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Ms. Shannon: Good. We’re all on time. I hope both parties have taken the opportunity to remind ourselves why we’re here.

Christine: We have, ms. Shannon.

Ms. Shannon: The relationship between the parties has devolved to the point where communication has become impossible and unproductive. And that has led us here.

Amanda: Yes, ms. Shannon.

Ms. Shannon: Since we’re all in agreement, there should be no further interruptions. Let’s continue. Is there more evidence that either side would like to present?

Christine: Yes.

Amanda: Yes.

Phyllis: You will never in a million years guess what I found in diane’s purse.

Jeremy: You were rummaging through her purse?

Phyllis: A big, fat diamond engagement ring. That was in her purse.

Jeremy: Huh.

Phyllis: She did it! She got jack to propose to her. So, I was right all along. That was her goal — to come here and con jack and everybody else in this town. And she has a big diamond ring to prove it.

Jeremy: All of her dreams are coming true.

Phyllis: Her dreams are my nightmares. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this happen.

Jeremy: That must be the news she was talking about.

Phyllis: Of course. Of course. She was gloating in advance. This was her “news.”

[ Sighs heavily ] I’m just thinking of my future family events, how I have to sit there and make nice and ta– oh, I’m not even gonna be invited. Forget it. I will never see my daughter again. I will never have a relationship with my daughter again. I am not letting this happen! This will not be ignored, jeremy! This evil must be eradicated.

Jeremy: Okay. Well, then it’s a good thing our plan will stop diane dead in her tracks.

Diane: [ Gasps ] Is that what I think it is?

Jack: Your dress for the gala, madam.

Diane: Oh, thank you so much. I can’t wait for you to see me in it.

Jack: Neither can I.

Diane: Ooh. Keep looking at me like that, and we’ll never make it out the door. But it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Jack: You will not believe how many people have come back to town for this little shindig.

Diane: A night to remember. I mean, just think — a charming little spot on the map grew up to be genoa city. You never know.

Jack: Actually, I was thinking about a celebration a little closer to home. I know we’ve had our chance, the two of us, to celebrate our good fortune. We told summer and kyle. We told my sister traci. I was wondering how you might feel about telling a few more people.

Diane: How many more?

Jack: I was thinking everyone.

Diane: Jack —

Jack: It is the perfect time and place. Everyone we know and love will all be there.

Diane: Genoa city’s bicentennial?

Jack: What is more glamorous than a gala?

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] Some people have minor joint pain plus stomach problems.

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Diane: Are you sure you want to go so public with our news?

Jack: Why not go big? All our friends and family will be there, elegantly dressed, in a partying mood, celebrating the past, moving on to the future. Let’s be the future. Come on. We’ll be the toast of the town.

Diane: And then we’ll have to face our critics.

Jack: Yeah, well, we’ll do that together.

Diane: Okay. Let’s do it.

Jack: Something’s still bothering you.

Diane: Phyllis came by here earlier.

Jack: Really? What did she want?

Diane: Well, she said she was meeting summer, and then she got a text from summer saying they were meeting somewhere else.

Jack: Well, I think it’s normal for summer to have second thoughts about inviting her here.

Diane: No, it was just so soon after seeing phyllis and jeremy together, you know? And her behavior was really off. Well, more off than usual. Jack, I don’t know what it is, but I am pretty sure the two of them are up to something.

Phyllis: I mean, I know exactly what this woman’s gonna do. She’s gonna make this whole gala about her and her engagement. She’s gonna celebrate. “Hey, I’m back from the dead, and I’m also the newest member of the abbott family,” with this big, disgusting ring on her finger.

Jeremy: She is insufferable. I mean, the fact that she’s being so unjustly rewarded despite all the crimes she’s committed and all the lies she’s told.

Phyllis: I don’t understand this. I don’t understand why I’m the only one who sees her for who she is. I don’t get it.

Jeremy: You’re not alone anymore, phyllis. You got me. And if she’s planning this big announcement tonight, I think it’s only right that we make our move, as well, to balance the scales of justice.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, everything has to go as planned. It has to because if this blows up in my face…

Jeremy: That’s the beautiful thing about a masquerade ball. I can work my magic, and no one will even know I was there.

