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[ Camera shutters clicking ]

[ Clicking continues ]

Nick, sally! Over here, over here!


Right here, right here. Love it.


Perfect. There we go. There we go. Perfect.

Adam: Quite a night, huh?

Sally: Yeah. Definitely. I love your dress.

Sharon: Oh, thanks. I love yours, too. You look great.

Sally: Oh, thanks. I appreciate that.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: I didn’t realize you were coming with adam.

Sharon: Yeah, it was kind of a last-minute invitation.

Adam: Ah, which doesn’t diminish how pleased I am to be your date for the evening.

Nick: Huh.

How about a photo, the four of you?

Adam: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Uh…yeah, why not?

Adam: [ Clears throat ]


There we go.

Beautiful, guys.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Sharon: Okay, well, um, why don’t we go inside? I’m looking forward to having a glass of champagne. Oh, I’m sorry. That was insensitive of me.

Sally: Oh, no worries. Not having alcohol for a few more months is totally worth it.

Adam: Yes. Yes, it is.

[ Camera shutters clicking ] Okay.


Steve, over here!

Nick: Thank you.

You look beautiful! I love your dress!

There we go.

Oh, jack!

[ Indistinct shouting ]



Diane: There’s so much press here tonight. Are we really doing this, announcing our engagement to the world?

Jack: You’re talking to the wrong guy. I am madly in love and ready to shout it from the rooftops.

Leanna: I left my press credentials at the hotel! You’re not really gonna make me go back and get them, are you? You know who I am!

Diane: Even with a mask on.

Jack: I would know that voice.

Diane: Mm. And the hair.

Leanna: It’s me — leanna love.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Perfect. There we go.


[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Leanna: Well, well. Jack abbott. And diane jenkins. Oh! I have to admit, I was stunned and fascinated to hear you were still alive! And now here you are, accompanying jack to this momentous occasion. How spectacular is that? Wait a minute. Are you two a thing?

Jack: What brings you by tonight, leanna?

Leanna: Well, how could i stay away? I have so many fond memories of genoa city. And who better to cover the celebration of the century — no, make that two centuries — than moi, G.C.’S own celebrity journalista?



[ Indistinct shouting ]

Over here, over here!

Diane! Jack!

There we go!

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Billy: You’re not dressed.

Chelsea: I’m running a little behind. Uh, I can’t decide what to wear.

Billy: Well, you left the industry, but you’re still a fashion icon. I’m sure there’s plenty of things up in your closet that you’re gonna look gorgeous in.

Chelsea: Thanks. Yeah. I just need to pick one and get on with it.

Billy: So, this isn’t about the dress. What’s up?

Chelsea: I just have a little anxiety about facing everybody all in one place, so I started to go down the rabbit hole.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: I thought I was ready for this, billy, but now… I’m not sure if I can be your date.

Diane: As thrilled as you are to see everyone, I think you’ll find that the top-tier guests are less than thrilled to see you.

Jack: Consider yourself warned.

Leanna: Oh, pish-posh. Any bad blood is so much bubbly under the bridge. We’ve all moved on, haven’t we? No, I’m quite certain everyone will be tickled to see me.

Diane: Well, think what you like.

Leanna: But the real reason I’m here tonight is because there are going to be so many juicy stories to write about. With a lot of power players on hand, who knows what could happen? I might even get another book out of it.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Ms. Love, over here, over here! Right here.

Yeah, could we get…

Jack: I am a little concerned our news will get out sooner than we anticipated.

Diane: Listen, I don’t want that blabbermouth leaking the news of our engagement before we make our official announcement. Jack, you should hang on to this so that no one sees it.

Jack: Until the time is right.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Stacy, harvey, one more over here.

Victor… why are you still

living with odors?

Additional sponsorship

provided by… eggland’s best.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nikki: Oh, michael, I am so excited. It’s going to be amazing.

Michael: It’s beyond amazing. People are gonna love the surprise you cooked up for them. You, young lady, have outdone yourself.

