm-hmm. Just one nine hour know that’s what you always told me. Just one more, John. But you know what, doc? They all add up. Let me ask you something. How many patients do you think you have treated over the years?

I don’t know. I never thought about it. Oh, looking for you. I have now. You started psychiatry in the seventies, right? Yeah, 76. Yeah. So I got to thinking if you were to take your annual average caseload and then multiply that by the number of years you’ve been at it, that’s like 5,000 patients.

I think you’ve gotta check your math on that. Oh, I did. But whatever the number is, it’s a lot. You know what? That needs to be celebrated and baby, that’s exactly what you and I are gonna do.

So what does one order to commemorate reaching the 5,000 patient Mark? I told you he’s nowhere near this. Be close doc. Come on. No, no, no, no. And I, unlike you have not tried ever to count. It’s okay. Fine. So you haven’t kept up with the math here, but I’m, I’m sure you have kind of reflected back, you know, on when you first started your practice, right?

I have from time to time. Yeah. What stands out the most?

Probably my very first patient. Oh, that would’ve to be Mickey Horton. Yeah. Mickey. Tough case. Lovely man. We developed a, a very dear friendship.

I’m trying to figure out how to threaten that queen without endangering a keep peace. Try the night. Yeah, of course. Right there. You play the game, huh? My father taught me when I was a child. You mind if I sit down? No, go ahead.

You knew around here, kind of didn’t think I’d seen you before. Probably not. I usually work on the third floor. Well, I’ve heard about the third floor. What have you heard? That it’s rough. Everything’s relative. You a nurse? No, I’m a psychiatrist.

I see.

Hey. Doing okay? Of course, of course. I was just, um, Thinking back to when I was first in Salem. Hmm. Sure. Things were a little bit different back then, huh? They were. They were. But you know what makes Salem so special is all the, all the people that live here. It’s what made it so comfortable to develop a practice.

Shall we eat? You know, I was just thinking it’s not too late to maybe go to some place, a little fancier for the celebration. Like maybe the bistro? No, no, no. Not the bistro. Uh, my, my client may be having his business meeting there and I. I don’t wanna show up in throw a m office game.

So, Yuri, what do you want to discuss?

Listen, I’m all about optionality. Okay. The more avenues we have to create Mayan, the greater chance we have to kill it. Right? Right. Yeah, totally. Well, according to this, This expansion plan is kind of weak. What do you mean weak? Okay. I’ll tell you what I mean by weak, weak. It’s, it’s safe, it’s conservative.

Okay. I’m a baller man. I came here to play. It’s go big or go home, right? Do you follow me? I, yeah. I, I follow you. I do follow you, Gary. I do. I, it’s, it’s just that our analysts have done a lot of research and what is outlined in this deal seems like the optimal growth to success for everyone. Let me expand on the deal.

I don’t really care about research. Okay. I care about my gut and what my gut says is we need to be aggressive. It’s fine that you feel that way. It’s just that my Aunt Maggie believes that if we just have a little bit more patience. Ah-huh. Okay. I know what Aunt Maggie believes. All right. But Aunt Maggie seems to be a little bit, how do I say this out of touch?

Can I ask you a question? How old is Aunt Maggie? I’m sorry. How is that relevant? It is very relevant, Stephanie, and I promise you. This is not about women. I love women. I’m into women. I’m into hashtag me too. I’m into all that. But listen, I go fast and Aunt Maggie is not gonna be able to keep up with me.

Ah, I think that’s what you’re wrong. She can definitely keep up with you. Trust me, that woman is super shrewd, which is amazing given how new she is to the business. I’m sorry, new to the business. Um, she’s the ceo. I, I assumed that she had a lot of ex experience. She does, she does. I mean, she ran a lot of successful restaurants.

