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Billy: No comment. The family is requesting privacy at this moment. No need to call tomorrow ’cause you’re gonna get the same two words. Know them. Learn them. No comment.

Kyle: You doing the same thing I’ve been doing?

Billy: Trying to find new and exciting ways to tell these reporters to buzz off?

Kyle: Mm. Mariah’s coming back from maternity leave early to help us manage the situation.

Billy: That’s good. All hands on deck. We’ve been at this for a few hours right now and I don’t see it slowing down.

Kyle: I was hoping work would be an distraction from my family’s problems. Instead, the problems are swallowing up everything else.

Jack: Have you had any luck getting a trace on stark’s money? Well, that’s a disappointment. Have you tried overseas? That’s where he usually stashes his cash. Okay. Leave no stone unturned, please. My fiancé’s freedom is at stake.

[ Groans ]

Ashley: You okay? Sure I don’t have to ask you what that phone call was about.

Jack: What is happening to diane is in travesty of justice.

Ashley: Okay, and you’re gonna set things straight.

Jack: Well, I’m certainly gonna help.

Ashley: What does that exactly mean? Who were you talking to?

Jack: Michael put me in touch with a financial forensics expert who is working on diane’s defense.

Ashley: Okay. Well, michael’s her attorney, so let him handle things, jack.

Jack: I’m trying to help him.

Ashley: What kind of help can you provide?

Jack: I am trying to save my fiancee from a life behind bars.

Ashley: I get it. So, you’re gonna make sure that once again, diane doesn’t have to take responsibility for her actions.

[ Daniel groaning ]

Daniel: No!

Lily: Hey. Hey. It’s okay. You just had a bad dream. You okay?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Yeah, um, it’s just a dream. Just a dream.

Lily: Hey, I’m here, okay? You’re okay.

Victor: Tucker, my man.

Tucker: Thanks for meeting me.

Victor: Thank you. It’s a rather strange venue for you to choose to have this meeting. I mean, considering what happened here.

Tucker: For me, it’s just a bar with a good bourbon selection and good music.

Victor: That’s a really cavalier description of this place.

Tucker: I can tell you that phyllis would feel the same way if it were me in the morgue.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Tucker: Anyway, you ready to talk business?

Victor: Yeah. So I read through this contract, I liked it. I put my signatures to it. And so can you. Um… then, your company will become mine.

Tucker: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

Victor: I don’t give a damn how I feel. When it comes to business, I’m cold as ice. You know that. So, would you sign? Unless, of course, you have some reservations. That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggland’s best.

Lily: Do you remember your dream?

Daniel: I was, uh, outside of the coffee house and I see mom at the end of the street, so I started racing towards her. It was like just as I got to her, suddenly I was back in my house in savannah. It was– it was just like before I came back to genoa city. Heather wasn’t there, lucy wasn’t there. I mean, the house, it– it just felt bigger. Emptier. Really lonely.

Lily: I know. I had that happen when my dad died. It’s like I would wake up and think for a second that he was back and–

[ Lily sighing ] Or I would be walking somewhere and see someone that I thought resembled him.

Daniel: It actually happened.

Lily: Really?

Daniel: Yeah. It was the day at the memorial. There was this woman there who must have been her height. I– I saw her like just real quick from the side, but I mean, I still had to do a double take. Obviously, it wasn’t her, but you know, for a minute there gave me hope. And then, it’s just back to reality. That kind of crushed me.

Lily: I know. I’m sorry. But listen, once you get through this wave of grief, you’re gonna have random moments that remind you of your mom and it’s gonna help keep her spirit alive.

Daniel: I’m really glad you’re here. Does– it helps being with someone who gets it. Look, I also, I know it’s a lot, so if you need to go–

Lily: Where would I go and why would I?

Daniel: I’m just saying. You know, if you wanna pretend like what happened here between the two of us, it didn’t happen, then I’d understand.

[ Pours drink ]

Billy: Here you go. Cheers to you because you’ve been burning the candle on both ends.

