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– good afternoon, mr. Ashford. Hey. I’m here to pick up trina. – Ok, I’m going to head out. It was good to see you. – What’s the rush? Come on in, mr. Cassidine. I think you and I are overdue for a chat. – This is it. Your grandmother and mayor may be on the up and up, but I’m not willing to wait around and find out. – Esme, going somewhere? – How are you holding up, mom? – Letting go is hard. – Oh, sweetheart. Oh. – I think we should have heard from eileen. She must have delivered the necklace by now. – Maybe she’s stuck in traffic. Just give it time. We don’t have to assume the worst. Yet. Victor will be convinced the necklace is real when he sees the false code we engraved in the replica. Once he’s got that, he’ll make hisk – what are you looking for? – This isn’t right. Something’s missing. – Like what? What could be missing? – The key. It’s not– oh, wait a sec. Ah. That’s more like it. – So you have what you need. Are we done here? – Oh. On the contrary, my dear. We’re just getting started.

[Theme music playing]

Well, I am convinced that these codes are coordinates, but we’re not going to know that until victor takes the bait. And there’s no guarantee that he’s going to fall for these fake codes. I mean, he could easily just figure out that someone’s trying to set him up. And I have to say, that i am not in love with eileen being our asset. – We still have the element of surprise. As far as victor knows, we are dead. And drew cain is completely above suspicion. He’s out of the loop. – It does give us an advantage. You’re right. But we have to be ready for any kind of complication. – One of them is taking an epic bubble bath as we speak. We just have to stay vigilant. We may have to improvise. – I’m due back at city hall. Good luck. – City hall? City hall can wait. I spent years of blood, sweat, and tears to get to this moment. Surely, you want to witness it? – Well, I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t curious to know exactly what this is all about. – Well, of course you are. And you deserve some answers. There. All yours, my dear. – What are you saying? – Well, call it a thank-you gift. – But this is worth millions. Don’t you want it? – Fencing stolen jewelry is really not my style. – I’m a public official. I– I don’t know what to do with that. – Well, return it to the pcpd secure lock up for all I care. – But if you don’t want the necklace, then what is this all about? – Oh, I’m just saving the world. – We can’t really stay. We have to go to cam’s party early, so we can help his mom set up. – Oh, this won’t take long. Besides, didn’t you tell me you had to get some photos ready for the party? – Right. But we really– we have to go. It’s– – I’ve already had lunch, trina. I promise I won’t bite. – Nothing to worry about. – Ok. This shouldn’t take long. – We’ll be here.

[Tense music playing] Want to sit? – Look, mr. Ashford, I know that you and your family and most of trina’s friends don’t approve of our friendship. – Except you and trina are more just friends, aren’t you? Which changes everything. – Jake set up all the decorations and aiden made the cake. Wait till you see it. – Oh I’m sure he’s outdone himself. So how are the boys dealing with their brother moving across the country? – Well, they’re trying not to make a big deal out of it, but I can tell they’re sad to see him go. – They’re not the only ones. I’m very proud of cameron, but I just– I can’t imagine walking into kelly’s and not seeing him there or just knowing he’s somewhere in town. – It’s all I can do to not fall apart every time I think about putting him on a plane to california. – I know. – I know it’s– it’s an incredible opportunity. It’s full scholarship and he gets to play vision I soccer. And I want him to live a full and happy life. I just wish he was closer. Is that selfish? – No, it’s understandable. He’s your baby. – I want him here where I can keep an eye on him. – I know that feeling. Elizabeth, honey, we need to talk about nikolas. – Um– I don’t have to answer to you. What I do is none of your business. – Oh, I think it is because this is my grandmother’s house. – You’re cameron webber? Another one of laura’s grandsons and another one of my victims? Allegedly. – Is that what your lawyers told you to say, allegedly? How about actually? You actually ruined my life. You actually recorded me and my girlfriend having sex without our consent and sent it to the whole university. You actually humiliated us and turned what could have been a beautiful moment in our relationship into something awful. And now you don’t remember the hell that you put me and my friends through because you lost your memory. Allegedly. – Come on in. Tell me more about the horrible person that I was. Look, um– I really don’t remember doing that, but you seem pretty adamant. So if I did, I’m really sorry. I hope you and your girlfriend are all right. – I don’t need your fake apologies, all right? They mean nothing to me. – Look, obviously, you’re angry and I get why. I’m sure you le seeing me here just out of prison and at the mercy of people who I don’t even trust. Karma’s a bitch, right? – Josslyn! Oh, my gosh, I am so happy that I ran into you. – Hi. Let me guess, you’re going to talk to me about the nurses’ ball. – Have I er told you how smart you are? – Look, there’s no need to butter me up. My grandma told me that you’re trying to pull everything together for the hospital’s 60th. Anything you need, I’m in. – Great. So you’ll perform? – Oh, except that. But I– I can do phone calls and decorations and– – no, anybody can do that stuff. I need talent. Your performance at the 2020 telethon was a huge hit. I mean, I can practically hear lucy screaming, – yeah. Wow, I still can’t believe that lucy’s not here. , Look, performing is really cam’s thing. And it would just feel really weird to do it without him. – Yeah, it’s really unfortunate cameron’s leaving right before the ball. But you could perform with trina, right? – Well, that would depend on trina. – Oh, we got to think positive. Oh, and all the performers, they get a plus one.

