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Anna joins Tony in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Tony asks if everyone went off to work. Anna responds that Stefan and Gabi left, but she just saw EJ in the kitchen and he was going to take breakfast up to Nicole because apparently she slept in.

Nicole wakes up from a nightmare about Eric finding out that she’s pregnant. EJ then enters the room with breakfast and asks her what’s wrong.

Talia shows up at Chanel’s door with pink roses. Chanel admits she’s a little surprised to see her as she just left her a voicemail. Chanel tells Talia that she had a really nice time last night, but if she wants to go back to being just friends, it’s all good. Talia asks what if she wants to be more than friends.

Paulina reads Rafe the text message that she received, which says “Watch your back because I’m still coming for you.” Rafe agrees that it sounds like a threat so Paulina asks if he’s finally going to arrest the person that they all know is terrorizing her and her family.

Colin sits in his room and sends the text to Paulina until there’s a knock at the door and it’s Jada, calling for him to open the door now for the police. Colin answers and asks if there’s a problem. Jada introduces herself and says she believes he knows her sister, Talia Hunter. Colin claims her name doesn’t ring a bell. Jada asks how he explains the two witnesses that saw Talia leaving his room then.

Talia asks Chanel if she’s okay. Chanel guesses she’s just nervous and says she had a really good time on their date but felt it got awkward at the end and after she hadn’t heard from her today, she assumed that Talia wasn’t in to her. Talia hopes the flowers say otherwise as Chanel thanks her. Talia tells Chanel that she’s kind of nervous too. Talia says she really likes her and loves how chill things have been since they’ve met. Talia asks if they can shake the nerves and get back to that. Chanel says definitely and invites her inside.

Paulina mentions to Rafe about her panic attacks and how Talia was kind enough to teach her breathing exercises but she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold her breath for Rafe to arrest Sloan. Paulina shouts that she wants Rafe to lock up Sloan and throw away the key.

Sloan joins Eric at the Brady Pub and is shocked to see he has stitches over his eye and asks him what happened. Eric explains that EJ sucker punched him right after finding out from Sloan that he had slept with Nicole.

EJ asks if Nicole is alright. Nicole claims she’s fine and just had a strange dream. EJ asks what it was about but Nicole says she doesn’t remember. EJ says it clearly upset her and suggests her breakfast could calm her nerves. Nicole thanks him but thinks they should get to the office. EJ tells her not to worry about that. Nicole says she loves being pampered but she doesn’t need to skip work as she’s fine. EJ apologizes for being overprotective but says he was just so worried when he found out that she had gone to the hospital but he’s glad it’s nothing serious since she said it was just early stages of menopause. EJ asks if Nicole was being honest with him about that. Nicole insists that she is being honest and she’s not thrilled about her current condition. EJ encourages that she has nothing to worry about. EJ says he finds her more intoxicating with each passing day. EJ brings up that they’ve known each other for a long time and she’s never been more radiant or alluring than right now. Nicole tells EJ that she’s noticed the effort he’s made to show her that she’s important to him and that means so much to her. Nicole adds that she also appreciates how cool he’s been about her and Eric. Nicole assures it meant nothing and they were not in their right minds. EJ says that is why he’s decided to let it go since it was an isolated incident that changes nothing between them. EJ sees no reason they can’t forget all about it and move on.

Sloan explains to Eric that she ran in to EJ and told him about catching Eric and Nicole in bed together as she assumed he already knew. Eric questions why she didn’t give him a heads up. Sloan says she was under the impression that EJ was going to just let it go. Sloan can’t believe EJ punched him and says she’s so sorry. Eric says he’s fine. Sloan argues that Eric was assaulted and that it all could have been avoided if Nicole just told EJ herself since they did nothing wrong. Sloan adds that it only happened because the biscuits were drugged and it didn’t mean anything. Sloan complains that EJ should stop focusing on Eric and turn his attention to Chanel, the demon baker. Sloan thanks God that the health department shut the bakery down before she killed someone..

Paulina tells Rafe about the health department shutting down Chanel’s bakery even though Chanel had nothing to do with the tainted biscuits. Rafe says he feels terrible for all they are going through. Paulina urges him to arrest the lunatic that is trying to ruin their lives. Rafe repeats that he can’t do anything without evidence. Paulina shows him the text message. Rafe guesses it’s from a burner phone which is why there’s no proof that Sloan sent it or that someone else can’t be behind everything. Paulina questions if he’s going to waste more time telling her that Talia is involved.

