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Sheila: Yeah, I’ve been emailing you, writing letters, and no response. I… I almost thought that maybe I should give up. But look, it worked. You came. Thank you. It really means a lot to me that you’re here.

Eric: This is really good, carter. I like how you resolved all these issues. You did a great job. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, you do a great job for this company. That’s why you’re so important to us, all of us, and to the family, too.

Carter: I’m honored you feel that way. And speaking of family, you must be excited to have your grandson back in town.

Eric: Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m more than happy, I’m– I’m thrilled.

Carter: Yeah, it’s good to see R.J. And ridge can’t stop talking about how happy he is to have his son back.

Eric: That kid’s really going places, you know. He makes all these videos. They’re– they’re all over the internet. It’s great.

Carter: Yeah, I follow him.

Eric: Yeah, me, too. Carter? What’s going on? You okay?

Carter: Yeah.

Eric: It just seems like you’re a little off balance.

Carter: I think my mind might be over at the spencer estate, if I’m being honest. Katie went to see bill. She’s with him as we speak.

Eric: Yeah.

Bill: Feels good hearing you appreciate me.

Katie: Well, what you did was very brave. Going up against sheila carter like that, it was risky. It could’ve turned out a lot differently for you. And I’m glad that it didn’t, especially for will’s sake.

Bill: And for yours, too? Maybe a little? I’m glad you agreed to come over, katie. I miss you. The house misses you.

Katie: The house?

Bill: Yeah, the house. I mean, look around. You feel it, too, don’t you? The energy. This is where you belong, katie. This is your home.

Eric: Carter, you shouldn’t let that bother you. Katie at bill’S. I mean, they share a son. They’re always gonna have things to talk about from time to time.

Carter: I understand, but there’s more to it. It’s not just two parents getting together to talk about their child. No. No, no, no, bill’s got ideas.

Eric: Ideas? Uh-huh. And these ideas concern you because you have feelings for katie–

Carter: I don’t wanna see katie hurt again.

Bill: I’m not trying to pressure you, katie. I respect that you wanted some time away from me, that you… needed a temporary split.

Katie: Temporary, huh?

Bill: As far as I’m concerned. You’ve got to miss it a little bit? Me, this home, the place where we shared some of the greatest moments of our lives. I remember. And I know that you remember, too.

Sheila: Thank you for– for coming. I– I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision for you.

Jack: Every instinct tells me I shouldn’t be here. What do you want, sheila?

Sheila: It is so good to see you, jack.

[ Chuckles ] (Music throughout)

Carter: Bill’s hurt katie too many times already. He’s hurt her in ways that–

Eric: Katie’s smart, all right? She’s not gonna let bill deceive her again. Especially when there’s a– a better option at hand. You two have not, uh, exactly been able to hide how you feel about each other.

Carter: Yes,

katie, this is real.

We just made love.

That’s so much better.

Katie: You’re right.

It was love.

Carter: It’s true. Katie’s become very special to me. I wanna give her all the good things.

Eric: Good. Yeah, especially in opposition to how things have been with him all these years. Look, I’m with you. I don’t wanna see katie’s fragile heart in– in– in bill spencer’s hands.

Bill: Chef said about 10 more minutes. Can I get you something to drink while we’re waiting?

Katie: Uh, no– no, I’m– I’m good. I actually– I– I– I’m kind of rethinking whether I should stay for a meal.

Bill: Well, it’s kind of an important part of having lunch together, don’t you think?

Katie: Yeah, it’s just that I– I should’ve been clearer about my intentions. I– I wanted to come by to reiterate how grateful I am for what you did with sheila, but anything else…

Bill: Because of carter?

Katie: I told you how much I’m enjoying getting to know him.

Bill: Well, how well do you know him, katie? What exactly is going on between you two?

Katie: I’m sure you don’t want me to get into details.

Bill: What about me? You did kiss me, after all, when you found out the truth of what was really going on with sheila.

Katie: Yes, and as I recall, I slapped you as well. Bill, you and carter are just two very different people.

Bill: Well, I’ll give him credit for one thing. Smart man, falling for you.

Jack: This was a mistake.

Sheila: No, no, come on, please. At least– at least hear me out.

Jack: What can you possibly have to say that I’d want to hear, sheila?

Sheila: Well, I’ve had a lot of time, um… to think here, jack.

Jack: To think about your crimes? Good. Sort of the point.

Sheila: About my past and better days. And I realized that a lot of those were with you. I… those early years with you and I treasure those memories. I treasure those moments and– and none of them more than the night that we conceived finn.

[ Laughs ] He saved my life, you know.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Sheila: Finn didn’t have to do that. He could have let me die. But he didn’T. I mean, that’s the man that you raised. Our boy, jack. Our boy. Tv: Try tide power pods with 85% more tide in every pod.

Sheila: You know, I– I couldn’t be more proud of our son and the man that he turned out to be. And I owe you thanks for that, jack, the way you raised him.

Jack: What are you trying to do here, sheila?

Sheila: Maybe… we can help one another?

Jack: If you think you could drag me into your madness or that I would ever help you in any way… you’re even crazier than I thought.

Carter: Look, eric, you and I can understand that bill’s no good for katie, but our opinion doesn’t exactly count. She has to know it, too.