Amanda: Please direct your attention to exhibit 107, a legally binding document signed by mr. Devon hamilton.

Ms. Shannon: Thank you.

Amanda: You will see his clear and easily recognizable signature where he agreed to the merger. Now, while it is regrettable that mr. Hamilton has had a change of heart about the agreement he signed —

Jill: Oh, good. This is the right room. It is a maze out there. I had to leave breadcrumbs to find my way back home. Please tell me I’m not too late.

Amanda: Um, ms. Shannon, this is ms. Abbott.

Jill: I’m sorry I couldn’t make it earlier. It couldn’t be helped.

Ms. Shannon: Fine. Have a seat, ms. Abbott.

Jill: Oh, no, no, no, no. I will not need a chair because this won’t take any time at all.

Lily: Jill, what are you talking about?

Jill: I’m about to solve this whole mess right now.

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Chelsea: What if we used a game format to help people navigate all sorts of interpersonal conflict? You know, um, small challenges get bigger, more complex as the player gains more skills.

Daniel: Yeah. No, no, no. I love it. Conquering fears like public speaking or job interviews, first dates.

Chelsea: Dealing with a difficult boss, um, or a challenging mother.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. No, no, no. I’m not gonna be able to help you with either of those scenarios.

Chelsea: Yeah, me neither. I guess we’re going to have to do some research, try to figure out what it’s like to be raised by a difficult, nontraditional, maternal type.

Daniel: That’s gonna be tough.

Chelsea: I really think if we put our heads together, we can come up with a magical world where we help people navigate certain pitfalls and help them come out the other side.

Daniel: Thanks to omega sphere.

Chelsea: Yeah. So, let’s start changing the world, one player at a time.

Daniel: I’m in.

Jack: I am not gonna let phyllis or stark or anyone else rob us of this happiness. We are safe. Our security team is in place as long as we want them. We have nothing to fear.

Diane: I know, but —

Jack: We deserve this. I want to shout this from the rooftops, don’t you?

Diane: You’re right. I can’t wait to tell the world that I am finally becoming mrs. Jack abbott.

Jack: Good. You’re not gonna worry about the naysayers?

Diane: No. But it’s kyle. And we agreed to hold off on making our announcement until after we were sure he was on board with our marriage.

Jack: We did, but I’m sure he’s on board by now.

Diane: Yeah, but we don’t know for certain. Have you talked to him? I haven’T.

Jack: Well, not about that specifically. I’m sure he’s just worried it’s too good to be true. His parents are finally getting married. How could he not approve? Once he sees how happy we are, he’ll know it’s the right thing.

Diane: Aww.

[ Doorbell rings ] Does anybody know we’re here?

Jack: I’ll handle it. Mamie.

Mamie: Hello, jack.

Jack: Welcome home.

Mamie: [ Laughing ] Ohh! What a lovely thing to hear.

Jack: Come in! Come in! Come in!

Mamie: Nothing’s changed. When was the last time you redecorated?

Jack: Ah, admittedly, it’s been a little while.

Mamie: Oh, hello — diane jenkins? I thought that you —

Diane: Uh, it’s — it’s a long story. Lovely to see you, mamie.

Jack: So, I assume you’re here for the gala?

Mamie: I am. I wouldn’t miss it. I booked my hotel reservations months ago —

Jack: Oh, no, no, no hotel. I won’t hear of it. You’ll stay here. Ashley and traci are in town right now. They would love to see you.

Mamie: [ Chuckles ] I can’t wait to see them.

Diane: You know, you two have a lot to catch up on. I, um — I have an errand to run. I’ll see you later.

[ Door closes ]

Ms. Shannon: You’re here to resolve the situation?

Jill: That’s right.

Ms. Shannon: Well, actually, that’s my job.

Jill: Well, I beg your pardon, but I am the woman who set this whole thing in motion. So, perhaps I should be the one to end it.

Lily: Jill, what’s going on?

Amanda: There seems to be a new development in our case.