I don’t understand. You said this was the necklace that would lead you to the place you’ve been searching for. – Well, the necklace is merely the conduit to the key, the code engraved on the diamond, the key that unlocks the door. – Wha– to saving the world? – Many years ago, my brothers, anthony, mikkos and I, developed a means of putting the world back to rights. I thought at the time that we were all motivated by the same idea, mitigating the harm humanity has done to the world. What I came to understand was that mikkos was actually motivated more by power and money. I tried to make him see sense. But by then, luke spencer showed up with laura and ruined everything. Now look at us, we’re running out of time. – Ok. So how do you intend to pull us back from the brink? With that code? – Well, we– we were aware that our plan might well be thwarted, so we came up with a contingency. Mikkos had the code engraved on the back of the diamond, which I now have. All that remains is for me to crack the code. – Well, this isn’t over until we crack the code and find out what it’s for. – Until we know what victor is after, honestly eileen, none of us are free. – So how do you plan to do that? – Hi. – Hello. – Joss, who’s your friend? – Dex heller. I work for sonny corinthos. – Maxie jones. I was just talking with josslyn about this year’s nurses’ ball. In fact, your boss is one of our biggest supporters. – Yeah, I knew that. Mr. Corinthos is quite charitable. – I’m chairing the event this year. I’m actually still looking to beef up one of our more popular acts. Tell me, do you dance, dex? – Not in public. – Oh, don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure you have the pecs– pipes, chops. Josslyn, tell him how much fun it is. – Do you sing? – She brings the house down every year. She’s excellent. – Oh, so you’re performing? – I didn’t say that. Don’t let us keep you, maxie. – Ok. I’m not done with you or you. I’m going to get some caffeine. Don’t go anywhere. – You enjoyed that a little too much. – I didn’t know you sang. – Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me. There’s a lot i don’t know about you. – I thought you were living at kelly’S. You’re staying here? – Well, that would require a, staying here with spencer and laura. And I will not be separated from my son. I mean, he’s all that I have. – So why were you leaving? – We were just taking a walk. – Kind of cold out for a baby, huh? – Babies need fresh air. – You know, the old esme was a lot better at lying than you are. – Ok, you caught me. But you’re not going to rat me out to your grandmother, are you? She’s not here, by the way. I’m all alone. Maybe they were testing me, which I’ve obviously failed. – I didn’t come to see my grandmother. I came to see spencer.

[Baby coos] – Great. Now he has more ammunition to take ace away from me. – Can you blame him for wanting to protect his baby brother? – Well, he doesn’t need to protect ace from me. Why does he not believe me? So you’re not going to believe me either. I’m sure you love seeing me here, you know, taking care of my baby instead of being in prison. – You know, I’m actually not that mad about it, especially because I’m part of the reason why you’re free. – I know what you’re thinking. – Oh, you do? Enlighten me. – When you look at me, all you see is the guy who hurt trina. More than once. – I’m aware of everything you’ve done, man. No need to rehash it. – Yeah, but I do. Every day I live with the regret of how much I hurt trina. And I hate myself for it, mr. Ashford. But I do care about her. I understand that you are reluctant. And I don’t blame you for wanting to keep me away from her, for thinking that I don’t deserve her. But I’m honest with myself about what I did and the kind of person that I was. And I’m trying to become a better man. I know that you have no reason to believe me. – That’s where you’re wrong. Stop beating yourself up before you knock yourself out. I can see you’re trying, and a steady support for trina with her mother, and curtis, before them, with rory. Now she tells me you stepping up to fight for your baby brother. Despite what you may think, i can appreciate you for that. – First, I want to be really clear. I don’t blame you. I don’T. I just wish that you trusted me enough to tell me what was going on with nikolas. You know, when they made me aware of your immunity deal, I realized that when you got involved with this at that time, that was right after you had come back from seeing your parents. You were in a really vulnerable state then, elizabeth. Nikolas should not have put you in that position. – Thank you for your understanding, but I own what I did. I shouldn’t have gone along with this plan, especially once we figured out that esme wasn’t the hook killer. But by then, we were in so deep. – Why didn’t you come to me? You can trust me. You know that. – I know, but I don’t want to bring anybody else in and make them an accomplice. And laura, you’re not only the boy’s grandmother, you’re the mayor. I didn’t want to make you part of this mess. And more than that, i value your opinion of me. I was ashamed of what I had done. And I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be ashamed of me, too.

