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it is time to get you to bed. And I’m not taking no for an answer. You need to be rested and ready for your big day tomorrow.



Hey, mom, drew.


What are you doing here?


is something wrong?

Um, we’re here about liesl.

What about her?

Obrecht can still have her bone marrow cells collected tomorrow, right, for willow’s transplant?

It doesn’t look like it. As of now, liesl obrecht is nowhere to be found.

[Soft dramatic music]

Yeah, I need you to track down liesl obrecht’s electronics for a location.

Hey, so what’s so important? I was–had to walk away from a card game with a winning hand.

Scott, I didn’t want to deliver bad news over the phone.

Oh, brother, last time I saw you, I had bad news for you about britt. Now what?

It’s aunt liesl. She disappeared.

She was doing a magic act with–with-

what the devil are you talking about?

Well, she never reappeared, scott. Aunt liesl, she’s missing.

Well, she didn’t text me, so you know what? I’m gonna call commissioner ashford.

I already called the pcpd. And they found a charm that once belonged to britt in a crawl space underneath the stage. The police promised that they’d look into it, but-


but what?

Scott, I have a feeling that we’re gonna have to find aunt liesl on our own.

[Dramatic music]

Robert? My sources at the pcpd told me what happened to anna. Is she all right?

She’s in surgery. What else have you heard?

Ah, I’ve heard that it’s been quite the night here in port charles.

You don’t know the half of it.

We have officers searching everywhere for your child, esme.

[Groans softly] Did–did you find my baby?

Not yet. Just try to stay calm, esme.

How can I do that when someone has my baby?

We found surveillance footage from the building of a man entering the building and leaving.

That–that’s him. He forced his way into the apartment, and then he kidnapped my baby. He–he’s got my baby.

We put out an apb on our kidnapper and made sure our press liaison got his face on every news broadcast.

I’m gonna go see if we’ve got any updates.

Don’t worry. We’ll find your little boy.

[Soft dramatic music]


How could nikolas do this?

He didn’T.

How can you be so sure?

Because I know who did.

How about I make you a deal? I will agree to go with you wherever you want to take me, but then you have to let my little brother go home.

[Laughs] Oh, spencer, you still don’t understand. He is home. And so are you, here with me on the “haunted star.” Look, as long as we have each other, we have everything we need.

The “haunted star” may be our home, at least for now, but I do plan on returning to port charles eventually, even if you have wrecked my reputation by taking ace. There is no way that a judge will grant me custody now.

Oh, spencer, you’re worrying unnecessarily. Ace isn’t gonna fall under the jurisdiction of family court for the simple reason that he won’t be returning to port charles. None of us will.


[Dramatic music]


Maxie’s kids were performing a magic act with dr. Obrecht.

Yeah, I saw it on tv.

Right, so you saw obrecht walk into the vanishing cabinet, and she never reappeared.

Yeah, I mean, she would never disappoint those kids by not finishing the act.

There was a trapdoor at the bottom of the vanishing cabinet.

And also a corresponding trapdoor on the stage, while a piece of britt’s jewelry was found in the crawlspace beneath. This is a piece of jewelry that liesl hasn’t parted with since britt died.

What does all this mean?

[Dramatic music]

The evidence suggests that liesl didn’t disappear willingly.


So what did the cops say?

Well, not much. I mean, there’s several crises that they’re dealing with tonight. And you know what? Liesl hasn’t been missing long enough to warrant suspicion.

[Sighs] So poof, she vanishes in the middle of a crowded ballroom, and also, the cops don’t think that’s important?

Well, they’re-

hey, any luck?

Cops are tracking liesl’s phone and computer. Brick had some luck with the location information, like as far as her earbuds and fitness track.

Well, it seems like you’re more on top of it than the cops.

Well, they’re not refusing to investigate. They’re just really overwhelmed right now. And if we were honest with ourselves, scott, aunt liesl hasn’t been the same since britt’s death.

