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Stefan has a drink in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Nicole walks in and says she hasn’t seen him all day and asks how last night went at the Salem Inn. Stefan responds that it went great until Li walked in while Nicole pretends to be surprised.

EJ meets Li in the park. EJ asks Li what happened when he caught Gabi and Stefan in bed together and if he kicked Gabi to the curb to take back his DiMera shares. Li responds that he didn’t so EJ asks why not. EJ argues that Gabi broke the terms of their agreement and slept with Stefan. Li then reveals that Gabi didn’t sleep with Stefan.

Wendy comes home and greets Gabi, who says she completely lost track of time. Wendy asks if she’s okay. Gabi says she’s fine and is just working on her new line. Wendy asks if Gabi has talked to anyone. Gabi questions why she’s asking her questions. Wendy guesses she doesn’t know and says it’s about Stefan. Gabi asks if something is wrong. Wendy says kind of and informs Gabi that Stefan is sleeping with the district attorney.

Melinda goes to Rafe’s office and reminds him that she told him if he didn’t hand her an airtight case against Sloan, her office would have to drop the whole thing. Melinda says either Rafe is still lining up evidence or he has no idea who broke in to Paulina’s office. Melinda asks which one it is.

Abe walks through the town square and calls Paulina, asking where she is. Paulina claims that she’s still at the office, cleaning up the mess that Sloan made and she’s going to be stuck there for awhile. Paulina apologizes to Abe, while she’s actually at the hospital for her appointment and Tripp enters her hospital room.

Rafe informs Melinda that they had to cut Sloan loose after she denied everything. Melinda asks if he thought she would break down and admit everything, noting that he doesn’t have a shred of evidence. Rafe insists that if there’s evidence out there, they will find it. Melinda warns Rafe that if Sloan sues them for harassment, this one’s on him as she then leaves his office.

Gabi asks where Wendy heard that Stefan is sleeping with Melinda. Wendy says she’s sorry but she saw it in Leo’s column in the Spectator. Gabi laughs off the idea. Wendy thought she would be more upset and questions how she can be so sure that it’s not true.

Nicole asks Stefan about Li walking in on him. Stefan says he was worried about it happening ever since she left him at the Inn, but EJ assured him that Li would be kept off the scent. Nicole claims this is awful and asks how Li found out. Nicole says that EJ will be furious and asks how ugly it got. Nicole adds that Gabi must be a wreck if she’s not getting Li’s DiMera shares. Stefan clarifies that their deal is still on and Gabi is still getting the shares. Nicole questions that happening even after Li found them in bed. Stefan then reveals to her that Li found him in bed, but with somebody else.

EJ tells Li that he doesn’t understand. Li explains that he followed the plan, burst in, and caught Stefan in bed but Gabi wasn’t there. Li then reveals that Stefan was in bed with Melinda Trask which shocks EJ. EJ argues that this doesn’t make sense since Nicole left the room and Stefan was with Gabi. Li tells EJ that somebody pulled a fast one on him. EJ realizes it was Stefan.

Nicole tells Stefan to start over and questions Li finding him in bed with someone other than Gabi and asks who it was. Melinda then arrives and kisses Stefan, leaving Nicole confused.

Gabi questions Wendy thinking that Stefan turned to Melinda after he couldn’t be with her. Wendy points out that Stefan can’t be with Gabi and admits that Melinda is beautiful. Gabi argues that Leo lies for a living while Stefan is a DiMera and they pay off district attorneys rather than sleeping with them. Gabi wants to change the subject and asks about Wendy’s love life. Wendy responds that she doesn’t think she and Johnny have much of a love life, more of a hang out and watch movies life. Gabi then informs her that she wasn’t talking about Johnny, but about Tripp.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s in the town square now and he’s happy to wait for her. Paulina says she doesn’t know how long she’ll be and claims that security is there to check the cameras so she has to go. They say I love you and hang up. Paulina tries to explain to Tripp that she was lying to Abe because she doesn’t want him to worry about her as it’s not good for him. Tripp tells her that she doesn’t have to explain anything to him. Tripp asks Paulina why she is here because her doctor got called in to surgery. Tripp looks over the notes and asks if she was experiencing heart palpitations. Paulina explains that she thought she was having a heart attack but Chanel’s new hire said it was a panic attack. Tripp remarks that she’s glad that she came in to see a doctor rather than someone who bakes cakes for a living. Paulina then informs him that Talia is a great baker but also a full-fledged doctor.

