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After Chanel and Talia leave the Bakery together, someone sneaks in and pours something in to a bowl of dough to tamper with their product.

The next morning, Chanel and Talia are at the bakery putting out biscuit samples and talk about all the customers they’ve had. Talia hopes they can keep up with the demand. Chanel declares that with Talia on board, Sweet Bits Bakery will be more successful than ever.

Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment with breakfast for them. Sloan questions Eric not being there when she woke up. Eric says he didn’t want to wake her so he went to get them breakfast. Sloan calls it sweet of him but then sees that he went to Chanel’s bakery to get it and questions what the hell is wrong with him.

Nicole brings EJ breakfast from Sweet Bits Bakery at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole tells him to show the proper gratitude first, so they kiss until Johnny walks in. EJ says good morning but Johnny says it’s not a good one for him because he didn’t sleep at all. Johnny mentions the loud noises from down the hall that sounded like wild animals. EJ informs Johnny that the noise wasn’t coming from his room but from Stefan’s. Johnny is surprised and questions if Stefan and Gabi are back together but EJ reveals it was not Gabi, it was Melinda Trask.

Stefan comes out of the shower and questions what Melinda is doing and why she is undressed in the bed. Melinda responds that she knows he just showered but she wondered if he would want to get dirty again in the dirtiest way possible.

Li is at home, looking at the photo that EJ sent him of Gabi and Stefan in bed. Gabi comes out from her room and questions where breakfast is as she admits she had begun looking forward to Li’s breakfasts. Li guesses he wasn’t in the mood. Gabi asks if something is wrong. Li claims that his father has been texting him non stop about an issue he has to deal with, so she’s on her own for breakfast. Gabi decides she will go out then. Gabi tells Li to tell his father that she says hello and that she looks forward to being a major DiMera shareholder again in about four months. Li stops Gabi and points out that she never told him about her dinner meeting from last night. Li guesses it ended with everyone feeling satisfied. Gabi thinks back to being with Stefan last night. Gabi remarks that satisfied doesn’t begin to describe it as everything just flowed the way it’s supposed to. Gabi then says she’s starving so she’ll see him later and exits the apartment. Li smashes his phone against the wall and screams “damn her” as Wendy comes out from her room.

Melinda tells Stefan that he can’t blame a girl for trying and points out that this is the second night she’s been here screaming his name and she has nothing to show for it. Stefan offers to have Harold bring her some tea. Stefan tells Melinda how grateful he is to her for helping him out and assures it will all be over soon. Stefan promises to repay her. Melinda assumes he means platonically and says she gets that Stefan and Gabi have an everlasting love. Melinda says she doesn’t begrudge them but questions how long he plans on dragging this out. Stefan says just until EJ blinks.

EJ is surprised that Johnny hasn’t ran in to Melinda in the halls since Stefan has practically moved her in. Johnny questions Stefan being with Melinda but EJ says he’s not really as it’s all just fun and games for Stefan as he tries to put one over on him and Nicole. Nicole offers Johnny a biscuit from Sweet Bits Bakery but Johnny says he’ll pass. Johnny thought EJ and Stefan buried the hatchet so he questions why Stefan would be trying to get one over on EJ. EJ explains that Stefan and Gabi are trying to conspire to get Li’s DiMera shares without Gabi sticking to the deal that she signed with Li. EJ insists that he’s just trying to protect the company and Johnny’s future inheritance. Johnny says whatever and he doesn’t want to stick around as last night’s show was enough for him so he’s going to the town square for coffee. Nicole decides that just means more for them and has one of the drugged biscuits.

Chanel talks to Paulina on the phone and says things have been pretty quiet. Chanel tells her not to forget to come by to try one of Talia’s biscuits as they hang up. Talia questions Chanel saying things were quiet. Chanel says she meant in a good way because Paulina was worried that Sloan would try something again, but so far nothing. Talia wonders if Sloan will finally back off. Chanel wishes but states that Sloan has pretty much dedicated her life to destroying hers. Chanel adds that she’s put up with a lot from Sloan, so she deserves a treat of her own. Chanel points out that she hasn’t even tried one of the biscuits. Chanel then takes a bite and tells Talia that it’s amazing.