Oh, come on. So you’re saying that she-

she walked away from her magic act so that she could grieve? That’s horse hockey here, all right? Because she would never ditch her family like that. I’m telling you. Every bone in my body says that she’s in trouble.

What makes you so sure?

Well, ok. I was chucked out of an airplane by a guy that’s obsessed with her, and he’s probably still obsessed with her.

[Ominous music]

Victor cassadine.


Home is where your family is, spencer, myself, your little brother. We’re all we need.

What about my other family? What about my grandmother and uncle sonny and aunt alexis and my cousins?

Those who aren’t with us are against us.

With us? Uncle victor, you’re not making any sense. And I will agree, and I will do what you say at least for the time being because I have no other choice, but I will never agree that i can’t go back to port charles because there are people back there that I care about. And I have a life, one that was starting to get good, really, really, really good!

I heard about lucy coe’s surprise arrival at the nurses’ ball. At least sonny saved her from a pursuer. I know that anna’s been shot. Is there anything else?

Well, let’s just say that sleep’s gonna have to wait. What are you doing here anyway? You working late?

No. I’m checking up on you.


I know how important anna is to you, and I didn’t want you to have to wait for word alone.

If nikolas didn’t take my son, then who did?

It was his uncle, victor.

I knew there was something wrong with that man. I mean, he was so polite and smooth when he came to see me at the hospital, but he kept calling my baby a cassadine heir, and then he came to the apartment, and-

do you think he was planning on taking ace then?

I don’t know, sweetheart. I really don’T. Victor is a treacherous man. He’s ruthless. And to stoop this low, I-

even I’m surprised.

I mean, did–did the police know that he’s involved?

Yes, they do. They absolutely do. It’s just a matter of time before they locate victor and they bring ace home.

I hope you’re right.

Yeah. You know something? I am really proud of how brave you were when you were fighting back for your son.

You sound surprised.

No, no. I’m not surprised at all. I mean, I’ve always known that you’re a very, very determined girl, but it’s nice to see that determination flipped around towards something good in service of somebody else.

Look, I–I don’t know how the old esme would have felt right now, but all I know is that I need to get my son back.

I know, sweetheart. I want that too.

Would kidnap liesl?

Well, we don’t know for sure that’s what happened. That’s just one theory right now.

Hey, you should sit down. Ok?

Ok. Look, you know it’s possible this could be a big misunderstanding. Liesl is very eccentric, right? I mean, maybe she wanted to be alone before the transplant.

Yeah, look, I don’t see obrecht sabotaging georgie and james’ magic act. And what would be the point of leaving the stage through a trap door?

Michael’s right. It sounds to me like liesl’s in danger. Nina and maxie must be out of their minds with worry.

This is textbook victor cassadine. He’s held liesl hostage before, and he’s done it again probably. And we know he’s behind lucy’s disappearance, even though we can’t prove it.

Nothing victor cassadine does surprises me.

Listen, I don’t understand all this mumbo jumbo technical stuff, but maybe your bodyguard, brick, you know, maybe he can check liesl’s devices, maybe it pinged somewhere by the cassadine-

tower or anything like that.

I’ll let him know.

Ok. Well, I’m gonna try and call her again if that’s gonna do any good.


[Soft dramatic music]

Poor scott. It’s killing him. I’m so worried. Do you think he’s right? Did victor cassadine take my aunt liesl?

I don’t know, but I tell you what. I’m gonna find out.

I really appreciate you dropping by to check up on me, but anna’s gonna be tied up in that surgery for hours, and there’s no point in us both wearing the floor out.

A little distraction can make a long wait a lot easier. So we can talk about the law or sports or, ooh, favorite travel destinations. I know that you have traveled widely for your work, but here’s a question. Where does an ex-spy go to get away from it all?

It’s not gonna work.

Trust me, rob.

Ok. All right. Now there’s this little string of islands in the south pacific. I managed-


[Phone ringing]

Hang on. Hang on. I’m so sorry.


