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[Wind howling]

[Dramatic music]

You think they saw us?

Or heard us?

Well, the “haunted star” is docked. Let’s hope her radar is off.

Well, even if it’s not, a radar is usually used to detect debris, other ships, icebergs, things like that. We came in so low beneath the hills, and landed on the opposite side of the island.

We took the scenic route. That explains the bumpy landing.

Well, it’s the safest way to approach victor’s island undetected.

And for bringing home trina, liesl, and your grandsons.



Okay, so robert’s busy and you’ll be in the “bureau” about stepping up the rescue.

Ah. A lot of red tape. You know, the island is in international waters, so there’s not really any government that can claim it.

No sovereignty to answer to. You’d think that would make it easy.

Did he say anything else?

Well, I was hoping that on reflection, he’d decide that we were crazy to think that victor’s in the possession of a biological weapon, but no, he does think that is the likely scenario.

And he’s gonna have to convince them of that. They’ll need air-tight evidence to get them to take any action.

Yeah, but how do we find air-tight proof?

I called in a favor.

[Knock at door]

Hi. Anna devane. What have you gotten yourself into this time?

[Line trilling]

You have reached

curtis ashford.

Leave your name and number

and I’ll call you back.

Hell of a time to have your phone off, curtis. Call me.

Where’s my mom?

She’s in the interrogation room with the sec. Diane’s with her.

Did they say what it’s about?

All I can say is that your mother’s in a little bit of trouble.

My client is absolute willing to cooperate, even though your interrupted her son’s wedding to drag her down here.

We do apologize for the timing, but this is a very serious matter. We have cause to believe that you colluded to drew cain to raise the stock price of aurora media.

And it could you both to prison.

So how you feeling, mrs. Corinthos?

[Laughs] Happily married, mr. Corinthos. How ’bout you?

Same. Just sorry all this business with my mom, you know, interrupted our night.

Interrupted, but didn’t derail. We got married. That’s what matters. I am worried about your mom, though.

I’m sure this will all get sorted out quickly.

We just spoke to diane. Sec got a tip that carly colluded with drew during the aurora-elq merger last year.

That merger didn’t even happen. What’s the big deal?

What I want to know is what does this mean for you, michael? You had a division at aurora. You’re a major shareholder at elq. Will they bring charges against you too?

[Electronic warbling]

Sweep’s done. No bugs.

Great. Boss wants you to check the perimeter while I get everything set up.

Copy that.

Got you now, kid.

[Dramatic music]

Trina, honey, it’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna find you.

Mom, I’m here. I’m here.

I love you.

Dr. Robinson?

Or is it dr. Ashford?

No, no, no. It’s still dr. Robinson. How can I help you, mr. Baldwin?

Well, you know, you’re here by yourself and I don’t know, I thought maybe you could use a little company since we’re kind of in the same boat.

Thank you. That would be lovely. And I’ve told you before. Please. It’s portia.

Oh. Hi, portia.

[Chuckles] You must be so worried about liesl.

I am, but she’s a tough cookie. And, you know, if you cross her, she’s very dangerous. So I kind of find that comforting right now.

I had not thought of it in that way. [Chuckles]

Well, not to make things worse.

Not really sure that you can.

Oh, oh, oh, I can. You know, just ask anybody. They’ll tell you that. So trina, she’s not a mad scientist like liesl, so those cassadines, I mean, you must be scared as to what they have up their sleeves.

Yeah, I am.

Well, you must be worried sick, which brings me to my million-dollar question. Why are you here at the hospital and not at home?

Simply put, work is the only thing that’s keeping me from completely losing my mind right now.

Holly, I’d like you to meet dr. Andrew maddox.

Oh, why do I know that name? Oh. Right, you were involved in the anamnesis project.

And I’ve been trying to right that wrong ever since.

Well, you have my empathy. A while ago, I got mixed up in something deplorable and ever since, I’ve been trying to help the bureau any way I can.

But andre’s been doing the same. You know, thankfully, he’s been backchanneling into the bureau’s records without raising any alarms.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any files directly related to project demeter. But I’m hoping I got you all the next best thing. Back when I was doing psych evals for the bureau, I had access to the complete dossier of the original operation against the cassadines.

The crazy weather machine? That was-

40 years ago.

I’m amazed they didn’t delete all those files, with victor in charge.

Well, I’m sure they did. Fortunately, the wsb is an institution of many fail safes and redundancies, so I just downloaded it off the server.

Isn’t that traceable?