Sloan questions why Eric would bring that in to her home and why he would think that she’d ever want to eat something from that murderous bakery. Eric says that it’s just breakfast. Sloan argues that he knows how she feels about that family and what they did to her. Sloan complains that not only did he give them money but he brought it in to her home and questions why he would do something like that. Eric responds that he did it because he wants to help her finally get over it. Sloan questions Eric thinking she should just get over it. Eric says he’s only trying to help and he knows she was traumatized by what happened. Sloan argues that what happened was her mother was killed and took her last breath when Chanel pushed her off the roof top. Sloan complains that her mother is not coming back from the dead and she doesn’t get that luxury like some people. Eric clarifies that he’s not telling her to get over the death of her mother and father, he’s just trying to tell her that she’s only hurting herself by making everything about the death of her mother. Sloan asks if this is because of the way she died and doesn’t want to hear that it was an accident. Eric doesn’t want to fight with her but worries that this need for revenge isn’t healthy, so she needs to ease off a bit.

Talia jokes with Chanel about saving biscuits for the customers. Gabi approaches so Chanel and Talia encourage her to try their new breakfast biscuits. Talia promises it’s a healthy way to start the day and offers Gabi a free sample which she accepts. Gabi says Chanel has outdone herself. Chanel says it’s actually Talia’s recipe and introduces Talia to Gabi. Gabi recognizes Talia’s last name so Talia confirms she is Jada’s sister while Gabi reveals that she is Rafe’s sister. Talia says they have to have a talk about how perfect Rafe and Jada are for each other. Gabi is excited that someone else sees how obvious it is. Talia declares that when two people belong together, it’s a crime to keep them apart. Gabi remarks that she couldn’t agree more.

Li complains to Wendy that Gabi is still his wife even though he might be the only one that remembers that. Wendy asks what he’s so upset about. Li explains that there was no meeting as Gabi never went near the Bistro last night while EJ sent him pictures of Gabi in bed with Stefan. Wendy recalls Gabi saying the story about Stefan and Melinda wasn’t true. Li says this is why Gabi was so sure of that. Li argues that Gabi wants Stefan and his shares and everything but him. Wendy asks what happened when he confronted her, then questions him not saying anything. Li responds that he can’t stop loving Gabi even after all of this, as he still believes that she belongs with him, not Stefan.

Stefan and Melinda go to the living room to put on a show for EJ and Nicole. Melinda talks about having everything she needs in Stefan’s room and tells EJ that he’s not getting rid of her anytime soon. Stefan takes some of the drugged breakfast biscuits for he and Melinda. Nicole steps aside with EJ and encourages him to keep it together and not let them get to him. EJ wonders why Li hasn’t done anything yet. Nicole tells EJ not to worry and suggests they go for a walk to think of what to do next. Stefan and Melinda act playful with each other and end up breaking a glass. EJ shouts at them and questions being expected to believe this travesty of a love affair and not call them out on it. EJ then declares that Stefan is actually having an affair with Gabi and not Melinda.

Eric worries that Sloan is letting her obsession with Paulina and Chanel take over her life and everything she seems to be doing is about them, even eating her breakfast. Eric tells her to stop giving them so much power and to ease off a bit, then she will feel better. Sloan calls him condescending. Eric argues that he sees what’s going on and what she’s doing. Sloan asks what he’s not saying. Sloan guesses he thinks that she’s terrorizing Paulina and Chanel. Eric says he never said that, but admits he thought it.

Talia asks Chanel to watch the table for her because she and Gabi have a lot to talk about. Talia steps away with Gabi and talks about them being on the same page because their siblings can’t see it. Gabi thinks they see it but they’re just afraid to do anything about it because of the work policy. Talia mentions pushing Jada and even trying with Rafe but he shot her down. Gabi assures they will come up with a plan together and if it’s meant to be, they will find their way to each other. Johnny comes by the Bakery, saying he needs coffee. Chanel has him try one of the drugged breakfast biscuits first. Chanel asks why he’s so tired and if Wendy is keeping him up late. Johnny wishes that was the case, but he thinks Wendy is going to dump him for Tripp.

