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Belle goes to see EJ at the DiMera Mansion and says she rushed over after she got his message that it was a matter of life and death.

Harris checks out at the hotel in Greece and goes to leave when he runs in to Shawn.

Steve, Kayla, Andrew, and Roman watch the video from the microchip in Bo’s brain that reveals that Bo did not shoot Kate and allowed her to go. Kayla exclaims that Bo did not shoot Kate. Roman declares that this could mean that Kate is alive but wonders where the hell she is and where she went. Andrew wishes he had an answer but says the ISA scoured the entire island and surrounding areas so they have no idea where she is, but he is absolutely certain that Kate is not on that island.

Kate is somewhere on a boat, cutting up fish. Kate stops to think back to being in this same spot cutting fish over 25 years ago and questions how she has ended up back here, remarking that it must be a joke or a kick in the ass. Kate complains that she’s not such a bad person. Kate admits she hasn’t always been a saint but argues that she doesn’t deserve this. Kate asks why this is always happening to her.

Outside the hospital in Greece, Chad asks Stephanie if she’s nervous about seeing her uncle Bo. Stephanie responds that she was actually just thinking about Harris Michaels and how she ripped in to him at the lab yesterday. Chad calls it understandable since Harris didn’t say anything about her parents’ lives being in danger. Stephanie acknowledges that Harris was so apologetic at the hotel and asks if she was too hard on him. Chad doesn’t think so. Stephanie thanks Chad for reminding her that Harris saved them from Thomas Banks. Chad argues that Harris is lucky that more people didn’t get hurt. Stephanie thinks he knows that and is beating himself up over everything that happened.

Harris tells Shawn that he ran in to Hope and asks if there’s any change in Bo’s condition. Shawn informs him that he’s still in a coma and the doctors don’t know when or if he’s ever going to come out of it. Harris tells him that he’s sorry. Shawn tells him not to be. Shawn declares that what happened to his father is his fault but Harris disagrees and blames himself.

Belle questions EJ saying it was a life or death situation that Stefan hired Gabi at DiMera. EJ complains about having to work with Gabi and argues that she’s trying to steal his company. Belle asks what Stefan hired Gabi to do. EJ says she’s been hired as a vague consultant and told to eliminate inefficiency. EJ adds that her first task is to evaluate his performance and argues that she’s obviously trying to get the board to eliminate him. EJ continues to complain about Gabi and argues that this is utter madness. Belle asks if he has concerns about Stefan’s mental state which would endanger DiMera. EJ calls that good and says they could use that if they need to. EJ wants to start by going through the company by laws to see if there are any loopholes he can use to get rid of Gabi. EJ asks Belle to get started on that today. Belle can’t believe this is what EJ had her rush over for. Belle tells him that she was on her way to the courthouse when he called and she had to explain to a client and a very unhappy judge that she had to reschedule because of a personal emergency. Belle complains that EJ lied to her and questions how Stefan hiring Gabi comes anywhere near a life or death situation. EJ tells her that it’s about far more like protecting what his father built, guarding his children’s inheritance and legacy. EJ argues that the stakes couldn’t be higher as his family’s company is hanging by a thread. Belle asks if his family’s company is in the ICU which EJ questions. Belle informs EJ that her husband is dealing with a real life or death situation when an actual human being could die. EJ questions what she’s talking about and asks what happened to Shawn. Belle doesn’t think he cares but EJ insists that she tell him what happened. Belle then reveals that Shawn accidentally shot his father and put him in a coma.

Harris knows Shawn blames himself for what happened to Bo, but says he’s the one that put this all in motion. Shawn says they’ve been over this. Harris states that he is the reason that Hope and Shawn were on that cliff, so he’s responsible for what happened. Harris admits he could tell something was off with Bo when he saw him and that he was armed, but he sent Hope by herself. Shawn argues that he already explained himself. Harris says he just wanted to apologize as he was selfish and wrong. Harris adds that if he would’ve told Hope sooner or gone with her, the outcome would have been different.

Kayla decides she will go tell Hope about Kate and says she will be so relieved. Steve hugs Roman and says he’s so happy for him. Roman can’t believe his wife is alive and his brother doesn’t have to live with the guilt of taking her from them. Steve knows Bo would never forgive himself if he took a life. Roman says he’s grateful that Kate is alive but they still have no idea where she went. Roman declares that he will search the planet for her. Steve and Andrew say they are with him so Roman decides they will put their heads together and make a plan to find his wife.

Kate asks if her life could be any more crazy as one moment she’s being held at gunpoint by a reincarnated Bo Brady and then she’s in the middle of the Mediterranean, chopping up an endless pile of fish. Kate remarks that she’s not enjoying this. Kate talks about how suffering is everywhere so maybe accepting it is the way to be free of it. Kate declares that this is her life and to accept it. Kate then decides against that and begins screaming for help, asking if there’s anyone out there to help her get off this boat. Kate then hears footsteps and wonders if someone is there.

