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– Hello, eileen. – Welcome back to the safe house. – Is all this cloak and dagger still necessary? – Yes. – Yes. – See, I don’t think it is. I think it amuses you to torture me by having felicia scorpio put a bag over my head and transport me here like I’m– – like what? Like– like someone who would sell us out to victor if she knew our location. – I ‘t do that. – And we’re supposed to take your word on that? – Of course not. But you have all the leverage. So your best interests are my best interests. – And you know what? We would like to keep that imbalance of power in our favor for now. – Fine. Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it. You can at least rely on me for that. – Well, I hope so, because we can’t afford to make one single misstep. And neither can you. – Figure if you aren’t hungry, you can at least stay hydrated. – What is that? – It’s an organic herbal tea that’s meant to promote healthy lactation. – So you say. – Don’t worry, esme. Drugging people is kind of more of a you thing. – Spencer. – Good morning, grandmother. – I’d like it to be for everyone, including esme, so let’s not forget that esme is our guest. – How could I possibly forget? – Ok, look, I– I expected this to be a bumpy transition, but we want esme to feel welcome, don’t we? – Of course. Forgive me, esme. – I won’t stay anyplace where I feel unwanted or unwelcome. So wherever I go, ace goes.

[Knocking] – I’ll get that. Uncle victor, what brings you by? – Well, what else? I’ve come for my nephews. – Stop right there, young lady. – I thought the house was empty. – You mean you hoped it was empty. Why are you sneaking in here like this isn’t your home? – Because I’m not sure if it is.

[Soft music] – Hey, I was hoping i could still find you here. – Picking up my last paycheck. – Wow. End of an era, huh? – Yeah. So why were you looking for me? – Thanks for the update. Burner phone didn’t pan out. Britt couldn’t id the contractor from the warehouse. – So that’s it, dead end?

[Dramatic music] – Can you meet me at the pier, 55, in an hour? First rule of survival, in this business, you never give up.

they’re not gonna stop after the first attempt. You have to keep digging. – Do you think your family’s at risk? – I’m taking precautions. I don’t know. – Why not? – Because when it’s a hit like this, a hired gun, the only thing that matters is taking out the target. – I was thinking about our conversation yesterday. – About dropping the charges against esme? – No. About dex.

[Music playing] (Singing) can’t sleep. I can’t breathe on my own right now. – I know there’s a lot up in the air with curtis and your mama. But one thing I can say for sure, on behalf of them and myself, trina, you will always have a home with us. – Doesn’t feel much like home, does it? I mean, when I came in here, I half expected to find a tumbleweed.

[Laughs] – Yeah, it is looking mighty grim up in here. What with portia constantly working and curtis at the metro court, hell, to avoid the quiet, I’ve been staying out. – Out with ms. Epiphany? – Nah, epiphany, she’s– she’s still out of town. Remember, I told you that she had gotten accepted to a whole slew of medical schools out of state– johns hopkins. – Oh, my god. – He’s the front runner. – Oh, my god. That’s– that’s amazing! That’s really good for her. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is good for her. – So maryland isn’t that far, is it? – Uh, no, the fast train only takes 9 and 1/2 hours. – So airplane is out of question. – Lookm I could do that. But that– that’s really not what’s troubling me. Epiphany moving to baltimore or somewhere, everything that’s happening here, I don’t know where I fit in. – [Sighs]. I know the feeling. – Uncle victor, right now is not the best time. – You’re not welcome here. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. – Laura. Well, at least you’re giving me a choice in the matter this time. – I would prefer you leave on your own, but I can and I will have you physically removed by security. – No, that’s not necessary, grandmother. Please don’t do that. I will handle this. – My dear spencer, you of all people should know I’m not one to be handled.

[Infant cries] – That’s not what I meant, and I think that you know that. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a word with you out in the hallway, please. – Very well. Lead the way. – After you. I insist. – [Scoffs]

