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Good morning, auntie Mac, Alex. Oh, looks like your black eye is healed. Yes, it has. And so has my bruised ego. But you know me, I get knocked down. Pop right back up. Well, I’m glad to hear it. So are you ready for the board meeting? Actually, I think I might sit out on this one if that’s okay with you. You have something more important to do.

Look, auntie, I know you’ve had your doubts about me, especially after I tried to undermine you with Uncle Vic, but I promised you, I’m gonna convince you that you made the right choice by letting me keep my position here at Titan. Oh, and how is that? By closing a huge deal for Titan. Hmm. What? Huge deal.

It’s a surprise. I don’t like surprises, especially when it comes to business. Well, I promise you, auntie, you are going to love.

Thank God you’re here. I’ve been trying to reach you all night. I’m sorry. I just got off an overnight shift to the hospital. I forgot to charge my phone. What is it? News about dad? Did he find Megan Hathaway? He did, but there’s more. My mom. She’s alive.

You didn’t have to carry my bag. What? Uh, I wanted to carry your bag and my room’s just right down the hall. Okay. I know. Thanks for coming with me. That’s the least I can do. I know how important Kayla is to you. Yes, she is. She’s family. I was married to her brother Bo. Yeah. Yeah, it was, it was quite the wedding we passed in the plaza.

Huh? It was, you know, Greece can be romantic if you’re not on mission. Well, maybe after we find Kayla, um, uh, maybe we can hang out for a little while and appreciate the beauty


Well, uh, I’ll let you unpack. Great.

Detective Brady. Oh, Andrew. Whoa. I haven’t seen you in forever. It’s been a minute, cousin. Yeah, I guess I missed the last few family reunions. Hey, we all have, hopefully we can get everyone together soon. Oh, sounds like your mother’s trying to make that happen right now. What do you mean as we speak? Hope is in Greece.

Trying to find out. Kayla,

sorry to run out on your phone. Oh, I gotta go back to people I love. I haven’t gone crazy

going somewhere.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey Steve. What’s going on? I think I got a lead on. The son of a bishop took Kayla.

Hi. I was just going out to get some pressure. You need air. Let me. I’ll crack a window for you. Hmm. Thank you. It’s very kind of you. You know, I hope you weren’t planning to leave. That path is really treacherous. Yeah. So you said you hungry? I got dinner here. No, no. You should eat big night. What a birthday celebration for a goat.

I’m so happy you still have your sense of humor. Well, it’s pretty much all I have left. Have you made any progress on the formula for the serum from the orchid? I’m working on it. Good. Cuz Rolf was sure it would restore a person’s youth, so that means that formula would be worth a fortune that would dwarf my father’s.

Is that your goal bow to be richer than Victor? No. I just wanna build an empire of my own. If I could get back a few of those years I lost, that would be a benefit. Thank you for the update on the search for Hank Kayla, but I know you’re here in Salem on uh, ISA business. Yes. I am here to transfer my prisoner to your custody, pending her incarceration, Statesville.

Lucky you. Yeah. Well, let’s just hope that they lock her up for the rest of her miserable life. Shall we?

Hello there. Can I get Hathaway? This is Detective Brady. Sean Douglas Brady. You did your research. I didn’t have to. I would know that face anywhere. You remind me. So much of your father,

Kayla is alive. I h How do you know? I spoke to her. On the phone. I heard her voice trip. This is unbelievable. Oh, I’m so happy for you. Thanks. My dad must be going out of his mind. He’ll be a lot better once he finds her. I don’t, I don’t understand. Where is she? We’re not sure. The connection on the call was horrible.

She tried to tell me where she was, but all I know is that she’s been abducted and she’s somewhere in Greece. Greece. Okay. Okay. Is that there now? He and Hope just arrived. She sounded so scared. I just, I hope that he finds her in time. He will. Okay. He will. He always does. All right. Your mom survived this long.

