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[ Relaxing music ]

Ridge: Turn for me, please.

Thomas: What’s that look?

Zende: You don’t like it?

Ridge: I do like it a lot. Comfortable?

Sloane: And fun.

Thomas: It’s boho chic.

Zende: This style really speaks to me.

Thomas: Shows in your work.

Zende: Your design. I just included your notes.

Thomas: Take credit where it’s due, all right? This is a team sport.

Ridge: Quite a departure from the last collection.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, I thought it would be really cool to take one of the old designs and update it. Very poetic, you know. And also show the public we’re a force to be reckoned with. Hey.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: You like?

Hope: It’s–

Zende: I think you took her breath away.

Liam: The marketing proposal, can you have that for me like tomorrow, end of day?

Wyatt: I can do one better. How about by noon?

Liam: Also, we have to talk about that cover before we meet with dad.

Wyatt: Oh, he came roaring back, didn’t he?

Liam: Well, ever since sheila went bye bye.

Wyatt: Right. I’m sure the same thing is going on for ridge. Missed all those months of work, right? Oh, you guys had that dinner last night? The family dinner? You and the kids and hope, brooke, ridge. Is he as amped to be back?

Liam: I– I wouldn’t know. Um, change of plans. Hope and i spent the evening alone, so.

Wyatt: Oh.

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: Oh, really?

Liam: Okay. Don’t– don’t do that.

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: That’s weird, wyatt. That’s–

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: Can you– can you– wyatt, why are you–

Wyatt: Really?

Liam: Okay, we’re in a restaurant. Please stop.

Wyatt: Am I right?

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Brooke: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get advances. Yes. Very exciting. And thank you for your enthusiasm.

Taylor: Hello.

Brooke: Hi. Ever since we announced that thomas is coming back as lead designer for hope for the future, we’ve had so much interest.

Taylor: Well, that makes sense to me. Our kids are a brilliant design team. The whole world knows it.

Brooke: I’m just so happy for hope. She’s so excited and she’s so energized.

Taylor: Yeah. Thomas feels the same way really, you know? God, there are so many things to celebrate right now. You know, I’ve been, um– I’ve been curious how your family dinner went last night with ridge.

Brooke: Oh, um… about that.

Taylor: What happened?

Brooke: Liam and hope and the kids, they couldn’t make it.

Taylor: Oh, okay. I’m sorry. So, you had to reschedule?

Brooke: No.

Taylor: No? So, you and ridge had dinner alone?

Taylor: But it was supposed to be a family dinner, really, right?

Brooke: Right.

Taylor: Right.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, that was the plan. It’s just that at the last minute, hope came in and she told me she decided to spend some time alone with liam instead, and then she arranged these sleepovers for the kids, so.

Taylor: Okay. And so it was– it was just you and old ridgey?

Brooke: Yep. It was.

Taylor: Hmm.

Liam: Yeah, man. I came home to this uber romantic setting, courtesy of my beautiful wife.

Wyatt: Nice. Nice.

Liam: The kids were already at play dates, so.

Wyatt: Place all to yourselves. Judging by that stupid grin on your face, you made the most of it.

Liam: Did indeed. And oh, my god, did we need that.

Wyatt: Yeah. Good.

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: I think I wanna bring this in just a tad. Make it a little bit more body conscious.

Zende: It’s subtle, but it does the trick.

Sloane: You really are an amazing designer.

Thomas: Thank you.

Sloane: I’d love to hear how you got that way. Maybe you’ll let me buy you a drink some night soon?

Thomas: Ah, well, I think that could be arranged. All right, well, we’re good. Here. I’ll– I’ll give you a call.

Sloane: I’ll be waiting.

Ridge: Oh, boy. To be young again, huh? Have fun, but–

Thomas: Be respectful and be smart. I remember.

Ridge: Okay.

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: I was concerned about hope for the future, but you guys are pulling it off. I’m impressed.

Zende: It’s so good to have you back. No one gets hope for the future like you do. Am I right?

Hope: He certainly does.

Brooke: Nothing happened. It was just dinner with ridge.

Taylor: God, I cannot believe this, brooke. You cooked?

Brooke: What? God, no. No, I– I didn’t cook. I ordered out from il giardino.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: This is nice to spend some time with ridge.

Taylor: I’m really glad that you can be transparent with me about everything, especially when it comes to ridge. Thank you. God, we’ve come such a long way, haven’t we?