Abe runs in to Jade in the town square and says he’s been hearing really good things about her work. Jada says she loves her job and calls Rafe a great boss. Abe tells her to have a nice night as he walks away. Talia then comes out from the bakery and talks about her day at work. Jada comments on a doctor talking about working at a bakery. Talia says once a doctor always a doctor and tells Jada that she can ask Paulina, because just today she performed a medical miracle. Talia explains that Paulina was convinced she was having a heart attack, but she diagnosed it as a panic attack. Jada downplays it so Talia complains that she’s always put down her achievements. Jada jokes that she’s always spoke highly of her cupcakes which Talia calls works of art. Jada mentions that she can see Paulina having a panic attack since Sloan is dedicated to ruining her life. Talia asks about the investigation. Jada says it’s ongoing, so first thing in the morning, they will go through everything they have and find something to put Sloan in a cell where they belong. Talia asks Jada what she’s doing tonight. Jada says she’s getting takeout and watching TV. Talia questions when Jada last went on a date and encourages her to get back out there. Talia asks Jada about the hunky cop that she always sees her with. Jada responds that Shawn is her partner and married, but Talia clarifies that she’s talking about Rafe.

Abe goes to Rafe’s office and asks if there’s anything new about the break-in to Paulina’s office. Rafe says they didn’t have enough evidence to hold Sloan but he and Jada will start over tomorrow. Abe mentions just running in to Jada and asks how she’s doing here. Rafe says she’s great and getting better every day. Abe asks if Rafe likes her then. Rafe asks if he didn’t make that clear. Abe clarifies that he didn’t mean professionally and questions if there’s nothing going on between them. Rafe asks where this is coming from and assures that he knows the rules and how that would violate his new policy of superiors and subordinates getting involved which Abe confirms. Abe doesn’t mean to drag this out but points out that Rafe hasn’t denied it. Abe then asks Rafe if he is or isn’t romantically interested in one of his detectives.

EJ tells Li that Stefan must have figured it out, went along with the setup, but at the last minute got Melinda to play his love interest. Li questions how Stefan pulled off this plan while EJ wonders how Stefan got Melinda to agree to it. Li complains that he looked like a fool and now Stefan and Gabi know that he’s on to them. EJ asks if Gabi said that. Li says that Gabi is sticking to the script. Li blames EJ for Stefan and Gabi now having the upper hand. EJ doubts how long they can keep up the charade.

Stefan and Melinda continue kissing as Nicole pours a drink and asks when they first connected. Stefan claims it’s been building for quite some time and notes that Nicole doesn’t seem very happy for them.

Paulina asks Tripp if Talia was right that it was just a panic attack. Tripp says it looks that way but notes that Dr. Greenberg will still want to make his own judgment. Paulina brings up Tripp sleeping in her daughter’s bed. Tripp confirms that he got Chanel’s old room at the apartment. Paulina asks if he wishes Chanel was still there. Tripp responds that he doesn’t think she does since there’s a lot of bad memories for her there. Paulina agrees and suggests maybe Tripp could do something else for her after this. Paulina knows Tripp knows that Allie broke Chanel’s heart and now she’s worried about her health. Tripp asks if she wants him to call Chanel to tell her the medical report is fine. Paulina then reveals that she wants Tripp to call Chanel and ask her out on a date. Paulina reminds Tripp that they had real sparks. Tripp also remembers Paulina stopping the whole thing. Paulina asks if Tripp is still attracted to Chanel and questions if he’s keeping his distance from her because of Allie. Tripp says that’s part of it and admits he likes Chanel as a friend. Paulina encourages that maybe they could lead to something more than friendship, unless there is someone else. Tripp says he’ll just get her test results. Tripp acknowledges that he heard her question but chose not to answer. Paulina warns that she will hound him until he tells her. Tripp then admits that it’s his roommate Wendy, but she’s seeing Johnny DiMera. Paulina questions if he’s just going to give up and let him have her. Paulina urges Tripp to fight for her. Tripp says that she seems to really like Johnny, but Paulina suggests maybe she likes Tripp more and that it could be fate. Paulina encourages Tripp to tell Wendy how he feels or he may end up regretting that he didn’t for a very long time.

