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dante. Hey. Come on in. What brings you by? I was just checking on you, actually.

[ Knock on door ] Dex, open up. We need to talk. Uh, it’s, uh… not — not really a good time. Okay, well, make time. It’s important.

[ Sighs ] One sec. Can I come in?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Josslyn? So, it all makes sense now. You’re dex’s mystery boss? You still love chase, don’t you? Doesn’t matter. We’re over. Which really hurts because…yes. I’m still in love with chase. Ugh, I keep telling myself that I’m gonna get over it and that the feelings will fade and eventually disappear. But every time I see him… your heart starts to race. Butterflies kick in, and it’s all I can do but to grab him and tell him how badly I want him back.

[ Doorbell rings ] Literally saved byhe bell. I’ll get that. What is this? What, mousy librarian or something? You like it? No! It’s not altogether original. Come on, let’s go. Wait — mnh-mnh! Where? What do you mean, where? We’re going back to the safe house. No. No? No. The nurses’ ball cannot survive without me. Um, hello?! I’m standing right here. All right. If victor realizes that you’re alive, this whole operation goes up in smoke. Not to mention that people’s lives are at risk. Do you understand that? Do you want that on your head? I’m guessing this is why laura refused to sell charlotte’s elq shares — because she knew you were still alive.

[ Scoffs ] No more games, valentin. What is going on? A group of us, including laura, are working secretly against victor cassadine. Who else is in the group? Anna, felicia, robert scorpio, and… lucy coe. Not exactly a combat-ready bunch. I’ll say. If victor is gonna use the same kind of firepower he did in crete, you’re gonna need somebody with a military background. Do you have anyone in mind? Me.

No, o-of course I do not want people to die. I mean, come on. I didn’t want luke to die. He w– he was a very special friend to me. You remember some of his nurses’ ball performances? The disco that he did? He was so amazing. And this cause was so important to him, and he would want me to — stop talking! Okay, listen. I understand that you are so disappointed that you can’t participate in this year’s nurses’ ball. But here’s the thing. Victor is planning something big — potentially catastrophic. It is up to us to end it. At the expense of the nurses’ ball? Come on! You know everything we have done, the nurses’ ball did for robin! Oh, don’t play the robin card with me. I’m — I’m just saying that the nurses’ ball is very, very important to you. I know. And if anybody knows, that’s me. I know that. Exactly! That’s my point! Maxie: Ladies! Enough! Okay, I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but we already have a solution. Lucy came up with it. You’re volunteering? Well, that depends. I need to hear the plan first. Victor cassadine has a long-term plan, some grand design that has to be stopped. I don’t have details, but I know it involves a necklace. A necklace? Mm-hmm. Containing diamonds cut from the ice princess. What? But why is this necklace so important? And — and does it have anything to do with operation demeter? I don’t know. I don’t know why victor cassadine would go to such great lengths to interrogate you over operation demeter. I just know that he wants the necklace because it has a code or a formula engraved on one of the stones. Those are beautiful. Um, is — is willow here? Oh, yeah. She’s, um, in the living room. Chase. Hi. Willow. How are you feeling? Pretty much the same.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s not worse. So that’s good.

[ Chuckles lightly ] These are for you. You remembered. That you’re obsessed with daffodils? Of course I remembered. Thank you. That is really, really sweet. I’ll leave you two to visit. It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you, too.

[ Sighs ] So, what’s the latest? Big news — we’ve decided to reschedule the wedding for after the bone marrow transplant. So there’s more to celebrate. Exactly. Do you have a date for the transplant? Not yet. My “great-aunt liesl” was on medication that has to be completely out of her system before she can donate. So, in the meantime, I am keeping myself busy planning a summer wedding in the rose garden. Everyone’s pitching in to pull it off. You know, brook lynn has been a huge help.