Oh, what, like, uh, buddies, Pergo Barn. Was she the manager? No, no. Uh, I’m talking about upscale venues. Oh. That totally flourish under her. Excellent. Leadership and, and, and guidance. And she’s got this. Oh, okay. Good. Well, listen, um, I’m glad that you’ve clued me in on this, but um, look, dude, I didn’t realize I was about to make a billion dollar deal with a total newbie,

Maggie, I am so glad you’re here. How are you? Uh, I’m still trying to get my head around all of this. I mean, I know that Beau is alive, but seeing him lying in that bed, yeah, it’s a lot. Yeah. For all of us. For you and Victor especially Hope. Yeah. She said Bo squeezed her hand. Yeah. But unfortunately there’s been no progress since then.

So we’re making plans to move him to a long-term care facility. I heard, I’m hoping he wakes up before it comes to that, but, uh, doesn’t look good. Don’t give up. Paul Roman. Your brother is so strong and I just, I just feel it in my heart that he’s gonna be just fine. So is Kate.

All right. We caught a break. There’s only one sea lane that passes by the island where we found Kate’s boat and only a handful of ships have been in that area. Is there a list? Uh, yeah, I’m gonna pull that up right now. But here in the meantime, take a look at the live radar. Well, that’s strange, isn’t it?

What is that? It’s a cargo ship, but it doesn’t seem to be moving. Yeah. Let’s see. Says it’s been anchored off the coast for several weeks. Is it docked? No. She’s just hanging out there in the water. Okay, let me see if I can pull up some more information here.

Okay, it says the owner of the ship is Dimitri Vonner.

Well, I certainly see where Billy gets spunk. So what are you gonna do, Dimitri? Are you going to poison my food? No. Why would I do that? I need you alive to get what I want and for what, as I said, all in good time. Okay, so you haven’t called for ransom. You won’t share your endgame. Why the hell am I here?

Oh, I figured you’d make some good company and I thought that you might be missing some of the finer things in life, such as.

This 1947 Ruan rust, which will pair quite nicely with the lobster and the Kobe steaks that my personal chef is preparing. Hmm, of course, if you’d prefer your usual grue, in fact,

I’m in. Oh, no, no. Of course. I You can’t have dinner looking like that. Oh, will forgive me. I forgot my gown. I didn’t. You can use my private bathroom to shower and change. Okay. Look, if you think that I’m going to put out, oh, no, no, no. I’m well aware that your days and. Knights as an escort are longa? No, it’s just that I would prefer personally that my dining companion smell a fit less fishy.

Dimitri Von Leischner. You’re kidding me. Oh, you know this guy? Yeah. I met him a few years ago in Phoenix. It’s like a James Bond villa, and he’s, uh, tried to steal the Almanian peacock. The what? The what? It’s a, a statue that could vaporize an entire city. It’s. It’s kind of hard to explain, but Kate’s daughter, Billy was instrumental in taking him down.

So what if he found, Kate realized who she was and then took her hostage to get back at the woman that screwed him over? Well, that would explain why Kate hasn’t reached out to anybody. Hey, hey. Wait a minute. Isn’t de Maitre locked up in Supermax? I guess we better find out.

You know, Dr. William had an incredible career. Just think about all the people you’ve helped, all the lives you’ve touched all 5,000 of them. You keep saying 5,000. It’s not that many. Oh, no, no. What about all the listeners that called into your radio show? Think about that. No, no, no. I’m so sorry. Still doesn’t amount to 5,000.

All right? All right. So maybe the numbers don’t work out like that. But the point is, you have literally talked people off the ledge.

I wanna know what happened. Matt, what pushed you this far suck. Steph, you wouldn’t even know about. I can’t know unless you tell me. You don’t even wanna know. You don’t really care. I do care. If I didn’t care, believe me, I wouldn’t be here.

I’m gonna fall. No, Matt, you’re okay. You don’t look down. Look up. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Look up. I can. You can. You can look up. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Okay. Okay. Keep breathing. You wanna help you? You can do this. Yeah. Look at me. Look at me.

Don’t at me. Okay. Okay. And take that hand. Take it. Let a boy, let a.

I promise you that I,

I got,

I got, come on, man. Come.

See how you almost died helping that kid. You know what? Given the chance I would, I would do it again. I would risk it. I know you would. I guess that’s easy to say now that we both survived. Yeah. May be easy to save, but the fact is, You’ve always put your patient first regardless, because that’s, it’s just who you are.