She’s not gonna give up now. Okay. I mean, she found a way to call you. Right? I haven’t slept since that call. I just, I keep going over it and over it again in my head. I, it just happened so fast. Hey, you must have been in shock. Yeah. It was so overwhelming. I know after all these months that she’s still alive.

But I just keep thinking, what if I missed something? You said the connection was bad. Yeah. But what if there was a clue under all that static? There’s something else that she was trying to tell me. I just, I wish that I could hear that. Call over again.

Maybe you can.

You got a location on Thomas Banks? No, not banks. Another Demer Minion has been spotted in this city. Does the name will helm Rolf ring any bells? Rolf is here. How do you, how do you know? Well, his, uh, face is all over the news feeds and you know, he’s an international fugitive. Someone called him a tip.

That’s right. Someone saw him getting takeout somewhere. Do they bring him in? Is he in custody? No, unfortunately he gave the local cops the slip and they believe he made it off the island. Damn. So close and apparently he was in a big hurry. He left all his stuff at the hotel. Do you leave any clues behind as to where he was headed?

That’s what I’m thinking. So I want to go down to the station and see what they found. Maybe there’s something that can lead us to Thomas Banks and te Kayla as soon as that serum’s gonna be ready. Well, you know, I hate to rain on your parade, brother of mine, but after reviewing Ralph’s, I can pretty much say there’s absolutely no way, no chance that I may make that turn for you.

Ms. Hathaway. You are now in the custody of Salem PD who will hold you until you are transported to Statesville Prison. Megan, are you listening? I know that it’s rude to stare detective, but I can’t help myself looking at you and seeing the way you hold yourself. I remind you of my father. I get it. Oh, it’s more than that.

It’s as if I actually. Succeeded in turning back the clock and made Bo Young again. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

What’s the problem? You, you have all raw snows. I understand that. Well, he made several batches of that fountain of you serum. Can’t you just follow the directions? Yeah. Bo this is not like it’s, you know, mom’s soda bread recipe. This is complicated. And this isn’t exactly a lab setting. And you know what?

The notes are incomplete. What do you mean? I mean that reviewing the documents, it’s clear that Ralph was taking instructions from what was on the three prisms that Megan got her hands on last. Prisms. Yes. And so it’s some sort of shorthand here that I, I can’t decipher. I Are you saying? I’m saying that.

No prisms. No sir. Son of ’em, bitch.

No worries. No worries. I think I know where they might be.

Hey, this is Alex Kikis, Victor Kiki’s nephew. Yes, I know who you are. I ask you not to call me here. Well, I’m sorry, officer. I just wanted to make sure that we’re all on the same page here. Now. I’m. Move over the funds you requested, but do you have my items? I do. All three prisms go ahead and wildly and not we agree.

Done those prisms are all yours.

Okay, look, I know this is gonna sound weird, but have you thought about hypnosis? Hypnosis? Yeah. When Ali accused me of assaulting her, she agreed to let Marlena Hypnotizer and under hypnosis, Allie was able to access her block memories and be able to piece together that it was actually my half brother Charlie who hurt her.

So you’re thinking if Marlena put me under that she could help me relive my call with my mom? Like I said, you were probably in. But maybe your brain absorbed more than you think it did. You know, just a few words or maybe some background. Those cup locator. Marlena just got home. I mean, after all that she’s been through.

No, you know, Marlena, okay. There’s nothing she would want more than to help find Kayla. Oh, you’re right. And even if it’s a long shot, I have to try, in God willing, I will remember something that can finally bring my mom home. When we left the island with Ralph, In the orchid. I was gonna go get the prisms.

Why didn’t you? Well, they weren’t where I thought they’d be. Okay. Well, like I said then, you know, no, uh, prisms. No, sir. No, just hold on. So there’s no reason for you to keep me here against my will. I might know where they’re at. Do you? I don’t know where Rolf went, but I know where he’s been and there’s a possibility he left them behind.

Okay. Officer Wire transfer is queued up and I’m ready to go.

Hey, how was the board meeting? Uh, well, you can uh, read the minutes later. Actually, I was, I was distracted the whole time by what I was worrying about you and this big surprise that you have plans. So tell me what are you love to Okay. While you were at the meeting, I cemented the deal, so I’m happy to share now.

