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[ Dramatic music ]

Sheila: What are you up to, bill? What’s going on?

Ridge: Oh, no.

Bill: I’ve asked you to be my wife.

Sheila: And you’ve been good to me in every way, but one thing history has shown me is that if things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Ridge: She knows. She’s onto him.

Chen: Everyone, standby.

Sheila: Are you playing me?

Brooke: It is quite shocking that thomas is designing for hope for the future again, but, you know, trying to be supportive for hope’s sake.

Katie: Yeah, well, fingers crossed. Maybe thomas will end up surprising us all.

Brooke: Yeah. I guess carter was surprised to find out that thomas was back on the payroll.

Katie: Yeah. His jaw was on the floor.

Brooke: I thought that only happened when you walked in the room.

Carter: He’s a good man.

Brooke: I’m happy that you’re happy.

Katie: Well, I will admit, it’s been nice having him by my side through this whole bill drama, but I would be happier if bill would just eliminate sheila from his life once and for all.

Brooke: Yeah.

Steffy: That’s a nice surprise. I love that you’re able to sneak away from the hospital just to be with me.

Finn: My procedure got rescheduled and I want to take full advantage.

Steffy: Well, I am glad to hear that… ’cause I was thinking about taking full advantage of you.

Finn: We gotta keep stealing these moments, steffy.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Finn: Moments when the craziness of bill and sheila isn’t consuming us.

Steffy: I was wondering how long it was gonna take before we brought them up.

Finn: Well, that was just about three and a half minutes.

Steffy: Really? Well, how about we block another three minutes because all I want to be doing is consuming my sexy, sweet husband.

Brooke: Bill completely shut me out.

Katie: Me too basically.

Brooke: Well, let’s just hope he wakes up before sheila does any more damage.

Katie: He’s so secretive about their life together. Kind of makes me wonder what he’s really up to.

Bill: Playing you? What do you mean?

Sheila: What is this? What are you doing?

Ridge: Okay, slow down. Don’t let her rattle you.

Bill: Could I make myself

any clearer? I have given you an engagement ring, asked you to marry me. Now, I– I realize that may be a bit of a shock.

Sheila: Oh, a shock? It’s unbelievable. It’s unreal. Only in my wildest dreams. And that’s what makes me wonder, what’s really going on here? What’s the #1 retinol brand

Katie: I– I just, I don’t understand it. I know that he says he feels abandoned and– and alone, but how can he turn his back on his– his kids. I know he loves will, despite this insane attachment to sheila. I mean, how can he not see how destructive this is to himself, to his family, his friends?

Brooke: I don’t know. Just seems like he doesn’t care anymore. It’s like he’s given up.

Katie: I just don’t know how he could throw it all away. His relationship with his kids and his family, for– all for this psycho.

Bill: I thought we trusted each other.

Sheila: I thought so too.

Bill: Well then, what’s the problem? Am I moving too fast? Look, talk to me. I mean, we’re already living together. I– I have distanced myself from everyone in my life because you’re my priority. You’re the only one I want, so why not make our commitment official?

Ridge: Come on, spencer. Pick up the pace. Tell sheila what she wants to hear.

Bill: I know it’s a big step. You’re scared. Hell, I’m scared too. It’s a big risk we take, being open and vulnerable. We’ve both been burned a thousand times before.

Sheila: Yeah. I don’t like it when people betray me.

Bill: And I don’t like it when people betray me. That’s why I understand. Things haven’t turned out the way you hoped. You’ve had the rug pulled out from underneath you. Men don’t accept you. They turn and run the other way. That’s why you’re so guarded.

Sheila: Am I afraid or… guarded? Suspicious? Or am I just smart? And perceptive?

Ridge: Get it together, billy, or this whole thing is gonna blow.

Sheila: Tell me, bill. Am I right? Are you up to no good? Remember the things you loved

Steffy: Wow.

[ Steffy chuckling ] Gosh. Nothing these past few months are making any sense.

Finn: Yeah. And here we are analyzing why bill is doing the things that he’s doing. I mean…

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Is he really buying what sheila is selling?

Steffy: I don’t know. I don’t know why bill is alienating himself from liam and wyatt, katie and brooke. Why is he defending that monster?

Finn: And blackmailing your mom.

Steffy: Where has my dad been?

Finn: Ridge has been gone months now.

Steffy: He checks in occasionally, usually about business, but where is he? And why isn’t he here to help us?

Ridge: Come on, bill. Get it done. Turn it around.

Bill: Wow.

Wow, I never saw that coming. Not from you. Haven’t I proven myself enough? Haven’t I devoted enough of myself to you? I’ve burned every bridge in my life. I’ve gone against my kids, my own kids. I mean, what more do you want from me?

I have given all of myself

to you.

I’ve gotten down on one knee.

No strings, no pre-nup.

Ridge: There you go.

