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.[Phone ringing]

[Soft music]

Esme, can you wait here for a minute while I go talk to my friend?


Okay, here’s your discharge paperwork. Now, since you had a head injury, I want you to come back if you experience any of these symptoms, okay?


Esme, is there anything else I can do for you?

I need to speak to dr. Gatlin-holt. It could be a matter of life and death.

Has portia heard any more from trina?

Jordan has it monitoring portia’s phone just in case trina calls again.

That’s good. At least we’ll be ready this time.

Yeah, but you know what, laura? It’s not enough. You know what? I’m gonna go down to the pcpd and find out what’s taking them so long to find the “haunted star,” okay?

No, curtis, you can’t do that. It’s not going to help anyone, least of all trina.

[Dramatic music]


I was going crazy. Are you okay?

I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m sorry. I’m sorry your uncle’s denying you food. I can try to get you something.

No, no, no, no, no, it’s not worth the risk.

Well, maybe we’ll eat soon enough. It worked.

You got inside the communications room?

That and more.

Excuse me, mr. Cassadine, the nurse says the baby is sleepless and constantly crying.

And what does she expect me to do about it?

Mr. Cassadine?

And what the hell are you doing here? You’re supposed to be guarding spencer’s room.

The dead bolt’s locked, sir.

Yeah, well, I’ve heard that before. And why did you leave your post?

Well, there’s a walkie-talkie unaccounted for. It’s likely misplaced, but I thought you should-


and why are you bothering me with these mundane details? You were tasked with guarding my nephew, not counting inventory. Now, get back to doing just that.

Yes, mr. Cassadine.

Unlocked doors, mislaid equipment, inept nursery maids. What am I running here, some kind of soppy clown show? This is unacceptable. I run a tight ship. Carelessness will not be tolerated. You two might have walked on as crew, but I can see to it that you’re carried off as cargo.

Here or over here?

Mm, what do you think?

I think here.

Ah, you think right.

Yeah, and maybe this one goes here.

[Laughs] Well done. Oh, it’s past your bedtime, isn’t it?

I can’t go to sleep yet.

Why is that?

Because then you’ll be lonely. I hope daddy nikolas comes back soon.

Well, all I need is you, sweet girl. Now, how about we go read to each other a bedtime story, huh?


Yeah. [Laughs]

[Doorbell ringing] Oh, who could that be, huh?

[Knocking on door]


Come on, ava,

I know you’re home.

[Dramatic music]

Ava? Brook lynn told me that michael and willow are moving up the wedding. They’re getting married tomorrow. And I mean, that’s a good thing, right? First, the baby. They deserve to be happy.

I wish I could see it that way, sonny. But this wedding–there’s nothing to celebrate about it. It’s just the beginning of the end.

[Dramatic music]

okay, okay, let me look at you. Did you grow another inch?

Want to see my puzzle, mama carly?


Hey, uh, avery, why don’t you go in and work on that puzzle a bit more, and we’ll be right in?


Okay. So what’s going on?

Willow’s moved her and michael’s wedding up. They’re getting married tomorrow.

Oh, that’s great. Why the rush? Oh, I see. I’m so sorry.

Well, willow would like avery to be a part of the wedding party, you know? She’d like it to be a family affair.

Why would you say this wedding is the end?

Don’t you see why michael and willow are doing this?

They love each other. They just had a baby.

And they’re running out of time, sonny.

Pledging your love to another person, it’s a beautiful expression of love. I don’t-


yeah, it is beautiful, even if that life is nearly over. You know, saying “I do” might be the last thing that willow does.

[Phone ringing] Just–it’s okay. Just get it. I’m fine.

No, it’s-


just get the phone. It’s fine. I’m okay.

All right, all right. Michael?

Where are you?

Hospital chapel. Is everything okay?

I need to see you.

Where are you at, at the gatehouse? At home? What? I mean, I’ll come to you.