[Infant cries] – I’m sorry about that. I will do my best never to have him bother you again. – Ever? Sorry, I just get this really bad feeling every time victor cassadine’s around. – That’s because victor cassadine is a very bad man. – When I told you that esme and the baby were staying here, I did not expect you to just show up. – That child is a cassadine. He belongs with cassadines. I will go wherever I want, take what or whoever I want, and woe betide anyone who gets in my way. – Including me? – So you’re gonna call victor, and you’re going to set up a meet for today. – Tell him you have a very special delivery. I cannot stress this enough. This is the most critical juncture of our plan. – It is imperative that victor believes you are delivering the thing that he’s been looking for. – Something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it, some kind of setback. – Not that it’s any of your business, but we have had to widen our circle of trust. – Time is no longer on our side. We have to be sure of our allies. – Don’t worry. I won’t double cross you. – You’ve thrown in with my father before. How do we know you haven’t struck a deal with him already? – Because I value my own life. Victor has proven anyone is disposable, even his own son. I would be a fool to betray the only people willing to give me a chance to survive. – People have died protecting the information engraved in that piece of the ice princess. Now we’re giving victor what he wants. – So he thinks.

– It’s actually a very good forgery. – How very good? Because you know victor will have an expert authenticate this. – Well, that is why you have to set up the meet for today, so he doesn’t have a chance to call an expert in. – Hopefully, you will have left before the questions are raised. – How are you going to protect me? You know victor doesn’t like to meet in public spaces. – Right. We have taken every precaution. Da scorpio will be near the location ready with backup. – And if the operation goes south, the cavalry will ride in. But in order to offer you that protection, you need to be wired for sound. – Are you insane? First you send me in with a fake necklace, and now you want me to wear a wire? If victor catches on, he will kill me. – We need to know everything that’s happening in real time. – You want victor, keep that wire, or the deal is off. – It’s a damn shame your buddy cam is leaving. – I know. I’m really gonna miss him. – Yeah, seemed like a good kid, that one– loyal, reliable. – Unlike spencer. – Nobody said anything about spencer. – You didn’t say his name, but come on, I know how you all feel about him. – At this point, I’m not sure how I feel about spencer cassadine, apart from the fact that he seems to tie you up in knots. – Ok, well, maybe it’s best that we don’t talk about him. I’m just gonna go grab those photos and I’ll be on my way. I’m sorry for even bringing him up. – What’s on the tongue is on the mind. What’s troubling you? – Spencer is living with his ex-girlfriend again. – You, of all people, understand nuance and diplomacy. – Usually. – Well, this is a very complicated situation. There are many people involved, and they all want the same thing, to protect ace. – God, that name. – I know, it’s got to go. But despite our common goal, we all have different methods. – All right, so what’s your method? – Putting esme back in prison where she belongs and away from that baby. And then as next of kin, I will retain custody, and I would never dream of keeping that baby away from his great uncle. – A short time ago you asked for my help in this matter. Do you still need it? – I do, but we cannot talk about that here. – There we go. – You wanted coffee? I make a pretty good cup. – Are you sure? Spencer said it’s not good for breastfeeding mothers. – Oh, well, spencer means well, but he’s no expert. Coffee is fine in moderation. So go ahead and enjoy. – Mmm, not bad.

[Laughs] – Thank you. Esme, I hope you know that you’re protected here. – Even from spencer?

[Door opens] – Grandmother, esme, I am so sorry for my great uncle’s intrusion. That will not happen again. Hi. How you doing? So handsome. I’ll see you later, ok? – Where are you off to? – I’m gonna go pick up trina for cam’s party. – Oh, ok. – All right, so, see you later. You’ll be there, right? – Of course.

[Baby gurgling] – Um, cameron webber? – Yes, yes, my grandson has been accepted to a very prestigious athletic program in california. – Good to know I didn’t ruin his life too. – The person you used to be, esme, did an awful lot of damage. – Yeah, damage you can never forgive. – Congratulations on getting into stanford. – Thank you. How did you know? – Well, spencer told me, uh, more than once, he’s very proud of you. – He is. You know, it’s kind of hard to tell, because he makes fun of me every time it’s brought up. – Yeah, that’s how you know he’s very proud of you. So have a great time at stanford. You’re gonna be missed. – Thanks. Anyway, I don’t actually work here anymore. But if you want, I can take down your order and let the waiters know. – Two cups of coffee to go. – On it. – Can I talk to you for a second? You wait here.

[Soft music] – What’s this about?

[Dramatic music] – I’m just rooting out my enemies.

– Tell me you have what I asked for. – You know I wouldn’t dare let you down, victor. – I should hope not. Bring it to me tonight. – Well, the longer we wait, the better the chance they’ll notice it’s missing, and figure out I’m the one that took it. Unless you want it to end up back in the secure evidence locker with zero chance of getting it out again, we need to do this now.