Alex didn’t mean to give you the impression that Maggie isn’t qualified. Not only is she extremely capable, savvy, and smart, she is highly respected among her peers and her peers would be what? The cast of the Golden Girls dude. I mean, this is not a brand for me. I need a CEO who, who’s immersed and who’s in it.

You know what, you’re right, Yuri, right? Maybe Maggie isn’t completely in touch, but don’t get me wrong, what she outlined in this deal is rock solid. But yes, it is possible that given her demo, maybe she. Doesn’t have a full appreciation for the tech space and your goals within it, but I do. You’re a Yuri freaking chasnoff.

Mm-hmm. You want to come out swinging. You want to revolutionize and inspire and disrupt. Exactly. Then let’s do it. We can get there easily waiting for, easily all we gotta do, sign that contract and then we’ll tweak a few things. Alex, I don’t know about that. I think, I think we should stick to the original terms.

I think you should listen to your friend. Listen. You totally get it, bro. But now we need to change it up a little bit. But first I need an energy boost. Perfect. I’ll grab another round. No, no. I need something a little bit stronger. Where’s the bathroom? Right back there. I’ll be back.

What the hell are you doing?

I thought you could use this. Ah, yes, thanks. Are you getting any sleep at all? Not much. I’m trying to spend as much time here with Beau as I can, and uh, I also want to help with a search for Kate. Of course, but Roman, now that Steve is on the case, you know, it’s just a matter of time before she’s fell.

Yeah, he and Chad been going nonstop along with Harris. Michaels nice, isn’t he? The man who is brainwashed by Megan Hathaway. Yeah, but Chad and Andrew are convinced he is fully deprogrammed. Steve’s not so sure and neither am I, but at this point, we need all the help we can get. Well, thanks man. Andrew’s not picking up.

Well, I just talked to Frankie last, he heard his cousin Dimitri was still behind bars. Well, that’s, uh, what Dimitri wants you to believe, but it’s not true. What are you talking about? I just spoke to Sebastian Allen, man. He had a guard check on Dimitri, and guess what? The guy cooling his heels in prison is an imposter.

He escaped. How long ago? Well, uh, faint Dimitri’s not talking, which means the real Dimitri could be on that cargo ship and he could be holding Kate hostage.

Better, Kate, you look stunning.

Shall we die?

I still can’t get ahold of Andrew. Should we just reach out to the Coast Guard? Maybe they can make contact with the ship. No, no, no. I don’t like the idea of giving Dimitri a heads up. It’s better than taken by surprise. Yeah, I agree. Let’s surprise him then.

Where was mine? Well, you’re staying here. You’re a civilian. No, not. I’m with Harris on this one. What do you mean? You know, case like a mother to me. I’m not staying here. I also know that you’re an actual father to two young children, Steve. Man, I can handle myself. Got a front row seat to his last scheme.

All right. I, I, I had got a good sense of how he works. Okay. I, maybe I can pick up on some things that you guys don’t, you know, make sure that none of us get hurt and he doesn’t slip away.

He’s got a point.

Well, you certainly clean up nicely. I trust you. Like the dress. Where’s the lobster?

Uh, I knew exactly how you feel, Kate. When I left prison, I inhaled my first meal in about five seconds flat. You know, you never explained. Now you got out of prison. Hmm. Even behind bars. I had plenty of resources. Eventually I traded places with some, sorry, SAP, who agreed to impersonate me. Well, that sounds risky.

Oh no, not at all. In fact, it was surprisingly easy, and now no one even knows I’m gone.

You know, Maggie, what I don’t get. Is if Katie’s still alive, where’s she been all this time, and why in the hell hasn’t she contacted anyone? I mean, that’s not a good sign, is it? Oh Roman, your Kate has faced so many obstacles in her lifetime and she’s overcome every last one of them, and this, this time is no different.