Oh, yes. Once they realize that I did it, they’re gonna come looking for me and I’m gonna have a lot of questions to answer.

All right, then we better find something quick.

Mayor collins, commissioner ashford. I just checked with your office and it appears you are taking personal time. Give me a call back, please.

Insider trading?

Yeah. During the aurora-elq merger.

But my mom lost money. She lost her hotel.

The sec doesn’t care whether your mom lost money or not, josslyn. They care about the timing of the stock purchase.

Jordan, jordan, my mom did not do anything wrong.

I hope that proves to be true, ms. Jacks, although at the moment, there are far more pressing matters going on in port charles than some business deal.

Yes, exactly! Like finding trina, spencer, and ace, and nobody is sure how much longer willow can wait for liesl obrecht.

I’m right there with you, and I have every hope that our colleagues from the sec will treat your mother fairly.

Oh, yeah. Because she has diane. [Scoffs]

And with luck and ms. Miller’s skill, they’ll release your mother as soon as they’re done questioning her.

They’re looking for drew as well. Carly’s not gonna give him up.

So drew went radio silent too?

Do you mean someone else went off-grid?

Hold down the fort here. I need to go check in on somebody.

Brick. I thought you were overseeing things on the west coast.

Eh, wasn’t a problem to fly out. Deal’s important, and it’s a good thing I came, ’cause sonny’s been delayed. Family matters. You know what it is. He shouldn’t be too long, but I’m here. Just in case.

The tip that the sec got only concerns carly and drew. They’re operating under the assumption that michael was in the dark about any conversation as far as the merger. That true, michael?

Of course.

Michael, maybe you should go to the station and be there for your joss.

There’s no way I’m leaving your side.

I’ll still be here when you get back.

Okay, you guys have fun at your wedding night. Have some cake, do whatever you need to do, and I’m gonna go see if your mother and josslyn are okay.

You and drew cain have a close relationship, correct?

We’re members of the same extended family, and he’s my son’s uncle.

Well, you look pretty friendly right here.

[Laughs] As my client just stated, they are members of the same extended family. And another member of that extended family, namely client’s daughter-in-law, was recently diagnosed with stage four leukemia, so when did it become a violation of sec statues for two family members to comfort each other?

Look, we’re not unreasonable.

Yes, you are.

And we do not want to make an example out of you. You’re a private citizen, not the founder of a publicly traded company. This’ll go a lot easier for you if you cooperate and tell us where we can find drew cain.

Hey, I’m sorry all this went down on our wedding day.

Did you call in the tip?


Then it’s not your fault.

[Soft dramatic music]

Hey, you okay?


[Chuckles] Never made a woman swoon before?

Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you go upstairs, get comfortable? There’s still plenty of food and champagne. There’s no reason we can’t still celebrate.

I like the way you think let’s do it.

All right.

Thank you.

You okay?




I’m sorry, michael. I really hate that things went down like this today.

[Chuckles] What do you mean? It is exactly what you wanted.

So have you checked his office, his car?

Ms. Spencer, we know where he isn’T. Just tell us where he is.


Go to hell.

Ms. Miller, do you have any advice for your client at this juncture?

I think we all just heard my client make her position abundantly clear. And as for this tender moment caught by the gh security cameras, well, you could have footage of my client and mr. Cain making out like hormonal teenagers, and you still have no indication as to the actual substance of their conversation, business or otherwise, so you’re gonna have to do a hell of lot better than that.

Your client, who had no previous investments in aurora media, made a seven-figure stock purchase immediately prior to the proposed merger between aurora and elq. The timing alone presents a strong enough argument of collusion and insider trading. Although we are within our rights to hold ms. Spencer for 24 hours without charging her.

All right, well, can my client at least get some coffee if this is gonna turn into a staycation for her? Or is that an upcharge?

[Sighs and clears throat]

[Suspenseful music]


Oh, hey. How are michael and willow?

They’re worried about you.

We all are.

Hey. Any luck?

No. Still trying to find a satellite signal. Give me a second.

Okay. Keep at it. In the meantime, guys, gameplan remains the same. Here we go. The “haunted star” docked here on the west side of the island right about 14 hours ago.

Okay. How far are we from the “haunted star”?

I would say less than an hour. I mean, the island is small. It’s less than one square mile. The best way to get there is just to cross over the landmass without getting caught.

It’s a good thing we dressed warmly, right?

You know what? Just so we’re all on the same page, we’re not here to take down victor cassadine? Okay? Whatever he has planned is between him and the bureau. We have to stick to our original plan of rescuing trina, spencer, obrecht, and the baby. This is no time for anyone’s personal vendetta. Are we clear?