[Knocking] – My suite, metro court, 45 minutes, not one second later, you got that? Spencer. Thank you. – Sorry about earlier, but I could not risk– – no, I understand. Now, I have a business meeting starting soon, so let’s get right down to brass tacks. What exactly do you want to happen to esme? – Which enemies? You have so many. – Just keep an eye out. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary when you’re with your mother and your sisters. – Are you gonna tell me why? – I’m not gonna give you the details, no. – Oh. Don’t worry about it. I already know. – Yeah? How? – I’ll be out of here as soon as sonny’s done with joss. – Well, while you’re here, there’s some stuff I want to say to you. – The fact that I don’t remember what I did to your family doesn’t absolve me. I mean, I’ve hurt both cameron and spencer, among others, and– – yes, you did. – But you’re still letting me stay here? – I’m letting you stay here because I wanted my newest grandson to be safe and well cared for and not in a prison. Well, that’s– that’s not entirely true. There’s another reason. I know the pain of being separated from your child. I think I told you that I was separated from my son, nicholas, for many years, because of the cassadines. – Yeah, which is exactly what spencer is trying to do to me. – But spencer has a lot of good reasons to distrust you. Esme, I’m a mother, and I know how much having a new baby can change someone. I also happen to believe in redemption. – Well, does that mean that– do you believe in me? – I want to. I am trying to. – But you’re not there yet? – That doesn’t mean that I won’t be. What about you? Do you believe in me? Can you accept that i want what’s best for you? – So esme and the baby are living with spencer’s grandmother in her apartment, while spencer also lives there. – Whoa, I see. – I know esme doesn’t remember all the terrible things that she did, but I still don’t trust her. – Good for you. You shouldn’t trust her. Girl should be behind bars. I’m furious that they dropped the charges, too, and denied you justice. – Well, actually, it was my idea to get the da to stop pursuing the case, just for now. – What in the lord’s name possessed you to do that? – Oh, I’m having second thoughts about it now, even though I convinced spencer there’s a better chance of getting the charges to stick if we wait. – Spencer again. Right? Why does it seem that you’re the only one making concessions in this friendship? – Spencer’s been there for me too. – Has he? – He has. His life is just complicated. – Right. With no sign of it ever getting simpler. Trina, please, tell me. Why do you need to remain friends with spencer cassadine? – When you first asked for my help, you were concerned that esme was going to raise her child in prison. But that’s been resolved now. – Thanks to trina, we got the da to hold off on formally pursuing the case, yes. – Good for trina. Yeah, best to keep the law at bay, at least until you know they’re on your side. – The problem is now that esme is a free woman, there is a chance that she could disappear and take my brother with her. Now, I cannot let that happen. – Spencer, I have sacrificed a great deal, trying to make this world a better place and preserving our family’s legacy into the bargain. Sadly, your father had neither the faith nor the resolve to help me in my aims. Do you trust me, spencer? – I know that there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for this family. – Then understand this. There’s no way in hell esme is raising a cassadine heir, not while there’s a breath left in my body.

[Dramatic music]

– Spencer is really worth it. – But is he worthy? Clearly, you– you brighten his day. That’s you. That’s what you do. – Thanks. I try. – [Chuckles] But how does he make you feel? – He makes me feel– he makes me feel like I’m the best thing that ever happened to him. – Oh. Is that so? Sounds like spencer has become a special friend. Is that why you’re so bugged out with he and esme sharing the same space? – It’s not that I don’t trust him around her. – Then what is it? – It was just strange, seeing them all together, looking like a family. – Well, I’d just say– stop me if I’m wrong here. But this sounds more– more like something else than friendly concern. – Well, spencer is more than just a friend. Our relationship has evolved over a couple of weeks. And I just haven’t told anybody about it. – And why not? – Everybody’s been busy or avoiding each other. – Perhaps. Or is it because you’re not quite sure of it yourself? – From the first time I remember seeing you– and definitely, the night you helped me deliver ace– you have been nothing but kind to me. But spencer is your grandson, and he doesn’t think I can raise my own son. – So you don’t know who to trust. – Even if I could trust someone, why would they trust me? – Ok, so you need someone to take the first leap of faith. I’m willing to do that. Yeah. Let’s start right now. Ok, so everything here is all new to you. You’ve got to take a little time to adjust to your surroundings. So I’ll go out for a bit, and you can stay at home here on your own and just relax and bond with ace. – Uh, by myself, with– with no one looking over my shoulder? – Yes. Unless you’re worried about being alone with the baby. – Oh, no, no. I’m just surprised you trust me on my own. – You’re not a prisoner here. – Yeah, well, maybe this time. – All right, look. In case of emergency. – You know I could just take this and take off, right? – You could. But since you want what’s best for your baby, I have faith that you know that means staying right here. So you have a lovely morning. – I’ll take the necklace to victor. But the wire is a no-go. – We were afraid you might feel that way. – Well, do you have a backup plan, one that doesn’t involve me wearing a neon sign that says, victor, I’m betraying you? – If you won’t wear a wire, we won’t know you’re in trouble. But we have arranged for da scorpio to call you on official city business. – Yes, so if anything feels off, you raise the alarm, and he will come in and get you. – Ok. All right.