No, no, willow is resting with the baby. I’ll come to you.

All right, I’ll be here.

[Dramatic music]

Michael’s coming-

michael’s coming here. You have any idea what that’s about?



Wow, you’re almost done.

What’s in the bag?

I’m so glad you asked. Do you know what this is?

It’s so pretty.

Yeah, and you know why it’s so pretty? Because it’s so special.

Only for flower girls.

Flower girls?

Donna has one, too. And this could be yours, if you accept the very important job. It’s for michael and willow’s wedding.

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a flower girl.


The crime is taking place in international waters. That’s way beyond the scope of the pcpd. Now, we have reached out to the appropriate authorities. We’ve also managed to freeze victor’s assets, which should make it a little bit more difficult for him to operate.

That doesn’t get us any closer to finding the “haunted star.”

I know, but just think about this for a moment. Jordan is being pulled in every direction imaginable, right? With anna being shot, my grandsons being kidnapped, esme being attacked, and trina, a stowaway. If you go marching down to the pcpd and start demanding answers, then-


I’ll just be another distraction, right.

Exactly. So come on, now. Let’s put our heads together, and we’ll have to come up with a way to help where we’re not getting in the way.

Esme. I hear you have suffered a head injury. How you feeling?

Well, never mind me. I’m fine, but my baby isn’T.

[Dramatic music]

My mom, your grandmother, jordan, and curtis know we’re on the boat. And laura was familiar with this boat and the communications room. She talked me through so that I could find the heading on the radar screen.

Is there anything that my grandmother can’t do?

I just hope I gave them enough so that they can find us.

So why did you take the walkie?

To monitor the guards’ movement. So now we just have to sit tight and wait to be rescued.

Yeah, I just hope that they can find us in time.

What? What do you mean?

Trina, while you were gone, I found out a few things myself. I always knew that my uncle victor was a very powerful man with all kinds of connections, and I knew that he could be ruthless, but that man is more dangerous than I ever could have imagined. He has this plan, one that could endanger billions of lives, and if we don’t stop him before we make landfall, it will be too late for all of us.

[Dramatic music]

Your uncle wants to reduce the global population?

Yes. My uncle has made this his life’s mission, like some maniacal zealot. He only intends to clear out half of the world’s population. Cassadines are exempted, of course, at least those that he can convince to come over to the dark side. And I wonder if maybe my dad found out about this, and then my uncle did something with him.

Well, we can’t say that for sure, spencer. But we do know that your uncle is insane. No one can engineer the future of humanity.

Do you want to be the one to tell him that?


Ambrose, are you back on station?


Resuming post in 10 minutes.



Let me know

when you’re in position.



We can’t reach wherever we’re headed. This–this might be my only chance. I know where the engine room is.

Trina, no, you’ve taken too many risks already.

But what if our families don’t find us in time to stop victor? I can–I can buy us some time so that they can catch up to us.

Trina, no. I know that you’re smart, and I know that you’re brave. But you need to be careful. Please promise me that you’re not gonna take any unnecessary risks, because I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Please, promise me.

I won’T. I wanna come back to you.

[Dramatic music]

This is about more than you and me now. We have no choice. We have to do something. It’s up to us.

I’ll be back soon.


Now might be a good time to start praying.

My baby–he’s been kidnapped.

I–I know.



and it’s–it’s terrifying. And I hope that this is some comfort to you, but I was once really close to someone who had a baby kidnapped, too. And–and she was told to stay strong and to keep it together. And I think it’s really important in moments like this that we remain hopeful that ace is gonna be fine, and he’ll be back in your arms really soon.

Well, did your friend get their baby back?

She did, yeah.

He’s right. The pcpd is on it. They’re gonna find your baby.

It’s just that ace’s colic-

it isn’t being treated. All the stuff you gave me-

it was in his diaper bag, and the kidnapper just left it, and-


okay, hey, if you’re concerned that ace’s colic is gonna turn into a serious health crisis, you don’t need to be. It’s not life-threatening. It’s probably just gonna resolve itself.