Colin questions Jada as to who told her that they saw Talia coming out of his room. Jada reveals that it was Chloe Lane but Colin says that name doesn’t ring a bell. Jada then asks about Xander and describes him. Colin refers to Xander as his nosy neighbor. Jada states that Xander and Chloe both remember seeing Talia leave this room the other day but Colin is insisting that she was never there and he doesn’t know her. Colin questions what all this is about and if Talia is in some kind of trouble. Jada responds that she certainly hopes not but warns that Colin will be if he doesn’t start answering her questions. Jada starts by asking his name. Colin says it’s Colin Firth which he calls a coincidence and claims tons of people ask for his autograph. Jada says he won’t have to worry about that with her but she is going to ask to see some ID.

Chanel and Talia drink lattes together. Talia tells her that hanging here together is great. Chanel agrees but questions what changed since Talia didn’t seem nearly as comfortable last night and seemed distant. Talia thinks back to arguing with Colin about their plan. Talia then admits that she wasn’t comfortable on their date and she owes it to Chanel to tell her why.

Anna goes to Nicole’s room and says she just came to see if she’s feeling better today. Nicole responds that physically she’s fine, but emotionally she’s not so sure. Anna asks what’s wrong. Nicole informs her that EJ found out about her secret. Anna swears that he didn’t hear from her and she didn’t even tell Tony as she would never betray her trust that way. Nicole informs Anna that she knows because it was that awful Sloan Peterson.

Sloan hopes Eric knows that she didn’t tell EJ about him and Nicole out of spite as she really thought that he knew. Eric says he gets that and he appreciates her being so understanding and trusting. Sloan says she knows Eric is a kind and loyal person that would never cheat on her if he hadn’t been out of his mind. Sloan remarks that if only EJ had a similar reaction.

EJ joins Tony in the living room and says it looks like it will be a beautiful day, so he hopes Tony and Anna will be able to go outside and enjoy it. Tony comments on EJ being in a good mood and says he’s glad that he’s no longer brooding over Nicole keeping a secret from him. EJ reveals that he found out what it is. Tony assumes it turned out to be trivial like he assured it would be. Tony asks EJ what Nicole’s secret was and if she booked a romantic getaway for them. EJ reveals to Tony that Nicole slept with Eric and laughs, leaving Tony confused.

Colin questions why Jada wants to see his ID. Jada asks if there’s a reason that he doesn’t want to show it to her. Colin asks if she has a warrant. Jada asks if she needs one. Colin says he’s just trying to figure out the nature of her visit. Colin asks if she’s investigating some sort of crime and remarks that it sounds more personal than professional. Jada says this is her sister they are talking about. Colin remarks that if he knew someone had hurt his family, he’d make damn sure they answer to him…

Talia tells Chanel that she wasn’t comfortable on their date because this is all new to her. Chanel asks if she means being with girls but Talia claims she means romantic situations as she doesn’t have much experience with guys either. Chanel jokes about guys coming in to the bakery and staring at her, so she asks how it’s possible that she hasn’t had a zillion boyfriends. Talia tells her that in high school, when her friends went to prom, she was studying AP chemistry and then in college, she was obsessed with getting good grades to get in to med school. Chanel calls that the opposite of her as she was always partying in her free time. Chanel thinks Talia found her focus a lot sooner than she did. Chanel recalls being a hot mess when she first got to Salem until Paulina got her sister Lani to talk some sense in to her. Chanel says she decided that she wanted to turn her life around after Lani encouraged her to make her dreams come true through hard work. Chanel says she got serious and it paid off. Chanel declares that she won’t stop fighting back against the haters that shut down her bakery as they are not going to win. Talia jokes that she’s a real badass.

Paulina tells Rafe that Talia is a lovely young woman and questions how he could possibly think she’s behind any of this. Rafe says he doesn’t since they just had questions and she answered them. Paulina argues that Talia has no motive, unlike Sloan who came to town with the express purpose of getting revenge on her and Chanel. Rafe asks what she wants him to do. Paulina remarks that she tunes in to Peacock every day to watch Law & Order, so she knows the drill. Rafe states that he could bring Sloan in for questioning, but Jada already searched her place and found nothing. Rafe adds that Sloan brought her phone in and there was no evidence. Paulina complains that she would want five minutes alone with her and then starts to panic so Rafe sits her down and tells her to do her breathing exercises. Rafe then calls Sloan and informs her that Paulina just received another threatening text message, so he’d like her to come in for questioning. Rafe tells Sloan that he will see her soon and hangs up.

