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I guess I’m back in business.

Good morning.

Hey, Dr. Evan. You got a minute? What a nice surprise. Sure. Come on in.

No, I will not accept the call.

What? He declined my call.

Damn him. Take it easy, sister. Oh ho. Take it as my own damn business. And I am not your sister. Actually. You are.

Hi. Oh, uh, yeah. I was just going to actually hop, hop in the shower. Come in, come here. Yeah. Did you, uh, did you find Steve? No. No. I just, uh, I just went to his room and I checked with the front desk and no one saw him come in last night. But now I’m starting to worry that something’s happened to him.

Whoa. Oh, Brady open this door. I don’t know why you’re wasting your breath. You think he’s suddenly gonna come to his senses and let us out? No. So we’re gonna have to find a way to get ourselves out of.

Hey, Papa Chad and I just got to Athens and I haven’t heard from you, so I’m starting to worry. I hope everything’s okay, and then I’ll hear from you soon. Love you voicemail. It’s been like two days. It’s bad enough. My mom is missing. What if something’s happened to my father too? Stop. Listen, you can’t, you can’t think that way.

We’re here now. Okay. We’ll find him.

And I haven’t heard from you, so I’m starting to worry. I hope everything’s okay, and then I’ll hear from you soon. Love you.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey kid. Hey dad. Oh, thanks. She’s this are from Arlene, right? I knocked off work early here and stopped by the florist and thought I’d bring a little something home. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t think she’s here. I didn’t see her car, the garage when I came in. Oh, I know. She decided to go back to work today. I’m not really down with that.

I think it’s a little bit too soon. You. That she’s been, uh, seeing patients in this living room on that couch about 24 hours after returning to the land of the living. So I say she’s okay and she’s ready.

You got a good point there. Yeah. Yeah. I, uh, I heard that she hypnotized Stephanie yesterday and that Stephanie recalled Kayla saying something about my grandfather. What, what is that all about? Apparently Vic is out of town, but Chad and Stephanie talked to him on the phone and of course Vic, I know nothing about Kayla’s kidnapping.

Now for Maggie’s part, she gave Chad and Stephanie a list of Vic’s properties in Greece and they flew over there right now to check ’em out. Do you think my granddad’s telling the truth? Well, I’d like to believe so, but God knows I’ve been wrong about him before. I just hope they’re not walking into some kind of trap.

Yeah. Here you’re, I’d feel a hell of a lot better about this if Steve hadn’t gone off to quit. I got no clue where he is. Huh? Nothing. Damn it, kid. I would love to be on that search, but you know, the idea of just leaving Marna here. I know, I know that she’s physically fine. Maybe I’m being irrational here, but I just, I can’t bear to be away from her so soon after.

Got her back.

It’s Alex, Kiki. Right? I don’t think we’ve actually formed Met. We haven’t. But let me just say it is great news having you back. I do know how much you mean to clearly so many people. I thank you. I feel so lucky to be home with the people that I love most. Right? I hope this isn’t a bad. Oh, no. No, not really.

Uh, I, I’m, I’m not seeing patients today. I was just going to catch up on some paperwork. Oh, but why don’t you have a seat? I, come on, sit down. Thank you.

What can I do for you? Um, well, as you know, Stephanie’s in Greece right now. She’s looking for her mom who is alive. Yes, I know. It’s another miracle, right? Yes, it is. So I was just, I was wondering if maybe you, uh, had any news about her things that you were so close to the situation yourself? Um, no, I haven’t heard anything new.

I’m sorry. Okay. Did you, did you know. No. No, not, not really. No. Um, but I hope to God they find her. Yes, we all do. Yeah. Me more than most. See for me, that could mean mighty redemption. I have called, I have text. Oh, wait a second, finally. Okay. All right. All right. All right. He’s texting us back. Let’s see what he has to say.

Sorry, I haven’t been in touch. Uh, Stephanie arrived. She’s upset about her mom. I’m trying to calm her down. Let me know if you track down banks. Okay. Well, there, there we go. Yeah. It’s one problem solved. Yeah. Yeah. Thank God Steve’s.

I’ll let you two get reacquainted or just acquainted, so. You are the infamous Megan Hathaway and you are the infamous Kristin Damira. Different last names perhaps, but we are undeniably family. Yeah. Well, let’s not start singing Sister Sledged just yet, but I do have to say you went pretty well preserved for someone who was already.

