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Maggie is working at the Titan office as Alex arrives and apologizes for being late. Maggie questions if he doesn’t even have an excuse. Alex admits that he was with Gwen. Maggie stops him and complains that he has the nerve to tell her that he couldn’t make it to work because he was having a booty call with Gwen. Alex clarifies that he was telling her that he was telling Gwen that their booty calls are over.

Leo tells Gwen that he hates seeing her look so glum and he wants to be there for her. Leo relates that he would feel the same if Alex cut him off too. Gwen argues that is not what she’s upset about. Leo says he didn’t want to bring that up and knows she’s obsessing over Xander. Gwen asks if he’s sure that Xander and Chloe are really moving in together. Leo wishes it wasn’t so, but he saw it with his own eyes and they actually got the apartment. Leo adds that before they decided on it, Brady showed up to the same apartment and he was hellbent on talking Chloe out of it.

Brady tells Chloe that he knows things have been challenging for them but questions what kind of friendship she could have with Xander. Brady brings up all the enemies that Xander has made, including Chloe at one point, and doesn’t understand why she would want to make a home with him. Chloe admits that she’s lonely and Xander is good company. Brady argues that Xander is moving in with her and footing the bill because he’s expecting something to happen between them. Brady warns Chloe not to make this mistake that they both know she will regret.

Xander walks down the hall at his motel and sees Colin going back to his room. Xander stops and comments that he thought that was Talia’s room.

At the Bakery, Talia kisses Chanel until Chanel pulls away and questions why she did that. Talia thinks back to Colin instructing her to break Chanel’s heart. Chanel asks Talia again why she kissed her.

Jada goes to Rafe’s office and says she just reviewed Paulina’s statement with her. Rafe asks if she got something. Jada says maybe as it turns out that Sloan did have an opportunity to get Paulina’s keys, but she’s not the only one as it turns out that Talia had the same opportunity. Rafe questions Jada really thinking her sister had something to do with this. Jada says she’s just gathering all the facts and not rushing to judgment. Jada goes over that Talia ran in to Paulina in the town square. Rafe talks about how Sloan has made it clear that she is continuing her vendetta against Paulina and Chanel. Rafe adds that Sloan also had motive to trash Paulina’s office while Talia did not. Rafe feels Talia has no reason whatsoever to want to hurt Paulina and that she works for Chanel and they get along great.

Talia apologizes and guesses she was just caught in the moment. Chanel says she wasn’t asking for an apology. Talia says that Chanel has been upset with everything going on and she doesn’t want to take advantage of that. Chanel says it’s okay and just kind of surprised her as she didn’t’ even know Talia was in to girls. Talia says she’s not or at least she wasn’t until now. Talia admits she’s only dated guys before and talks about physical attraction. Talia says there is no denying there’s chemistry between them. Talia claims it wasn’t pre-meditated and that Chanel was in her arms and that kissing her just felt like it was supposed to happen. Chanel admits that it felt right to her too. Talia brings up that Chanel just broke up with her girlfriend so maybe it’s too soon to do something with her, but Chanel says maybe it isn’t.

Colin claims to Xander that he doesn’t know Talia so he must have the wrong room. Xander recalls he definitely seeing Talia since he lives down the hall and he bumped in to her recently, coming out of that room.

Chloe appreciates Brady’s concern but says if moving in with Xander is a mistake then it’s her mistake to make. Brady argues that it affects him too because he loves her. Chloe cries that she loves him too, but she thinks it’s time for them to admit that in their case, love is not enough. Brady questions what she is saying. Chloe responds that they are over. Brady argues that she doesn’t mean that. Chloe argues that they both know they’ve been done for awhile and have just been in denial about it. Chloe talks about Rachel hating her and Brady having to put her feelings first. Chloe doesn’t blame him for that as she’s a mom too and understands prioritizing the child. Brady argues that Rachel is a kid and won’t always feel this way. Brady says Rachel will realize that Chloe makes him happy. Chloe feels it won’t matter since Rachel also sees her as the person who makes her mother miserable. Chloe talks about Kristen making Rachel believe that she is the only thing standing in the way of them being a happy family. Brady questions letting Kristen win. Chloe says nobody wins in this since Kristen got Rachel to hate her, but Kristen didn’t get Brady to fall back in love with her. Chloe adds that Rachel got her away from Brady but she didn’t get her parents back together. Chloe talks about Brady having hope and joy but watching that get eaten away because he can’t stand seeing his daughter suffer. Chloe feels indirectly responsible for that pain and says she can’t in good conscience continue with that.