I am proud of your courage, that you stepped forward to take care of this thing, and after nikolas left you holding the bag. – You’re still his mom. I know you love him. It must be really hard not knowing where he is. – It is. But I honestly don’t know what to do with nikolas anymore. I really don’T. He keeps falling back into the same trap. He makes a rash decision, then he tries to cover it up. And then he runs away. I mean, if he felt able to confide in me, he would be here right now. He would be with his two sons instead of god knows where, and I don’t know, possibly indebted to victor. I mean– I’m sorry. I– I shouldn’t be doing this right now. Nikolas made the choices he made. And now we are left to deal with the consequences. – While I face almost no consequences. – That is the last thing that I expected you to say. – Don’t get used to it. But after seeing that you’re stepping up, fighting for your baby brother, I cannot do anything but be appreciative for you. – Thank you, sir. That means more than you know. – And your brother, that’s one thing. Trina, that’s a whole ‘nother thing. I’m not going to pretend i don’t have concerns about you being with trina, especially after dealing with all this mess with esme. – I understand. But I hope that I can get you to believe that I do want what’s best for her and that I’m trying to be a better man for both her and my brother. – It’s good you want to do better for the people you care about. But in my experience, to truly change, you got to want it for yourself. Looking for validation from the outside only lead you back to your old patterns, or worse still, down the wrong path altogether. You get what I’m saying to you? Trina is willing to go to great lengths for you. I better see her faith in your rewarded. – My friends and I didn’t want the da to prosecute you. It was trina who pushed for it. So she contacted her attorney, diane miller, to intervene. She then spoke with the da to ask to drop all the charges. – Why would you do that? Don’t you guys hate me? – Well, if you were going to trial now, without your memories, a sympathetic jury might find you not guilty. And if you got them back, we wouldn’t be able to try you again. – So this isn’t about grace. This is about keeping me in check so that I can still be convicted. – Well, and also keeping ace out of prison. – Right, spencer’s baby brother. I mean, you guys are cousins and friends. Obviously, I guess you’d do anything for him. – Pretty much. He needs this for his baby brother. And he’s willing to wait to see you brought to justice. Sorry to sound insensitive. – Oh, it definitely does. But I think that it might just be the first honest thing anyone said to me since I got back. – I can’t stand not knowing what’s going on with eileen. Why didn’t she just wear the bloody wire? – Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now. Will you humor me? – Yeah. What’s on your mind? – It occurs to me that if everything goes according to plan tonight, you and I will be heading home, resuming our normal lives. What is the first thing you’re going to do? – The first thing I’m going to and I’m going to book myself a ticket to the bay area so that I can see robin, emma, and noah. And I’m going to give them all the biggest hug they’ve ever had in their lives. That’s what I’m going to do. How about you? – Me? I will probably take a road trip with charlotte, check a couple of boxes off the bucket list, while reconnecting with my teenage daughter. And then dive headfirst into elq and build some serious generational wealth. – That’s interesting. – What is? – After all these months together, it seems that when we go home, we’re not going to be spending so much time in each other’s lives. – It took me decades to track down the decryption key, but I finally managed it. All I needed then was the ice princess, itself. But by the time I acquired that, luke spencer had already sold off several pieces. Took me another several years to find the right piece. But now, finally– finally, I have everything I need to complete what I set out to do. – Saving the world. – And ensuring a place for my family and their progeny. But saving the world comes at a cost. – What do you mean? – Well, I can ensure the future for my family, but countless other souls will have to pay the price, possibly for generations to come.