10 years before I even stepped foot in, sang that cryogenic chamber fluid. It’s wonderful for the skin, uh, as is, uh, Mediterranean heat. Yeah, I heard that, uh, you were apprehended on an island off Greece. We’re a host of international crimes. Oh, news travels. Fires. Mm-hmm. So what are you doing here in Salem?

I cut a deal with the, is. So that I’d be incarcerated here. And why would the ISA even consider giving you a deal with everything you’ve done? They were desperate to find Kayla Johnson. And I told the feds that a former associated mine, Thomas Banks, was the one absconded with her. Thomas, Ugh. That disgusting little creep.

I mean he masqueraded as me in Monte Carla. I can’t even believe some SAP actually believed that that hideous little creature was yours. Truly,

I God, everyone’s at the desk. Good. We’re gonna need their help to go through this list of Victor’s properties and hopefully find my.

So you see, I, I had no idea Stephanie’s mom was dying when I turned her phone off. I just wanted some quality time with my. Yeah, I understand and thank you, and still I know that it was my fault that she didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to her mother. She was so upset. Not that she didn’t have every right to be, she did, but I’m just explaining to you why we broke up and now she’s with Chad.

Yeah. Anyway, when I heard this news about Kayla being alive, I realized that maybe I didn’t rob Stephanie of her last moments with her mother after all, and I know they still have to find her. It’s either that or I live with this guilty conscience forever.

We didn’t get anywhere at the Dive Verna last night, but we will continue looking for banks today. We’ll keep you updated. You know, it’s really too bad we didn’t have much success last night at the. I wouldn’t say that. I mean, we didn’t find Thomas Banks, but we had some fun, especially during our dance.


Oh, it’s room service. Throw some clothes on. Could you? Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, I got it.

So why would Thomas Banks kidnap Taylor Johnson unless. Did you order it? Why would I do that? Kayla is of no use to me now. Right. Oh. And just what we planning to do with her back at the ranch with Dr. Ralph, she, Marlene and Kate were going to be Ralph’s human Guinea pigs. It was going to be a monumental scientific breakthrough for all of humanity.

Hmm. Let me just take a wild guess here. You were mostly interested in what it could do for you. Am I right? No comment. Fine. All right. Then answer this. If someone was going to bite it, why couldn’t it bend? Marlena Yk. If it had been my choice. Oh, it wasn’t? No it wasn’t. One of the employees went a bit rogue Thomas.

It had to have been. I mean, they didn’t find anyone else on that island except for Rolf. Right. Tell me where are you getting your information from? It sounds like you’ve downloaded the ISA intelligence report. I am aware of everything that concerns my family. Listen, change the subject you just threw Poor Thomas under the bus and that is a.

Nature major breach of the Damer Code of ethics for maintaining loyal employees. Look, I had to give the ISA a, and they knew that Thomas had been one of my hired guns, so, so you lied. Why? Hmm. I’m for whom? If Thomas didn’t take Kayla, then who did? Huh?

Sis hatch. Oh, don’t mind the gun. It’s just an insurance. Where were you, Bo? Fishing. Fishing. Yeah. You’re kidding. Right? Go. I made you some stew with fresh sea bass. Beats the anchovy rations we had when we were in the merchant marina. You are holding us hostage here and you are out fishing. Yeah, indeed. I asked for your help.

You didn’t give it willingly, so, so what about Steve? Why is he here? Got in my way. What about hope? Why don’t you wanna see her? Oh my God. Okay. As I recall, she hated and really kind of misunderstood why I grew to love and admire my father. So since that’s the direction my life is, No reason to have her in it.

No. That may be the story you tell yourself, but it’s a lie. It’s not that hope misunderstands you, it’s that she understands you too well, and you don’t like that you’re afraid she’s gonna break through to you and that scares the hell outta you, doesn’t it?

Now enough talking more work. I don’t see much of that going on down here. I wonder why you wanted the prism. I went and got it for you. You told me that you’d get the information off of it. I told you. That’s what I thought. Okay. You don’t seem to understand. The clock is ticking. Your daughter has found her way to Greece.