Gwen can’t believe Xander and Chloe are moving in together. Gwen calls Chloe boring and humorless with no spark. Gwen thought Chloe hated Xander because he left her with a Mexican drug lord. Gwen argues that the sudden 180 makes no sense. Gwen continues to complain about Chloe and questions why everything is such a struggle. Gwen screams in to a pillow as Leo encourages her to let it all out. Leo points out that it is a two bedroom apartment which Gwen acknowledges is a good thing. Leo then notes the second bedroom could be an office or a gym which makes Gwen scream again. Leo encourages they get tequila and ice cream to get through this but Gwen stops him from ordering room service.

Colin tells Xander that he doesn’t know what he thinks he saw, but this is his room and he’s sure he would notice if some random girl came in and out of it. Xander is sure it’s the room that he saw Talia come out of. Colin questions if he’s the hotel detective.

Rafe asks Jada where this is coming from and if Talia has done anything before to make her suspect her. Jada says no and admits it’s hard to come up with a reason for why Talia would want to hurt Chanel or her family, but she knows she needs to look at all the possibilities. Jada states that both Talia and Sloan had the opportunity to steal Paulina’s keys when they were left unattended. Rafe won’t argue with her logic but thinks he may have found a hole in her theory.

Chanel tells Talia that she was talking to Rafe in his office and he had a picture of Allie and Henry on his desk that she had just sent to him. Chanel adds that Rafe didn’t answer when she asked if Allie was seeing someone in New Zealand so she obviously is. Talia says she’s sorry. Chanel says she’s not surprised but that’s why the health department shutting them down is only part of the reason that the day is so rough for her. Talia asks if Chanel and Allie were pretty serious. Chanel says they were, but then they hit a rough patch and she thought they would work it out but then she caught her with Alex and that was the end of them.

Alex assures Maggie that he and Gwen are done seeing each other. Alex explains that he started therapy with Marlena, who helped him realize that all of his sleeping around was his way of avoiding commitment. Maggie is glad to hear that he sees that. Alex declares that as of now, he’s putting all his energy in to his commitment at Titan and will show her that he’s dead serious in doing his part in contributing to the growth and success of the family business. Maggie then gets a call from Victor and notes that he sounds upset. Maggie asks if he’s sure and is shocked as Alex asks what’s going on. Maggie announces that Victor’s son and Alex’s cousin, Bo Brady, is alive.

Leo decides Gwen made it clear that they are overextended on their tab at the room. Gwen complains about the massive hotel bill. Leo suggests settling on a cheap bottle of wine and fruit cups. Leo tells Gwen that he knows losing Xander was a huge loss for her and she needs to mourn that loss, so she can do whatever she needs to get a handle on her feelings and he will be there for her. Gwen thanks him and admits she really does need to vent and just get it out and mourn the loss. Gwen says she needs to stop pretending to be so tough and invulnerable and notes that she talked about that with Alex. Leo remarks that he then dumped her too and then apologizes for that slipping out.

Alex questions Bo being alive after being dead for years. Alex calls it wild but great news. Maggie adds that there is bad news as well since Bo is in a coma at a hospital in Greece and they’re not sure he’s ever going to wake up. Alex talks about hearing from Victor about how much he loved Bo and how proud he was of him. Maggie says that’s why Victor is fueling up the jet as they speak as he’s planning on flying to Greece to make sure Bo is getting the best possible care. Maggie says she’s never heard Victor this emotional as everything in him aches to be with Bo, the son that he thought he lost. Alex can only imagine what he’s going through. Alex suggests Maggie go with Victor to Greece while he will handle all the business here if she gives him that chance.

