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Adam: Boy or girl? Have they told you?

Sally: Not yet. Just the paternity.

Adam: Well, if it’s a girl, um, I hope she has your beauty and intelligence and passion.

Sally: And what do you hope she gets from you?

Adam: My sardonic wit.

Sally: God, I hope not.


Adam: And my chin. You know, I have — I have a good, strong chin.
Sally: You do.

Adam: Oh, a daughter. Wow, I would — I want to build her things, you know?
Sally: Like what? A dollhouse?

Adam: Tree house, maybe. You know, make it — make it huge. Like an aircraft carrier and just deck it out with levers and pulleys. Really elaborate, you know?

Sally: [Chuckles] That’s so funny. I-I always wanted a tree house as a kid. You know, a place to call my own. But we were always on the road when I was little. It’s actually really nice to think of raising a kid in one place.

Adam: Well, I would make sure that you two have the perfect home. Plenty of room. And Connor would love to have a sister.

Sally: Wait, what if it’s a boy?

Adam: A boy? Sure. Sure. Connor would love to have a little brother that he could boss around. Another son. Me and my boys. I’d like that. That sounds good.

Sally: I really like seeing you like this. That’s how you were when we first got together.

Adam: I’m always like this. You know, sometimes you just have to look a little harder. But it’s always me. I’m right here. And, Sally, I will always be right here for you. Okay, I know that I’ve asked you this, and I’m going to ask you again for everything that it means to our child…marry me.


Adam: What — what is this?

Nick: What is what, Adam? We’re together. This news doesn’t change anything.

Adam: No, no, this changes everything. Are you — are you really telling me you don’t care that the baby is mine?

Nick: I don’t care at all, alright, and you need to understand that. It’s like I love Christian as much as I love my other kids.

Adam: When — when I allowed you to raise Christian, I was in a different point in my life. This is my baby with Sally, and I’m not just going to sit on the sidelines, okay? I will be damned if you think that I’m just going to step aside.

Nick: Nobody’s asking you to step aside, but we’re together. You’re not going to use this baby to try and get her back.

Adam: This is how it started with Sage and Christian.

Nick: No, it didn’t. You are misremembering the situation to make yourself out as a victim yet again. Oh, poor Adam.

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