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I thought you were gonna sleep day away. Oh, who saw? Is that Mr. Keeping me up all night? Hmm. So you enjoyed your new bed and your new room. And your new room. Well, can you tell, I mean, it is a new bed and then new room, but it’s not a new home. We, we lived here once upon a time as husband and wife. I remember.

I do. It’s the happiest time of my life and now you’re back here where you belong. Pretty soon, your divorce from Lee will be final and we’ll be back to being Mr. And Mrs. Steph and Damara again forever. This time. For now, do you think we completely press in the place? No, no. I think we could go for another minute.

I didn’t tell EJ and I don’t want him to know, so it has to be our little secret.

You haven’t touched your breakfast

penny for your thoughts.

You haven’t even touched your breakfast. No appetite. You’re still thinking about Polly’s rant last night, aren’t you? I mean, how can I not God, Eric, it seems like every time something awful happens in this town, I’m the one that’s getting blamed for it. It’s so unfair. It is. I know,

I know. You know, I’m sorry. I should be focusing on the positive, you know, like you and I are officially a thing now. You sing. Sounds so official To hell with everything else, Eric, Brady and I are officially thanks. Hey, I, I already feel better. Good.

Are you sure you want to eat that? Sloan? What? I’d expect retaliation if I were you after drugging all of Salem’s breakfast, including mine.


Sorry, it’s just, um, no, no, I, I understand, but I promise I am not hallucinating anymore. I even skip breakfast just to be sure. I am not happy with you two. I’m not happy at all. I dunno what, what’s wrong? Am uh, please tell me that Sloane Peterson didn’t go public with what she saw. Not that I know of. And I don’t give a damn about that kiss that happened between the two of you when you were hallucinating or whatever.

What I do give a damn about is there has been no arrest. In this insane drugging debacle, you know, the only person that’s paid a price is my stepdaughter, whose career is in jeopardy. So what is the hold up? Why the hell is Sloan Peterson still walking the streets?

Really? No one, and we can’t even give this stuff away. People see me standing here smiling, and then they just turn, tell and run. Even old Mrs. Weaver, who is always here bright and early every morning, you know, I’m so sorry. Those breakfast biscuits were my recipe. I feel terrible. Why? It’s not your fault.

It’s not like you drug those biscuits. What are you feeling guilty about?

Morning girl. Morning mama. I have a bearclaw. On the house.

Maybe I’m not in, in the mood for a BigLaw. Not in the mood. Since when have you ever not been in the mama? Not you too.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Remember you said that to me earlier, Patty, for your thoughts. Ej, this is where you, this is where you jump in. Sorry. I, um, honey, is, is something bothering you?

I’m just a little tired. I mean, Aren you, after all that racket coming from Stefan’s room last night. Oh yeah. That was quite a performance and I’d say Act three was a bit unnecessary. Yeah, that’s, that’s the problem. Those noises weren’t a performance, not this time. It was all too real. A bloody siren call to troubled waters.

You think they heard us downstairs? I think they heard us in Cat Mando. But who cares? Not me. I love you. I love you. I can stay with you like this all day. Yeah. Mm-hmm. What are you doing the rest of the year wide open. We both know we do some pretty important plans today. We certainly do. Yeah.

Please. You know, It’s one thing for Paulina Price who’s totally ignorant to how the law works to make an accusation with absolutely no proof whatsoever, but it is unseemly, if not despicable and unethical for someone with a law degree to do the same. I assume you do have a law degree in Melinda. Yeah, and I also have a brain, which is why I deduce that you are the only person that hates Chanel Dupree enough to want to kill her business.

And don’t even get started on these conspiracy theories that her and her mother are masterminding a frame up because both of us know that that is patently ridiculous. Ms. Trask, if you don’t mind, I believe that Sloan pointed out that you have no evidence to prove that she ever tampered with the biscuits, which means this is heading towards slander.

Would I be correct, Sloan? Oh, this is not slander Mr. Brady. It is personal, you see, because I was also drug by whatever the hell was in those biscuits. I ended up assaulting Stephan Damira and I wound up spending the night in the hospital. And do you know who was in the room? Across from me, the police commissioner.