Rafe goes over the police report that Shawn filed before going to Greece with the times of events. Rafe notes that Paulina went to her office with her own keys not long after it was vandalized so if Sloan or Talia took them, they would have had very little time to return them.

Chanel admits that even though Allie is halfway around the world, she thought they might find their way back to each other but now Allie has moved on. Chanel decides maybe she should move on too and begins kissing Talia. Talia thinks back to Colin telling her of their plan. Talia then pulls away and tells Chanel that maybe they shouldn’t do this.

Xander questions where Colin is from and asks if his accent is from London. Colin suggests they don’t ask each other about who is coming in and out of their rooms. Xander says he’s packing up anyway as he’s finally moving out of this motel. Colin guesses they won’t have a problem then and goes in to his room. Xander remarks that he’s glad to be getting out of here.

Chloe cries to Brady that it’s not about her feelings for him but ever since Kristen got to Rachel, she’s felt responsible for the suffering of a child and she couldn’t get Rachel to like her. Chloe adds that Rachel has had a hard enough life without seeing her as the only thing standing in the way of having her family together. Brady says he understands. Chloe thanks him. Chloe understands it’s hard for him too and that nothing is more important than being a father. Brady asks if this is it then and it’s over. Chloe talks about feeling sad and wanting to sing to cheer herself up, but the first song that came to her mind was “I Will Always Love You”, which didn’t cheer her up. Chloe states that the lyrics did ring true because she will always love Brady. Brady responds that he will too as they kiss.

Chanel questions Talia not thinking this is a good idea when there is real chemistry between them. Chanel asks if she’s not sure about being with a woman but Talia says it’s not that. Chanel questions what it is then since Talia made a bold move in deciding to kiss her but now she’s pulling back and asks why. Talia thinks back to Colin insisting that she do this. Talia says that Chanel is her boss and asks how that would look for a boss and employee to be hooking up. Talia brings up the policy at Jada’s job and how that’s getting in the way of her getting with her boss.

Rafe tells Jada that maybe it wasn’t Sloan or Talia who trashed Paulina’s office but maybe someone else entirely. Jada brings up that Sloan swears she had nothing to do with it and she hopes that her sister didn’t either. Jada realizes there’s a hardware store in the town square, so it wouldn’t take long for someone to go and get a copy of Paulina’s key made.

Alex tells Maggie that everyone thinks Victor is so strong, but they all know that Maggie is what keeps him strong as his rock and that’s why she needs to go be with him in Greece. Maggie isn’t sure about leaving right now and brings up the last time she trusted Alex and how he undermined her authority and compromised the values of the company. Alex can’t deny that or that Maggie has been generous in giving him far more chances than he deserves. Alex admits he had poor judgment in the past and made some errors, but nothing matters more to him than his family. Alex pleads with Maggie to go be with Victor in Greece as he’s about to go through something very difficult, emotional, and miraculous which is why he needs her. Maggie then agrees to go but warns that this is Alex’s last chance to prove that he is committed to this company and the family. Maggie hands Alex the details on a huge deal for Titan, noting that he doesn’t have to do anything but close the deal. Alex promises that he won’t let her down.

Gwen admits to Leo that she was only using Alex to get over Xander. Gwen believed that Xander would stick around and talks about how they were together. Gwen says she never felt such a deep connection like that to someone ever before. Leo relates to never having that. Gwen hopes he gets it one day because it’s the best feeling of all to know that somebody sees you for you with all of your faults and still loves you. Gwen says it makes you love yourself more. Leo says that Gwen makes him feel that way and jokes that if only they wanted to jump each others’ bones. Leo tells Gwen that he’s sorry it didn’t work out with Xander and that he had to be the one to tell her about him moving in with Chloe. Gwen acknowledges that she would’ve found out eventually. Gwen decides she has to go get some air and figure out how to say goodbye to the only man that she ever truly loved.

Xander returns to the apartment and finds Brady and Chloe kissing. Brady then turns and exits as Chloe holds back tears.