Eric: I’m pretty sure she does.

Carter: Intellectually, yes. But emotionally, when you throw that in the mix, there’s a history there, eric. A marriage full of memories. A child they both adore.

Eric: And you’re scared that he’s gonna remind her of that? That he’s gonna convince her that, uh, he deserves another chance?

Carter: He’s already proven that he’s the hero, right? He took down sheila carter.

Eric: That was a team effort.

Carter: Okay, but it all hinged on bill, his performance, and there’s no denying that it’s changed the way everyone looks at him, including katie.

Eric: Look, carter, two opposing things can be true at the same time. On the one hand, you know, bill’s a big hero. He saved his whole family from a psychotic killer. On the other hand, he’s the worst possible partner that katie could have in this world. So, I’m not gonna worry about it. Look, it doesn’t matter how much he rattles on about having a third and fourth, and fifth chance. You have to have faith that katie’s not gonna fall for it.

Carter: I hope not. I mean, how could she ever believe bill’s feelings for her? Knowing deep down, they’ll never compare to what he feels for her sister.

Katie: You say carter is a smart man. Well, I agree. He’s very smart, he’s very accomplished.

Bill: Odd. Where’s the part where we’re supposedly very different?

Katie: Well, he’s never fallen for my sister, so that’s a huge plus.

Bill: Can we leave brooke out of it?

Katie: I wish– I wish we could. I wish you would have. Things would have been really different. I suppose you’ve heard about the pact that brooke and taylor have made. They’re gonna put their friendship first and they’re swearing off ridge.

Bill: Yeah, that pact will never last.

Katie: Well, I think it will. I can’t speak for taylor, but brooke, she’s pretty committed to staying true to it. So, she’s available.

Bill: And I’m sure the right guy is out there for her. But if you’re suggesting that’s me, katie–

Katie: You want her. You know you do. So, now’s your chance. You– she’s all alone. She’s all alone in that big house, so you should make your move. You know you want to. Go to her.

Bill: There was a time when I would have raced right over. I will admit that she had a hold on me. But it had an expiration date and that time has passed. You are the only woman I want, katie. You are the only woman I need. I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Eric: Carter, bill’s feelings for brooke will always be in the back of katie’s mind. You have to– you have to feel confident that– that alone is gonna keep her away from him.

Carter: I hear you and I definitely wanna believe that. Katie deserves better than what bill has to offer.

Eric: No, there’s no question about that. She deserves the kind of life that you will give her.

Carter: I’d like the chance. And the way I feel for katie, the happiness I want to give her, the joy, the–

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Carter: The laughter.

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Carter: Just put me in coach, I’m ready.

Eric: Oh, you’re in the game, you’re in the game. I mean, I’ve seen the way she looks at you. I’m on your side.

Carter: Thank you, eric.

Eric: Yeah.

Carter: Belated

merry christmas, katie.

Katie: Beautiful.

Katie: I should go. This was– this isn’t productive.

Bill: Okay, okay, okay. Just humor me first.

Katie: I’m kind of all out of jokes.

Bill: Yeah. Humor me by sitting here with me on this couch for a couple of minutes, in this room where we spent so many evenings together, unwinding. You with a– with a book in your hand, me with a whiskey. We would talk about our day and sometimes we would just sit together enjoying the mutual silence. And I would watch you, admiring my beautiful katie. Will you please do that with me? Just– just sit here. Just for a couple of minutes. I want to remember what that felt like. And I want to remind you that the majority of time that we spent together, was really great. So many incredible memories, katie, beautiful moments, positive, happy times.

I said something

when I proposed

and I’m going to say it again,

in front of all these people.

I want you, katie.

I want our family.

I want our life together.

Nothing means more to me.

Katie: You’re not wrong. We– we shared a lot of beautiful moments.

Bill: And we will again. I mean it, katie. I swear I mean it. You are the only woman for me. I want our life back. I want the future that we should have been sharing together.

Sheila: You know, there’s really no reason to be cruel. I just thought that you loved our son as much as I did.

Jack: I do.

Sheila: I gave him to you. I gave you the most important gift that you will ever receive.

Jack: I’m supposed to give you something in return? Is that what you’re thinking, sheila?

Sheila: You’re a criminal defense attorney, jack, one of the finest in all of los angeles. I just– I just have a few questions. I mean, what– what went down to put me here? Why am I locked up?

Jack: Because you killed people, sheila. Because you are…

[ Sighs ] I’m not doing this.

Sheila: Oh, come on.

Jack: I’m not answering your questions–

Sheila: And yet you’re here. And you came of your own free will, your choice. Why? I think we both know.

Jack: Why are you looking at me like that, sheila?

Sheila: Because I recognize it.

Jack: Recognize what?

Sheila: Don’t you remember how drawn we were to one another? And yes, the years have gone by, but that connection between us, it– it hasn’t changed. Yes, we have led very different lives. But I see us as our younger selves and I know so many things really have remained the same.

Jack: What are you trying to get at?

Sheila: You were lonely. Lee was devoted to her career. She didn’t pay attention to your needs and your wants. And I was lonely, too. I mean, that’s what sparked everything between us. What led to finn. And I– I look at you now and I see that hollow look in your eyes and that sadness in your face, as it was before. You’re lonely again. Just like me.

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