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Kyle: Marchetti’s operating expenses rose because the employee headcount increased when we acquired those textile factories from Newman. If you had looked carefully, you would have noticed–

Billy: That wasn’t at all condescending, was it?

Kyle: If you had looked carefully, you would have noticed that those costs are more than offset by the contractor fees. Not to mention all the other added benefits of bringing manufacturing in-house.

Billy: Yeah, see the problem with that is that historically deals between Jabot and Newman haven’t worked out very well for Jabot.

Kyle: I made that deal with victor with my eyes wide open and it led to Adam’s departure. Paved the way for your return. So, how about a thank you, instead of criticizing?

Billy: No, I’m not criticizing, Kyle. My issue is with victor. I wouldn’t put it past the guy to force a bunch of troubled properties on Jabot.

Kyle: Targeting those factories was my idea, not Victor’s. I knew exactly what I was doing. The numbers are high right now, as expected, but everything is going according to plan.

Billy: Yeah, I still think we need to pay attention–

Kyle: Billy, Billy! I don’t need your opinion. I have complete autonomy over Marchetti, so whatever you think about my business decisions doesn’t really matter.

Billy: Just trying to get the lay of land before I actually dig in.

Kyle: The land is just fine.

Billy: Good to know. Since you are in the office today, I do have an idea on how to bring jabot and Marchetti together. If you’re willing to listen.


Billy: This is not my first stint at Jabot.

Kyle: No kidding. You’ve been CEO how many times? Co-CEO, your mom fired you, my dad fired you. Everybody has fired you.

Billy: But there’s a positive there, I’ve learned from my mistakes. And I’m also bringing the experience that I have from working at Chancellor-Winters when they went through their merger. I know how to bring two companies together. And under the current configuration, jabot is not maximizing the potential of having Marchetti under its umbrella.

Kyle: Thanks for your input, but our strategy of keeping Marchetti and Jabot separate from the beginning has proven successful. I see no reason to change course.

Billy: Sometimes, you gotta think outside the box, Kyle.

Kyle: And what about the Jabotiques? Weren’t those another one of your failures?

Billy: I’m gonna let that one slide because you’re under tremendous personal pressure.

Kyle: Yeah, I know you pride yourself on being that guy, the innovator, the idea guy, but sometimes, outside the box is just outside of the box.

Billy: And sometimes, it’s exactly what you need. And because this idea involves both Marchetti and Jabot, you can’t unilaterally veto it.

Kyle: And by the same token, you can’t unilaterally implement it. It’s my dad’s call.

Billy: Great. I’ll talk to jack, see what he has to say.

Kyle: Fine by me.

Billy: Wonderful.

Kyle: I’m going to lunch. I know what you’re trying to do, distract me with stupid business ideas. Thanks.

Billy: You’re welcome.

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