Oh. How awful for you. I’m so sorry, but why should I give a damn? Since I had nothing to do with this? Here’s why you should give a damn Ms. Peterson. You have caught the wrong people in your net, powerful people who do not like being screwed with. So get your affairs in order because I am going to make sure that you go down for this and you will go away for a long, long time.

We don’t have the evidence that we need to tie Sloan to any of this. Oh, no fingerprints. No, no security footage. Oh, detective Hunter interviewed Chanel and Talia, her new employee. Your sister? Yes. Yeah, who accidentally left the security camera off. She’s still new with the job.

And Sloan Peterson is still walking streets. With all due respect, Mr. Mayer, we can’t even be sure that Sloan was the perp. We checked the security cameras this morning. There is no way that anyone could have tampered with these. Baby. I, I’m so sorry. It’s, it’s just with everyone is sale. I’m so worried about being drugged.

Suddenly got got a little worried myself because I know that was a one-time awful thing that you and Talia had nothing to do with. Uh, so gimme that delicious beer claw. In fact, gimme a whole tray of ’em. I’ll show you how much I support you. You know not to mention how much I love Sweet Fit, and it’s the finest bakery on the planet.

Oh Mama. It’s okay. Look, you don’t need to prove anything to me or Talia. We both know that you’re on our side. It’s just I’m feeling a little sensitive this morning because Sweet Bids business is doing really bad for the first time ever, and. Well, we all know who’s to blame that evil. Sloan Peterson, she came to Salem to ruin me, and she thinks I took her mother’s life.

And that isn’t news. But what is news is she’s succeeding. Her plan to destroy me is going real, real well. Oh,

Oh, look after me baby girl. I will not stand idly by while Sloane continues her heinous attacks on us. On your business, on decency itself, and I swear to you, should now mommy your phone. Oh, it can wait. No, no, mom, it’s okay. Just take it. It’s not like I’m going anywhere. Okay, honey, but I’ll be right back.

I love my mama and trust me, she can move mountains when she puts her mind to it. But it’s not like she can single handedly convince everyone to trust our treats. Talia, I I don’t think I’m gonna be able to keep you on. Hey, don’t worry about me right now. Okay. Listen, I’ll be fine and so will you. And yes, unfortunately people are worried about what sweetest has to offer.

But it’s gonna make eight grand recovery. I know it. Okay. And it’s gonna be better than ever. Come on, you’ll see. I appreciate your optimism, but I don’t know. I look, I, I still think you should keep your options open. Okay. So I, Hey, I, I can reach out to my friend trip and I, I can see if he could put in a word for you at the hospital.

No, you’re a doctor after all. No, listen, I’m a baker now. This is where I belong. Look, I, I, I don’t think you’re hearing me. Okay. There is zero money coming in. You can’t work for free. Sure, I can. Why would you do that? Because I believe in you. Look, I know that I’m new to all of this. What Chanel working here with you?

I don’t know. It just, it all seems right, like it was like sort of meant to be or something. You know? How tall you, you’re the best.

Are you saying that you believe that Sloan is innocent? Mr. Mayor, as you know, we don’t have any definitive evidence and until we do. Is my job as an investigator to study all of the facts and keep an open mind. I’m with my detective here. Hey, is it possible that maybe, maybe you’re too close to this, could be, um, clouding your judgment?

Maybe it is because it is personal, deeply personal. Hmm. I love my family and I love this town, and right now both are under attack. You can spew your grandiose threats all you want on Melinda, but you know damn well that if these Salem Keystone cops actually had anything on me, I’d be in custody. Not necessarily, and since it’s fairly obvious that this crime was committed on the night before, everyone was tripping on those biscuits.

You’d better start inventing your alibi for saided night. She doesn’t have to invent one because she was with me all night. Yeah. Well, you better hope someone can corroborate that Ms. Trask in order for somebody to corroborate that. That means they would have to have been there. Sloan and I are not into that kind of thing.

When we spend the night together. We like just to be two of us together and what a wonderful night it was.

This, this is preposterous Stephan moving Gabby back into my family home without consulting me acting like it’s his God-given, right? I should start eviction proceedings. Oh, you’re forgetting one thing, brother. You see my name’s on the deed, seeing as I own the place before I was shot, before you came skulking back into town.

