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[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: Thomas, this dress was beautiful on paper, but this? This is flawless. How– how did you get it done so fast?

Thomas: Long hours and a lot of motivation.

Petra: I’m gonna miss all of our fittings. Any chance you’re free for a drink later?

Thomas: Uh, I– I actually think I’ll be working late, but maybe rain check?

Petra: Anytime.

Thomas: Okay, well can you tell martin no changes? Thanks.

Steffy: I see you’re interested in someone that’s not hope.

Thomas: Uh, yeah, she’s amazing, but I’m more focused on being the best designer and brother and person that I can.

Steffy: I’m really proud of you.

Thomas: I hope– I hope dad feels the same way. Have you talked to him about bringing me back to the company.

Steffy: I wasn’t sure you were gonna come back to the company until I heard from hope.

Thomas: Yeah. Um, well, I mean, we’re all moving forward, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: I think that’s– that’s a great thing. There’s no way that he would be upset about that.

Steffy: Honestly, I’m um– I’m beginning to wonder how involved dad wants to be. He hasn’t been back to L.A. In so long.

Ridge: Can you please get back to your house and get sheila to talk some more?

Bill: She can stew. I’m on a donut break.

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were complaining about how long this was taking.

Bill: You know what? All you have to do is watch tv like it’s some kind of twisted reality show. I am living with that nut in my home, pretending to be the lovesick boyfriend, alienating my family, all so I can keep them safe.

Ridge: At least you get to see your family. I’m stuck in here with chen! No offense.

Chen: I’m sitting here, guys, and thanks to both of you, there’s a very good chance this murderer might finally be put away.

Bill: And then our families will finally be safe, once and for all, from sheila carter.

[ Phone buzzing ]

Sheila: Deacon, you can’t just hang up on me like that.

Deacon: I’m sorry. I had to, all right? Can you come over?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Come over to the apartment, sheila, please. I need to see you. It’s urgent.

Bill: There’s no way sheila can figure out that her phone is bugged, right?

Chen: No.

Bill: Why does deacon want her to come over? All that stuff she was saying about me being on to them. I don’t like it. We can’t have any mistakes. I have worked too hard and sacrificed too damn much for this thing to fall apart now.

Thomas: So, dad’s been out of touch?

Steffy: He checks in, but you’re right. He hasn’t been back to L.A. In so long.

Thomas: You’re starting to worry.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Hope: Hey.

Thomas: Hey.

Hope: Um, I just saw petra in the new design. I mean, thomas, it is gorgeous.

Thomas: I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired lately and I think we’re gonna take hope for the future to new heights.

Hope: Well, I like the sound of that.

[ Thomas chuckling ]

Sheila: We– we shouldn’t even be talking right now.

Deacon: Which should tell you how important this is.

Sheila: You miss me. I get it.

Deacon: Sheila, this isn’t some booty call, all right? When I say it’s urgent, it’s urgent.

Sheila: I just need to be home before bill gets back.

Deacon: Just get over here as soon as possible.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I’ve had it with sheila. It makes me want to literally vomit in my mouth sharing my bed with her. Seeing her nine grimy toes walking around my house. I gotta do something more drastic.

Chen: We need to stick to the plan, maintain her trust. Get sheila’s confession.

Ridge: Mm-hm. And when we do, she’ll be out of our lives forever.

Crack the science

of stronger hair

Steffy: Hope and I wouldn’t have had you come back to the company if we didn’t think that you’d changed.

Thomas: Oh, this is just the beginning, you know? I am planning on improving every part of my life and that also means doing the best designs I have ever made for you, hope.

[ Phone ringing ]

Steffy: Just give me a second.

Hope: Hey, is uh, is this one new?

Thomas: Yeah, actually I just finished that one last night. What do you think?

Hope: I mean, I really like it. What do you think about maybe dropping the neckline a little bit?

Thomas: I like that. We can also– we can bring the embroidery around from the bodice.

Hope: Mm, it’s dramatic, but that is what makes your design so compelling, thomas. The element of surprise.

Thomas: Mm. I like dramatic.

[ Both chuckling ] Um…

Hope: It’s uh… it’s good to have you back, thomas.

Thomas: Thank you. That means a lot. It’s not gonna be a problem?

Hope: No, no. I… think we’re gonna create a lot of buzz together.

Thomas: I love that. Buzz.

Hope: Um, so you know how we were talking about either doing a theme or structural design? I feel like this one’s still a little bit structural.