[ Sighs ] Do not eavesdrop. Do not eavesdrop. Come on, brook lynn. Get it together. It doesn’t surprise me that brook lynn is stepping up. You bring out the best in everyone. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Michael’s a lucky guy. I thought I made it clear I don’t want josslyn anywhe near this. You did. And you agreed. That’s right. But the situation has changed. Yeah, apparently. You need to go, josslyn. What? We’ll talk about this later. It’s vital right now that I talk to dex. Michael. Michael, it doesn’t matter, okay? There’s no point. I already know that he’s collecting evidence against sonny. I know about pikeman. What i didn’t know was who he was working for. And now I do. All right. The job’s over. You’re leaving port charles tonight. Uh, rocco said he saw nina in the lobby, and she looked upset. For my self-absorbed teenager to notice that and then to tell me about it, she must have looked really upset, so I figured it had something to do with willow. No, no, everything’s the same on that front. We’re waiting on liesl to be cleared for the transplant. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. All right, well, hey, look, your relationship with nina, that’s your business. I don’t want to pry. You want to talk, you know where to find me. I’ll be down the hall. Rocco’s right. Yeah. It’s — it’s nina. She’s upset. And it’s my fault.

As my employer, you can fire me, but you can’t force me to leave port charles. He can’t leave, michael. Sonny will think he’s a traitor. And then what happens?

[ Sighs ] Sonny will track him down and have him killed. But more importantly — more important than your life? I can’t leave joss.

[ Sighs ] Sounds like you two already talked about this. Yes, michael, we’ve — we have talked about this, okay? Look, the best option is for dex to finish the job that you hired him to do so that you can turn sonny into the feds. This is why I didn’t want you involved in this. Why not? You know how I feel about sonny. Okay? I feel the same way you do. Let me help you take him down. Right. And what happens after that? Sonny goes to prison where he belongs. And avery and donna are devastated. Not to mention dante and kristina. Now, I’m prepared to deal with the fallout from that, to take on their anger and their blame. I didn’t want any of that to fall on you! So, tell me. What’s the deal with nina? Well, it’s not like we’re breaking up. At — at least, I hope not. I love her as much as ever. So what happened? She’s experienced what I would call the realities of my world. It’s a lot to process. Is that why you got the guards all over the building? I had a — a security issue. A security issue, huh? Yeah. We didn’t hear anything about, um, shots fired or missing persons, so I’m assuming you didn’t report it to the police. I-I have reason to believe that the — the focus was solely on me. The reason I got guards on my kids and nina is — just a precaution? I told carly and ava I don’t want donna or avery anywhere near me. I’m guessing you told nina the same thing. I just hope that when this is over, she’ll come back to me. What solution? Wasn’t the whole point of this rude ambush to — excuse me. It wasn’t a rude ambush. Might have been an ambush. Not a rude ambush. [ Chuckles ] Wasn’t the whole point to get me to agree to be your eyes and ears of the nurses’ ball? Uh, yes, but you seemed less than enthusiastic. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not have the reaction that you wanted? Oh, what, you needed, like, some time to adjust? Yes. And — and I happen to be an amazing event planner. I have my own ideas, my own vision, as you like to call it. So, I’m happy to collaborate, lucy, but I will not just be taking your orders. You don’t — y-y-you don’t get it. We do not have time for collaboration. Don’t you see? The nurses’ ball is syncing up with the 60th anniversary of the hospital. Which means we are, like, right in front of this speeding freight train that’s bearing down on us. I am the only one that can pull this off. I am the only — I agree. What was that? No. 100%. That you should do everything lucy tells you to do, just the way she tells you to do it. I’m sure you’re an excellent event planner, but I’m sure that you’re very capable of following lucy’s lead, especially when it’s for the greater good. Fine. Anything you want. “Just the way”… just the way you want it. Guys, I really think this could work.

R latest duet. Oh, you liked it? I love it. It’s a beautiful ballad. Thanks. The majority of the props should go to blaze. I mean, her vocals were off the charts. Maybe one of these days, a girl can actually get an autograph?