Jill: Perhaps this would be the perfect time for a break.

Ms. Shannon: After the one we

just took?

Jill: Oh. Well, I know it’s extraordinary, but how about a mini break? Okay? And then I can explain things to everyone.

Christine: We’re just returning from a recess.

Ms. Shannon: If there was a chance to avoid litigation so you could seek a mutually beneficial outcome, you should have done it before you started arbitration.

Jill: You know what? You are absolutely right. Devon, lily, this is urgent. And this could change the future for all of us. – It’s the birthday girl! – Let’s invite jacques

Devon: I mean, I’m willing to listen, so what do you have to say, jill?

Jill: Why don’t we discuss this elsewhere, somewhere more casual, a little more friendly?

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay. Where do you want to go?

Devon: Hang on a second. Just — can you tell us what this is about, please?

Christine: If I could just have a few words with my client?

Amanda: Yeah. Lily, let’s discuss what our next steps should be.

Jill: I want to thank you so much, both of you, for your long hours and your expertise. And as much as I love you, at this juncture, your work is no longer required.

Christine: This is where i have to object.

Jill: Christine, this is all off the record. Nobody’s gonna strong-arm anybody. I’m not gonna brainwash devon into handing over the keys to the kingdom.

Amanda: Jill, are you sure about this?

Jill: I would bet my company on it. You two, what do you say we give this one more try without the attorneys? Oh, come on. If it doesn’t work out, we can get the arbitrator back, and this complete stranger can decide your futures for you. It’s up to you.

Devon: I — yeah. Okay. Sure. Sure.

Christine: Devon.

Devon: I want to hear what she has to say, so… I’ll fill you in at the gala tonight.

Jill: Thanks, christine. I’ll see you at the party later.

Christine: Alright. Good luck.

Devon: Thank you.

Jill: Okay. Shall we? I’m buying.

Devon: Yeah. Just text me where, and I’ll meet you.

Jill: Yep. Talk to you later.

Jack: I am so happy to see you. How long has it been?

Mamie: Oh, it’s been many, many years since I’ve been in genoa city.

Jack: I got your note when dina died. Thank you. That meant a lot to me.

Mamie: She was a decent woman, jack. Just not a mother. I hope you found it in your heart to forgive her.

Jack: You talked to me a lot about forgiveness back in the day. Yeah. Yeah, we found peace before dina died. I took it pretty hard. Seems like I’ve just come out of it lately. Last few months.

Mamie: Hmm. You’re in love, jackie.

Jack: Wow. You can still read me like a book.

Mamie: Diane?

Jack: Yes, diane. Oh, I want you to meet the woman she has become. She… it’s caused a few problems in the house.

Mamie: [ Laughs ] Ashley?

Jack: Of course you’d remember that.

Mamie: I just know a thing or two about loving somebody not everyone cares for. But that does not matter. You are in love and you’re happy. And I can see that. Now, that’s all that matters.

Diane: I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.

Kyle: Oh, not a problem. You’ve been busy, a lot on your hands.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Literally.

Kyle: You must be looking forward to tonight.

Diane: I am.

Kyle: It’ll be nice to go out knowing stark is still overseas.

Diane: Yes, that’s something I need to talk to you about.

Kyle: He’s back?

Diane: He never even left.

Kyle: You’ve got to be kidding me. Phyllis said that he —

Diane: Well, phyllis says a lot of things.

Kyle: No. I checked. He chartered a jet.

Diane: It was just a carefully planned scheme to get jack and I back home.

Kyle: Phyllis?

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Really? She knows how dangerous that man is.

Diane: Well, and guess who i saw today with the never-even-left stark. None other than your mother-in-law.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Okay.

Diane: What are you doing?

Kyle: Letting summer know we have more irrefutable proof that her mother has teamed up with a monster.

Phyllis: You’re confident? So, let me get this straight. You think you’re just gonna walk into the party and then walk out and no one’s gonna be the wiser?

Jeremy: There’s nothing to worry about. It’s what I do.

Phyllis: I have a lot on the line here.

Jeremy: Okay. I’ll be keeping a careful eye on you behind the mask.