[Sighs] Fine. But I want you to promise your guarantee that once I deliver this necklace, I will be free to move on. – Well, this isn’t over until we crack the code and find out what it’s for. – Look, until we know what victor is after, honestly, eileen, none of us are free. – [Sighs] – After I found out about you and josslyn, there’s a lot of things I wanted to say to you, a lot of things i wanted to do to you. – I get it. – What I realized is that despite all my anger, all my feelings, all of that that doesn’t matter, because what matters is josslyn. She’s been my friend since forever. She still is. So if you hurt her, I will tell sonny about you too. And you’ll find your back on that road so fast, you’ll wish you would never have met her. – Josslyn, how do you know someone’s targeting you? – My mom told me that there was an incident– one big enough for you to beef up the security and keep donna from spending the night. – Temporarily. – I know the drill. Ok? And donna and avery are young, yes. But they’re starting to get used to it, too, and they think that this life is normal. And I just wish that that broke your heart even half as much as it breaks mine.

– Ok. – Ok? – You have made yourself clear. – Oh, you don’t think I’m serious. – No, I know you’re serious. I promise I will never hurt josslyn. – Good. See to it that you don’T. – I mean it. You have no idea how much I care about her. – Dex, time to roll. – Yes, sir. Thank you. – Oh, mr. Corinthos, please, no. I got it. – Thank you. I appreciate that. – Of course. – Good luck at stanford. – Thank you. So what did you and sonny talk about? – Oh, the usual. How his business affects the rest of us. And how about you and dex? – We talked. – I’m sorry. That was awkward. – Awkward’s kind of been our mo nowadays.

[Chuckles] – Yeah. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Listen, if you don’t want me at your goodbye party, I completely understand. – I want all my friends there. You are my friend, right? – Yeah. Sorry, it’s just, it’s really nice to hear you call me that. – What else would I call you? – Cam, we’ve been friends forever. And that’s not going to change just because of my feelings for dex. – So you guys are pretty serious now, huh? – Well, I mean, I could never be with someone so soon after our breakup if it was meaningless. – Right. I’ll see you later, joss. – If the da doesn’t have enough proof to convict esme, then we’ll just have to produce it. – You mean, frame her? – We both know she’s guilty. If your father hadn’t imprisoned her, she would never have lost her memory. But evidence can be– – manufactured. – Well, bottom line is esme’s going to have to face the music. And ace will be in the custody of those who care for him best– you, me– – grandmother? Do you mind if i get back to you? – Of course. You take all the time you need. But as you said, esme is a free woman and could decide to just take off at any time, taking with her your innocent and defenseless little brother. – What do you think, ace? She sounded pretty sincere, didn’t she? No? Here, we have food, warmth, and relative freedom. What more can we ask for? Yeah? Not that we really have any other offers, do we? You’re right. What is stopping them from just keeping you and tossing me out on the street? Yeah. What is it? What’s stopping them? I won’t let that happen.

[Baby cooing] – I trust spencer, and I trust the connection. But all of this is just new. And let’s just say some of my views are evolving. I guess that’s part of growing up. – Well, that never stops. Learning who we are, that’s a lifelong process. I don’t have to tell you, there are circumstances in life that will arise to make us question everything we thought about ourselves. You got to have good people in your corner to support you along the way. That’s all. Friends are great. Family is better. – But what if you don’t know who your family is? – Dna doesn’t determine family. Connection does.