I didn’t expect to see you back at kelly’s so soon. – I was hoping you’d still be around. – Wow, what happened to keeping our distance? – It’s harder than it sounds. I just wanted to see how you were holding up. Cameron was a little intense earlier. – What did he say? – Nothing unexpected, just he cares about you and doesn’t want to see you hurt. – And what did you say? – I said I care about you, too. – Amazing. I told you guys to wait, and you listened. That never happens. Does that mean that you are considering being talent for the nurses’ ball? – Oh, we’re still working on it. – Oh, hurry up and say yes already. In the meantime, I’m going to reserve your tickets. – Oh, I only need one. I’m going solo this year. – That could be fun. What about you? Handsome guy like yourself, you probably need two tickets? – I’m holding out till I can take someone special, so maybe next year. – Here you go, fresh new diaper. He is a really good baby. But I have to admit, taking care of a newborn is no joke. I’m tired all of the time. And I am scared most of the time. – You’ve got a lot on your plate. – You’re kind, just like your grandmother. But it’s not just the baby that’s making me tired. I mean, ever since I got here, I’ve had to be on guard. Everyone I’ve met has tried to use me to their advantage. I mean, first my– my lunatic parents, now spencer and his incredibly privileged family. It’s like I can’t trust anyone. – I hear you, esme. But you got to understand, just because you forgot all the things that you’ve done, doesn’t mean everyone else has to. We don’t trust you for good reason. – Yeah, but it’s not like I can go back in time and undo it all. I mean, not that anyone would believe me. Apparently, I was a great liar. But what happens to me if I never get my memory back? I mean, will everyone just see me as this pariah that I used to be? – Not necessarily. I knew someone once. He was the town pariah. He made a lot of mistakes, hurt a lot of people. He was in all sorts of trouble with the law. After a while, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to come back from any of it. But he stuck around, made a new life for himself. And not only did he find acceptance, he found love and a family, too. – You’re not talking about yourself, are you? – No. I’m talking about my stepfather and your brother. – Did you get your photos? – Yeah, I have them. I even put them on a flash drive. – Good. Thank you for the chat, mr. Ashford. It was illuminating. – You two have fun tonight and– be careful. – Ok, be honest. Did marshall put your feet to the fire? – Yeah, they’re a little smoky, but I’m good. – I’ll talk to him. – Not necessary. He was honest and wise. He gave me a lot to think about, a whole new perspective. – On what? – Us. – What kind of cost are you talking about, victor? – Oh, don’t be alarmed, my dear. I won’t forget your contribution. You’ll be taken care of. So all I need to do now, is to enter the code engraved on the back of the ice princess into the program. The program will then decrypt that code and turn it into a set of coordinates.

[Beeping sound] Oh, yeah. Wait, that can’t be right. – What– what’s going on? – You’ve betrayed me. – Don’t misunderstand, I’m incredibly grateful the da agreed to give me immunity. I need my job. I have three boys to provide for, two of which who still need me on a daily basis. It would have been incredibly irresponsible of me to jeopardize their well-being. – You don’t have to convince me. But it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. Do you think you’re feeling guilty because you didn’t pay a high enough price? – Maybe. In hindsight, i don’t know how i couldn’t see what a colossal mistake I was making. You know, in the beginning, I thought I was doing the right thing. But then it just started to spiral and it got away from me. People got hurt, and lisa lost britt and– I know I’m going to encounter more people that think I deserve to be behind bars. – You know, you can’t concern yourself with that. You really can’T. Or them. – I’ve already let down so many people I care about, you and cameron, even epiphany. – Why epiphany? – I haven’t heard a peep from her. I know she’s busy visiting johns hopkins, but I can’t help but feel that there’s a deeper reason for her silence. – Oh, elizabeth, honey, come here. You made a mistake, all right? Everybody makes them. What matters is how you move forward. – You’d think I’d know that by now. – You didn’t disappoint me. You didn’t disappoint cameron. And I would bet money that you didn’t disappoint epiphany. Really, sweetie, the people who love you still love you. As sreal – so what was marshall’s perspective on us? – He told me that if i wanted to be a better man, which I do, that I need to do it for me, and not because– – because I want you to. – That’s right. Marshall reminded me that I’m going to keep an eye on what I want out of life, what’s most important to me. – Do you know? – Honestly, I’m not sure. – I am. You deserve to be happy, spencer. – You make me very happy. And the only thing that I know for sure is that I want you in my life. – Well, that’s a relief, because I have no plans of going anywhere.