Don’t–don’t go nowhere. Hello? Yeah, what can I do for you? I’m currently at general hospital. Ok, I’ll see you then.

[Sighs] I’m so sorry. Here I ask you to open up, and now I have to dash. I want to hear about those south pacific islands someday though. Oh, it looks like we’re both gonna be working late tonight.

Robert, I need to speak to you.

I was just on my way out. I hope anna’s surgery goes well.

Diane, thank you.

Any time.


All right, do we have an update on victor? Do we have an update on the abduction of esme’s baby? Do we-


both, actually.

It seems the two cases are linked.

Victor’s into stealing babies now? Man, this guy’s a one-man crime spree.

Nina reeves reported liesl obrecht missing. Officers are searching her residence now, but evidence found at the scene of her disappearance indicates a struggle.

[Ominous music]

I chose you, spencer, to help me carry out my life’s mission. Don’t let me down.


I don’t understand.

All in good time. For now, just no more futile escape attempts, all right?

I’m not going anywhere so long as you have my brother.

Well, I’m counting on that. Play your cards right, I might let you see him again. Ambrose, why don’t you show my nephew to his stateroom?

Right this wa-


don’t touch me!

It’s all right, ambrose. I think spencer knows the stakes by now. I’m sure we can trust him to walk out on his own.

Why must family be so challenging?

Not only family, your guest is also troublesome.

Yeah, well, that was to be expected. Spencer’s another matter. I’ve intervened on his behalf so many times you’d have thought I’d have earned his trust by now. But he is young, romantic. He’ll need a little more persuading. As for the other, well, you know what to do.


In here.

There’s a deadbolt on the outside of this door.

Your uncle had it fitted especially.

You’re locking me inside?

On mr. Cassadine’s orders. And if you try to escape, remember that he has your kid brother.

Oh, wait, stop!

Ah! Oh!

[Panicked breathing]

[Laughs] Oh, not very ladylike.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Sighs] I’m only a lady in the presence of gentlemen.

Oh, my dear liesl, saucy as ever. Oh, I have missed this.

Is this a game for you, victor? First you abduct me by air, now water. What’s next?

Oh, there is no next. You’re here to stay.

[Laughs] How much humiliation can a man endure before he realizes a woman isn’t interested in him romantically?

Ah, still the most passionate, fiery woman I know. That’s neither here nor there. No, I brought you here for an entirely different reason.

[Ominous music]

I got nothing from liesl. Where’s sonny?

Oh, he went to follow a lead.

You know, I know he saved lucy, and I’m not a big fan of sonny’s, but, you know, when the chips are down, he’s kind of there, and he’s got resources to help, you know? So-


yeah, and he’s definitely committed in helping us find aunt liesl.

Well, he’s committed to you. He doesn’t want to see you in any pain. And I don’t want to see liesl in any pain. And if that son of a bitch cassadine-


hey, scott, scott, please, don’t-

don’t go to the worst-case scenario yet.

I feel guilty because liesl felt that I was protecting elizabeth at britt’s expense. So had we been together, I might have seen this danger, and I might have been there to protect her. Do you know?

Yes, unfortunately, I do know what you mean. I understand all too well.

Nina and maxie will be devastated if something happens to liesl. So will georgie and james.

Willow… only you would be thinking about everyone else instead of yourself right now.

Everything possible is being done to locate liesl right now. What you need to do, you need to focus on preserving your energy.

He’s right. You need to rest. And I know it’s gonna be hard, but you cannot stress. You have to be strong enough for the bone marrow transplant when liesl is found.

Do the police have any leads?

All we know is that they’re investigating.

Not only the police. Sonny’s involved too.


Boss, I’m over here. Well, your call was a surprise. What can I do for you?

The guy who tried to kill lucy coe is at the pcpd at this moment. He has information that I need.

I’m sure he’s being questioned right now.

Yeah, but he’s just gonna stall while we-

look, this is-

we got to get to him now because lives are on the line.

What do you need from me?