Eric offers to go to the police station with Sloan, but she says she can fight her own battles. Eric says he has her back. Sloan kisses him and then exits the Pub.

Anna questions Nicole about EJ knowing she slept with Eric and not blowing a gasket. Nicole explains that EJ knows it only happened because they were high. Anna says it turns out that she had nothing to worry about after all then, yet she looks pretty worried right now. Nicole admits that she is, because now she has to figure out what to do with this new secret that she’s keeping from EJ which Anna questions. Nicole says she can hardly believe it herself. Anna claims nothing shocks her anymore. Nicole then reveals that she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know if the father is EJ or Eric.

Tony questions EJ about Nicole sleeping with Eric. EJ says it was only because they were drugged by those biscuits and they were severely impaired. Tony notes that he seems surprisingly calm about this. EJ admits that at first, he was enraged but he calmed down and realized that what happened between Nicole and Eric was meaningless, so he felt better.

Rafe asks if Paulina feels better. Paulina says the breathing exercises really do help. Sloan arrives, so Rafe thanks her for coming in. Sloan says she has nothing to hide and they can even look through her phone but just like last time, they won’t find anything. Paulina complains that they know she’s not stupid enough to use her own phone. Rafe tells Paulina to let him handle this. Paulina tells Sloan to stop stalling and just confess. Sloan mocks her and asks if she’s Rafe’s new deputy. Paulina warns that she’s lucky that she doesn’t have a badge and a gun. Sloan asks if Rafe has any evidence implicating her. Rafe admits he doesn’t. Sloan asks if he has any more questions to ask. Rafe says just one and asks if Sloan sent the text to Paulina from a burner phone. Sloan repeats that she did not send the text and thinks they are done here. Paulina argues that they are not even close to done and warns that Sloan will pay for what she put them through. Sloan repeats that she didn’t send the text, write the letters, or drug the biscuits. Sloan adds that it’s clear that she’s not the only one in town who wants to see her suffer. Sloan warns Paulina to watch her back and then storms out of the station.

Talia asks Chanel if it’s weird that she’s so inexperienced. Chanel says it’s not weird, just surprising. Chanel adds that from the way Talia kisses, she never would’ve known so there must have been someone that she had some practice with. Talia then tells Chanel that there was a guy she met in New York after med school and they had an instant connection. Talia says she fell hard and swears that she would do anything for him. Chanel questions her talking in present tense like she’s still with him.

Jada says if Colin cares about his family, he should get why she cares about her sister. Jada says she’s here out of concern for Talia and asks how Colin knows her. Colin claims he doesn’t know her. Jada argues that they both know that it’s a lie. Colin argues that he’s under no obligation to answer anything. Jada threatens to get a warrant and the court involved. Colin says he’s going to shut the door now. Jada warns that she’s going to find out who he is and how he knows her sister. Jada declares that they will talk again as she then walks away.

Nicole informs Anna that she was at the hospital last night so Kayla ran some tests and it turns out that she’s pregnant. Anna asks if it’s Eric’s baby. Nicole reminds her that she doesn’t know as it could be EJ’s or Eric’s because of the timing, the drugs, or the one night stand with Eric. Nicole cries that she should be happy that she’s pregnant but she doesn’t know if she can carry the baby to full term because of her past. Anna asks who Nicole hopes is the father.