[ Both laugh ] Willow, I never took you as a groupie. Well, I guess I just can’t help myself. Your wish is my command.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Are you gonna listen in on a private conversation, brook lynn? . You are not. You are a grown-up.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Playing chords ] Besides [Sighs] You don’t want to know what chase thinks of you now, anyway.

[ Plays chord ] Chase: You’re also caring…

passionate… and incredibly sexy… and I’ve been falling for you for a long time now. And even if you don’t feel the same way about me, I-I still had to tell you, because we miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry. Wanted to let you sleep in. Why would I want to sleep in when I could spend my morning with you? Oh. Chase: Just tell me. When were you gonna let me know that dante asked you to write a letter to the civilian complaint review board recommending that I get my badge back? Never? Brook lynn: We can work this out. Brook lynn, you lied to me! You kept me from the thing that makes me who I am. There’s nothing to work out, all right? It’s over!

[ Plays discordant note ]

[ Sighs ] You blew it, girl. Maybe you should write a song about that.

[ Clears throat ] “To one of the bravest, strongest, and best people I know.” Back at you.

[ Inhales deeply ] So…

[ Chuckles ] What is it like being an honest-to-god rock star? Oh. [ Chuckles ] It’s cool. I guess I’m gonna miss it. Why are you going to miss it? Well, hopefully when the review board meets this spring, they’re gonna reinstate me. Back to police life. If it all works out, yeah. I mean, look. Do I enjoy singing? Sure. But the only reason I have been performing is so I can stay in close proximity to blaze’s sleazy manager. Brook lynn’s ex-manager, right? Linc brown. He is the worst. I mean, sexual harassment, shady business practices, you name it. So is the plan to find something to charge him with or…? And hopefully soon. Because I won’t feel right going back to the force if it means leaving blaze and brook lynn to contend with that sleaze. Aha! “Aha”? W-what does that mean? This is really about helping brook lynn. When sonny was holding dex because he suspected him of being the hook, you came to me for help. Yeah, I did.

[ Scoffs ] How did I not see it? I should have known right then and there you were too close to this. I should have pulled the plug! No, no! You shouldn’t have. Okay? Dex saved my life when heather attacked me on new year’S. What are you talk– britt westbourne saved your life. Well, she helped fight heather off, yes, of course, but she was losing that battle until dex showed up. He’s the one who fired at heather. That’s what made her run off. I-I’m just hearing about this now? Michael. I work for you. Anything related to that is fair game. But what I have with josslyn… it’s personal. Why wouldn’t nina come back? I mean, she’s obviously crazy about you. I mean, she’d have to be, given the grief that you guys went through over how you got together. I mean, after enduring all that, why would she just walk away? How do I explain this? I was a different man in nixon falls. Ha ha! No kidding. Kinder. Simpler. Hey. Yeah. But you know what I noticed? A lot of that kind of followed you back here. This has been a pretty peaceful time in your business. That’s what I’m saying. Hm. I was free to focus on my family. And nina? Yeah, she — she made me better in a lot of ways. She got you to cut back on your drinking. That’s the least of it. I think — I think I misrepresented my life. Not that nina didn’t know that it was dangerous or what I do for a living is allegedly… ah. Thank you for that. …Illegal. But now… she’s getting an up-close and personal view of it for the first time. What if she doesn’t want to be in my life? What about you? What about me? If nina’s not in it, is it still the life that you want? Uh, we haven’t been able to crack the code, but we do know that it’s pivotal to the success of my father’s plan. And how do you know that? Because he’s still looking for the necklace, with the help of his operative, eileen ashby. Wait a minute. Deputy mayor eileen ashby? Yeah, that’s the one. She’s working for victor? She was. Now she’s working for us. We’re having her deliver a duplicate necklace to victor. With a false code engraved on it. That’s right, and we’re hoping once he has what he thinks he needs, he’ll make a move. So you trick victor into making his final play, but you don’t give him the means to accomplish what he’s actually after. And in the process, he incriminates himself. And that’s how we’re finally gonna bring down my father.