Auntie, are you familiar with Will Helm? Damaris, Dr. Frankenstein, that’s the guy. Well, from what I understand, he’s currently a fugitive from justice. So what does he have to do with this deal of yours? Well, it turns out that Wolf was actually hiding out in Greece where the local police caught up with him.

Oh, so then they arrested him? No, he got away, but he had in his possess, Three invaluable prisms, powerful, powerful artifacts that Lian tried and failed to acquire last summer for Demer Enterprises. I’ve heard about these prisms. Then you know that there are reports that in the right hands these things can cure disease, possibly even turn back the clock on physical aging.

Hmm. The fountain of Youth. Yeah, exactly. Now, what if I told you. That I’m about to close a deal to secure all these prisms for tidy.

What are you trying to say about my father? Nothing. Didn’t sound like nothing. Hey, what did you mean when you said make him young again? I mean, you know that, that my father’s been dead for years. I’m sorry. I was only saying that looking at your handsome face was. Traveling back through time.

When you get to be a certain age, you start taking these walks down memory lane. Is that right? I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that your father and I had a very intense love affair. That is until he lost his taste for Brains in class and settled for hope. Okay, do do yourself a favor and keep my dad’s name and my mother’s name outta your.

Seems like I’ve touched a nerve. No, I’m done listening to this nonsense. You’ve hurt my family enough. I don’t think that your mother is suffering all that much at the moment. I have it on good authority that in fact, she’s moved on not only from our series of episodes, but from your father Beau as well.

What the hell are you talking about? I’m talking about that handsome rogue Harris. He and your mother are together for real Now you know what? I’m done listening to this. Okay? No, I understand. It’s always tough when mommy moves on with a new daddy. Shut your damn mouth, okay? Hey,

don’t worry Steve. We’re gonna find a K. Yes, we are. I know what you’re thinking. That this is a long shot, and I get it. I mean, just because Rolf and banks were both working with Megan doesn’t mean they’re still in contact. And maybe it’s implausible to think that Rolf left some clue behind, but what about any of this isn’t implausible?

It was implausible that Kayla was even alive in the first place. I know the connection is thin, but it’s the only one we have. Two banks, maybe not.

Okay. So I’m guessing if you haven’t slept since that phone call with your mommy, probably haven’t eaten either. So here, oh, that’s very sweet of you. But I’m, I’m just not hungry. Steph, if you need to keep up your strength so you can help your mom, Okay. At least a couple bites. Okay. Okay.

Look, I have plans later on, but maybe I should cancel ’em. I mean, I wanna make sure you get in to see Marlena. Are these, um, are these plans with clinician I who told you that? Mm-hmm. I know that you and Joey. We’re competing for her attention in Hong Kong, and I know that he backed off and tried to play Matchmaker.

Of course, he told you. Well, when it comes to gossip Lady whistleblower, it’s got nothing on our little brother. Huh? Joey just wants you to be happy and so do I. He like her. I do. It’s just one problem. She’s been hanging out with Johnny the. Hmm. Well, she’s going to dinner with you, so maybe she’s just as interested in you as you are in her.

Hope. You remember that little taverna where we first met, where we you were smashing all the plates, remember? Yeah. That I, how could I forget? Of course I remember. I also remember they had one of the best pastries that I’ve had. You know, the one with the nuts and the honey and all that feeling? Ava. Ava, yeah.

The most spectacular views. Well, the view. It’s amazing. So what about this Taver? Yeah, so this, this is, uh, this could be a long shot, but when Megan had me shadowing hope she arranged that I could stay in one of the rooms upstairs. Did she have a connection to the owner? I think so because, uh, another one of her employees was staying there looking for the prisons.

Thomas Banks.

I’ve heard rumors for years about the powers of these prisons, but it sounds like science fiction to me. Yeah. No, I know it’s pretty far out there, but the price I’m paying, the reward is definitely worth the risk. Hmm. I’ll be the judge. So what, uh, are the details? I mean, who, who is your contact on this transaction?