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: I trust you.

Brooke: I trust you.

Taylor: Good.

Brooke: Look, you have to know this. I take our vow very seriously. Men, they can come and go, but girlfriends, they last forever.

Taylor: Come here.

Wyatt: Thanks. So hold on. Let me– let me get this straight. Thomas caught hope as she fell off a riser in the design office?

Liam: I swear to god, wyatt, if you had seen what I walked in on.

Wyatt: Oh, I would’ve done a lot more than shove him, that’s for sure.

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: So– so you and hope, what, cleared things up last night then or no?

Liam: You know what, it was nice. It was really nice to just kinda like table thomas and– and focus on each other. Here’s the– here’s the thing. I know that hope and I are never going to agree on thomas because I look at him and I don’t see a better man. I see a better liar. I see an algorithm that is just learning with every failed manipulation.

Wyatt: So, did you tell hope though? Does she know how you feel about this?

Liam: Of course, she knows.

Wyatt: Okay. Then, unfortunately, you have to trust her. I mean, if she says one more move and thomas is out, then you have to believe that. You have to believe that she’s gonna handle it.

Liam: I mean, I know. I know. I– and– and the problem is I trust hope and I don’t trust thomas.

Wyatt: Right.

Liam: But you know what? It’s nights like last night that make me feel better because she made an effort. She showed up. She– she acknowledged my point of view. She thanked me for my– my– my patience. I mean, it was just– it was– it was really nice. And it– and it– it gives me certainty that thomas isn’t gonna interfere in our marriage.

Thomas: Have you, uh, heard from chief baker?

Ridge: Yeah. No, I talked to him earlier. Sheila still recovering from her heart attack and yeah, she’s gonna end up behind bars.

Zende: I am still blown away that you and bill were able to pull this off.

Thomas: Yeah. Teamwork makes the dream work. We know a lot about that, don’t we?

Hope: Absolutely.

Zende: We sure do.

Ridge: You know what’s nice? Being excited about a line again. Hope for the future, I think, is gonna be better than ever. And hope, I know you had some reservations about rehiring thomas. I think you made the right choice. A strong choice makes you the leader that you are, doing what’s right for the company. You guys make a good team. Ultomiris is for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis

Liam: Not to uh, overshare, but hope and I, we have not uh, connected like that in a long time.

Wyatt: I mean, you need that. I’m happy for you guys.

Liam: Yeah, I mean–

Wyatt: What?

Liam: Just– no, nothing. It’s not– there were like a couple of moments where she seemed a little off, I guess.

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Liam: No, she’s not– it wasn’t– I’m overplaying it. It wasn’t– she wasn’t off. She was just like– she would– oh, my god. And then, when it was over, she like got dressed like really, really fast and said she had to go see her mom.

Wyatt: Really? That’s odd.

Liam: Yeah, it was. It was super abrupt and weird. And I don’t know, it kind of freaked me out a little bit. So, I went up to the main house after she did, and I don’t know what she and brooke were talking about, but– but by the time I got there, it was– it was tense. Like hope was tense.

Thomas: So, what do you think?

Hope: It reminds me of, I don’t know, a different time when things were less complicated? I mean, it feels relaxed, comfortable.

Thomas: Yeah. Unstructured, but sensual. You know, that’s what this line’s all about.

Hope: Exactly. I mean, I’ve always been drawn to that sort of style. The– I don’t know, hippie-esque, flowy, ’60s vibe.

Thomas: Yeah. ’60s for sure. ’70s a little bit as well. I mean the– the hippie fashions and the boho were very similar in a lot of ways, but they’re also different. I mean, you know, boho is a little bit more– a little bit more romantic, right? I mean, the boho designs sort of incorporate the fringe and the– the flare, all those kind of things, right? I mean, it’s– it’s– it’s really impressive and cool how you see the– the– the designs expand over time and– and– and that sort of boho get a little bit more artistic and– and kind of complicated in a lot of ways and this is a lot of information you already know and I don’t need to tell you ’cause it’s boring you to death.

Hope: No, not boring. Not boring at all. It’s just– it’s nice to see you so passionate.

[ Thomas chuckles ]

Brooke: So did chief baker call you?

Taylor: He did. He told me that sheila was recovering from her heart attack in the prison hospital and that we don’t have to worry about her anymore. We don’t have to worry about her coming after any of us.