Sorry. Stay here. Alright. It’s all clear. Lucy! I-I’m c-coming. I’m coming. I just — it’s impossible to text with these glasses on. I just can’t see what I’m doing. Okay. You seem to be managing perfectly well. Confetti cannon or just a big drop? Hm. I don’t know. Which would have the most impact? Can you just stop? What?! What are you doing? What — what — what is the problem? Hey! Hey, hey, hey! What is the problem? You almost got us all killed. Listen, this whole plan hinges on complete secrecy. Hence you and lucy faking your death and anna playing fugitive? Well, actually, victor thinks that anna is dead, as well. He thinks he’s got a straight shot for the necklace. And he would have no idea that I was involved. So what do you say? Will you help us? But if secrecy is key, what are you doing out here out in the open like this? Lucy coe has gone rogue. Of course she has. She wants to take control of the nurses’ ball. Anna’s gone after her. So anna is risking discovery, too. I mean, maybe it’s a good thing we showed up. Like you said, we’re not exactly combat-ready. We could use you. You got me. I mean, yeah, the only reason I got into the music business was to help brook lynn. And at the beginning, it was great until I found out there was a lot of stuff that she wasn’t telling me. I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Not by brook lynn. Or by me. Willow, I w-wasn’t trying — I know you weren’T. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I married you when I was already in love with michael. Because you thought I was dying. We all did. I told myself I was doing the right thing, giving you one final gift to make you happy. And you don’t believe that anymore? I-I do. My intentions weren’t the problem. It’s just… now that I’m faced with dying myself… hey. You’re not there yet. Faced with the possibility. I’ve realized that life is not only too short, but too precious to waste any time on lies. Don’t misunderstand. I am very grateful that you saved josslyn’s life, okay? I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t been there. Neither can I. But the bottom line is, we had a deal. We did. And when you first told me to stay away from josslyn, I had every intention of doing just that. Turned out to be impossible. So you lied. About my personal situation. I’ve never lied about anything relating to pikeman or sonny. Speaking of, there’s something you should know. Someone tried to kill sonny in an ambush the other night. Where? In one of his warehouses. Your father wasn’t hurt, but I was grazed. Are you okay? I’m fine. But the good news is, sonny trusts me now more than ever.

[ Sighs ] I can’t have you near this, joss. Michael — I can’t! If, god forbid, something happens to you… why would anything happen to me, okay? I’m not in the line of fire! He is! That’s because it’s his job! Look, I hired somebody from a security firm because I wanted somebody who understood the danger. Look, I get it, okay? You hired him to perform a service. But he is so much more than that to me now. Okay? I-I care way less about sonny being brought to justice than I do about him surviving this! Well, you know what? That’s going to require some sacrifices. Now, if you want dex to see this through, sonny has to trust him. Did you not hear the part where dex saved sonny’s life? It won’t matter if sonny finds out that you two are together, which means he can’T. A-are you ordering me to stay away from joss? No. I tried that before. It didn’t work. And even if you were willing, josslyn clearly isn’T. Look, this isn’t about policing your relationship, okay? This is about taking sonny down. And until that happens, sonny can’t have any reason to suspect you. So if you want dex to live through this, make sure he doesn’t find out that you two are together.

[ Door closes ] It’s a little too late to ask me if this is the life I want. It’s the life I got. It’s the life you chose when you were too young to know any better. Well, you know how it works. If I decide to leave the business, then I got to leave the country, I got to leave my family. I’m not willing to do that. Maybe there were some things that you liked about mike from nixon falls. There were some things that i liked about mike from nixon falls. Really? What? Yeah. Well, you were, uh… less reactive. A little — I don’t know — calmer maybe. You seemed like you were prioritizing your family over the business. But I have a feeling all that’s about to change. It has to. It’s just a lot harder than I thought.

