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Eric goes to Sloan’s apartment and finds the door cracked open. Eric rushes inside and calls out for Sloan but Jada comes down the stairs. Eric questions what is going on and what Jada is doing there.

Talia goes to Rafe’s office and asks if Jada is around. Rafe says she’s out on a call and asks if she wants to leave a message for her. Talia says no, but since she’s here, she asks if Rafe and Jada enjoyed their dinner last night. Abe overhears this from outside the door and enters the office, questioning what dinner.

Chanel goes home and tells Paulina that the bakery was busy and almost sold out, but she managed to save some for Paulina and Abe. They joke about her diet as Chanel brings up Paulina seeing the cardiologist. Paulina points out that she was given a clean bill of health. Paulina recalls when she went to the appointment, Chanel said she was going to handle Sloan, so she assumes this is her doing as she shows her laptop with Leo’s latest column about Sloan, titled “Is Salem’s Top Legal Eagle a Total Psycho?”

Sloan goes to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn. Leo asks what her problem is. Sloan says it’s his stupid little gossip column. Leo jokes that she read that and immediately came over assuming it was about her, so that means the story is true. Sloan warns Leo to fix this or she will end him.

Gwen enters the Pub and sees Xander and Chloe together. Gwen remarks that it looks like the rumors are true. Chloe questions what rumors. Gwen responds that according to Leo, they are Salem’s new hottest couple and it looks like he was right. Xander questions what she is talking about. Gwen responds that she walked in and heard them toasting to letting go of the past and moving on, so it’s very clear that they are moving on with each other. Xander tells Gwen that she doesn’t understand. Gwen argues that Xander lied to her when he said he couldn’t be with her because he was still very in love with Sarah, but now she sees he’s cozying up to Chloe. Gwen complains about how Chloe treated her and Leo. Gwen declares that as far she’s concerned, they deserve each other.

Jada informs Eric that she’s here on official police business. Eric asks if anything happened to Sloan. Jada says not that she knows of and explains that she came to question her but she wasn’t around, so she decided to take a look around. Eric accuses her of breaking in. Jada informs Eric that the supervisor let her in when she showed her warrant. Eric asks if this is about the letter. Jada responds that there’s been a break in the case as last night, Paulina received a very threatening text message and she thinks Sloan might know something about it.

Abe questions Rafe and Jada having dinner together, reminding Rafe that they talked about this. Rafe assures that it was very platonic and explains that he ran in to Jada and Talia at the Pub, so they decided to sit at a table together. Rafe asks if that’s against the policy or if he should have fled the Pub entirely to maintain the police department’s sparkling reputation. Rafe introduces Abe to Talia and notes that she was also there the other night. Talia tells Abe it’s nice to meet him. Abe recognizes her name as working with Chanel and helping Paulina through her panic attack. Talia hopes Paulina is feeling a lot less stress now. Abe says not so much because this situation with Sloan is getting to her.

Chanel mocks the idea of the article hurting Sloan’s feelings. Paulina asks if it was Chanel’s work then and told all to Leo. Chanel responds that Leo doesn’t reveal his sources. Paulina says that Sloan will know who gave this to Leo. Chanel feels it’s about time that Sloan realizes that they hit back and this will hit her where it hurts. Chanel states that the only thing Sloan cares about other than making them miserable, is her law practice. Chanel wonders how many people will be looking for a psycho lawyer. Paulina hopes she’s right that this backs Sloan off and that last night’s text will be the end of it. Chanel questions what text.

Leo tells Sloan to chill and asks what exactly she wants him to do. Sloan tells Leo to issue an immediate retraction and admit that he made the whole story up. Leo responds that he got his intel from a very reliable source. Sloan guesses that was Paulina. Leo says as a journalist, he does not reveal his sources. Sloan argues that he’s not a journalist and calls him an insignificant little worm, who is about to have his ass sued for libel. Leo argues that it’s not libel if it’s true. Sloan calls it untrue that she has been harassing Paulina. Leo points out that she has motive and keeps insisting that Chanel killed her mother. Leo calls it a sad story and he’s sure the public would be on her side if she confessed in detail in his column, then they could get the whole town to hate Paulina and Chanel instead of just her. Leo turns on his recorder and suggests that Sloan tell him everything.