So much of this redacted, andre.

You know, they’d have to-

[Knock at door]

I know.

Anna, I need to talk to you about the-


Jordan. Been a long time.

Years…in fact. So what are you doing in port charles?

He heard about my ordeal and he just wanted to check on me.

Course he did. And I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that no one can reach laura, curtis, or drew? And since valentin’s not here by your bedside and andre is, that means something’s going down, so please tell me the four of them haven’t gone off on some half-baked rescue mission of their own?

We can neither confirm nor deny a rescue mission, half-baked or otherwise.

I was afraid of that. I should’ve looped you in. My bad. I’m sorry.

So valentin, curtis, laura, and drew all went off to rescue trina and the others and cause an international incident in the process? Would it help to know that where they’re going does not technically belong to a sovereign nation?

[Sighs] Just tell me how I can reach them.

So you can wish them luck?

To tell them to stand down.

Okay, look. Valentin, he does have a sat phone, but the reception is dodgy at best.

Give me the number.

I will. But jordan, I think it’s important for us to allow them to at least try to bring the hostages back.

Okay, convince me. Why is this our only option?

Because while the world’s governments are sitting around debating what they’re going to do, what action to take, we can run out of time saving them.

What do you mean, run out of time?

We believe that victor has been searching for a weapon of mass destruction.

And I think I know what kind of weapon.

What is it? Holly?

The end of civilization.

[Ominous music]

Said to me and drew last fall?

Michael’s mother knew about the potential merger, which is why she bought the stock. That’s called insider trading, and it’s illegal. Martha stewart went to prison for much less.

[Sighs] Luckily for both of you, nobody has really looked into it, but I think it’s something that you both need to consider.

You threatened drew that you could tip off the sec. Now you have.


[Chuckles] If you really think so little of me that you believe that I would send your mother to prison while your wife is dying, then you don’t know me at all.

[Dramatic music]

Well, ned, I guess you’re right. I really don’T.

Do you have any idea where drew cain is?

He was supposed to be at the wedding walking willow down the aisle, but I guess his plans changed.

Well, do you think he got wind of the sec’s interest and bolted?

Doesn’t strike me as the type.

Fine. Well, then at least carly is not antagonizing two federal agents on behalf of someone who ran off and left her holding the bag.

The sec knows about me and drew. Did you say anything to anyone?

The only people that I know that know about this are brick and olivia. They would not say anything.


Are they still holding you?

Yes. They think I know where drew is.

Do you?

He went after victor to find liesl so we can bring her home to save willow, and if the authorities find him and get in his way?

Excuse me for a second.


You were with sonny when he was ambushed. What’s your take on the shooter?

He was a pro. He only missed the first shot because I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. But once he had me and sonny pinned, he was methodical, working to get the range.

So ex-military?

Almost certainly.

Mm. But a ghost. Fingerprints, dna, nothing showed up on the database.

Someone invested a whole lot of money to make this guy invisible.

Why send him after sonny?

That’s what sonny wants to know. Maybe pikeman can tell him.

[Phone ringing]

Speaking of the devil. Sonny, what’s up, man? What’s going on?

Carly and drew are in a jam. I need a favor.

Name it.

All right. I’ll get my people on it asap. All right. No problem.

[Sighs] I got to take care of something for sonny. You good here?

All good.

[Dramatic music]

Listen, I know what it’s like, you know, trying to distract yourself so that your mind doesn’t go to bad places. Hell, I haven’t slept in a quite a while. I also know what it’s like not to be able to help your child. Not that this is the same thing.

No, I mean, you don’t have to justify your fear. You love liesl. And we’re both scared for our loved ones right now.

Yeah, it’s the helplessness that I can’t stand. Ever since, you know, trina and liesl were kidnapped, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve been kept in the dark by, you know, robert and anna and felicia and laura. You know, I think they know exactly when victor has his martinis. And this whole holly coming back to town, I think it’s all connected to luke spencer’s death.

Why do you say that?

Because… luke ended them in ’81 and they’re sore losers, so victor got rid of luke and now, luke’s family wants to get rid of victor. And you know who’s the collateral damage? Me and you.




Liesl. God forbid you cross the cassadines or the spencers!

[Sighs] I wish I did not agree with you. But I tell you one thing. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that spencer cassadine does not come near my daughter ever again. And when curtis brings trina home, I want to make sure that I-

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hang on. What do you mean curtis brings trina home?

[Suspenseful music]


portia. Do you know something?

