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Tony is making a martini in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when EJ walks in. Tony asks if he’d like one. EJ takes Tony’s and drinks the whole thing, then tells him that he can make him another. Tony asks what’s wrong with him. EJ responds that what’s wrong is that Nicole is lying to him.

Nicole goes to shower in her room.

Eric goes to shower in his room and imagines Nicole joining him in the shower.

Nicole then imagines Eric joining her in her shower and them kissing.

Stefan goes to leave the hospital and texts Gabi, saying he needs to see her and asking where she is. Gabi then arrives off the elevator at the hospital.

Li stands in his apartment until Johnny arrives at the door. Li tells him it’s not a good time. Johnny asks if everything is okay. Li says it’s not. Johnny asks if it’s he and Gabi. Li informs him that he and Gabi just ended their marriage. Johnny says he’s sorry and promises to leave him to wallow in his misery but he has to deal with his own. Johnny tells Li that he’s trying to call Wendy but she’s not answering her phone, so he asks if Li knows where she is.

Tripp is in Seattle, on the phone with Joey, telling him that he’s going to pick him up from the hospital tomorrow and he will stay as long as needed. Tripp mentions that he hasn’t heard from Steve yet but he’s sure that he will call as soon as he knows something about Kayla. Tripp tells Joey that he’ll see him in the morning. Wendy then shows up at his door, surprising him. Tripp questions what she’s doing here in Seattle. Wendy asks if he’s glad to see her.

EJ explains to Tony that he and Nicole were having a perfectly pleasant conversation and then when things turned romantic, she suddenly claimed feeling ill and fled to take a shower. EJ says he was concerned, so he went to see if she was okay and he overheard her on the phone, telling someone that he didn’t want him to know what had happened and that they were keeping it a secret. Tony calls that hardly cause for suspicion and suggests Nicole could have been throwing him a surprise party. EJ argues that his birthday was in February. Tony suggests Nicole could be planning a romantic getaway and says EJ is jumping to conclusions. Tony asks if EJ has any idea who Nicole was speaking to.

Anna goes to Nicole’s room and asks if she has any aspirin after having one too many to drink. Nicole relates as she has a hangover too. Anna questions what had her flying high. Nicole responds that it was biscuits.

Stefan asks why Gabi is at the hospital and if she’s okay. Gabi says she came to see him since he said he was checking on Melinda. Stefan mentions that he said he would text her when he was done. Gabi questions how long it could take to check on someone. Stefan jokes about her being jealous. Gabi calls that ridiculous and insulting but then admits that she is jealous because she knows Melinda wants him badly. Stefan says maybe she does, but he’s the only one he wants to want him. Stefan states that he’s taken and kisses Gabi. Gabi doesn’t know if it was the best idea to have Melinda pretend to be his lover when she’s really in to him. Stefan assures that it’s over now, her job is done, and they talked about it. Stefan adds that it was Melinda’s way to get back at EJ for letting Kristen escape. Stefan mentions that Melinda made it abundantly clear that she expects something big in return and she just let him know that she’s going to call in that favor when they are back in charge of DiMera. Gabi bets she will want more than just a check for her foundation. Gabi hopes it doesn’t involve Melinda finding her way back to his bedroom. Stefan repeats that it’s done and declares that he belongs to Gabi, so that’s enough about Melinda. Stefan then asks if Gabi spoke to Li, which she confirms that she did. Gabi adds that she gave Li his ring back, so now she is free to be with the man that she loves as she and Stefan kiss.

Li offers Johnny a beer but he says he wants to have a clear head when he talks to Wendy. Li notes that Wendy did not say when she’s coming back and suggests calling her again. Johnny says he just texted her for the thousandth time to no response. Johnny thought this was just a misunderstanding. Li jokes that it must be more than that if she’s ignoring a thousand texts. Li asks what Johnny did to make Wendy so angry and why she’s ghosting him.

Tripp tells Wendy that he’s really happy to see her, but he never expected her to show up here. Wendy calls it a spur of the moment decision and asks how Joey is doing. Tripp says the surgery was a success and he’s being released from the hospital tomorrow. Tripp knows Wendy didn’t come all this way to see Joey, so he asks what brought her to Seattle. Wendy tells Tripp that she came because she was disappointed that they didn’t get to go on their date. Wendy notes that she thinks it’s amazing that he came for Joey. Tripp says he felt bad about having to cancel their date, but they said they would go out as soon as he got back. Tripp says that there has to be something more going on for Wendy to fly out 2000 miles to be here. Tripp asks if something happened in Salem. Wendy says no, other than Johnny and Chanel are getting married again.