Nikki: Oh, that’s only because I had such a stellar planning committee. I could trust all of you to put the finishing touches on this event so that I could focus on…

Michael: Ah, other things.

Nikki: Exactly.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: Oh, and before I get busy greeting guests, I just want to say the food and drink that you and lauren organized — I mean, it’s — it’s out of this world.

Michael: Why, thank you, lady.

Nikki: And speaking of your lovely wife, is she on her way?

Michael: Oh, my.

Nikki: Because she is pushing the limits of fashionably late.

Michael: I got a text. She is on her way. Um, I don’t interfere with a woman when she’s getting ready for a thing like this.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Good idea. I just hope she gets here before the presentation.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nick: I’m glad I didn’t eat. Got quite a spread.

Sally: And that ice sculpture, you could hide a truck behind that thing.

Victoria: You know, um, unfortunately, I can’t really.

Say the same thing for your camouflage technique.

Sally: Uh, I beg your pardon.

Victoria: Well, I mean, you’re doing your best to hide the fact that you’re expecting. But you’re kind of drawing more attention to it. You shouldn’t worry about it. You don’t have to be self-conscious. I mean, worst-case scenario, you can just wear your mask, right?

Nick: Vick’s right. You don’t have to try and hide it. I doubt anyone figures it out. And if they do, who cares? You look beautiful. You got this.

Nikki: Well, don’t you all look breathtaking?

Victoria: Oh, look who’s talking.

Nick: Stunning, mother. Stunning.

Victoria: Beautiful.

Nikki: Well, thank you. It’s your father’s favorite color.

Nick: Party is shaping up nicely.

Sally: Yeah. Looks like a really big turnout.

Nikki: So far, so good.

Victoria: Yep, it feels like a big old genoa city party.

Nikki: Well, that’s what we were going for.

Victoria: And the decorations look great.

Nick: Really great, mom.

Nikki: Oh, well, if you think this room is dazzling, just you wait.

Victoria: Oh?

Sally: Sounds like you have some surprises up your sleeve. I love surprises.

Adam: Guess we should go join the family, talk about nikki’s dress. Will you be okay with that?

Sharon: Yeah, of course. Unless you’re planning on causing trouble.

Adam: Me?

Victor: Now, ashley, why in the world would you lower yourself to be seen with this man in public, let alone as his date, considering your history?

Tucker: We’re not really interested in your opinion.

Ashley: I’m perfectly capable of deciding who I want to hang out with, but thank you so much.

Victor: Tucker, old boy, you’re being used. You know that, don’t you? Ashley has a plan for you. I don’t know what that is, but I’m very curious to find out how it all plays out. Meanwhile, why don’t you sell your company to me?

Tucker: Oh, would you like to buy my company?

Victor: Yes. When are you gonna make a decision?

Tucker: I’m currently working out a deal with devon.

Victor: Oh, you are? Well, devon — well, I’ll be damned. Good luck with that.

[ Laughter ] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have to say hello to jill.

Ashley: Have a wonderful evening.

Victor: You do the same.

Adam: Great party.

Nick: Yes, it is. Mom went all out.

Sharon: You certainly did, nikki. Congratulations on another amazing gala.

Nikki: Oh, well, thank you, sharon. Victoria, there’s the lieutenant governor. Let’s go say hello.

Victoria: I’m right behind you.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Uh, well, things seemed a little awkward out front. Are we — we all good?

Nick: Everything’s great.

Adam: Good. Think I might use that photo of the four of us for my christmas card this year.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Right.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Oh, my.

Traci: I’m so glad you got my invitation, mamie. And I love that you’re actually here. You mean so much to us.

Mamie: Oh, thank you for thinking of me, traci. I was so happy to hear from you. Oh, my, my, this place has not changed at all. And I see so many faces that I recognize. Oh, it’s so wonderful to be here.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Find the brands, inspiration, and value

Billy: So, here’s the thing with these big social events, with the small talk and the air kisses — not really my thing, okay? I don’t find them relaxing at all. So I get it. Okay? And if you want to stay home and watch a movie and chill out, I’m fine with that. There’s no pressure here.