Yeah, ace is not gonna suffer any lasting harm from colic.

Yeah, well, I hate the idea of him suffering at all.

I know, but these things have a way of working out.

Yeah, but who’s rocking him to sleep at night? How do I know he’s eating properly if I’m not there to do it?

Esme, I heard that spencer was also kidnapped. So that means they’re probably together. And I know that spencer will do everything he can to comfort his baby brother and to protect him.

So you’re saying I shouldn’t worry because my baby doesn’t need me?

Thank you for letting me tuck avery in.

It was the only way we were gonna pry this out of her hands.

Yeah, I should have known she’d want to practice her flower girl duties.

Well, I’m sure it will be a lovely ceremony.

Right, aside from the fact that the bride may be dying.

Well, no one can predict the future. My current feelings about love and marriage aside, I think this wedding is a great idea, life-affirming, even.

I agree. Celebration with family and friends is just the perfect medicine for willow. All right, well, I will be in touch. And I’ll see myself out.

Oh, carly, I’m-

I’m just–I’m unclear about something.

What’s that?

Well, you said earlier that the wedding is gonna be a family affair. And I’m just curious, does that include nina and sonny?

They’re moving up the wedding because of willow’s condition, but that’s not the only reason. They’re saying to the world that they love each other and that love should be celebrated, no matter what the situation.

You’re right. You’re–you’re right. And despite my differences with michael, I have to admit, your son loves my daughter.

More than anything.

And we will celebrate this, them getting married, even though we can’t-

we can’t be there with them.

[Dramatic music]

[Lock clattering]

[Uneasy music]

Ace! Hey, you–you brought him. Is he okay?

Here, just take him.




Well, he’s fussy and restless, so I thought maybe a visit with his brother might do you both some good.

[Dramatic music]



Engine room,

assistance needed on deck.

Copy that.


Esme, no one is suggesting that your son doesn’t need you.

Oh, please. People have been lined up to take ace away from me since the moment that he was born.

Esme, you’re ace’s mom. And from what I’ve observed, you’re a conscientious and loving parent. So maybe just give yourself a break. Don’t let people get in your head.

I’m really sorry.

No, it’s okay. Look, you don’t need to apologize.

[Sighs] Look, we’re all just really hopeful that ace returns safely.

You’ve been a great comfort, both of you. Thank you.

[Dramatic music]



You handled that well.

Oh, thank you. You did, too, so thanks for that.

Well, I didn’t want to get into it with her, but I’ve lived through that trauma. I mean, for me, in the end, it–everything turned out okay, but fearing for your child, not knowing what’s happening to him… it’s an indescribable terror.

I’m glad you came through it okay. And I hope esme comes through it okay. She’s been through a lot. I really feel for her.

I never thought I’d say this, but so do I.

You know, kevin and I have a friend who’s a brigadier general. I mean, he’s a very busy man, obviously, but he may be able to assist the coast guard.

Okay, and I still have some of my contacts from my law enforcement and pi days.


I want to get a bead on victor’s support personnel. From the description of the safe house takeover, they sound like paramilitary.

Mm, that’s a very good point. He’s got a lot of resources.


I’ve officially been released. I’m free.


Although some may say I don’t deserve to be.

It’s not my wedding. The guest list is up to michael and willow.

I’m sure they took your feelings into consideration.

If nina and sonny aren’t invited, it’s not because of me.

Okay. Well, I just know that michael and willow love you. They want you to be comfortable, and that might dictate who they include and who they choose not to include.

Right, and michael and willow have their reasons for who they invite and choose to exclude.

Okay, of course, right. I just–I think that a health crisis of this magnitude would bring you all together and not make a bigger divide.

What’s it to you? I mean, seriously, why do you care?