I need you to persuade him that we need to find victor cassadine.

What am I gonna offer him?

The best lawyer money can buy.


He’s not gonna talk to the police, but if you’re defending him-


I’m sure he’s already got representation, courtesy of victor cassadine.

I doubt it. He failed his mission. Cassadine’s gonna kill him. He is our only hope to finding victor cassadine. So…

[Whispering] If anybody can get him to spill the beans, I know you can.

Victor’s always had this thing for liesl obrecht. Two years ago, he abducted her and took her to a compound he has in crete.

The wsb gave him immunity.

Yeah, it’s not their finest hour. But I think he’s getting ready to pull out of port charles for good, and he’s taken a few people with him that he thinks are important. Whether they want to go or not is another thing altogether.

Well, he made a big mistake letting lucy get away. And now we’ve got the guy who tried to kill her in custody.

Victor’s getting sloppy, not to mention reckless. I’m sure he knew that shooting anna would spark a big retaliation. Well, she’s gonna be tied up in surgery for a while. My phone is on. Anything you guys hear, and I do mean anything, I want to know about it.


Most men treat a woman to a nice dinner, take her to the movies, but you-

you have your henchmen abduct me in the middle of the nurses’ ball? Why am I here, victor? Enlighten me.

You are a woman of considerable expertise, liesl. But your talents were wasted in port charles. However, soon, your skillset will be employed in the service of a much greater endeavor.

And what would that be?

I plan on finishing the job my brother and i started 40 years ago. Now, can I count on you to behave yourself?

Of course not.

Oh, for heaven’s sakes. You’ve nowhere to go. Start acting with some decorum, or you will not make it to our destination.

I won’t reach the destination you have in mind. I’ll be found long before then!

Oh, how? I’ve had the ship’s vessel tracker left on a buoy. Might as well be a ghost ship.

Then you’ll be the first ghost. You have pushed me too far.

Get–get her off me!


Spencer, where are you? Please, call me the minute you get this message.

[Device beeping]

So you think that maybe spencer might be ignoring your calls because… he might have helped victor kidnap ace?

No, I don’t think that. I told you. Spencer would not do anything like this. My fear–my fear is that spencer is in as much danger as baby ace is right now too.

[Suspenseful music]

[Soft footsteps]




Well, rumor has itthe cat’s got your tongue. Hm. Well, that is your right. But I have a few ways of making you change your mind. Don’t–don’t worry. I’m not gonna rough you up yet. I’m here to make a deal.

I’ll make you a better one.

Commissioner, dante, how’s anna?

No news from the operating room.

Ok, what’s the next steps? How–what do we got to do to nail victor cassadine?

What if nikolas cassadine’s disappearance is related to victor’s? Did nikolas go into hiding and ask his uncle to deliver his son ace to him?

What about ace?

Esme was at home alone with ace at laura’s apartment, and a man forced his way in, knocked out esme, but we got security footage. We got an image of the guy. Turns out he works for victor cassadine.

Lucy, anna, obrecht, now ace…

[Tense music] We got to stop victor.

Thank you for coming in-person to tell us about liesl, and for everyone’s efforts in finding her.

Yeah. Look, if you need anything, please let me know. I can even take wiley and amelia in case you need to rest.

Yeah, the kids can come and sleep at the main house if you want and hang out with scout and leo. You know scout can’t get enough amelia.

Thank you. But I’m fine, really.

If you change your mind, the door is always open.

If you need anything, will you call me?


I’m here for you, both of you.

Thank you for everything.

[Somber music]


[Sighs] Hey, look, willow, it’S… it’s ok if you’re not fine, whether that’s fear, disappointment, anger, frustration, whatever it is, it’s ok to feel.


And we got to track down victor and fast. He’s abducted an innocent child. If he’s got liesl obrecht, that means willow’s life is in the balance too, right?

Do you think this is related to fugitive nikolas?

It’s possible. If victor’s hoping to make this a family exodus, he may try to enlist other cassadines, even by force.

