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Bo enters Megan’s lab where she left the orchid. Bo stops and thinks back to Kate asking where the old Bo Brady that she knew was until Kate told him to pull the trigger, which he did.

Dr. Rolf watches over a rat in his lab and says the serum is working it’s magic on the rat. Rolf remarks that Kate could’ve experienced it too but she had to be difficult and now she’s dead. Dr. Rolf adds that Megan has put Marlena and Kayla back to sleep to avoid any more escape attempts as they can’t afford to lose any more lab rats. Dr. Rolf mentions putting this new batch of serum together in record time. Dr. Rolf says the rat was an excellent test subject and now they’ll see how the humans do.

At the ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland, Harris Michaels complains about being unable to remember anything before Megan grabbed him. Hope encourages that he’s only been working with Kimberly for a day after Megan put him through years of mind control. Harris argues that maybe part of his brain doesn’t want to be reprogrammed. Hope argues that he wants his life back. Harris confirms that he wants to find Megan and bring her to justice for Hope’s sake and for his.

Megan joins Dr. Rolf, who informs her that he’s finished the new batch of his serum and tested it successfully on the rat. Megan complains that the serum won’t do her any good if she’s already lost Bo and that would be Dr. Rolf’s fault, which he questions. Megan argues that he said Bo would be forever loyal and true to her which Rolf points out that he has been. Megan responds that he has not as last night after she ordered him to kill Kate. Dr. Rolf says they heard the gunshot. Megan informs him that Bo killed Kate, but then he went rogue and stopped listening to her, now he’s locked himself in the other lab and won’t speak to her. Megan questions how Dr. Rolf could let this happen.

Bo begins searching the drawers of the lab and finds a file folder on himself.

Megan screams at Dr. Rolf that he told her that Bo would be eating out of the palm of her hand. Dr. Rolf argues that he was but he’s a very strong willed individual and that’s why he needs the serum to get him to fall back in love with her. Dr. Rolf reminds Megan that he can alter people’s minds but he can’t change who they are, so at their core, they will be who they have always been.

Bo reads through his file which includes his family history. Bo reads that his parents were Caroline Brady and Victor Kiriakis, causing him to have a flashback of Victor.

Dr. Frankel, the ISA doctor that Kimberly called to consult, joins Harris and Hope. She informs them that what Megan did to Harris’ brain was deeply embedded, so traditional psychotherapy may not be enough to retrieve his memories. Harris asks now what then. She says one option is shock therapy. She warns that she cannot guarantee it will work and that it may have side effects and in rare cases, it could even be fatal. Harris decides he wants to do it now and he’s sure. Dr. Frankel gives him a consent form to sign then. Hope advises Harris that he can take time to decide and they can talk it over with Kimberly, so he doesn’t have to sign it now. Harris responds that he can’t live this way anymore, so he wants to do it.

Chad talks with Abe at the Pub about how Theo has become unbeatable at playing chess. Abe recalls how he and Lexie had so many worries about Theo growing up and now he almost wishes Theo was a little less independent. Chad relates to feeling the same about his kids growing up so fast. Chad mentions that Theo was about Thomas’s age when he lost Lexie. Chad asks how Theo reacted when Abe started to move on with dating. Chad states that Thomas and Charlotte adore Stephanie and they are happy that they are together, but he’s worried about if it doesn’t work out. Abe states that none of them know for sure what the future holds, so he advises Chad to take it one day at a time and enjoy what they have together. Abe tells Chad to stop wondering what if and says having Stephanie in their lives right now is a good thing. Chad agrees and thanks Abe for the advice. Abe brings up Chad and Stephanie’s work relationship also being very good. Abe notes that Paulina has been very impressed with them and they have helped her out of a lot of jams. Chad says they made a big screw up awhile back, so they are just grateful that Paulina gave them a second chance.

Paulina and Stephanie go to Paulina’s office and finds it has been trashed. Paulina complains that someone must have broken in but Stephanie points out that the door was locked, so whoever did it had to have gotten in some other way. Paulina responds that she doesn’t care how they did it, only who did it and says that she knows exactly who it was.