Holly, what did you find?

See for yourself.

What is–may I ask?

It’s the original dossier on the cassadines. From 1981. It’s got conversation between senior directors at the bureau, conversations that even robert wasn’t privy to back then.

Okay, so what we’re looking at here is psych profiles of the three cassadine brothers, mikkos, victor, and tony. Tony was just more interested in living his playboy lifestyle than pulling off any kind of grand schemes.

Mm, so no mastermind?


Unlike mikkos, who is a megalomaniac entirely fueled by greed and power.

So how is this different than victor?

Well, their actions might be similar. Their motivations were very different, ’cause victor’s always been an idealist. I mean, evil, certainly. And now where mikkos wanted to control the world, victor was always determined to fix it. Like he really believed that these weapons that they were developing would curtail the developing population that he believed was draining the resources of the world.

So is this what victor’s trying to do now?

Project demeter? Demeter, goddess of harvest who was so broken-hearted over her daughter, persephone. That’s what gave us the seasons.

In greek mythology, one prayed and worshipped demeter because she was responsible for the weather.

Is that the threat we’re dealing with? Could victor be trying to reverse the climate crisis? And if so, why would he need hostages?

I don’t know. It says here that weather-related tech is one of the brothers’ endeavors.

[Suspenseful music] Could project demeter be the bureau’s attempt to retrieve all those weapons from 40 years ago?

Scroll down. There’s another weapon that hasn’t been accounted for yet.

Anna? What is it?

It’s an engineered virus. One that only a small portion of the population will be immune to.

How many wouldn’t be immune?

According to this, the pathogen would be lethal to 80% of the population.


Is this what victor’s idealism has led him to? Saving the planet at the expense of 80% of the population? We have to call the wsb.

No. We can’T.

[Dramatic music]

You are dangerously close to saying things you can’t take back, things that will make you look very bad when the truth comes out.

No, the truth is, ned, you’re the one who originally pitched us all coming together to force valentin out. Then when drew put his company on the line, you double-crossed him. But you still thought he was a threat, right? So you turned him over to the sec. My mom was collateral damage, because we all know that you have no qualms about selling any of us out if it keeps you in power at elq. I mean, come on. You even sold your own daughter out.

Both of you, that’s enough.

You’re right, brook lynn. It is.

[Tense music]

Ms. Spencer, good news. You’re free to go.

Well, what has prompted this sudden change of heart?

We found drew cain. He boarded a flight from san diego to maui 15 minutes ago. In the meantime, the investigation is still ongoing. The charges could be pending.

Understood. Let’s go finalize details, shall we?

[Indistinct chatter]

[Suspenseful music]


What the hell? What’s going on? Why does the sec think drew’s on his way to maui?


All right, I’m gonna scope the area, see if I can find a satellite signal before we make our move.

Hey, I’ll go with you and keep an eye out for victor’s men. Okay?


Hey. How you holding up?

I’m cold.


I’m also kind of energized.

[Sighs] All the adrenaline taking you back to a more adventurous time?

Yeah. [Chuckles] Something like that, I suppose.

Yeah. And?

I guess I’m trying to remember a time before all of this madness began. You know? Before the cassadines infiltrated my life. And they tried to take it over the first time I crossed paths with victor. And his brother… I was trina’s age. And now trina is on the “haunted star.” That’s the ship that helena gave luke and me for a wedding gift. And then she cursed it and us. She liked her curses.

[Sighs] I’m not sure I much believe in curses.

I didn’t think that I did, either. But helena’s words have been looming over me for decades, and every time I think that I’ve gotten past it, comes right back to haunt me again.

Okay, so she’s dead. Haven’t you won?

[Laughing] Have I? Oh, my goodness. The cassadines keep finding ways to hurt me and my family. And now, it’s my grandson’s it’s got to stop.

Okay, then we stop it. If you say it’s a curse, fine, it’s a curse. Then we break it once and for all.

I like the sound of that.

We can’t share our theory with the bureau. Not now.

I think we have more than just a theory, andre.

There’s a biological agent that could wipe out most of the world’s population. If not now, dr. Maddox, then when?

Let me put it like this. If you were the wsb and you received this intel, what would you do? How would the bureau react and respond to this information?

Okay, clue me in.

I think what you’re saying is that if the bureau finds out that there’s a large-scale bioweapon on the island that they will do everything in their power to neutralize the threat.

Yeah, but isn’t that what we want?

Not if they send an aerial assault team to contain the virus.

They have to make a choice… between saving eight people…

including a baby.