Kyle: Yeah. I’m doing everything I can to help my parents. I’m fielding media requests and whatever else I can do to help my dad free up his time because he needs to be spending it proving my mother’s innocence.

Billy: Have you talked to her lately?

Kyle: Briefly. At the arraignment. Dad went to visit her this afternoon. She told him not to come back. She doesn’t want us to visit her, supposedly for her own good.

Billy: I’m sorry, man. That’s tough.

Kyle: I’m hoping she’ll change her mind. She needs to know we’re in this together, doing everything we can to get her out of there.

Billy: Look, it’s good that you’re supporting her and of course, you would and jack for that matter, but you cannot neglect your own life in the process. You know, you’re telling me that this situation is affecting your marriage. Take it from the king of failed relationships, you’ve got to fix that problem before it’s too late. You cannot lose summer.

Jack: Maybe this is not a good day to take jabs at diane. I thought on maybe some basic human level, you might actually sympathize with her plight.

Ashley: Why would I?

Jack: She’s being locked up for a crime she didn’t commit. That doesn’t resonate with you? At least you know what it feels like to be wrongly accused.

Ashley: Oh, I do, indeed, because of diane. And just for the record, I think she’s rightfully accused.

Jack: Wow. You take some pleasure in saying that, don’t you? Like you won something. You are wrong. She is innocent and she is suffering and because she has been denied bail, she refuses to even see me.

Ashley: Okay, well that’s the wisest decision she’s ever made. Listen to her and move on, please.

Jack: Even if you actually believe diane was guilty of murder, the level of spite in this conversation is outrageous. She was framed, ash.

Ashley: You keep saying that. But the way I see it, she had every reason to want phyllis out of the picture so she could have everything. So she could have the loving relationship, the job at marchetti, the home in the abbott mansion and your ring on her finger.

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Tucker: I have no reservations about selling my company. I’m done with this town and I’m done with mccall unlimited. It used to be my passion, now it’s just a burden I no longer wish to carry.

Victor: Oh, my god. How touching, tucker. You expecting my sympathy or what?

Tucker: I think I know you a little better than that.

Victor: All right. If it makes you feel better, I just want you to know that your company will continue to thrive, you know. Although, I may change its name.

Tucker: I couldn’t care less what you call it. I just– I’m looking forward to it not being my problem anymore.

Victor: Well, then why don’t you put that pen to paper.

Tucker: Just for due diligence, I would like to look it over one last time.

[ Victor laughing ]

Victor: Do I need to remind you that you are the one who came running to me?

Tucker: Mm. I know that. And I’m gonna sign it soon. You have my word.

Victor: Well, in that case, I’m looking forward to the confirmation of your signature.

[ Both sighing ]

Kyle: Summer moved into a guest room.

Billy: Uh-oh. Separate rooms is the first step towards separate lives. Are you two fighting?

Kyle: That’s the thing. We’d almost be better if we were. She’s just completely shut down. She said she’s moved rooms because she didn’t want to wake me with her tossing and turning. But I think she can’t bear to look at me. She’s convinced my mother killed hers.

Billy: That’s a relationship dilemma I’ve never dealt with.

Kyle: Yeah. And the only solution I see is to clear my mother’s name, not only for her innocence but for my marriage. Summer is so inside her head right now.

Billy: What do you mean by that?

Kyle: She only comes out of her room when she wants to spend time with harrison. And when she does, she puts on a good front, laughing and smiling and reading stories. But once she’s alone again, she completely shuts down.

Billy: Sounds like she’s dealing with grief in her own way.

Kyle: I get that. And I want her to have all the space and time she needs, but I’m not so sure she can heal on her own. So, I don’t know what to do because if I can’t talk to her, I can’t help her. And every time we do talk, it only makes things worse. The only solution I see is to clear my mother’s name.

Billy: I hear you. But you’re dead wrong.

Kyle: Why did I even start this conversation with you?