Stephen bakes an excellent point and I must say it feels wonderful to be back home where I belong. Hmm. Hungry Sweetss. Mm-hmm. And you know, we gotta keep our strength up. Mm-hmm Mm. It is such a beautiful day already. Sun shining already outside. Weather’s perfect. Perfect. Inside too. They say it’s going to get cloudy later.

That could be a possible storm. Is that so? What a shame. Wouldn’t want to get caught in it. What is that supposed to mean? Hmm hmm. Better time babe. Better get to work. Don’t wanna be late. I’m, uh, heading that way myself. I’m sure Nicole and Gabby can hold the fort in our absence. No, Nicole can. Excuse me.

Yes. See, Gabby is coming with us because I hired her.

You hired Gabby? I did. I’m sorry. I meant to mention that to you. Must have slipped my mind. Mm-hmm. It also must have slipped your mind to run it by me, but now that you have, you can go ahead and fire her. Oh no, you wouldn’t do that, Sam, me. Now would you sweetheart? Oh, of course not, darling. Well, I guess it forced to me then.

Gabby, you’re fired. Gabby, you’re rehire Stephan as coce. I’m sure you’re aware of the bylaws in regards to hr. But let me refresh your memory just in case every executive level hire must be approved by the C E O in our case, both c e o. Hmm. Well, I do know those bylaws inside and out. So you’ll be relieved to hear Gabby’s not coming on as an executive.

Oh, well then congratulations Gabby. You must be joining the custodial staff. Oh, wow. Uh, no, actually she’ll be a consultant and obviously I don’t need you to cosign on that. No, of course Nazi, we consulted on that and he’s absolutely right. It’s a man ej. Looks like he got caught in the rain.

Why so quiet Melinda? Trying to figure out how you’re gonna put an ex priest in front of a jury and accuse him of lying. Oh, I would love to sit front, row and center for that. You’ll have a front row seat. All right, and perhaps I’ll remind the jury that this ex priest posed illegally as a paralegal to interfere with a police investigation.

I seem to remember that you weren’t so happy about that. How things have changed. If you’re done with your empty threats, you can go now. My boyfriend and I would like to enjoy our breakfast alone in peace.

Hey, thanks for having my back. You didn’t really need me. You did great. Come on. What’s wrong? You know and recognize bluster when you see it. I know I came off all like big and confident and oh, seems like I can prove my innocence here. But Eric, I’m honestly, I’m terrified. I’m terrified that, that they’re coming from man, that they’re not gonna miss.

Seems to me the trick here, nailing down exactly when those biscuits got docked. You know, I was thinking the same thing. The more we can nail it down, the more we can start eliminating suspects. Yeah. And zeroing in on the purp. No time like the present. What are you calling? Well figured. If we’re gonna go back to the beginning, we might as well start with the source.

Oh, step right up folks. Best pastries in town. Buy a long shot. Hey, you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You, yeah. Buy muffin a cookie, something. Okay, mama. It’s okay. We, we probably shouldn’t sound too desperate. Oh. It’s Jada. Hey, did you arrest her? No. Did you arrest Sloane Peterson? I’m sorry, Chanel. The investigation is still ongoing, which is why I like to go over everything with you again, people, I already told you everything that I know, which unfortunately isn’t much, but yeah.

Right. Oh, okay. No, I, I get it. Right. No problem. Do you have to go to the station? Yeah, I do. And they want you there too?

A consultant for one thing. We have no need for a consultant. Oh, see, that’s where you’re wrong. We have a very urgent need for a consultant and with Gabby’s energy and intelligence and incredible work ethic. Don’t forget that. That too, I am hoping she can assist us in building a well-oiled machine of a company that will help rid us of as much waste and any efficiency is possible.

Yeah, and I just can’t wait to dive right in. Great. So as any good evaluation starts at the top to your brother, Gabby’s first order of business will be to evaluate you.

You want to evaluate me? Mm-hmm.

If there are any inefficiencies at the top brother, it certainly doesn’t stem from me. Well, I’ve been focusing on the day-to-day at the company. You have been wasting valuable time and manpower, plotting and scheming to divert LE’s shares to our new consultant here. Come to think of it, I may need a consultant on my own to look into how you, Stephan, have been dragging us down.