[Marshall clears throat] – You still here? Party isn’t going to decorate itself. – Yeah, you’re very right. We should really get going. – Whatever you said to spencer, thank you. – You know I always got your back, girl. Go. – I bid you adieu, mr. Ashford. – And adieu to you too, mr. Cassidine. – Hi, josslyn. – Hi. I’m sorry, I thought that trina would be here. – That’s ok. It’s nice to see you. – It’s nice to see you. I brought cam’s favorite pretzels. – Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you. I’ll put it on the gift table. – I’m really sorry that I hurt cam. And I don’t blame you if you’re relieved that he’s getting far away from me. – Franco was heather’s son, which makes him your half-brother. – Wait, was? – He died. – Great. So one family member who would understand what I feel is gone. – Well, I think that he could still help you. Franco worked very hard to prove the haters wrong. He rebuilt his life here in port charles. I knu about him before I go. – You’re going somewhere? – Got into stanford. – And I was just starting to like you. – Well, there’s plenty of other people to like, esme. – Yeah, well, i haven’t met them yet. I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing for me here in port charles. – You have your son and a very generous support system. – Yeah. Well, spencer’s just trying to take my baby from me, and everyone in this town is team spencer. Well, except for my mother, who’s in an insane asylum. – Esme, if you skip town now, you really have no one. And how are you supposed to prove to everyone that you’re a changed person if you leave the first chance you get? – You have some valid points.

[Cell phone beeps] – Sorry, I um– I got a place to be. I got to go. Are you going to be ok? – You’ve been honest with me so far. You don’t have to act like you care. We’ll be fine. I promise. You can go. – I don’t understand. – This program should have revealed a set of coordinates. There’s no way these figures are right, which can only mean that either the decryption key or the diamond, itself, have been tampered. Now where exactly did you find this necklace? – The secure evidence locker. I bribed a police officer to let me in. – Now you said you thought that robert and laura might have been on to you. Is it possible they knew you were about to retrieve the necklace? – I don’t think so. I went right in immediately after the officer gave me access. And I– there wasn’t time to inform laura or robert or do anything with the necklace. – Don’t– don’t lie to me. – I wouldn’T. Never. What about the key? Are you sure your brother didn’t do something with the decryption key? – I suppose it is possible mikkos betrayed me. Yeah, perhaps the code was never meant to reveal the coordinates to anyone but mikkos. That selfish bastard, taking his secret to the grave. Damn it! – I don’t like the idea of not seeing each other every day. – Yeah? – So once we settle in with our children, I would like to know what’s next for us. – Well, what do you think that looks like? – You mean, after spending multiple days not getting out of that amazing bed of yours? – Is that– you know, it’s not very practical, is it? – Practicality is overrated. Is there something you’re not saying? – Well, it’s just ever since we decided to make a go of it, or get together, victor’s been in our way, right? So I’m just wondering if we are successful in putting him away, I think the future will look quite different. – Well, yeah. If victor’s no longer an issue, it’s going to be much better. – Well, yes, that’s easy to say now, but what about in a few months time? Maybe you’ll be itching for excitement or an adventure, you know? – Am I the danger freak? Look who’s talking, agent devane? – I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about you. – Any time you and I are together, whether we are cheating death, chasing whoever, or at the market looking for the perfect papaya– – I’m not a fan of papaya. – My point is this. You are my greatest adventure. You’re the only one I need.

I think she’d be back by now. I’m calling her. – After all these years, oh, no, I’ve come too far. Nope. No, no, no, no. I will not be denied again.

[Cell phone ringing] – The da’s office. I’m in the middle of a meeting. I already told you that I need more time before i can get back to the office. – Time’s up. You’re out now. – I’m sorry. I can’T. – Eileen– – what’s going on? – She’s about to blow up the whole operation. – I know cameron’s hurting. You meant a lot to him, but you guys can mean a lot to each other as friends. I’m pulling for that. – Me too. Me too. And– and I know how badly he wants this. And I’m so happy for him. But it’s really hard that he’s leaving and there’s already all this weird distance between us. – Well, I have faith the two of you will be able to see your way through it and remain friends. – Thank you. – You’re still here. – Oh, I just got off a call. Are you ready to commit to performing at the nurses’ ball? Everyone has a talent, hidden or otherwise. And I think I know where to place yours. – Well, I don’t know. – Ok. Well, think about it. You could be front and center at the most exciting event in port charles. You could go and meet someone. You could get married. Anything can happen at the nurses’ ball. – Oh, everything looks great in here. Hi. – Hi. – I brought some photos. – Ooh, I’ll show you where they go. – Ok. – Hey, spencer. – Hey. – You made it. – I made it. Did kevin mind having to pitch in and help with the baby? I should actually call him. – He got called back to work. Esme is taking care of ace. – You left my brother alone with esme? – Spencer, esme is perfectly capable of taking care of her own baby. And she’s a guest in our house. She’s not a prisoner.

[Suspenseful music playing]

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