Billy: Because you need someone to talk to and I’m the only one here. You may not like my advice and I can’t force you to listen to me, but there’s a better way to help summer.

Jack: You seem to think I accepted everything diane said without any doubt. I had my doubts. I expressed them. I took a good look at them and I set them aside. Here’s what I believe. Diane is not capable of committing what she’s been accused of.

Ashley: And here’s what I believe. I think she is absolutely capable.

Jack: And I did not choose diane over phyllis. My relationship with phyllis had run its course long before diane came back into my life. One did not preclude the other. And just so we’re clear, while I am defending diane, I am mourning phyllis’s loss. I loved that woman very much and she was once a part of my family.

Ashley: Okay. But here’s the thing, jack. You know that I was never a phyllis fan, but even I saw what was going on. You took every opportunity to turn your back on phyllis when diane came to town. You did. And there was still something going on with phyllis. You know that. You can’t deny it.

Jack: Diane did not steal anything from phyllis. Not her job, not me, not any part of her life. Phyllis was an amazing woman, but she had a habit of getting in her own way a lot and you know that.

Ashley: Kind of sounds like you’re blaming phyllis for her own murder and that’s worse.

Jack: I want the actual killer of phyllis to face justice every bit as much as I want diane to be exonerated, but I believe diane is in jail right now for a crime jeremy stark committed.

Ashley: Yeah, you’re right. Diane’s a martyr. She is paying for all the sins that everybody else has committed. I see that now.

Jack: Diane is not perfect. No. She has made more than her share of mistakes. She’s hurt a lot of people. But unlike you, I believe people can change, people can grow, people can transform and I think diane has changed. And I think she is incapable of murder. So, I am going to defend the woman I love, the woman I intend to marry.

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Lily: We’re still in bed, so I think it’s a little late to pretend nothing happened.

Daniel: But you want to?

Lily: No. No. We have a connection and a history and I think we both wanted and needed this.

Daniel: I’m just glad this won’t mess things up between the two of us.

Lily: No, it won’T. You know, we don’t have to pretend like nothing happened, but we also don’t have to make it more than it was.

Daniel: And when I look at you, the lonely feeling that was in my dream just feels very far away.

Lily: Well, I’m really happy that I can help you find some solace from things, but no one else can help you but you. I know that grief transforms you and you will carry the loss of your mom with you forever. And there will be times that it feels like it just happened, even though it’s been a long time, but you have to take care of yourself. That is the most important thing right now.

Daniel: That’s what I’m trying to do.

Kyle: Billy, you’re not listening. I have tried every approach. She doesn’t wanna be around me. She doesn’t wanna look at me or be in the same room as me, so pushing her isn’t going to work.

Billy: Kyle, you’re a good person, okay? Of course, you’re gonna respect her time and her space, but you take that too far, those wounds, they become scar tissue. The distance becomes a chasm. Trust me, it’s really difficult to get back to where you were.

Kyle: What are you suggesting?

Billy: You gotta get her to listen. You go home. You make sure she knows how much you love her. You don’t mention diane, you don’t mention phyllis, you don’t mention any of the noise that’s swirling around you. You reassure her that you are not going anywhere. And when she’s ready to open up that door to you, you are standing there waiting with open arms.

Audra: Drinking alone?

Tucker: No, I’m here with all my friends.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s what happens when a guy burns every bridge.

Tucker: Hmm. Did you drop by just to rub it in?

Audra: Not necessarily. So, what are we, uh, drinking and thinking about?

Tucker: That’s funny you should ask. I was just thinking about the difference between being alone and being lonely. You know, I spent months in that ashram alone.

[ Laughs ] I never felt as lonely as I do right now.

Audra: Hmm. Look, I– I know I gave you a hard time about ashley, but I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

Tucker: I have no idea how I got here. Sure has been a long and winding road though. You know when I never felt lonely when I was young, just starting out in the music business.

Audra: Yeah. I’m– I’m sure a young tucker mccall was really alone.

