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Carter: I just got the call. I know it’s not ideal with everything else going on.

Hope: Or it could be perfect timing. International buzz ghw wouldn’t hurt.

Thomas: What’s happening?

Hope: Well, some of our most influential buyers just arrived in san francisco.

Carter: Now that you and hope are a team again, they want you to fly up for a meeting.

Thomas: When?

Hope: Today.

Finn: I had a cancellation. So, well, naturally, I had to come see you.

Steffy: Mm. I love it when my sexy, handsome doctor makes an office call.

[ Door opens ]

Liam: Hey. So– oh. Oh. That’s–

Finn: We forgot to lock the door.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah.

Liam: Uh, hope sent a text saying that, uh, she and carter were here. I assumed it was in this room. Obviously, that’s not the case. So, uh, how are you?

Liam: You just, uh– you just point me in the direction of my wife and I will disappear, so…

Steffy: No, liam, actually, wait, I– I have kelly’s–

Liam: No, no, no. I’ll– I’ll come back. Steffy, I can come back for it.

Steffy: It’s right here–

Finn: Did you remember the new shoelaces?

Steffy: Here, catch.

Liam: The purple ones with the matching– the– the glittery–

Steffy: Of course! As if kelly would let me forget. Are you kidding?

Liam: Well, according to several of the fashion magazines I publish, they’re all the rage, so…

Finn: Well, she’s gonna be a trendsetter just like her mom.

Liam: Yeah, she sure is.

Finn: Hey, so, liam, I, um– I know we’re gonna see you at the soccer game this weekend, but I was wondering, uh, how are you holding up? Well, steffy mentioned some things. And I don’t think it’s a big secret that you still have issues with hope and thomas working together.

Liam: [ Laughs ] Uh…

Thomas: So, the buyers wanna meet with us today?

Carter: Soon as you can get there.

Thomas: In san francisco?

Carter: I already talked to the pilot. He can file a flight plan as soon as I give the word.

Thomas: Sudden.

Carter: Yeah, I just got the request. I ran it by hope on my way to find you. And like I explained to her, they’re very excited and wanna see you both.

Hope: This could be huge for our collection.

Thomas: So, we need to leave, like, right now.

Hope: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Are you willing to go?

Thomas: Yeah, of course. But, uh, are you?

Hope: Yes. I think it would be a great way to show them our confidence in our comeback and– and show them how well we’ve been working together.

Carter: So, what do you say, thomas?

Thomas: You know how committed I am to this line. Let’s roll. One prilosec otc each morning blocks

Liam: So, you really, truly think thomas has changed?

Finn: I do. A lot. Look, he’s– he’s taking therapy seriously. He’s focused on his work, being a better father. And there’s no question thomas is sincere, I– does it mean you need to stop being vigilant where hope is concerned? I– I can’t answer that.

Liam: I don’t know. Maybe you can. You spend time with him.

Finn: Well, at the house with family and not at work with hope.

Liam: Hmm. Yeah.

Steffy: You know where I stand on this.

Liam: You think that I’m too hard on thomas and I need to give him a break. Right?

Steffy: I think he is doing the work. And it’s not just talk.

Finn: Look, it’s– it’s his wife. He’s in love with her and he wants to protect her.

Liam: Absolutely. That’s it. That’s it.

Finn: That’s something I understand.

Liam: Thank you. And I just– I– here’s my thing. I just don’t wanna take thomas’s word for it when he says, “oh, it’s fine. You have nothing to worry about.” Because I’ve made that exact mistake before.

Finn: Uh, and it’s– it’s stressful. I mean, you’re– you’re on alert all the time.

Liam: Right. And I’m not– you know, I don’t wanna be, like, looking for problems where there aren’t any. But if I let my guard down and something does happen, he does snap or whatever, like, I’m never gonna forgive myself.

Steffy: Okay. Hold on. Hope doesn’t need protection from thomas.

Hope: This is about thomas


Steffy: Hope,

you were clutching his hands.

You were gazing into his eyes.

Hope: Stop, you’re making

a bigger deal out of that

moment than it has to be.

I mean, we were excited

about the numbers.

What more do you want

me to say?

Steffy: I just need to know.

I need to be a hundred

percent certain that you have

no inappropriate feelings

towards my brother. Liam, thomas won’t do anything to interfere in your marriage.

Carter: Won’t be an overnight trip.

Thomas: Yeah, well, we’re too busy for that.

Carter: Right. We’re in the swing of production. You’re churning out designs. But actual face time with the buyers, it’s too important to pass up. You’ll fly up, have the meeting, be back in la in time to say goodnight to your kids.