Well, I appreciate you saying that. You know what, Maggie? You’re pretty tough yourself. Matter of fact, I hear you kicking butt at Titan. Mm. I don’t know about that, but I’m enjoying the challenge. Well, it had to be kind of tricky, just dropping everything and flying over here with Victor. Oh, he tried to talk me into staying behind.

Uh, he went on and on about the importance of my presence in the office. But there was no way, so I had to leave Alex in charge while I was gone. I hopes that was a mistake. Maggie told you to stick to the original agreement. I know that, but I had to do something. He was gonna walk out of the deal because you were undermining Maggie.

I misspoke. It was an accident. I’m trying to make up for it. But you’re not authorized to change the terms. I know that. But all that matters right now is that obnoxious jerk signs with Titan, and I’m gonna get it done. You asked me to help you stay on course, and right now you are drifting way out into unchartered waters and you need to turn around now.

Then we’re gonna lose him. Whoa, we won’t. This is a great deal. Remind Yuri how excited he was about it. He’s not excited right now. He’s ready to walk. He’s just getting cold. Feet. Feet. You need to reassure him. Sell him on Maggie’s vision. Believe in it. Be confident in it because the truth is, Yuri would be damn lucky to be in business with Titan.

So stand firm and do not give in. Okay.

You know, dog helping that kid off ledge. It wasn’t the only time your job became hazardous to health. You remember Roger lumbar? Hmm. So the drunk driver that hit Kimberly. Yeah, I know. Yeah. And yet he was not the most dangerous member of that family. No. Hell no. That was Stella. And she was convinced that you were having an affair with her husband and she proved her elegance and sophistication by throwing me in a pit.

Yeah. And in my attempt to rescue you, I fell right into that pit with you. You did. But you know what? Just that time of being in danger. And being together in it, that, that rekindled our love. That was, I was really busy being in control, you know, just determined to stay in control and be perfect and, and I guess I let everybody down, didn’t I?

And Doc, you never let anybody down before. Said maybe yourself. Got that. You’re always there for people. The care you give to your kids, to Wilma, your patience, you make a difference. You change people lives. You, well, not always for the better, I don’t think. Oh yeah. Who’s your source? Who you been talking to?

Huh? You talked to anybody whose life you’ve changed lately. Why don’t you talk to me? I talked from facts changed my life, doc. Sir. Made me hole again. Made me hole again, doc.

Remember what I was like when I came into. What did she do? Who was I? Huh? Who was I? When was I? I was out there. You talk about being in the dark. How long was I out there? What’d you do? You just kinda reached out. You just kept reaching, didn’t you? Until you pulled me right in.

It’s true dog. I would still be in the dark if it weren’t for you. And I thank God every day I met you.

You know the success you’ve had over the years, especially with patients that everyone else thought was a lost cause. You stuck with them. You never gave up. I’m telling you, doc, you were a real miracle worker. I wouldn’t say that. What? What? What are you talking about? You rehabilitated a serial killer.

Thanks to you, Ben Weston overcame his demons, became a real standup guy. Well, he did all the hard work. I’m just so proud of the man he has become. So lost, overwhelmed.

Then that’s where I found Sarah after she crashed her bike. That is when my life began again.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am. Really, it wasn’t luck. Ben, you have worked very hard to prove that you deserved a second chance.

That chance wouldn’t even be possible without you. Dr. Evans, your guidance, your support, that is what made me into the man I am today. Have a job, have a wife, have a baby.

I owe everything to you. And I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be able to repay you.

Oh, I heard from Ben. He is over the moon. To be becoming a father again. Nice. And you know what, sweetheart, there’s no question about it. You deserve a little bit of credit for that happiness you gave that young man a whole new life.

Sorry, I had to clear my head. Oh, no problem at all. My man. See that? Sure. You know, while you were gone? Yeah. I was taking another look at this original contract. Yeah. I gotta say, terms are pretty awesome. I think we gotta stick with it. I’m sorry. I don’t know. Madden, you got me pretty pumped up for something a little more in your face.

Yeah, but that’s not always the best approach. Yuri, you know better than anybody. You start too hot, you flame out. I think if we take Maggie’s approach and have a little bit more patience, it’s gonna pay off big time in the long run. I promise you. I’m talking about like sustained substantial profitability for the long term.