What? What? Stephanie’s here and it’s just a matter of time before she or hope. Find out that you are missing. I can’t keep putting them off. And if either one of them gets in my way,

come on. How can you say it’s ir? Of course you want Marlena, buy your side every second because she’s the love of your life. And it’s like, you just, it’s like you just got her back, you got a second chance with her. And then dad, everyone’s happy for you. I’m happy for you. Hell, I’m, I’m envious of you. Ah, come on, come on, come on.

No. Hey, it’s not like I’m comparing my relationship with Chloe, yours and Marlene’s. It’s just that, hey, you mean even though your love for Chloe hasn’t gone on for decades? Still doesn’t use the pain when things go wrong, and yeah, doc told me that it’s. It’s a rough go right now with, uh, with, with Chloe and Rachel.

Rough. Yeah. Rough, rough. R That doesn’t even describe it. What makes me so infuriating? It’s all because Kristen manipulated the whole scenario to her advantage. She set out to make sure that Rachel hated Chloe, and she did it. She succeeded in it and that I don’t have a clue how to fix it. Not a clue. I never deny that Thomas was the one who took Kayla and you never confirmed it.

Why don’t you just tell me the truth? Why would I, why would I tell you anything? I don’t know. You having heard of sisterly bonding, my sister Renee died before I knew her, so I’ve never actually had a sister. Mommy neither. I mean, there was Lexi, but I barely knew her. On the other hand, so many male siblings, aka brothers, I don’t know them either.

No, I do want to come on. It’s obvious that you haven’t talked to anyone in decades. I mean, except for misfits, hostages and dead people. Yeah, I Where you can find it. Someone normal, someone you’re related to. Come on. I mean, not only. Can we be sisters, but we can be sisters in crime? Well, there’s definitely at least one thing that we have in common, a desire to get out of this place.

Right? So why don’t I scratch your back? You scratch my, what do you say sis?

So this urgency to find out about Kayla, it seems to be about more than just assuaging your guilty conscience. Well, I mean, of course I want Stephanie’s mother to be alive. She’s an amazing person, a well-respected doctor. So many people love her just like you. So you came all the way over here. Say what a wonderful doctor Kayla is and what a wonderful doctor I am.

I don’t know what you’re getting at. It seems to me that Stephanie broke up with you because she felt you had cost her the last moment she would’ve had with her mother, and now that now that her mother’s alive. I wonder if you’re thinking perhaps. You have a second chance with her?

Uh, Stephanie Chad, please come in. Uh, Seth. Where’s your dad? We don’t know. Yeah, we went to his room. It wasn’t there. Oh. Uh, Harris, this is my niece Stephanie. This is Chad Dara. This is Harris Michaels. He’s helping us look for. Yeah, I know who this man is. He was back in Seattle that he delivered pizzas to me and my family.

One of them literally blew up in my face. Stephanie, I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I really am. I can’t tell you how much I regret my actions during that time. I assume you weren’t seriously injured. I ended up in the hospital, but I recovered pretty quickly. Thank God for that. I just hope you couldn’t accept my apology.

Well, I do understand that you weren’t yourself. My dad went through something very similar a while back, so yes, I do accept your apology, especially because you’re helping me look for my mom. I’m grateful for your understanding. I’m grateful for everyone’s efforts in trying to find my mom, but now I’m worried about my dad too.

Why? He just texted us, said that he was with you. What? But he isn’t, obviously, and we haven’t heard from him since before we left Salem. My God, my dad’s in trouble listening.

Are you okay? Fine. Jesus. Don’t pull that crap again. What? Huh? Come on buddy. Pull that trigger. No, stop it. I know. He just had plenty of chances to kill me and he hasn’t done it yet. That can be arranged. Oh, I don’t think you have it in yet. Stop it. Don’t prove me wrong. Come on, stop it. No, I’m waiting. Pull the trigger.

Do it.

Dr. Evans, this was so good of you. I’m gonna pay you for a session. Absolutely not. Oh, yes, yes, yes. You just got back in here. You are trying to help me. You deserve to be compensated. No, I’ve been away for a while and right now it feels really good. It’d be working. Are you sure? I’m sure. But

you could answer my question.