Harris begins his shock treatment. Dr. Frankel raises the voltage but Hope tells her to stop, worrying that she’s hurting him. Harris says to keep going, insisting that he can take it.

Megan complains to Dr. Rolf that Harris Michaels was another strong willed individual who fancied himself as a hero, but he always did what she asked of him. Dr. Rolf points out that he didn’t always since he wouldn’t shoot Hope on their wedding day. Megan says he doesn’t have to remind her of that. Megan questions what these men see in Hope. Dr. Rolf points out that Bo doesn’t see anything in Hope anymore. Megan asks how he can be so sure since Bo has broken free of her influence, so she questions how he can be sure that he hasn’t failed entirely and that Bo hasn’t fallen for Hope again.

Bo continues going through his file and comes across a page on Hope, described as his one true love which causes him to have flashbacks to their relationship.

Stephanie questions Paulina knowing who did this to her office. Paulina blames Sloan and asks who else it would be. Stephanie asks if she has proof or if she’s just guessing. Paulina complains that ever since Belle got the case thrown out, Sloan has been vowing to get revenge somehow. Stephanie states that trashing her office is upsetting, but doesn’t seem like Sloan’s M.O. Paulina suggests she could’ve been looking for dirt on her and insists that’s what happened. Paulina declares that Sloan is not going to get away with this, so she’s going to wring her neck.

Abe tells Chad that he can’t promise things won’t get messy with Paulina again, but he’s glad they are on her side. Steve arrives and greets them, then asks if Roman is around. Abe says he left awhile ago. Steve says he just has some news on the hunt for Megan Hathaway, so he wanted to give Roman an update. Abe responds that he’d like an update himself. Chad can’t say he’s looking forward to meeting his long lost sister, unless she’s in police custody when he does.

Dr. Rolf argues that if Bo’s feelings for Hope had returned, he wouldn’t be holed up in the other lab, he would be tearing his way out of here and nothing would be able to stop him from getting home to her. Megan points out that Bo doesn’t even know where he is. Dr. Rolf says it doesn’t matter, he would find his way, but he owes his life to Megan which gives her considerable power in this situation. Megan states that until last night, Bo did everything she asked him to including stealing the orchid from Salem and killing Kate. Megan doesn’t understand what changed so suddenly. Dr. Rolf reminds her that he’s been through a lot of trauma and they don’t know how the brain tumor could have affected him. Megan points out that he doesn’t have a brain tumor anymore because of her. Megan says she got the prisms to revive him, kidnapped numerous people, has been living off the grid for decades, and sacrificed everything to get Bo back. Megan cries that she’s not going to lose Bo now.

Bo continues reading through his file which states that his stubborn streak would be the hardest thing to overcome as he would be resistant to treatment and it would be difficult to erase his love for Hope so they would focus on the cracks in their relationship. Bo has flashbacks to arguing with Hope in the past. Bo continues reading his file which says he has loved other women including Megan and if all goes according to plan, he will love her once again.

Harris’ shock therapy treatment continues, giving him flashbacks to Dr. Rolf altering his brain. Harris then has a breakthrough and declares that he remembers.

Steve informs Abe and Chad that Harris Michaels agreed to track down Megan and that Kimberly is treating him, so she believes he is sincere and whatever feelings he has for Hope have broken through Megan’s brainwashing. Chad hopes Megan fries for what she did. Steve says they are working on that. Chad asks if Stephanie knows about the latest developments. Steve says no, but she would like to be in the loop, so he asks Chad to fill her in. Chad tells Steve that he’s sorry if he was worried about her last night. Steve responds that Stephanie is a grown woman and he’s glad that she has Chad’s support, especially now. Chad thanks him and says they are going through a hard time and helping each other. Abe comments on them having a great work relationship and adds that Paulina just extended their contract with SJPR. Steve says that’s great and that Stephanie must be so happy about that. Chad mentions that she’s actually signing the contract now and realizes he should’ve heard from her by now, so he’s going to make sure everything is okay.