Phyllis: Okay. If any element of this plan goes awry —

Jeremy: I am aware that things need to happen with clockwork precision. And it will.

Phyllis: This is life or death for me.

Jeremy: Okay, we are both taking huge risks here, okay? And I’m not going back to prison.

[ Cellphone pings ] Who’s that?

Phyllis: [ Voice breaking ] It’s my daughter.

Jeremy: Hey. What’s going on? Are you having a change of heart? I’m not a doctor.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.


Devon: Amanda. I bet you had a lot of fun today going after me and tearing me down in front of everyone, didn’t you?

Amanda: If you think that, you can add me to the long list of things that you will never understand.

Devon: Well, did i misunderstand when you said that watching me fail was one of the perks of your job?

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] You know, every time I had to point out your flaws, highlight your shortcomings, put your lack of loyalty on display, it was a painful reminder of the pain that you caused me because I failed at choosing a good man, one that would respect me and love me and not humiliate me in such a hurtful way. I mean, abby. Abby, of all people. You know, I have to admit, i never saw that coming. And cheating? I remembered how broken you were when elena cheated on you with nate. I helped you pick up the pieces, remember? I thought you didn’t give your heart so easily to anyone. But here we are. So, no, devon, I take no pleasure in any of this. I hate remembering how deeply you hurt me. You know, I really — I thought you were a good man. So, I’m thankful now because I know the truth.

Diane: Jack said the security detail is still in place. You’ve got coverage at home, at work —

Kyle: No, no matter where stark is, he is a danger to us all. We have to figure out a way to get rid of him.

Diane: You sound like your father.

Kyle: We both want what’s best for you. Thanks for letting me know.

Diane: Yeah, and there’s something else I’d like to talk to you about.

Kyle: The engagement.

Diane: I was wondering if you’d given any more thought to the fact that your parents are finally getting married.

Kyle: Maybe we should discuss this together, the three of us, so there’s no misunderstandings.

Mamie: So, you’re living in this big place all by yourself?

Jack: Uh, not exactly. Ashley is living here with her husband, cole, and, uh…diane.

Mamie: Diane?

That diane?

Jack: One and the same.

Mamie: You married her.

Jack: Uh, we’re thinking about it.

Mamie: Well, congratulations. I guess.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Well, ashley’s probably happy as a clam that you’re about to marry diane, isn’t she?

Jack: Oh, yeah, she — she’s just thrilled. I was hoping I could get them to sign a peace treaty, but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

Mamie: Sounds like fun.

Jack: Oh, yeah, it’s a regular barrel of monkeys, mame.

Billy: Hey, jack! You get my voicemail? Let’s talk!

Mamie: [ Gasps ]

Billy: Mamie? Oh, my goodness, mamie.

Mamie: Billy abbott, look at you, all grown up! You have your father’s eyes.

Billy: Oh, my goodness. Come here. It is so great to see you. Everyone is gonna be thrilled that you are here.

Mamie: Like your mother?

Billy: She’ll be pretty far down that list.

Mamie: Mm. How is she?

Billy: She is about the same as she’s always been.

Mamie: Mnh, that’s too bad.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Mamie, your room is ready. If you need anything else, you let me know. The place is yours.

Mamie: Thanks, jackie. I can manage.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Mamie: Wow. It feels like home.

Billy: Did you know this was happening?

Jack: I had no idea. She just showed up. She’s here for the gala.

Billy: Well, finally a reason to go to the gala.

Jack: Is the purpose of your visit — does it have anything to do with my job offer?

Billy: Yes, it does, jack. Put me in. I’m ready.

Jack: Wait. At jabot? Are you serious? I know you left chancellor-winters to get away from the business world.

Billy: Yeah, I know, but I’ve been — been thinking a lot about this, and, uh, it feels like the right time. You know, with everything that I’ve seen and everything that I’ve learned, I actually think I’ll do the old man proud this time around. You know, mamie says I have his eyes, so I feel like that’s a good start.