Chad finishes a call with his kids, assuring they will be home very soon. Chad says he and Stephanie love them as he hangs up. Stephanie says the kids obviously miss him if he wants to go back to Salem. Chad assures that they are well taken care of by Doug and Julie while he wants to be here with her. Stephanie thanks him for all of his support through all this and says he has no idea how much it means to her. Chad kisses her and suggests they go see Bo. Kayla then comes out from the hospital and says she was just going to call. Stephanie asks if everything is okay. Kayla says it’s better than okay as she has really incredible news. Stephanie asks if Bo is awake. Kayla says no but he did squeeze Hope’s hand a little while ago which Chad calls amazing. Kayla says it’s encouraging but the news is not about Bo, it’s about Kate which Chad questions. Kayla announces that Bo did not kill Kate, so she is alive which shocks Chad.

Roman tells Steve and Andrew that the first question is how Kate escaped the island. Andrew points out that she couldn’t have escaped by plane so the only way out would have been by boat. Steve points out that they know Dr. Rolf escaped on a boat as they found him in Athens. Andrew notes that Bo took Kayla on a similar boat. Roman asks if there was another boat. Andrew says not that they know of, but there was a space for a third boat. Roman declares that has to be how Kate left. Andrew agrees. Roman points out that Bo released Kate weeks ago, so he questions where the hell she’s been all this time and why she hasn’t contacted someone.

A man approaches Kate on the boat. Kate tells him that she needs his help. Kate says she knows how much he helped her already and says he saved her life already as when she was on the little boat, she had no idea where she was going until he rescued her and brought her on this ship. The man asks her about her work cutting fish. Kate says she will get back to that but first she needs to make a phone call. He offers a phone but questions how much she will pay him for it.

Harris encourages Shawn to let himself off the hook since he did this. Shawn tells him to stop. Harris argues that Shawn saw Bo holding a gun on his mother and asks how he couldn’t react. Shawn complains that he keeps hearing over and over again that he did what anyone else would have done and he’s sick and tired of it. Shawn declares that the bottom line is that his dad may die because of him and him alone. Shawn knows Harris is just trying to make him feel better or make himself feel less guilty, but he can look at it however he wants. Shawn admits some of it is on Harris but at the end of the day, Harris didn’t pull the trigger and shoot his own father.

EJ questions Belle saying that Shawn shot his own father and put him in a coma. Belle confirms it happened two days ago in Greece. EJ questions why he would do that. Belle explains that Shawn thought Bo was about to shoot Hope but he wasn’t and it was just a terrible, tragic mistake. EJ asks what the prognosis is. Belle says that nobody really knows and they just wait and pray now. Belle tells EJ that is a life and death situation while what is happening with Gabi is not. Belle notes that Bo might not survive and Shawn is just devastated. EJ remarks that it sounds like Shawn really screwed up so Belle punches him in the stomach. EJ questions her doing that. Belle says EJ deserved it and says what happened was an accident. Belle knows EJ doesn’t like Shawn but says that what he said is low even for him. EJ apologizes for not thinking before speaking. Belle argues that EJ should’ve thought before inviting her over or just thought more in general about what an insensitive jerk he is. Belle goes to leave but EJ stops her and says he knows that he and Shawn don’t get along, but he does feel for him and their whole family so he’s sorry that she’s going through what she’s going through. Belle thanks him. EJ would like to make up for what he said and thinks he knows how can do that.

Harris acknowledges that he can’t know how Shawn feels and that he didn’t pull the trigger, but he still feels responsible and like he should be the one paying for it. Shawn tells Harris that nothing is going to happen to him since he didn’t do anything illegal. Shawn argues that the only one punishing Harris would be himself because no one is coming to arrest him. Harris argues that he’s still paying for it because he lost Hope.

Kayla explains to Stephanie and Chad that the surgeon found a microchip in Bo’s brain which is how Megan was controlling him and the ISA was able to read the chip with an app which contained a video file from Bo’s point of view, so they could see everything he did and hear what he was saying. Kayla adds that they very clearly see Bo fire his gun in the air and tell Kate to run which she did. Chad is confused because he thought Bo told Kayla himself that he killed Kate. Kayla confirms that he did. Stephanie questions why Bo would lie. Kayla thinks he did it to scare her to keep her in line, since he went out of his way to make her believe that he was dangerous and capable of murder. Kayla says no matter what he said, she knew it wasn’t true. Stephanie is relieved that she was right and hugs her as Chad remains in disbelief.

Roman says the first thing Kate would have wanted to do when she got off the island would be to call her family and let them know that she was alive, so he questions why she didn’t. Steve points out that Kate likely had no idea where she was and no way to navigate, so it might have taken her for awhile to get to the main land. Roman argues that it shouldn’t take weeks and asks why Kate wouldn’t find the first person she saw and ask to use their phone. Andrew points out that Kate wasn’t an experienced sailor and the water out there can be treacherous. Roman tells Andrew not to suggest that Kate didn’t make it. Roman calls Kate the strongest woman he knows as she has survived cancer, a plane crash, being shot, and buried alive. Roman argues that there’s no chance and guarantees that Kate is alive.