I wasn’t honest with you when we were married, but I’ve learned my lesson and I’m going to be honest with you now. This sounds serious. It could be. And I swear I’m not trying to meddle. Says every person before they dive into meddling. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of brook lynn earlier. What? It’s true. You light up when you’re around her, chase. I would know. Once upon a time, you used to light up like that around me. I think — I think you’re seeing things that aren’t there. Am I? Okay, yes, I still have feelings for brook lynn because what we had was real. What you had was love. And I can’t just flip a switch and turn that off because… brook lynn really hurt me. I’m not pretending she didn’t or even saying you were wrong to end things between you two. But what if brook lynn is your person, chase? Is being right really worth being without her? You’ve been… uncharacteristically quiet. From the minute you showed up, I knew valentin wanted you involved. And it was your choice to make. I didn’t want to influence your decision. Now that I’ve made my decision? You want my opinion? Always.

[ Laughs ] First tell me why you said yes. Because. Victor stole two years of my life. I-I can’t let him get away with that. That’s not all of it. No. No. Come on. It’s not about revenge for you. It’s — it’s victor’s lust for power and for control. And this has been going on for so long, for four decades. He infiltrated the wsb, and now he’s moving toward some mysterious goal. Nobody knows what it’s about. And personally, I don’t need to know… to know that it is a very serious threat. The man has to be stopped. A-and I think that valentin and the others, I think they need — they need my help to do it. So now tell me what you think. I think you’re doing the right thing. But you have reservations.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t you? I have many. Jason died on cassadine island. And now you’re going after victor. I don’t want to lose you, too. The only reason that you weren’t shot with a real bullet — you understand? The only reason that you’re able to breathe today is because victor thought he had a use for you. But now, I-if he’d seen you tonight, he would have killed you in a heartbeat. Okay. I get it. I am sorry. Do you get it?! I do. I swear. I ap– I apologize. Okay? I really never had any intention of jeopardizing you or me or the whole plan to get victor. I-I didn’T. And, you know, I-I-I-I promise it’s just me. Sometimes I get carried away. Yes! You’re the poster child for getting carried away! Well, good news. I-I am 99.9% sure that victor didn’t see me in the restaurant. Great. What restaurant? What? You were in the metro court with victor? One minute. T-two minutes, tops.

[ Door opens ] Oh. Yeah, you’re right. She just — she’s blown the entire operation.

I had good life before nixon falls. Treasured my family, accepted the risks. The, uh, expected periodic episodes of danger? I didn’t say I liked it. I, you know — comes with the territory. Yeah, pun intended. You can’t miss what you never had. Except now there is something to miss,ight? Because what you had in nixon falls, you got to give that up, right? You know, it’s not permanent. I-I’m gonna resolve the situation, and I’m gonna be able to get — to get my kids and nina back. But there will be another situation. I mean, there always is one, right? I just hope that my family a-and nina stick with me. Well, I will be here. I’ll tell you that. I’m not going anywhere. I appreciate that, especially coming, you know — your profession. What, ’cause I’m a cop and you’re an “alleged,” uh… thank you for that. …Gangster?

[ Laughs ] Hey. This isn’t about that. It’s about being father and son. I don’t want to leave you. The sooner I get evidence against sonny, the sooner this will be over. But until then, I can’t risk alienating him or doing anything to make him suspicious. Which means you can’t risk being seen with me. Yeah, michael was very clear about that. I don’t like it, but I get it. No one says you have to like it. I’m gonna be staying at sonny’s for at least another day. But after that, we can figure out a way for us to meet. In the meantime, you can’t come by here, okay? And if you see me for whatever reason… pretend like I don’t know you? Now, that would be suspicious. You can say hi. Just don’T… act like I care? I’ll try. But I do care. Any regrets? Me neither.