Rafe suggests he and Jada go check out the hardware store. Jada decides they will show Sloan and Talia’s pictures to see if either of them had a key made that day.

Chanel tells Talia that places have rules like that about inappropriate relationships between bosses and subordinates, but she’s the boss here and there’s no policy to stop her from being with someone she likes and it’s consensual. Chanel adds that she doesn’t know if Talia working for her would even be an issue with the shutdown as she doesn’t know if the bakery can survive this. Talia encourages that she’s confident that Chanel will figure out a way to keep the place going. Chanel says that if she does, it will be because she has someone like Talia in her corner, who has her back and that she can trust…

Colin looks at his phone with the article about the Bakery being shut down and smiles. Colin then goes to text Talia.

Chanel tells Talia that she feels like she can trust her and that means so much to her. Talia then gets a text from Colin, asking how it’s going and if she’s got things cooking with her boss yet. Chanel asks if everything is okay. Talia claims it was just spam. Chanel says she’s going to stay and clean up a bit more. Talia offers to help but Chanel says she can handle it. Chanel then asks Talia on a date for later so they can talk more and see where it goes. Talia accepts so Chanel suggests dinner at the Bistro.

Xander asks Chloe if what he walked in on means that she and Brady are back together. Xander adds that he’ll totally understand if she no longer wants to move in together and says he’ll figure something out. Chloe stops him and says that what he walked in on with her and Brady was goodbye.

Brady sits at a table at the Brady Pub. Gwen joins him and says she hears Xander and Chloe are shacking up, so she asks if he wants to drown their sorrows together.

Xander brings in a pizza and beers as he and Chloe’s first meal together. They joke about each others’ pizza toppings. Xander toasts to Chloe being better off without Brady and then they toast to each other. Chloe acknowledges that Xander can be quite charming when he sets his mind to it.

Brady tells Gwen that he’s just drinking club soda. Gwen wants something stronger. Brady heard that she had given up drinking scotch. Gwen says she had but picked it back up again. Gwen admires Brady for not doing so in trying circumstances. Gwen says she’s sorry about he and Chloe. Brady thanks her and wishes he could say the same about her and Xander but he thinks she’s better off without him. Gwen suggests maybe he’s better off without Chloe. Brady questions why she would say that to him. Gwen questions it being fine for him to say about Xander but she’s supposed to sing Chloe’s praises. Brady argues that whatever she had with Xander doesn’t compare to what he had with Chloe. Gwen calls him an angry drunk who doesn’t drink. Brady asks if she thinks they are going to cry on each others’ shoulders. Gwen says she’s not crying but she needs that drink as they both yell for the waitress.

Maggie tells Alex that she got everything arranged to fly to Greece with Victor. Alex talks about going over the amazing deal she set up for Titan and promises that she won’t regret letting him handle it. Maggie reminds him to stick to what she laid out in the folder and then when she comes back, they will all be in a better place. Maggie then exits.

Chanel walks through the town square and runs in to Leo. Leo asks about her engagement to Johnny. Chanel repeats that they are just friends and the engagement is off. Chanel adds that she has a date tonight with someone else. Leo jokes about asking what gender it is. Chanel says he would like to know and walks away.

Talia returns to Colin at the motel. Colin asks how it went. Talia informs him that she has dinner tonight at the Bistro with Chanel. Colin calls that fancy and questions her not being excited about it. Talia asks why she would be excited when she is deceiving someone just to get her in bed to break her heart. Talia remarks that she does have a conscience. Colin says he respects her for that but Chanel killed his mother in the most horrible way possible and asks if she’s forgotten that. Talia assures that she hasn’t but she can’t help but feel for Chanel. Colin tells her to fight that feeling and do this for him. Colin knows she will because they love each other and she knows how important this is to him as they kiss.

Rafe and Jada meet with the hardware store owner in the town square. Rafe shows a photo of Sloan and asks if she came in to make a copy of a key a few weeks ago. He says no, insisting that he would remember such a pretty lady. Jada then shows a photo of Talia. The owner does remember Talia, noting that she was in a hell of a rush.

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