Okay, so when I found out that old Rolf was hanging out in Greece, naturally I reached out to Uncle Vick’s people and they connected me with an ally in the local law enforcement. So you are working with the police? Well, it turns out when Rolf evaded capture, they found the prisms in his hotel room and.

They agreed to sell them to you? One of them did. I mean, they’re just sitting in a evidence locker right now collecting dust. These cops have no idea what they have, so I managed to convince them to exchange them to us for a relatively small sum. Pretty amazing, right? Yes, it is just amazingly stupid.

Thomas Banks has a face only, uh, his mother could love. So if he’s been back to Thatta, someone definitely would’ve noticed. So we’ll go there and show his picture around. Okay. I’ll head to the police station and see what roll left behind re between these two long shots. Uh, hopefully we’ll catch a break.

Okay. Okay. You don’t need, you don’t need to push me. I don’t have all night. I gotta get. You just reminds me of, it reminds me of that time that mom PA took us on that road trip to to Niagara Falls. Do you remember that? And you kept running ahead and pushing me out of the way so that you could get the backseat window.

Remember that? Well, you and Roman always got to choose where to sit. Well, maybe if you weren’t such a nudge and if you weren’t so bossy, I

Nice. Walk me down memory. Hoping I’m the old boat. I like who I am, so sit tight until I get back. So what are you gonna do, Bo? You’re gonna just go walk into some random Greek police station and say, oh, excuse me. Do you have three powerful prisms? Because if you do, I need them. All you need to know smart ass is that I’m going to get you what you need so you can make sense of these notes, and then you’re gonna give me what I need.

So a lot of guys wants to just hang out in this wine cellar. I can think of worse places to hang out. Why don’t you open a nice bottle of mala and try to relax.

So you declared yourself to Wendy? Declared myself. You told her you have feelings for her Better? Yeah. A little more. 21st century. Yeah. So that means this dinner tonight is your one chance to convince her that she should be with you instead of Johnny. You don’t think that’s pressuring her, do you? Oh, it’s definitely pressure, but I don’t think that being clear about your intentions is ever a bad thing.

I’m not doing to her what Alex did to you. Alex tried to manipulate and control me because that’s who he is, unlike you. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter how wrong it’s,

so, you are telling me that you use Titan money. To pay off a police officer. It is not a payoff. Oh, no. So what it, what would you call it? A bribe, auntie. This is how these people do business. Uncle Vic has relationships with these people. These people. There’s an understanding. Have you talked to your uncle about this?

Of course not. I told you I would never go behind your back like I did before, ever again, because I’m going to prove to you that you can trust. Trust you because you use my husband’s name, you use Titan Cash as a currency to bribe a foreign government official. And I told you this is not a bribe. Ah-huh.

Well, it sounds like your shiner has, uh, finally healed, but now you have moved on to giving a blackout of this company and to this family.

I know this is intense. If you need to take a head break, I can watch it. Uh, no. I’m okay. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m good.

You even have the same fiery temper as Bo. I am done talking about my father. Oh. Your relationship with him is ancient history. If you say, What do you wanna talk about? Well, the condition of your deal to be transferred here to Salem is that you cooperate fully, which I have done. I told Steve that it was Thomas Banks who snatched your aunt Caleb from the island.

And that’s all I know. You can ask me as many questions as you like, but it will be a waste of time. We’ll decide that I’m, but I’m now exercising my constitutional right to counsel. I wanna make sure that this transfer to Statesville goes off without a hitch. Can one of you two darlings please Get me a telephone so that I can call my lawyer.

Thank you.

Okay, let’s do this. Oh, hold on a second before we start rolling people. Let’s get a lay land. See who we’re dealing with. You just want to park lava. We’re in an undercover mission, aren’t we? And yes, if I do happen to order one of the best pastries I’ve ever had, then just know it’s worth mission. All right.