Eric argues that Jada has no proof that Sloan sent that text. Jada says that’s why she is here. Eric is pretty sure that Sloan has her phone with her. Jada says she could’ve used a different phone, so she decided to poke around a bit but admits she hasn’t found anything yet. Jada notes that she did notice Eric has his own drawer now, so things must be getting pretty serious. Eric states that he doesn’t need a lecture on why he shouldn’t be dating Sloan. Jada says it was just an observation but she knows it’s none of her business. Jada tells Eric that she just wants him to be happy, no matter who he is with. Eric responds that he wants her to be happy too. Eric then asks Jada if there is anybody new in her life.

Rafe asks Abe if Paulina is okay. Abe responds that she got a clean bill of health but all the harassment and pressure doesn’t let up. Rafe swears to get to the bottom of it. Abe knows he will and asks if he’s heard from Jada on if she was able to question Sloan about the text. Rafe says she hasn’t checked in yet but he will call Abe know as soon as he does. Abe apologizes for before and assures Rafe that he does trust him. Abe tells Talia that it was nice to meet her and says he’ll talk to Rafe later as he then exits the office. Talia apologizes to Rafe for getting him in trouble. Rafe says it’s okay but asks her to stop trying to push he and Jada together. Talia jokingly asks if she was that obvious. Rafe reminds her that he’s a trained detective. Talia jokes about Jada liking him so much. Rafe tells Talia that she heard Abe, he is Jada’s boss and there are rules against this so nothing can happen. Talia calls it a shame because they would make a great couple. Rafe repeats that nothing can happen. Jada asks if Rafe would be making his move if not for the policy.

Paulina shows Chanel the text she got that says “your husband can’t save you”. Chanel can’t believe Sloan sent this. Paulina says it was technically anonymous but they both know it was Sloan. Chanel asks if she told the police. Paulina assures that Abe is taking care of it. Chanel calls Sloan twisted. Paulina adds that Sloan practically gloated when she ran in to her last night. Paulina then reveals that she had another panic attack but claims it was no big deal and she got calmed down. Chanel guesses there is more. Paulina informs her that Sloan mocked her and walked away before knowing she was okay. Chanel calls Sloan a bitch. Paulina assures that she’s fine and that Sloan will get hers eventually, one way or another.

Sloan tells Leo that there is nothing to confess because she’s innocent. Leo suggests she read the comments of his column where everyone thinks she’s guilty. Sloan says that’s why she wants a retraction. Leo argues that it’s too late because the public has already made up it’s mind, so the only way to turn things around is to share her sob story and get people to feel sorry for her. Sloan asks why she would do that when Leo would just twist her words. Leo tries asking her which magazines she used to cut out the letters for the note. Sloan asks why that matters and calls him a hack. Leo urges her to work with him. Sloan demands an immediate retraction by tomorrow or else she will sue him. Sloan then storms out of the room.

Xander tells Gwen that it’s none of her business, but he and Chloe were just having a drink together and there’s nothing romantic going on. Gwen asks what about last night when she walked in and they were in each others’ arms. Chloe explains that she was upset about Brady and Xander was comforting her. Gwen asks about the photo that Leo took of them and shows it to them. Xander asks if Leo thinks he’s using the picture in his column. Gwen says not to worry as she killed the story like Xander did about Leo’s story on Chloe. Chloe points out that she was happy that Xander did that, so she hugged him. Gwen asks if that’s how they shacked up and traded sex for favors. Xander repeats that there’s nothing going on between them and asks why Gwen cares anyways when she’s sleeping with Alex. Gwen responds that she doesn’t care, she just doesn’t like being lied to. Gwen says if Xander didn’t want to be with her, he could’ve just told her instead of making up an excuse about being hung up on Sarah. Gwen calls Xander a coward and tells him to just admit he and Chloe are together now. Xander then gives in and tells Gwen that she’s right. Xander declares he’s fallen madly in love with Chloe and doesn’t care who knows it as he then grabs Chloe and kisses her, shocking Gwen.

Jada tells Eric that she’s not seeing anybody right now as she’s focused on work. Eric hopes she doesn’t neglect her personal life for too long as she deserves to be with somebody great. Jada thanks him and decides to get going. Jada asks Eric to remind Sloan to stop by the police station the first chance she gets. Eric agrees to tell her. Jada hopes Sloan is aware that they have ways to access deleted messages. Eric really thinks Sloan had nothing to do with this. Jada says it would still be in her best interest to cooperate as she then exits the apartment.