Stephanie argues that Paulina can’t just go confront Sloan because she could be dangerous. Stephanie suggests calling the police but Paulina worries that Leo will publish another clickbait column about the latest scandal to plague her. Stephanie asks how it’s a scandal that someone trashed her office. Paulina complains that she just asked Stephanie to put out a press release that no one crosses her and this would make her look like a pathetic victim or a magnet for disaster. Stephanie insists that it’s not her fault and suggests letting her handle the PR, starting by pointing out that strangling someone is not the most strategic move which Paulina agrees with. Stephanie knows someone who can handle this discretely, if she will let her give them a call.

Bo continues reading his file about how he was raised a Brady, but by blood, he is Victor Kiriakis’ son. Bo then has flashbacks to Victor. Bo continues reading that it explains why he was the black sheep of the Brady clan and that he shares a dark side with Megan.

Megan argues that there must be something Dr. Rolf can do to ensure that he is hopelessly devoted to only her and then they can use the serum to turn back time and go back to the good old days before Hope ruined everything.

Harris is taken out of shock therapy and tells Hope that he’s alright. Dr. Frankel asks what he remembers. Harris flashes back to Megan and Dr. Rolf brainwashing him. Harris recalls being in a lab with them and a tube like container in the room with someone inside. Hope asks who it was.

Steve tells Abe that if only had they had other leads on Megan, they wouldn’t be totally at the mercy of Harris Michaels. Steve hates the thought of Megan walking around free. Abe feels Steve is letting this quest take over his life. Steve knows he thinks this is no way to deal with his grief, but says it’s the only thing getting him out of bed in the morning as it helps him avoid thinking about life without Kayla. Abe tells him that he will have to eventually and his friends are there for him for whatever he needs.

Chad joins Stephanie and Paulina at the office and asks what the hell happened. Stephanie says someone tore the place up. Chad asks if they know who did it but Stephanie says it was this way when they got there. Chad assumes the police have been called but Stephanie says not yet. Chad asks why not. Paulina explains that she wants this handled with the most utmost discretion. Stephanie responds that she’s about to do just that as long as Paulina agrees with her plan.

Hope asks Harris if he has any idea who could have been in the tube. Harris flashbacks and says the glass was obscured by fog so he couldn’t see their face. Hope asks if he remembers anything else from the room. Harris remembers a chart or nautical map where he remembers seeing coordinates. Hope has Harris write down what he remembers as Harris states that the map could lead right to Megan and whoever else she might be keeping.

Bo thinks back again to Kate asking where the Bo she knew was mixed in with flashbacks of Victor and Hope.

Dr. Rolf tells Megan that Bo will either need to be cooperative or coerced if she wants him to perform a tune up on him. Megan responds that she has a plan A and a plan B. Megan tells Dr. Rolf to just keep working on the serum. Megan takes a syringe and exits the lab.

Shawn arrives at Paulina’s office. Stephanie thanks him for coming so fast and says this is exactly how they found the office. Shawn notes that there’s no sign of forced entry and asks if Paulina is sure nothing is missing. Paulina says no. Shawn talks about this being weird and asks Paulina if she’s sure that no one got a hold of a spare key. Paulina questions if he’s saying this is her fault. Shawn says he’s just covering all bases. Shawn wants to get forensics in to dust for prints. Paulina says he doesn’t need to do that because she can tell him who is responsible. Paulina tells Shawn to go ahead and do his job by arresting Sloan Peterson.

Abe asks Steve what he intends to do with Megan when he finds her. Steve responds that it’s probably best Abe doesn’t hear the answer to that. Steve then gets a call from Hope and asks what she found. Hope responds that they may have a general location and says she will text him what they have. Steve agrees to check it out and says he and John will hop on a plane to meet her there as they hang up.

Hope tells Harris that she’s sorry but she has to get going. Harris starts to get up but he collapses.

Bo continues reading his file which says there was a side of Bo that was attracted to Megan and under the right circumstances, he might once again welcome her with open arms. Megan then enters the lab, holding her syringe behind her back.

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