[ Door closes ] Wow. When you meddle, you don’t mess around. You just go right for that jugular.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I have less patience for wasted anything these days, but especially wasted time.

[ Door closes ] Hey, chase. Chase: Hey. I don’t think I’ve seen you since the news broke. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thank you. Looking forward to it. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you’re about to marry a very wise, perceptive woman. Now, if you excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.

[ Sighs ] So where’d you disappear to? Um, I was in the final stages of a project. I was tempted to cut my losses, but I realized the best way forward was to see it through. The sooner, the better. Sounds like you have it all figured out. Yeah, I just — I just want to focus on what really matters. You and the kids. I like the way you think. Well, coming from such a “wise and perceptive woman,” I’m honored. So what was all that about with, uh, chase? It was driving me crazy, watching him and brook lynn dance around each other. So…I might have stuck my nose in where it doesn’t belong. Here’s hoping it works. You working on a new song? So far, I’ve got about three verses on regret.

[ Sighs ] It’s garbage. Brook lynn quartermaine does not create garbage. Oh, you’re just being nice. I’m being honest. I love your songs. I love a lot of things when it comes to you. Talking with you. Spending time with you. Really? I miss that, brook lynn. I miss us. I’m being ridiculous. I’m sorry. You are not being ridiculous. Look, if our positions were reversed, I — I’d be scared, too. I’m tempted to go just to keep an eye on you. You can’t go anywhere. I know I can’T. I can’t because willow’s so sick and my kids and my grandkids need me. I get it. Well, truthfully, I’m actually kind of happy that you’re gonna stay and you’re gonna be safe. You have to stay safe. You have to stay safe. If it makes you feel any better, I have had a little bit of training and experience with this sort of thing. I can — I can handle myself. Counting on it. And I know you have to go for all the reasons you said, but if and when you go… …promise me you’ll come home. Promise me. I promise. Hey. Um, I-I-I was totally unrecognizable. I am dressed as a librarian. Tell him. She’s dressed as a librarian. Yeah, yeah. See? See? Look. Look. And I promise you, the minute I saw victor — the second, I turned my back. Well, I suppose this near-miss underscores the need that, uh, we stay indoors until this is all over. Yeah. Yeah, I-I-I get it. From this moment on, I am going to be the essence of cooperation. Hope you mean that, lucy, ’cause I really need you to. I do. I-I-I swear I do. And — and it’s really good because maxie’s gonna be my eyes and ears for the ball, and she’s agreed to follow all my instructions to a “T.” So that’s good, too. And I’m gonna be really good. Could I please, please, please have my burner phone back, please? Thank you! Okay. A-and I really am sorry. I-I’m not kidding. I-I’m very sorry. And I apologize for any trouble I may have caused. “May have caused.” Hi, bobbie. It’s me. I-I know. I’m calling you from the landline.

[ Cellphone chiming rapidly ] Something is going on with my cellphone. Uh, I wanted to let you know I have some new ideas for the nurses’ ball. Lots and lots of new ideas.

[ Chuckles ] What? I thought you would have been more upset. If I was, I’d be a hypocrite. How come? I couldn’t leave without you. So I went for a walk and I ran into carly. And drew cain. Whoa. Regular party. Long story short, uh, they’ve been briefed, and drew cain is on board to help us out. Really? That’s — that’s actually very good news. I hope it is. Yeah. I’m really sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I kind of attacked you. I really overreacted. But when I came in here and I saw that the table was overturned and stuff, I thought maybe that you’d taken me at my word, gone to europe… um, which I would have deserved. But I would have — I would have really missed you. Anna, if victor knew you were alive, he would kill you. And I have loved you always. We’ve lived our whole lives apart, and if I were to lose you now, I couldn’t take that. Ohh. Let’s not lose each other through all of this. Let’s bury victor instead.

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