You supposed to be looking at everyone else. I’m trying. No, you’re not. I’m gonna try harder, Harris. I remember when I first saw you, Megan had given me a picture and that picture did not do you justice because there is no photo that could capture that spark in your eye.

That was probably the cafe from the espresso I had ordered. No,

that’s what makes you you. It means you so much life behind those eyes.

I can see the spark right now.

We shouldn’t be drawing so much attention to ourselves. It’s not like we’re, uh, dancing on the tables and smashing plates. This is. This is us blending in. It’s part of our cover. Yeah. A couple caught up in the romance of.

I can’t believe my own brother would lock me in here. And why? So I could create some youth serum. Come on.

I dunno how that goes. Well,

official, how can I help you? I’m Shane Donovan, director of the isa. I understand your property taken into evidence when you rated the rooms of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Uh, what property is that set? The Prisms Prisons? Yes. They’re extremely powerful and could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. I’m here to secure them.

Do you have any paperwork? Do you back up your claim?

Am I up to understand there’s a problem with the request coming from the director of the isa?

Please tell me you did not send one single drma to this corrupt cop in Greece. I was about to send the payment when you walked in here. Oh, thank God. Hmm. And they don’t use drma anymore. Auntie. They use euro. I know that. I was just being dramatic. Okay. And don’t correct me. Not when you’re in the middle of doing something.

So colossally irresponsible. Okay, auntie, I need you to think about. Acquiring these prisms for Titan is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here we are talking about being able to change the landscape of science and medicine. Titan would be on the forefront of making one of the greatest discoveries since penicillin.

Not to mention absolutely humiliating demara in the process. Well, even if the scientific claims are true, in which I honestly doubt you are talking about bribery and smuggling. I already told you I am vetoing this surprise of yours. Now I want you to get on the phone and call that dirty cop and tell him the deal is off, and then I’ll deal with you later.

Do you understand? Maggie, don’t you understand?


I need those prisms. Now it’s a matter of international security.

Excuse me, please.

Hello, Mr. There’s a man here from the ia. He’s asking about the prisons.

You can go ahead and hand them over.

I’m sorry, the deal is off.

Are you getting me those prisms or must I go over your. Ah, yes, of course. Director Donovan, I’m sorry for the delay. If you would please, uh, go wait on that room and I will go retrieve the prisoners for you. Very well.

May I help you? I sure hope so.

Oh, perfect. Want Kayla just like search me.

Oh, hey. Oh, what do we have here?

Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you to see Marlena? I could cancel with when? No, no, no, no. Do not do that. Thank you for the offer, but I’ll be. And if something happens with Marleno, if I hear from Dad, I’ll let you know. Please do. Good luck. You too. And for the record, Wendy would be very lucky to end up with a guy like you.

Thank you for saying that.

Oh my God. This could be her. Could be mom again. Hello Mom. Is that you? Look, I’m sorry I didn’t keep my cool with Megan in there. Are you kidding? I thought you showed great restraint. Given the circumstances, don’t you just, you know, wish sometimes that you could listen in a client speaking to her lawyer.

I mean, it would be a lot easier, right? Yeah. Tell me about it. I really hope that Megan plays. I wouldn’t put a pastor to use this as another opportunity to go after my mother again. Hello, Thomas. I just wanna give you a heads up that there are a lot of people out there looking for you right now. You’re welcome.

Oh, and you can return the favor by doing one little thing for me. I want you to find Bo Brady, and if anyone gets in your way, shoot them where they stand.

I am gonna say, um, that.

I’m also gonna say that I think it’s safe for us to do what we came here for. I thought we were already doing that.

Are you ready?

Ready. Okay.

So who should we talk to first?


My name is Steve Johnson. I’m working with the isa. I need to see any evidence you have from the raid on Will Helm, Rolf’s Hotel Room. I’m afraid your colleague has already made that request. My colleague? Yes. He arrived a few minutes before you did. Is he still here? Yes. Director Donovan’s waiting on.

Shane Donovan is here. Why don’t you go and join him and, uh, we’ll go see what’s taking so long on.

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