Nina. She’s my friend, and she is devastated about willow, willow’s health, the daughter that you kept from her. So what, I can’t ask if my friend has been invited to her daughter’s big day?

How is it that you guys are friends? What could you possibly have in common besides hating me?

I hear congratulations are in order, michael. I’m wishing you and willow the best on your big day. Excuse me.

How did she-


brook lynn.

Yeah, well, I guess I’ll have to thank her for saving me the trouble.

Brook lynn was-

she felt terrible for letting it slip. But I’m glad she did, and I’m happy for you and willow. Give her my best wishes.

Or you could do it yourself.

What does that mean?

Would you like to attend our wedding?

You’re inviting me to your wedding?

Willow and I want this to be a family affair, so that includes you.

Well, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for willow or you.

Yeah, willow wants it to be simple, so we’re–we’re keeping it intimate. So this guest list is gonna be small.

I’m even more honored to be included.

Well, good. I hope you understand that this invitation is-

it’s for you, you alone.

So what you’re saying is, you want me to come to your wedding, but you don’t want nina to come to your wedding?

[Dramatic music]


I don’t hate you, carly.

Your friend, nina, sure does. And here you are, doing her bidding. How is this so-called friendship even possible? The woman immobilized you and forced you to give birth to avery.

Nina has definitely benefited from forgiveness and grace.

So you’re telling me when you look at nina, you don’t see what she did to you? All is forgiven and forgotten?

I’m not saying that. To be honest, I try not to think about it. And when I look at her, I don’t see the disturbed woman that she used to be. I see the woman that has gotten help, that has turned her life around. And–and yeah, nina and i have become friends, as unlikely as that is. And you know something, carly? It feels a lot better than harboring bitterness and resentment.

Thanks for the inspirational talk. The next time I come by, I’ll make sure to wear beads and bring a candle.

Oh, carly, I’m not trying to get into it with you. I just want you to see how much power you have here. You are on the inside, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to broker peace.

Since when did you become an authority on peace?

Well, I get a lot of quiet in this old house, but no peace. I’m just trying to spare you my regrets.

Really? What regrets?

Thanks again for dropping everything to speak with esme.

Ah, you don’t need to thank me. I’m happy to help.

[Dramatic music] Nurse baldwin, can you do something for me? Could you please tell me why nurse driscoll is looking at me like that? Because she’s been doing it all day.


Nurse driscoll, is there something dr. Gatlin-holt can help you with?

No, but I may be able to help him.

How would you do that?

You should stop seeing ava jerome if you know what’s good for you.


I’m in no position to judge you, carly. I know that. We all make choices in this life, some of which keep us up at night.

Does morgan keep you up at night? When you think about how I deprived nina of her daughters, do you think about how you deprived me of my son? I do, every time I have to see you, and then I think about avery, and I co-exist with you for her sake. But do not deceive yourself that I’ve forgotten, that it’s over, because I haven’t, and it never will be.

So is there anything else you need to say to me? Any more insight into my behavior?

Yeah, just–just one more thing, actually. Time is running out. This may be the last chance for nina and willow. And I know that you’re capable of rising above. I’ve seen you do it with me for avery’s sake. Won’t you do it with nina for willow’s?

It’s not my call. It’s willow’s choice to make. Whatever boundaries she set with nina, it’s one she’s comfortable with.

I tried.

Maybe you’re trying so damn hard to fix nina because you can’t fix trina.

What about trina? Has something happened?


This is my very good friend, curtis ashford.

I recognize the name, but-


yeah, no, we’ve met before, esme, but I’m sure you don’t recall.

Somehow I thinkit’s best that I don’T. But it’s nice meeting you again. I’m gonna go grab a drink from the cafeteria before we head home.

Okay, sure.

[Dramatic music]


I don’t know how you do it, laura. I don’t know how you can have her under your roof.

She’s the mother of my grandson. You can relate to this. Family is everything, right?