Tucker: No, but it was all exciting, being around engaging, interesting people and managing bands, signing new artists.

Audra: All right. All right.

[ Chuckles ] Those glasses are pretty damn rosy. What you loved was signing artists to contracts they didn’t understand so they could make hits for you without getting properly compensated.

Tucker: Yeah. The good old days.

Audra: Okay.

Tucker: You and I had some good times, didn’t we?

Audra: We had our moments.

Tucker: Hey, I’m gonna go back up to my room. Would you join me? Moderate to severe eczema

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Thank you. See you later. Hi.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Are– are you heading out?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. Just grabbing some takeout.

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna eat as well.

Billy: How you holding up?

Daniel: As good as I can be, I suppose.

Billy: Yeah. I thought I should let you know that the media scrutiny around diane’s case is only growing, especially now that leanna love’s article published today. I really hope you don’t have to deal with any of that garbage, but you might.

Daniel: Mm. Thanks for the heads up.

Lily: We’ll get the pr team to draft a statement.

Daniel: I appreciate it, but that’s not necessary.

Lily: No, I know, but you’re an employee now now at chancellor-winters, so just direct any questions to us.

Daniel: I can handle it.

Lily: I know. Just let me do this for you.

[ Chuckles ]

Daniel: She’s hard to say no to.

Billy: Really? I hadn’t noticed. You’re in good hands. Lily knows how to take care of people. That’s why she’s in the big chair.

Lily: We should probably get a table, so have– have a good night.

Billy: Yeah, you too. Goodnight.

Audra: This is the contract for the sale of mccall unlimited?

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Audra: That’s a big deal. This could be very rewarding for you.

Tucker: Hey, but you wanna know the best part? Check this out. It’s victor’s pen. I stole it from him.

Audra: This is a big change. No wonder you were ruminating on your start in the music business. It’s the foundation of your empire.

Tucker: It was the foundation.

Audra: You said you wanted to be free, right? There’s your ticket.

Tucker: It wasn’t supposed to end this way, audra.

Audra: Okay. It’s just one chapter coming to an end.

Tucker: What– whatever comes next for me, it’s not gonna happen in genoa city, I’ll tell you that.

Audra: So you’re definitely leaving town then? Makes sense. You’ve always been more of a big city kind of guy.

Tucker: Hey, you know, the money from this sale will mean that I can start over anywhere. What do you say? You wanna blow this town? Hm? Come on, let’s go. You wanna be my right hand again?

Billy: Got all your favorites. And I was thinking that maybe we can go have a picnic in the park because it is a beautiful night out there.

Chelsea: Two meals together in one day. You are setting a dangerous precedent.

Billy: I am willing to risk it if you are.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Let’s live on the edge.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: What?

Billy: Nothing. Nothing. I’m just– I’m happy.

Chelsea: Well, I’m glad you’re happy

Billy: And I’m feeling lucky.

Chelsea: Why? I know the ceviche is really good. It’s society but–

Billy: [ Laughs ] Actually, speaking of society, I ran into, uh, lily and daniel while I was there.

Chelsea: Huh? How’s daniel?

Billy: He seemed okay, but I think your instincts were right to give him a little bit of space right now.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, good. I’m glad I didn’t approach him then.

Billy: You know, I picked up on a little something between the two of them.

Chelsea: Really?

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: Something romantic? How do you feel about that?

Jack: You won’t allow me to marry the woman I love. That is ridiculous. My relationship with diane has nothing to do with you, and it will hardly bring down the family name.

Ashley: You know you had a problem with me going on a date with tucker, but it’s okay for you to marry a murderer.

Jack: Okay. I’ve had enough of that conversation. Diane didn’t kill anyone.

Ashley: You don’t know that for a fact! And what about the fallout? What about when word gets out that you’re marrying a woman that’s going on trial for murder? You don’t think people are gonna be affected by that one, jack? People like summer, like daniel. You don’t think jabot’s reputation is gonna take a huge hit trying to survive that?