Rafe tells Talia that he should get back to work. Talia complains that he’s avoiding the question. Rafe says he will let Jada know that she stopped by. Talia argues that he doesn’t need to answer the question because she can see in their eyes that they like each other and they just need to find a way around the regulations. Rafe tells Talia that there are a lot of people in this town that he trusts and he hasn’t discussed this situation with them, so she shouldn’t be offended that he won’t with her either. Talia jokes that Rafe is right up Jada’s alley.

Abe comes home and sees what Chanel brought from the bakery but Paulina says that’s for later as Chanel went to the Bistro to pick up dinner. Paulina adds that Chanel was pretty upset when she told her about Sloan walking away from her during her panic attack and about the text message. Abe mentions talking to Rafe about that and that he sent Jada to Sloan’s apartment, so as soon as she reports back, he will give him an update. Paulina hopes they nail Sloan to the wall. Abe declares that in the meantime, he thinks they should leave Salem.

Sloan confronts Chanel in the town square and tells her to tell Paulina to stop spreading lies to the reporters. Chanel reveals that she did it, not Paulina, and says they weren’t lies. Sloan warns that if Chanel was the one who talked to Leo, then she’s the one who will go back and set the record straight. Chanel argues that the record is already straight. Chanel accuses Sloan of trashing Paulina’s office and sending the text. Sloan questions what text. Chanel tells her about the text that said “your husband can’t save you”. Sloan denies sending it so Chanel asks who else would send it. Sloan suggests one of the other hundred thousand people that hate that old obnoxious bitch. Chanel responds to that by slapping Sloan. Sloan shouts that she will kill her and attacks Chanel.

Paulina questions Abe wanting to move out of Salem. Abe clarifies that he didn’t say move but just an extended vacation and points out that they never had a honeymoon. Paulina argues that this is about getting away from Sloan. Abe admits that it is and says the police are on the case, so once Sloan is behind bars, they’ll come back. Paulina complains that they would be running away. Abe encourages her not to think about it like that. Abe says she’s under a lot of stress and Paris is beautiful this time of year. Paulina says she would love to but she can’t leave Chanel alone. Abe suggests she come with them but Paulina argues that Chanel won’t leave her bakery for that long which means she has to stay and protect her from Sloan, especially after she got Leo to run that column in the Spectator. Abe is not sure that’s a good idea with what they know about Sloan.

Chanel and Sloan fight in the town square. Chanel calls her a psycho while Sloan says Chanel is the one who killed her mother. Chanel grabs a bouquet of flowers and starts hitting Sloan with them until Talia runs out to break it up. Sloan argues that Chanel started it. Chanel responds that she has no problem finishing it. Talia declares it ends now and warns Sloan to leave before she calls the cops. Sloan remarks that she had no problem filing a restraining order against Paulina and guesses she will have to file one against Chanel too. Sloan then walks off. Tanel checks on Chanel, who shouts that she hates Sloan. Talia sees that Chanel is bleeding. Chanel calls it just a scratch while Talia worries that it could be infected. Talia decides to take Chanel to the bakery where they have a first aid kit.

Jada joins Rafe in his office. Rafe asks how it went with Sloan. Jada informs him that she wasn’t home so she just looked around the apartment and only found that she has crap taste in music and more handcuffs than the department, but no burner phone or cutout magazines. Rafe asks if she left a message. Jada confirms that she did on Sloan’s phone and with Eric. Rafe asks how it went with Eric. Jada says it went how it always does with an ex but she thought it was good thing because she saw him living there with a dominatrix who listens to Coldplay and realized she is over him.

After Xander suddenly kissed Chloe, he asks Gwen if she’s satisfied. Gwen calls him a pig and storms out of the Pub. Xander calls Gwen a nut. Chloe remarks that Gwen was right about one thing, he is a pig, and she then slaps him.

Gwen goes home where Leo tells her that she won’t believe what he just went through. Gwen says he won’t believe her day either as she tells Leo that he was right about Xander and Chloe. Gwen says they were at the Pub and she was showing her cleavage while he was undressing her with his eyes. Leo asks Gwen if quietly walked away but Gwen says she went over to confront them. Gwen adds that at first, Xander said nothing was going on but then he kissed Chloe right in front of her. Leo is happy and exclaims that this means they are winning, leaving Gwen confused.