Cassadines like alexis and sam, kristina, and molly.

Pretty clear that ace and i aren’t safe here in port charles.

Victor will be found, and he will be punished, and you have more support and protection here than you would on your own.

You know what? Maybe I–I can’t keep ace safe anywhere, but I have to try, and as soon as I get my baby back, I am taking him far away from here.

Oh, my god, trina. Get in here. Are you ok?

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Oh, my god. Are you all right?

I’m good. And to answer your question, I followed you here.

Why? Why would you do that?

Because I had a feeling you were in trouble. And, god, was I right. Victor is going crazy.

Yeah, he has ace.

And dr. Obrecht.

What? What the hell? Why–why does he need obrecht?

I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out later. If that guard comes back and sees the deadbolt unlocked-

let’s just get off of this floating prison now, please.

Trina, trina, I want to. I want to.


I want to, but I can’t right now.

Liesl, I can make thiseasy for you or hard.


Hmm. There was a time when that might have caused a stirring in my loins. But right now, it’s just annoying. You know me well enough to know that I mean business.

I know you well enough to realize that I want nothing to do with whatever demented plot you have in mind.

Oh, liesl, liesl, liesl, we don’t have to be antagonists. Work with me, and your family, whatever’s left of it, we’ll be safe and unharmed.

Are you threatening maxie and my nieces, nina and willow, my grandson james?

All of the above. And I’ll throw in scotty baldwin for good measure.

I understand what you mean. You know, sometimes you feel an outsider looking in with the people that you love. And like sonny, he will share with me his emotions, but he won’t necessarily share what’s happening in his business.

I don’t think we’re talking about the coffee business.

And then willow, she’s the opposite. She will tell me her condition, but she won’t-

she won’t share her heart.

I’m sorry. I’ve been so concerned about liesl, I-

I forgot about you. Your aunt is missing. Your daughter needs a life-saving surgery that can’t happen if we don’t find liesl.

I know. What if I never get a chance to be a mother?

Oh, willow, it’s not-

it’s not self-indulgent to worry about your situation. If you feel resentment, I won’t judge you.

[Tender music] If you feel defeated, I will-

I will bolster you, ok? Just–just talk to me. Ok?


Do me a favor?

Yeah, name it.

I could really use some warm cocoa. And if you want to shoot the moon, whipped cream would be welcome.

Ok. I’m on it.



Willow has been through so much.

Yeah, and she’s so selfless. And after everything she’s been through, she’s thinking about everybody else first.

She’s remarkable. And so is her support system.

I don’t feel like I’m giving her much support. I feel so helpless right now.

Drew, we can’t do a thing.


Please don’t make any hasty decisions, esme, especially after a head injury.

You think because I got knocked on my head that I don’t know what’s best for my son?

No, that’s not what I’m saying. You have been through a major trauma. Your body right now is in fight or flight. So all of your-

your fears and your anxieties are heightened right now, esme. And on top of that, you may have a concussion. So right now, what you need to do is just breathe and take it easy. We need to focus on your health so that when ace comes back, he will have his mother at her best.

That is the most important thing, that ace does come home.

He will. Listen, I’m gonna go find your doctor. I want to see if he has any results from your test.

[Somber music]


The pcpd will clear anna’s name in lucy coe’s shooting, but as an officer of the law, I can’t condone anna’s escape or her months spent as a fugitive. But I do admire the people who went so far to help a friend.

All right, alexis, sam, and her sisters, they are fine. They will stay vigilant.

I heard about esme’s baby. You must be out of your mind worried for your grandson.

Grandsons, plural. Spencer may have also been taken by victor against his will.

Son of a bitch.

I know.

I just want you to know I’m already on it. Don’t worry.

What the hell is going on here, diane? This guy–this guy here, he tried to kill lucy. He works for the guy who shot anna, and he stole a baby.

Stole a baby? What baby? Come on. If you want my client to give you information, you have got to do the same. Quid pro quo, robert.