And saving eight billion. And they’ll just bomb it. They’ll just wipe that island off the map.. killing everyone.

[Ominous music]

What did you do?

What do you mean?

The men from the sec found evidence that drew’s heading west.

Oh, yeah. I hope that drew can stay ahead of them.

Drew wasn’t in san diego. And he definitely wasn’t heading to maui.

As long as it keeps the sec busy, that’s all that matters, carly.

You didn’t have to do that.

Do what? Look, I know things haven’t been great between us, but we’re still family. All of us. Keep me posted.

[Soft dramatic music]

Sorry I lost my cool like that.

You’re worried about your mom. That’s good reason.

Yeah, well, she’d be the first one to tell me not to… not to waste this precious time.

And she would be right. I want to get back to the gatehouse and spend some time with wiley and amelia. Let’s celebrate the start of our marriage with them.

[Phone ringing]

Sorry. It’s my mom.

Take it.

Hey, mom.

How’s willow?

She’s fine. She’s just anxious for you.

[Sighs] Well, it was dicey for a while. They wanted me to tell them where drew is off to.

And what’d you say?

Well, I didn’t have to say anything. They’re under the impression he’s headed to hawaii.

What? How?

Your father.

No, they couldn’t possibly.

The bureau’s focus is the greater good. Protecting the many over the few. And as heartless as this might sound, they’d consider trina, spencer, and the baby expendable.

We must remember, though, that victor did take obrecht to that island presumably to make the pathogen viable. Now if I know anything about liesl, she won’t make it easy for him.

Which means we have some time.


Time for what?

Time for laura and the rest to bring the hostages home before we alert the bureau to the situation.


It’s a calculated risk. Victor could still release the pathogen.

Well, what’s the point in saving the world if we can’t save the people we care about?

I don’t actually know that much, really. I just know that he left town because curtis left me note.

And I don’t think he would leave town by himself. So who went with him?

Think maybe you should speak to anna.

Yeah, I will. Thank you, doc. See ya.

[Suspenseful music]

Hey, good news. Finally got a sat signal. We’re about half a mile from the “haunted star.”

This is good. Let’s go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The footprints. Would victor have his guards patrolling this far from the island?

So far no timetable for how long this thing’s gonna last. Just assume we could be here for weeks.

Talk about deserted.

That’s why you’re getting paid a hell of a lot more than your standard fee.

so we all done here?

Not quite. There’s another matter you need to be made aware of.

Uh, what?

Pending the sec investigation, all of aurora’s accounts and assets have been frozen.

What? That’s ridiculous, diane.

Mm-hmm, and so have yours.

Can you believe him? For michael to accuse me like that? Insinuate that I would–

double-cross drew? Secure your own position as ceo, making sure he’s not a threat? I don’t know, dad. Sounds like your standard tactics for me.

Sonny send the sec down the wrong trail to buy drew time?

Yeah, yeah, he really stepped up for you.

Not just for me. For you, too.

Yeah, I get the feeling that sonny had something to do with this hit on drew’s location.

No comment.

Mm-hmm. Then why aren’t you celebrating? Because it was sonny?

Again, no comment.

I know you think sonny did wrong by your mother and michael, but maybe this is a sign that one day, there’ll be a chance to make things right.

[Tense music]

We’ve got company.


Guards. [Sighs] No doubt a power move. Making sure their boss arrives fashionably late.

We’re ready. Where’s your boss?

Where’s yours?

I’m here.

We’re gonna get this started or what?

So we’re in agreement, then? We’re going to wait for valentin and the crew to try to bring everyone back?

How much time?

I don’t know. We’ll have to figure that out. But we can’t stall forever, obviously.

Well, I have some contacts in the canadian military. People I trust. I can get word that they might want to get in striking distance.

Oh, good. That’s great. Thank you, andre.

And I’ll try to reach valentin. He needs to know about this.

All right.

[Soft tense music]

I’ve already asked so much of you, including silence while we wait.

So you need something else? The worst I can say is no. So ask.

The bureau is probably gonna run this investigation through your department. And if they find out the location of the island or… what victor’s really up to…

I’ll run interference for as long as I can.

Thank you.

Get what’s at stake. We have to keep this under wraps. People would panic if they knew victor had a biological weapon.

[Dramatic music]

[Chuckles softly]

Come home, baby girl. Please, please come home.

Come on, valentin. Please pick up.

We should head back.

Sounds good to me. I’m freezing.

[Phone ringing]

[Tense music]

Did you hear that?

[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]

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