Okay. Um, well, I guess I haven’t thought that much about getting back with Stephanie. Um, I guess maybe because, uh, As confident as I may seem, you know, being a halfway attractive guy, um, Stephanie was the only woman I truly loved and, uh, being rejected by her really painful.

So I guess maybe I’m, uh, just afraid getting. Again,

you’re feeling vulnerable because you have very deep feelings for her. I do. I guess all this, um, discussion is just bringing all these, um, subconscious thoughts to the. That’s how therapy works. Right? Right. I am realizing as I sit here with you, um, part of me is hoping that if they do find her mom, maybe Stephanie will be able to get past what happened.

She and I could be together again, straight to voice. Damnit. Hannah, what are you thinking? That it’s possible someone else has your dad’s phone because they’ve taken him and they want us to think that he’s okay, which means that he’s not. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s Okay. Wh where and when did you last see him?

Well, we, we split up yesterday. Yeah. Helping, I follow the lead on Thomas Banks. That was the dead end. Steve went to the local police station to take a look at Wolf’s personal effects to see if that could give us a clue on your mother’s whereabouts. Did it? Well, we don’t know. We haven’t seen him since then.

Let’s go to the PD for now. That’s the only lead we’ve got. No, it’s not the only lead.

What the hell is the matter with you Bo? Next time it’s your brains. Oh man. It made me go on ways to perfectly good red. No, he didn’t do anything. This is all you Bo, because you’re trying to be somebody that you are not. Who I’m not is Sean Brady’s son. The one who never fit in was never a Brady. No, that is not true.

Of course, you were. You still are. And if you’re not proud of that, if you think it’s better to be a curus, corrupt and greedy, selling your soul and your heart for money and power, and you’re a damn fool and a co. You don’t think I’m capable of killing? That’s why you keep pushing me. I put a bullet in Kate Roberts.

Oh, you need to listen to me. You don’t need to do any of this. What you’re thinking, what you’re feeling right now is because of what Megan Hathaway did to you. For your information, Megan Hathaway’s been captured. She’s in Statesville Prison as we speak. Are you gonna let that crazy woman control you from an ocean away?

Okay. Since we’re sharing secrets, how about you star?

Oh, you were chatty Cathy a minute ago. Now you’re not willing to share. I see how this works. Oh fine. Don’t tell me who has Kayla. I will figure it out on my own. Good luck with that. Oh, screw luck. I’m excellent at deductive reasoning. And you know what, you just give up. Thomas Banks, your trusty right hand man.

Bull. See whoever took. Is someone that you’re protecting. See, I think I’m getting close. She’s better than Sudoku. See, whoever you’re protecting is someone that you care about. And as I know, you never cared about anyone in your entire life. I mean, maybe father, but he’s dead. Oh, Brady, of course, but he’s dead too.

Yes. Poor Beau died of a brain tumor just as I was dead before the unceremoniously dumped me into a hot tub and fried me to crisp. And yet here I sit before you.

What are you saying, Megan? You’re saying that Bow Brady is alive.

How long is that list of properties? It’s long. Everything from Titan’s headquarters to Victor’s child at home? Of course, we have no idea if my mom’s even at any of these properties. Let’s just stay positive. All right. All we gotta do is get out there and start looking. I think we should split up. Good idea.

I’ll go to the police station. I’ve been working with the isa, so they’ll talk to me. Stephanie, Chad, you speak together and Harris,

there you go. All right, let’s do this. You two. Be careful. Keep your phones on. Okay? I do. Hey, um, you be careful too. I’m going to the plays. Safest place in town. Uh, Steve possibly disappeared from there. That’s what I’m gonna find out. Thank you for helping my family. You gave me my life back. Just hope I can return the favor.

Wow. What that, just, this whole getting in touch with your feelings thing. You know, I, I always mocked it, but it’s really helping. I’m glad to hear that.

You think I need therapy. Therapy is what I do, so I’m predisposed to think that every. Can be helped in therapy. Ah. See I’m predispose to think I just don’t need it sitting around talking about my feelings and emotions. It’s not really my vibe.

Have you changed your mind? Well, I mean, I, this did help. A a lot right now,

but no, it didn’t change my mind, I don’t think. I wanna continue. I’m good. Not really. I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m fine. Really good. If you do change your mind again, you can call me. Oh, thank you. Appreciate that.