Bill: Why would I do that? Because I thought I finally found someone who would love and accept me for me. I’m a flawed man. I can admit that.

I have my demons.

I have committed crimes.

I have done the unimaginable, just like you have. Does that mean I’m not deserving of being loved? Does that mean I’m not deserving of being seen and understood for who I am? No. I am deserving of that. And I thought I finally found that in you. And that’s why I promised to give you the same in return. Because we both finally found true love. But you have to be willing to accept it, sheila. Will you accept it? Will you say yes? Let me put this ring on your finger, make you my wife and give you the future that you so wretchedly deserve.

Sheila: Yes. Yes, bill. I will marry you. I’d love to be your wife.

I would love to be your wife.

Ridge: Good. She bought it.

Chen: Nice work.

Ridge: That was all bill. I’m glad he got it done ’cause I gotta tell you, couldn’t take another minute of mr. Romance over there.

[ Sheila laughing ] Scout is protected by simparica trio,

Steffy: Did my dad move and not tell us? Is he some place gorgeous, just living it up?

Finn: Ridge will be back eventually. And I’m sure karma will take care of sheila some day because right now, I just want to enjoy you, steffy. I want to enjoy us. And I made a commitment to keep you and my family safe, but… I also vowed to have and to hold you for eternity.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s a really– that’s a really long time.

Finn: It’s not long enough, if you ask me.

Katie: He’s lost to us. I don’t know. The man that we’ve known, that we’ve loved, he’s not there anymore.

Brooke: I know. Sheila’s presence has changed him.

Katie: I just have to believe that the old bill spencer is in there somewhere and he’s gonna come back to us.

Brooke: And then sheila will be out of all of our lives once and for all.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Ridge: Ah, yes. All this time watching bill pretend that he’s into sheila.

Chen: Finally, she trusts him enough to accept his proposal, but can he get her to confess to murder one?

Ridge: He better. It’s the only way we can put her away forever.

[ Both laughing ]

Sheila: Oh, it is beautiful.

Bill: I couldn’t let you get away. This moment was too important to me. I know exactly what I want my future to look like from this day forward and I don’t ever want to wonder where you are. But to do this, we have to have a foundation of complete openness and honesty. Trust.

Now, I have been totally

forthcoming with you,

but there are things you

haven’t shared with me. Secrets from your past that– that frighten you, that you’re ashamed of. Secrets that keep you from giving all of yourself to me the way that I have to you. I need to hear it all, sheila.

Sheila: I have with you. You already know. I shot finn and steffy.

Bill: Yes, I– I know that. Unburden yourself. You’ve– you’ve told me that you have done unimaginable things.

Ridge: Come on. Close it out, bill.

Bill: I know you’re haunted and I know what that feels like.

Sheila: There was… a doctor, jay garvin. He was a therapist that was treating me and he threatened me.

Ridge: Here we go.

Sheila: We, uh… had an argument.

You can’t tell him anything! And there was a scuffle on a balcony.

Jay: Sheila, get a hold

of yourself!

Get a hold of yourself!

Bill: What happened? You had enough? You pushed him over the balcony?

Jay: Calm down, now!

Sheila: Let go of me!

Jay: No!

Sheila: He grabbed me and I shook free of him, then he… he fell over the balcony and he died. His death, it was tragic, but I never– I never meant to kill him. He just… he just fell.

Ridge: What? What the hell?

Bill: So sorry you had to go through that. It sounds awful.

Sheila: Oh, shoot. This– I feel so much better. I’ve never told anybody this.

Bill: I’m glad. But, I know there’s more. Something, something from your past that you’ve been carrying around all these years. It’s okay. You can tell me.

Sheila: There was… lance day. And he threatened me too.

Ridge: Okay.

Bill: What happened?

Sheila: I found out he was deathly allergic to bees. I tried to talk sense into him. He gave me no choice though. I… I sent bees.

Lance: Ow.

Sheila: Into his bedroom when he was sleeping and he was stung over…

Lance: Let me out of here!

Sheila: And over…

Lance: Please help me!

Help me!

Sheila: And over again.

Lance: I can’t breathe!

Sheila: And…

Lance: Help me! Help me!

Sheila: I made sure he couldn’t get out of that room.

Lance: Call 9-1-1.

Sheila: And he…

what’s the matter?

You don’t feel well? He pleaded with me for help.

Lance: Help me.

Help me, please.

Sheila: I just watched him gasp for air.

Bill: What did you do?

Sheila: I stood there and I watched him die.

Bill: So, this lance, you intentionally killed him? It’s okay.

You’re safe here.

You can tell me.

Sheila: Yes.

Ridge: And she’s done, right? She’s done. That’s it. He did it!

Bill: You… you murdered lance day?

Sheila: Yes. Bill, I’m a murderer.

Bill: That’s so hot. You naughty, naughty girl. Say it again.

Sheila: I… am a murderer.

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