EJ tells Tony that he doesn’t know who Nicole was conspiring with on the phone but it doesn’t matter. Tony argues that it does matter and asks what he’s getting so worked up about. EJ complains that he and Nicole are in a relationship so there should be no secrets between them. Tony suggests there’s a difference between secrets and surprises. EJ argues that Nicole said she didn’t want him to know what happened so he doesn’t think she was booking a hotel. Tony offers to make him another drink. EJ declares he’s going to confront Nicole right now and demand the truth. Tony stops him and tells him to take a breath before doing anything that he may regret.

Nicole tells Anna about the tainted biscuits and says she’s surprised Anna didn’t hear about it since she got about a dozen news alerts. Anna says she turned her phone off and asks if they found out who tainted the biscuits. Nicole says the police are still looking in to it but so many people got drugged including her, EJ, Rafe, and Eric. Anna questions Nicole speaking to Eric. Nicole admits that they ran in to each other while under the influence. Anna asks Nicole what it is. Nicole claims it’s nothing but Anna feels it sounds like a lot of something to her. Anna encourages Nicole to trust her and talk to her as she asks what happened with her and Eric. Nicole breaks down and admits that she doesn’t know how it happened but she ended up in bed with Eric.

Eric goes downstairs and joins Sloan at the Pub. Eric apologizes for keeping her waiting. Sloan says that while he took forever, she wished she joined him as she has many fun memories of them in the shower together. Eric admits that before he came down, he was worried but by the way she’s talking, it sounds like they might get back on track soon. Sloan asks if he means after she walked in on him in bed with Nicole. Eric assures that was a one time thing and they were drugged, but he’d really like to pick up where he and Sloan left off. Sloan asks if he means hot sex with no strings. Eric says he wouldn’t use those exact words. Sloan tells Eric that she’s afraid that’s just not going to work for her anymore.

Li laughs when Johnny tells him about Wendy seeing him propose to Chanel. Johnny complains that he was high on some crazy drug and so was Chanel, so he had no idea what he was doing or saying. Li asks why he doesn’t just text Wendy to explain the whole thing. Johnny says he did that but once he typed it all out, he realized how crazy it all was. Li admits he sees his point and asks if he’s sure something isn’t actually happening with he and Chanel. Johnny says of course and he just needs Li to get him in contact with Wendy, so he can tell her that she’s the one he wants to be with and that he and Chanel are just friends. Li asks Johnny if he meant it when he told him that he was serious about his sister. Johnny assures that he did and he thinks Wendy is an amazing person, so he knows what he feels for her is real and he just wants to prove that to her. Li decides maybe he can help him out. Li doesn’t know if he’ll be successful but agrees to give Wendy a call to see if he can smooth things out for him. Johnny calls that very nice of him. Li then gets his phone and sees that he had a text from Wendy, informing him that she is in Seattle.

Tripp questions Chanel and Johnny being engaged. Wendy confirms that she saw herself as Johnny got down on one knee and asked Chanel to marry him again and said that he did it because Wendy agreed to a date with Tripp. Tripp calls that crazy. Wendy says that Chanel accepted his proposal. Tripp declares that they have both lost their minds then.

Nicole tells Anna that she and Eric were out of their minds and high from the biscuits while hallucinating. Anna suggests maybe it was all in her imagination but Nicole assures it wasn’t. Nicole says after they came down, they were in bed and it was obvious they had been intimate. Anna asks if that means they are back together. Nicole assures that she is with EJ and Eric is with Sloan or at least was before she walked in on them. Anna points out that if Eric is available then maybe there’s a chance for them. Nicole insists that there is no chance. Nicole says she and Eric will always have chemistry, whether with another person or not, but it doesn’t change what happened between them. Nicole adds that all the reasons they split up are still there and they agreed that this was just a one time slip up because of those drug infused biscuits. Anna asks her what about EJ and how serious they are.

Eric questions Sloan being upset about what happened earlier. Sloan complains that maybe if Eric took a faster shower, she wouldn’t have had so much time to think about everything but she did think about it and she was really hurt when she saw him in bed with Nicole. Sloan says unlike everybody else in town, Eric trusts her and believes her when she tells him that she’s not harassing Paulina or drugging Chanel’s buns. Sloan tells Eric that he makes her feel ways that she never expected to feel. Sloan knows that she fought so hard to keep things casual between them so no one is more surprised by this than her, but she’s no longer willing to just be his booty call. Sloan tells Eric that she wants more and she wants to be his girlfriend.