Steffy: Hope thinks you’re hot.

Thomas: I’m not lying to you.

Steffy: So, you’re telling me hope just walked in on you in your underwear. You know, we have a locker room, by the way?

Thomas: You know what? Forget I said anything.

Hope: Stoning instead of embroidery?

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: I like that. It definitely plays into the fantasy element.

Thomas: Okay, we could do that.

Hope: So, we do it…

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Sheila: Hey. I can’t stay. I’ve got to get back to the house before bill gets home. I don’t want him to ask me all kinds of questions about where I’ve been. Well, why am I here?

Deacon: Sheila, we gotta talk.

Sheila: Hello, that’s why I am here. What’s going on?

Chen: Copy that. Hold position. Agent murphy confirms sheila did go over to deacon sharpe’s apartment. I’ll get another update once the target leaves.

Bill: Maybe I should’ve left her in jail when the cops took her out of my house, ended it there.

Ridge: It wouldn’t– no. It wouldn’t have been the end of it. She would’ve found a way to get out.

Chen: We kept her in L.A. Under surveillance.

Ridge: You know, what she did to steffy and finn was despicable, but not her worst crimes, right?

Bill: She has to go away for first degree murder.

Chen: As the two of you, along with chief baker, knows, she’s a person of interest in at least a couple of unsolved homicides.

Ridge: Yup. Killing lance, dr. Garvin, it should be enough to put her away for life, no parole.

Bill: Maximum security prison.

Chen: She trusts you, bill. Thanks to your act with the judge, she believes you control her freedom. It was a good call bringing him in on this.

Bill: Steffy bought that hook, link and sinker. She believes I bought off mcmullen.

Ridge: She does. I wish we could bring her in on this, bill.

Chen: But you’re all committed to keeping this operation secret.

Ridge: Yeah.

Bill: It’s the only way it’ll work. Everyone has to buy in so sheila buys in. If she gets one inkling it’s a setup, she’s gone.

Ridge: She’s gotta crack.

Bill: She needs to crack because everyday she doesn’t is another day I’ve gotta lie to my family.

Ridge: You’re protecting them.

Bill: It doesn’t make the lies any easier, ridge, especially the biggest one. Makes me sick every time I have to say it. I’m in love with… with sheila carter.

[ Bill sighing ] Hi, I’m katie, I’ve lost 110 pounds

Hope: This lace is gorgeous.

Thomas: Yeah, we do wanna keep it subtle though, right? So maybe use it to accent the bodice?

Hope: I like it. Some added texture.

Thomas: Great.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh. I almost forgot. They need me in the sewing room. Uh, we’re good here, right?

Steffy: Yes, yeah. We’ll catch up later.

Thomas: Okay, cool.

Hope: Oh, thomas. Don’t forget your sketch.

Thomas: Uh, keep it. We’ll talk about it when I get back.

Hope: What? I– I trust your brother’s instincts.

Steffy: Yeah. You’re giving him a lot of encouragement.

Hope: Is there something wrong with that?

Steffy: I just thought you might be a little more reserved.

Hope: I mean, well, it surprised me too how easily we were able to fall back in step with one another.

Steffy: In a purely professional sense, right?

Hope: How else would I mean it, steffy?

Deacon: Don’t act like you’re the only one taking risks here.

Sheila: You asked to see me. Why?

Deacon: I put a lot on the line for you.

Sheila: And I am greatly appreciative of all that.

Deacon: And you know how I feel about you.

Sheila: Yeah, because you show me every time we’re together. But we don’t have time for any of that today, deacon.

Deacon: We don’t have time for anything. Not today… or ever again.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: Sheila, hope stopped by the restaurant when you and I were on the phone call. She’s proud of me. She’s finally proud of what I’m doing with my life.

Sheila: So you– you’re worried she’s gonna find out about us. Oh.

Chen: I’m gonna check in on the other team.

Ridge: You know where I’ll be. You knew this was gonna be a challenge.

Bill: We are– we are way past challenge, ridge. This is nightmare territory. Every day, I have to wake up next to that– that creature. Never let my guard down.

Ridge: None of us can let our guard down. But steffy and her family are being left alone and that’s because of you.

Bill: I think that’s maybe a veiled thank you.

Ridge: I think you’re reading into stuff. There’ll be plenty of people thanking you when sheila’s gone.

Bill: Well, right now, they all think I’m nuts.