Hope: Perfect.

Thomas: Yeah.

Carter: And donna, she’s gonna book a room at the hotel. She’s setting up catering. All you two have to do is show up and kill your presentation.

Thomas: Yeah. Once we figure out which looks to bring for the collection.

Carter: Katie’s sending over an updated media package.

Hope: I already have sales preparing a deck about our pre-order numbers.

Thomas: Sounds like we’re all set.

Carter: Guys, hope for the future is making an excellent turnaround. But this meeting with the buyers could be crucial for your success.

Thomas: Securing a strong presence with the international market is important.

[ Phone chimes ]

Hope: Especially for an innovative brand like ours appealing to a younger, more socially conscious clientele.

Carter: It’s the pilot. The flight plan is filed. Jet’s being fueled.

Hope: Okay. So, we just need to grab a few things here and then we’ll be on our way.

Carter: Good luck. We’ll debrief in the morning.

Thomas: Thanks for setting this up, carter.

Carter: It’s in your hands now. Bring it home.

Hope: Okay, so, what do we need to bring? I need my tablet. Uh, we need our designs. I think we should bring design number six and some fabric samples.

Thomas: Maybe we should bring an exclusive, something no one else has seen.

Hope: That’s smart. That’s smart. Let them have the first look. I think that could go a long way. Oh! This is exciting. I– I can’t wait.

Thomas: Neither can I. But what about liam? Can’t imagine he’s gonna be too thrilled about this.

Hope: Thrilled about what? What’s going on? No two bodies are the same.

Liam: Okay. So, obviously there’s something I should know about. What? What is it?

Hope: Um, well, carter was just here and I have to fly to san francisco for a meeting. Some of our most influential buyers are in town and they want to discuss our upcoming collection.

Liam: That’s great.

Hope: Yeah. Yeah. So, it’s– it’s gonna be a quick trip, just there and back.

Liam: Okay. When?

Hope: Today. Actually, like, right now.

Liam: Oh, okay. Uh, I don’t– wait. I don’t– why? Like, there’s nothing going on with the kids and you and I don’t have any plans. Why would– why would I not be– ’cause thomas is going. Okay. Yeah.

Thomas: Liam, uh, hope and I are both the leaders of hope for the future and the buyer wants to see both of us.

Liam: So, it’s the buyer’s idea? Okay.

Thomas: Yes. Uh, you know what, I’m gonna leave you guys to talk about this. I have some sketches I need to grab. Okay. Right. [ Clears throat ] But I– liam, just so you know, I– you got nothing to worry about.

Finn: Go lock the door.

Steffy: But I don’t wanna let you go. And my employees should know not to barge in on the boss, so…

Finn: Mm-hmm?

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Door opens ]

Thomas: Steff, I just need to grab a few things.

[ Finn chuckles ]

Steffy: Except that one.

Finn: Yeah.

Thomas: You’re busy.

Steffy: Uh, try– trying to be.

Thomas: Yeah. Okay. I won’t be here for very long. I just need to grab a couple sketches. The jet’s waiting.

Steffy: You’re doing that now?

Thomas: Yeah. Carter has all the details. And if you’re gonna be in here for a little bit longer, then maybe you should lock the door.

Steffy: We really should’ve learned our lesson when liam walked in on us earlier.

Thomas: Actually, liam is across the hall right now with hope, and he is not happy.

Steffy: Why? What happened?

Thomas: Carter didn’t tell you about the meeting?

Steffy: He texted me, but I was kind of busy.

Thomas: Okay. Um, well, um, hope and I have an impromptu meeting in san francisco today.

Steffy: You and hope are going together?

Thomas: Yes. And liam found out about it and he was as surprised as you are.

Finn: Hmm. I’ll bet.

Thomas: Yeah. I’m guessing by the look on his face when I left, he’s probably not wishing her a bon voyage.

Hope: We only just learned about this meeting a few minutes ago from carter.

Liam: All right. So, hope and thomas take on san francisco.

Hope: Just for the day. We just fly up, have the meeting, fly back. It’s not an overnight. Liam, I know how you feel about thomas. It’s just, this could really make or break our collection and it could generate a lot of buzz.

Liam: Yeah, no, no. I to– I get it. I totally get it. It’s just, it’S… you and thomas taking a trip together, just the two of you, after the time you already spend together. It’s– it’s a lot. But–

Hope: I know that we would normally have a longer conversation about this and I– I get your concerns.

Liam: Yeah. And you’ve heard those concerns ad nauseam. It is what it is.