Gabi asks Wendy what the story is with Tripp. Wendy responds that he’s just sharing the rent on the apartment. Gabi says that may be how the chapter started but she saw them in Hong Kong and argues that Tripp never got over her. Wendy blames Gabi’s imagination but Gabi argues that Tripp is a doctor and doesn’t need to live here but he wanted to live with her. Gabi talks about seeing how they are and that Wendy loves living with him. Wendy says they are friends. Gabi brings up how Tripp looks at her and doesn’t think just friends is his choice. Wendy admits she may have flirted with Tripp and Joey in Hong Kong because she liked the attention. Wendy adds that maybe she and Tripp still do it but claims it’s not real and just a game. Gabi says not from where she’s sitting.

Rafe tells Abe that he is not seeing Jada and asks if that’s clear enough. Abe says he’s sorry to push him but it is his job. Rafe says he understands but there is something about the new policy that does bother him and brings up how he was involved with Hope when they were both on the force but no one in the department ever said a word. Abe explains that they were equals and that’s the difference. Abe adds that he would change the rule for him, especially with how things turned out with Nicole, but his hands are tied. Abe tells Rafe to take care and exits.

Jada tells Talia that with the new ruling, she and Rafe could both lose their jobs if they even went to the movies together. Talia calls it interesting that she asked her about a guy and she pulls out the department rulebook, but never said she wasn’t interested in him. Jada questions why they are still talking about this. Talia feels she’s been defensive ever since she brought him up. Jada brings up how her and Rafe’s last relationships ended and says neither one of them are ready to jump in to that anytime soon anyway. Talia asks if she’s sure he feels that way. Jada calls it a bad idea and says when she was with Eric, she was practically stalked by his jealous ex-wife. Jada adds that Rafe divorced his ex because she was screwing her ex-husband. Jada points out that those exes were Nicole and Eric. Jada adds that she doesn’t think her and Rafe having a mutual hatred of Nicole is a good basis for a relationship. Jada asks Talia if they can just drop this and go get some damn dinner as she storms off and Talia then follows her.

Nicole questions Stefan and Melinda about this building up for awhile when Stefan was just saying that Gabi was the only woman for him a few days ago. Stefan admits he did say those things about Gabi and claims that shortly after Nicole left, Gabi got cold feet about getting caught so she must value the DiMera shares more than him. Nicole questions Stefan realizing that he’d be happier with an old fashioned girl like Melinda. Melinda tells Stefan that she had a dream about him last night and whispers it to him which makes him laugh. Stefan tells Nicole that he promised to show Melinda his stamp collection in his room, so he takes her upstairs, leaving Nicole confused.

Li complains to EJ that Gabi lied to him and he couldn’t contradict her without telling her that EJ helped him. Li argues that Stefan played EJ and now he’s playing him, so EJ made him look like an idiot and he doesn’t like it one damn bit. EJ encourages Li to take a breath. EJ insists that Stefan and Gabi will find a way to hook up and they will catch them, they just need to be clever with it. Li tells EJ to go to Hell and questions why he ever partnered with him when he doesn’t want to humiliate Gabi and torpedo the deal. EJ tells Li that he has no chance in hell of getting Gabi back, reminding him of when Gabi found out that Li didn’t tell her that Stefan was alive and tried to brainwash him in to hating her as well as trying to kill him. EJ doesn’t think couples therapy is going to help and his DiMera shares are the only thing he could possibly salvage from their trainwreck marriage. Li argues that he doesn’t give a damn about the shares but it’s all EJ cares about. Li tells EJ to stay the hell away from his marriage and swears that EJ will regret it if he makes one move. Li then storms off.