Kate questions the man wanting her to pay to use his phone. The man says he has to pay his bills. Kate argues that she has nothing to her name other than the clothes she is wearing. The man asks about her boat. Kate explains that was just a boat she found when she escaped the island that she was being held prisoner on. Kate says when he found her in the water, she had just escaped and everyone she loves thinks she’s dead. Kate just wants to call her husband to tell him that she’s alive and she wants to go home. Kate assures that she can pay him when she gets home but she doesn’t have anything to give him now. The man then asks what about her wedding ring.

Chad can’t believe Kate is alive and excitedly hugs Stephanie. Kayla calls it incredible news. Chad asks where she is and if he can see or talk to Kate. Kayla suggests going inside for answers so they head in to the hospital.

Andrew apologizes to Roman and agrees that there is no reason to give up hope. Roman knows he has to be prepared for any outcome. Andrew declares that the only acceptable outcome in this case is to find Kate. Andrew thinks he will need to go find reinforcements so they will catch up in a bit. Andrew then exits. Steve tells Roman that he’s right that Kate is as tough as they come. Roman guesses that Kate washed ashore on another island. Roman hopes he wasn’t too hard on Andrew just now. Steve assures that Andrew understands Roman is just laying out the facts to make sure everybodyis prepared for the mission to find Kate.

Belle asks how EJ is planning to make it up to her. EJ doesn’t suppose anything will make up for his behavior but thinks he can offer her something she may find useful. EJ then offers Belle the DiMera jet so she can go see her husband. EJ is sure Shawn is in a lot of pain and he knows she wants to be with him. EJ tells Belle to fly out to Greece today and come back whenever she’s ready, noting that he will pay for all the expenses. Belle calls that very generous of him but says she can’t because she’s in the middle of a tiral. EJ suggests asking for a continuance and believes everyone would understand. Belle feels it wouldn’t be fair to her client to just take off and that Shawn understands. EJ tells her to just let him know if she changes her mind. EJ decides he will handle Gabi as Belle then exits the mansion.

Harris repeats to Shawn that he saw Hope earlier and she made it very clear that it was over between them. Shawn asks what he expected after keeping the truth from her about the love of her life, so of course she was going to dump his ass. Shawn asks if he expects him to feel sorry for him. Harris says no and that he’ll just have to live with how he hurt all of them for the rest of his life. Shawn says he’s going to shower and then back to the hospital. Harris notes that he will be praying for his family and he really does hope that Bo will be okay. Shawn then heads to his room. Harris then gets a text from Andrew, saying he needs to talk to him.

Roman tells Steve that he’s having a hell of a time wrapping his head around this whole thing, especially Bo being alive. Steve talks about seeing Bo in front of him after all these years. Roman guesses it had to be confusing with the way Bo was acting. Steve says it didn’t take too long to realize it wasn’t the real Bo Brady but that his best friend of 40 years was still in there somewhere. Roman talks about being so damn happy when he heard Bo was back but he was having a hard time with the thought that Bo killed Kate. Roman states that he loves Bo and would’ve done anything to help him get better, but he doubts there’s any way he could have ever forgiven him if he had killed Kate. Steve is glad he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Roman calls it a big weight off his shoulders. Steve tells Roman to just wait until they get Kate back. Roman says they just have to find her.

Kate tells the man that she can’t give him her wedding ring. He argues that she can just get another one when she returns home. Kate argues that she can’t as it’s one of a kind and her prized possession. Kate mentions Roman putting it on her finger on her deathbed. The man insists that if she wants to use his phone, he needs the ring. Kate reluctantly agrees but notes that the ring is her last possession. The man warns that she only gets one call and no more. Kate hands over the ring as he gives her the phone. Kate then calls Roman, hoping he picks up.

As she’s leaving the DiMera Mansion, Belle calls Shawn and asks if he’s at the hospital. Shawn says he’s at the hotel for a quick shower. Belle asks for the latest. Shawn says he just spoke to Hope and she said Bo squeezed her hand. Belle calls that a good sign. Shawn says the doctors said not to get their hopes up since nothing else has changed and they don’t expect Bo to wake up any time soon. Belle encourages that he could and tells Shawn not to give up hope. Shawn assures that he’s not but that it’s just hard.

Kate pleads for Roman to pick up the phone but gets a recording that the call could not be completed as dialed. Kate wants to try again but the man reminds her that she only had one call. Kate tries to argue but he refuses and tells her to get back to work as he exits.

Chad, Stephanie, and Kayla join Roman and Steve. Stephanie calls it the best news about Kate. Chad asks what the plan is to find her. Steve responds that they are working on it. Chad wants to help with whatever they need. Roman says they appreciate that and they have some leads and taht Andrew is on it too. Kayla asks if Andrew is still around. Steve notes that he said he had to go get reinforcements. Stephanie asks what that means. Roman admits he’s not sure.

Andrew meets Harris at the hotel and says he’s glad he caught him. Harris says he was just heading out when he got his text. Andrew asks where he’s heading. Harris says he’s just going some place else to figure out his next move. Andrew responds that maybe he can help him with that. Andrew informs Harris that he needs his help as it turns out Kate is alive and they need to find her. Harris questions why Andrew would want his help when he has done irreparable damage to his family. Andrew asks how he’d like a shot at redemption.

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