Hope: Okay. But you understand why I have to go, right? Like, what it takes to sell a collection. I just– I don’t want you to be upset or to worry.

Liam: Hey, I’ll be waiting for you to get home tonight.

Hope: Thank you. Liam, I just– I want you to know that the way you support me and the way you look out for me, I– I don’t take that for granted. Okay? ‘Cause my commitment is to you and only you. I love you.

Liam: I love you, too. Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Steffy: This meeting could be a big game-changer. The couture line has a strong share with them. But hope for the future is just getting its foothold. If they wanna see more of hope and thomas, they need to go.

Finn: Mm, they did, right?

Steffy: Yeah. They’re on a plane right now.

Finn: Well, good. ‘Cause that means we might not get interrupted again.

Steffy: [ Laughs ] No. Oh, great. You’re back.

Liam: You know this door has a lock on it, right?

Finn: Yeah. We just keep getting sidetracked.

Liam: Gross. Forgot kelly’s soccer stuff.

Steffy: I’m assuming you heard about, uh, hope’s trip?

Liam: Last minute san francisco trip? Yeah.

Steffy: I just heard about it, too. You know thomas is going, right?

Liam: Oh, I know. I was with them right before they left.

Finn: You okay with that?

Liam: With my wife’s formerly obsessed lead designer and her taking a little trippy trip together?

Steffy: Liam.

Liam: Obviously, I’m not pleased with it. No.

Steffy: Well, it’s really good for the collection and for hope.

Liam: Yeah. No, yes, of course. And I’m– I’m so proud and supportive of everything hope has accomplished.

Steffy: And my brother’s a big part of that, too.

Liam: Why does everybody think that it’s thomas’s talent I’m doubting? His talent is not the problem. His personality is. And if any of his… issues happen to crop up again, given the right opportunity, like, say, cozy little business trip, we’re gonna have an issue.

Steffy: It’s a necessary trip.

Liam: It’s a necessary trip. I know. I’m just– yeah. Okay. Listen, do I wish hope was going with carter or, well, literally anybody else on the planet? Yes, I do. But like I told hope, I have absolute faith in her. And even though I don’t love how much time she’s spending with thomas, I just have to keep reminding myself that– that there is no– there’s no concern I have for thomas that trumps the faith I have in hope. And I’m incredibly lucky to have her as a wife because she’s honest and she’s genuine and she’s forthright and she loves me. So, there you have it.

Thomas: There you go.

Hope: Thank you.

Thomas: You’re welcome.

Hope: Katie put together a great package about the preview.

Thomas: Yeah? We should start with that and then get into the sales numbers.

Hope: Yeah. The sales team included some projections. I think we go over that and then you’re up.

Thomas: I’m up? No, I think, uh, the best person to talk about hope for the future is hope.

Hope: Yeah. Except the buyers want to see the man behind the design, so…

Pilot: Apologies for the interrupting, but we are gonna be taking off shortly.

Hope: Thank you. Oh, and there aren’t going to be any delays tonight? No fog? We’ll be able to get into los angeles in time this evening?

Pilot: Yes.

Hope: Thank you.

Pilot: You should buckle up. Prepare for takeoff.

Thomas: Thanks.

Hope: [ Clears throat ] So, I know this is a short flight, but I do think we should keep working. I know we don’t have a lot of time to prepare, but I want this presentation to go as smoothly as possible.

Thomas: Yeah. Um… I do wanna talk about this before we get going–

Hope: What?

Thomas: Since we weren’t able to on the way to–

Hope: What? What?

Thomas: Your conversation with liam, how did that go? Look, I– I don’t want our working together or– or– or– yeah, I don’t know, being together at all to cause any issue in your marriage.

Hope: I really do appreciate that, thomas. I do. And I– I believe you. I mean, it wasn’t too long ago that taking this trip with you, it– it might give me pause. But now, I mean, thomas, you have changed. And because of that, I mean, we– we wouldn’t be going to this meeting today. I mean, you helped revitalize hope for the future.

Thomas: I’m just trying to live up to your faith in me.

Hope: Oh, well, you’re kinda doing it every day right now, so…

Thomas: But what about liam?

Hope: Liam knows that I love him and I love our marriage. I love our family. I love our life together. And nothing and no one will ever come between that.

Thomas: I believe you. I know that. I mean, you’ve never been that kind of person. I– I– I saw your mother growing up and she– she made a lot of mistakes, right? She would be with one man, then go to another, and sometimes it wasn’t at the right time. Sometimes not with the right man. But you’re not like that. And you would never do that. Not you. Never you.

[ Heart beating ]

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