What do you say, Nicole? Are you interested in the consultant position? Oh, uh, well, I have a job. A basic black, a treasure division for sure, and you have served us very well there. But at Basic Black, you are off on your own with Brady working remotely like a satellite, orbiting the mothership. Why don’t you come on board and join us here at the Mira Enterprises right by my side where we can make great use of your considerable talents.

Wow is a bit sudden. But of course I accept excellent. Looks like it’s going to be one big happy family of corporate headquarters. From now on,

ah, free samples. Get your delicious. Just breakfast treats now before they’re all gone. Well, are you changing careers? No. Well, this is, this is off abortion now. Oh. Sloan’s attacks have have hit up business harder than we could have imagined. Mm. Oh, you know what? Here, here you try one. Maybe it’ll help, but the people see the Marin, I think.

Uh, hey.

It’s delicious. It’s delicious. It’s delicious. It is mouthwatering. It is the perfect way to start your day. Haha. How’s that? Perfect. Oh, but um, see, see what I mean. No one. No. Mm-hmm. You know, that’s a shame. Where, where, where is Chanel? Oh, Rayen Jada asked her to go to police station with Talia. They didn’t wanna go over everything that happened before those biscuits got tainted and maybe find that needle in the haystack.

They missed the first time around, but on stage you are gonna play because you are a pro. Well, thanks for coming back in. No problem. All right. Everybody doesn’t the big a lot of trouble. If you would just arrest the woman who did this. If the evidence leaves us alone, we will do just that. Chanel, why don’t you stay here and, oh, wait, you talking to a second?

Well, we just wanna get an account from both of you so we can compare notes. Now it’s better to do that separately.


All right. Thanks again for coming in. Sure. But as like I said, I already told you everything I know. I realize that. But if you could pretend that you haven’t told me everything you know, and tell me again in as much detail as possible, the winds and the wearers, starting with the preparation of the dough, the night you bake those biscuits up until the following morning.

Okay, well let’s see the preparation that night. Well, it was tall, his recipe, so I know this is kind of intense, but it’s just routine. Okay. Promise I’m not gonna shut to bright. Lighten your eyes or bark any questions at ya. Don’t need to be nervous. Well, I thank you, but um, I’m actually not nervous at all.

I’m just here to help however I can so you can nail the person who’s doing this to my friend Chanel. She’s trying to ruin her business and her life.

All the ingredients were delivered by our regular supplier that afternoon. Uh, it would be, um, whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, yogurt, honey butter, and buttermilk. Okay. So they couldn’t have been tampered with before you got to work? No. If, if something was off with them, then I would’ve known. And you didn’t stray from Talia’s recipe?

No, not at all. It’s a great recipe. Well, normally it is. We made a lot of those biscuits. I mean, it’s a new item and we were giving away free samples. Um, anyways, when we were done with the dough, um, we set it aside to rest, and then we close a little early for the day. Since we’re usually busiest in the morning, in the afternoon, things slow down.

How early did you close. What time? Uh, about four Talia and I said goodbye. We went our separate ways and then I went home to my mama’s and then I came to the police station and I talked to you. That’s right. Yep. You were looking for your sister and I was maybe a little too pushy. I mean, talking to you about her, you know your possible feelings towards her.

I remember. Yeah. Yeah. But let’s stick to the topic at hand, shall we? So where’d you go after you left here? Oh, um, I went back to the square. I wound up going back to the square so that I could grab dinner from me and my mama from the bistro. And before I left, mama told me about Sloan’s threatening text, and I was angry.

Really, really angry. Horrified, actually. And then I ran into Sloan and I actually got there just in time because Sloan and Chano were having this. Knocked down, drag out fight and I had to stop him. Sloane was saying all sorts of like cruel things about Chanel and her mom, and then she stormed off. Chanel was actually very, very upset.

She made a cut on her arm. I just tried to calm her down. So we went back to Sweet Bitch. There is a first aid kit in the kitchen, TAA patch me up and the dough, it was still there resting. Untouched and we turned off the security system when we went back in so no one could have gotten in there before then.