Xander questions why Chloe slapped him. Chloe argues that he assaulted her. Xander says he just gave her a kiss while Chloe complains that it was in public for someone else’s benefit. Chloe doesn’t like being dragged in to his relationship with Gwen and especially not being used as a prop for his ex. Xander admits she has a point. Chloe asks if he stopped to think for a second about what he did. Chloe complains that Gwen will go straight to Leo, who will put it in his next column, and then Brady will read it. Xander thought she was moving on. Chloe argues that she never said that but it still doesn’t give him a right to maul her in public. Xander apologizes and admits he didn’t think. Xander repeats that he is sorry because he really would like them to be friends.

Jada tells Rafe that she’ll get started on the report. Rafe adds that her sister stopped by to see her and then mentioned their dinner last night in front of Abe. Jada says she will tell her to back off. Rafe notes that he already did that but it did not seem to phase her. Rafe says Talia went from their dinner together to how unfair the policy is and then concluded with how clearly attracted they are to each other. Jada says she’s sorry and she’s mortified. Rafe says it’s okay and he just wanted her to know that Talia clearly hasn’t given up her campaign. Jada assures that she will handle her but insists that she has never encouraged that as she knows there can be nothing between them and that Rafe has no interest in her in that way. Rafe thinks the problem is that he actually is interested.

Sloan comes home and finds Eric cleaning up the apartment. Sloan questions what all this is. Eric explains that Jada executed a search warrant after someone sent Paulina a threatening text message last night. Sloan remarks that apparently she’s already been tried and found guilty. Eric mentions Jada leaving a message that they want Sloan to come to the police station. Sloan complains that she’s getting tired of this. Eric adds that they want her to bring her phone and she better do what they say. Sloan assures that she has nothing to hide and offers her phone so Eric can see for himself.

Talia takes care of Chanel’s wound at the bakery. Chanel jokes that it was good to hire a doctor. Talia comments on Chanel getting in a street brawl and that it really looked like they were going to kill each other. Chanel admits she’s really glad Talia showed up when she did in general. Chanel says when Allie left, she lost not only her girlfriend but also her business partner and she was feeling overwhelmed until Talia showed up and now she’s finally seeing a path forward. Chanel thanks Talia for everything.

Gwen tells Leo that she doesn’t get how she’s winning. Leo encourages that her sexual exploits with Alex have made Xander mad with jealousy, so now he’s trying to make her jealous by stripping Chloe. Gwen remarks that it doesn’t feel like winning to her. Leo insists that Xander is using Chloe so that Gwen will come back to him. Gwen suggests maybe Leo’s plan backfired and now Xander has real feelings for Chloe. Leo admits he hadn’t thought of that.

Xander tells Chloe that he’s really sorry and asks for another chance. Chloe relates to being provoked in to doing something you regret. Chloe admits she’s actually really enjoyed hanging out with Xander and she never thought she’d be leaning on him for emotional support. Chloe jokes with Xander that they are good as long as he keeps his dirty paws away from her.

Jada questions what Rafe just said. Rafe clarifies that if he wasn’t her boss, he would ask her out. Jada responds that she would say yes. Rafe says he thought if they were aware of the situation, they could be more in control of the situation. Jada agrees but thinks the problem is not that he’s her boss because he’s very good and professional. Jada thinks the problem is the policy. Rafe says the policy is still real so nothing can happen. Jada decides to get going now that that’s settled. They say goodnight to one another as Jada then exits the office.

Eric tells Sloan that he doesn’t need to see her phone as he believes her. Sloan states that at least someone does. Eric does have one question and asks why she has baby’s-breath from a bouquet in her hair. Sloan says it’s been a long day and she’s going to shower. Sloan asks Eric to make dinner or order in because she’s not in the mood to go out as she’s had it with the good people of Salem. After Sloan goes to shower, Eric picks up her phone.

Abe tells Paulina that he wasn’t just trying to get her away from Sloan and it’s not that he doesn’t like having Chanel here, but he would like a little alone time with her. Paulina says once Sloan is behind bars, they will be Paris bound and they kiss. Paulina and Abe get the table set for dinner while Paulina decides to text Chanel to find out where she is.

Chanel and Talia are interrupted by Paulina’s text. Chanel says she should get going since Paulina wants her dinner. Talia tells Chanel that she’s all bandaged up and good to go. Chanel notes that they always order too much and invites Talia to join them for dinner. Talia asks if she’s sure as she doesn’t want to intrude. Chanel assures that Paulina loves her and will be happy to see her again. Talia accepts the invite and thanks her. Chanel thanks Talia for the medical assistance and they leave together. After they leave, someone sneaks in to the bakery and pours something in to a bowl of dough to tamper with their product..

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