Tony asks EJ about punching Eric. EJ says he came home fired up to confront Nicole but then Gabi told him that Nicole was at the hospital, so in that moment, all his anger turned to fear and he was just glad that Nicole was alright. Tony doesn’t understand why Nicole felt she had to lie to him but then guesses it was because he’d go ballistic if she hadn’t. EJ admits that he did but they discussed it and agreed what happened was a mistake that will never happen again and he believed her, so he’s decided to let it go. Tony is glad that it’s put EJ’s mind at ease. EJ adds that Nicole has made it clear that she’s completely moved on from Eric, so all they share is memories and once those fade, there will be nothing at all that binds them together…

Nicole tells Anna that she knows it sounds terrible, but she doesn’t know who she wants the father to be as she just wants the baby to be healthy. Nicole calls it a high risk pregnancy and repeats that she doesn’t know if she can carry the baby to term. Anna is sorry that this is so difficult for her but she’s honored that Nicole felt she could confide in her about it. Anna assures that she’s here for whatever she needs, even if just to talk. Nicole thanks Anna and says she’s grateful for her support. Nicole declares that until she knows who the father is, she doesn’t want EJ or Eric to know that she’s pregnant. Nicole asks Anna to keep it to herself. Anna assures that her secret is safe with her as they hug.

Paulina argues to Rafe that Sloan just told her to watch her back which was the exact phrase used in her text. Paulina feels Sloan is gloating with what she’s getting away with. Rafe repeats that he can’t arrest someone without evidence. Paulina complains that Rafe called Sloan down here for nothing. Rafe says he just asked her if she sent the text. Paulina says she wanted him to grill her. Paulina declares that she’s had enough and is going to talk to Melinda. Rafe points out that he and Melinda were both drugged by the biscuits, so he assures they are not taking this lightly and they are not going to rest until they find the person responsible for these crimes. Rafe remarks that it might just take a little longer than it does on Law & Order. Paulina repeats that Rafe should’ve grilled Sloan. Paulina walks out of the station as Jada arrives. Jada asks Rafe if he’s okay and comments on Paulina leaving while looking grim. Rafe states that she just wants this all to stop. Jada says they are doing their best while Rafe points out that Paulina disagrees and it didn’t help that she got another threatening text and insisted he drag Sloan down. Rafe says that Sloan denied it and suggested it was someone else. Jada remarks that maybe it was Colin Firth which Rafe questions. Jada explains that Colin is the lying swine that she just had a talk with.

Talia tells Chanel that she and the guy broke up, so Chanel asks what happened. Talia thinks back to being with Colin. Talia then claims that it just got a little intense. Chanel says she’s definitely been there. Chanel tells Talia that there is no pressure here and she’s fine being just friends, so maybe they shouldn’t rush in to anything. Chanel says she’s cool with how they are right now. Talia thinks back to Colin urging her to turn up the heat on Chanel. Talia then asks Chanel why be cool when they can be so hot together. Talia tells Chanel that she wants her and then kisses her.

Jada explains to Rafe that Chloe and Xander saw Talia leaving Colin’s motel room, so she went over there but he dodged all her questions. Rafe asks what she is thinking. Jada says they keep saying how Talia has no motive, but asks what if this man is her motive. Sloan returns to the station having forgot her phone and then hides behind the corner to listen in as Jada tells Rafe that the man told her his name was Colin, but she assumes he gave her a fake last name because he refused to show any ID. Rafe wonders if anyone who works at the motel knows what he’s been up to. Jada remarks that it’s clear to her that the British guy in room 106 is not the kind of trouble that any girl needs which Sloan overhears.

Colin remarks to himself that he won’t be scared off. There’s a knock at his door so he says if it’s Jada, he has nothing more to say to her. It’s Sloan, who calls out that she has a hell of a lot to say to him. Colin answers the door and greets his sister, telling Sloan long time no see.

Rafe asks Jada if he should talk to Colin. Jada notes that he made it very clear that unless they have a warrant, he’s not going to cooperate. Rafe says they would need cause for a warrant. Jada says they don’t need cause to talk to Talia, so if Colin won’t answer their questions, maybe Talia will.

Talia’s phone rings nearby as she and Chanel continue kissing. Chanel stops and asks if she’s sure about this. Talia asks if she can’t tell and then they continue kissing onto the couch.

Anna rejoins Tony in the living room. Tony informs her that EJ suggested they should go out and enjoy the beautiful day. Anna says she would love to, but first there is something she needs to confess to them both. Anna reveals that she knew about Nicole and Eric as Nicole confided in her and it was just between them, but she hated keeping it from EJ and she’s truly sorry. EJ responds that there’s no need to apologize and all is well now that everything is out in the open.

Nicole walks past the Pub and calls Kayla, saying she knows they can’t do the DNA test for a few weeks but she wants to make an appointment because she needs to know who the father of her baby is. Eric then comes out from the Pub.

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