Jack: I’m doing everything I can to exonerate diane before this ever goes to trial.

Ashley: Well, good luck. Let’s just push the physical evidence aside. What about the– the– the history diane has with phyllis, the hatred that goes back decades. She faked her death. Remember that? Diane faked her death. Let innocent people be arrested for it. When the word gets out about that, people are gonna understand that she’s absolutely capable of killing phyllis. They’ll know that if–

[ Door slamming ]

Kyle: Don’t bother trying to hide what you’re arguing about. I could hear you from outside the door.

Jack: No, I’m sorry. This is a difficult time for all of us, especially you and–

Kyle: Dad, I– I don’t wanna get into it right now. I need to talk to summer.

Jack: Can’t you see the pain he is in? We have enough heartache, enough misery in this house without you injecting your bitterness. If you can’t hold back your rage for diane, I suggest you move out. (Vo) get them to open up.

Audra: You’re moving fast, tucker.

[ Sighs ] You know, we went from an invitation to your suite to an invitation to anywhere in the world.

Tucker: Yeah. Is that a yes?

[ Audra laughs ]

Audra: You know, I have senior executive position at newman media with room for growth.

Tucker: You’re telling me that working for victoria newman is a dream of yours?

Audra: No, but I’m learning from her, okay, and I plan to teach her a thing or two as well.

Tucker: Ah, yes. Always an agenda, right?

Audra: You taught me well. Besides, genoa city has grown on me. Now, there are some fascinating people here too.

Tucker: I should have known you’d hedge your bets just like ashley and devon. Just like them, you’re pushing me away because you think– you think there are greener pastures somewhere, right? Let me tell you something, audra, most of the time there aren’T.

Audra: Oh, my god. You know what your problem is? You crave to be the center of other people’s lives. And when you don’t get total devotion or allegiance, you turn bitter. Now, I guess all that work you did on yourself didn’t really take. Ashley is right. You haven’t changed, but I knew that all along.

Tucker: I’m sorry that I asked you up here. I guess you should go, huh?

Audra: Yeah. Don’t wallow in your misery too long, tucker, because when you finally come out of that hole, no one will care you’re back.

[ Door slamming ]

Daniel: Did running into billy– was that awkward?

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: Uh, yeah. A little. But I mean, we broke up months ago and, you know, I’m entitled to my own personal life too.

Daniel: Sure. Sure you are. But, you know, I couldn’t help notice that you were avoiding eye contact with him.

Lily: Yeah. Well, I mean, maybe the timing wasn’t ideal.

[ Laughs ]

Daniel: Look, everyone’s got complicated feelings when it comes to their exes, but, you know, you’ve been so generous listening to me talk about heather, and now losing my mom that I just– why don’t you let me repay the favor by listening to whatever you have to say about billy.

Lily: Well, thank you. But I mean, how long have you known me?

Daniel: Really? Um… many, many years. I– I don’t know. Too many to count.

Lily: Right. And how many times have I, you know, wallowed over a failed relationship?

Daniel: I can’t think of any.

Lily: Yeah. I just, I– I don’t do it. You know, even with kane. It’s like, that hurt a lot but, you know, I was back on my feet in no time.

Daniel: I don’t know how you do it. You know, you’re not the love him and leave him type. You– you get in a relationship and you’re committed and you’re caring.

Lily: I don’t know. I just, I don’t– I don’t like looking back. I wanna look forward. And I think it has a lot to do with being a cancer survivor. You know, when you go through something like that, you realize that life is way too precious to get bogged down by a failed relationship.

Daniel: Are you insinuating that I should be more like that?

Lily: [ Laughs ] No, I mean, you’re different. You– you wanna know why something didn’t work. You know, you need to analyze all the details. Like, I– that’s not me. Like, we’re just, we’re different that way.

Daniel: Maybe that’s why we get along so well.

Lily: Yes. Maybe.

[ Daniel chuckling ]

Daniel: Can you, um, can you do me a favor though?

Lily: Oh, god. What?