Jack: There has been a change in you. I think it has something to do with hanging around chelsea.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Jack: I don’t know. You’re more mature, more centered, more thoughtful.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Well, maybe I finally figured out what I want to do when i grow up.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no, don’t pass over this with a joke. I mean it. You feel like you’ve changed?

Billy: I don’t know. You know, I’ve shared a little bit with you about everything that chelsea has been going through with her anxiety and her depression, you know? She’s been through hell, and I’ve been beside her the whole way. And, uh, you see something like that up close, the real life and death of it, you quickly realize that if it doesn’t destroy you, it makes you stronger. And I hope that chelsea and i both come out on the right side of that.

Jack: I could not be happier for you — or for me!

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Everything that you’ve been through — and you’ve been through a lot…

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: …Brought you back to jabot. Welcome home, billy.

Billy: You have no idea how much that means to me.

[ Hand pats ]

Jeremy: That text must have disturbed you because you haven’t answered my question. Are you in or out?

Phyllis: [ Sniffles, sighs ] If we go through with this… my entire life will change. Every day will be about keeping this secret, the biggest secret I’ve ever kept in my life.

Jeremy: Now you’re incapable of telling a few lies?

Phyllis: Not like this. This is next-level.

Jeremy: Now, if you can’t go through with this, tell me now because this is your final chance to call it off.

Phyllis: Uh, I have to go. Relapsing ms isn’t the only thing I have going on.

Lily: Jill, we have been through hell the past few months, and you can just make everything go away?

Jill: Oh, not everything. Some things I’ll leave up to you. But I can’t tell you how happy i was to learn that the arbitrator had not made her decision yet.

Lily: Yeah, well, things were actually going really well for our side.

Jill: Yeah, I got that impression. And you’re welcome to go back there, but not until you’ve heard me out.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Okay.

Devon: Did I miss anything?

Jill: No, you’re right on time.

Devon: Alright. Well, what is this about, jill?

Jill: I’ve reached a decision — mutually beneficial.

Diane: I’ll be the judge of that.

Lily: Okay, a decision? I mean, shouldn’t we talk about this before we bring it to the other side?

Jill: When you hear what i have to say, there won’t be any more sides.

Devon: Well, let’s hear what you have to say.

Jill: Okay. The ipo is dead. We’re not going forward with it. The company will remain a private entity.

Lily: Um… [ Laughs ] What? You just changed your mind, just like that?

Jill: Just like that. Yes. And since your sticking point was going public, I hope you’ll change your mind just like that. And then maybe the two of you can find a way to be a family again.

Billy: So, I got some thoughts, some ideas about new directions that we can take this thing.

Jack: Uh, write them down, okay? I definitely want to talk about them, just not tonight. There are too many things going on tonight.

Billy: Okay. What — what is going on? You look like you got something up your sleeve.

Jack: I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

Billy: Oh, yeah? You might want to turn down the wattage of that smile a little bit.

[ Door closes ] Okay. I’m gonna take off. I’ll let you all get ready. Thank you again.

Jack: Thank you.

Billy: I will see you all tonight.

Diane: Yeah. Bye, billy.

Kyle: See you later.

[ Door opens ]

Jack: So, that thing you had to take care of was seeing kyle?

Diane: Yes. I wanted to find out how he feels about our engagement.

Jack: And?

Kyle: I wanted to speak to both of you at the same time.

Jack: By all means, speak from the heart.

Phyllis: Hey, summer. I got your text, obviously.

Summer: You got here fast.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, of course. The last conversation was tense. Everything is tense between us. I hate it that we can’t talk anymore.

Summer: It was pretty unforgettable, right? That last conversation?

Phyllis: Was it?

Summer: Yeah. You were warning me and kyle that jeremy stark was off to europe to track down jack and diane. But guess where he really was. He was right here in town. Pretty sure he never left. And I don’t want to hear any more excuses from you. I just have one question. Even with our relationship on the verge of total destruction, did you seriously lie straight to my face? I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Daniel: Chelsea, it is an honor to be working with you. I mean it. You know, we’ve both been on some rocky roads. Life has thrown us some curve balls. But, you know, it’s those adventures that take us off the path. Those are the ones that help us learn and grow and get stronger and maybe help a few people along the way.