Wendy questions Li thinking he actually still has a chance with Gabi. Li knows he’s supposed to throw a fit and tell her that she’s never getting his shares, but he’s been holding onto hope for so long that he can’t give up now. Li says he’s not fooling himself about Gabi’s feelings for Stefan, but argues that things here were starting to work. Li brings up that Gabi said she loved his breakfast and the deal he set up for her which Wendy points out Gabi uses to sneak out to see Stefan. Li says that hurts obviously but complains that he really thought if they spent time together, she’d remember how great they were together and better than anything she’d have with Stefan. Li questions what is wrong with him.

Stefan comments on EJ losing his cool. EJ tells him that he doesn’t get it and the game is over. EJ informs Stefan that Li has pictures that he took of Stefan and Gabi in the secret room, so any minute now, Li is going to lower the boom on Stefan and Gabi and any hope that Gabi had of getting Li’s DiMera shares. Melinda asks Stefan if this means she’s out of a job. Stefan says he’s afraid so, but he owes her and her performance was oscar worthy. Stefan tells Melinda that he now needs to hash this out with his brother. Melinda decides to go shower and leave him to it. Stefan questions EJ spying on he and Gabi, commenting that there is no bar too low for EJ. EJ argues that Stefan and Gabi were sneaking around like horny teenagers but somehow he’s the one who sunk too low. EJ declares that he’s protecting the family business from a viper. Stefan warns him not to talk about Gabi like that. EJ states that Stefan may not see who Gabi really is, but he does clearly and won’t apologize for that. EJ calls Stefan a traitor to Stefano and everything he created.

Eric tells Sloan that he didn’t want to suspect her but admits it crossed his mind. Sloan brings up that she swore to him that she wasn’t the one trashing Paulina’s office or sending threatening notes. Eric mentions that he doesn’t know anyone else who has a personal agenda against them. Eric then points out that he noticed a stack of magazines with scissors on top. Sloan questions Eric checking up on her and asks if he went through the magazines. Sloan asks if he felt any remorse when he saw the magazines were in tact or if he just assumed she got rid of the evidence. Eric argues that he didn’t assume anything and then Abe showed up to confront her. Sloan thought Eric defended her but guesses she was silly to think he would have her back. Eric insists that he does have her back. Eric points out that when he told Sloan about Abe, she sent someone a text and that is when Paulina got a threatening text. Sloan mocks the idea that she’s guilty. Eric points out that he wouldn’t be here if he thought she was guilty. Sloan doesn’t give a damn what he thinks and doesn’t want to sleep with someone who thinks she’s out committing felonies in her free time. Sloan tells Eric to get out and threatens to throw all of his crap out the window. Eric tries to plead with her but she orders him to get out right now and opens the door. Sloan remarks that Eric did her a favor by not trusting her because now she has so much more time to obsess over Chanel and Paulina than wasting it on him. Eric then exits the apartment.

Chanel asks Johnny if it’s over with Wendy. Johnny doesn’t want to talk about it and asks if Sloan is terrorizing her and Paulina. Chanel says yes and that Sloan denies she was behind the threats but assures they are going to prove it was her. Chanel switches the topic back to him and asks what’s going on with he and Wendy as she thought things were picking up. Johnny repeats that he doesn’t want to talk about it but Chanel argues that she’s his friend, a good listener, and maybe she could cheer him up so he gives in. Johnny informs Chanel that Tripp found out that Wendy said they were never exclusive, so he went right to work. Chanel feels that doesn’t mean it’s over between them. Johnny points out that Wendy and Tripp are already really close. Chanel points out that Johnny and Wendy are too. Johnny doesn’t think he has a chance since Tripp has way more to offer, so he can’t compete.

Wendy encourages Li that there’s nothing wrong with him and says that unrequited love is obviously painful. Wendy understands Li has never been this much in love with anyone before which he confirms. Wendy hates to tell him to give up hope, but she hates to see him hurting like this. Wendy reminds Li that he only has four months to go on his deal with Gabi and she’s already sleeping with her ex. Wendy tells Li to open his eyes as this is not the time for wishful thinking. Wendy states that Gabi is cheating on him and lying to him, so she’s not warming to him. Wendy decides that Li needs to think, so she should get out of his way. Wendy then exits the apartment. Li looks back at the photo of Gabi and Stefan in bed on his phone.