Stefan tells Gabi how long he’s waited to kiss her in public. Gabi calls it amazing that they are free. Stefan asks if Li gave her hell. Gabi says he was actually quite civilized about it and says he won’t contest the divorce as he finally realizes that Stefan is the only man she’ll ever love. Stefan is surprised as he thought Li would fight until the bitter end. Gabi thinks that Li realizes he would never win so he let her go. Gabi jokes that she did ask about the DiMera shares but he denied her which was no surprise. Stefan declares that Li can keep his shares, because they got what they wanted. Gabi points out that now that they are together, she wants more. Gabi states that EJ stole the company from them, so they are going to team up and get it back.

Johnny gets upset and says that Wendy obviously went to see Tripp in Seattle. Johnny asks Li to call Wendy, so he does. Wendy answers and guesses he’s wondering why she’s in Seattle. Li informs her that Johnny is with him and really wants to talk to her, so he thinks she should hear what he has to say. Wendy thought Johnny would be busy planning his wedding. Wendy declares that she and Johnny have nothing to talk about. Wendy tells Li to tell Johnny that she wishes he and Chanel all the happiness in the world as she then hangs up.

Gabi tells Stefan that first they will take over DiMera and then they will take over the world. Stefan says before they plan global domination, he wants some alone time with her for pleasure and not business. Gabi says she would love that, but they have no place to live. Stefan informs Gabi that she’s coming home with him.

Nicole tells Anna that the DiMeras are all about power, revenge, and control and it can be exciting to be a part of their high stakes schemes, but lately EJ has been so obsessed with taking Stefan down that she’s felt more like a co-conspirator than a love interest. Anna asks if she told EJ that. Nicole confirms that she did and EJ has dialed up the romance, so things are good between them and she doesn’t want what happened with Eric to mess things up. Nicole asks Anna if she can trust her to keep this between them.

Tony tells EJ that he encourages keeping secrets and explains that he doesn’t want to know how much wine Anna drank or how much money she spent on her hideous crystal lamp shade because that’s all irrelevant and has no bearing on the relationship, but if he found out specifics then there could be a conflict. EJ asks what he wants Anna to tell him then. Tony says he just needs to know that she’s happy because if not, that would cause concern and action. Tony encourages EJ to focus on if Nicole is happy rather than who she was talking to. EJ says he thinks she is happy with him and has no reason to think otherwise. Tony says he’s happy that he’s confident in being with Nicole, so he can throw the rest away. Tony tells EJ that if he wants to be together, just enjoy each other’s company.

Anna assures Nicole that she will keep her confidence and asks what kind of friend she would be if she went running to EJ to spill the beans. Nicole brings up that Anna took EJ’s side in the whole Sydney situation. Anna points out that was years ago and acknowledges the challenges of being with DiMera men, so she agrees that they should stick together. Nicole thanks her and says she is very relieved. Anna thinks Nicole is really good for EJ. Anna knows EJ would never admit it, but he was deeply hurt by Sami and she’s happy to say that EJ seems in much better spirits since he and Nicole got together. Nicole responds that she’s just worried about her infidelity and that maybe she should tell EJ. Anna says no and that it would be a big mistake. Nicole brings up that her cheating and hiding it has caused a lot of pain like what she did to Rafe. Anna calls this an entirely different situation since what happened with Eric meant nothing, so she shouldn’t let it ruin what she has with EJ. Anna says it would be one thing if Nicole and Eric wanted to be together, but she told her that they don’t, so she questions why rock the boat. Nicole says it would be to keep the guilt from eating her alive. Anna argues that she has nothing to be guilty about since it was a one time mistake and it only happened because they were stoned. Anna suggests putting a lid on it and moving on. Nicole agrees to do that then. Anna declares that if she’s learned one thing over the years, it’s that it’s perfectly fine to have a few harmless secrets from your partner. Anna jokes about Tony not wanting to know how much wine she drank or that she spent a fortune on her crystal lamp shade. Anna says it’s just best to forget that and adds that what their men don’t know can’t hurt them. EJ then enters the room.