Brooke: Still blows me away actually, that we thought ridge was out there traveling around trying to find himself, and he was right here in town trying to help trap sheila.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. You know, keeping us safe and most importantly, keeping the futures of our grandchildren safe and secure, which is amazing.

Brooke: He truly is a hero. I– I don’t even know how we can begin to thank him.

Ridge: Well, you’re off to a pretty good start, but don’t let me stop you.

Brooke: Hey, you.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: So, how long have you been standing there?

Ridge: Oh, long enough.

Taylor: Okay. So, did you hear me and brooke talking about your– your dinner last night?

Ridge: Maybe, it wasn’t there long enough. No, I missed that.

Taylor: Oh, god. You missed the juicy part. I’m glad you had fun.

Ridge: Yeah, it was– it– it was wonderful.

Brooke: Yeah, it was. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Taylor: So, does it surprise you that brooke and i are friends?

Ridge: Honestly, it’s– it’s gonna take some getting used to.

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: Well, it was like that for us too. It was strange, but in a really good way.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s a good way to put it. Yeah, it was. I mean, things are… things are really different now and I’m glad that the two of you had a good time last night. Alone even.

Brooke: Yep. Mm.

Taylor: Yeah. See, in the past I would’ve thought that– that brooke had that whole thing planned out.

Brooke: And nine times out of ten, you would’ve been right.

Taylor: I know.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: But not anymore. Gone are the days when brooke comes downstairs in a sexy nighty to lure you, you know? You okay?

Brooke: Yeah. I’m sorry.

Taylor: We trust each other now.

Brooke: Yeah.

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: We do.

Ridge: Yeah. I always wanted you guys to get along and I– I’m realizing that I– I made that very challenging, but you guys found a way to rise above it and um, I admire you for it.

Brooke: Aw. We weren’t sure how you’d feel about this alliance.

Ridge: Hey, I’m behind whatever this is.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: A hundred percent. It means our families aren’t fighting anymore.

Taylor: That’s right. Our kids aren’t gonna have to choose sides anymore.

Brooke: They can make their own decisions. What’s best for them. What they need.

Ridge: Absolutely. I– I saw hope and thomas over there and they were– they weren’t fighting there. There was– there was no weird energy. It was just creativity and they’re gonna come up with a really, really good line. Proud of thomas. He’s working hard and I’m– I’m proud of hope too. She’s giving him another shot.

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I think I have to go talk to hope.

Taylor: Is everything okay?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: See you later.

Taylor: Bye.

Ridge: You’re not gonna hug it out? It’s another– okay.

Taylor: I know. Maybe, um, I think we’re up next. Family dinner.

Ridge: I would like that.

Taylor: Yeah, me too. And if thomas and steffy and finn and kelly and hayes can’t show up, then well, I’m just gonna cancel, so. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. We’ll be fine.

Ridge: I think so.

Liam: Thank you very much.

Waiter: No problem.

Wyatt: Um, so you didn’t overhear anything? You have no idea what they were talking about?

Liam: No, I have no idea. All I know is that it was something in the air, man. I mean, hope– hope loves her mother more than anything, but she’s made a very particular effort to live a different life from brooke and I think that there’s a small part of hope that just doesn’t wanna turn into her mother maybe? Or, I don’t know.

Thomas: This is zende’s latest design. I think he’s doing some pretty great work.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, yes. I mean, he just needed a little guidance and you know the line so well and exactly what will speak to me. Hell, even better than I know sometimes. I mean, your designs have been inspired.

Thomas: You can say that again. I have felt very inspired lately. Inspired in a lot of different ways. Inspired to be a– a better man, you know. I wanna be the best person I possibly can. The best father most importantly, but also the best brother and the best friend.

Hope: Well, you know, this– this whole gratitude thing goes both ways, right? I mean, you’ve been thanking me a lot for giving you a second chance, but really I should also be thanking you for giving my line another chance. And not just that, but also being a man of your word, actually doing the work. You have– you’ve– you’ve changed. Douglas has noticed it and I have too and I like what I’m seeing. Mom.

Brooke: Sorry to interrupt. I’d like to speak with hope alone, please.

Thomas: Sure, of course.

Hope: Is everything okay?

Brooke: Uh, well, just would like to catch up on our conversation we had the other night. Some of the things that were said. How you don’t want to be like me and fall for the wrong man, the bad boy. But hope, I have to ask since I just overheard some things… are you having feelings for thomas?

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