Chelsea: Pop some popcorn?

[ Chuckles ] Sounds like heaven.

Billy: Okay, cool. I told jack that I was gonna go, so I’m just gonna let him know, okay?

Chelsea: Wait, hold on, hold on. Maybe that’s a mistake.

Billy: What do you mean?

Chelsea: Giving in to my anxieties. My therapist would probably say that it’s good to face the situation, you know, to get out in a crowd, venture outside my comfort zone.

Billy: Okay. “Probably” isn’t for sure, though, and I’m not sure I see a reason why you would intentionally make yourself uncomfortable.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, this is kind of the ideal scenario, isn’t it? I mean, the focus is gonna be on the event, right? Not on me. I mean, nobody cares about me. I can just blend in and be an observer and see some people I want to see, and hopefully, have some lovely conversations. Plus, if I am going to be working with daniel, I have to learn to get out into the world again, right? So I think I just need to put on a fancy dress and face my fears and stay strong. That’s what dr. Malone would say, right?

She could, or she could say, “if you’re not ready, you don’t have to push yourself.”

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Look at those two.

Abby: Oh, they’re probably just making nice. Develop yeah. It seems like your dad is very interested in whatever it is jill has to say.

Abby: Do you think he knows about jill’s change of heart?

Jill: Very good.

Victor: See you.

Jill: Yes, you will.

[ Sighs ]

Mamie: Jill foster.

Jill: Mamie johnson? Well, how delightful to see you. That is a beautiful dress.

Mamie: Well, thank you. You paid for it.

Jill: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You still traveling the world on my dollar, are you?

Mamie: Oh, but I’ve invested it very wisely. Your $1 million has turned into $10 million over time.

Jill: Whoa. Good for you. But then, of course, you were always very, very shrewd.

Mamie: And you were always —

Jill: An abbott.

Mamie: What’s that?

Jill: I go by jill abbott. I have for decades. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Mamie: Can’t say that i recall.

Jill: Hmm. Look, mamie, uh, you and I both said some things over the years, you know, and maybe done some things that perhaps we regret now. But look at us. We’ve aged gracefully and beautifully, so why don’t we just let bygones be bygones, huh?

Mamie: I don’t think so.

Michael: You are an absolute goddess.

Lauren: Worth the wait?

Michael: Every damn second.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Thanks, baby.

Nikki: Oh, here you are.

Lauren: Oh. Am I that late?

Nikki: You’re just in time. Come on.

Lauren: Okay, great.

Michael: Alright.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nikki: Ladies and gentlemen.

Michael: Ladies and gentlemen!

[ Bell dinging ]

Nikki: Good evening, genoa city. I am nikki newman, co-chair of this event. You having fun?

Guests: Yeah! Whoo!

Nikki: Excellent. If you could start making your way towards the lounge in the next few minutes, we have a very special surprise for you.

Devon: Ready to go? Okay?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Abby: Oh, wrong way.

[ Laughter ] She found it.

Jeremy: Ah.

[ Thinking ] Tonight, this all ends for good.”

Woman: [ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jeremy: Tonight, this all ends for good.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Phyllis: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi. You both look great.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: So handsome.

Lily: Yeah.

Dylan: Thanks.

Phyllis: You want to, um, maybe, you know put a hold on our tension just for…

[ Sighs ] Do you still want to be angry at me? Hey, um, I just want you to know I’m very proud of you — everything that you’ve accomplished, all your success. Okay? He’s a good man. He will achieve anything that he goes for. Know that, lily. Know that about him.

[ Sobs ]

Dylan: Oh, my god. I am so sorry.

Lily: No, no, no, no, no. That’s — that’s — I don’t know what that was.

Dylan: She’s been all over the place lately. I mean, really erratic. I would say that I’m worried about her, but I don’t know, I think that’s what she wants.

Jack: Well, shall we head to the lounge?

Traci: Hello?

Jack: Oh, aunt traci. We didn’t see you.

Mamie: Is this your boy, jack?