Jada and Talia have dinner at the Brady Pub. Jada jokes that now she has a chance to trample over Talia’s personal boundaries and ask about her personal life. Talia says it doesn’t look like she’ll have the time as Rafe enters the Pub. Talia then calls Rafe over while Jada tells her not to do this. Talia invites Rafe to join them. Rafe says he was just picking up a to-go order. Jada adds that Rafe probably has plans. Talia argues that he has to eat dinner somewhere so she suggests he eat with them. Talia adds that Jada was just telling her about the fraternization rules, but there are three of them here and nothing could possibly happen with her sister watching. Rafe thanks Talia for the invite and goes to get his food. Jada remarks that she’s going to kill Talia for this.

Paulina hopes Tripp will think about what she said. Tripp doesn’t think she heard a word that he said. Paulina tells Tripp that he’s wrong and making a huge mistake. Paulina recalls when she met Chanel’s father and he was dating someone else, so she almost walked away but then she decided to make her move and she made him very happy while they were together. Paulina adds that Chanel is here now because she knew what was best for everyone. Paulina warns Tripp about ignoring her advice. Tripp asks Paulina if she ever takes advice from someone who cares about her and has experience in the matter. Paulina guesses she walked in to that. Tripp advises her to tell Abe what’s going on because he loves her and knows her so he’ll know she’s keeping something from him and will probably imagine something much worse. Tripp adds that if it’s anxiety related, then keeping a secret is very stressful. Tripp asks how Paulina would feel if Abe was keeping something like this from her. Paulina jokes about it being infuritating to get a lecture from him because he’s right. Tripp tells her that she’s free to get dressed and go. Paulina calls him a good doctor and a good friend as Tripp then exits the room.

Wendy still doesn’t understand why Gabi is so interested in her and Tripp, unless this was a diversion to stop talking about Stefan. Gabi says there is nothing to say about Stefan. Li then comes home. Li greets them and calls them one big happy family. Gabi gets a text and says she has to go talk about her launch. Li questions it being at this hour and offers to go with her. Gabi says she’ll handle it. Li reminds her that he set up the deal. Gabi says she appreciates it but sometimes one on one is better. Gabi then exits. Wendy asks Li what he feels like ordering for dinner. Li claims he just remembered there’s something he has to do and quickly exits.

EJ goes home where Nicole tells him that he won’t believe what she has to tell him. EJ reveals he already knows about Li catching Stefan in bed with Melinda. EJ doesn’t know how Stefan convinced Melidna to play along. Nicole asks if he’s sure they are pretending which EJ questions. Nicole tells him there’s more and informs him that Melinda stopped by and they sat on the couch like horny teenagers then pretended to get carried away and went upstairs where they are continuing to pretend.

In Stefan’s room, Melinda tells him that was fun but asks why they had to do an encore performance for Nicole when EJ is going to tell her about last night. Stefan admits it was a bit of a prologue but tells Melinda how much it meant to him and that he will never forget what she’s done. Melinda tells him to cut to the chase and asks what he wants now. Stefan reveals that he didn’t ask her here to stick it to Nicole, but because he actualy needs her to be his decoy.

Talia points out that Rafe and Jada ordered the same thing and says great minds think alike. Jada jokes that they both just like hamburgers and water. Talia claims she just remembered that she has to call an old colleague to catch up so she’s taking her food with her. Talia tells them to enjoy their burgers and leaves them alone.

Tripp comes home and tells Wendy that he had to cover for Dr. Greenberg. Wendy tells him there is some leftovers in the fridge as Tripp asks if she’s leaving. Wendy mentions that Johnny said something about hanging out with friends in the town square. Tripp asks if it’s a date but Wendy says she just thought she could catch up with him and hang out. Tripp tells her to have fun. Wendy goes to leave but Tripp stops her and says if he doesn’t say this now, he might never. Tripp then informs Wendy that he has feelings for her.

Paulina joins Abe in the town square. Abe hugs her and says he stopped by the office earlier but must have just missed her. Paulina then admits she wasn’t there and she lied to him earlier because she was in the hospital.

EJ and Nicole listen in at Stefan’s bedroom door from the hallway and hear Melinda inside, moaning and exclaiming Stefan’s name, while she’s really just sitting on the bed with a deck of cards.

Stefan sneaks in to the living room and in to the secret tunnels.

Li goes to the Bistro and looks around confused.

Stefan sets up a candle lit dinner and a bed of rose petals in the DiMera wine cellar in the tunnels. Gabi arrives and they immediately begin kissing.

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