[ Laughing ]

Daniel: Can you wallow just a little bit? You know, just for me. Just give me something. Anything.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: What?

Billy: I guess I’m relieved if lily’s moving on with– with daniel. You know, she deserves more than I could give her in the end and uh, I hope that’s what she’s looking for.

Chelsea: Look at you. That healthy attitude of growth and maturity.

Billy: Pretty impressive, isn’t it? I’m just simply taking a page out of your book, you know? You– you seem to have really good relationships with your exes.

Chelsea: Except when I went off the deep end over adam and sharon.

Billy: You had a stroke. I would chalk that up to a severe medical issue.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s generous. But the rough patch I went through definitely lasted longer than I care to admit.

Billy: But you came out the other side. I mean, look what you’ve overcome. And I see a fully realized beautiful woman in front of me that deserves happiness.

Chelsea: Well, you make me happy.

Billy: Back at you. You know, I guess that’s why I’m– I’m okay with lily and daniel because it allows me to move on as well.

Chelsea: And is that what you’re doing?

Billy: Pretty sure I am. Yeah.

Chelsea: You know, conner is spending the night tonight at the ranch.

Billy: Is that right?

Chelsea: I can’t believe I just said that out loud.

Billy: Yeah, you did say that out loud, but you can’t take it back now.

Chelsea: I don’t wanna take it back. I’m feeling very strong emotionally, mentally.

Billy: But?

Chelsea: But it’s been a long time since I’ve been with someone.

Billy: It’ll be okay. It’s like riding a bike.

[ Chelsea laughing ] Tv: Try tide power pods with 85% more tide in every pod.

Lily: Look, I don’t think about billy. You know, we had a moment and it was beautiful, but it’s over. So, I am here with you now. Very present.

[ Laughing ]

Daniel: Still no regrets?

Lily: What? Of course not. No. What happened with us was organic and natural. You know, it’s funny ’cause I feel like we’ve known each other for a very long time, since we were teenagers and we have always managed to navigate all the twists and turns of our relationship and I hope that continues. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. And you know, with billy, I mean, if we’re meant to be friends, then we will be. And if we’re not, then we won’T.

Daniel: That is very zen for a ceo.

Lily: Yeah. I may continue to surprise you.

[ Both laughing ]

Billy: You know what? I just realized that I forgot the food downstairs. Can I– can I go get it?

Chelsea: Don’t you dare.

Billy: No? You’re right.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billy: That’s a stupid question.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billy: But I am gonna ask you one more time.

Chelsea: I am.

Billy: Are you sure you’re okay?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: I can ask another way, you know.

Chelsea: No. I’ve never been so sure.

[ Chelsea panting ]

Kyle: Summer? You don’t have to open the door or say anything. I know you can hear me. I’m not gonna let you push me away. I’m worried about you and I wanna make it easier for you. I don’t know how yet, but you need to know I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna keep trying until something works. So, my latest idea is this: But talking but to– together. I– I– I promise you, if you open this door, we don’t have to say a word. I just wanna hold you. Summer, please open the door.

Ashley: I am so sick and tired of you trying to kick me out of my own home. And you’ve been doing this ever since you got back with diane and it’s just more evidence of how she has infected your attitude towards this whole family.

Jack: You are the one who has instigated all conflict, both with and about diane, all because I wouldn’t give into your preposterous demand that I ban the woman I love from this house. That’s not going to change. The minute diane is released, she’s coming back here.

Ashley: Are you threatening me? ‘Cause I’m not going anywhere. This is my home too, jack. It’s my birthright just as much as it is yours.

Jack: This is untenable, ash. This is not gonna work.

Ashley: Then you better move out. Why don’t you find yourself a nice little house next to whatever prison that diane is sent to once she’s convicted? And once that happens, I’m sure the jabot board will remove you before you take the entire company down with you. So yeah, you’re gonna have your nice little jailhouse wedding, but diane’s gonna cost you everything that ever meant anything to you.

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