It’s a condition where perfectly healthy babies sometimes will cry for hours. It’s why ace is a little bit fussy right now. I’m surprised that your nanny didn’t know this.

Yeah, well, that’s why I brought the little tyke to you.

I’m glad that you did. I’m always happy to help. You know, he can stay here with me.

No, don’t press your luck.

You might not trust me, uncle victor, but babies, especially infants, they need routine and familiarity and comfort.

I wouldn’t know anything about that. I haven’t had any interaction with babies, not with valentin or any child, for that matter.

Is that what this is about? Did losing valentin finally push you over the edge?

Spencer, this has been my plan all along. I did include my treacherous son, but it is his loss.

Okay. Is–are you saying that valentin is still alive?

[Sighs] The incident in paris was just a ruse. It worked for a while. I was distracted with grief for a son that was alive and well and in hiding. Meanwhile, valentin and his allies were conspiring to keep me from acquiring the one thing I needed to complete my mission. He betrayed me and very nearly condemned this planet. Valentin is alive, but when all is said and done, he’ll wish he was dead, as will anyone who stands in my way.

I’ll take the baby back to his nurse now. Hopefully, she’ll know how to deal with this colic.

Are you sure that it’s over for you and valentin? You weren’t ready to give up on my father. Why should you give up on your own son? It’s not too late for you to put this plan of yours on ice and summon valentin.

Nice try, spencer. Don’t make me regret this visit.

[Pounding on door] Yes, enter.

May I speak with you privately, mr. Cassadine?

[Dramatic music]

There’s trouble with the engine.

What sort of trouble?

The electrical cable that supplies power to the propulsion motors, it’s badly damaged.


Yeah, the engineer says if he can’t fix it, he may have to call for an emergency tow vessel.

Well, you tell the engineer he better damn well fix it, or I’ll scuttle this ship with him on board.

Do you really think that esme doesn’t remember who she is or was?

I haven’t seen any signs that she does. Look, I can understand your reservations, and I do appreciate it because what she did to trina was a pretty serious thing. But honestly, she doesn’t feel like that person anymore. And you know, even trina argued for her to be released.

Okay, but what about when the memory returns?

I wish I could tell you that. The thing is that even if she does recover her memory, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to revert back to who she was. I’ve had so many conversations with kevin about this, really, and he’s just made it so clear to me that the human memory is an incredibly complicated thing. And I’ve actually witnessed that myself with elizabeth. And what about drew?

Drew. That’s right.

What’s right? The human memory is an incredibly complicated thing?

Exactly. Laura, you just gave me an idea how to find the ship.

Amy, that was highly inappropriate.

I’m sorry, elizabeth, but I saw with my own eyes how chummy he was with ava jerome at the nurses’ ball.

Okay, is that an issue?

What business is it of yours who he sees or doesn’t see?

I just think he needs to know that ava jerome is someone to be careful around.

[Tense music] Rumor is, she and her ex just went through a bitter divorce. Now, he’s disappeared.


How sure are the police that victor has trina?

All I know is, I was at josslyn’s dorm when dante showed up, and he wanted to ask trina some questions. Then we all realized that no one had seen trina since the nurses’ ball. Josslyn said trina was really worried about spencer because he was upset. We’re all just assuming that trina was with spencer when victor took him.

Oh, that son of a bitch. Okay, I have to go and see portia. She might have an update. And even if she doesn’t, I really should give her my support. So would you mind-

would you stay with avery for a while?

Go. I’m happy to stay with avery.

Thank you. Thank you.

[Dramatic music]


Oh, and, watkins, when exactly was the electrical cable damaged?

The engineer was alerted by a computer warning 15 minutes ago. Everything was fine this morning.

And you enlisted the engine room guard to join the search for the missing walkie?

[Baby fussing]

Shh, shh, shh. It’s okay. It’s all right. It’s okay. I got you. It’s gonna be okay.