Jack: This is my boy. Kyle, summer, I would love you to meet the woman that raised traci and ashley and me. This is mamie johnson. Kyle, if you don’t remember her, believe me, she remembers you.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Oh, you’re so handsome and so tall. And you have a lovely wife and a son now. Oh, what a lovely couple you are. Jackie, its the spitting image of you. I hope that he has your values, as well.

Jack: Oh, he does. An occasional misstep, but, yeah, he’s on the right track.

Mamie: Well, I don’t doubt that. You and his mother raised him well.

Diane: We’re about to go in for the big reveal, whatever that might be. Would you care to join us, mamie?

Mamie: I’d love to.

Traci: You know what? I’m gonna get us some champagne and meet you in there, okay? I’m so glad we got here in time.

Summer: In time for what?

Kyle: Is this your big announce–

Jack: Um, no.

Kyle: What, then?

Traci: I think I might have a little inkling of what’s about to happen, being on the planning committee and all.

[ Laughter ]

Summer: Hmm, well, I will get some champagne with traci. And you go get us a good spot in the lounge. I don’t want to miss any of grandma and grandpa’s speeches.

Kyle: Okay.

Jack: Shall we?

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: Ladies? Lucky me. Look at this.

[ Light laughter ]

Summer: Good to see you.

Traci: Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Hey.

Traci: Well, hi, phyllis.

Phyllis: Traci. [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Yes, mom?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Summer: What is it? Kyle’s waiting for me.

Phyllis: I’m sure you want to go in and listen to nikki and victor drone on and on, right?

Summer: Mom, why are you being like this, especially tonight?

Phyllis: Um… I know that we’ve had conflicts summer, but, um… I want you to know that I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become, and impressed with the mother you’ve become. No matter what happens, I want you to know I’m proud of you. I’m so proud of you. You know? Okay?

Summer: [ Chuckles ] My mom acting weirder than usual?

Traci: I-I-I don’t — it was — I don’t know. It was hard to say. She said some beautiful things, but it seemed very desperate and strange. I’m kareem abdul-jabbar.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Nikki: May I have your attention, please? Thank you all for coming. This is such a momentous occasion. The 200th birthday of this great city we call home.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Victor: And contrary to rumors, I was not here at the founding of this town.

[ Laughter ] However, as many of you, I came here many, many years ago, built somewhat of a successful business. Raised a wonderful family, as many of you have.

Nikki: And many of us have had our differences over the years. We have all shared a lot of love and laughter. This event is the celebration of how our city has grown and continues to thrive. A city with a small-town feel, where business titans can create empires and a coffee shop can feel like a second home where people gather to commiserate, mourn, celebrate, and even fall in love.

Victor: Oh, yes.

[ Light laughter ] And you know, I know this is a great town because many of you have chosen to come back to raise your kids here, to tell them and to show them what a wonderful town this is.

Nikki: The success of our city is due to our values. We welcome the changes that keep it young and vibrant, and also celebrate and honor our heritage, while always remembering those we have lost. People like my dear friend katherine chancellor.

Victor: Yes, and my dear friend neil winters, gone too soon.

Nikki: We paid tribute to katherine in one of our favorite places, chancellor park…

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: …And thought it was only fitting that tonight we honor another citizen who was so instrumental in making this the dynamic city that it is and, more importantly, the city we love to call home.

Victor: And I invite my daughter abby to a special presentation.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Neil winters was a huge part of the fabric of genoa city. He made a lasting impact with his work, his family, the abbott-winters foundation, and of course, hamilton-winters. So tonight we are here, we are able to celebrate in this beautiful room that was created in his memory to welcome both visitors and citizens alike to enjoy the music that he loved so much. So it is my honor and privilege to officially unveil the newly renovated athletic club lounge as the neil winters jazz lounge.

[ Cheers and applause ] As many of you know, neil had a club — his beloved club, indigo — that he sold so he could spend more time with his family. I know he missed it very much. It was a place where he could show his friends hospitality, spend evenings with them, and they can enjoy the americana music that meant so much to him.

Victor: Yes.

Abby: So please enjoy this ongoing gift to our community.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] I don’t know what to day. This is such an amazing gesture. Really.