Yo, I’ll tell you one thing though. It was great meeting the famous Dr. I know

Marlena said that she would keep working with Rachel. I mean, not, not, not officially working with her, but she’s just talking things through with her. Yeah. She’s really the only mother figure that Rachel has. Right. Well, we really adore that little girl.

So have you, have you taken Rachel to see Kristen lately? No. No. The only, the only time she’s seen her mother recently is when she took that solo adventure to Statesville. Kristen keeps hounding me, but Dad, I don’t want Kristen poisoning her mind any. I just declined her call a little while ago. Oh, I see.

So you think it’s okay to, uh, to freeze her out? I, I, I, I mean, I mean, if, if Rachel. Thanks that you’re trying to keep her from seeing her mother here. She’s gonna dig in even more. You know that. Yeah, I know that. I don’t. As much as we would like it not to be true in this particular case, there’s a strong bond between mother and daughter.

I am not so sure that can be broken.

Look, uh, we may be sisters, but even so, it does take a little time to trust someone. Don’t you agree? What the hell are you getting at? Just not quite ready to play True confessions. Well, it’s time for me to go get settled into my new home, away from home, cuz it looks like I’m gonna be here for a while.

Theoretically, at least

no one controls me. Megan just woke me up to who I am. No, this is not you, Bo. Oh yeah. What do I have to show for that pansy ass? You say I was? How about a son and two daughters and two beautiful grandchildren, Bo and another one on the way. What? Is he pregnant? Yes. Do you hear that? Isn’t that wonderful news?

I mean, it’s a blessing Bo, isn’t it? Bo? This makes what I’m doing that much more important. What are you talking about? I’m gonna build an empire like my father did. Make something on myself, bro. They want you. They don’t want some kriyas to want to be, it’s like I told you before, whether the Brady’s were lacking in wealth.

We made up for how much we’ve loved each other. Come on. You know that, you know, the most valuable thing is that not just a bunch of numbers in a. You have to see that. What I see is that you’re wasting my time. Again, this is happening whether you like it or not, so get back to work. I need equipment, I need supplies.

You’re just stalling. No, I’m not. But maybe Ralph could just, you know, work with random junk. I can’t. I need, I need a laboratory. I need equipment. All of a sudden you have.

Okay, what you need.

This could be dangerous, Chad. We knew that when we came. So what I’m saying is I don’t think I should be dragging you into this. You have Thomas and Charlotte to think about. Nothing is gonna happen to me. Okay? And I’m not letting you do this alone. We’re gonna be fine. We got each other.

Oh, hey Doc. Oh, hi. Hi. Yeah, you got some flowers, but you know what? Mine are better. They are because they’re my favorites and because they’re from you, I love. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So tell me how is the first day back? Um, it’s been pretty pissy. Mm-hmm. Good. We’ve been doing a lot, lot of catching up, right?

Sorry. Excuse me. Catching up. Yeah. Hey, this is Dr. Evans. Hi, Dr. Evans. It’s Alex Kiki. I’d like to make an appointment.


Hello? Yeah, I’ll accept Brady. Yeah, it’s me. What do you want? Actually, what I want is to relay to you something of the utmost importance.

You okay? No, I’m not. Okay. He could have shot you. Why did you bait him like that? To prove a point. He didn’t shoot me. He won’t. But he could have. And now Stephanie’s here. Don’t, don’t worry about Stephanie. If he can’t hurt me, he’s not gonna hurt his own niece. He’s not as dangerous as he pretends to be.

Baby. Listen, hope and Michaels have to be wondering where I am now. Okay? Hope is gonna follow the breadcrumbs. They’re gonna find us. You hear me? They’re gonna find us.

This warehouse is huge. There’s a lot of places for someone to be soaking around. What was that? Oh my God.

I’m Hope Brady Isa. I’m looking for a colleague. He was supposedly here yesterday, but hasn’t been seen since. Name’s Steve Johnson. Doesn’t sound familiar. You give me. Actually, I can do better than that. Ah, yes. The director of the ISA said he was an imposter, took him into custody. Shane Donovan took him into custody.

No. Okay. What, hold on a second, just to be clear. This, uh, this is the man who took Steve Johnson to custody. No, that, that’s not him. But this is Shane Donovan. So who’s the man who took Steve? Mr. Johnson’s custody.

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