One of victor’s other employees stole spencer cassadine’s baby brother.

Spencer must be devastated.

Now do you get what’s going on around here?

More than ever, which is why I’m gonna need you to refrain from questioning my client.


I’ll handle this.

How does this garbage bag turn out to be your client? What’s going on, diane?

You asked me to trust you when we broke into victor cassadine’s room at the metro court hotel. Now, I’m gonna ask you to do the same. Can you do that, robert? Can you trust me?

[Soft dramatic music] Thank you.


I cannot abandon my baby brother. I don’t know which state room he’s in, but I do know that the nanny from hell is guarding him.

Look, look, your uncle might be a power mad freak, but I doubt that he’ll hurt a baby. If we get away, we can send back help here.

Trina, even if we were close enough to shore to use a tender to get back, victor could be far enough away that the authorities can’t reach him. How are they gonna find the “haunted star”?

Victor did tell dr. Obrecht that the boat is untraceable. But nobody knows that I’m here. And my phone–my phone doesn’t have reception. I can–I can float around this ship unseen and find a way to raise the alarm.

What, like the phantom of the “haunted star”? Trina, even if you were somehow able to evade those guards, we could be on this ship for days. How are you gonna eat? Where are you gonna sleep?

I may be our only hope of getting home.

Ok, fine. Then I’m going with you.

And how long before the guards notice that you’ve escaped? If you have to stay put to buy me time. What?

Trina, I am in awe of your bravery, but for once, I really need you to be a coward and not a superhero.


Thank youfor telling me about liesl. You know, we hit a bit of a rough patch, but I’m still crazy about her.

Me too.

Liesl, she’ll be fine. And willow, she’ll be fine. The surgery might be delayed, nina, but it will happen, I promise you.

As her mother, I know that. I know that with my entire heart. And I should be the one telling her that right now.

Someone might see us.

I don’t care.

[Tender music] Look, if what’s happened tonight has taught us anything, it’s that the good things in our lives, they’re not guaranteed, so I want to hold onto the good things in my life while I can.


Willow. What’s wrong? Are you ok?

I was so close, michael. I was so close to forever.


I talked to the doctor, and he wants to keep you overnight for observation. But tomorrow morning when he releases you, I can come back and pick you up and take you back home. I mean, if you-

if you want to. Oh, esme, sweetheart… I wish that I could guarantee you that you are going to be safe 24/7, but I can’t make that promise. You know, as mothers, we all have to come to terms with the fact that we can’t protect our children from absolutely everything. And the same is true as grandmothers.

But, honey, I can make you two promises. One, we will bring ace back home. And two, I’ll make sure that victor is punished for the things he has done.

And you’ll find spencer too?



Ok, then yeah, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow when you pick me up.


I’m so glad.


You know what your biggest fault is, victor?

No, but I’m sure you’re about to tell me.


[Speaks german] You suffer from delusions of grandeur. They’ve led you to failure time and time again, first, as director of the wsb, second, the debacle at crichton-clark, third, the catastrophe on crete. You’re never content with mere power and wealth. Nein. Your exploits must be epic, monumental.

Can you blame a man for wanting to leave his mark on the world?

I can’t when all he has to show for it is a trail of bodies and a family he either causes to hide or forces onto a barge. Like your previous schemes, this one will blow up in your face, pun intended.

Get her out of here!

[Soft dramatic music]

Auf wiedersehen, victor.



Well, you asked me to trust you. Now, I assume that your mission was to extract information.

It was. Sonny, I did as you requested.

Was obrecht taken on victor’s orders?

She was. And if my client had not been apprehended, he was to join his boss on a voyage out of town.


Thanks, diane.

Do you have information relevant to my investigation?


I know where we can find victor.

Britt tried to be a hero, and now she’s gone. Will you promise me that you’ll be careful?

Of course, I will.

I mean it. I can’t stand to lose you too.

You can’t get rid of me if you try.

[Tender music]

All right.

[Tense music]

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