You know what, I’m gonna go back to the sailor man. I’m gonna have a nice sleep tonight. Nah, I think we need to close it up tonight. My guy. Let’s lock it in, you know, celebrate at the party. Rolling. Hey, you do, I know you. You don’t wanna kill a vibe. No. Uhuh. Uhuh. I dig you Alex. K. But. You made me realize something very important.

I don’t have enough information on Mag. I can’t make this decision yet. Okay. I just can’t make it yet. Woo. Thanks for the drink. You know, Yuri, I, I think we, where you going? Yuri? Yuri. Yuri. Hey.

Well, maybe now that you’re in a more talkative mood, you’ll explain to me. While you haven’t made a ransom request, I, I don’t think you’re keeping me around just for my company, Kate, as I have mentioned, there are still many factors at play. Like what? Well, for starters, if I were to just ask for a large sum of money, what could, would it do me?

Everyone would know that I’d escaped prison and they would send me right back. So you’re looking for immunity. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

We good? Good. Let’s do it.

Okay. We just split up. Chad, you stick with me. What? No, I, I already told you I can handle myself. I can, and we’ll cover more ground separately. Okay. Text, if you find any Santa.

I can’t believe this. I can’t, I cannot believe this. Damn it. S Steph, I, I, I blew it. I’m an idiot. Don’t freak out. Yuri didn’t say no. Well, he just walked outta your stuff. What am I gonna do? Now? You get him back to the table and you don’t let him leave until he’s on board. This is a temporary setback, Alex, a blip.

It is completely normal for someone to second guess signing a deal this big. Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. So just don’t freak out and take a deep breath. Regroup. This is not over. You’re right. I just have to keep pressing on and convince Yuri that not signing with Titan would be a huge mistake and I will help you.

I promise we will find a way to spend this. You’re a life saver, really. I’ll settle for a deal saver. Well, hopefully tomorrow we get this whole thing wrapped up and Maggie never finds out about this little blip. Mm-hmm.

And there she is. It’s Maggie. Okay. Be cool.

Hey, auntie Mag. Yeah. Yeah. No, uh, everything went great. No, he didn’t sign right now. Um, but like I said, everything went great and I have no doubt that he will be on board tomorrow. Um, no he isn’t. I just spoke to Mr. Kassoff and he decided the Titan is not a good fit. After all, the deal is off. What? No, no, no, no.

That, that, that, that’s insane, auntie. No, I’m, I’m gonna fix this. I’m gonna go to the Salem in right now and I’m gonna talk to him. No, I think you’ve said enough already. Yuri told me that he, he had some doubts about my terms, but you got ’em all excited with a vision that was more in your face, and he doesn’t think that I’m the right person to see it through.

Boy’s dead wrong, auntie, and I’m gonna fix this. I’m sorry, I’m, I’m gonna make it up to you. No, Alex, this is the last straw. Auntie, don’t be angry with me. I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed. You, you told me that I wouldn’t regret trusting you. You promised you wouldn’t let me down. And you did so I’m sorry to say.

That you’re fired

now. That’s a promise inside.

What are we here?

So you don’t want immunity for your crimes? Oh, no, no. I do. Along with something else. And I need everything. And it’s precise place in order for me to achieve my goal. Please don’t tell me you’re going after that damn peacock again. No. What I’m after is of a much more personal nature. You see what I’m hoping?

I would like to propose a toast. Do you doc? What an incredible career you have had. Continue to have. You provided so much care and comfort to two people in need, and through your hard work and determination, your dignity, your, your style, your grace, the most importantly, if you’re loving heart, you have made an indelible mark in not only this town but the entire world.

So here is to you, Dr. Marlena Evans. You are a true legend. Cheers.

What a lovely celebration. Hmm. Perfect. In fact, well, there’s nothing I enjoy more than celebrating my extraordinary wife. Oh, thank you brother. Hmm.

Then you know what? What? Maybe 5,000 isn’t such a crazy number after all. Hmm. Well, in that case, It’ll.

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