Paulina goes to the Brady Pub and tells Sloan that her ass is hers. Sloan tells her to back off and reminds her of her restraining order. Paulina declares that Abe just told her that he put an end to her court order and then told her about the breakfast biscuits. Sloan remarks that she heard about Chanel poisoning half the town. Paulina shouts that Chanel had nothing to do with it and calls Sloan the psycho who spiked the dough. Sloan asks if she has any evidence. Paulina assures it will be found, especially since it sent Rafe and others to the hospital, so they won’t rest until they get the proof they need to put Sloan in a cage. Paulina tells Eric that Sloan is going to prison and suggests he step back before she drags him down with her. Paulina calls Sloan the skank who was stupid enough to take her on. Eric stops Paulina and says he knows she’s upset about what happened at the Bakery and he had one of the biscuits so he’s not happy either, but he knows Sloan was not responsible for this. Paulina questions how the hell he’s so certain. Eric responds that Sloan told him and he believes her. Paulina never thought Marlena would raise a fool but says she was wrong about that. Paulina warns Eric not to come crying to her when Sloan stabs him as she then storms out of the Pub.

EJ questions what Nicole and Anna are talking about. Anna claims that she was just asking Nicole if she would prefer red or white wine with dinner this evening. EJ calls it a coincidence as he came to ask the same thing. Nicole calls that thoughtful and kisses EJ. Nicole decides on white wine. EJ tells her that dinner is just about ready, so they exit the room.

Gabi questions Stefan wanting them to move in to the DiMera Mansion when EJ hates her and he didn’t let her and Jake move in there. Stefan comments on forgetting that she was involved with his twin brother. Gabi insists that she was only with Jake because she wished he was Stefan. Stefan states that EJ does not intimidate him and that house was Stefano’s house and there’s nothing he valued more than family, so they are going to walk through those doors with their heads held high. Gabi agrees that they will go home then and they leave the hospital together.

Johnny pleads with Li to call Wendy back but Li says he knows she won’t answer. Johnny asks him to try, so Li calls her and it goes straight to voicemail. Li encourages Johnny to give Wendy some time to cool down. Johnny complains that Wendy flew off to see Tripp, who she already told him that she’s interested in, so he could lose her to another guy. Li tells Johnny that he can sit here and cry but he needs to be quiet about it because he’s not in the mood for his drama. Johnny agrees to go then. Johnny asks Li to just explain to Wendy what really happened if he happens to hear from her. Li says he’s sorry but he knows his sister and there is no way she’s calling him back tonight. Johnny then exits the apartment.

Tripp asks Wendy if she’s sure she doesn’t want to call Johnny back since there could be a reasonable explanation for all this. Wendy argues that Johnny is a player and complains that so many people including his twin sister warned her but she didn’t listen. Wendy doesn’t want to talk about Johnny as she came here to see Tripp. Wendy suggests they have that dinner that he promised her and asks if he knows any good places to eat. Tripp says he can think of one.

Li sadly removes his wedding ring and places it on a table next to Gabi’s as he then exits the apartment.

Johnny walks through the town square and makes a call to book a flight to Seattle.

Tripp cooks dinner for he and Wendy. Wendy is impressed and thanks him for doing all of this. Tripp mentions picking up a few things when he worked at a restaurant. Tripp pours them wine and they toast to old friends and new possibilities.

Sloan reminds Eric that she said she wanted to be his girlfriend and he kind of shut down on her. Eric blames that on Paulina showing up and says he’s sorry about the way she went off on her. Sloan says she can handle Paulina, but asks if what Paulina said brought back his suspicions about her and if he changed his mind about her. Eric responds that he did change his mind about her but because of what she said, not Paulina. Eric says listening to Sloan made him realize that what they have been doing needs to end because he wants more, just like her. Eric declares that he would love for Sloan to be his girlfriend. They kiss and then Sloan jokes that she won’t pretend to like his family’s chowder or anything.

EJ and Nicole go to the living room where Anna joins Tony as well. Tony tells Anna about dinner. EJ tells Nicole that he’s relieved that this day is coming to a close and they can put all of their hallucinogenic hijinks behind them. Nicole agrees and kisses EJ. EJ asks what that was for. Nicole says she just wanted him to know that she’s noticed the effort he’s put in to making her feel like a priority and like she’s important to him. Nicole says that makes her so happy and she appreciates it so much as she hugs EJ. Tony pours wine and proposes a toast to family. Tony says Stefano would be so proud to see them making a toast together under his roof. Stefan walks in with Gabi and says they better pour two more glasses then. EJ questions what they are doing here. Stefan says they live here and announces that he and Gabi have once again decided to make this place their home.

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