Nikki: Oh, well, neil was such a dear, dear friend. Just seemed like the right time and place to launch a permanent tribute to him.

Devon: Oh, it certainly is. And thank you so much. And how did you keep this a secret from me?

Abby: Oh, I was dying to tell you, but surprise.

[ Chuckles ]

Photographer: How about I get a group photo of you all?

Victor: Yes.

Devon: Sure. Please.

Victor: Here you are, darling. Here we go.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Photographer: Great. Can I get a photo of you with the newmans?

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Photographer: Alright. Alright. Get on in.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Alright. Thank you very much.

Nikki: Thank you.

Devon: Thanks. Wow.

Lily: I honestly can’t even tell you how much it means to me that you would honor my father like this. Thank you.

Victor: You know, your dad was not only a business partner, but he was a close friend. One of the few friends I’ve ever had.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: I know that he would move heaven and earth to make sure that the two of you bridge your differences and get rid of the conflict that exists between you. I know that he would wish that fervently. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Jill: You know what, devon? Even in a photograph, he is the sexiest man in the room. No offense, okay?

Devon: No, not at all. None taken.

Jill: I really love this place, every inch of it. Wow. What a great homage to your father.

Devon: I know. Really, really is. Jill, I have a question to ask you.

Jill: Mm-hmm?

Devon: Did victor have anything to do with you changing your mind about the ipo?

Jill: Did you know that victor is one of your biggest supporters?

Mamie: You know, you have your mother’s spirit, don’t you?

Lily: Oh, god. I wish.

[ Both chuckle ]

Mamie: She was a beautiful woman, lily.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Mamie: And strong. And you’re just like that. Oh, it makes me feel happy to be here with you.

Lily: Oh, me too. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Mamie: So, how are your young ones? It’s charlie and maddie?

Lily: Maddie? Yes, that’s right. They’re good. They’re really good. They’re just busy, you know? Too busy to call their mother, of course.

Mamie: Isn’t that how it always goes?

[ Both laugh ] Oh, nathan jr. How is my favorite doctor?

Nate: I am good. I’m good. It is so good to see you, aunt mamie. But I think we need to update you on a few things.

Mamie: Oh.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Mamie: So, then maybe the three of us gets together to update on a few things?

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, I would love that.

Mamie: However, you got to do it, because I’m not gonna be here long, and I don’t know when I’ll be back this way again. So let’s make a date.

Lily: Okay. Sounds good.

Nate: Can I help you up?

Mamie: Oh, I can manage, honey.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Lily: I will make sure to set up a time for us all to get together.

Nate: Thanks. Neil would have dug this place.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Yeah, he would have. I really wish he could have seen it. So, how’s elena? I haven’t seen her.

Nate: She’s still at memorial. She should be joining me anytime now.

Lily: Okay.

Nate: I, uh — I hope this moment, this event can help repair some of the damage between you and devon.

Lily: Well, it’s not really any of your business, nate, so you probably stay out of it.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Audra: How many rejections before you accept that reuniting those two is a lost cause?

Nate: Never say “never,” audra.

Victoria: Oh, excuse me for one minute. I need to steal your boss.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Leanna: Imagine creating a fabulous new venue to honor a true genoa city legend. I knew neil winters back in the day, and he was one classy guy.

Ashley: Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I’m just gonna let her have it.

[ Gasps ] Oh!

Mamie: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: Mamie!

Mamie: Sweet ashley.

Ashley: Oh, I’ve missed you. I heard you’re staying with us.

Mamie: That’s right. Your brother’s been so generous. You know, he’s always been that way.

Ashley: I don’t know about that. I need you to set him straight like you used to do as a kid —

Mamie: What’s going on?

Ashley: Oh, excuse me. This is a private conversation.

Leanna: Mamie johnson. What you must know about each and every abbott.

Ashley: Okay, just stop, alright? You want me to create a scene? Is that what you’re trying to do? What are you doing?

Leanna: Now, now, my dear, claws in.