The guard was searching, but he says the room wasn’t left unattended longer than ten minutes.

That’s plenty of time.


I want you to listen carefully. Follow these instructions to the letter.

I forgot my purse.

Michael invited me to the wedding.

How wonderful.

You know what? I can’t do it. I’m sorry.

No, no.

What do you mean, no?

Weddings are to be celebrated–love. I’m really glad that you can be there to witness it.

I just-

I wish it was different.

Me, too. Starting with aunt liesl, I wish she was able to, you know, go through with the transplant.

I’m sorry about liesl.

How’s willow?

She’s–she’s weak, but planning the wedding has given her renewed energy.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s no shortage of help for her. I’m so thankful that she has people who uplift her and support her. She–she definitely deserves that.

Everybody does.

Yeah. She’s gonna be a really breathtaking bride. If you just–if you can just-

just tell her that I’m thinking about-

about her.

[Sorrowful music]


[Sighs] For a moment there, it sounded like you were about to decline my invitation.

Well, you know what? It depends. Is this invite from both of you or just willow? Do you really want me to be there?

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[Phone vibrating]

[Elevator music plays]

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Look, I want what’s best for my family. And that means having you there. But I also know that this could cause some issues with nina, so no harm, no foul, if you choose not to attend.

I also want what’s best for my family.

Well, just think about it and let me know.

I already made my decision. I’ll be there.

You’re a good doctor and a good guy, dr. Gatlin-holt. Maybe you don’t know about ava jerome.

Okay, that’s enough. Don’t you have charts you’re supposed to file?

Me? No.

Well, you do now.

Wow. I guess it’s true what they say. You are gonna make a great head nurse.

[Sighs] That’s not a done deal. And epiphany wouldn’t have allowed for this gossip-mongering, and neither will I. I am really sorry about that. I don’t know what got into amy, so I apologize for her…

it’s okay.

Inquisitiveness about you and ava.

It’s really fine. She must have just seen me and ava at the nurses’ ball, and she’s just jumping to conclusions.

Well, I just hope that ava is over nikolas.

Mm. I can’t say, but I can say for sure that things are not always what they seem.

[Dramatic music]



Master drill.

All crew report

to the main deck.

Repeat, master drill.

All hands on deck.

[Dramatic music]



Time is running out. This may be the last chance for nina and willow. And I know that you’re capable of rising above. I’ve seen you do it with me for avery’s sake. Won’t you do it with nina for willow’s?

[Doorbell ringing]


[Dramatic music]

I seem to have sparked an aha moment. You want to fill me in?

Laura, it’s just like you said. The human memory is complicated. It’s something I learned as a cop. Questioning witnesses, people often remember more than they realize.


I’m sorry to interrupt. Laura, I got one for you, too.

Oh, thank you. That was very thoughtful of you.

You’re trina robinson’s stepfather, right?


I just had to say that trina has been very kind to me when, from what I’ve heard, she had every right not to be. I hope you find her soon.

Thank you, and same to your baby. I appreciate the talk. I’ll let you know what I learn.

Please do.


All right, hon, I should probably get you home. You need your rest. Are you ready to go?

I’m not sure.

Oh, honey, are you afraid to go back to the apartment? Do you feel unsafe there? Because I can tell you, the city has beefed up our security, and kevin has made sure that-


it’s not that, laura. I trust that you’ll protect me.

Then why don’t you want to go home with me?

Because ace won’t be there.

[Dramatic music]


It’s okay. What am I doing here?

I thought you would enjoy a little break from your close quarters. Watkins, take ace to the baby nurse, would you? Go on.

Please be–please be careful with him. I finally got him to calm down.

I decided to let you eat after all.

What made you change your mind?

Well, we no longer have reason to pull off those diversionary stunts of yours. I hold all the cards.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.


[Footsteps thumping] Ah, I see our dinner guest has arrived.

[Dramatic music]

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