[Chuckles] – Eileen has a lot to lose here. Yeah, I don’t think she ever had any real loyalty to victor. I think she’s always been in it for herself. I think that she will follow your instructions to the letter. – She’d better. Because if she screws up or turns on us, this is over. – You don’t sound confident. – All I’m saying is, we can’t let our guard down. Not where victor cassadine’s concerned. – Have you done as I asked? – I’m a woman of my word, victor. – Well, where is it? – As promised.

[Sispenseful music] – At last. – You summoned me? – Somebody tried to take me out. I thought that’s news to you. – I heard of your recent trouble. – You have any idea who’s behind it? – If only. An unprovoked attack is an unforgivable breach of decorum and a threat to us all. Any leads? – Whatever’s left of them. You recognize him? – A hit man, I presume? Not that I can say. What do you want to know about it? – Ok, if you don’t know, then somebody in your organization must know. And I heard he was spotted at the highsider last time I checked, that’s your bar, right? – I do own it. But I’m afraid i can’t help you. – Can’t? Or won’t?

rely an investment, one of the establishments I own a stake in. I don’t keep tabs on the customers. As a businessman, surely, you understand. – I’m disappointed. That’s the second time you’ve let me down in a couple of weeks. – But I don’t understand. – Ok, you bought my late cousin brando’s garage, am I right? – It was a good investment. And brando’s mother was eager to sell. – Right. She told me. What I want to know is, why didn’t you? – You’re absolutely right. In fact, I should have let you know I was considering it before negotiating with ms. Corbin. Please, accept my apologies. – Let me tell you something, selina. You mess with my family, you mess with me. – Of course. All of that said, i hope you are pleased. The garage can be beneficial for us both. – The garage is the least of my concerns. – Yes. The shooter’s connection to the highside is of concern to me as well. My people never do business there. Regardless, I’m sure someone must know the man in the photo. I’ll make inquiries. – You do that. Sonny? I hope you know how much I value our association. Rest assured, this enemy is one we share.

[Dramatic music] – Can she really be trusted? – You’re not nervous, are you, darling? – What? Yes, of course I’m nervous. Lucy just nearly got herself killed, and now, we’re sending eileen back into that same lion’s den, at greater risk, with just as little protection. – Well, look on the bright side. Nobody likes the woman. – That’s very unkind. – Anna, we are this close to figuring out the insanity that my father has been cooking up and ending it. And if anyone can finish the job, it’s us. – You know what they say– that most car accidents happen within a 10-mile radius of your home. We’re very close to home. Aren’t we? – Well, then i guess, buckle up. – You did well, eileen. – Oh, I’m so glad you’re pleased. – How did you manage it? – You don’t ask a magician her tricks. – Mm-hmm. Oh, wait, where are you– where are you going? – My office! I have a day’s work ahead. – Oh, nonsense. You can’t leave now. Not when we’re about to get to the most important part. – What’s more important than procuring a necklace from police lockup? I got it. You have it. – I want us to inspect this masterpiece together. Come on. Take a seat.

[Suspenseful music] – I know you’re not sure where you stand with your mom and curtis. But whatever happens you, and I, trina, we have forged our own relationship. I’m here. If you need to talk about anything– – even if I want to talk about spencer? – I said, anything. – Ok. – And whatever you say is going to stay between you and me. And I promise, I will always be honest with you. – Thanks. I appreciate that. – And in my honest opinion, if spencer cassadine’s life is going to remain so damn dramatic, maybe it’s time for you to exit stage left. – (Laughing) stop it.

[Doorbell rings] – (Laughing) oh, what is this? – Josslyn? Hi. – Hi. Um, you just missed cam. – Uh, ok. Well, I guess I’ll see him at his party. How about you? How are you doing? – Oh, you know. I’m having a lot of trouble about cam leaving. – Yes. Well, I’m going to miss him, too, but I’m also really proud of him. – I know. So am I. I mean, to play soccer at stanford– it’s huge, and it’s about time one of his dreams came true. – You were his first love. – And I broke his heart. – Aw. – What if he never forgives me? I mean, he says that we’re friends forever, but– – sweetheart, he’s hurt right now, and he feels alone. – Because of me. – Josslyn, you did what you had to do. You did. And cameron has to accept that, no matter how painful it is. He’s just going to need a little time. He’ll remember who really cares about him. – Grandmother, the mayor, may be on the up and up. But I’m not willing to wait around and find out.

[Baby cooing]

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