Ashley: I’m not your “dear.” I never have been your dear. Okay? Just knock it off.

Leanna: Whoa.

Victor: My goodness, if it isn’t leanna love.

Leanna: Victor!

Victor: I haven’t seen you in years.

Leanna: Amazing! You look so great! How are you?

Victor: Well, I’m alright, but, you know, I don’t think you are invited to this.

Leanna: No, I wasn’t invited. But you know me, victor. I don’t need an invitation.

Jill: No, she sure doesn’T.

Victor: Don’t you be a bad girl, now.

Jill: Do you, leanna? You’re trashing up the place, as usual, aren’t you?

Leanna: Oh, my gosh. I can see I’m outnumbered. So much for this being a forgiving town.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Oh, this is a lot of fun.

Jill: Just a heads-up. Devon suspects that you were the one who caused my change of heart.

Victor: He’s very bright. What did you say?

Jill: I didn’t say anything concrete.

Victor: Well, you know, I think he and lily were very moved by my gesture for neil. You know?

Jill: This is all part of your plan, isn’t it?

Victor: [ Inhales deeply ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Devon, we’re so close. I mean, can’t we fix this? Moderate to severe eczema

Chelsea: On the other hand…

[ Chuckles ] I keep saying that, don’t I?

Billy: It’s okay. You’re your own devil’s advocate.

Chelsea: I just feel like if I try to test myself while I’m on shaky ground, is it even a fair test? Am I just setting myself up to fail?

Billy: There’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s what you think is best for yourself. That’s it, that’s all. Okay? If you’re still feeling nervous about it, it’s alright. We’ll keep it low-key. I’ll go home and change. You pick out a movie, I’ll be back before you know it.

Chelsea: It would be a shame if no one saw you looking so good in this tuxedo.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: Screw my insecurities. I’m ready for this.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Madame?

Victoria: Thanks. So, what should we drink to?

Nate: [ Sighing ] Hmm. How about your mom, dad, and sister for doing such a great job in dedicating the new jazz club?

Victoria: Hear, hear.

Nate: Mmm. So, did you know?

Victoria: About the club?

Nate: Yeah. I can’t help wondering if you were aware and managed to keep it a secret from me.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] No, no, they kept it under wraps. It was completely a surprise to me, too.

Nate: I could tell it meant a lot to devon and lily that the newmans would do something like this to honor their father. Maybe to help ease the tension.

Victoria: You really do care about your cousins.

Nate: Hmm. Yeah. I’d like nothing more than for my family to find peace.

Audra: Hmm. Victoria doesn’t seem to be wasting any time.

[ Knock on door ]

Jeremy: Who is it?

Phyllis: Me. Please open up.

Jeremy: Thought I told you, we need to be discreet.

Phyllis: Trust me, I’m the picture of discretion. I’m — the party — what are you doing up here?

Jeremy: Everything here is all set. You got my text, right?

Phyllis: Yes.

Jeremy: Okay. Hey, you’re not having second thoughts, are you?

Phyllis: Uh, no.

Jeremy: Okay.

Phyllis: Seeing that woman with my daughter, laughing and carrying on, just cemented everything for me.

Jeremy: Good. Now it’s time to get diane up here to set the final stage.

Jack: What? You wanted to talk to me about something.

Diane: Well, after the newmans unveiled this place, I started thinking, maybe tonight isn’t the right time to share our news.

Jack: I agree. Hard act to follow. You know, I don’t want it to appear that we’re trying to steal everyone’s thunder by announcing our engagement either.

Diane: Certainly not.

Jack: We’ll know when the moment is here, and it will be perfect, I promise. Ours is the perfect love story. After all these years, everything we’ve been through, together and apart, we’re about to become mr. And mrs. Jack abbott.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Okay?

Diane: Mmm.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

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Leanna: It’s what I do best.

Danny: I met gina over at the airport, and we came straight here.

Traci: Oh, you look fab.

Michael: Oh!

Diane: We’re done here, phyllis. It’s over.

Phyllis: Oh, believe me, for the first time in your life, you are correct. It is so over.

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