Stefan questions EJ saying he’s the traitor of the family. Stefan calls EJ the miserable son of a bitch who offered him a truce and then immediately started working behind his back to sabotage him. Stefan brings up EJ thinking he had him dead to rights when he set he and Gabi up in the hotel room, but he worked quickly to come up with a plausible ruse. EJ laughs at that and says it was idiotic. Stefan says it wasn’t meant to fool him, but to make him open his mouth and admit what he was doing but he didn’t have the guts. EJ points out that Stefan didn’t have the willpower not to have his plan blow up in smoke. EJ says that now Stefan and Gabi can be together, but what’s important to him is that Gabi can no longer get her hands on the DiMera shares because Stefan blew it. EJ hopes one quickie in the basement was worth it. EJ then walks out of the room and heads upstairs then Nicole follows out.

Li paces around the apartment then pulls out his phone and sends a text.

Stefan pulls out his phone and makes a call.

Talia comments on Gabi receiving a text and a call at the same time. Gabi says she wants to continue their conversation but she has to take this. Talia understands and walks away while Gabi answers the call from Stefan. Gabi asks why Stefan is calling her on this phone when Li could look at the history. Stefan tells her it doesn’t matter and reveals the cat’s out of the bag because EJ saw them in the secret room and sent a picture to Li. Gabi realizes that’s why Li was so cold this morning and worries about the shares. Stefan tells her that he’s sorry and it’s all his fault. Gabi says they decided it because it’s what they wanted. Stefan encourages that they will figure it out and points out they at least don’t have to pretend anymore. Stefan asks what Gabi wants to do now. Gabi instructs Stefan to pack his things while she goes to have it out with Li and then Stefan can move right in. Gabi reminds Stefan to give Melinda her walking papers. Stefan gets a sudden headache and guesses he just got excited and had a blood rush. Stefan says he’s good now and asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him there when she talks to Li. Gabi assures that she has to do this herself. Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him. Stefan says he loves her too and they hang up. Stefan exits the living room, leaving behind the bakery box while Gabi walks on finishing her drugged breakfast biscuit.

Chanel questions Johnny saying he can’t compete, what Tripp that he doesn’t, and what he’s so worried about. Johnny shouts that Tripp’s a doctor while he’s just some failed movie maker. Johnny adds that Tripp is built, handsome, and marks the sympathy box since his mom is in an institution. Chanel is tired of Johnny putting himself down and encourages that he has just as much to offer as Tripp does. Chanel likes Tripp a lot and thinks he’s a great guy but says so is Johnny. Chanel calls him all that and so much more, asking if she would have married him otherwise.

Sloan trashes the breakfast that Eric had brought from the bakery.

Johnny thanks Chanel for the pep talk but says it didn’t really work. Chanel argues that this isn’t like him. Johnny doesn’t know where his usual self confidence has disappeared to but thanks her for reminding him how they used to be when they got married in Italy. Johnny knows their relationship didn’t end pretty but talks about how it began. Chanel acknowledges that she was so swept off her feet. Johnny tells Chanel that she’s beautiful while Chanel recalls their wedding. Chanel encourages Johnny to get his confidence together. Johnny gets a headache but blames it on his lack of sleep while Chanel starts to feel hot. Johnny recalls when they stayed up all night in Italy. Chanel says she remembers everything. Johnny talks about the red dress she had on. Talia comes back over and tells Chanel that she’s starting another batch of the biscuits. Chanel mentions that Johnny loved his. Johnny starts to get dizzy and envisions Chanel wearing the red dress from their wedding. Johnny then suddenly gets down on one knee and proposes to Chanel. Wendy then walks by and is shocked to see them.

Gabi goes home to the apartment and tells Li that she got his text. Li says there is something he needs to say. Gabi responds that she thinks she knows. Gabi turns to look at Li but imagines him as Stefan.

Melinda gets out of the shower as Stefan enters his room and imagines her as Gabi. Stefan sees Melinda as Gabi and asks how she got here so fast. Stefan then says who cares as she’s here now and hugs Melinda while thinking she is Gabi.

EJ and Nicole walk past the Brady Pub. EJ wonders why Li hasn’t acted on the photo and says he knows he got it since he saw the notification. Nicole says it doesn’t matter since EJ won and Gabi lost. Nicole then gets a call from work and says she has to take it. EJ says he has to get to the office anyway so they will talk later. They kiss goodbye and EJ walks away. Nicole answers the call and says those files should be in. Nicole then imagines Eric approaching her while dressed as a priest.

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