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, thank you, daniel.

Daniel: [ Chuckles ] You want to thank me, you can thank me by designing a world that no one’s ever imagined before.

Daniel: See you later.

Chelsea: Bye.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi!

Billy: Wow, that smile can’t be all for me.

Chelsea: It’s all me!

Billy: Let me guess. Daniel’s omega sphere?

Chelsea: I am a world maker.

Billy: One day it dresses, the next day it’s the universe. That is a hell of a trajectory.

Chelsea: I know! What can I say? Well, what about you? You look like you just won the lottery.

Billy: I think I may have. I’m going back to jabot.

Chelsea: Aww, where you belong.

Billy: Yeah. You know what they say about going home, even if it is the prison I spent half my life trying to escape. How did we go from barely employable to movers and shakers again?

Chelsea: We finally found where we’re meant to be.

Billy: Mm. Think we can handle it?

Chelsea: I do. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I truly think that things are gonna be great for both of us.

Jill: Okay, um, I know that this is a lot to take in all at once.

Devon: Yeah, it really is. But I would like to ask you how you expect us all to work together again after everything that she said.

Lily: Sorry. Everything that I said?

Devon: Yes.

Lily: Devon, I wasn’t in a vacuum. You had some choice words to say to me, too.

Devon: Okay. How about after everything you’ve done?

Lily: What have I done? What, I had the audacity to hold you to a contract? You’re right. I’m very childish.

Devon: No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about stabbing me in the back.

Lily: Oh, my god.

Devon: And hiring my ex. You hired amanda.

Lily: Right.

Devon: And how about the way you have a problem with how i grieve or honor our father?

Lily: Oh, here we go. Because everything I do revolves around your feelings. You are so selfish.

Jill: Stop it. Stop it, both of you! We cannot continue to let everything fall apart this way. It is breaking my heart. This is our work. We are family. It’s our world. God, I wish I had a time machine so I go back to before I made this ipo an issue.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Yeah, so do I.

Devon: We can’t, though, jill.

Jill: Well, then what is gonna happen if we can’t forgive each other and learn to work together?

Devon: I don’t see a way that I could ever do that.

Phyllis: I hope you never know what it’s like for your child to turn their back on you.

Summer: You joined forces with a dangerous felon.

Phyllis: Really? Where’d you hear that? Oh. Diane, right?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] But you are working with stark. Right, mom? Aren’t you? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Phyllis: I am your mother. That’s who I am. Your mother. I would do anything in this world to keep you protected and safe.

Summer: So you use me to deliver your lies so that you and stark can get revenge on kyle’s mom.

Phyllis: To protect you.

Summer: By putting me in harm’s way?

Phyllis: Everything that I do for you, every single thing that I do for you, summer, is because I love you and I want to keep you safe and protected.

Summer: This isn’t love. This is traumatizing. You are hurting me and everyone that I love. So, I need you to stop or I need you gone before someone gets really hurt.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: Whatever you have to say, whatever your feelings are about our relationship, your mother and I want to hear it.

Kyle: I’ve been thinking a lot about this, about your history, together and apart, and what your decision means for everyone in your lives and how this will affect our future.

Diane: I know. It’s — it’s — it’s a lot.

Kyle: Mm. The road to true love — it never did run smooth. You’ve had your fair share of obstacles and interferences and acts of god and poor decisions, but here you are now, ready to begin again. You love each other.

Jack: Yes, very much.

Kyle: You’ve proven that, time after time, and you’ve accepted and forgiven each other. And the circumstances of your love story are beyond extraordinary. So, who am I to stand in your way? And what more can I say but i hope you make each other very happy. You deserve it.

Diane: [ Sighs ] So, you’re okay with us getting married?

Kyle: When I think about when I was a kid, this is all I ever wanted, so of course you have my blessing.

Diane: Aww.

Jack: Fantastic. Ahh!

Diane: Aww.

Kyle: Come here, mom.

Diane: Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ]

Phyllis: Oh, god. I’m in. Let’s do it. Oh, we’re gonna make this the party they never forget.

[ Gasps ]

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