And um, when we were done, Chanel asked if I wanted to have dinner with her and her family. I guess I was just really excited about that. It was such a nice invitation and I really wasn’t expecting it. So, um, I forgot to just turn an alarm back on. You were excited. Chanel’s a new friend. That’s exciting, right?

Sure. Yeah. And you forgot to turn the alarm on? Yes. Um, she even asked me to do it, but I guess I just wasn’t thinking. And what time was that at? Uh, probably 15 after five, somewhere around there. And you returned to work when? Five the next morning. So roughly 12 hours unaccounted for. Ado just sitting there in the kitchen with no alarm set and no security camera on, which is all my fault.

I, I, I, I really can’t believe I forgot. This is not Holly’s fault. I mean, it’s not like she’s in the habit of turning on the security system, you know, she hasn’t even been working there that long. Right? So later at your place, nothing to tell. We had takeout from the bistro and just sat around the table talking, listen, nice evening.

And then I went straight home to rest up for the next morning. Well, you know the rest, it was a disaster.

Thanks again, ladies. We appreciate your cooperation. Yeah, I just hope this helps nail Sloan and that she’s locked away for good. She’s the only one who could have done this. Yeah, I agree. I can’t think of anybody else who would wanna hurt Chanel like this. Well, I’ll see you at home later. Um, hey, uh, you don’t have to come back with me.

I’m just gonna go and lock up for the day or for the rest of our lives. Chanel, stop. Don’t say that. Okay. The customers will come back. I know it. We’ll see.

Hi. Were they here? Is there a new development of Shanova? Just going over the timeline. There’s a 12 hour window when those biscuits could have been tampered with. Well, you got your work cut out for you. I just saw Sloan and she’s got a solid alibi for the night before Eric Brady. He spent the night with her.

She could have slipped out during the night while he was asleep. No villa proven it. Any other suspects we’re working on it.

Hey, ugh. It’s a hell of a way to start a day. Don’t let trash get underneath your skin. You got the truth on your side. You would be shocked how little that actually matters. I didn’t drug that dough, though it wasn’t me. Someone did. Someone drugged it and made everyone in this town go totally nuts, including you and Nicole.

Well, well, well, Mr. Damira, you outdid yourself. Oh, I’m glad you approved. Oh, not only approved, I was impressed as I was with you. I put you on the spot there, but I knew I could count on you. Mm-hmm.

Ready to go beam up to the mothership. Excuse me. Oh, I’m just messing with you brother. Figured we could carpool though. No more the merrier. Right? You can drive. Oh, I intend to brother. Let’s do this.

I dunno if we could only think of someone else who could have done this. I mean, who else has it in for Chanel, that’s a tough one. Since everybody in this town seems to just love that girl and her mother. Melinda did make one good point though. I mean, at first I thought for sure it was Paulina and Chanel that were doing this, but why would they hurt Chanel’s business by drugging half the city just to get at me?

No. Well, no, it wouldn’t be worth it. You’re right. So if we’re gonna figure this out, we need a first thing. Who was the intended target exactly. Was it Chanel or was it me and I have 5:15 PM as the time they left Sweet bits for the last time that day without setting the security cameras check. Yeah, the rest was pretty inconsequential.

They both had dinner with Pauline and Abe. Yeah, I got that too. Yep. And then your sister went straight home after that. Chanel stayed behind and they didn’t see each other till 5:00 AM the next morning. So check out, huh? Oh yeah. 5:00 AM Yep. Got it. Wait, what did you just say?

Thanks for watching everything. Oh, it was no problem, baby girl. Well, uh, you are officially relieved of duty. I’m just gonna close up for the day. Well, how’d it go at the station? I’ll fill you in later. All I can think about right now is I’m gonna lose my bakery. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You are not. I will not let that happen.

No. It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart. I promise you. No, mama. It’s not. Yes, yes, daughter. It is. And I’m going to convince you of it tonight. Mm-hmm. Over a wonderful meal, which I will cook for you and Talia, and we’ll have a lovely meal and then we’ll figure out how to get your business up and running again.

That is really sweet. But I already sent Talia home. For the day.

I don’t understand. All I did was ask you what happened after Chanel and Talia left sweet bits, and you not only haven’t answered, you seem kind of upset. What’s up, Jada? I just realized.

Natalia told you is not true.

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