Ridge: Falling in love with sheila, that’s a nutty thing to do.

Bill: And that’s why I have to work so hard to convince everyone. Keep them away, make them hate me. Burn every bridge to keep them safe from that monster.

Ridge: Temporary.

Bill: It’s time I’ll never get back.

Ridge: Yeah, I know. But the time you will have with your kids, your grandkids, it’ll be spent without fear.

Bill: That’s the plan.

Ridge: And you, sir, are executing it very well.

Bill: You know what, ridge? I don’t need any pats on the head, I don’t need any

[Indistinct], All right? This isn’t a review of some kind of broadway performance, all right? This– this is real life. The fact that this is life and death and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Ridge: You don’t think I know that? The fbi is on our side.

Bill: I need to make sheila think I’m on her side. Us against the world. Us against my family. I have to stay focused on the end game. That’s the only way I can get through this.

Ridge: All right, good. Then do that. Focus and get the information that we need.


Hope: Do you think I’m being unprofessional?

Steffy: No, no. I… okay, I’m going to be honest. Are you gonna be able to work with my brother?

Hope: Um, we already are and very well. I mean, you can see that.

Steffy: Yeah, I don’t wanna make something out of nothing, but…

Hope: Okay, steffy. I’m not sure what you’re talking about because you’re the one that insisted that I take thomas back as my lead designer.

Steffy: Absolutely. I’m glad I did that. Hope for the future is gonna be amazing, but should I be concerned about how this is gonna affect you personally?

Hope: Oh. Steffy, I already talked to liam about this.

Steffy: Liam is your business. You and thomas are mine.

Hope: Okay, and we’re getting along great.

Steffy: I’m just wondering how this is all gonna play out, given liam’s feelings for my brother and yours.

Hope: Mine? Steffy, what are you insinuating?

Deacon: If hope finds out about us, she’d never trust me again. If she even sees that you’re on my phone–

Sheila: Wait a minute. Wait.

Deacon: What?

Sheila: I’m on your phone?

Deacon: Come on, sheila. You know what I’m talking about. You gotta be going through the same thing with spencer. Keeping secrets, sneaking around.

Sheila: No, it’s really not the same.

Deacon: Hope just showed up downstairs earlier. If she just drops by here and sees the two of us together, she’s the only good thing that I’ve ever done in my life. The only pure thing, out of all my poor judgement, all my– my horrendous decision making and impulses. She’s my daughter, sheila. I love her. I can’t lose her. You’ve gotta understand that more than anyone.

Sheila: Yeah, of course I do.

Deacon: Do you?

Sheila: Yeah. That’s why we just have to make sure that we’re just that much more careful.

Deacon: You’re not hearing me. We can’t see each other anymore.

Sheila: You know what? Don’t lie to yourself.

Deacon: Sheila, this has to end!

Sheila: You… you can’t stop seeing me, can you?

Deacon: No. No, I can’T.

Bill: I’m telling you, this whole thing with sheila and sharpe, it could be a problem. I don’t like it.

Ridge: I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem. You’re her number one guy. You could give her things that deacon can’T.

Bill: Well, she’s right about that. I mean, all sharpe can do is make her pizza and license plates.

[ Ridge chuckling ] I’m her protector. I’m her defender. When my kids are telling me to come to my senses. When steffy is telling me that I have to protect her and my granddaughter. When katie is telling me that she’s gonna take will away from me. I have to stand there like a freaking mummy. I can’t say a word. And sheila, sheila tells everybody to get lost. Do you know how intensely frustrating that is?

Ridge: It’s necessary.

Bill: Well, it better pay off.

Ridge: It will pay off. You think you have problems? It pains me to say this because I don’t wanna like you, but this is working because of you. We’re gonna put sheila away because of you, when you get her confession.

Bill: If, ridge. If I get her confession. This was supposed to be a slam dunk. She’s so grateful to me, I just say a few kind words, I tell her I understand her and that’s it, but– but no. No, we’ve had to go way past that. I’ve had to play things I can’t even imagine. And then this catatonic stoicism due to deeply painful emotions. I had to reach for things in my life that I put away a long time ago. How long? How long do I have to play this broken, lost man who’s only found love in the arms of sheila carter? Sheila carter!

Ridge: How long? You know how long! As long as it takes to get the truth. So whatever you have to do, I’m sorry. If you have to go to your past and open up wounds, I’m sorry! We need her confession!

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